A P Gilmore [profile]
Trapped (F/f, inc) 09-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 1 (f/F) 13-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 2 (f/F) 14-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 3 (f/F) 15-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 4 (f/F) 16-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 5 (f/F) 17-Mar-08
Six Days With My Teacher, My Love – Day 6 (f/F) 18-Mar-08
Love Is In The Rain (g/g, exhib, oral) 23-Jul-08
The Club (F, g) 11-Aug-08
Baby's Got A Fever (F,g Inc Oral) 14-Sep-08
Ready Or Not (f/f, f/f, f/f, f/f, f/f, teen, oral) 08-Jan-09
Rubbing Down The Rich Girl (F/g, Mast) 29-Apr-09
Twincest - Home Alone (g/g, inc) 06-May-09
Almost An Exhibitionist (f, exhib, mast) 19-Oct-09
Aabie [profile]
Angie's Hot Night (fgg,ws,panties,rel,oral first time) 29-May-09
Adam Bookbinder [profile]
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter One (FFg) 28-Jun-07
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter Two (Fg) 30-Jun-07
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter Three (Fg) 04-Jul-07
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter Four (Fg) 01-Aug-07
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter Five (F/g) 20-Sep-07
Sapphic Dreams, Chapter Six (F/g) 14-Jan-08
Alex Reece [profile]
My Wife's Secret Online Life, Part 1 (ped, M, F, anal, preg) 04-May-14
Alice [profile]
The Hire (FF/f, tickling, toys) 30-May-06
Mommy Can't Help It (Mother daughter inc tickling) 24-Sep-08
Alice Gee [profile]
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 1 – Introduction & Invitation (F/g, nosex) 04-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 2 – Penetration & Frustration (f-solo, m/f unsatisfactory) 05-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 3 – Cooperation & Preparation (f/f no sex) 06-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 4 – Conversation & Alimentation (F/f rom nosex) 08-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 5 – Intoxication & Anticipation (F/f rom nosex erotic) 10-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 6 – Altercation & Realization (F/f erotic) 11-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 7 – Explanation & Consummation (F/f rom cons oral anal) 12-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 8 – Continuation & Excitation (F/f cons oral anal) 15-May-08
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 9 – Admiration & Revelation (F/f f/f) 17-May-08
The Temptation of Julie, Part 1 (F/f F solo) 07-Jul-08
The Temptation of Julie, Part 2 (F/g F solo) 11-Jul-08
The Temptation of Julie, Part 3 (F/f oral, anal, cons) 13-Jul-08
Mommy's Naughty Little Girl (F/g inc spank anal) 02-Aug-08
J's Revenge (f/F d/s) 14-Aug-08
