Baby Biker (F,f., cons) 26-May-06
Baby's Got A Fever (F,g Inc Oral) 14-Sep-08
The Babysitter 1 (F, f, F, f, f, teen, inc, lingerie, series, seduction) 19-Nov-12
The Babysitter 2 (F, F, f, f, f, teen, inc, romance, lingerie, cons) 02-Jan-13
Jen L. Lee
The Babysitter, Chapter 1 (F/F/g/g/exhib/mast) 06-Jan-12
The Babysitter, Chapter 2 (F/g/g/exhib) 08-Jan-12
The Babysitter, Chapter 3 (F/F/g/g/exhib/mast) 12-Jan-12
The Babysitter, Chapter 4 (F/F/g/g/exhib/oral/mast/fist/squirt) 29-Jan-12
The Babysitter, Chapter 5 (F/F/g/g/oral/anal) 17-Feb-12
The Babysitter, Part 1 03-Sep-10
The Babysitter, Part 2: The Morning After 06-Sep-10
The Babysitter, Part 3: A Day at the Mall (F,F,f,g,g) 07-Sep-10
Babysitter Paula's Birthday Present (fgg, spank, anal, cons) 23-Oct-08
Baby-sitters' Halloween Party (ffffgggg, spank, mast) 29-Oct-08
Babysitter's Favorite Dog (F/f, oral, beast) 05-Dec-11
The Babysitter's Dilema (Ff, mast, oral, first) 27-Dec-11
The Babysitter's Fun (Ff, oral, cons) 30-Dec-11
The Babysitter's Delight (Ff, oral, cons, anal, trib) 01-Jan-12
Debby Mitchell
A Babysitter's Dream (f, g g, F) 01-Dec-08
Jillly's Lips
Babysitting (f/g, oral, panties) 13-Nov-10
Baby-Sitting Laura (F, g, cons, oral, ped) 24-Nov-11
Baby-Sitting Laura .... the sleepover (Fgg, gg, cons) 30-Nov-11
Baby-Sitting Laura .... the strap-on 08-Dec-11
Baby-Sitting Laura .... the conclusion (F, F, f) 15-Dec-11
Jessica Brockham
Babysitting 101 (f,g,cons,oral,tribbing) 30-May-11
Babysitting Adventures With My Girlfriend Kim (ff/gg/toddler, extreme ped, oral) 18-Aug-06
Babysitting Delight (F, toddler, pedo) 06-Apr-13
Babysitting Fun, Part 1: Well That Escalated Quickly (f-teen/g-ped, cons, bd, oral, anal, toys) 22-Mar-14
Babysitting Fun, Part 2: We Got Caught (F/f/g, cons, anal, d/s) 10-Apr-14
Babysitting with a Girlfriend (ff/toddler, mast, ext ped, anal) 10-Aug-06
The Back of the Bus (Fg inc) 17-May-10
The Back of the Bus, Part 2 (FFg) 23-May-10
The Back of the Bus, Part 3 (FFg) 03-Jun-10
The Back of the Bus, Part 4 (FFFgg) 13-Jun-10
Nellie of Sweden
Back to School (F,F,f,g,g,anal,oral, fist,cons,inc,ped) 05-Dec-10
Michelle Darling
Bad Like Me, Part 1 (g, mast) 29-Nov-13
Bad Like Me, Part 2 (gg, mast) 05-Dec-13
Bad Like Me, Part 3 (gg, mast, exhib, rom) 29-Dec-13
Bad Like Me, Part 4 (gg, exh, voy, mast) 24-Jul-14
eloquent delinquent
Bad Mommy (F,F,g,g) 16-May-13
Amy xxxxx
Bambi The Babysitter 22-Apr-07
Band Camp (f, teen) 02-Jan-11
Bethany Ariel Frasier
Barbie and Angela, Chapter 1 – Another Mall Encounter (F/g, pedo) 03-Aug-06
Barbie and Angela, Chapter 2 – Barbie's Encounter Continues 05-Sep-06
Barbie and Angela, Chapter 3 (Fg, pedo) 07-May-07
Barbie Doll
Barbie and Cheryl, Chapter 1 – Barbie Finds a New Love Interest (f/Fg) 30-May-07
Barbie and Cheryl, Chapter 2 (f/f) 06-Jul-07
Barbie and Cheryl, Chapter 3 (F/g, g/g, pedo) 24-Aug-07
Barbie and Cheryl, Chapter 4 (g/g, g/F, ped) 04-Sep-07
Barbie Doll
Barbie's Mall Adventure, Chapter 1 (g/F, pedo) 07-May-06
Barbie's Mall Adventure, Chapter 2 (F/g pedo) 11-May-06
Barbie's Mall Adventure, Chapter 3 (f/F pedo) 25-May-06
Barbie Doll
Bath Time Games (A Short Story) (F24g4, ped, inc) 15-Aug-13
Bathing with Cherie (Ff, inc) 21-Apr-09
The Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team (F,f, F,f) 31-Oct-10
The Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Part 2 – Janice's Chapter (F,F,g) 03-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Part 3 – Nikki's Chapter (F, F, F, g) 07-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Chapter 4 – Majorie's Chapter (F,F, g, m) 14-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Club, Chapter 5 – Roberta Plastino (F,f, F,F, F,F,f, g,anal, cons, oral, panties) 06-Dec-10
Bea (F,g, oral, mast,exhib) 04-Dec-08
Grandma Gladys
A Beach Encounter, Part 1 (Ff Fg Fggg inc) 04-Sep-07
A Beach Encounter, Part 2 (FFffgg inc) 20-Sep-07
A Beach Encounter, Part 3 (FF FFf F pedo inc) 12-Nov-07
A Beach Encounter, Part 4 (FF Ff ff inc ped) 19-Nov-07
A Beach Encounter, Part 5 (Ff Ff) 17-Dec-07
The CASS Family
The Beach, With Girls (F,f,f mast) 08-Jul-08
Polly Parker
A Beauty Beyond Compare (f,g,anal,inc,ped,beast) 15-May-08
Because Of My Sister's Best Friend (f/g) 05-Aug-14
Tanya Writer
Becca's Aunt Ashley (F, f, teen, inc, cons) 25-Oct-11
Jen L. Lee
Becky and Mommy (Ffg, inc, strap-on) 25-Mar-08
Becky on Vacation (F/g, ped, voy, mast) 07-Nov-05
Becoming Close (F/f inc) 05-Aug-09
Karyn O
Bee Sting, Part 1 (F/f) 16-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 2 (F solo, f/f) 19-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 3 (Fg) 21-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 4 (gg) 15-Jul-12
Louisa May
Been There, Worship That Scent (exhib, panty) 06-Dec-05
The Beginning (g, beast, mast, ped) 16-Mar-14
Beginnings (ff, cons, oral,rom) 14-May-09
Debby Mitchell
Behind the Smile (Fg,cons,oral,ped) 30-Sep-14
Beim Friseur, Teil 1 (German) (Ff, inc) 27-Sep-07
Beim Friseur, Teil 2 – Heilende Küsse (German) (Ff, inc) 08-Oct-07
Bella, Part 1 (F, teen, oral, rom) 07-Dec-12
Belonging (Fg, rom, nosex) 01-Aug-10
Best Friends Tell All (f,f,F) 26-Aug-09
Midnight Girl
The Best Gift of All (F, F, f, f, f, teen, inc, rom, lingerie, threesome and more, heels, kinky) 27-Oct-12
Jen L. Lee
The Best Lesson, Part 1 (g, g, F, oral) 20-Jun-11
The Best Lesson, Part 2 - Discovery (g, g F, F, no sex) 11-Jul-11
The Best Lesson, Part 3 - True Love (G, f, mast, oral) 04-Aug-11
The Best Lesson, Part 4 - Guilt 09-Aug-11
The Bet (MF, FF, MFF, cons, toys) 25-Oct-11
Beth and Tina Play Nasty (oral,anal,mast) 15-Apr-12
Betsy Goes to School (Ff reluc spank) 21-Jun-15
Tater Tot
Betty and Lisa, Part 1 (gg cons inc mast ped) 23-Jun-05
Betty and Lisa, Part 2 (f g cons mast pedo) 24-Jun-05
Anonymous Idiot
Beyond My Control (F, f, teen, cons) 10-Aug-11
Jen L. Lee
Bicycle Girl, Part 1 (f, g mast +) 01-Dec-11
Big City Visitors (F,F,g,oral,anal,fist,pedo) 14-Jan-10
Big Sis Taught Me, Chapter One (fg, ejac, mast) 16-Jan-08
Big Sis Taught Me, Chapter Two – Spread the Word (Among Other Things) (gg, mast, ped) 24-Jan-08
Big Sis Taught Me, Chapter Three – More Lessons (fgg, ejac, inc, mast) 03-Feb-08
A Bike, A Lover, A Mother, A Life (ff, rom, first) 24-Jul-11
Veronica Dire
A Day At The Beach (F,f,g,Teen,Anal) 25-Jul-11
Bikini Blues (f,f) 10-Feb-09
Polly Parker
Bimbo Mommy (F, F, F, f, M, cunnlingus, ling, heels, teen, big tits) 10-May-15
Jen L. Lee
Biology Lesson (F/f, inc) 15-Jul-12
A Bird in Hand (Fg, lac, nosex) 26-Dec-12
Veronica Dire
Birte and Birgit (ff) 09-Jun-06
Birte und Birgit (German) (ff) 09-Jun-06
Birthday Sleepover (ffffff) 12-Jun-08
Birthday Surprise for a Fourteen Year Old (poem) 06-Mar-11
Bitch Sister Does Good (gg, mast, oral) 25-Jun-07
