Joanna's Unmotherly Desire
- a n   i n t e r a c t i v e   s t o r y -

It was on a random week day that housewife and mother-of-one Joanna was having sex with her husband Rick that her life changed forever.

With the bed creaking, and the door open as it always was so that the parents could hear if their 8-year-old daughter Emily was having a nightmare and crying out for one of them, Joanna was being savagely pummeled in missionary position by her well-hung hubby. Their backends and feet were to the open door, but in such a way that Joanna could see the darkness from the hallway.

As her husband was slicing his meat in and out of her cunt, the raven-haired Joanna noticed the very thing that instantaneously changed her life. She saw her darling daughter standing there, looking at her rutting parents.

In a fraction of a second, Joanna realized various things.

She realized that her young child had a great view of her mother's hairy snatch being filled by her father's dick. That her twitching asshole was just as much exposed to the large eyes of the young girl. And that being exposed in such ways to the gaze of her girl made her cum harder than she had ever cum before.

Joanna knew right then and there that she loved exposing her most intimate orifices to her daughter, and she also knew that she wanted nothing more than to experience naughty, incestuous sex with her young child. To have the girl's mouth on her nipples, between her legs, on her feet, even between her ass cheeks. Just by seeing Emily watching her being fucked, Joanna had fallen in lust with her baby girl.

Joanna knew Rick wouldn't be into that kind of thing, and it would probably be for the best. Being a housewife, she would have all the time she needed to find out if she could get the girl to do all the lovely, naughty things with her that Joanna hoped she would.

But one thing was for sure. After that night, Joanna craved her dark-haired girl, and wanted the cutie in the worst way.

And Mommy was going to have lots of fun with her.

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The next morning Joanna was occupied with dealing with the house—making breakfast for Rick before work, and for Emily before school, laundry, and cleaning. How much work a messy husband and young daughter could generate! A few times, an image of her daughter watching her lovemaking flashed before her eyes, but she ignored the image and concentrated on the work at hand.

But as Joanna ate lunch, she kept thinking about Emily. Her pussy tingled and moistened as she remembered how beautiful her daughter was naked—her innocent face, her flat little-girl chest, her tight young bottom, and, most excitingly, her heavenly naked baby slit.

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Joanne was thinking about pleasing herself right then and there. She opened her slacks and her hand slid under her panties to her clit. She was about to come, being so naughty as to masturbate in the middle of the day, right there in the kitchen. She heard the door open and like lightning pulled her hand out of her pants, her heart pounding, and there was her angel Emily.

"Are you OK Mom? They let us out of school early 'cause the power went out. What smells funny? Why are your pants open Mom?'

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Joanna came up with a quick response. "Oh it's nothing. Just had an itch." Her words came out stuttered as she was still embarassed at being caught.

"All right. I'm going to go change upstairs." Emily said, dropping her book bag in the dining room before dashing upstairs.

Joanna went into the den and fell on the sofa. "My gosh! That was close!" She was calming back down but now that she got a chance to think about it, it was making her even more horny. After a few minutes, she decided to see if her daughter wanted to have some lunch. She went up to Emily's room and opened the door without knocking.

Joanna took one step into the room when she just looked slack-jawed. Her eight-year-old girl was naked on the bed, her legs bent and spread apart, and one of her hands was rubbing at her hairless puss.

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"Emily, what are you doing?" gasped Joanne, her eyes wide as her naked daughter quickly withdrew her finger from her pussy and clapped her hand over her mons.

"Err, sorry Mum," the girl replied lifting her tousled head to stare at Joanna over the twin dots of her pink nipples. "Don't be mad at me. My friend Ellie told me she plays with her cunny all the time and I just wanted to see how it feels."

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Joanna was shocked and took one step out of the room and thought this couldn't have came at a better time. Now stuck with two choices, one to leave or another to keep watching her daughter do this, it was such an easy choice.

