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-- Horny Peeping Sister --

author unknown

Chapter 1

The woman writhed around on the bed and out in the darkness of the alley beyond her lighted window, the boy stood watching. She teased her nipples through the filmy negligee she wore, and the boy saw her lips moving as a man, naked, wandered into the picture of the brightly lit window.
Tom Moon sighed and stood with his legs spread wide apart. He stuffed both his hands down into the front pockets of his jeans and stared, his eyes wide with envy and wonder as the man inside the window slid onto the bed and took the lovely brunette in the black nightie into his arms and kissed her.
The couple rolled together, with the man ending up on top. Tom could see that as they kissed the woman reached between their bodies and took hold of her lover's prick. Tom knew that the man's cock was big and he couldn't wait to see the woman take it. His own cock slithered down one leg of his jeans, and Tom nudged it with his fingertips, moving it to a more comfortable position.
The woman's slender arms jerked on the man's cock, which was still pressed between their undulating bodies. The man's naked ass humped and rolled and Tom imagined the tip of his cock was running up along the woman's hairy cunt. Tom had never felt a pussy around his own prick but he knew, from watching the ecstasy that it brought others, that it was an incredible feeling.
At last the man rolled off the woman and she quickly crawled up on top of him, straddling his waist with her long, white legs. As she moved, Tom got a flash of her naked, brown-haired cunt beneath her thin nightie and his cock lurched, pounding in his jeans.
As she sat down on the man's cock, Tom watched her pretty face contort with happiness. She faced him completely, with the man beneath her partly hidden from view. But Tom didn't care that he couldn't see the man she was fucking. All he cared about was this wonderful, sexy woman and the wonderful way she looked when she had a cock inside of her.
His hands still jammed inside his pockets, Tom tickled the sides of his stiffening prick-shaft. His mouth hung open, dry with excitement. He no longer noticed his surroundings, the dark back alley in which he stood. Now he had been transported and stood in that brightly lit bedroom, watching the fucking taking place there.
A pair of hands appeared on the woman's tits, crushing them against her chest. First they caressed her big tits through the dark fabric that covered them. Then, impatiently they flipped the thin covering up and touched her naked skin. The dark nightie filtered down again, covering the hands, and Tom watched the fingers kneading her tit-flesh through it, as if through a fine film of erotic mist.
As the man tossed the nightie up to get at the woman's tits, Tom was treated to a look at the dark triangle of cunt-hair between her legs. As the man worked her titties, the nightie worked up so that Tom could see the contrast between her white lower belly and the dark hair of her cunt. Her pussy-hair was flush against the lower belly of the man, and Tom knew that she had his cock far up inside of her.
The woman let her head roll back, her long hair falling behind her shoulders as she moved her lower body in slow, sensuous circles. The dark vee of her pussy hair moved slightly and Tom's eyes were riveted to it, imagining what was taking place inside her body right there. It was as if he had x-ray vision and could see the cock that penetrated her, filling her pussy with its girth and power.

Gradually the woman began to speed up her fucking motions. Her hips rolled round and round in faster and faster circles. Then she started moving up and down, letting the cock slide in and out of her cunt. At first she moved only a little. But then her fuck-stroke grew longer and little by little Tom could see the slick shaft of the man's cock as it slithered out of her dripping cunt.
"Yeah, baby," Tom sighed, both his hands covering the pounding front of his jeans. "Fuck it out!"
The woman leaned forward, feeding the man one of her big tits. She tossed her long hair back over one shoulder to keep it out of the man's way and Tom was glad. Now he could see her tits clearly. The man sucked one through the black gauze of the nightie and the woman rolled her eyes in ecstasy.
Tom couldn't see just what the man was doing to the woman's tit, but he could see the effect it was having on her. She continued to pump her cunt up and down his cock while he sucked her tit and, from the way she jerked and shuddered, Tom knew that the man's mouth on her tit felt very good.
Then, suddenly she sat back up straight again and for a second Tom saw the wet fabric of her nightie plastered to her white tit. Her nipple stuck out through the material and even with its dark covering Tom could tell that her nipple was as red as a cherry. Then, with a quick, frantic motion, the woman jerked her nightie off and tossed it aside, leaving herself completely naked on top of the prone man.
"Holy Christ!" Tom grunted, his cock begging for release. "What a horny bitch!"
Gloriously naked, the young woman shook her titties at her lover playfully and grinned down at him. But, when the man reached out to touch her naked tits, she leaned back away from him, smiling sexily.
For an instant Tom was disappointed. He liked it when the man pawed her tits, pulling and smashing them with his big hands. But his disappointment didn't last long for the woman continued to lean back, putting her hands behind herself to keep her balance. Before he knew it, Tom had a better view of her cunt, stuffed with the man's cock, than ever before!
With her dark-haired cunt pointed right at him, Tmo couldn't stand it any more. Carefully he released his zipper and immediately his cock sprang out. When he went out at night like this, he never wore any underwear, and so his cock stuck out straight through the open fly of his jeans, a white pole in the darkness of the night. He undid the snap of his pants and sighed with satisfaction as he at last took his straining prick in his own cool hand.
Even as he let his cock bob out, Tom never took his eyes off this magical woman. Her whole body was stretched out for his viewing pleasure. Her tits rose high on her chest and her slim midsection was stretched out taut and long. But, best of all, her thighs were slightly parted and, as she bobbed up and down, he could see very clearly the base of the man's cock as it disappeared up into her perfect body.
For a few seconds Tom just held his cock, so enraptured by the sight of the woman. Then his cock, as if impatient for some action, gave a jerk, reminding him of his own needs. He glanced down at his hard-on, gripped tightly in his fingers, and then he looked back up at the window, his hand automatically starting to work up and down the length of his rigid prick- shaft.
The cool air of the early evening stirred the hairs around the base of Tom's prick and touched his hot cock-skin. The fluids ran from the hole in the tip of his cock-shaft and he absently smeared them around with his thumb. They covered the head of his cock and excited him a bit more.

With his other hand he scooped his balls out of the confines of his jeans and let them dangle down tenderly over his zipper. He wiggled just a bit and his pants slipped down his thighs just a couple of inches, allowing his fuck-parts more room. As the cool evening air touched them, his balls automatically snuggled up around the base of his throbbing prick.
Back inside the bedroom, the fucking had gotten faster and more furious. The woman had brought her feet up alongside the man's body and was slamming her cunt back onto his upthrusting prick. At the moment she was taking just the very tip of his prick into her and the rest of his thick shaft remained outside of her body, glistening with her cunt-juices.
Tom licked his lips and pounded his hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Each time he saw the rounded hand of the man's cock punch in between the waiting lips of the woman's pussy, he ran his fist over the top of his own prick. He didn't know just what it would feel like to actually penetrate a cunt, but he imagined it would be something like fucking through the ring of his fist, so he did it over and over, moving with the woman, pretending he was fucking her.
Then she increased the length of her fucking motions and took in all of her lover's prick. She looked up into the man's face as she fucked him and Tom could see her heavy-lidded passion. Each time her hips went all the way forward and the man's cock disappeared completely into the dark bush of her cunt, she opened her mouth and Tom imagined her giving a little cry. It was almost as if she expected the man's cock to go fucking right through her body and come out her mouth.
She slammed back at him, her body arching up a little more each time. When his cock pulled out of her cunt, it was always wet with her cunt-juices. The red slit of her open pussy blazed at Tom and the little knot at the top of her cunt-slit was the reddest of all.
Her body arched up off the man completely, the only point of contact between them being his cock into her cunt. Again Tom saw her say something and then she stopped moving, holding herself arched above him, her cunt gaping open.
Then it was the man's turn to fuck. Although Tom couldn't see all of him he could see his cock very well. It surged up and filled the woman's waiting pussy. She didn't fuck back at him this time but rather held her body still, letting him pound her at whatever pace he chose. Sometimes his cock plunged into her completely and her mouth opened, other times he gave her just his prick-head, rolling it around inside of her cunt and she threw her head back and writhed.
Tom's hand thundered up and down the rigid shaft of his own prick. He forgot that he was standing in an alley, where anyone coming out to empty a trash can or walk a dog might see him. Usually Tom was more careful, hiding himself behind a bush or fence. But tonight his usual caution was absent and he was standing right in the center of the alley, watching the couple through a low point in the fence.
At the other end of the alley a figure hurried along. It was Becky Moon, rushing to get home. After her piano lesson she had stopped at a friend's house to talk and time had gotten away from her. Now Becky knew she would be in trouble when she got home because it was so late.
Usually Becky didn't like to use this alley at night. It was dark and kind of creepy. But tonight she was in a big hurry and it was a short cut home. Becky hurried along, her head down, her brow furrowed. She could just imagine how her mother was going to bitch at her and she didn't look forward to it.

