Mom's Red Dress, Part 1 (F, g, oral, toys) 25-Jul-12
Mom's Red Dress, Part 2 (F,f,f, M, anal, oral, nc, incest) 01-Aug-12
Mom's Red Dress, Part 3 (F/f, f/g oral, reluc) 22-Aug-12
Mom's Red Dress, Part 4 (F/M/g F/g oral anal strap) 25-Aug-12
Mom's Red Dress Part 5 (F/g M/F/g oral, anal, first time) 30-Aug-12
Mom's Red Dress Final Chapter (F, F, g incest toys anal) 03-Sep-12
Milk Money 1 (Fgg, oral, anal, lac) 07-Feb-13
Milk Money 2 (Fgg lac, anal, toys, oral) 17-Feb-13
Sandi [profile]
Discovery, Chapter 1 (g solo, mast) 08-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 2 (g solo, mast) 17-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 3 (g solo, mast) 28-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 4 (ggg, voy, exhib) 29-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 5 (gg, mast, exhib) 29-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 6 (gg, mast) 29-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 7 (gg, mast) 30-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 8 (gg, mast, anal play) 30-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 9 (gg, mast, oral, anal) 30-Jun-09
Discovery, Chapter 10 (gg, mast, anal) 02-Jul-09
Discovery, Chapter 11 (gg, mast) 02-Jul-09
Discovery, Chapter 12 (gg, mast, exhib, anal) 02-Jul-09
Sappho Eros
Accidental Lovers 1 (gg, first, oral) 16-Sep-10
Local Train Fun (Ff) 11-Apr-07
SarahJ [profile]
X-Rated (f/g, cons, mast, ped, oral) 13-Oct-11
Camping Out (Ff, reluc, teen, squirt, oral, mast) 17-May-15
Scott Winslow
Kira (ff, 1st) 02-Dec-08
Woman Next Door (f-solo, Fff, Extreme Pedo, toddler) 27-Aug-11
Selena Anders
Hogwarts (gffF) 26-Jul-07
Waif (Ff) 28-Dec-08
Archaeology Club (Ff) 18-Mar-12
Serene Cherry [profile]
Endless Ecstasy, Part 1 (ff) 16-Oct-15
Endless Ecstasy, Part 2 (ff) 16-Oct-15
Endless Ecstasy, Part 3 (Ff, Fff,inc) 16-Oct-15
Endless Ecstasy, Part 4 (Ff, group, inc) 16-Oct-15
Perfect Bliss, Part 1 (Ff) 25-Oct-15
Perfect Bliss, Part 2 (Ff, fff) 25-Oct-15
Family Affection, Part 1 (Ff, inc) 25-Oct-15
Family Affection, Part 2 (ff, Ff) 25-Oct-15
Shandi's Journal (f/g rom) 04-Jul-08
Shykitty89s [profile]
The Beginning (g, beast, mast, ped) 16-Mar-14
Shyla Tease [profile]
Getting to know the Girl Next Door (F, f voy) 03-Oct-09
Seeing is Believing (F,f inc) 03-Oct-09
Finding Janice 07-Oct-09
The Principal & the Student (F,f) 15-Oct-09
What You See is What you Get: A Johnson Sister's Story (F,f,f inc) 24-Oct-09
silkyjasminewalker [profile]
3 Sisters: An Incestual Lesbian Orgy (FFF,. inc, lesbian, anal, strap-on, submission, reluc, stockings) 30-Mar-14
Catching Mommy: A Shocking Secret (Ff, D/s, blackmail, stockings, inc) 31-Mar-14
sirius_face [profile]
Powers, Chapter 1 (f/f, rom, cons, ScFi) 07-Aug-12
Iris, Chapter 1 (Ff, cons, romance, tenderness, nosex (yet)) 11-Oct-09
Iris, Chapter 2 (Ff, cons, romance, tenderness, nosex (yet)) 18-Oct-09
Iris, Chapter 3 (Ff, cons, romance, tenderness, nosex (yet)) 19-Oct-09
Iris, Chapter 4 (Ff, cons, romance, tenderness, nosex (yet)) 08-Aug-10
Fun With a Friend, Part 1 (ff,rom,teen) 31-May-13
Fun With A Friend, Part 2 (ff,Rom,Teen,mast) 02-Jun-13
Fun With A Friend, Part 3 (ff,Rom,teen,mast) 04-Jun-13
Fun With A Friend, Part 4 (ff,Rom,teen) 05-Jun-13
Strawberries, Part 1 – Molly and Nichole (gggf nosex ws mast panties) 27-Feb-06
Strawberries, Part 2 – Erin's Embarrassment (gggf, group mast, ws, diapers) 24-Mar-06
Sophie [profile]
Blooming Passion, Part 1 (ff, rom, teen) 30-Sep-13
Stam [profile]
