Galatea [profile]
A Mirror Darkly (F, f/f, f/g, f/f/g; mast, inc, voy, ped) 19-Sep-05
A Mirror Darkly, The Precursor – Storm Tossed (ff, inc, oral, 1st time) 08-Jun-06
Precocious, Part 1 (Fg, ff, voy, pedo, touching, drama) 08-Jun-06
Carrie Babysitting (b, g, m, f oral panties ped ws) 15-Jul-07
Gia1978 [profile]
A Lil Quickie (Ff, cons, oral, squirt) 10-Feb-08
Rose's First Squirt (Ff, Cons, Fist, Oral, Squirt) 10-Feb-08
The Further Adventures of Jan and Angie (FFff, oral, fist, squirt) 13-Feb-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 1 (Fff, teen, cons, oral, toys, fist, squirt) 02-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 2 (FFf, teen, cons, oral, exb, toys, fist, squirt) 03-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 3 (Fff, teen, cons, oral, squirt) 05-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 4 (FFff, teen, cons, oral, toys, fist, squirt) 07-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 5 (FF, ff, teen, cons, oral, ws, fist, squirt) 09-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 6 (FFff, cons, oral, toys, fist, squirt) 13-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 7 (FFff, teen, cons, oral, toys, fist, femdom, squirt) 17-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 8 (FFff, teen, group, cons, oral, toys, drugs, fist, squirt) 27-Mar-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 9 (FFff, teen, cons, oral, toys, fist, shave, squirt) 09-Apr-08
Sapphic Times at Oakwood High, Part 10 (FFf,teen,cons,oral,toys,fist) 23-Apr-08
Gina's Mom [profile]
The Christmas Pageant (F/g) 06-Jun-09
Ginger Winters [profile]
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 1 (Lesbian group sex F/F+ F/f F/f) 25-Jan-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 2 27-Jan-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 3 28-Jan-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 4 (The Green Collar Club) 31-Jan-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 5 (A Visit With Queen Victoria) 01-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 6 (The Yellow Collar Club-Pee) 02-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 7 (Movie Theater Sex) 03-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 8 (Breakfast at Lisa's) 04-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 9 (The Milking) 05-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 10 (Cindy's First Job) 06-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 11 (The Pussy Palace) 07-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 12 (Cindy's Orgy) 09-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 13 (Reeking Renee) 10-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 14 (And Gretchen Makes Three) 13-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 15 (An Evening with Renee and Queen Victoria) 17-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 16 (Cindy- Super Squirter) 18-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 17 (The Super Snatches Movie) 20-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 18 (Cindy's Sister) 22-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 19 24-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 20 (The Incest Club) 28-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 21 (The Surprise Party) 29-Feb-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 22 (The Sex Toy) 01-Mar-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 23 (Fun With Fay) 02-Mar-08
Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 24 (Cindy and Lisa's Wedding) 03-Mar-08
Girl121 [profile]
A Woman's Scent, Part 1 (panty g-solo mast) 13-Oct-08
A Woman's Scent, Part 2 (ff panties mast inc) 16-Oct-08
Puppy Love, Part 1 (Ff mast beast inc) 21-Oct-08
Puppy Love, Part 2 (Ff beast oral inc) 24-Oct-08
girlgirl [profile]
Practice, Chapter 1 (F,f,f inc, teen rom) 09-Jun-13
My Daughter's Strange Dreams (F,f oral) 09-Jun-13
You Will Be Supprised What Is Legal, Part 1 (F,f,f cons oral inc mast) 04-Oct-13
You Will Be Supprised What Is Legal, Part 2 (F,f incest oral) 07-Oct-13
After Getting Home From Cindy's, Part 1 (F,f incest mast) 08-Oct-13
After Getting Home From Cindy's, Part 2 - The Dream (F,f incest, oral, anal) 14-Oct-13
Tabatha spends the night (the next morning) (F,f,f nudity seduction) 16-Oct-13
School of Hard Knocks (panties, ped, Fg, Mg, anal) 05-Oct-08
Gladys Stoatpamphlet [profile]
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 1 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, ws, group, d/s, dress-up, sci-fi) 25-Jan-08
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 2 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, ws, group, d/s, dress-up, sci-fi) 29-Jan-08
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 3 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, ws, group, d/s, dress-up) 24-Feb-08
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 4 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, ws, group, d/s, dress-up) 12-Mar-08
Making a Sleepover (Fg gg) 11-Jun-08
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 5 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, ws, group, d/s, dress-up) 16-Jul-08
Friday Night at the Club (FF,Fg,inc,ws) 06-Aug-08
Lesbian Land - Future Days, Chapter 6 (FF, Fg, gg, inc, group, d/s, dress-up, sci-fi) 13-Oct-08
Kimmy's Family, Part 1 (Fg gg inc mast) 18-Nov-08
Kimmy's Family, Part 2 (Fg gg inc mast) 18-Nov-08
Tales of Grimoire, Part 1 – Snowflake, Icicle & The Witches (FF Fg inc magic defloration) 18-Nov-08
Kimmy's Family, Part 3 (Fg,inc,squirt) 18-Dec-08
Kimmy's Family, Part 4 (gg,inc,squirt) 18-Dec-08
Kimmy's Family, Part 5 (M/g, F/g, g/g, dress-up, mild d/s) 29-Jun-09
Kimmy's Family, Part 6 (M/g, F/g, g/g, ws, mild d/s) 13-Feb-11
Kimmy's Family, Part 7 - Trick or Treat (Fg, gg, dress-up, d/s, anal) 31-Oct-12
Glassbottom [profile]
Shelter, Chapter 1 (Fg pedo, slow) 08-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 2 (Fg pedo, slow, no sex, plot) 15-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 3 (Fg pedo, slow) 16-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 4 (Fg pedo, F mast, Mg pedo) 17-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 5 (Fg pedo slow, mast, plot) 22-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 6 (Fg pedo, slow, spank, plot) 23-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 7 (viol, gf mast) 27-Feb-14
Shelter, Chapter 8 (Fg pedo, Fb mast oral) 03-Mar-14
Shelter, Chapter 9: Unbearable (gF nosex, phone, mast) 09-Mar-14
Shelter, Chapter 10: The Heat of the Moment (Fg mast cons frot) 14-Mar-14
Shelter, Chapter 11: Hiding Out (Mg pedo oral gg frot oral) 23-Mar-14
Shelter, Chapter 12: Dreams and Nightmares (g nosex plot) 30-Mar-14