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 1 (F/g) 24-Oct-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 2 (F/g cons) 29-Oct-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 3 (F/g cons oral anal) 03-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 4 (F/g) 10-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 5 (F/g F-solo) 15-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 6 (F/g) 22-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 7 (F/g) 29-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 8 (F/g) 29-Nov-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 9 (F/g) 05-Dec-09
Janet Bell on the Road to..., Part 10 (F/g) 13-Dec-09
Was it a Dream? (F solo F/f) 08-Feb-10
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 10 – Initiation & Ejaculation (f/f) 11-Jun-10
Santa Monica Seduction, Part 11 - Stimulation & Culmination (f/f, oral, anal) 15-Jun-10
Aliciamom [profile]
The Lingerie Store, Chapter 1 (F/F/F/F/f/f/g, inc, cons) 15-Jun-12
The Lingerie Store, Chapter 2 (F,F,F,F,f,f,g, cons, ped, teen) 09-Sep-13
Alison [profile]
Nursing My New Baby (f/baby, ped, lac, ws, inc, oral) 11-Dec-06
Allie Jones [profile]
The Night I Became a Woman (F /gg cons ped strap ons) 25-Aug-09
My First Girlbang (FFF/g pedo, cons, anal sex, strap ons) 26-Aug-09
My First Girlbang 2 (F /g . pedo, cons, anal, strap ons) 30-Aug-09
Fun With Cindy (F/g , anal, pedo, cons, strap ons) 06-Sep-09
Amanda [profile]
Amanda and Tara, Part 1 (F/g) 02-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 2 (F/g) 03-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 3 (F/g) 07-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 4 (F/g) 11-Feb-05
The Lady Down the Street (F/f) 18-Feb-05
She's Just a Child, Part 1 (Fg FFg ped cons) 15-Jun-05
Indian Summer (Fg pd cons) 19-Jun-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 5 (Fg ped cons mast toys) 21-Jun-05
She's Just a Child, Part 2 – She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore (FFg Fg mast voy ped cons) 16-Sep-05
A Sister’s Love (fg ped cons mast inc) 18-Sep-05
She's Just a Child, Part 3 (FFg ped cons) 19-Sep-05
Winter Break (Fg mast inc) 20-Sep-05
Dear Diary (Fg cons) 21-Sep-05
My Angel Kat (Fg cons ped inc) 21-Sep-05
Emily (Fg cons ped) 21-Sep-05
Starlight Lover (ped,Ff,con,mast) 22-Sep-06
How My Daughter Converted Me (Fg ped cons mast) 27-Sep-06
Alice (Fg,cons,ped) 30-Oct-07
Odd Cookie, Chapter 1 (Fg, mast, cons, rom, ped) 04-Nov-07
Dark Lover, Part 1 (Ff, cons, vampire) 18-Jun-09
Dark Lover, Part 2 (Ff, cons, vampire) 06-Jan-10
Dark Lover, Part 3 (Ff menst vampire) 18-Jan-10
Dark Lover, Part 4 (Ff blood vampire) 15-Feb-10
Dark Lover, Part 5 (Ffg Ff vampire) 06-Mar-10
The Champion and the Princess (The Coming of the Wyrm) (Fg fant ped cons) 08-Mar-10
Our Little Girl (FMg inc ped toys) 11-Feb-11
Morning After (Fg, inc, mast) 09-Mar-11
Coviello Academy, Chapter 1 (F/F/g, no sex) 23-Oct-07
Amber M [profile]
My Little Darlings, Part 1 (F/g inc lac oral pedo toys) 28-Jan-11
My Little Darlings, Part 2 (F/gg, inc, lac, oral, pedo, beast) 10-Feb-11
Another Day at Boys and Girls Club (F/g/b, cons, oral, mast, ped, medical) 07-Jun-12
Amber S [profile]