Joanna reached for the belt of her jeans and undid it with ease. Reaching inside she found her moist pussy oozing with juice. She stuck one finger inside and instantly found herself shoving two more fingers in. Close to climax she started breathing fast and loud. Emily didn't know what the noise was. She got off the bed and opened the door slightly to find her mother with her eyes closed and her hand down her pants. Quickly Emily ran back to the bed before her mother could tell and continued rubbing her young inocent pussy. Now with Joanna's eyes wide open discovering every inch of her daughter's pussy, she suddenly felt her warm snatch begin to climax. Her orgasm went on for ages and then after it died down she thought her daughter must have heard all of that and Joanna was right but was shocked to see that her little daughter was staring right at her with her eyes wide open.

Emily said something she says at least two times a day, "Hi Mommy!" and with all that Emily lay back down and continued. Joanna began to question if this was right but then she noticed her little girl again and thought how this could be wrong.

Emily then in fact put a show on for Joanna. Joanna instantly pulled her jeans down including her lacy panties and threw them straight to the floor.

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Emily moaned as she started to stroke her clit more violently than ever, "Mommy! Mommy!, I love it when you do those naughty things to me!! OH YES!!" Joanna's hand slowly slid up to her now wet pussy and she stuck her fingers inside. She couldn't believe that her daughter was thinking about her while she touched herself. Joanna slid back to her room to orgasm, and decided that tomorrow, when Emily came home from school, she'd be waiting.

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Tomorrow finally came. Seconds after her little 8-year-old daughter had gone upstairs to get changed after school the horny mother crept after her. When she peeked in her little girls room she was glad to see her playing with her little hairless vagina again. After several minutes of slow masturbation the mother decided to enter the little girls room and acted as if it was no big deal to see her little girls fingers playing with her little pussy. She sat on the bed beside the little girl and slipped her hand from the little girls knee up to her thigh, only inches from the little hairless cunt that she secretly longed to touch and lick. "Mommy wants to teach you the right way to play with your privates darling. Is that ok?" She asked in a husky tone. Her little girl just nodded her approval. With that, mommy gently moved her index and middle finger to her little daughters hairless pussy and parted the lips. She lowered her mouth and with a slight whimper from her daughter, she began to lick and suck the tiny vagina.

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"OH mommy!" Emily sighed as her mother's tongue went inside of her. "I always wanted you to do this to me, ever since I saw you and Daddy together. I saw your luscious titties bouncing around when he slid himself into your wet pussy, and I knew then I wanted you to make me have those feelings, and I wanted to be the one that made you moan."

Suddenly her mother licked with more force over her daughter's clit, and with a yell of, "MOMMY OOOOOOH MOMMY YES," Emily came into her mother's hungry mouth.

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Emily was feeling so good. She lifted her little head and watched her mother. Joanna looked into Emily's eyes and thought of the possibilities. Go slow, she thought. Smiling, she thought, sex education. Emilly now had her eyes closed and was just moving. In an instant Emilly lifted her hips and screamed—not real loud but Joanna knew her daughter had her first real orgasm. She moved up kissing Emilly so she could taste the cum of sex. Actually she thought that was a funny way to express it—the cum of sex.

"Can you do something for Mommy?"

Emily with glazed eyes said, "OK, what?"

"Can you kiss my nipples?"

Emily lowered her mouth and began to suck a nipple.

"Do the other one now." Joanna moved Emily's hand to her pussy. "Rub there my little one."

Emily looked up and said, "Am I doing it right?"

Joanna thought, god yes. "Now put a finger inside me." Who would have thought. "Use two fingers." Soon without thinking of it, Joanna told Emily to put her hand in her wet pussy.

Emily pushed and her hand just disappeared in Joanna pussy.

"Move your fingers. Make a fist and push it in and out." That little hand felt so good. The orgasm hit Joanna before she knew it.

Later as they held each other, Emily said she was sorry if she hurt her mommy.

"Joanna, no sweetheart you didn't hurt me. But you know this is our secret."

Emily said, "OK, but can I tell Ellie?"

"Yes you can," Joanna said, "but tell her it's a secret." Two little ones. How to do this? Joanna thought.

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Later that day, as Emily was at her friend's house to play, Joanna was lying in bed thinking about what it would be like to have her little girl and her young friend in bed with her. Ellie was so cute, and now that Emily was going to tell Ellie, Joanna could only hope it would play out well.

