Daughter's Lesbian Desires
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This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between young girls and women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. If you enjoy such stories, Enjoy.

Mother and daughter were on their way to the doctor’s office and both of them were very quiet. Nellie had complained to her mother that she had a rash on her vagina so her mother took her to see her Doctor. The ride took longer than expected because there was a lot of traffic.

Once they parked, they walked into the receptionist room of her mother’s Gynecologist. The mother was told that her Doctor went home sick so Dr. Maria will be filling in. They were informed that they could go into the back and were directed to an examination room; Nelly was told that she should get undressed. The doctor will be with you right away.

She took off all of her clothes and hung them on a hook on the back of the door and slipped on a blue paper hospital gown that ties in the back. She sat on the table to wait for the doctor. Her mother sat in a small metal chair with plastic seat and back. They talked about nothing important. This was her first female examination and it made her mother uncomfortable to talk about anything sexual with her daughter. They were interrupted by a couple of knocks on the door. Dr. Maria opened the door and came in with a clipboard and a folder on the medical history about Nellie.

She introduced herself and looked at Nellie’s mother and asked her if she minded staying in the room. Her nurse had to leave early on personal business. She didn’t want to conduct this examination without someone in the room. Her mother told Dr. Maria she brought her daughter in because she has a rash on her vagina and she found a discharge on Nellie’s panties a month ago when she was doing the wash and Nellie continues to have the same discharge everyday.

In reality, the discharge was her daughter’s cum as Nellie had been masturbating for the past year and she was able to climax at such an early age. The first time the mother saw her daughter’s used soil panties, she smelled and tasted the juices right from the used panties and she almost had an orgasm just from that. After that, she made it a nightly ritual of taking her daughter’s cum-soaked panties to bed every night to sniff and lick them while finger fucking her big cunt.

Her conscience got the best of her so she took her daughter to the doctor just to make sure there was nothing wrong with her 9-year-old daughter. Her mind drifted away to her daughter’s soiled panties and she needed to find out how could a nine-year-old child produce so much cum on a daily basis? Her daughter’s panties were almost as wet as her own and she had the ability to have multiple orgasms but she was a grown woman.

Dr. Maria was a beautiful woman between 45 and 50. She had medium-size breasts with large nipples, long legs, and a huge beautiful ass with bawd hips. Her dark hair was cut short so that she did not have to fuss with it.

Dr. Maria had to bring Nellie’s mother back to reality and asked her again if she minded staying in the room. The mother was uncomfortable but did not have the nerve to say she would rather not be in the room. She just sat back down in the chair. She found the doctor to be very attractive and couldn’t take her eyes of her huge spankable ass.

The doctor told Nellie to lie back on the table and put her feet in the metal stirrups for her. The doctor held them as Nellie moved up the table and placed her heels in the stirrups.

The doctor moved to the side of the table and bent over her to reach behind her neck and untie the string holding the paper gown up. She pulled it down to her waist and felt the lymph glands on either side of her next before moving down her body with her latex gloves. She lifted and probed Nellie’s undeveloped breasts. She was talking the whole time about the proper way to perform self-breast examinations and what to look for in the way of lump. At her age cancer was not likely but she could develop subcutaneous cysts.

The examination was stimulating Nellie’s breasts and she felt her clitoris getting engorged with blood. She knew that she should be embarrassed, but what the fuck she was having sexual fantasies about this doctor. She wanted to grab her by the back of her head and pull her head down to her chest and force her to suck her immature nipples.

She was giving her a good look. She was thinking to herself what would the doctor do if she reached up and felt her breasts the way she was feeling hers.

Then the doctor moved to the foot of the table. She folded the paper gown up over her tummy without covering her breasts. She felt her hips and pressed on her lower tummy. She was feeling for something and watching the girl’s face. She was watching for signs of pain that would tell her that there was an infection. When she was satisfied that the girl was healthy she drew up a swivel stool and sat down between her legs.

She parted the girl’s knees even wider. She ran her gloved hand over the pubic mound before she parted her labia so that she could look into her sexual organ. This was the reason why Dr. Maria became a gynecologist; she just loves pussy, especially the young ones between 8 years old and 14 years old. Her pussy never failed to get wet when doing her examinations and this time was no exception. Her pussy was dripping and she wanted to fuck this little bitch right there in front of her prim and proper mother.

Dr. Maria also found the mother to be very beautiful and would have loved to perform a GY exam on her too. The doctor had had so many sexual encounters with her patients, both women and girls, but she played it cool this time since this was the first time meeting Nellie and her mother.