Gloria and Traci and Cindy, Part 1 (F,f,g,cons,mast,ped,rom) 22-May-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy, Part 2 (F,f,ped, cons) 25-May-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy, Part 3 (F, g, cons) 27-May-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane (g/g, m, cons, mast, oral, smoking) 29-May-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 1 (F/g, nosex) 02-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 2 (F, g, nosex (yet)) 03-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 3 (F, f, oral, cons) 05-Jun-08
Brenda and Julie, Part 4 (F, g, oral, cons, toys) 06-Jun-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy, Part 4 (F, F, g, oral, cons) 08-Jun-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy, Part 5 (F, F, nosex) 10-Jun-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy and now Melissa, Part 6 (F,F, oral, cons) 14-Jun-08
Gloria and Traci and Cindy and now Melissa, Part 7 (F,F,F,g, cons, oral) 21-Jun-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 2 (F, g, no real sex, background, mast) 28-Jun-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 3 (F,f,f, cons, mast, inc) 29-Jun-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 4 – Breakfast at Bobbie's House (F,F,f,f,cons, oral, little sex) 01-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 5 – Bobbie's Pool Party (F,F,f,f, rom (?), cons, oral) 02-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 6 – The Start of a New Life for Jackie and Lisa (F, F, f, f, oral, cons, rom, inc) 05-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 7 – Jackie and Lisa's New Life (F,F,F,g,g, cons, oral, rom) 06-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 8a – A Wonderful Saturday Morning (F, F, f, f, cons, oral, rom, inc) 13-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 8b – A Wonderful Saturday Afternoon and Night (F, F, F, f, f, f, f, g, g, cons, oral, rom, inc, ws) 13-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 9 – Wonderful Sunday – Follow-up to Wonderful Saturday! (F, F, F, F, F, f, f, f, f, g, g, rom, oral, cons, inc, ws) 23-Jul-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 10 – Bobbie's Birthday Bash (F, F, F, F, F, F, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g, oral, cons, toys) 22-Sep-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 11 – Can Ally Fall in Love? (Cons, oral, F, F, g, inc, ped) 02-Oct-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 12 – Ally Meets Little Terri Barker (F, F, g, cons, rom, (?)) 13-Oct-08
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 13 (F, F, g, ped, inc, cons, oral) 21-Feb-09
Lisa and Mary-Jane, Part 14 – Ally's Moving Day (F, F, F, F, F, F, F, f, f, f, f, f, g, g, g, cons, inc, oral, ped) 07-Mar-09
Anne-Marie’s Hot Night (F, F, F, F, F, f, g, g, g, mast) 22-Mar-09
Anne-Marie (#2) Goes to L.A. (F,F,F,g, cons, oral, inc, ped) 04-Apr-09
Anne-Marie (#3) Meets Vicky (F, F, g, ped, oral, cons, voy, exhib) 08-Apr-09
Anne-Marie's (#4) Wonderful Week in L.A. (F, F, F, f,f,f, g,g, oral, conc, exhib, voy, teen, tween, ped) 11-Apr-09
Connie's English Fuck! (F, F, f, g, nosex with the g, oral, cons, somewhat rom) 18-Apr-09
Carol Joins the Fun! (F, F, g, cons, oral, some anal, inc, fist, ped) 20-Apr-09
Carol Becomes a Woman (F, F, g, ped, cons, oral) 03-May-09
More Fun in L.A. for Lesley and Carol (F,F, g,g, oral, cons, ped) 18-May-09
A Day at Disneyland! (F, F, f, cons, strap-on, oral) 21-Jun-09
Pamela's Sweet Poison (F,g, ped, oral, cons, strap-on) 03-Jul-09
Another Day in Paradise (F, F, f, oral, cons, mast) 18-Jul-09
The Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team (F,f, F,f) 31-Oct-10
The Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Part 2 – Janice's Chapter (F,F,g) 03-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Part 3 – Nikki's Chapter (F, F, F, g) 07-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Team, Chapter 4 – Majorie's Chapter (F,F, g, m) 14-Nov-10