In The Morning (F, f, toys) 07-Jun-09
Amberly, Part 1: Discovery. (gg, oral) 11-May-14
Amy Amiable [profile]
Rachel's New Routine, Part 1 (F, g, mast) 16-Mar-11
Rachel's New Routine, Part 2 (F, g, lac) 27-Mar-11
Rachel's New Routine, Part 3 (Fg, lac) 04-Apr-11
Quinn and Anne, Part 1 (FF, f mast) 10-Apr-11
Project Cherry Buster, Part 1 (F/g toys) 17-Oct-06
Project Cherry Buster, Part 2 (F, teen, Toys, mast, fist) 28-Jan-08
Amy Sinclare [profile]
Lisa's Learning, Chapter 1 (Fg anal beast) 28-May-09
Lisa's Learning, Chapter 2 (Fg anal oral) 31-May-09
Lisa's Learning, Chapter 3 (toys, anal, Fg, oral) 06-Jun-09
Sisterly Love (inc ff fg oral) 09-Jun-09
Lisa's Learning, Chapter 4 (Fg anal oral inc) 21-Jul-09
Amy Smith [profile]
First Time Babysitting (g, ped, toddler) 02-Mar-12
Amy xxxxx [profile]
Debbie (poem, panties) 23-Aug-12
Dreams - 1 (F,g panties, squirt, incest, love, fantasy) 24-Aug-12
Dreams - 2 (Ffg) 28-Aug-12
Amy's Preteen Survey (no sex) 10-Sep-12
Lisa My Love, Part 1 (M,f,f,g, true) 14-Sep-12
'QUICKLY, WILL YA?' (F,g,g, voyeur, panties) 08-Oct-12
Trading, Part 1 (F,g panties) 10-Oct-12
Trading, Part 2 (F,g panties) 11-Oct-12
Trading, Part 3 (F,g naughty talk, panties, breasts and love.) 13-Oct-12
Trading, Part 4 (F,g panties, breasts and love) 18-Oct-12
Like This Aunty (F, g, panties) 05-Nov-12
Way Back When… (f, F) 07-Nov-12
Shades (F,g) 09-Nov-12
Swap Club, Part 1 (g,g,F. Panties.) 15-Nov-12
Watching Mommy (F,F, voy, mast, g) 19-Nov-12
Interview With a Schoolgirl Lesbian (F,g) 26-Nov-12
Special Birthday Treat (F,f,g,g, D/s, role play) 30-Nov-12
Sammi and the Girl 11-Dec-12
One Off (F,g) 19-Dec-12
Return Ticket (F,g) 10-Jan-13
Was It Worth It? (f,g) 06-Feb-13
Window of Opportunity (M,F,g. Voyuerism) 11-Feb-13
When Dawn Comes (F,g) 25-Feb-13
My Naughty Morning (F solo) 20-Mar-13
Casey's Big Day (F,g, panties) 01-Apr-13
Bad Mommy (F,F,g,g) 16-May-13
Kate and Lulu (G,g,f,F) 03-Sep-13
Anastas [profile]
Forbidden Photos, Part One – Diana's Story (F-solo, mast) 04-Feb-07
Forbidden Photos, Part Two – Arina’s Story (F, g, g-solo, mast, ped, rom) 09-Feb-07
Forbidden Photos, Part Three – Diana & Peg (fg, ped, inc) 17-Feb-07
Forbidden Photos, Part Four – Arina Visits Masha (gg, ggg, Fgg, inc, extreme ped, oral) 02-Mar-07
Forbidden Photos, Part Five (Fgg, ped) 23-Jun-07
Androgyne [profile]
10.45 Appointment (F,g,cons,fist,oral,ped) 23-Feb-09
Undine (F,g,oral,pedo) 24-Feb-09
Doctor's Orders (F,g,cons,oral,toys) 02-Mar-09
Streetwise, Chapter 1 (F,g,cons,oral) 02-Mar-09
Water Baby (F,f,cons,oral,anal) 07-Mar-09
Doctor's Dilemma (F, f,g,cons,oral,anal) 13-Mar-09
Streetwise, Chapter 2 (F,g,g,cons,oral,fist) 17-Mar-09
Pool Party (F,F,g,g,g,g,g,g,cons,oral,anal,ped) 27-Mar-09
Therapy, Chapter 1 (F,F,g,toy,oral,pedo) 31-Mar-09
Therapy, Chapter 2 (F,f,g,cons,oral,pedo) 09-Apr-09
The Lurker (F,F,g,M.nosex) 17-Apr-09
Extra Time, Chapter One – Kate and Kerry (f,f,g,g,F,anal,oral,cons) 18-Apr-09
Strong Medicine (F,F,g,g,anal,oral,voy) 29-Apr-09