Her sneakers were very quiet as she moved rapidly. She hugged her notebook of music to her budding tits and tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulders. Quickly she looked up to see how much farther she had to go before reaching the end of the alley and then she gave a little gasp and stopped completely.
Ahead of her, Becky could see a boy standing in the middle of the alley. He was looking into a backyard and it looked like he was pissing! Becky didn't know what to do. She didn't want to walk by him, that would be too embarrassing. Yet something kept her from turning around and running back down the alley. She knew she needed to get home, but she also wanted to watch this boy.
She took a few steps forward and then crouched down behind a trashcan a few feet from where he was. The shadows fell across his face, but she could plainly see that he did have his cock out. Becky swallowed hard. She'd never seen a real cock before, but she and her friend Vicky had just been looking at lots of them in magazines. That was why she was so late...
She put her notebook down and knelt on it, making herself comfortable. She was quite sure this wouldn't take long -- even boys couldn't piss forever. But then she realized that, although she could see his cock perfectly, she could see no piss coming from it. Then, like a ton of bricks, it hit her -- the boy was jacking off!
"Oh wow!" she gasped. "I wish Vicky could see this!"
Tom didn't realize that he had an audience. He kept jacking on his prick, feeling the come churning in his balls. More juices flowed from the hole in the tip of his prick and he spread them along his whole cock-shaft, allowing his hand to slip up and down his cock with ever-increasing swiftness.
The woman in the window was slick with sweat from her vigorous fucking. Her arms wobbled as she continued to hold herself up and let her lover pound her with his cock. Then, all at once, Tom saw her body go rigid and then collapse in a gale of shudders. She flopped forward again, taking the man's cock completely inside of her and hugging his chest, her body still wracked with climactic spasms.
"She came!" Tom muttered in awe.
After caressing her for a moment and giving her a chance to recover from her climax, the man inside the window shoved the woman back up onto his cock. Her face was more flushed then ever, and Tom noticed she seemed a little limp now.
The man humped up, drilling his cock back into the woman and as Tom watched, it was like his cock was pumping her full of air and life. The more he fucked her, the more the brunette regained her strength and her zeal for fucking. After just a few strokes she sat up as straight and tall as ever on his prick, the weakness brought on by her strong orgasm forgotten.
"She's still hot," Tom sighed enviously. "What a hot cunt!"
Tom bucked his hips forward, fucking his fist. Pre-cum dripped from his fingers and dribbled down into the alley. His eyes burned from being open for so long without blinking. But he was afraid to close them for even a split second for fear he would miss something good.
Across the alley and down a bit, Becky stared avidly too. Her cunt felt funny inside her jeans and she shifted around a bit, trying to make the feeling go away. She saw how the boy's hand went up and down on his cock and she saw how big his prick was. Becky wondered who he was and if she knew him. She also wondered what he was looking at.

Tom's breathing was loud and heavy and Becky could hear it from where she sat. His fucking motions got faster and more heated as did the fucking inside the house. But Becky couldn't see what he saw. She only knew that he was there and that he was making her hot, too.
Becky knelt on her notebook, her aching pussy grinding back against her heel. She had never experienced anything like this before, but she liked the way it made her feel. Her eyes drilled into the boy's profile, moving from his illuminated cock to his hidden face.
Her eyes were on his cock when she heard him give a strange, strangled cry. For an instant she looked again at his face and then her eyes flicked back to his cock just in time to see the first of many white jets burst forth and splatter against the fence a few feet in front of him.
Becky whimpered too. Watching the boy shoot off made her feel sort of woozy. She was a virgin but this, even more than the pictures she had looked at with Vicky, convinced her that she just had to get fucked soon. Seeing all that jizz made her lick her lips in anticipation.
Just seconds after he came, Tom saw the man in the house come too. The man's lips parted and Tom imagined the sounds of pleasure that he made. Tom wanted to let out a loud cry too, but he held back, remembering for once where he was.
Tom couldn't see the come the man shot up into the woman, but he could imagine it. He pretended that the stream of jizz that shot from his prick was filling the lovely woman's pussy. What would that be like? he asked himself.
For a few seconds after he came, Tom stood still, weak with release. The couple inside had curled up together and they were caressing and kissing each other softly. Tom had a feeling that the show was not over, but he knew that he had to get home. His mother really gave him hell when he stayed out after dark too long without her knowing where he was.
With a heavy sigh and a silent promise to return again soon, Tom tucked his rubbery prick back inside his pants and zipped them up again. Then, with a quick glance around, he hurried on down the alley toward his house.
Becky pulled herself back as the boy put his cock away and then ran on down the alley. But as he moved, the light hit him and Becky did a double- take. That was no boy, that was her brother Tom!
For a few moments she stayed crouched behind the trashcan, the shock of what she had seen still very fresh in her mind. Then, on unsteady legs, she stood up, her pussy pounding in her jeans, and headed off in the same direction as Tom had. As she ran home for dinner, she wasn't sure how she would be able to face her brother across the table after what she had just seen.

Chapter 2

By the time Becky got home, her parents and brother were all seated at the dinner table eating quietly. From the look on her brother's face, Becky could tell that he'd already gotten his scolding and she slid into her place at the table, awaiting her own.
"Where have you been, young lady?" her mother snapped, jabbing her fork at Becky. "Don't you have a watch? Can't you see that it's dark?"
"Sorry," Becky mumbled, helping herself to a pork chop. "My lesson was a little late and then I stopped over at Vicky's. We got to talking and I didn't notice the time and..."
Becky's words trailed off and for a moment everyone sat in silence.