Lying on her bed in just her bra and panties, Joanna closed her eyes and pictured the scene. The two young girls, one of them her own darling daughter, feeling her up, their hands all over her feet, her legs. Their other hands squeezing her bra-covered tits.

As fantasies and dreams usually do, Joanna's fantasy skipped a bit forward and now she had her legs spread and knees raised. Her panties were now gone.

Ellie had three fingers up Joanna's wet cunt, while her little girl Emily has two fingers sliding in and out of her asshole. Oh how she loved the feeling of being double-stuffed with the fingers of those two young girls.

Both of them were lapping at her swollen clit simultaneously, their chins wet with Joanna's juices. 'Taste me. Taste my cunt,' Joanna fantasized saying to them as their tongue whipped her clit and their fingers slid in and out.

As Joanna finally came like a thunderstorm in her fantasy, so she did for real, not having noticed that she had her own fingers in both her cunt and ass.

Breathing loudly, a smile crept over her face as she retracted her fingers.

Oh yes, being pleasured by two sweet young girls is going to be so good.

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A few days later Emily asked if Ellie could visit after school. “Of course sweetheart. Have you told her our special secret?” Yes, Ellie thinks it’s cool and wants to come and play with us. Is that OK mum?”

By way of reply Joanna simply grinned at her daughter. “Thanks Mum-I can’t wait!”

It was Monday, Joanna had arranged with Ellie’s mother that she would come for tea then Joanna would drive her home.

“But not before Emily and I’ve seduced her and tasted her sweet young pussy.”

Later that afternoon Joanna collected the girls from school.

“Hi sweetheart,” she said kissing Emily, “and hello Ellie.” Joanna ran an appraising eye over her daughter’s friend.

Ellie was a few inches taller than Emily. Long dark hair reached below her shoulders and a dusting of freckles covered her cheeks under her large brown eyes.

Joanna felt her pussy moisten in anticipation as she knelt to hug the girls. They looked adorable in their school uniform. Each was wearing shiny black shoes with ruffled ankle socks. Their pleated navy blue skirts barely covered their thighs.

In her kneeling position Joanna was able to easily reach around and cup each girl’s gorgeous bottom. Joanna had dressed Emily that morning and knew she was wearing little white panties. Her arousal intensified as she wondered what kind of panties Ellie was wearing, picturing them clinging to the lovely young bum as she gently squeezed it.

Level with her gaze Joanna was excited to see that unlike her own flat-chested daughter there were noticeable swellings under Ellie’s white school blouse. This little cutie had titties!

Joanna stood up. “Come on then you two,” she said impatient to get them home and enjoy their charms.

At the car Ellie climbed in first. Her short skirt rode up and gave mother and daughter a tantalising glimpse of panty-clad bottom. Looking over her shoulder she gave the pair a knowing look before settling in her seat. Joanna was sure she had seen a flash of black lace! Ellie’s panties were definitely not regulation school ones then!

Emily jumped into the front seat. Then Ellie asked, ”Please can you tighten my seatbelt for me? Again she gave Joanna a smouldering look as the girly loving mother accidentally on purpose fondled Ellie’s budding breasts whilst adjusting the belt.

Blushing fiercely and feeling a growing wetness in her panties, Joanna got behind the wheel.

“Are you ready to play then girls?” said Joanna, exchanging a conspiratorial wink with her daughter/lover.

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As Joanna pulled out past the other moms, she noticed the new neighbor also picking up her child and another little girl she did not recognize. Joanna turned to wave as they passed but the older mom quickly turned away and tried to hide her face.

"Isn't that the new neighbor girl Emily?" Joanna asked as they pulled away. Her flashing blue eyes were again drawn toward the sexy legs of Ellie and those very adult-looking panties.

"Yeah that's her Mom—her and Amanda. Amanda is a model!"

"Manda's a slut," the charming Ellie mumbled under her breath much to the sinful mom's pleasure.

"A model is she?" Joanna wondered as she slowed for a light.

"That's what she brags about mom. She says Trina's mom—that's the neighbor girl's name—is a photographer for some special magazine."

