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Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a happy and safe start to your 2017
I hope to be able to bring to you many new stories about little girls having fun with women.

More stories about toddlers would be appreciated though :)

With care and affection
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Dark Lezz:
Brithinas pregnant sister (F, g, beast(M), bd, d/s, femdom, fist, inc, lac, mast, preg, reluc, viol)
Sort Takes Seana eats out her lesbian sister (F, g, teen, ws, cons, inc, oral, rom)
Little Kelle enjoys bestial sodomy (F, teen, beast(M), ws, anal, bd, d/s, inc)
Alexa perfectus, Part 1 (F, teens, beast(M), bd, d/s, femdom, oral)
The pretty slave gets to suck down a gallon of horse sperm (F, f, g, beast(M), ws, anal, bd, d/s, exhib, femdom, nc, oral, teen, toys, voy)
Two lesbian sisters persuade a dog to yield (F, teens, beast(M), d/s, femdom, nc, oral)
What kamasa learned as she was broken (F, teen, FemDom, vio, nc, inc, w/s, beast(M))
How little Emma sucked off a horse and found god (F, teen, beast(M), d/s, femdom, oral, reluc, viol)
And baby makes three (inf(g), beast(M), femdom)
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The Winner of the Leslita October - November 2016 story contest is...

Dark Lezz - Story is not publicly available at this time

Last Story Contest Winner



The Winner of the Leslita July 2016 story contest is...

VPC and their story Peeper's Progress (F/tod(g), F/tod(g)/beast(F), ws)

January 12 - 2017
Dark Lezz:
The great abbey of cassini (f, fem/dom, reluc, beast(M))
Misty Meadow:
Works of art (F, g, exhib)
TranSister (gGfF, ince, mole, gero, cons, psyc)
Sin Detention (GfF, mc, bdsm, twincest, teas, auth)
Covert Incest (FfG, moth/daug/sist, ince, mole, toy, virg, mena)
Jessica J:
Finding a street kid (F, f, anal, ds, femdom, oral, teen, toy)
Little pussies on the prairie, Part 1 (fg, gg, mast, ws, reluct)
Little pussies on the prairie, Part 2 (Fg, inc, anal)
Little pussies on the prairie, Part 3 (g, mast, ws, gg, inc, oral, sleep)
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