From where her mother was sitting she could see her daughter’s cunt. Both of the women were both struck by the size of the girl’s clit. It had to be at least an inch long. They were taken by how big it was, especially on a 9-year-old girl.

The doctor could not resist touching it. When she pressed it downward and let go it sprang back upwards like an erection and Nellie let out an almost inaudible moan. The doctor knew that the girl was sexual stimulated. Her little pussy was very wet. She would have loved to toy with the girl until she climaxed but did not dare with the mother sitting behind her.

She returned to inspect the urethra for signs of infection before taking a good look at her vagina. She was not surprised that the girl’s hymen was broken. She saw the remnants and they were clean. She first stuck her index finger into the canal and felt the cervix and finally stuck the same finger into the girl’s asshole. Everything felt good. She kept an eye on the girl’s face and instinctually knew that this girl was sexually active. She was not about to tell this uptight mother that her only child, at 9 years old, was fucking around with either boys or girls, probably both.

She told Nellie that she could sit up and get dressed. She made some notes in her charts and told the mother that the girl was perfectly healthy. She could not tell her that Nellie’s rash was caused by sticking objects in her cunt and there is no discharge, just a lot of pussy juice so she told the mother that it is common for young girls to develop rashes from soaps.

Margarita asked what could be done about that. She was writing the prescription even before the mother asked for it.

Nellie was dressed by the time they were finished talking. She was deep in thought on the ride home. She sat in the car while her mother stopped at the pharmacy to fill the prescription. She was thinking about all the years she had thought about sex with women.

She was an only child and a born tomboy. She was born and raised in Los Angles, Burbank to be precise. They lived in one of those old Southern California ranch-style homes built in the early fifties during the housing crush after World War II. It had a small detached garage in the back. It had been built as a two-bedroom one-bath home. Over the years a third bedroom, family room and another bathroom had been added. The kitchen had been updated at a later date too.

Her father’s brother lived on the same block in a home that had been a reverse of their floor plan. It had been added to as well. They had one girl in their family. His wife grew up with Nellie’s mother and they always had been best friends.

Her mother had been 36 when she was born and her father had been 37. Her mother’s name was Margarita. Her political aunt was named Leandra. Her husband was her father’s younger brother. The cousin was named Alexia. Alexia and Nellie were the same age and were the best of friends.

Her mother was slim with medium size breasts, a beautiful ass, gorgeous legs and beautiful pedicured feet. Her aunt was a robust woman with a wide ass and large breasts. They were both dark skinned and had dark hairy arms. Both her dad and uncle were tall and kind of fat.

Nellie is a combination of both her mother and father. Physically she was tall for a nine-year-old girl but she looked very much like her mother.

Her family had a pool in the back yard so her cousin’s family was at her family’s home most weekends. Nellie was a very physical girl she loved to wrestle. She would wrestle her cousin, her mother, her aunt and even her father and uncle when she could. At the age of 7 she found that she had an itch between her legs when she wrestled her cousin and the women but she did not have that feeling when she wrestled the men of the family. The only advantage to fighting with them was that she could fight harder.

It was not often that she could get her mother or Aunt Leandra to wrestle with her but when she could she would always find a way to grab them by the crotch to pin them. She loved to feel their big tits and wide asses. They both would get embarrassed and stop the game.

Both women hated to put on bathing suits because no matter how hard they tried pubic hair would stick out of the legs of their suits. When they would get into the pool and get out the hair would be hanging down in wet ringlets.

When Nellie reached the age of eight her clitoris started to grow. She would lie in bed at night and play with her clit thinking about feeling up her cousin or getting a look at her mother or aunt’s pubic hair. She was able to climax thinking about their hairy cunts as she masturbated.

That was when she started checking out other women’s pussies. Her mother and aunt were both very prim and proper. They never cussed and blushed when someone did. Her father and uncle were workaholics and were hardly ever home.

By this time when her parents were watching television she would sneak into her parents’ bathroom and take her panties out of the clothes hamper. She would take them to her room and masturbate while smelling the crotch. Whenever she found a thick wiry pubic hair, the better.

