Babysitter and Dog
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Carly, krista is coming over in 15mins. I told her mum that you would babysit her tonight while she goes to work. Dad I can't, I have a lot of things to do tonight. Why didn't you ask me before saying yes I said. Just babysit her, there is no way you can't now my dad said. I went to my room upstairs. Krista is the girl next door. She's around 5 and really nice. Its just I'm soooo horny today I was hoping that I could stay home and play with myself. Well I can't do anyfing now. She coming in 15 mins so that's still time to play with myself. Striped off my clothes n started rubbing my nipples..... Oooooooh god, there so hard and sensitive. So need to get them licked. The urges got to strong so I called rose my dog to get between my legs.

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The dog walks in.

-- added by Gothere, February 1 2007

For emergency cases as these I always have a jar of peanut butter in my room, as I open the lid, Leslie the dog starts to wiggle her tail, she knows what's coming next: First I put some peanutbutter on my stiffened nipples, and she tenderly licks it all off.

Then I take some more and is put it between my bald-as-a-baby shaven lips.

Then she starts licking, she's a well trained dog...

I hope I'll have my orgasm before Krista is coming over.

-- added by Anne_16_nl, February 2 2007

Just as the dog started licking the door bell rings.

"Um just a minute," I call out.

I put my clothes back on and run to the door. krista and her mother showed up at my door.

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"Carly, are you alright, you look so flushed" said Krista's mum as I answered the door. "Are you sure you are up to babysitting right now?" She continued.

I told her that I was okay and that I enjoyed babysitting Krista, a small lie given my current impassioned state and yearning to cum and cum and cum. But, biting my tounge, I took Krista's hand as her mother wished her good bye, reassuring her and I that she would be back promptly in six hours.

-- added by Guetz, February 2 2007

I am so horny after Leslie's attentions, but now I have to take care of Krista. My pussy throbs, but I act normally as I lead her into the kitchen. "Have you had a snack yet?", I say. "I know you like peanut butter...".

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Krista's mum looked really hot and i was still horny from the licking that Leslie had given me. I sent Krista into the kitchen and noticed her mum was staring at my rock hard nipples that were poking through my top. I lent forward and locked lips with her and slid my hand under her skirt.

-- added by Maxpower, February 2 2007

I could feel how wet she was getting, but she gently pushed me away. "We...I..Krista is right in the next room", she looked nervously at the door, before her eyes flew back to my tits and she stroked them. We were shocked to hear a voice.

"Cool. Are you going to play the tongue game with Carly, Mom?"

We turned to see the young child standing in the doorway, rubbing her pussy with one hand. "Can I play this time?"

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After Carly took Krista and layed her down on the bed,she asks if Krista wants to have some fun (since shes not getting alone time).Krista says yeah shed love to play a game,"Good now i want you to just sit an watch and when youre ready just say so an you can join in the game" Carly said.After explaining what shes going to do Krista says it sounds like fun sitting watching Carly returned her attentions to the dog. "Leslie, come here girl." Carly calls as she carefully puts a dollup of peanut butter on her hairless lips. Carly gets down on her hands an knees so Leslie has easier access for licking her. "MMMMM good doggie, get it in deep girl" Carly says as Leslie carefully licks the peanut butter off her masters wet lips.After watching this Krista says it looks like fun and would love to join in. Just as the dog finishes lickin and Carly is about to put more on she tells Krista to grab a pillow and lay down on the floor with her on her back. So she lays her on a pillow in front of her and reaches into the peanut butter jar. Smearing a large ammount of peanut butter on her asshole and pussy lips and even getting a lil inside she moans and says "hehehe That tickles Carly." "Its supposed to baby." Carly says. " Okay Krista now Carly is going to make us both feel realy good." she says as the Krista laughs playfully. Carly slowly starts to lick the her vaginal cleft savouring the smell and taste as Leslie begins licking her way inside of Carly. Just then Max, Carly's other dog walks in. Wanting to see whats going on with his master he gets in close to Leslie squeezing his head in to find out what the smell is. Being as Leslie is fixed he wants to find out what the odor is. Getting in close he begins to sniff and lick at Carly's ass pushing Leslie out of the way. Feeling rejected Leslie jumps up on the bed and begins lickin herself. Not noticing the difference and totally engrossed in her own world Carly continues lickin Krista giving her her first lesbian experience. "Oh Krista you are going to kill the boys when you get older you lil slut." as she pulls the young child tight to her mouth extending her tongue inside of her licking her in and out. Letting it press into her young virgin ass just as she feels Leslies tongue run over her ass (little does she know). Right after that she feels Leslie mount her. Startled " LESLIE WHAT ARE...." she says as she looks back shocked to find Max made it out of the gated off living room. "Oh my god no.. what do i do" Carly thinks just as she feels the first brush of his penis on her vagina. " YAY" Krista yells " HE WANTS TO MAKE PUPPIES" as she laughs an giggles watching Carly as she trys to get up. But Max's weight is too much he holds her in place and begins to thrust. "NO MAX BAD NO BAD DOG" she yells but to no avail. Just as she trys to get up again Max's 8 inch rock hard cock thrusts hard into her , shes pushed hard agains Kristas crotch and Kristas vagina muffles a scream of pain. As she does this Krista moans loud from the sensations of Carly screaming into her pussy.