"Don't you know it's dangerous out there on the streets after dark?" her mother went on. "You never know what kind of wierdos and perverts are out there just waiting for a girl like you."
Becky glanced over at her brother, but their mother's words seemed to have little effect on Tom. He just scooped up the last of his mashed potatoes and slid his chair back.
"Can I be excused?" Tom asked as he balled up his napkin and tossed it next to his plate.
"Go ahead, Son," Mr. Moon said, speaking softly and formally.
"And no television," his mother called as Tom got up from the table. "I won't have my children thinking that they can run around the neighborhood like cats. When they learn to act responsibly they'll get the respect they deserve from me, but until then..."
As usual, the tirade went on and on, but Becky didn't hear it. She watched her brother head up the stairs to his room, and she followed him as quickly as she could, passing by his closed door and entering her own room.
Dinner sat in her stomach like a lead balloon as Becky shucked her clothes and stretched out on her bed in just her bra and panties. It felt good to take her clothes off, it made her feel free and good, except for the strange thoughts that troubled her.
Becky lay on her back and stared up at the ceiling, finding patterns in the rough stucco. She couldn't believe what she'd seen her brother doing. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would have thought that it couldn't possibly be true. And even though she had seen it, she couldn't imagine why Tom would do such a thing.
Becky rolled over onto her tummy, her young tits making a small cleavage in her white bra. She supported her chin on her fists and remembered every detail of what she had seen, thinking that there might be something that she had missed that would explain Tom's strange behavior.
Tom was a good-looking boy, tall with dark curly hair. He was popular with the other boys at school, but Becky hadn't seen him with too many girls. Still, she was sure that there were plenty of girls who would want him if he just tried. If he was horny, why didn't he get a girlfriend? she wondered.
As she thought about her brother and his possible motives, Becky began to rock her hips slightly. At first she didn't even really realize she was doing it. It was a natural motion, one brought on by the sexy pictures that ran through her mind. She saw her brother holding his prick and the way his jizz had shot against the wooden fence.
Becky gradually became aware of a strange, warm feeling in her lower belly. She humped her pantied crotch up and down and realized that the fabric was wet with her pussy-juices.
"I hope Tom doesn't think he's the only one who gets horny," she whispered, rolling over onto her back.
It seemed to Becky that she was always horny these days. Although she had never fucked and until recently had never wanted to fuck, now the idea of losing her cherry seemed to obsess her. All she and Vicky talked about these days was who they would like to fuck and where and how. Her own brother had never once appealed to her in that way but what Becky had witnessed tonight changed all that.
As she ran her finger around the wet spot at the crotch of her panties, Becky wondered if Tom has ever fucked a girl. Then she wondered if he had ever finger-fucked one.
"Would you like to fuck me?" she asked her imaginary brother as she reached up and opened the front clasp of her bra while her other hand continued to rub her panty-covered cunt.

The bra popped apart and her pert titties stood up firm and round. They weren't very big, but for a girl her age they weren't bad and Becky was satisfied with them. She saw the trouble Vicky had with her giant titties and she was glad she didn't have those kinds of problems. Yes, she thought as she cupped one of her nice titties, I like mine just fine.
Both her hands moved in circles, one rubbing all around the soft mound of one tit while the tip of one finger on the other teased the bumps and holes around her cunt. She ran that finger up and down the wet furrow of her cunt, beginning at the dry indentation of her asshole and moving up into the wet valley of her cunthole and over the hump of her clit. With each circuit the crotch of her panties got wetter and softer.
Becky licked her fingertips and spread a little moisture over the nipples of her tits. Instantly the little red nubbins got harder and more pointed. Now, as she rubbed them, they were more sensitive than ever and the sizzling sensations that ran from the inner depths of her cunt up to her nipples and back down intensified.
"Hummmm, yeahhh," Becky sighed. "We could fuck, Tom, sure, we could get it onnn!"
She let the heel of her hand rest on her cunt-mound and humped her cunt up off the mattress to touch it. She directed two fingers to the place where her clit was and jammed it against them, turning herself on more and more.
She heard her own loud breathing and that again reminded her of the noises she had heard Tom make in the alley. She was surprised to find out that the sounds a boy made when he came were not that much different than the sounds a girl made when she came.
Becky humped her ass up off the bed with ever-increasing speed. At first it felt good, but it soon grew frustrating, and Becky knew she needed more direct stimulation.
Abruptly she reached down and skimmed off her panties. Then, before she lay back down, she wiggled her shoulders and doffed her opened bra. Then she settled back down again, her knees up and bent, her slender body naked on her double bed.
When her fingertip first touched her naked cunt directly, Becky jumped, her own touch surprising her. Her pussy was very hot and very wet and her finger felt as if it might be sucked right up into her body. She held just the tip at the mouth of her cunt for a second, testing the way the lips of her pussy opened and closed, almost as if they were breathing.
Then, slowly, she rolled her finger around the mouth of her pussy, keeping just the tip inside herself. The heat her body generated never ceased to amaze her, and she wondered if every girl her age was as hot as she was, or if she was some sort of freak. Maybe if she could get her brother to fuck her she would be able to tell if she was normal or not. Maybe Tom would know.
Her free hand trailed back up to her titties and again began to touch and stroke them. Her nipples spiked right up, growing more and more excited as she worked over the sensitive meat of her dripping cunt. Her hand moved from one tit to the other, never leaving either alone and untouched for long.
Becky tighted and loosened the muscles of her cunt around her finger, taking it inside her body a bit at a time, as if her cunt were eating it. Soon her finger was completely enveloped in the soft, squishy warmth of her cunt and she rolled it around inside of herself.
"Hummm," she sighed. "That feels gooooddd!"

The circles her finger made in the mouth of her cunt gradually got bigger until her cunt-mouth had opened wide enough to take a second finger. Becky felt very full with the two digits inside her body and wondered if she would even be able to take a cock if she was offered one. Her brother's cock had looked pretty big. What if it wouldn't fit inside of her? What if it hurt her?
But such unpleasant thoughts were forced from her mind by the more enjoyable feelings that ran through her body thanks to her magical fingers. She fucked them in and out of herself, gently at first and then, as her passion grew, with greater and greater strength.
The hand on her tits pinched and pulled on her nipples. The tit-tips got thick with blood, and Becky felt her heartbeat pulsing behind her left tit. Her mouth was wide open as she gasped in air and she closed it briefly to swallow hard. Then she let it fall open and slack again as she concentrated on the pleasant way her body tingled.
The harder and faster she played with herself, the more excited she became. Her long blonde hair was trapped beneath her and along the sides of her face, and across her forehead she grew wet with the sweat of her mounting passion. She her whole naked body glistened with sweat and she smeared the small pool that had collected between her tits across the sprouting mounds.
She bit her lip and closed her eyes, the darkness behind her eyelids like a movie theatre that replayed the films of what she had seen her brother doing in that alley. She imagined that he had been watching something very sexy, perhaps two people fucking. Becky surprised herself when she responded to that thought. She knew then that she would like to watch other people fucking, too. The idea turned her on and made her pussy even juicier than before.
"I see you fucking," she told the imaginary couple. "Tom and I are watching you, you fuckers. Yeah! Fuck it good!"
She arched up to meet her thrusting fingers, taking them both inside of her body time and again. Already her insides were starting to flutter and Becky knew it wouldn't be long before she came. The thought of watching others fucking made her lust soar and she drilled her cunt.
As her fucking hand grew tired, Becky pulled it from her soggy pussy with a slick sound and brought it to her tits. While she wiped her creamy sauce off all over the firm flesh of her titties, her other hand went to work on her cunt.
When she first slid her two dry fingers into her cunt, it was a bit painful. The wet interior of her pussy stuck to the skin of her fingers and pulled a bit. Becky eased back, giving her hand a moment to become slick with her juices before pushing it into her cunt any farther. Once it was lubricated with cunt-cream her hand slithered up into her body as easily as anything.
The cunt-juice she had smeared all over her tits began to dry and as it did it pulled her skin, puckering as it lost its moisture. Becky liked the way her tits felt crinkled up and pulled together. The drying cunt-juice got tauter and tauter until it cracked and then began to cake off her skin, leaving the soft pink flesh beneath it bare and pure once again.
The smell of her cunt filled the room and made Becky slightly drunk. As she finger-fucked herself, sometimes she felt as if she were someone else, someone crazy and wild, someone who wanted to fuck her own brother. She knew it was the fuck-lust that made her feel this way. It was like a drug and Becky found that recently she couldn't get enough of it.
"I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck!" she chanted, jamming her fingers into her pussy in time with her words. "Do you hear me Tom? I wanna fuck you!"