For her ninth birthday her parents gave her a pool party and she had one of her mother’s and aunt’s best friends there. Her name was Rose and she came with her 15-year-old daughter, Charily. Charily had babysat both girls from time to time and she had a well developed teenage body. Rose was a woman of 52 years a full seven years older than her mom who was 45 years old at the time. Her aunt and cousin were there as well. All three of the women were in the pool and Nellie checked out Rose’s crotch. A lot of her black pubic hair was popping out of her suit and the hair that was inside was so dark that it made a dark shadow in the shape of an inverted triangle. She also had a big ass and tits.

Nellie’s father and uncle were away as usual on business so Alexia and Charily spent that night at her home.

I hit a wall and my mind went blank. I have been trying to come up with the next chapters unsuccessfully so the next best thing is making this an interactive story. It will be continued by you. We have the best writers in this web site so I am looking forward to your great imaginations.

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Nellie's mom, Aunt Leandra, and friend Rosa are more than close friends. They are actually secret loves. All unknowingly involved in a lust and love triangle that has been going on for years. They have been able to keep their secret due to the distance between them and Rosa and their husbands' frequent travel. Their husbands were none the wiser and actually encouraged their interaction with each other since they were often unavailable. They also thought occupying each other's time would lessen the chance of infidelity. On this fateful night their secret was about to unravel.

As Rosa was showering in the annex bathroom, Nellie entered to retrieve her toiletries and found Rosa sitting on the toilet dripping wet eyes closed with one hand between her legs and the other caressing her breast. Nellie could hardly believe her eyes but she knew it was real because her clit was not only engorged with a rush of blood but pulsating vigorously to the rhythm that Rosa used to massage her soggy pussy. Unable to contain herself, Nellie stepped forward in one stride and found her mouth suckling at Rosa's breast.

Shocked but pleasantly surprised, Rosa extended the hand that had caressed her breast to the body attached to the luscious lips and attentive tounge and found that it wasn't Margarita. She immediately wanted to stop this but she hadn't felt this good in years and she was too close to the biggest wildest orgasm she had ever dreamt about. There was no way she could stop this because she didn't think she would ever feel this intensity again. So instead of stopping she encouraged Nellie in her pursuit of her fully erect nipples.

Meanwhile Charily was in bed looking through a Victoria's Secret catalogue making what appeared to be her wish list. Just then Margarita and Alexia entered looking for Nellie.

Charily told them that she hadn't seen her since she left the dinner table, but she had been so preoccupied there wasn't much chance that she would have noticed her since she was distracted with her catalogue.

Alexia said, "My mom is in the kitchen setting up the Scattegories game so we just came to round everybody up for the game." Margarita then interjected and told Charily that she could join them in the kitchen for the game and to tell Nellie that were just about ready.

Before Margarita and Alexia could make their way back to the kitchen, they bumped into Rosa who was obviously breathless but glowing.

"Ms. Rosa are you okay?" Alexia asked.

"Sure, why do you ask?"

"You sound like you just came back from running."

"I quess I made my shower water too hot."

Margarita wasn't fooled. She knew that look all too well. So she suspected that Leandrea had visited her because she knew that when Leandrea put her mind to it she could make her cum so hard it made her lightheaded and there was no doubt in her mind that Leandrea had found her too arousing when they were out back around the pool because she could hardly maintain their conversation for looking at Rosa's ample breast, sensual midsection, ample ass and juicy cunt. Hell she was getting wet just remembering.

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It was only a few days later that Dr. Maria, Nellie and her mother’s stand-in gynaecologist, called Margarita with the request to come to the doctor’s office for another check-up. Dr. Maria had told the woman that she had been thinking about the girl in the days since their last visit and wanted to see if the idea she had about the 9-year-old girl could be correct.

Margarita didn’t know what Dr. Maria could possibly mean, but wasn’t willing to take any chances with her little girl, and so took her daughter to see the gynaecologist two hours later.

The moment Margarita and Nellie walked in, they found Dr. Maria waiting for them, who proceeded to tell them they could get into her office right away, as she had no patients left for the day and sent the receptionist home.

After Nellie and her mother entered the room, they turned around to see the doctor enter after them and close the door. She looked delicious to the girl, who at her young age had extremely developed sexual feelings and who had secretly enjoyed the doctor prodding her private parts the last time she was here. Dr. Maria was wearing a doctor’s coat and a white skirt. She was also wearing tan nylon stockings and pumps. Secretly, Nellie hoped the gynaecologist would be sticking her fingers in her holes again.

But Dr. Maria had much more extensive things in mind.

“I think I have figured out why there may have been a rash on Nellie’s cunt,” Dr. Maria told bluntly and deliberately.

