He Didn't Mean To Hurt You

by NaughtySarah15f

One night when I was 15 years old I woke up to my little sister crying. I ran to her room and noticed that the rest of the house was quiet. When I got in, Sarah, My five year old sister kept crying: No daddy it hurts. I noticed she was naked and that was very odd to me. I asked her what was wrong and she said "daddy hurt me". Right away I knew what was going on. Our father switched his molesting ways from me to her.

I asked her where he hurt her and she pointed to her sticky hairless little pussy. When I asked her what he did she said, "he put his pee pee inside me"! I replied, "Don't be scared thats just the way daddy is, he used to do that to me too". I put my hand on her semen covered hairless cunny and said, "If i rub it does it feel better for you"? "That feels a lot better Carla", she replied. So I rubbed it for a few minutes, remembering that that was the only way I could make myself feel better when I was just a little girl. After a few minutes she said, "It's not helping anymore". I knew what I had To do.

I put my lips on her little pussy and I could taste the dried semen that I had tasted so many times before. I rubbed my tounge up and down her fragile clit and tried to comfort her as I did so. She started to giggle and said, "Carla I love you". "You are the best big sister that ever I could ever have". "You make me feel just as good as mommy does", she said. And for a moment I was kinda jealous because I never remember mom comforting me after I was abused by our father. Never the less I kepth lashing away with my tounge, and finally Sarah screamed with pleasure!!!

I asked her, "Do you feel better now"? "Yes", she replied, "Thank you Carla, I love you". "I love you too Sarah", I said. Then I heard our parents coming. I quickly told Sarah, "Anytime daddy hurts you just come to me and I'll help you feel better". "Dont tell mommy what happened tonight", I said. And as if she knew that we could have many more nights of my licking her soft sweet hailess cunny she said, "OK".

When my parents walked in they asked, "Whats going on"? I replied, "Sarah just had a bad dream is all". My mom said, "Is she ok"? I replied, "Yes, shes fine". As I walked out of the room I noticed my father grabbing his camera. He got the whole thing on tape, and from then on he stopped molesting Sarah because we made a deal that he could videotape me playing with her doing very naughty things.

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