In her mind the words were loud and true, but in reality they were little more than impassioned whispers. Becky knew that she couldn't risk someone, especially her mother, hearing her innermost thoughts.
Cunt-juice sloshed over the sides of her pussy and made the tops of her inner thighs slick and slippery. She panted louder and louder, the blood racing through her veins and making her nipples and clit stand up proudly.
Becky's pretty face was contorted by fuck-lust. She jammed her cunt extra hard, promising herself that this was the last time she would fuck herself with her fingers without knowing what it felt like to have a real cock inside her pussy-hole.
As her orgasm gathered strength, so did her resolve to fuck her brother. Tom was definitely the one she wanted, and if he was desperate enough to be jacking himself off in dark alley ways, Becky was sure that he would not turn down a chance to fuck her, even if she was his own sister.
In fact, the more Becky thought about it, the more the idea of fucking her own brother -- because he was her own brother -- appealed to her. She had never heard the word incest before, but the concept made her hot and she fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy with incredible force.
The fingers running in and out of her pussy were all slick with her juices, as was most of that hand. Her cunt was awash with the creamy fluids of her pussy and she used the thumb of her fucking hand to smear some of that soft stuff over the top of her throbbing clit.
"Yeah!" she gasped, her hips jerking up involuntarily. "Make me come, Tom, make me come hard!"
She spat out her hot words, balls of spit shooting from her excited lips. She sucked back the little strings of over-eager drool and rolled her fingers around inside of her pussy, holding them in deep and stirring around her insides.
Her whole body moved with the intensity of her fucking motions. She brought her other hand from her tits back to her cunt and began to claw at her pounding clitty with it while she kept up her strong, even fucking tempo with the other hand.
Becky wanted to scream out her joy, her ecstasy, but she knew she didn't dare. She didn't even want to think about what her mother would do if she even knew that Becky was touching herself this way. Becky felt her excitement wane as she thought of her tyrannical mother so she quickly switched her thoughts to a more pleasant -- and erotic -- topic, her brother.
As she rolled her clitty around and around, smashing it flat against the bone behind it, Becky tried to imagine what it would be like to have Tom on top of her, fucking her with his big cock. She pretended that she felt his weight pushing down on her while he pumped her full of his jizz. The feelings were so real Becky felt herself soaring higher and higher on a cloud of sensations. She just had to get Tom to fuck her for real, she just had to!
"Yes, yes, yes," she chanted. "Fuck me, yes, yes, yes..."
She punctuated her words with jabs of her fingers and circles of her other hand on her clit. Her hips began to jerk and her breathing grew slightly louder. Becky could feel that familiar tightening in her belly and she kicked her legs up into the air, holding them up and out in a big V, wishing Tom's body was there to fall in between them.
Her eyes looked right up at her feet swaying over her, but she didn't see them. Her whole being was taken over by the feelings of approaching orgasm. It felt as if some giant were tightening all of her insides and she knew that shortly he would again let that string go and she would come like she had never come before.

"Give it to me, give it to me!" she grunted.
The taut feeling inside of her increased until Becky thought her head would surely pop off. Then, just when she couldn't stand it anymore and her wrist ached from fucking herself with such vigor, it all burst apart.
"Yeahhh!" she sighed. "Do it, yeahhh!"
Her body shuddered, and she jammed her fingers deep into herself. She held them there, letting her cunt move around them. The feeling of release was total, and everything in Becky's world was momentarily blacked out while she pulsed with orgasm.
Then, as she allowed her knees to bend and brought her feet back down onto the bed, she again became conscious of rational thought and the first thing she thought about was Tom. Ahhh, she sighed to herself, tomorrow is gonna be some kind of day!

Chapter 3

Each day after school, Tom and Becky were left alone in the house for a few hours until their parents got home from work. Although the teenagers were old enough to be left on their own, their mother insisted that they stay in the house and not answer the door or telephone. Neither Becky nor Tom liked the arrangement, but they had learned to accept it. It was easier to just do what she asked rather than argue with their mother.
Usually they spent the time watching television or doing various things in their rooms. It was usually a quiet time for it was not unknown for their mother to come home early and check up on them. Neither child wanted to get in trouble with their mother so they both spent the time doing simple, unexciting things.
But today would be different, Becky vowed. She knew for a fact that her mother had an important meeting at the office and couldn't possibly come home to check on them and so she intended to confront her brother with what she had seen him doing the other night in the alley.
All day long Becky's heart pounded. During her classes, she hardly heard a word that her teachers said because her cunt was so itchy all she could think about was satisfying it. She knew that, if she played her cards just right, her own brother would be fucking her before the day was done.
Becky got home first after running all the way from school. She ran right up into the bathroom and took a quick shower, being careful not to get her long blonde hair wet. Then she stood naked in front of her open closet trying to decide what to wear for the seduction of her brother.
Finally she picked out a very short skirt and matching sleeveless blouse. She left one too many buttons on the front of the blouse open and decided to skip wearing shoes. Then she brushed her hair until it was shiny and perfect. Just as she put down her hairbrush, she heard her brother come in.
She stood in the middle of her bedroom listening as Tom did what he did every afternoon. First he went to the refrigerator and took a big drink of milk right out of the carton. Then he grabbed a handful of cookies and headed up the stairs to his room. Becky stood back as he passed her door. She didn't want him to know that she'd beaten him home.
The blood pounded in her ears as she waited a few more minutes, letting him get settled. She knew he was working on a model in his room and she only hoped that he liked the smell of her pussy better than the smell of model glue.