Bayview Girls Gymnastics Club, Chapter 5 – Roberta Plastino (F,f, F,F, F,F,f, g,anal, cons, oral, panties) 06-Dec-10
StarSapphire [profile]
Anna and I, Chapter 1 – Cumming of Age (g/g) 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 2 – Three's Company (g/g/m) 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 3 – French Lessons 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 4 – French Lessons II 01-Apr-05
Webs of Passion (inc) 01-Apr-05
The Dashwood Chronicles, Part One – Crissy and I (b/g/f/F, inc) 01-Apr-05
The Dashwood Chronicles, Part Two – Crissy's Story (g/g) 01-Apr-05
Pyrotechnics (F/g) 01-Apr-05
Lacey Goes Camping: My First Experience (F/g) 01-Apr-05
Right Up Her Allie, Chapter 1 01-Apr-05
Right Up Her Allie, Chapter 2 01-Apr-05
The Temptation of Tanya, Chapters 1-3 (F/g) 29-Apr-05
The Temptation of Tanya, Chapter 4 – Vanessa (F/g, FFg, inc) 20-May-05
The Temptation of Tanya, Chapter 5 – “The Last Temptation of Tanya” ? (FFgg) 17-Sep-05
Street Angels (Fg oral mast rom) 20-Sep-05
Lacey and the Librarian (Ff mast) 08-May-07
Vice is Nice But… (Ff FF inc mother/daughter) 04-Jun-08
Mom's Fantasy (Ff oral) 24-Aug-08
Pyrotechnics 2: When Cheryl Met Jackie (Ff FFf) 18-Sep-09
Educating Melissa, Chapter 1 (Ff Mast Rom) 14-May-10
Educating Melissa, Chapter 2 (Ff Mast Rom) 14-May-10
Educating Melissa, Chapter 3 (Ff Mast Rom) 14-May-10
Cumming Out (Ff mast trib consent) 11-May-11
Stormy [profile]
My First Love (g/g ped romantic cons) 01-Apr-07
Cheer Camp (g/g/F cons) 04-Apr-07
Trisha and Her Mom (g/g/F cons) 06-Apr-07
Camping with Joyce and Her Daughters (g/g/F cons) 08-Apr-07
Jill and Me, Part 1 (f/f cons) 12-Apr-07
Tasha The Love of My Life (f/f cons) 15-Apr-07
Jill and Me, Part 2 (f/f cons) 17-Apr-07
Bambi The Babysitter 22-Apr-07
Tawny (f/f/cons/m,f/M,f) 27-Apr-07
Jill and Me, Part 3 (f/f con /m,f) 09-May-07
Sandy the Baseball Player (cons,m,f,oral) 21-Jun-07
Granny and Me, Part 1 (F.f.g.incest) 03-Jun-08
Zoe and Me 24-Jun-08
Emma and Ryan (Fg) 04-May-09
Shannon's Day With Mom (F/f inc) 10-May-09
Jessie (f/g) 11-May-09
Taking Renee To Bed 30-Nov-09
Making Out With Emily 06-May-11
Date Night 2 (FFg,Ff,fg,cons,pedo) 11-Jun-11
Date Night 3 (Fg inc pedo reluc) 28-Jun-11
All About The Princess, Part 1 (lesbian pedo lac) 30-Jun-11
All About The Princess, Part 2 05-Jul-11
Does This Feel Right? Part 1 13-Mar-12
Does This Feel Right? Part 2 18-Mar-12
Home From School, Part 1 18-Mar-12
Does This Feel Right? Part 3 19-Mar-12
Sweet Dreams [profile]
Little Author, Part 1 (f, g, mast, teen, toys) 10-Jun-10
On Nymphs (gg, ff, cons, fant) 14-Jun-10
Doctor For Precocious Girls (Fg, pedo, cons, oral) 15-Jun-10
A Plus (Fg, anal, bd, d/s, oral, toys) 16-Jun-10
Supergirl Elementary, Part 1 (gg, cons, fant) 19-Jun-10
Doctor for Precocious Girls, Part 2 (Fgg, cons, inc, lac) 22-Jun-10
Doctor For Precocious Girls, Part 3 (FFgg, inc, spank, oral) 27-Jun-10
Little Author, Part 2 (fg, mast, ped) 25-Jul-10
525: Escape Pod (gg, ScFi) 01-Sep-10
Little Author, Part 3 (fg, ped, teen) 27-Sep-10
Little Author, Part 4 (fg, ped, teen, oral) 04-Nov-10
Little Author, Part 5 (fg, teen, ped) 07-Dec-10
Little Author, Part 6 (ffg, teen, ped, oral) 07-Apr-11
Little Author, Part 7 (ffg, teen, ped, oral) 19-Apr-11
Little Author, Part 8 (ffg, teen, ped, oral) 28-Apr-11
Sweet Eden
Eden's First Orgasm (f, mast, teen, panties, 1st) 07-Sep-14
Sweet Rosebud
Friend in Need (ff) 25-Jun-09
Sweet Abyss [profile]
Pure Young Lust, Chapter 1 – A Disappointment and a Nice Surprise (f/g, nosex) 25-Jan-05
Pure Young Lust, Chapter 2 – Wake up, it's Saturday! (f/g, fsolo mast) 25-Jan-05
Pure Young Lust, Chapter 3 – When I Was Your Age (f/f, mast) 27-Jan-05