Margarita was surprised the doctor had used that word to describe her daughter’s vagina, thinking it was pretty inappropriate for a gynaecologist to refer to a 9-year-old’s vagina that way.

“What I think is that, for a girl her age, Nellie has an extremely developed desire for sexual activity. I think Nellie has been masturbating a lot; a whole lot; and her cunt may have been irritated from the amount of stimulation, possibly in combination with materials on her fingers. Children like to play often and get their hands dirty. If they would then also often play with their little dicks or cunts as much as I think Nellie is, it wouldn’t be so surprising that the skin on her cunt has a reaction to whatever may be on her fingers.

But first, I’d like to find out just what the extent of Nellie’s desire for sexual activity is.”

Margarita heard the doctor’s explanation, and could hardly process if what the doctor was telling her made sense. She felt somewhat overwhelmed by the doctor’s frank use of blunt terminology in combination with the possibility that her sweet 9-year-old was playing with her pussy on numerous occasions. Trying to deal with what the doctor said, she could only agree to whatever the doctor felt she needed to do to get to the bottom of it.

As Dr. Maria looked at the speechless mother with a expressionless stare, she suddenly grabbed the hem of her own skirt and lifted it up to her waist. Immediately Nellie and Margarita noticed that Dr. Maria did not wear any panties, as they fixated their eyes on the gynaecologist’s thick, black triangle of hair on her crotch.

“Nellie,” the dark haired woman said as she looked down at the girl standing close to her, “be very honest with me and your mother. It’s very important. Look at my cunt, sweetie, and tell me if you’d like to lick it and suck it. You can tell the truth.”

Margarita felt her head spin. Blood was pounding in her temples. Part of her felt outrage at the behaviour of this woman, and part of her couldn’t believe how lewd, how perverted; how HOT she felt hearing this woman make such a request to a 9-year-old girl. HER 9-year-old girl.

Nellie, however, thought she had to be honest. And being honest meant that she had to answer Dr. Maria’s question to the affirmative. The girl really did want to lick the doctor’s cunt. Not only that. Looking at the gynaecologist’s thickly furred snatch, she wanted to do more to it. She wanted to suck it; slurp on it; rotate her face in it and inhale the scent of it. The whole idea of pleasuring this hot looking woman made her cunny quiver and leak.

“Yes, mam. I’d like to do that,” Nellie said with large eyes, before aiming them at her mother as if waiting for her permission. But Margarita said nothing. She stood nailed to the floor, not wanting to give explicit permission and not wanting to be the one to stop what was to happen.

“Your mother’s not saying no, and doctor knows best. You can do it, sweetie,” Dr. Maria said with a quiver in her voice, as she used the fingers of her free hand to rub up and down her crotch. Her fingers slid down through the thick black forest of soft hair on her twat, over the fat outer labia, then spread and spread the labia with them, opening up a glistening, pink slit that made quite the contrast with the darkness around it.

“Go ahead,” the wet, paedophile gynaecologist said as she held up her skirt and held open her cunt. “Put your mouth on me cunt. Show me and your mommy how much you would like to have lots of sex with nice women.”

Nellie got on her knees between the stocking clad legs of the doctor, and eagerly forced her face into the woman’s fur. Her little mouth and nose disappeared within the patch of dark and fragrant pink slit. Dr. Maria groaned and spastically shot her crotch forward the moment she felt the girl’s mouth on her eager, hungry snatch. She had a 9-year-old girl’s face in her needy crotch, right in front of the girl’s dumbfounded mother.

Margarita wanted to say something, but didn’t know whether to tell the perverted older woman to stop her disgusting act, or to tell her to fuck her daughter’s face harder. So she opted to say nothing and stare at the obscene sight, feeling her own cunt contract and getting wetter. Her thighs pressed together as she watched the young, small face of her daughter buried deeply in her gynaecologist’s hairy, increasingly sloppy twat. She saw Nellie’s face move around, her face plastered to the skin on Maria’s mound and making it, and the whole patch of black pussy hair move along with her face.

Dr. Maria knew Margarita was not going to stop them anymore, and aside from wanting to feel more comfortable, she wanted to be more open to the girl physically.

The doctor stepped out of her pumps, and as Nellie, her face shining with the doctor’s juices, watched her move and waited, Dr. Maria took of her skirt completely, exposing her garter belt and the elastic bands that connected it with the bands of her tan nylons. The short haired Latina then proceeded to lay down on the table, and put her stocking clad feet in the stirrups. She was now naked from the waist down, bar the nylons, and was lying down with her legs spread wide. Her hairy crotch lewdly exposed to the mother and daughter.