At last she felt that the time was right. She took a deep breath and padded barefoot down the hall to his room. His door was partly open and she could see him at his desk, model glue in one hand, a tiny piece of gray plastic in the other.
"Hi!" she said, boldly entering his room, her short skirt swinging. "That looks great."
"Fuck!" Tom gasped, nearly jumping out of his chair. "Jesus, Becky, you almost scared the crap out of me!"
Becky laughed and fixed him with a strange stare. "You have to be more careful, Brother Dear, you never know when other people are around."
She laughed some more, and Tom nervously joined her. Her ran his eyes up and down her odd outfit and tried to decide if she meant more with her words than a simple joke.
"When did you get home?" he asked.
"Just a little before you," she answered, perching on the edge of his desk. "I wanted to be ready to talk to you about something."
Tom's stomach flipped, but he told himself to calm down. He was just paranoid if he thought that his own sister knew anything about how he often spent his evenings.
"Yeah?" he answered. "What's up?"
Becky snorted and looked from his eyes to his crotch. "Nothing now," she replied. "But there was plenty up last night."
Brother and sister sat in silence for a few moments, each letting Becky's meaning sink in. Tom shifted uncomfortably in his chair and noticed how close her long, naked was to him. The scent of her thrilled him.
"What do you mean?" he finally asked, trying to sound innocent. But Becky would have none of it. She could feel his uneasiness and she knew that she had him right where she wanted him.
"I saw you last night, in the alley. I saw it all," she said.
"Jesus!" Tom gasped. "You didn't tell anyone, did you?"
Becky smiled down into his wide, pleading eyes, and rubbed her naked thighs against him. "No, and I don't plan to either-"
"Good!" Tom sighed.
"Under one condition," Becky continued, letting her words hang in the air.
"Anything!" Tom said quickly, "Just tell me what you want."
Becky lifted one bare foot up and put it on her brother's crotch, rubbing his soft prick roughly. Both teenagers felt his prick involuntarily respond.
"I want your cock," she said simply.
For an instant Tom was speechless but then, the more he thought of it, the more the idea appealed to him. He'd wanted to fuck a girl for a long time now but he handn't know how to go about it. Now here was a girl offering herself to him - what did it matter that she was his own sister?
"Sure, why not?" he said with surprising calm.
"Well, come on then," Becky said, taking his hand and leading him over to his bed.
Each teenager was certain that the other had plenty of fucking experience and they were each counting on the other to lead the way. Neither wanted to admit that they were as cherry as the other and both hoped to bluff their way through this awkward fuck.
Becky acted very brazen, hoping to cover up her inexperience. She spread herself out on the bed and opened up her legs as she had seen the women in the magazines do. Her pussy was already wet and when she spread her thighs and heard her brother gasp, it got even wetter.

Like he had done it in front of a woman a million times, Tom opened his pants and wriggled out of them. He wanted to take his shirt off too, but he was afraid that if he waited too long his sister might change her mind about letting him fuck her. So, as he had watched the man do to the brunette the night before, he fell on top of Becky and probed around her cunt with the tip of his prick.
"Ohhh!" Becky gasped, all the air rushing out of her as her brother's weight crashed down.
She kept perfectly still, not knowing how to move or even if she should move. She had seen lots of pictures of people fucking, but they had all been still photographs. The girl didn't know how much motion fucking really had.
Her breathing grew hot and ragged as she felt her brother feeling around near the opening of her cunt. The tip of his prick knocked all around her cunt-hole and even hit it once but then bobbed away. Becky whimpered with anxiety, Why didn't he just put it in her?
Tom grunted and thrust, but his cock just couldn't seem to find her cunt- hole. Finally he reached down between them and grabbed his pounding prick. The size of his hard-on surprised even him, but he captured it and led the dripping tip to the equally wet mouth of her cunt.
Once he located his mark, Tom bucked his hips as he had watched so many other men do and almost to his surprise, he felt his cock forcing its way up into his sister's pussy. He shoved again and sighed as more of his prick was surrounded by the soft, moist meat of Becky's pussy.
Becky remained still while Tom started to fuck her. She let out short little yelps of pain as her cunt stretched around his cock. Although she has been finger-fucking herself for a long time, she had never taken anything into her cunt that felt anything near to having her brother's prick in her pussy.
In the groove now, Tom jabbed his sister's pussy, delighting in the way she held his cock so tightly. She was so soft on the inside! It wasn't really anything like fucking his own hand and he knew he'd never be satisfied with beating his meat again after all this.
Using what he'd seen others do to guide him, Tom reached up under his sister's blouse and cupped one of her small tits. When his fingers closed around the pointy cone, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. It didn't matter to him that his sister was not as voluptuous as many of the grown women he'd spied on. All he cared about was that Becky was here now, and he was fucking her. Her little titties could not have been more perfect to him.
"Move your ass," he panted, fucking his whole cock into her pussy. "Move with me, Beck, come on!"
Her teeth still clamped over her bottom lip with the strange feelings that caromed through her, Becky did her best to do what her brother wanted. She started slowly at first, rocking her hips with his rhythm. But the more he fucked her, the more comfortable she became with the motion and before long her body was moving with Tom, helping him fuck her with long, deep, measured strokes.
"Like this?" she panted, taking his hard fucking. "Okay?"
"Ummm-hummm," Tom replied, pounding her pussy with the full length of his prick.
Becky felt the juices from her cunt trickling out and running down between the cheeks of her ass. She also found that when she moved just right the base of her brother's prick rubbed against her clit and made her feel extra good.

The juices that ran from her stuffed cunt-hole excited Becky and made her hump up at her brother faster and faster. She no longer suffered at all from taking her brother's big prick. Now she felt lost and empty each time he pulled back and emptied her cunt. His cock soon became part of her, and Becky moaned in pleasure. Fucking was everything she had hoped it would be and she intended to do it often from now on.
Tom was having similar thoughts. His sister's pussy fit around his prick-shaft and the way her moist, squishy insides held his prick and caressed it when he fucked in and out delighted the boy. His confidence soared when he heard his sister sighing with joy, too.
"You like it?" he grunted, thrusting with his cock. "Does it feel good to you, Beck? Huh? Do you like fucking me?"
"Hummm!" Becky moaned, too overcome to speak, "Hummm, yesss!"
She wanted to tell him that fucking his wonderful prick was the best thing that ever happened to her. She wanted to tell him that his cock felt better to her than anything she had ever felt before. She wanted to tell him that she hoped he would never stop fucking her, but the words just wouldn't come so she moaned and mumbled her joy and tried to make him feel her ecstasy in the way she fucked back at him.
Their fucking got hotter and juicier. The precum that boiled from Tom's prick mixed with the juices his cock forced out from deep within Becky's cunt to form a fragrant, erotic mixture that spurred both of the horny teenagers on.
Tom fucked her with long, straight strokes. Then he pulled back and fucked her with just the tip of his cock, letting his own pleasure guide him. When he discovered something that felt especially good, he did it again and again, wanting to squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of his first fuck.
Like the man he had watched the night before, Tom flipped her blouse up out of the way, baring her titties. First he just looked at them and then he bent down and took the tip of one in between his dry lips.
"Yehhh," sighed Becky, arching up slightly to make her brother take in all of the tit that he could.
Tom licked the tit-tip and his dry lips and sucked in more of her tit- mound. His mouth opened wide and the soft white flesh filled it, making him breathe through his nose. Her nipple was far inside of his mouth now, and he let the tit pull back out of his oral grasp so that he could thump her nipple with his pointed tongue.
He flicked her nip and it made Becky squeal and squirm. Tom hadn't expected such a reaction from her, but now that he'd gotten it, he didn't let up.
Becky wriggled wildly, her whole body writhing around beneath him. Tom had trouble keeping his mouth plastered to her wet, wiggling tit but he did his best. It felt very sexy to have his sister undulating beneath him and he pressed down harder against her.
His cock was again completely buried in her pussy, and with the way she was writhing because of his tit-licking, Tom didn't have to fuck his sister at all. Becky now did all the work, moving her cunt around and around rather than up and down the swollen shaft of her brother's cock.
The more she moved, the harder Tom hammered on her tit-tip with his tongue. His breath shot out of his nostrils like fire from a dragon as he felt his cock begin to tingle with the familiar sensation of impending orgasm. He prayed briefly that his sister would not suddenly pull away from him when he started to come. He wanted more than anything to fill her pussy with his hot load of creamy cum.

