Jsmt Stories


These are the stories that I have written so far. Most of them are about the humiliating downfalls of young women who are victims of their own desires.

English is not my native language, so please have a little patience. I also appreciate any comments or feedback to jsmt.stories@yahoo.com, please include the name of the story or the word “asstr” in the subject to avoid it to be lost in the spam.


The Green Door (Laura’s descent).

Laura is a young girl living alone and about to start college when she discovers an odd hobby…

The Motivation Chart (Sara’s descent).

Sara is a young girl starting college who dreams to be a successful professional woman. Her envisioned future seemed to be at reach but accidentally she discovers a part of her that leads her to play with fire until…

Katy’s Library

Katy´s library (Ending)

(A little bit of magic here) Sara discovers that she can tap into Katy’s mind with strange results. (Not a mind control story).



The flirtation Game

Karen is pretty sure that she could attract any boy even if she looked plainer… She is about to find out.

Susan’s Procedure

Susan is a very successful Latin young woman. She has an MBA, a high paying job and a great career ahead of her. But now the only man in her life has asked her something, and she had to decide if she will go through the desired procedure. (Weird science).

Identity Theft

Another story involving magic. Kathleen Summers is the victim of a strange case of identity theft.

College Admission

Amber is just about to open her Harvard acceptance letter. She is a brilliant student and wants to show the letter to her classmates just rub her superiority all over their faces. But a surprise awaits her...



At 45 Amanda Jones had it all: Wealth, power and an extremely successful career. She was only missing one thing: Youth. But she believes that a woman with her determination and her resources can get anything she set her mind on. (A story involving Magic).

Going the extra mile

Linda wants to show her less fortunate twin sister Karla, that she is capable of sacrifices to improve her tennis career.

Thesis Topic 23

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8,9,10,11,Epilogue


Young Lillian is a pretty but demure senior psychology student that is close to graduate with honors; she just have to write a professional thesis. Unfortunately, instead of her planned thesis topic that would give her career a strong head start, she is assigned a subject that she is very uncomfortable with, because it goes against the feminism that she professes


This is an experiment in style. It has MC/sci-fi elements, and I pretended to give it a tone similar to a twilight zone episode. Not quite accomplished, but here is the result anyway. It has of course the element of a young woman’s downfall and humiliation.


Nadine & Kathleen Extended version

This is a short story inspired by a few photos of nude girls in wire mesh cages. Alas: the epilogue is pretty dark.

This is a little rewrite of the original; some readers complained that part 2 ended abruptly and/or was not clear enough. So I rewrote that part. I like this version better, so I already drop the other one.


Random Effects

This is a shorter, and lighter story that I wrote for ASN story board. It was inspired by the photo of a nude girl in a street and the reactions of a couple of girls as they witnessed the scene.


Visa 1HB

Layla encounters a pair of uneducated ladies as she tries to apply for a working Visa for USA. She disrespect them, and she pays the price, as one of them is much more that meet the eyes. (A lot of magic here).



Dangerous Hobby

Part 2

Elizabeth is a rich demure student who accidentally engages in a strange hobby, which could threaten her solved, already planned existence.


These are unfinished stories. Some are works in progress and some others are mostly abandoned, if you like one , drop me a line and I'll do an extra effort to continue it.


Memorial Weekend

Katy is blackmailed to make a challenging rally in her empty school. The adventure probed to be harder than she thought.


The bitter rivalry of two successful young women leads one of them to…


Karen pushes until her older sister Jennifer accepts that both of them change to a new high school in which Karen hopes to have the chance to reinvent herself and shape a completely new image. Would the change be positive for both of them?

Lady Elizabeth

Part II

A story situated in medieval times. Lady Elizabeth is the young heiress of the feudal lord. She has definitely the princess looks, but is she better suited to obey than to rule?