As Dr. Maria looked at the girl and waited, she used both hands to spread her cunt wide open.

Nellie looked at the older woman opening herself up for her face and mouth, and felt her mouth started to water. She looked at the woman’s nylon clad feet as they were in the stirrups; her full toes curling. Dr. Maria’s crotch really was hairy. In this position Nellie could see the dark hair extended even into the crack of the woman’s ass, and surrounded the woman’s dark, wrinkled asshole.

The 9-year-old horny girl couldn’t wait anymore, and as her mother still watched in stunned silence, she dove face first into Dr. Maria’s tasty, odorous cunt.

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Dr. Maria's scent filled Nellie's senses. Before her face were the full, moist labia of this older woman. With the tiny fingers of her right hand, Nellie parted the swollen folds. She could feel Dr. Maria tense. A soft moan escaped the Dr.'s lips. "That's right sweetheart," she heard the doctor moan. Leaning in she allowed her tiny tongue to slip easily along the moist folds tasting the dank, musky flavor. Nellie felt the doctor's hand in her hair guiding her little mouth closer, firmer. Nellie's mind drifted back to the very first time she ever tasted a girl's pussy. She was 3 1/2. For a short period her parents had a nanny watching over her—Miss Anderson. Miss Anderson was perhaps in her 20's—long, thick auburn hair with big green eyes.

As Nellie licked the doctor her mind wandered to the many things she learned from Miss Anderson. Nellie knew, from how the doctor lifted to her mouth that she was doing very, very well indeed. Nellie's full lips kissed upwards...along the moist folds...until she found that special place. The "nubbin", Miss Anderson called it. using her upper lip she pressed the skin back...and drew the "nubbin" into her lips. Suckling firmly. Nellie seemed to know she was doing it correctly, for very soon Dr. Maria lifted. Nellie replaced her tongue with her finger and opened her mouth. She had to really hold firmly on the "nubbin" but was soon rewarded. A low, gutteral groan escaped Dr. Maria's throat as she clung the table. Nellie held her face just a few inches away...mouth open. She knew what was going to happen. As Nellie expected....a thick, rich cream shot from Dr. Maria's pussy. The first squirt hit Nellie's uppper lip and dribbled down into her mouth. Nellie was ready for the second squirt. And the third, fourth and fifth ones. Warm, rich cream filled her mouth. She began to swallow. Feeling it glide down her throat...into her tummy. Nellie released the pressure and moved back...watching Dr. Maria lie, gasping. Nellie glanced to her mother. Margarita was staring, wide-eyed. Nellie would have thought she was in trouble, if not for noticing her mother's hand....clasped firmly between her legs. On weakened legs Dr. Maria eased off the table. Steadying herself with her hands. Her eyes slightly glazed. All she could seem to utter was...."I...I think we need to do MORE research." Dr. Maria's hand shok as she wrote on a pad. "Bring her to THIS address on Saturday afternoon.", handing the slip to Margarita.

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Margarita was staring at Doctor Maria bending over her desk writing on the pad. The fact that the doctor was effectively naked below the waist, her nylon sheathed legs, the dribbles of cum running down the inside of her thighs being stopped by her stocking tops, her bare bottom and her hairy cunt had Margarita in a trance. All Margarita could do was do stare and press her fingers on her own cunt.

Doctor Maria straightened up and turned to give Margarita a better view of her exposed body. Margarita’s eyes loved the sight but still she said nothing, just held on to herself.

“I know that my methods night appear unconventional but I’m quite sure that in this case I am on the right track. Now I’d like you both to come to this address to consult a colleague of mine, but before we do that, I wonder if you would like to let me take a couple of pics….so that my colleague has a better idea of who he or she is dealing with.”

Maria was a little disturbed. “What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Nothing too intrusive,” commented Maria. “Just you and Nellie. Perhaps you could settle yourselves down on the couch.” When Margarita nodded a tentative agreement Maria half pushed them into position, and then said, “Perhaps I’d better set the scene. Perhaps your skirt up a bit Mum. Show a bit of leg and a bit of anything else as it were.” Margarita obliged and lifted her skirt to mid thigh. “Perhaps a little higher?” asked Doctor Maria, “Or perhaps a lot higher.” Margarita obliged and for a moment regretted that she had worn pantyhose rather than stockings that day but on reflection was pleased that she had recently had a wax and was not wearing anything under the panty hose. “Do you want me to open my legs?”