But Becky was too turned on to even think about taking or not taking her brother's jizz. His mouth tortured her with pleasure, and she writhed around, her clit sometimes grinding against the base of his prick and making her move even faster than before. She wiggled and snorted, her eyes closed and her lovely face flushed as she got her older brother off.
Tom chewed on her tit harder as he felt the tide in his balls grow more and more violent. He didn't know if he should warn his sister or not that his cream was about to erupt. His eyes were open wide, and he looked up the side of Becky's smiling, panting face. He had never seen her look more beautiful.
Becky felt that familiar knot in her belly and she knew she was about to come, too. She had never come with a cock in her pussy before, and she just knew that this orgasm would be the best of her entire life. She wiggled around and around, pushing her cunt down around the base of Tom's prick. She wanted to have all of his cock inside her when the magic moment arrived.
She could feel Tom's hot breath against her neck and it sent little shivers of excitement down her side. Along with the goose bumps it aroused, she also felt her nipple go harder and stiffer in his mouth. His tongue lashed it again and Becky let out another high, thin squeal.
Tom reached beneath his undulating sister and grabbed the cheeks of her ass. He held her tightly, trying to hold her still enough that he could fuck her a few last times. The soft flesh of her naked ass filled his palms and he gouged at it with his fingertips, digging into her skin to tame and break her.
With his strong hands holding her that way, Becky could not move as freely as before. But it didn't much matter because her motions had already taken their toll. When her brother plowed his cock straight down into her one final time, that was all it took to send the young girl over the edge.
"Tommmyyy!" she squealed, her whole body quaking with release. "Iiiieee!"
Tom leaned against her heavily to keep her from throwing him right off of her. His cock was buried to the root in the undulating chamber of her pussy and then her orgasm reached its peak. It proved too much for the inexperienced fucker, and he let his sister have the load of cream his balls had cooked up for her.
"Agag, gahhh!" he grunted, letting her tit loose and holding her jerking body tight against him. "Ahhh!"
The two of them writhed and spasmed together, neither of them knowing just what would happen next. Their orgasms danced and dove together, one feeding off the other and regenerating itself. The moment went on and on, gathering strength and then ebbing, only to be revived again.
But, at last they could come no more and they lay in each other's arms panting and sighing with relief. Neither wanted to admit that it had been their first fuck, but both of the teenagers knew it would not be their last - with each other or with others.
[end part 1 of 2]
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[begin part 2 of 2]

Chapter 4

In the next few afternoons, Becky and Tom spent plenty of time in bed together. They experimented, learning different ways to please themselves and each other. Sometimes they fucked hard, and sometimes they fucked tenderly. But always they fucked with one ear open, ever alert for their mother.
As they grew more comfortable with their new-found sexuality, Becky relaxed enough to confide in her brother her excitement when it came to watching other people fuck. Tom was thrilled -- and relieved -- that Becky did not hold his voyeuristic tendencies against him. So, each pleased that the other was also erotic-minded, they decided to go out together one night and see what sexy scenes they could discover in their neighborhood.
They devised a plan where Tom would tell their mother that he had to go over to a friend's house one evening to work on a school project. That same evening, Becky agreed to leave her piano lessons a bit early, telling her teacher she had to get home to help her mother. The plan went off without a hitch and the two met just as it was getting dark in an alley not far from their house.
"We'll try the house on Guava first," Tom suggested, leading his sister down the back passageway. "They like to have a quick evening fuck once in a while."
"You mean you've watched them before?" Becky asked, trying to walk quietly.
"Sure! Did you think that I just started, like you?"
"Well, no," Becky replied. "But I didn't know you knew so much about what other people do."
"I don't really know much at all," Tom laughed. "I just know who likes to fuck and when -- and who doesn't close their curtains. Now come on!"
They hurried down one block, and up the next. Ahead of her, Becky could see one brightly lit window and she felt her stomach tighten when she realized it was their goal. Tom's hunch had been right. There were people in that room!
"What'd I tell ya?" Tom giggled. "Those horny sons of bitches can't keep their hands off each other!"
Brother and sister moved around the trashcans across the alley from the back bedroom window, covering themselves as best they could. Then they crouched down and Becky's eyes went wide when she got her first good look at two people actually fucking.
"I can't believe it," she sighed. "Look at them go! How can she take it?"
"I don't know," Tom mumbled. "But I know I can't. Feel this!"
He took her hand and guided it to the front of his pants. Without taking her eyes off the hot sight in front of her, Becky felt his hard-on pounding against the fly of his jeans. She gave it an absent little squeeze and then let it go. Watching other people fucking was such a tremendous new experience, it took all of her concentration.
Inside the sparsely furnished bedroom, an older man and a very young girl were both naked on the bed. The girl, her face turned slightly away from Becky and Tom, was on her hands and knees and the man was taking her from behind with long, powerful strokes. The short dark curls on the girl's head bounced when he rammed his cock into her, but she seemed to enjoy it. She held her body taut and absorbed his fucking power by slamming her ass back at him each time he filled her with his cock-meat.

As if from a distance, Becky heard her brother slide his zipper down. Then she sensed as much as heard him start to stroke his rigid prick.
Becky was getting plenty hot herself. The idea of spying on other people while they fucked had excited her but not nearly as much as actually doing it did. She could feel her cunt getting all soft and squishy and she shifted around, rubbing herself against the crotch seam of her jeans.
"Turns you on, huh?" Tom whispered, his hands moving on his cock while he grinned at his obviously excited sister.
"Yeah," Becky croaked. "Even more than I thought it would."
Tom laughed, a low and dirty sound. "You gettin' wet?" he asked.
Becky didn't have to answer because her brother reached over and cupped the crotch of her jeans. Becky knew her cunt was very juicy and from the way her brother sighed she knew too that her cunt-cream had soaked the crotch of her pants.
"Runnin' like a river," Tom sighed, massaging her wet crotch and feeling it become even wetter.
In her crouched position, Becky opened up her thighs and balanced herself on just her tiptoes. With one hand she held onto a nearby trashcan to keep from falling. She pushed her cunt back against her brother's groping hand and began to pant, his fingers thrilling her even through the covering of denim.
"Wait a minute," she finally sighed, pulling away from Tom.
His hand again free, Tom went back to jacking on his cock while Becky quickly popped the snap of her jeans and stood up just long enough to pull them and her panties down around her ankles. Then she crouched back down beside him, her naked cunt giving off an odor in the night air.
"Yeahhh," Tom sighed, guiding her one hand to his prick and then going back to work on her pussy, "this is gonna work out just fine."
Becky whimpered her agreement as her fingers closed around the swollen shaft of his prick and his hand pressed against her steaming cunt. She felt a gob of her pussy-juice ooze out and smear his palm.
Tom's cock was cool against her fingers, but after just a few quick strokes, it grew hotter and straighter than ever. She glanced down at it briefly and noticed the sexy way that it stuck out from the open crotch of his pants. Then her eyes flicked back to the horny couple in the bedroom.
The young girl, Becky was sure that she was even younger than she was herself, was down on her elbows with the man still giving it to her from behind. Her back was arched sharply and her naked ass quivered each time she took all of his prick-meat. Sometimes her face was pressed down against her arms and sometimes she tossed it back, rolling it around on her shoulders when she particularly liked the way the older man fucked her.
The man wore an expression of dominance and ecstasy. He gripped the girl around the waist, his fingers nearly reaching all the way around her. As he fucked into her with all his strength, he also pulled her toward him, making sure she got all the cock-meat there was to be had. From time to time he held her ass pressed against the base of his prick and rolled his hips from side to side, wiggling his prick around in the depths of the girl's speared cunt- channel.
"Incredible," Becky sighed, her fingers automatically running up and down the length of her brother's cock. "In-fuckin'-credible."
Tom gave another dirty laugh and then jabbed his sister's cunt with two fingers. Her pussy gripped his fingers very tightly. When he pulled them out, they were slick with her juices, and he smeared those juices across the exposed point of her thrusting clit.