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Krista's mum seemed nervous and stopped short - giving me a quick kiss then left and closed the door behind her. Damn I was horny. I SO needed some relief.

I wandered upstairs to find Krista sitting on the floor playing with some old toys we had.

I sat down on the bed facing her. Krista seemed preoccupied with the toys, and while she wasn't looking I parted my legs sufficiently that she would be able to see my pussy. Eventually she looked up and within a few seconds caught sight of my hairless crack (I wasn't wearing any panties).

Krista stared, her eyes like dinner plates. "Oooooh, you not wearing any panties, I see your wee-wee" she said.

I smiled at her. "Can I see your wee-wee?" I asked eagerly. Krista looked a little shy. "Come on, you've seen mine!"

Krista stood up and slowly slipped her panties down. Holding her dress up revealed the most superb little pussy I ever saw. It was puffy and fat, with a tight crack going a fair way up towards her tummy.

"Wow! That's lovely" I said. Krista smiled. She stood there, still holding her dress up, her smooth little puss staring at me.

Leslie the dog walked in and started sniffing around my legs. My pussy was still on display, and it didn't take her long to find it and disappear in between my legs. She started licking me. Krista's eyes were huge again and she giggled. "What is she doing?" she asked, with a curious look on her face.

"Oh" I said, "Leslie likes to lick me, and it feels SO good!"

"Ooooh" said Krista. "I want her to lick ME too!"

I was nervous about letting Leslie lick Krista, even though the thought of it sent me wild. What if she told her mum?

Still, I was horny and I needed some relief.

"Ok Krista, hop up on the bed here and lie down".

Krista did as I suggested and lay down. I gently slipped her panties right off, and spread her legs wide. I look closer at her now gaping 5 year old cunt.. man it looked SO good. She was quite wet, and when I showed Leslie the dog where it was, she wasted no time in tonguing and licking her 5 year old pussy.

Krista shrieked with joy and excitement. Her face became flushed and she started to breathe deeply. A light sweat came over her. I watched intently as Leslie's big dog tongue lapped into Krista's folds. Then Leslie found something else - Krista's bumhole. The child's bottom was slightly dirty and Leslie wasted no time licking it clean, tonguing right into Krista's little pink puckered hole.

Krista squirmed with ecstasy and was really starting to get quite worked up.

Leslie the dog went back to lapping at Krista's pussy, and I moved in closer to work a finger up Krista's bumhole, which was now quite wet and slippery from Leslie's drool.

