I Like the Night Life Baby, Part 2

by LoneWolf

Lisa's Pinnacle

Shooting day took a long time coming but now it was here. The music video preparation had run it's course. Six days of rehearsal and a full day to construct the sets. Now it was four am, dark and chilly. Some of the crew were setting up the camera for the only outdoor shoot of the video. MS Gomez had recalled a view from a road that snaked up and around a hill. From a certain angle in the distance was the dim lights of a town. To match the lyrics as close as possible, Lisa dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt would be walking with a duffel bag like some common run away. Behind her would be the city lights.

Two police cars blocked off the road beyond the camera's view. She needed a permit to make the video in public and the statue required cops. Not like they were doing anything illegal. Come on a music video to promote kiddie pron, no nothing wrong here. The weather was cooperating, the rain was holding off. They did a quick walk through for camera angle, lighting, and zoom in to catch Lisa's face up close. The lighting was hard but a specialized night vision lens made all the difference. Took three takes to get the shot right and the wind even lent a helping hand by blowing at just the right moment to flutter Lisa's medium length blond out of her face for a good close up her angry runaway expression. MS Gomez had scheduled two hours for this but they finished in half that time.

And she's running away, one, two, three

Through the dim light town.

Then it was back to the studio, for the rest of the taping for the music video. A flood of people showed up at 7 am on a Sunday morning. Not a one without coffee cup in hand. Final testing of the sound and video equipment was conducted. The kids dressed in their costumes. The boys would all look alike, wearing blue jeans and white tee shirts, and identical Ferrari sunglasses. Tommy who'd be on drums had a blue bandanna tied across his forehead. The idea was to showcase Lisa. Maria wore a lite blue dress that showed a bit of cleavage. Because nine year old Lisa would be doing a pair of tumbling runs it limited what she could wear. But her mom came through and bought a new gymnastic outfit. Pink with white trim, and foot long tassels around the waist to give it a skirt like appearance. And yes of course it was tight fitting. A few sparkles on her face plus some lip gloss was all the make up Lisa required. Those ivory girls.

Being a novice at these kinds of shoots, Gomez scheduled the tumbling run first. She did fully realize the dangers of an eighty pound nine year old girl snapping a high speed tumbling run in time to fast music. But that was not the first problem. Just before they were to shoot the first gymnastic run Gomez went to the refreshment table to grab a danish. The breakfast at 3:30 am was wearing off. She noticed something odd about the donuts. Then she yelled out to the entire studio. "Who stuck their finger in all the jelly donuts? To see what was inside." Everyone froze, she sounded pissed which of course she was, having dropped 200 bucks on the food tables.

Twenty feet away Tommy with a face covered with powered sugar quickly stuffed the last few bites of the donut in his mouth. The sudden movement caught a few eyes and in a second everyone was looking at him. Snagged he raised his hand. "That was me." His mother was ready to slap him up side the head, but they were in public.

MS Gomez grabbed the box of donuts and handed it to Tommy. "You just bought yourself 11 donuts, here." She handed the whole box to him. "And it is coming out of your next job." She told him. He shrugged, tried to hid his embarrassment. Walked back to the protection of his drums with the donuts. Everyone got back to work. Greg who was just getting his bass guitar on came over.

"Thanks man, now I don't like the most immature person here."

Tommy told him, "Go scratch." And tapped the symbol with his drum stick. They both laughed even though the come back was weak. "Want a doughnut?" They laughed again.

Maria, MS Gomez's eleven year old daughter who was on keyboards took a few steps closer. "Tommy I can't believe you did that." She stated

Tommy cocked his head and gave her the puppy dog eyes, said. "I love strawberry." He confessed almost bashful. He looked so cute in that moment Maria thought. She smiled, realized strawberries was not the only thing he was sweet on. Tommy liked her, OMG and I'm secretly dating his kid sister. Yuck, or maybe not. She went back to her keyboard confused. She was just eleven. One thing she was sure of was that she was going to buy some strawberry perfume. That would tease the hell out of him.