Becky gasped and gave his prick a squeeze of appreciation. She was still very turned on by watching other people fucking, but as she got more used to the idea, found it easier to do two things at once, namely watching them and jerking her brother off.
She rubbed the pearl of pre-cum that she knew without even looking was at the tip of his cock around his straining prick-tip and listened with satisfaction as he sighed in pleasure. Then she gripped his cock tightly and worked the loose outer skin back and up over the solid inner core, feeling her crouching brother wriggling with mounting fuck-lust.
"That feels great," he panted. "Do you like what I'm doing to your pussy?"
"Y-yess," Becky sighed, thrusting her pelvis out and opening her cunt up. "Fuck me!"
Becky spoke through gritted teeth, and Tom did as she asked. He pushed his fucking fingers deep inside of her and then opened them up like a pair of scissors, forcing them against the walls of her pussy.
"Oooh," she gasped, feeling as if he was stretching the shape of her cunt- hole.
In retaliation she took her hand away from his cock long enough to coat it with a pearly layer of spit. Then, her eyes still on the fucking couple, she smeared the tip of his prick with her wetness and proceeded to smooth the lubricant all down the sides of his prick.
"Ahhh," Tom moaned, "yeahhh."
Becky's hand moved faster and smoother than ever now with the layer of spit between it and the loose skin of Tom's hard-on. She relaxed her wrist and beat his meat just as he had taught her during their few but furious days of fucking.
As she massaged his cock, she made sure that her fingertips stayed against the sensitive vein that ran the length of his prick-shaft. Becky didn't understand why but her brother was extra-sensitive on that spot and so she massaged it, wanting to please him as much as possible.
Above her own panting she could hear her brother's loud breathing. They were turning each other on with their hands and fingers, making their young fuck-parts hum with arousal. Becky had never dreamed that anything could feel so good as fingering her brother while he fingered her and they both spied on another couple fucking.
Inside the house the young girl that now making push-up motions with her arms. Sometimes her upper body was flat against the rumpled bed, her small tits squished beneath her. Other times she held herself up, her back straight, her tits pointing downward, two pink cones of flesh. But whatever she did seemed to excite the man more, and he fucked her with quicker strokes than ever, jarring her with his fucking prick.
Becky found herself moving with the same rhythm as the girl who was getting fucked. As the girl took the man's cock, Becky rocked forward and back, helping her brother fuck her with his pointed fingers. The night air was cool against the soft skin of Becky's bare legs, but up toward her crotch she was as hot as a pistol.
With one hand tight around her brother's prick and the other bracing her up against the trashcan, Becky could move only a little. But even that small bit of motion was enough in this sexy setting. She watched the man move his hands from the girl's waist to the soft cheeks of her ass. His fingers dug into her pliant flesh and the girl opened her mouth, obviously crying out in pleasure and pain. She wiggled her ass in the man's grip and Becky felt her own pussy lurch. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed, even better than the sexy photos that she and Vicky had shared.

Although he was an experienced voyeur and had watched this particular couple fucking before, tonight seemed special to Tom, too. His dark head bobbed as he jammed his fingers into his sister's pussy and moved with her hand, helping it jack him off. Her cunt-juice felt oily as it filled his hand and ran down to his wrist. How he wished he could fuck Becky right now just like the man in the house was fucking the young girl. Who was she? Tom wondered. Was she his daughter, or maybe his daughter's friend, or maybe a babysitter? Tom's horny mind went wild with the possibilities, and he fucked Becky's cunt with his hand all that much better.
Becky rocked from side to side, making Tom's fingers move more inside of her. Sometimes he gouged at the soft inner tissues of her pussy with his fingernails and it hurt her a little bit. But her soothing juices and his usually satisfying finger-fucking were quick to ease her pain and she thrust out to meet him, her cunt sucking around his jamming digits.
"Think she's his kid?" Tom panted, his mouth very near to his sister's ear. The question caught Becky off guard, and she only moaned in response.
"She can't be his wife, do you think? She doesn't look that old, and I can't see any ring," Tom continued, his hips thrusting up through the circle of Becky's fingers as he spoke.
Becky moaned.
"Do you know her?" he asked, quickly looking over at Becky's flushed face.
Becky absently shook her head.
Tom grinned when he saw how hot she was. Her whole face was distorted with passion and her tongue hung out the corner of her mouth. It was no wonder she couldn't answer him, the boy realized.
"You're almost there, huh?" he asked, his laughing eyes now trained on Becky.
"Uh-huh," she gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head as he rubbed his greasy fingers across her clit.
"Then let's go!"
Becky almost lost her delicate balance as her brother tore into her cunt with a new kind of frenzy. His fingers, now three of them, filled the mouth of her cunt completely and he let them fly in and out of the fluttering opening. Then, to further her pleasant torture, he began to revolve his thumb over her clit while he fucked her with his other fingers.
"Oh Tom!" she gasped as her fingers, too, increased their speed up and down the shaft of his prick.
For many minutes the two teenagers pounded each other like never before. Becky bit her bottom lip with the power of her efforts and Tom panted like a stallion, his balls rolling around until they slipped from the confines of his jeans and dangled in the night air. As Becky pumped his prick, his balls began to dance, jerked and jarred by her violent fucking motions.
Their eyes grew wider and wider as it became apparent that the man in the house was about to come. His fucking strokes became frantic and then he jammed his cock into the girl completely and bent forward, over her back, gripping her hanging tits and hugging her to him. Becky and Tom could see the way his ass twitched and they each imagined the thick stream of jism that he was depositing far up inside the young girl.
Tom's prick vibrated in his sister's hand as he watched the little brunette grind her parted ass-cheeks against the base of the man's creaming cock. Her cheek was against the bed and her back sloped upward to meet the man's hairy belly. Her ass twitched back and forth just a little bit, wringing the last of his come from his beefy balls.

Becky slammed her hand from the base of his prick-head to the root of his cock, holding his shaft tightly in her sweaty hand. Tom jerked his hips too, and together they brought him off just as the man in the house began to stir, picking himself up off the back of the kneeling girl.
"Yeah, Bekkky!" he gasped, keeping his voice low. "Uhhh!"
Becky's hand jacked furiously on his spewing prick and his cream flew off in every direction. Becky took a few drops of it against her jacking hand and a few more on her bare legs and the side of one cheek. She stuck her tongue out and tried to lick away the bits of his cream that dotted her face.
As he came, Tom let his fingers slack off in their fucking of her. But his come was a quick one and before the man had even pulled his cream-soaked cock from the cunt of the young girl, Tom's moment had passed and he again focused his efforts on bringing off his sister.
Becky had been so close for so long that it didn't take much for Tom to fuck her climax right out of her. Of course, he had some help as Becky watched the large older man coax the girl down onto her back and then fall betweeen her splayed thighs to lick up his own cream.
"Oh fuck!" Becky gasped, the combination too much for her. "Here I come!"
"Do it baby, yeah!"
As much as he wanted to see the old man eating the young girl, Tom wanted to watch his sister come even more. Now, in the subdued light, he saw her face contort and her eyes roll as he felt her pussy dance around his embedded fingers. He kept his hand moving and it slid around in her juicy, climaxing cunt, instantly making the boy's cock hard as a rock again.
Becky sighed and moaned, her knees waving apart and together around her brother's pumping hand. The knuckles of the hand that gripped the trashcan went white with the effort as Becky swooned with pleasure and satisfaction. Her cunt pulsed with her climax, one moment feeling very taut and the next very loose and open. Tom kept fucking her until the last shudder passed through her body. Then he gavce her a moment to recouperate before he patted her moist, naked ass and shocked her back to reality.
"Come on," he said, struggling to get his new hard-on into his pants. "We better get home before Mom has a cow."
He took Becky's hand and helped her unsteadily to her feet. Like a zombie she pulled up her pants and ran her fingers through her hair. Then, with Tom waiting to follow in a few minutes, she took one last look at the hot pussy- eating that was going on in the house and hurried off toward her home.