Now the child-loving mother had even more fuel for her fire. It seemed like she was far from being alone in her preteen lust. If nothing else it was one less prying eye she need worry about in her new-found after-school romps. The only modeling she knew of with girls that age were the Prostitot magazines and the made-up hotties wearing undies—'just like Ellie's,' she thought as her clit expanded.

"Ok kids we're about home. I can get the tea going and Emily why don't you start up the Jacuzzi outside. Do you like playing in them Ellie?"

"Well Mrs.—"

"Call me Joanna darling," the mother said toward the rear view mirror.

"Er—OK Joanna. No I never been in one."

"Mmmm you'll love it El," Emily whispered. She was thrilled beyond belief. Not only was she having adult sex with her mother but she was already letting her bring her friends along.

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It took no time at all for the three of them to find their way into the house and into Joanna's bedroom.

Joanna quickly stripped down to nothing and lay on her bed and began rubbing her already soaked pussy.

"Now girls lets have some fun shall we? Strip for me."

They didn't need to be told twice, they quickly started unbuttoning their blouses.

"No, slowly, and undress each other."

The girls grinned at Joanna and then at each other and reached for the remaining buttons on each other's blouses. Elle's tits were small, about the size of half an orange each with puffy areolas and small hard nipples.

The girls then grabbed the waistband of each other's skirt and pulled down revealing Emily's white panties (with a small darkened patch that showed just how much she was enjoying this) and Elle's black lace that barely covered her beautiful round ass and puffy mound.

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Joanna patted the bed on each side of her, signalling the girls to come lie beside her. When the girls were settled, she cupped her ivory-white titties and asked both to feel each. Emily immediately climbed on her mother's shoulder and set about sucking Joanna's left nipple, feeling it grow in her mouth. Ellie, more hesitant, cupped Joanna's right titty and rolled it in her hands. Together the girls were making a hot fire in Joanna's lower tummy, as she thought about showing her daughter and friend all of the things that they could do together as a willing, curious threesome. As Joanna thought, she made quite a mess on the bed between her own legs.

"Enough girls. I want to show you the fun that we can have in the Jacuzzi," as she palmed both of their little pussies, lifting both the girls slightly off the bed and onto their knees. "I enjoyed that."

Now you are in for a surprise; as she lead the girls, her arms around their shoulders, outside to the Jacuzzi.

-- added by Marge, January 1 2007

Joanna didn't know what to do- even though she came like crazy. Then she remembered that when she was small- Emily's age she had a friend (an Afro-canadian girlfriend) and they had a terrific sexy relationship. Her girlfriend's name was Mary Ann and she was a little older and had very juicy lips- both her mouth lips and pussy lips. Joanna remembered the first time it happened was when Mary Ann came to sleepover when her father and mother went out of town on a family picnic.

When we cuddled in bed I really liked Mary Ann's skin- it was smooth and silky all over. It seemed that Mary Ann had already had her juicy cuntlips and loverly rosebud rear end licked and sucked by one of her Mother's friends( that's another story), and Mary Ann used her talents on me.As we both had to sleep in a small bed Mary Ann suggested we both sleep on our tummies to be more comfortrable.

Pretending to go to the bathroom Mary Ann left the bedroom and went to the bathroom where she played with her pussy lips and rubbed her clit many times over to make her cunt wet with pussy juice. When she returned I remembered what Mary Ann did- I had almost fallen asleep when Mary Ann returned and said she would help me sleep better. She got on my back by gently laying with her chest on my back and rubbing her body gently on mine at first- then pushing down harder and harder until her breasts were pushing on my shoulders and her juicy silky pussy was rubbing in my bum. Being bigger and stronger than me I pretended I was afraid and tried to get away by wiggling - she wouldn't let me go but wrapped her smooth silky brown arms around my chest massaging my small tits and digging her wet cunt again and again into my ass.