Auntie Beryl (F,g,anal,mast,cyber pedo) 11-May-09
Deep Waters (F,F,F,g,g,cons,oral,pedo) 12-May-09
By the Book (F,g,oral,anal, cons,pedo) 13-May-09
The Swap Shop (F,F,g,g,cons,oral,anal,pedo,toy) 28-May-09
A Holiday Affair, Chapter One – Passion on the Plane (F,f,oral,anal) 08-Jul-09
A Holiday Affair, Chapter 2 (F,f,f,f,anal,oral,exhib) 04-Aug-09
The Wedding Guests, Chapter One (FF,anal,oral,no lolita sex till chapter 2) 01-Sep-09
The Wedding Guests, Chapter Two (F,f,gg,Anal,Oral,Pedo) 28-Sep-09
Streetwise, Chapter 3 (F,g,cons,fist,oral,ped,toys) 03-Nov-09
Snow and Moonlight (F,g,oral,ped,inc) 02-Dec-09
A Family Christmas (F,g,g,anal,fist,oral,ped) 27-Dec-09
Well Educated 1 (g,g,oral,cons,rom) 04-Jan-10
Well Educated 2 (F,F,g,g,oral,pedo,spank) 10-Jan-10
Big City Visitors (F,F,g,oral,anal,fist,pedo) 14-Jan-10
Summer Sickie (F,g,cons,inc,oral,ped) 28-Mar-10
Cherry Pop (F,g,cons,inc,oral,ped) 11-May-10
The Rest Room (F, g, cons, oral) 08-Jun-10
Strangers on a Train (F,g,cons,anal,oral,ped) 09-Jun-10
Power Play, Chapter 1 (F,F f [ just a start for f ]) 14-Jul-10
Kerb Crawl (F,f,cons,oral,trib,fingers) 06-Aug-10
525: Sun Screen (F,g,cons,pedo) 01-Sep-10
525: Jasmine (F,F,g, [ no sex really! ]) 01-Sep-10
525: School Lesson (f,g,cons,oral,inc) 01-Sep-10
Wanting a Girl (F,g) 19-Oct-10
Undercover (F,f,f,oral,anal) 11-Nov-10
Risk Taker (F,g,cons,oral,pedo,tribbing) 16-Dec-10
Drawn In, Part One (F,f,g,cons,reluc,oral,spank,voy) 20-Dec-10
The Tamiflu Treatment (F,f,anal,oral,fingers) 11-Jan-11
Raising a Kitten, Part One (F, g, cons, oral, tribbing) 17-Feb-11
Percentage Play (F,F,g,oral,pedo,toys) 18-May-11
Babysitting 101 (f,g,cons,oral,tribbing) 30-May-11
Sally and the Strap-on (g,g,F,anal,cons,incest,pedo,toys) 26-Jul-11
Party Favours, Chapter 1 - Business Matters (F,g,cons,oral,pedo) 09-Aug-11
A Home Away From Home (F, f, f, cons, anal, oral, tribbing) 22-Sep-11
Party Time for Teen Titans (F,f,f,f,f,f.oral,toy [ magical ]) 07-Nov-11
The First Time (F,F,oral,anal,tribbing) 09-Nov-11
The Villa, Part 1 (F,F,g,g,oral,pedo,tribbing) 09-Nov-11
A Christmas Cummie 15-Dec-11
Kaffeeklatsch (F,F,g,cons,anal,fisting,inc,oral,pedo) 16-Dec-11
What you don't know! [ Won't hurt you? ], Part 1 (F,g,cons,oral,pedo,toy) 02-Jan-12
Financial Risk (F,f,f,cons,anal,oral,pedo) 06-Mar-12
Exclusive Entertainment (F,F,g,g,g,g,g,cons,oral,pedo) 28-Mar-12
A Long Weekend (M,f,cons,mast,oral,pedo) 02-Jul-12
We Can Build Her For You (F,Ff,g,cons,fist,oral,pedo,toys) 01-Dec-12
Frances's First Fisting (ff,cons,oral,tribbing,fisting) 22-Nov-13
Perfume, Part 1 (F,g,Tribbing,Incest) 14-Sep-14
Behind the Smile (Fg,cons,oral,ped) 30-Sep-14
Pairing Up, Chapter 1 (FF,anal,tribbing,toys) 28-Nov-14
The Babysitters, Part 1 (g, g , F, ped, nosex) 29-Jan-06
Angel [profile]
Angel's Fantasies- Girl Games 1 (Fgg femdom bond oral d/s cons inc toys seduc lingerie exhib mast voy) 20-Aug-13
Angel's Fantasies- Girl Games 2 (Fgg femdom cons lol d/s b/d rom inc mast oral panties ped) 27-Aug-13