Lisa was getting a few last minute instructions while the rest of the band waited. Maria let her mind wander. Tommy is cute, wonder if he'd be into a three way with Lisa? He has to know how smokin' hot she is, Greg does. Greg might not be bad he was funny, but Lisa had already rejected him. Which lead her back to Tommy, no Lisa would not want that. Too bad the blond boy was a little tummy but smart, and athletic he did play football. She knew he could run and not like a fat kid either. And he was mature for his age, till now with the donuts. He must really like strawberries. Maybe she should get some perfume for Lisa to. That would drive Tommy nuts. No too mean. What if Lisa asks to barrow hers, that would be OK. Too bad for Tommy. Maria loved splitting hairs.

Then Maria's mom began clapping hands to get everyone attention. Made her speech, "Thanks all for coming out so early on a Sunday. For those of you who Don't know me, I'm MS Gomez I own the studio and am producing this music video. We are all cheeked out on both video and audio now. For those who are not involved I'd like a little clapping to the music please. I'd like to apologize at this time for making you listen to the song 50 times over." Some laughter. "Lisa," Gomez waved her over. "You all set." Lisa nodded, lips tight she was really wound up.

The little blond did not look like the happy playful nine year old that wore spring dresses and pink parasols in some of the modelling shoots. She looked like a determined little competitor. First time Gomez had ever seen that look. Cindy the gymnastic instructor came over. "That is Lisa's game face. Don't worry I've seen it at some of the meets." Gomez nodded a bit reassured.

And she's making her play, one, two, three

And she can't go wrong.

She never waits, around.

People all moved to their assigned places. Gomez looked around to get nods from everybody. She turned to the band, "The band ready?" All the kids smiled. Wow its really going to happen they all thought. The sound man cued up the music. Lisa was ready taking a deep breath.

The young girl was nervous, she had done lots of tumbling runs before but those were all so simple compared to what she was about to do. For the video a cartwheel and a few round offs were not going to cut it. For a week she had learned a couple more moves. She was comfortable with both the front and back flip now, plus a front flip in the pike position.

During the rehearsals Cindy had taken Lisa to her college and spent an entire afternoon on the trampoline. Lisa was so wide eyes when they drove onto the campus, it was so big and spread out. Some of those college girls where so gorgeous. Lisa cheeked out what the big girls were wearing, thought about getting some new clothes.

"Three, two, one. Action." MS Gomez yelled for all to hear. In came the music, the camera panned across the band and settled on Lisa. She went into motion. Like poetry in motion, the agile girl took a few steps for speed and began spinning twisting and flipping her was across the mats. Her fit little body absorbing the stress like it was nothing. After her landing they called "cut." The adults poured over the replay. The timing was not right. Getting her hands and feet to hit the ground in perfect time to the beat was going to be a cast iron bitch.

Replay, the music was cued up again. Lisa and the camera returned to their starting positions. The next shot had the same issue. They brought Lisa over suggest she decide at what second she had to take her first few steps. Gomez had both first two takes replayed for the blond girl to examine. After a few minutes take three was ready.

The directer yelled action, Lisa paused for a beat then moved into her tumbling routine. Four quick strides and she was off in a blur. The slapping of her bare feet and hands as they hit the mat made a distinctive sound that in-close microphones were picking up. Her first flip was flawless, like the second. The pike to end the run was sharp and her legs straight. The landing she stuck. Lisa was perfect the third take. Unfortunately Greg was not. He whacked the neck of the guitar against the mic stand and knocked it over. It did not happen till the end but it was clearly visible from all the camera's. Everyone glared at the brown haired boy. His face turned red, he froze. Lisa gave him the stare of death. Greg wilted picked up the mic stand and looked as sheepish as he could.

"OOOK, that take is ruined. Let's reset." A few shoulders slumped. People returned to their jobs.

