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June 28
June 21
Black Lingerie Chronicles, Part 3 (g/g cons, oral, trib, toy)
Broken People, Part 4 (F/g cons, trib, oral, rom)
Jeanne Henderson [profile]:
The Twins and Me (FMgg, Fg, gg)
Honey Princess, Part 1 (F/g, M/g, pedo)
Pretty Pink Taco:
I Couldn't Stop, Part 2: You're Not My Girlfriend (f/g, F/f, mast, pedo, rom, voy, oral, clit spank, femdom, nc)
Tater Tot:
Betsy Goes to School (Ff reluc spank)
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Juicy Secrets - Forbidden tales of lesbian love
June 14 - June 20:
Weekly Stats
June 14
June 7
Carmen And Molly's Revelation (g,f, g, g, f, g, g, cons, oral, fisting, brief viol)
Broken People, Part 3 (F/g cons, mast, toy, ped)
Jen L. Lee:
My Perverted Life, Chapter 5 (F, F, f, teen, inc, threesmome, blonde, Asian, redhead, lingerie, heels)
Pretty Pink Taco:
Earth Mother (nepi, incest, extreme pedo, toddler, F/g, FFg, oral, lac)
Tammi Licious [profile]:
Being Me, Chapter 1: My Little Introduction
Tater Tot [profile]:
Amber (Ff inc oral anal first)
May 31 - June 6:
Weekly Stats
May 31
May 24
Eliza's Birthday Party, Part 4 (g,g,g,g,f,f,f, cons, oral, teen, toys, fingers)
Black Lingerie Chronicle, Chapter 1 (g/g cons, ped)
Jen L. Lee:
Teaching Tessie (F, M, F, f, m, teen, les, inc, toys, lingerie, heels)
Olivia [profile]:
Called to the Hall (Fg, school, panties)
Pretty Pink Taco [profile]:
I Couldn't Stop, Part 1 (f/g, mast, pedo, rom, voy)
Sealed By Mistress:
Park Performance (fsolo,reluc,mast,exhib)
Tia G:
Curious Niece, Part 1 (FF, g)
Who's The Boss? Part 1 (F, F, f, M, TV parody)
Who's The Boss? Part 2 (Ff, F+M++, FFf, TV parody)
May 17 - May 23:
Weekly Stats
May 17
Jen L. Lee:
Detention (F,F, F, f, f, f, teen, inc, lingerie, group sex, black, Asian, blonde)
Teaching Tessie (F, M, F, f, m, teen, les, inc, toys, lingerie, heels)
Camping Out (Ff, reluc, teen, squirt, oral, mast)
Tony Williams:
Let Me Touch Your Pee Pee, Mommy (F, f, incest, panties)
May 10 - May 16:
Weekly Stats
May 10
Mom's Toy Chest (f/f cons, trib, toys, rom)
Jen L. Lee:
Bimbo Mommy (F, F, F, f, M, cunnlingus, ling, heels, teen, big tits)
Tony Williams:
Mom (F,f, pedo, incest, panties, fist, mast. Oral)
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Juicy Secrets - Forbidden tales of lesbian love
May 3 - May 9:
Weekly Stats
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