Angel's Fantasies: The Long Ride 1 (Fg Moth/Dau Nosex) 17-Sep-13
Angel's Fantasies: The Long Ride 2 (Fg moth/dau cons mast rom) 22-Sep-13
Angel's Fantasies- Girl Games 3 (FFgg d/s bon oral seduc cons moth/dau) 30-Sep-13
First Time For Susan, Part One (ff) 25-Nov-08
Susan Explores Her New Sexuality (fF anal) 30-Nov-08
Angie [profile]
Angie's First Babysitting Job (f/cons/mast/oral/ped/) 07-Apr-06
Babysitting with a Girlfriend (ff/toddler, mast, ext ped, anal) 10-Aug-06
Babysitting Adventures With My Girlfriend Kim (ff/gg/toddler, extreme ped, oral) 18-Aug-06
Anna in 7th heaven
My Life as a Little Lesbian Girl (F/F/f M/f toys) 24-Oct-09
Annie Lutz
Angel's Addiction, Part 1 (plot sci fi nosex) 14-Jan-09
Angel's Addiction, Part 2 (plot sci fi nosex) 20-Feb-09
Anokil [profile]
Anke & Svenja (German) (ff inc) 04-Feb-06
Gipsfinger (German) (ff) 04-Feb-06
Fingercast (ff) 26-Mar-06
Anke and Svenja (ff inc) 10-May-06
Birte und Birgit (German) (ff) 09-Jun-06
Birte and Birgit (ff) 09-Jun-06
Sisterly Love, Part I (Fff nosex) 14-Jul-06
Sisterly Love, Part II (Fff, inc) 24-Jul-06
Sisterly Love, Part III (Fff, inc) 22-Oct-06
Hairdresser, Part 1 28-Nov-06
Hairdresser, Part 2 – Healing Kisses (Ff, inc) 12-Dec-06
Sisterly Love, Part IV (ffF, inc) 24-Mar-07
Hairdresser, Part 3 – Free Massages (Ff, inc) 23-Sep-07
Beim Friseur, Teil 1 (German) (Ff, inc) 27-Sep-07
Beim Friseur, Teil 2 – Heilende Küsse (German) (Ff, inc) 08-Oct-07
Sisterly Love, Part V (ffF, inc) 15-Oct-07
Hairdresser, Part 4 – Dreaming (Ff, inc) 03-Nov-07
Hairdresser, Part 5 – New Customer (Ff, inc) 28-Nov-07
Bored (ffg) 11-Dec-09
Holiday Tales (ff) 22-Mar-11
AnonLust [profile]
Where My Lust Comes From (Fg, gM) 07-Jul-11
Kathrine's story (Where my lust comes from) (Fg, gb, fg, Fg) 10-Jul-11
Sisters (inc, f/f, toys, oral, panties) 24-Jan-14
Anonymous Idiot
Betty and Lisa, Part 1 (gg cons inc mast ped) 23-Jun-05
Betty and Lisa, Part 2 (f g cons mast pedo) 24-Jun-05
Anonymous Submitter
Simulated Love, Part 1 (Ffgg, ScFi, cons, inc, oral) 24-Feb-10
Simulated Love, Part 2 (FFgggg, ScFi, cons, inc, ped) 28-Feb-10
Simulated Love, Part 3 (FFgggg, ScFi, cons, inc, ped, oral) 01-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 4 (FFgg, Ffg, Scifi, cons, inc, pedo, toys, anal) 04-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 5 (FFFgg, FFg, Scifi, cons, inc, ped, oral) 05-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 6 (FFggg, FFFFgg, FFffgg, Scifi, inc, cons, ped) 08-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 7 (FFgggg, ScFi, cons, inc, ped, oral, anal, lac, toys) 10-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 8 (Ffgg, ScFi, cons, inc, oral) 13-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 9 (FFgg, ScFi, cons, inc, oral) 16-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 10 (FFgg, ScFi, cons, inc) 21-Mar-10
Simulated Love, Part 11 (FFgggg, ScFi, cons, inc, ped, oral, anal, fist) 26-Mar-10
A Greater Purpose (ScFi, Ff, fg, anal, oral, teen) 26-Mar-10