“Oh yes!! And perhaps Nellie might lift her skirt and drop her panties to her knees so that we can see the infected area.” When Nellie’s cunt was on display Doctor Maria asked, “Do you ever kiss your daughter?”

“Oh yes.” Margarita remembered her furtive kisses on Nellie’s willing lips. The Doctor was delighted. “Well now would you give Nellie a nice big passionate kiss and perhaps put your hands between each others legs.”

As mother and daughter obliged they could hear the sound of Doctor Maria’s snapping camera.

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Click click click went the camera as Dr. Marina snapped picture after picture of the mother and daughter in a variety of positions. There was one, which Nellie especially liked, where she got to put her pussy around her mother's tongue.

"That's enough for now," said the extra-horny doctor. "My colleague will see you on Saturday. She is a beautiful woman from Japan. Her name is Fu Mi. I look forward to meeting you there, and Nellie, you did a good job of eating out my wet cunt."

-- added by Dripping Wet, December 10 2006

Margarita and Nellie were prompt arriving at the office of Fu Mi the following Saturday. They both had made sure to dress in new clothes and most especially new underclothing.

Upon arriving at the office, they were surprised to be greeted by a tiny, stunning asian girl. "Hello, you are expected, I am Ling, Fu Mi's receptionist. We welcome you." The petite girl/woman lead them into a beautifully furnished outer office and showed them to two chairs. "If you please wait, Fu Mi's nurse, Bi Ling will be with you in a moment.

Both Nellie and her mother were surprised that Dr. Marina was not there to greet them but their thoughts were abruptly broken by the appearance of the office nurse, Bi Ling. She was an extraordinarily tall and beautiful asian woman who wore a white wraparound uniform. She motioned to mother and daughter to follow her down a corridor and into a large totally white room. "I'm glad you are here", the nurse said in greeting, "and I trust my daughter Ling greeted you properly."

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"Please come into the examination room and I want you to remove all your clothes Nellie so I can not only check out your pussy but I want your mother to help me spread your cunt lips open wide so I can suck those lips and tongue your hole. Mom you had better get out of your clothes too as I am getting so fucking wet and I will need you to suck my pussy as I am sucking your daughter's."

Just then Ling came into the room and was watching Bi Ling sucking Nellie's dripping pussy while her mother spread her lips to allow her fingers to work overtime on her dripping snatch. Ling immediately removed her clothes and began sucking the mother's huge nipples and caused the mother to cry out in a little pain but she loved every second of it. "Keep sucking and you'll be rewarded very soon," and within a few seconds Ling felt a warm fluid squirt into her mouth as the milk began to flow.

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Just then the door crashed open and Dr. Maria thrust herself into the room. She looked at the naked child, the near-naked Ling, Bi Ling and Margarita and screamed, "Just what in the fuck is going on here? Who is the professional in this place and who is the nurse and the nurse's aide. Just who is prescribing the treatment? And you Mother, what do you think you are doing to allow unqualified medical practitioners to usurp my role as the proper practioner? Oh my God! I've got a good mind to enjoy every one of you just to remind you of who is the mistress here." She watched in pleasure as the two Asian women cowered againsty each other and as Margarita uncertainly tried to cover her private parts with clothes she reached and gathered from around the room. Only Nellie seemed unimpressed as she lay back, opened her legs, displyed her clitoris and asked, "I seem to have mislaid my thong for my thingie?"

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Doctor Fu Mi enters the room unanounced to consult with Dr. Marina on the swollen condition of Nellie's protruding pussy lips. She was shocked and very disturbed by what she was witness to. She informed Dr. Marina that orgies were not tolerated in this hospital, without her knowledge, consent and participation. For that all who had participated would be severely disciplined. She told Nellie and her mom to leave as the following proceedings would not be pleasant to watch. Reluctantly, they headed for the door as they protested thier eviction. "Please, can we stay, we want to watch."

"All right, don't say I didn't give you fair warning. Get over there and sit down till I call on you."

"Now, Dr. Marina, get over here and crawl up on that table and put your feet in those stirrups. Nurse Bi Ling get the restraints out of the cabinet and secure Dr. Marina to the table. Strap her feet tight and go get my bag. It is time to deliver some disipline."

Dr. Marina began to whimper and beg for forgiveness for her transgressions. That was to no avail.