Instead of fighting her I responded to her rythm - when she rubbed her wet pussy on my ass I bumped my ass up to met her and when she rubbed her tits on my shoulders I pushed my back up to met her downward motion of her breasts. Gently Mary Ann turned around - actually glided around on my back as there was so much of her pussy juice flowing from her cunt- by moving her head down between my ass cheeks and my pussy, and spreading her legs and pussy over my neck and locking them there. All the while she licked my asshole with her wide warm tounge and with the ass juices and her saliva mixing she easily worked her way down to my pussy and clit. I didn't know the names then but it felt fabulous when she sucked first one labia - then the other. She started sucking gently then more and more fierecly until I thought she would eat my pussy to piecies.She was able to put her nose on my clit and put her long tounge in my pussy hole lapping the pussy juices like crazy.Being taller and stronger than me Mary Ann was able to lick my cunt like crazy while manouvering her pussy a little sideways and with her strong thighs guide my mouth to her pussy in a sideways motion giving me a taste of young pussy for the first time, and making me a lifetime convert to pussylicking.I was gentle at first but in a few minutes of eating her dark pussy I nearly went crazy and we both had a terrific cum.I was worried because of the noise my mother would hear but she didn't. I thought that this would be a great way of introducing my Emily in the Sapphic delights of pussy and asshole licking.

I planned to tackle Emily the next day by rubbing my body on her back and helping her to sleep by doing the same to her that Mary Ann did to me so many years ago.

-- added by Stanley, January 2 2007

Remembering this story made Joanna's cunt so wet, that when they got to the hot tub, the girls would have little work to do to make her orgasm all over their sweet bodies'.

Joanna entered the tub first, and reached her arm around the back of Emily, cupping her hand around her puffy pussy, Joanna's other arm gently gripped under Emily's armpit, with Joanna's finger rubbing her nearby nipple. She lifted Emily into the tub and sat Emily on her right leg. Joanna proceeded to grip Ellie's pussy, her middle finger delving deep into her tight undeveloped cunt; Joanna's other arm supported Ellie's back as she lifted Ellie into the tub on her other leg.

The two girls must have touched eachother before, because they both instantly began sliding their baby pussies back and forth on Joanna's wet legs. Joanna quickly slid her hand down into her own cunt and she rubbed it violently. Emily grabbed her mommy's tit and sucked it hard and rubbed it with her small, childish hands. Ellie watched her and shortly followed with Joanna's other tit.

Joanna's pussy started to gush hot pussy juice all over her already wet fingers. Ellie stopped sucking her tit and looked longingly into Joanna's eyes. "Joanna," Ellie said, "I was always afraid to tell you," she said reluctantly," but everytime I've spent the night here, I watch you whenever I can. and I've always wanted to grab at you and rub your woman puss."

"Oh, Ellie!" exclaimed Joanna. At this time Emily had stopped licking her mother's tit and slipped her small head into the water and began licking her mom's gushing cunt.

"Joanna," Ellie said," I want to kiss your beautiful lips, and taste your tongue in my mouth."

Joanna nodded and stuck her tongue out as Ellie sucked on it. Her small baby mouth could barely fit around Joanna's older larger, and more travelled, tongue.

By this time, Joanna could hardly contain her pussy juices. Her daughter's amazing tongue went surprisingly deep into her pussy, and with a loud scream, her cunt splurted out so much hot warm liquid into her daughter's mouth. Ellie had apparently been rubbing her own tight twat as she also squeeled in delight and let her burning juice ooze all over Joanna's leg.

After this mind blowing orgasm for Ellie and Joanna, they both grabbed at Emily and began pleasuring her whole body. Ellie stuck her salivating tongue into Emily's mouth and they kissed passionately and violently. Joanna, barely able to fit one finger in her daughter's tight cunt, swished it in and out quickly. Emily couldn't stand all the pleasure and her blazing pussy let out all her prepubescent fluid all over her mom's wet finger.

After dressing, Joanna drove Ellie home, Emily accompanying, and chatted with her mom for several minutes about different girly gossip. Her subconcious wouldn't let her contain the dark secret her, Ellie, and Emily shared, and she blurted out how gorgeous Ellie was and how sleek and beautiful her naked pussy was.

Corina, Ellie's mother, had a look of awe on her face, and didn't say anything for many seconds. Joanna blushed and gazed at her daughter for a cover. Emily's jaw dropped as she stared at her mother. Ellie's face turned to a deep cherry red and she dashed off to her room.

Corina was barely able to stutter out that Joanna and Emily should leave and that Ellie would not come over until further notice.