Greg drifted back to the drums. Tommy leaned forward, "Thanks for not making me look like the most immature one here." Greg shot the blond boy a look of anger. Tommy knew in an instant he'd gone too far. Greg was pissed at himself for wreaking Lisa's perfect run. "Sorry man, What I did was on purpose. You just had an accident." Tommy apologized. Greg nodded back was still upset, he knew everyone was going to have a longer day because of him. The ten year old vowed to relax. Where was Cinnamon? The twelve year old girl was standing behind her dad while he ran the sound gear. They locked gazes for a moment. He hung his head, she shrugged her shoulders and winked. Then Greg smiled, he felt better stood a little taller and took a deep breath.

It only took a minute to reset all the equipment. Nods all around, "And Action." Music kicked in, first the lead guitar, then the keyboards. Lisa leaned and took her fourth run at this. Four was never her lucky number. The first few somersaults were clean then she was a titch off balance on the pike, realized it half way through, came down hard leaning to the right and mostly on one ankle. On the floor in a heap she clutched her ankle and yelled. Everyone rushed the stricken girl. Her mom and Cindy the gymnastic instructor got there first. Some tears had welled in her eyes already. Blurring the blueness.

Cindy called for an ice pack. One of the other mom's took one out of a cooler and brought it over. "Give her some air please." Gomez tried to disperse the crowd. Most stepped back a few feet. Cindy was holding Lisa's calf and examining the ankle closely.

"No real swelling, how does it feel?" Cindy asked Lisa.

"Kind a throbbing now. Not as bad as the up state meet last year." Lisa sounded hopeful. Cindy nodded put the ice pack on the girl's ankle.

"Let's give it five minutes." Cindy suggested. Gomez nodded, announced a five minute break. The tension level dropped. A lot of sighs in that moment. Sighs of re-leaf. During the brief intermission the head camera guy came over and asked if Gomez had production insurance? She had insurance for her modeling shoots but did it cover videos? Not if the insurance company had anything to say about it. Damn she was on the hook for thirty grand if Lisa comes up lame. Plus a hospital visit if it came to that.

Before the five minutes were up, Lisa was up. She hobbled a bit at first walking gingerly not wanting to put pressure on the right ankle. After a few steps she smiled, it was not serious. Like a little showmen she did back two back round offs while all eyes were on her. The applause thrilled her like nothing before, save maybe Maria. These people were really behind her. Lisa's mom gave her big hug, told her to, "Go get em baby."

Everyone was feeling good about the next take, too good. The timing once more was off. Gomez was about to call a break, but Lisa darted back so quick. Letting Lisa set the pace might be a good idea. The crew moved to keep up, re-positioning the cameras. "Action." The music restarted.

And she's running him down, one , two, three

On the clock machine,

And she won't give up, one, two, three

Till she's seventeen.

Fifth time the charm. It looked good, Lisa was grinning ear to ear. Cindy gave her a hug. The replay took a minute to view several times. "It's a take everyone." MS Gomez shouted. A few cheers followed. One more tumbling run from stage right and then came the easy part. The kids rocking out with the music. Ten minutes was called so they could review the last take again.

The mats were moved to the other side of the stage. The timing for this would be harder because it was the second run and would be shown ten seconds into the song not right at the start. Getting all the band members in the exact spots and position would be the key to fluidity. All the kids had to study themselves in the video, memorize the position they were in, replicate it and not move till action was called.

The next phase would be the most arduous shot of the day. Getting all the minuet details right. Tommy holding his drumstick just at the proper angle. Greg was leaning over as Lisa finished her first run so he looked like a mannequin. Nine takes this time and the set up for each one was lengthy. A twelve point cheek list was tallied off before each take. After the third take the timing was so atrocious they had Cindy do Lisa's first tumbling run on the far side not in view of the cameras. Once she finished, the cameras would roll and Lisa paused then leaped into her routine. That got the timing down to a half a second of perfect. Still it was another hour before the magic words, "That's a take."