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 1 (g, g, mast, ped) 05-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 2 (g/g, cons, oral, g mast, toys, ped) 07-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 3 (g/g cons, trib, ped) 11-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 4 (g/g cons, ped, shower, forced orgasm) 11-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 5 (g/g cons, ped, oral) 25-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 6 (g,g ped) 25-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 7 (g/g cons, ped, oral, toys) 03-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 8 (g/g, f/g, cons, ped, oral, toys) 03-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 9 (g/g/g, cons, oral, toys, ped) 08-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 10 (g/g, cons, ped) 09-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 11 (g, mast, ped, toy) 09-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 12 (g/g/g cons, ped) 15-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 13 (g/g/g, cons, oral, toys, forced orgasms, ped, (F/F strapon)) 15-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 14 (g,g,g ped) 22-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 15 (g/g/g/g, cons, oral, trib, toys, ped) 22-Feb-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 16 (g,g no sex) 22-Feb-15
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 1 (g/g cons, ped) 24-May-15
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 2 (g/g cons, ped, public) 31-May-15
Black Lingerie Chronicles, Part 3 (g/g cons, oral, trib, toy) 21-Jun-15
Black Lingerie Chronicles, Part 4 (g/g/g cons, strap-on, oral, ped) 06-Jul-15
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 5 (f/g/g/g toy, oral, trib, strapon, mild b/d) 11-Oct-15
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 6 (f, f mast toy) 16-Oct-15
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 7 (f/g oral, public) 16-Oct-15
Black School Substitute Teacher (F,g, cons,oral, ped, teen) 12-Oct-13
The Blind Date (F, F, F, f, teen, inc, rom, lingerie, Asian, brunette) 20-Oct-13
Jen L. Lee
The Blooming of Caitlyn (F - g) 19-Mar-06
Blooming Passion, Part 1 (ff, rom, teen) 30-Sep-13
Blue Christmas (F/F, f/f, rom) 07-Jan-10
Bo and Me, Part 1 (f, panties) 16-Feb-13
Bo and Me, Part 2 (f, g, panties, nosex) 08-Mar-13
Bo and Me, Part 3 (fg, sisters) 14-Jun-13
Unfastened Belts
The Boarder 01 (F, F, f, f, teen, ped, threesome, inc) 15-Feb-14
Jen L. Lee
Boarding School for Girls, Part 1 (Fg, pedo, anal) 06-Jun-07
Boarding School for Girls, Part 2 (pedo, mast) 12-Jun-07
Boarding School for Girls, Part 3 (g/g, ped) 06-Nov-08
Boarding School for Girls, Part 4 (Fgg, ped, lesbian) 10-Nov-08
Lorinda Jade
The Bonding of Sisters, Part 1 (f,g inc, rom) 12-May-13
The Bonding of Sisters, Part 2 ("3" Times The Fun) (sisters, lesbian, incest, mom, toys, lingerie, teen, threesome) 27-Jun-13
Bored (ffg) 11-Dec-09
Boredom (g-self, F/g, self-bd, toys, cons, anal) 20-Mar-14
Bottoms Up (Ff, oral, anal, enemas, mild spank) 20-Aug-11
Bouts with Lesbianism, Part 1 (F/F, F/f) 24-Jan-05
Bouts with Lesbianism, Part 2 (F/f) 24-Jan-05
Lana 1974
The Brat (F/g) 13-May-05
Breaking Fearless (ff, rom, yuri) 07-Oct-13
The Breakup (F/g) 07-Jan-09
Kathy-Anne Niemann
Breast Mommy Ever, Part 1 (fF lac pedo inc anal) 26-Dec-12
Breast Mommy Ever, Part 2 (F f lac pedo inc) 01-Jan-13
