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May 17
Jen L. Lee:
Detention (F,F, F, f, f, f, teen, inc, lingerie, group sex, black, Asian, blonde)
Teaching Tessie (F, M, F, f, m, teen, les, inc, toys, lingerie, heels)
Camping Out (Ff, reluc, teen, squirt, oral, mast)
Tony Williams:
Let Me Touch Your Pee Pee, Mommy (F, f, incest, panties)
May 10 - May 16:
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Weekly Top 10
May 10
Mom's Toy Chest (f/f cons, trib, toys, rom)
Jen L. Lee:
Bimbo Mommy (F, F, F, f, M, cunnlingus, ling, heels, teen, big tits)
Tony Williams:
Mom (F,f, pedo, incest, panties, fist, mast. Oral)
Links (Erotic Stories)
Juicy Secrets - Forbidden tales of lesbian incest
May 3 - May 9:
Weekly Stats
May 3
Tia G:
Hina and Her Cousin (f, f, voy, F)
Unfinished #1: Amanda (F, f, mast, panties, voy)
Unfinished #2: Melanie (g, g, d/s, ws, voy, F)
Unfinished #3: First times (g, g, d/s, mast, exhib)
April 26 - May 2:
Weekly Stats
April 26
Broken People, Part 2 (F/g, cons, ped, mast)
Jeanne Henderson:
A Friend for Mylie (FFg, gg, oral, mast)
April 19 - April 25:
Weekly Stats
April 19
White Stockings (F/g,cons, oral, trib, ped, voy)
The Lusty Drider (fantasy, oral, reluc)
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 4 (ggf, bd, D/s)
April 12 - April 18:
Weekly Stats
April 12
cs.unwin [profile]:
Creamy Tart, Part 2 (F, f, g, mast, spank, d/s)
Jeanne Henderson:
Mylie and her Mom Confess (FFg, gM, Cons, Pedo, mast)
Naughty Mommy:
Nanna Comes To Help, Chapter 2
April 5 - April 11:
Weekly Stats
April 5
Eliza's Birthday Party, Part 3 (g,g,g, cons, oral, anal, fetish)
Creamy Tart, Part 1 (F, f, g, mast, spank, d/s)
Broken People, Part 1 (F/g, cons, ped, toy, mast)
Home Alone, Part 7 (f/g. g/g, cons, oral)
Jeanne Henderson:
Meet Callie and Mylie (Fg, M, Oral, ws)
Naughty Mommy:
Nanna Comes To Help, Chapter 1 (FFg ped inc)
Slutty Mum [profile]:
White Panty Lesbian School, Chapter 5 (ffg, lac)
March 29 - April 4:
Weekly Stats
March 29
Dark Matters:
Spring Time (gg Fg)
Home Alone, Part 6 (f/g, cons, oral, ped)
My Name is Alice, Chapter 2 (F g oral anal voy)
Naughty Mommy:
Showing Amanda, Chapter 2 (Fg mast inc)
Tony Williams:
Lexi, Danni and Me (fgg, exhib, fist, oral, panties)
March 22 - March 28:
Weekly Stats
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