Later that night, Corina talked to Ellie in her room. Corina's husband had run off many years ago and her and Ellie had grown quite close and attached to each other. Ellie confessed to the joy and pleasure she received from Emily and her mother when they toyed with her tiny body and swelling pussy.

As Corina went over everything that happened that day and what her own daughter just explained to her, the image of her daughter's friend and her mother touching Ellie where she thought no one ever had. She noticed her own pussy beginning to fill with hot juice. Wearing only a wight night gown, Ellie noticed a dark spot forming around her mothers vaginal region. She immediately knew her mother wanted to touch her the same way Emily and Joanna had. Corina, seeing her daughter's eyes quickly flick back and forth at her pussy and her eyes, jumped up and ran out of the room flustered and jumped in her own bed and forced herself to try and sleep.

She was unable to sleep with her pussy burning so hot. As she began squeezing her large breasts, her door creaked open. Corina was too far into her own lustful fantasy to notice her naked daughter slowly walking up to her bed.

Ellie gently and quickly slid her small hand up her mom's gown and she began rubbing her drenched pussy outside her panties. Corina quickly jumped up at stared at her small 9 year old daughter. Her eyes filled with tears and she grabbed Ellie and began kissing her lips and pinching her hard tiny nipples.

Corina flipped her daughter around and they began to lick eachother.

As Corina kissed her daughter's tiny wet pussy, Ellie fisted her mother until she flooded hot juice all over her daughter's hand and arm. Her mom's orgasm excited Ellie and she oozed liquid into her mom's mouth. Corina kept the hot cum in her mouth and turned her daughter back around. They kissed and Corina let her daughter's cum flow into Ellie's mouth and they both kept this up for half an hour.

Finally Ellie swallowed her own cum and kissed her mom, on the lips, goodnight.

Ellie slept in her mom's bed that night with her, passionately grasping onto her mom's large breast and her other small hand slowly rubbing her mom's pussy.

They fell asleep gently and slept soundly.

The next morning, Corina began planning how she would join her daughter, Emily and Joanna in their sexual romps.

-- added by Jordan, January 4 2007

Joanna awoke still terrified of what had occured yesterday after she and Joanna had dropped off Ellie. No matter how many times she tried to will the fateful words away, they were forever spoken. Emily, bless her heart had tried to comfort her when they got home. Though she was getting extremely good at finding her mommy's spots, Joanna just couldn't get her mind off what she had done.

As the day seemed to drag by, Joanna made up her mind. She jumped into her car and drove quickly towards Ellie's house. She figured that she would just confront Corina and come clean and see where it went from there. Ellie's mom already likely had all the details so what was there really to lose. On the way she called Emily's school to notify to ride the bus home so she wouldn't worry if Mom didn't make it back in time.

Before she knew it, Ellie's house appeared on the left and she dreamily pulled up into the drive. Thoughts of Ellie's delicious young pussy conflicted with other thoughts of imprisonment and the lifelong stigma of a pedophile. Without even knowing it, Joanna was standing if front of the door and pushing the doorbell. An urge to turn and flee almost overtook her, but she held her ground. After what seemed an eternity, there was the click of the lock opening, the slide of a chain being removed then the door slowly swung open.

Corina had tried to compose herself before she opened the door, and didn't think to check who it was. All her attempts still couldn't hide her obvious state of arousal. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair was lightly tousled and her pussy was still quivering from what her sexy pre-teen daughter had just been doing to it.

The women saw each other at the same time. Corina was stunned in surprise, Joanna however displayed a relieved, mischievious smile. Confused, Corina turned to follow Joanna's gaze and then she quickly understood. Standing at the end of the hallway, waving at Joanna, was little Ellie, naked and with her other tiny hand in her pussy.

-- added by Dianne, January 7 2007

Joanna instantly began feeling wet and her wet patch showed instantly as she had not worn panties. Looking at her cum made Corina even more aroused and she grabbed Joanna's pussy right at the doorway, pulling her into the livingroom. The two adults began undressing each other on the couch as Ellie continued fingering herself, only faster.

-- added by Amit Palav, January 8 2007

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