Breast Mommy Ever, Part 3 (ped F anal lac ws) 15-Jan-13
Breast Mommy Ever, Part 4 (F ped inc anal lact) 30-Jan-13
Breastfed Girl (Fg inc cons) 31-Mar-08
Jane K
Brenda and Julie, Part 1 (F/g, nosex) 02-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 2 (F, g, nosex (yet)) 03-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 3 (F, f, oral, cons) 05-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 4 (F, g, oral, cons, toys) 06-Jun-08
Brenda Kisses Me (ff, oral) 13-Jan-13
Brenda Shows Me (g,f,mast,exhib) 27-Jan-12
Bribery and Corruption (F,F,g,g,anal,cons,oral,ped,toys) 04-May-11
Michelle Darling
Brief Encounter (Fg, ped, romantic) 19-Sep-07
Lorinda Jade
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 1 (Fg inc ped) 18-Feb-07
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 2 (F\g pedo inc) 21-Feb-07
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 3 (F F g) 28-Nov-07
Grandma Gladys
Broken Monster (Ff, fant, mast) 05-Nov-09
Broken Monster 2 (FFf, fant, mast, inc) 07-Nov-09
Broken Monster 3 (Ff, FFFf, mast, voy, fant) 23-Nov-09
Broken Monster 4 (ff, teen, fant) 14-Dec-09
Broken Monster 5 (ff, teen, fant) 07-Jan-10
Broken Monster 6 (ff, FF, teen, fant) 24-Jun-10
Broken Monster 7 (ff, teen, fant, mast) 13-Jul-10
Broken Monster 8 (ff, fant, mast) 13-Aug-10
Broken Monster 9 (fff, fant, long) 13-Aug-10
Broken Monster 10 (ff, ffff, fant) 11-Sep-10
Broken Monster 11 (ff, teen, fant) 06-Dec-10
Broken Monster 12 (ffff, FF, fant, long) 10-Feb-12
Nuit du Loup
Broken People, Part 1 (F/g, cons, ped, toy, mast) 05-Apr-15
Broken People, Part 2 (F/g, cons, ped, mast) 26-Apr-15
Broken People, Part 3 (F/g cons, mast, toy, ped) 07-Jun-15
Broken People, Part 4 (F/g cons, trib, oral, rom) 21-Jun-15
Brooke's Beginnings (F, F, f inc) 02-Jul-08
Brooke's Beginnings, Part 2 (F,F, f) 03-Jul-08
Polly Parker
Brooke's Story 1, The Power of Submission (Ff, teen) 11-Sep-10
Brooke's Story 2, A Growth Experience (Ff, teen) 11-Sep-10
Brooke's Story 3 (Ff, teen) 11-Sep-10
Brooke's Story 4 (Ff, teen) 11-Sep-10
Brooke's Story 5 (Ff, teen) 11-Sep-10
Bry's Bondage Session (F/g, bd, cons, anal, toys) 22-Jun-14
Bubblegum Kisses (gg, kiss, pett, yuri) 13-Sep-13
The Bus (F/f, exhib, anal) 31-Oct-12
Karen Cypher
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter One 20-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Two (Fg inc) 24-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Three (Fg, Teacher, Tease. Classroom) 26-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Four (Fgg, gg, ggF, inc) 26-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Five (Fg, reluc, inc) 27-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Six (ggF, exhib, reluc, teacher) 29-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Seven (FFFgg, nosex) 30-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Eight (Multiple F/g activities, oral, mast.) 31-Mar-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Nine (Multiple F/g, shave, tattooing) 02-Apr-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Ten (Multiple F/g activities, Sybian, first. Orgy) 03-Apr-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Eleven (Fg, rom, school, exhib, oral) 14-Apr-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Eleven (Fg, Teacher/student) 05-Aug-09
Butterflies And Roses, Chapter Twelve (F/g, Teacher/Student) 15-Oct-09
By the Book (F,g,oral,anal, cons,pedo) 13-May-09