It was mid morning by then, half hour break was called. The studio was a buzz, cause the end was in sight. The rest would be the fun part, the music would play in its entirety not just ten second bursts. This would more of a party atmosphere. A lot of smiles teased across a lot of faces. The shooting resumed in a more relaxed atmosphere.

For Lisa the most rehearsed part of the video was the gymnastics. For the other kids it was the playing to the music. After a week of practice both Tommy and Maria had the chorus down pat. Franklin the guitar hero playing lead knew the song from start to finish. Greg on bass still did not get it. The camera crew were given some leeway on what they focused in on and the bass guitar was forbidden. Maria made the keyboards look so sexy with her little brown fingers dancing over the keys. Tommy while looking a little too crazy in the first two takes was told to mellow out. Greg having had his brush with death by Lisa, swayed and moved to the music, and did not do anything radical. He was trying real hard to be good.

The main focus of the cameras was of Lisa mouthing the words, or singing them, after the tumbling the mics were turned off. During the chorus the cameras zoomed in on Maria's finger work, and Tommy on the drums. Who was doing so well, Andrew the music instructor was cultivating Tommy's mom to pay for lessons. He had a hard sell there. Other then the chorus attention was centered Franklin who followed the music flawlessly, and Lisa at the mic.

Well she's my frozen fire, one, two, one, two And she's my one desire

I don't want to hold her down, for to break her ground.

When she says, one, two, three, four

LET'S GO... I like the night life baby.

She says, one, two, one, two, three, one, two, three, four, I like the night life baby.

She says, one, two, one, two, three, one, two, three, four, LET'S GO

Two hours and seven takes later those immortal words of show biz were spoken. "It's a wrap!" This time the clapping was for real. It did not take the twelve hours that had been scheduled. Everyone wanting to get home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon rushed around to pack everything up. Andrew got the boys to help with the instruments. Greg while carrying out an amplifier to the van put it in the back. The moving blankets he saw were washed and neatly folded, he stared at them for a second, remembering yesterday with Cinnamon. Andrew saw Greg eying the blankets and figured out half the mystery. Greg blushed ran back inside, he was so embarrassed.

The wrap party was not much. A dozen pizzas with cold soda arrived halfway into the deconstruction phase. Everybody was hungry and could use the 20 or 30 minutes to scarf down the food. While people ate MS Gomez handed out envelopes. With full bellies and full wallets the packing and loading went faster. Not needed for this, Lisa who was exhausted went and laid down in the small bedroom behind the office. Maria went back and joined her, the two fell asleep quickly. Both girls had been up since three A.M.

The work crews were motivated and packed up everything. Less then an hour after the pizzas the studio was almost deserted. Only Gomez, Maria remained and Lisa. Lisa's mom had taken Tommy home when MS Gomez offered to take Lisa home after she woke up. Knowing how hard the little blond had worked, her mom said OK. Once everyone was gone the doors were locked and Gomez woke up Maria, whispered to her. "Everybody has left. Get Lisa up in a few minutes, see if she wants to kiss." Maria still half asleep nodded and perked up at the idea. "No sauna."

Gomez left the two youngsters alone and went to start the video recorders, for the hidden cameras in the small bedroom. Maria waited a minute then went to the door. She opened and closed it a bit on the loud side. Lisa stirred, Maria went over and sat on the bed. She rubbed Lisa's calf to wake the younger girl. Maria had to admire the muscle tone on Lisa. Even relaxed her calves were so firm. Lisa rolled over a bit, opened her eyes. She had been napping for almost an hour and a half. The little blond girl smiled up at Maria. They both would love to waking up like this everyday.

Lisa did not hear anything, wondered. "Where is everybody?"