-- added by Kwon, January 3 2007

Dr Marina was in a sweat as the restraits were tightened. She trembled as Dr. Fu Mi barked instructions to nurse Bi Ling. "Pull her skirt up higher and cut the crotch of her panties out with these sizzors. Unbutton her blouse and pull her tits out the top. Leave the backstrap in place so that her tits are pushed up and tight."

"Now, put those dirty panties she was playing with in her mouth so that the whole hospital will not hear what is going on in here" Without question, nor protest, nurse Bi Ling proceeded. She was anxious to please in an attempt to mitigate her due punishment for her part in the little private party.There lay Dr. Marina, helpless, and in a state of fear she had never known. Strange that her pussy was tingling, her nipples erect, andshe was becoming juicy wet. The other eyewittnes looked on in amazment and said nothing but felt thier pussys tingling too. Dr. Fu stepped up to the table, pushed nurse Bi Ling aside and looked inside her bag for the appropriate instrument to correct the transgressors attitude. "Hummm, what do we have here ? Let's start with this." She pulls out a pair of long forcepts. She grasp the labia edge and pulls outward untill the lip is fully extended. With a piece of tape she secures it to the inner thigh. She goes to the oppisite side and performs the same extension. Dr Fu's pussy is laid wide open. The wittnesses gasp. "What shall I do next, she asked of them ?"

"Ah, do you want to help me?"

"NO NO, you go ahead."

"All right, let's see. A little pleasure, a little pain, maybe. Give a breast pump for me from the cabinet".Nurse Bi Ling jumps to it, here, here. First we will energise her nipples with a little vacumn. The cone ws placed on her all ready erect and swollen nipples and the pump sucking pressure was started. Three pumps on one and the nipple jumped into the tube and turned blue as the blood was pulled to the surface. Another three pumps and reds appeared at the extreme end. The proceedure was duplicated on the other breast. With each pump Dr. Fu winced as she twiste and squirmed. Ther she was, laid open and bare, with hard, red, protruding, throbbing nipples and her pussy was even wetter as she neared orgasm. "Get over here, Nellie and pull and twist her nipples." Nellie oblidged and without hesitation pulled, tweaked and carressed those cherry red nipples. God it felt so good.That was just too much for Dr.Fu and she started to come, "This is just ridiculous, she is enjoying this way too much." as her pussy throbbed for all to see."Give me that pump. I'll put an end to this fun" She placed the pump cone over Dr. Fu's open sex and the full pressure was applied to the cone over the extended, swollen clit. The clit as fulled out completely from it's hood and turned firey red immediately. More pressure, more pressure, and then real pain was being felt by the errant good Dr.Fu. Damn, "that hurts, but at the same time it feels really good, oh shit, this is intense and I am comming again."

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As Dr. Maria finished her somewhat brutal and pleasurable punishment, she wondered why she had performed it on the woman who was supposed to have performed it on her. After Dr. Fu Mi got out of the sturrups and was released from her bonds, she abruptly declared, "That was a very nice punishment on your part Dr. Maria."

"Thank you Dr. Fu Mi."

"Now let's get back to our little appointment with Nellie."

As Nellie was watching all this happen she thought to herself how wonderful it would be if she had breasts like that of Fu Mi, that way she could have that same procedure with the breast pump. But just as she was thinking this Fu Mi said, "Oh my look at the time, after all this it has been over three hours, I must be getting home."

"Why so soon?" asked Nellie.

"It's after eight PM child, I must be getting home so I will be well rested tomorrow for my weekly lesbian fiesta," and with that Fu Mi left the room and proceeded to leave the building.

"Well this has been great and all but I think we'll be leaving now," said a stunned and disappointed mother.

"I'll put you in for Tuesday," said Ling.

"All right then."

As Nellie and Margarita left they both thought the same thing, 'I can't wait to get home so I can have some REAL fun.'

After that, 4 years went by, and to this date Nellie, still goes to see Dr. Fu Mi and Dr. Maria on a monthly basis.