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"Ouch that hurts.." a moan came from Krista as I slid the tip of my index in. I drew back and looked up to her wincing face. "I'll stop.." "No, Carly, no i'm sorry.." Krista spread her legs wider and lifted them up until her knees were beside her ears. "Wow.." I whimpered, "how the hell can you do that.." Krista gave a victorious smile "Mum have me doing gymnastic classes.." I was still awed at her bold and very inviting position when the innocent-faced 5 year old put her own finger to her pussy and slid it up and down her pussy lips. "I saw Mum doing this in front of Maria.." "Maria?" I lay with my elbow under my head beside her, never taking my eyes of her playful finger. It is now tip-deep in her pussy, and her half-closed eyes and lip-licking tongue makes me really horny. "Yes.. uhh.. Maria.. the.. mmmhh.. maid.." she now gets the finger in down to the knuckle, and from what I see, it seems like she could use a helping hand.. or tongue.. I slide down to her pussy and flick a tongue out to her finger. "Carly.. uhh.. you lick my wee-wee?" "Yes.." I licked longer and then removed her finger and replace it with my tongue. I slid in her freshly scented pussy deep, and play in her up and down.. I licked all around her pussy, I took my tongue out and lick ticklishly on her pussy lips. "Ooohh.. mmmhh.. Maria does this too... but.. uhh.. not as good as you Carly.. uhh.." her moaning and the soft trembling of her butt signs me to lick faster.. faster and faster.. faster... to then suck at her pussy lips..

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I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice Max move around behind me.

Suddenly, he mounted me and, before I knew it, had forced his stiff cock into my dripping snatch. The air was riven out of me in surprise, but any thoughts of trying to fight him off were soon lost as I felt the familiar sensations buidling within me.

I returned to licking Krista's cunt, as best I could.

-- added by Incesty Jane, February 4 2007

She wraps her little legs around my head and grags two handfuls of hair to hold me in place. I'm caught between her and Max.

-- added by Teri, February 11 2007

Max really fucked me fast and hard, but before he came, I pushed him off me and spread little Krista's legs really wide.

"Here, boy. Here.. fuck THIS..." I hissed.

-- added by CassieX, February 11 2007

Krista had a distinctly nervous yet aroused expression on her face, as the large and extremely aroused animal walked over towards her.

"Will this hurt?" she asked excitedly.

"Perhaps at first," I replied, "but you'll get to love it."

As I spoke, Max pushed forward and lunged into the young cunt before him. Tears rose in her eyes, as she fought not to try to get away. I smiled, remembering my first time with a dog.

Leaning over, I gently sucked on her nipples. "How does that feel, you horny little slut?"

-- added by Chloe55, February 14 2007

"Ooooooohhhh God! It's huge!" Krista moaned out as I watch Max's hips hump once then again as he centered his tapered red hot cock in her tight pussy and then started humping faster and faster driving his cock deeper as Krista moaned out loudly. Krista attacked my pussy with her mouth, her tongue going deeper into my leaking pussy as I humped my pussy at her spearing tongue.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!" Krista screamed as Max's cock went deeper and his knot popped into her pussy stretching it maddeningly.

-- added by Jack, February 15 2007

Max pistoned away above Krista. At least, as much as the knot would allow. The friction must have been incredible. I leaned over, pulling Krista's bare lips apart and started tonguing her little clitoris. I treated it like it was a little nub that I could push this way and that, up and down, licking it like a lollipop. Krista moaned louder and louder, above Max's pants. I sucked the little bud into my mouth, rolling it over my tongue.

-- added by Chammy, February 15 2007

I couldn't wait to drink th cum from her cunt.

-- added by Bifty, February 15 2007

as she screames in extasy,her mom comes home to get her purse!(that she so carlessly left behind)she hears voices coming from carlys' room.puzzled as of why they were in her room,she wandered up.she opened the door to find carly over top of krista and max's cock in kristas' tight virgin pussie!gasp*.what in all the heavens is going on!?!"mom!!"carly yells."what r u doing young lady!I will not have this in my house!in a whirl of confusion and extasy carly and krista simotaneously came!and max ran away with his tail beneath his legs.

-- added by Pumper, February 15 2007

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