"They all left. The doors are locked and my mom is out some wheres? Her car is still here, She left a note, she'll be gone another hour. at least. I think we're alone now." Maria told her. Both girls smiled. Lisa could not have hoped for better. The two Lolita s had been apart for a week now and both had been dieing to get alone with the other. The brief interlude yesterday was little more then titillation for either of them. The pre teens were looking for satisfaction. Lisa sat up and touched her fingers to Maria's wrist as it massaged the blond's calf. Lisa traced a line up Maria's brown Latina arm. Right to the shoulder Lisa's fingers climbed trying to be gentle and erotic at the same time. Maria's dark hair was on her shoulder and Lisa twirled a few strands in her fingers. Neither had to think about kissing the other, it just happened.

Lite butterfly kisses ensued. Closed mouth kisses for a moment, but blossoming into french kiss quickly. Two tiny tongues danced and wrestled, letting a weeks worth of passion come to the surface. Maria's hand moved up Lisa's leg passed the knee and caressed the soft and muscled thigh of the young gymnast. Lisa was so hot in her new outfit Maria had been thinking all day. Concentrating on the keyboards while Lisa shook her cute tasseled covered butt in front of her was the hardest part of the video for Maria. It took a few minutes for the heavy make out session to satiate the two girls after the prolonged separation. Then they caught their breaths. "Let's dance." Said Maria and she stood up. "We can dance slow and kiss." She held out a hand to Lisa, who liked the idea and got off the bed. They did not need music, the girls stepped close and let their arms encircle the other. It was so natural. They swayed a bit resting their heads lightly on each others shoulders. Their hair brushing the cheek of the other. They pressed themselves tightly together till they could almost feel the other's heart racing.

While they danced slow Maria whispered into Lisa's ear. "All week I had this fantasy of dancing with you and having you take off my clothes while we dance and make out." Lisa did not have to be asked twice. Maria's idea sounded so hot. After the video Maria had changed to be more comfortable. Now she wore her usual terry cloth shorts and shirt. Which Lisa liked, the fabric was soft and stretchable, which would make it easy to slip off the older girl.

The two kissed more and slowly danced around in a circle. Lisa using her fingers like spatulas slide them under the elastic of Maria's shorts. Began pushing them down, using Maria's swaying hips to glide the shorts over the curvy hips and round butt. Maria nibbled on Lisa's neck and moved up to the girl's cute little ear, she pushed aside a few locks of that honey blond hair. Lisa once she had the lite blue shorts down half way to Maria's knees she let them drop to the floor. Maria stepped out of the confining shorts, now she had only a pink thong for panties. The bright pink looked so pretty against the older girl's brown skin.

Lisa tugged on the thong pulling it up giving Maria a slight wedgie. What she really did was pull the soft panties into Maria's pussy ever so gently. Stealing Maria's breath. Lisa heard the breathing interruption and smiled. Knowing Maria longed for her touch was so perfect. Waiting on the thong for a minute Lisa went back to kissing Maria's hot lips. After another minute of the lip smacking make out session Lisa went back to disrobing the Mexican hottie. For Lisa this was going to be a best part, lifting off Maria's shirt. Almost drooling in anticipation of revealing the older girls spectacular chest Lisa tried not to rush things. Commanding herself to slow down the young blond hooked just her thumbs under the shirt's bottom. Then keeping her palms and fingers tight against Maria's sides she began to raise the impeding clothe. Again Lisa used the other girl's dancing motions to get the clothing up passed the curves and contours of Maria's lava hot body. First her waist then up and over the C cup breasts Lisa was in love with. Lifting her arms Maria made it easy for Lisa to pull the shirt off. Almost completing the slow striptease. Just that sexy pink thong now.

While Lisa was taking off the clothes Maria was also busy, and not just dancing. Lisa's nine year old butt felt like it was carved in marble. Maria slide her hands under the tassels of Lisa's gymnastic outfit and squeezed the firm glutinous maxi mus muscles. Maria palmed one in each hand pulled Lisa even closer so their tummies would be pressed against each other. Of course the kissing never stopped. Coy little tongues darting out and licking lips so softly. Squeezing and fingering the young girls rear followed. Feeling Lisa's warm body was such a turn on, how could Maria have waited a whole week for this?