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When Margarita arrived at home with Nellie her phone was ringing. She answered and it was Dr. Maria. You need to go to the following address immediately with Nellie. Margarita told Nellie to get ready as they had to go to see a woman that might help her with her condition. They drove for two miles and Margarita recognized the neighborhood and the building was the town's Convent. Margarita parked the car and walked with Nellie to the Convent. They knocked and a Nun in her 40s answered the door. Margarita told her that she had an appointment with the Mother Superior. "Please wait while I get the Mother Superior." Two minutes later, a very beautiful Nun walks in. She was 55 years old, told, very matronly, bit tits, a nice face and was wearing the traditional Nun's habit. After exchanging pleasentries, the Mother Superior tells Margarita that her good friend and Doctor, Maria, told her about Nellie's condition and she wanted to see it for herself. "What condition are you talking about." I am very attracted to young girls with big clits and Dr.Maria tells me that Nellie has a huge one and I want to see yours as well. I heard that yours is twice the size of your 9 year old daughter's. I also have a confession to make, I suffer from the same condition and I want to see if your clit is as big as mine. Nellie was very excited and Margarita's pussy was getting very wet in anticipation of seeing what was going to happen with the Mother Superior. The one with the biggest clit gets to fuck Nellie first stated the Mother Superior. The Nuns big hairy pussy was also getting very wet and all at once started to get naked.

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Nellie was the first to get naked, her little pussy was wet and her one inch clit was visible. Her heart was pounding very fast as she look at her mother and at the Mother Superior take off their clothes. She couldn't wait to see the size of their clits so she could suck them and then get fuck by both of them. She had been dreaming of her 45-year-old mother for so long and now she was finally going to get to have sex with her. Nellie was impressed by the size of the Mother Superior's tits and nipples and she couldn't wait any longer to see their pussies and the size of their clits.

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Even though she'd had a taste of her mother a few days before, and her mother's tongue had dove into her sweet, young pussy, Nellie desperately desired to taste her mother's mature cunt and to have her mother have an orgasm in her young mouth, and wanted her mother to tongue-lash her still-virgin cunny, and to suck at her barely experienced clit. Mother Superior says to them both, "I want you, Nellie, to sit here and spread your legs for both me and your mommy, and you mommy will get between her legs when I order you into position. But Nellie, go ahead and sit down." Nellie without hesitation and with joy, sits down in the chair that looked quite comfy, it was wide enough to spread her legs all the way and still be comfy, and she gave it a quick test by spread-eagling herself for full view of the Mother Superior and her very own loving mother. Margarita's eyes glued to the site of her daughter's hairless preteen cunny, and also could see the young child's pussy ooze sex-honey from between her cunny-lips and she licked her lips at the site held before her. She wanted to devour those juices up and felt a wave of selfishness sweep over her, as thoughts of having her in her own bed at night pleasing her little girl orally each and every day or having her little mouth latched to her clit came to mind and it took everything she had to keep from diving on in to Nellie's open, inviting young cunny. Mother Superior got down in front of Nellie and she spread her cunny-lips to look at her clit; it was abnormally big like Dr. Maria had told her, but didn't realize that Maria had meant that the childs clit was half the size of her own. "Nellie, do you rub this thing alot honey?" Nellie spoke fast and with increasing excitement, "Yes Mother Superior, I get so excited and I get very wet in my hole, and I can't help but rub my special spot. I gush everywhere when I do." Mother Superior was pleased with the revelation, "Nellie, you mean to tell me you actually squirt your juice, like a grown woman can?" Nellie nods,"Yes Mother Superior. I have been able to do that for a little over a year now, and I love to do it with my panties still on. I rub my special spot through the panties and squirt in them and soak the crotch of them so that I don't have to worry about wiping myself afterwards." Mother Superior flicks Nellie's clit with a finger and sees the clit grow harder and bigger to the quick touch and knew that this girl was going to be a great new addition to weekend flings with all the other little girls that came over for their "special" get-togethers. The other mother's were going to love her just as well. "Now Margarita, get into position, I want to watch you pleasure your daughter first. Can you make her cum real quick. I've got to watch you drink her young orgasmic nectar." Margarita complied and got into position between her daughters spread legs with her face and eyed her daughters naked cunny flesh as she slowly went forward to plant her mouth around it, and spear her tongue into the waiting, tasty flesh. She remembered the other day how Nellie had tasted, and she wanted more. Then as the though crossed her mind, the feeling of her mouth meeting her daughters cunny-lips and the horny odor of Nellie's cunny hit her nose, her own pussy spasmed and leaked her own odorous juices, and it threatened to cum of it's own accord due to the taste of Nellie's young preteen pussy.

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Two days later Margarita has a call from her sister, Ann, who was mom of two lovly little twins. They were 2 years old. Ann told her that she would like to pay them a visit this weekend. Margerita was delighted, she hadn't seen her sister for a long time.

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