Shelter, Chapter 13: A Safe Place… (Fg rom, slow, oral) 08-Apr-14
The Girl by the Pond, a poem (poem) 13-Apr-14
Shelter, Chapter 14: Destruction, Part 1 (F,g pedo, nosex, plot) 11-Oct-14
My Best Friend's Mom Loves My Perfect Pink Nipples, Part 1 (Ff) 14-Aug-08
GoodLittleKaren [profile]
Curious, Part 1 (g, solo, g/F, voyeour) 17-Nov-06
Awakenings, Part 2 19-Nov-06
Curious, Part 2 (g, g solo, anal, F/g) 19-Nov-06
Curious, Part 3 (F/g, anal, oral) 24-Nov-06
Awakenings (F/g, oral, anal) 09-Jan-07
Vet Clinic, Part 1 (F/f/beast) 24-Apr-07
Vet Clinic, Part 2 (F/f/beast/anal) 02-May-07
Vet Clinic, Part 3 04-May-07
Summer Schooling (F/g, T/S, Anal,first) 06-May-07
Strange Childhood (F/g g/b pedo anal oral) 22-Jul-07
Discovery, Part One (g/b, F/g/b, anal,oral, first) 22-Jul-07
Unexpected 24-Aug-07
Tracy (F/g) 29-Aug-07
The Abbey (F/g,g/g,infant girls) 08-Sep-07
The Order (F/gg, some referance to males.) 10-Sep-07
The Pooter Society (F/g,F/F,toddler,anal) 22-Sep-07
Marissa, Part One (F/F, no sex) 27-Sep-07
Marissa, Part Two (F/g,g/g,anal, fisting) 27-Sep-07
Marissa, Part Three – The End 30-Oct-07
Special Gifts Rescue! (All female with slight male referance) 03-Nov-07
Girls' Day! (All female) 11-Nov-07
Shelly's Discovery (F,g/g,dog) 18-Nov-07
Goth Fairy [profile]
Summer Games (gg, mast, feet) 20-May-07
Birthday Surprise for a Fourteen Year Old (poem) 06-Mar-11
Love in the Fifth Dimension (g/g) 06-May-11
Family Foursome (ff, FF) 20-Apr-12
Rabbits (ffg) 31-May-12
Grandma Gladys [profile]
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 1 (Fg inc ped) 18-Feb-07
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 2 (F\g pedo inc) 21-Feb-07
Brownies Need Eaten Too (F g g g g) (Interactive Story) 22-Feb-07
Mommy New Plaything (Fg extreme pedo) 27-Jul-07
Donna's Toys, Part 1 (F/gg) 27-Nov-07
Donna's Toys, Part 2: Strap-on Time (Fgg) 27-Nov-07
Brittany Knows Grandma, Part 3 (F F g) 28-Nov-07
Girls' Fun (F,g,g) 14-Mar-08
Landlady (F,g,mast) 14-Mar-08
Kathy's New Friend (F,F,g,toys semi nc) 14-Mar-08
Park Fun (F,F,F,g,toys,anal oral mast) 15-Mar-08
Gloria (F.g mast) 28-Apr-08
Sabrina (F,g mast) 30-Apr-08
Jenny and Her Girls (F,g,g pedo mast) 30-Apr-08
Nun Fun (F f lac oral fisting) 03-Jun-08
Sherri's Treat (F g toddler pedo inc oral) 03-Jun-08
Web Cam Fun, Part 1 (g,g, F voy mast, oral , exhib , inc) 07-Jun-08
Aunt Mille (F,g pedo) 07-Jun-08
Swimsuit, Part 1 (F,g,g inc) 07-Jun-08
Web Cam Fun, Part 2 - Mom's Seduction (F,F,g,g inc pedo oral toys mast) 10-Jun-08
Swimsuit, Part 2 (F,g,g pedo oral mast) 13-Jun-08
Isabella (F,g) 13-Jun-08
Linda and Angel (Fg inc) 10-Oct-08
Cammi and Micky, Part 1 (FFg ped oral inc fist cons) 12-Oct-08
Cammi and Micky, Part 2 (FFg pedo inc toys) 13-Oct-08
Rene's Fun (F g- 3 ped reluc toys) 13-Oct-08
Karla's Fun, Part 1 (F mast) 16-Oct-08
Karla's Fun, Part 2 (F,g pedo toys mast, inc oral) 21-Oct-08
Karla's Fun, Part 3 (F,F mast) 29-Oct-08
Karla's Fun, Part 4 (F,F,g pedo fist, lac, inc) 31-Oct-08
Emi (Fg pedo oral) 04-Dec-08
Bea (F,g, oral, mast,exhib) 04-Dec-08
Lecherous (F,F,F,g,g, oral, toys, mast, anal) 07-Dec-08
Runway Mom 10-Dec-08
Sarah and the Shoe Shop (F,f,g,Lac,Ped) 15-May-14
Gwen Moans
Gwen's Growing Up (mast, bg, inc, gg, beast, rom) 28-Jul-13
Gwen Comes Out, Part 1 (Mg, Ff, rom, reluc) 31-Jul-13
Gwen Comes Out, Part 2 (Ff, d/s, rom) 02-Aug-13
An Online Friend (f/b, inc, F/F, preg, anal) 20-Aug-14