This dancing and striping was so hot Lisa thought. In perfect sinc the pre teens bodies rocked and swayed slowly. Hips and thighs melded together. One would have to look very closely to see a sliver of daylight between them. "You take my clothes off now." Lisa said in a soft voice. OK. Not that it would be hard. Maria let one hand drift northward up Lisa's back keeping her hand hard against Lisa's spine so they both could enjoy the prolonged and extensive body contact. In one long drawn out pull Maria tugged the zipper in the back of Lisa's outfit down all the way to her rounded butt.

With no bra Lisa was soon pulled, almost hypnotically to Maria's magnificent chest. So round, so firm, so fully packed. Not sure which one to suckle on first, Lisa hesitated.

She never likes to choose, one, two, one, two

Lisa pushed the boobs together and did her best to lick and suck them both at the same time. She almost got lost in the cleavage. Maria with her chest heaving decided it was time to get Lisa naked. Letting go of the perfect butt for a moment, Maria raised her arms up and clasped the collar of Lisa's outfit at the shoulders and peeled it, peeled; mind you down to the blond's waist. So engrossed in Maria's boobs Lisa barely noticed. Pulling and twisting it slightly got the suit over the most perfect set of buns Maria could imagine. Pushing down a few more inches and it joined the rest of the girls' clothes on the floor.

Lisa stark naked now and Maria with only her thong on danced closer to the bed. With arms still around each other, they tumble onto the bed. After a second of bouncing and rolling they settled in, with Maria on top. The kissing resumed. The small bedroom was a bit cool so Lisa did not mind getting sandwiched between Maria and the bed. She even wiggled her butt into the soft blanket which had the secondary effect of wiggling her hips against Maria. A twofer.

Once on the bed the heavy petting and french kisses continued. The two seemed to melt into each other. Lisa's hand's roamed all over Maria's back and butt, rubbing hard, so turned on was the girl. Not that Maria would be faking anything, she had masturbated a few times during the week just thinking about Lisa being this close. The rush from the body contact was pushing both girls to a higher state of arousal. They both began to get wet.

Maria slide over a bit so she could get her hand down and touch Lisa's sweet pussy. The first delicate brush on the younger girl had Lisa raising her hips. Damn Maria could get to her sexually so fast. The thought of being sheet meat for the Mexican girl had already gotten Lisa half way to an orgasm. No way Lisa could hold off a weeks worth of desire, not being this close. Maria having more then a passing familiarity with Lisa's cute little girl pussy went right to the clit and began rubbing in slow circles around it. The circles got tighter and closer and faster. Lisa's little nub was hard as a pebble by the time Maria pinched it gently.

"Damn Maria I've been wanting this all week." Lisa let out an excited utterance. Maria smiled knowing Lisa was going to cum first this time. The eleven year old had been studying sex and had a few things she wanted to try on Lisa. In just a few minutes on the bed she had Lisa panting like never before. The tingling and heat of Maria's ministrations was taking over the blond's young body, she reacted out of instinct now to the sensual touch of her pre teen lover. Maria wanted to push Little Lisa higher and started sucking on a hard nipple.

For a minute the gymnast thrashed on the bed while Maria worked her body, driving the nine year old crazy. This climax was more intense then last time. It just seemed to get better every time the two got together. The intense motion of Lisa in the throes of an orgasm almost tossed Maria off the small bed. Despite the cool air Lisa broke out in a sweat from the exertion. Maria could feel the younger girls heart pounding like a drum. It took an entire minute for Lisa to settle down.