Aphrodite [profile]
Aphrodite and the YSALA (f,mast,teen) 08-Dec-07
April [profile]
Special Lessons (F/g) 01-Feb-05
The Wedding (Fg) 31-Oct-05
Working Girl, Chapter 1 — Maya’s Story (Fg oral ws) 30-Jan-06
Fly on the Wall (Fg) 27-Aug-06
Her Lady In Waiting (Fg oral ws) 22-Nov-11
Arachnophile [profile]
Mandy & Hannah, Part 1 (gg, nosex) 25-Aug-13
Mandy & Hannah, Part 2 (gg, M, F, cons, anal, oral, ped, rom) 27-Aug-13
Mandy & Hannah, Part 3 (gg, M, F, cons, anal, oral, ped, rom) 30-Aug-13
Lessons Learned (F, g, rom, les) 23-Dec-13
A Lover for Lauren's Teacher (g, F, m, porn, les, cons, lolita, pros, future) 30-Jun-14
RENAISSANCE – CHAPITRE IV (F,g,piss) 19-Feb-09
Sisters 15-Dec-09
Asian Tammy [profile]
The Groper Train (F,f,g,sex in public) 08-May-11
Aunt Molly [profile]
The Yummy Princess, Part 1 (Ff, voy, spank, oral) 21-Jun-09
The Yummy Princess, Part 2 (mast g, m/f/g fantasy, tg) 02-Jul-09
The Yummy Princess, Part 3 (g/f multiple fairies, tg) 08-Jul-09
The Yummy Princess Loses Her Innocence, Part 1 (g/g, fant) 18-Sep-09
The Yummy Princess Loses Her Innocence, Part 2 (F/g fant) 05-Oct-09
The Masturbation Fairy (g/g mast) 04-Jan-10
Peasant Missy (g mast, F/g romance, fant) 08-Jan-10
The Yummy Princess Loses Her Innocence, Part 3 (g/g) 05-Mar-10
The Masturbation Fairy - Snow Day (g/g mast) 16-Mar-10
Round House on Square Hill, Part 1 (no sex) 29-May-10
Round House on Square Hill, Part 2 (mast exhib) 31-May-10
Round House on Square Hill, Part III (f/g oral) 04-Jun-10
Round House on Square Hill, Part 4 (f/f, bdsm) 13-Jun-10
Round House on Square Hill, Part 5 (ff Rom) 24-Jun-10
The Yummy Princess Loses Her Innocence, Part 4 (mf fant) 26-Sep-10
The Yummy Princess Loses Her Innocence, Part 5 (g/g fant) 25-Oct-10
Demon Lust (F/f/f -fant) 11-Dec-10
Demon Lust: Dark Summoning (F/f, mast, fantasy) 21-Dec-10
Demon Lust: Transformation (F/f g/g f/g/g oral, mast, lact, fant) 06-Jan-11
Demon Lust: The Morning After (f/f F/F) 25-Jan-11
Demon Lust: A Second Helping (F/F mast lact f) 11-Feb-11
The Faithful Servant (fant no sex) 22-Mar-11
Alice Day: Alex in Wonderland (f/g fant) 25-Apr-11
Into the Loliverse ( Pilot - Act 1 ) (sci-fi , no sex) 14-Jul-11
Into the Loliverse ( Pilot - Act 2 ) (sci-fi, no sex) 21-Jul-11
Into the Loliverse ( Pilot - Act 3 ) (sci-fi , no sex) 25-Jul-11
Into the Loliverse ( Daemons, Act 1 ) (sci-fi , no sex) 19-Oct-11
Night of the Living Lesbians (F/f, f/g, spank) 28-Oct-11
Into the Loliverse ( Daemons, Act 2 ) (sci-fi, no sex) 28-Oct-11
Into the Loliverse ( Daemons, Act 3 ) (no sex, sci-fi) 04-Nov-11
Into the Loliverse (episode III) : Taboos (Act 1) (Sci-fi, no sex) 19-Apr-12
Into the Loliverse: Taboos : Act 2 (sci-fi no sex) 24-Apr-12
Into the Loliverse: Taboos : Act 3 (sci-fi no sex) 04-May-12
The Masturbation Fairy - Class Demonstration (f/f/g mast) 20-May-12
Wet Nurse, Part 1 (Fg, oral) 03-Jan-07
Wet Nurse, Part 2 (Fg, oral) 16-Jan-07
Ava's Row 1 (f, f, f, g, g, anal, cons, minor inc, oral, ped, teen, ws) 18-Aug-14