"God I have to do that for you." Lisa said. "Everything from my pussy to my nipples were burning." The girl exclaimed. With her breath just returning Lisa kissed Maria fast and furious. Lisa's sexual desire was still running hot, but this time she wanted to make Maria cum. Knowing Lisa was going to make her cum caused Maria to rub her own snatch in anticipation. The wait was not more then seconds. "Lay down with your head on the pillow." Lisa told her. "I'll take your thong off." Lisa slide aside so Maria could lay herself out. The Latina was hoping Lisa would offer, and moved into the warm spot just vacated.

Maria settled back let her head fall on the pillow, her dark shiny hair spilled onto the pillow case. On her knees at the end of the bed Lisa paused and let Maria get comfortable. Then the blond placed her hands on Maria's knees and pushed the older girls legs apart. The pink thong was wet in one spot, and looked so sexy. Almost a shame to take it off Lisa thought. Sliding up the bed a little Lisa's hands traced swirling lines over Maria's brown thighs getting higher up with each circle. The touch was light almost ticklish. Maria fidgeted as Lisa's small hands reached her hips, wanting the younger girl to take it off. The blond began to tease the thong down.

After just an inch Lisa stopped and got a devil like look and smile. The cute nine year old lowered her face right into Maria's pussy while the panties were still in place. Lisa pressed her adorable face right into the older girls crotch. Once her chin mouth and nose was pressed tight Lisa smelled the scent and exhaled slow pushing her hot breath through the fabric. Then she shook her head dragging the silky under garment across Maria's wetness. With a impish grin Lisa's head popped up from between the brown thighs and looked up into Maria's deep brown eyes. Lisa winked then at last pulled off the thong. Maria thought she saw a bit of wetness on the younger girl's chin.

With the thong crumpled into a ball Lisa tossed it with the rest of the clothes. She returned to Maria's pussy a moment later. Doing what Maria had done, Lisa went right the Mexican clit and made small circles around it. Before a dozen circles Maria's hips twitched, Lisa knew she was barking up the right tree. With her right index finger Lisa continued circling Maria's clit. Then with her left hand Lisa used two fingers to begin fucking the older girl. The bed clothes were going to need a wash after they were done. Maria's chest heaved, which was the perfect sight to encourage the nine year old. The round brown breasts swelling as the lungs filled with air.

The moaning started just as Lisa touched the clit for the first time. Then she pulled her hand away and leaned in. Rather then pinch with her fingers Lisa pinched with her lips. Not using her teeth at all the blond just bite the hard sex nub with her lips and tickle the tip with her tongue. Maria's hips bounced up and away from Lisa, she lost her bite. But did keep her two fingers in Maria blazing away. A second later when Maria came back down Lisa went right back to sucking. The older girl tried to keep herself still so Lisa could work unimpeded. Then Lisa brushed her straight white teeth against the overly stimulated Latin's clit and the thresh hold of a long orgasm was breached.

Lisa's fingers felt the wetness growing passed her fingers onto her hand. She lip nipped Maria again getting a loud moan and, "Yes god Lisa do that." Lisa grinned, did Maria just call her god? The younger girl repeated what she had done, and continued to finger fuck the eleven year old. Steadying herself Lisa touched Maria's thigh with her free hand and felt the tense muscles straining through the climax. A long climax drawn out by Lisa's desire to make Maria feel as good Lisa had. It must be working, the Latina was massaging her own breasts, and add to the pleasure.

After a couple of minutes the powerful sexual experience subsided and Maria's body relaxed. Lisa slowed up to, knowing the bigger girl had cum a lot. Her hand was soaked and a few drops of Maria dripped off the side of Lisa's hand. Both girls were all smiles for each other. "I know you liked that." Stated Lisa while climbing over Maria's leg and laid down to snuggle into Maria's side. The older girl's arm wrapped itself around Lisa's shoulder's pulling the blond in closer. They each wiggled a bit to maximize the body contact.

"Liked that, I loved it." Maria corrected. "We're doing that again."

"OK." Lisa rested her head next to her lovers. No argument on that score. There hearts gently pounding, neither spoke. They just reveled in the closeness of the moment.