Chapter 5

When Becky arrived home, she found her father in the kitchen wearing an apron and putting dinner on the table. There were only three places set, and Becky guiltily slid into hers.
"Where's mom?" she asked as her dad set the casserole down in front of her.
"She had a big meeting with a client," Jim Moon replied, noticing his daughter looked especially radiant. "Do you know where Tom is?"
"Nope," Becky said quickly, helping herself to the food.
"I guess we'll start without him, then," Jim sighed, sitting down himself.
"Yeah, guess so," Becky mumbled.

As she began to eat, Becky tried to stay calm, but it wasn't easy. She was relieved that her mother wasn't there. Somehow her mom always knew when she was lying or trying to hide something. Still, it made her nervous to have to lie right to her father's face. She wished that Tom would hurry up and get his ass home!
Jim watched his daughter move her food around on her plate, arranging it into little piles and then smashing them flat. Obviously something was on the girl's mind, and he wondered what it could be. All the time she and Tom had been spending together lately had not gone unnoticed by their usually quiet father. Still, Jim didn't know exactly how to approach the subject with his daughter, so he just let them finish their meal in silence.
When they were about done, Tom burst in through the back door, school books in hand.
"Sorry dad, I got hung up." He glanced briefly at Becky. "Where's mom?"
"She had to work late," Jim said, noticing the odd way his son looked at Becky.
"We didn't know how late you'd be so we've already finished."
"No sweat, dad," Tom said, heaping a mound of food on his plate and then heading for the living room. "I wanted to catch the end of the game anyway."
Jim didn't say anthing as Tom carried his meal to the couch and turn on the television. Such behavior was strictly prohibited when Julie was home, but since she wasn't there, Jim saw no reason the boy couldn't eat wherever he wanted to. Again alone with Becky, Jim pushed back his chair and sighed.
"So, how's school?" he asked.
"What?" Becky snapped, her mind so far away, reliving the events of the evening, that she didn't hear her father's question.
"I just asked how things were going at school."
"Oh, okay I guess," Becky said, getting up and carrying their dirty dishes to the sink.
As she swept past Jim, he caught the unmistakable scent of sex wafting from her. Had his little girl just been fucked? he asked himself.
Becky had her back to her father as she scraped the plates off and filled the sink with hot water. Her pussy hurt a little bit from the vigorous finger-fucking Tom had given it, and she shifted her thighs, trying to ease her discomfort. Jim noticed her sexy gyrations and cleared his throat loudly.
"Honey, ah, you're getting to be quite a young woman, and ah, if there's every anything you want to talk about, any questions you might have, you know you can come to me and I'll help you all I can."
"Thanks, dad," Becky murmured, her back still to him.
"I know your mother isn't the kind of person who seems like she'd be easy to talk to about uh, sex, so I want you to know that I'm available to you."
Becky nodded, her thighs still rubbing together.
As Jim spoke, he got the crazy idea that his daughter was turned on for some reason. He watched her ass rock from side to side ever so slightly and found himself wanting Becky, wanting her very much. Sex with his wife was poor at best and, although he didn't want to, he began to imagine what it would be like to fuck his own daughter.
"Do you think you know enough about sex?" he asked, his own blunt question turning him on. "I mean, is there anything you don't understand?"
"I don't know," Becky shrugged, pressing herself tighter against the counter.

Was her father coming on to her? Becky wondered. Again her thoughts returned to the people she had watched fucking earlier that evening. She imagined them to have been father and daughter and the idea of actually getting the chance to have that kind of sexual experience herself began to appeal to her. But could she do it? Could her father do it? she wondered.
At that point Jim wasn't sure himself either. But his daughter drew him like a magnet and he got up and walked over to her. He stood right behind her as she soaped the dishes, his body close enough to her so she could feel his body heat, but not close enough to touch.
"I know it's none of my business honey," he said softly, pushing her hair to one side and caressing her bare neck, "but I don't think you were at your piano lesson tonight. Were you with a boy?"
Becky shrugged.
"Well, it really doesn't matter," Jim said, hugging her to him. At first Becky was stiff in his embrace, but when she felt his hard cock against the crack of her ass, she relaxed. Now she knew that he wanted her just as she wanted him.
"You're right Daddy, I was with a boy tonight," she whispered, rubbing back against him.
"I hope you didn't do anything foolish," Jim panted, his arms holding her tight against him and caressing her curvy sides.
"I didn't let him fuck me, if that's what you mean," Becky said boldly, writhing her ass against his hard-on.
"Have you ever fucked a boy?" Jim asked, his hands moving down the front of her body and to the crotch of her jeans. When she didn't stop him, he rubbed the crux of her thighs.
"Only one," she replied, her cunt fucking under her father's touch.
The top of Becky's blonde head came to just beneath his chin as he pressed himself against her harder than ever. His hands were between her upper thighs, and he could feel the heat of her hot cunt through the fabric of her jeans. Jim didn't believe what he was doing, but kept doing it anyway, his hard-on growing stiffer against Becky's ass.
Becky looked down at her body, and saw her dad's hands disappearing between her legs. She rolled her head back against him and sighed. This was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she knew that soon she would be taking her father's cock, just like the little brunette had. To speed things along, Becky reached down and unzipped the front of her pants.
"You can stop me any time you want to," her father panted as he accepted her invitation and moved his hands inside her jeans and panties.
Becky sighed and wiggled a bit, easing her pants down around her thighs. Her father's touch made her tingle, and that surprised her. She would not have thought that anything could make her feel better than the things she had done with her brother.
But her father was very much like her brother only bigger and more experienced. He too, was tall and dark, and Becky relaxed against him, opening herself up to his magical touch.
Jim touched the soft, wet folds of her cunt and sighed with lust. God, what was he doing? Was he out of his mind? But he couldn't stop, he didn't want to stop, so he probed the juicy tightness of Becky's young pussy.
Becky's hands were limp in the dishwater and her head rolled back against his chest. His cock was throbbing behind her, and she wanted it more than anything she had ever wanted before.
"You gonna fuck me, Dad?" she asked, her voice thick and odd.
"Do you want me to?"
"Yesss, oh yesss!" she sighed.

Jim kept one finger probing at the open flower of her pussy and brought the other back between their bodies and carefully undid his zipper. His cock bobbed up, automatically nudging in between his daughter's legs.
Becky whimpered when her father fisted his cock and guided it to the opening of her pussy. Becky lifted herself up on the counter slightly to make it easier for him to penetrate her.
Jim gave her a series of short, quick fuck-strokes, feeding his little girl his cock a bit at a time. He could hear the drone of the television, and he remembered that Tom might wander back into the kitchen at any moment. It worried him, but at the moment he was too horny to let anything stop him from finishing the fuck he had just begun.
When the tip of his cock was securely inside Becky, he again took her in his arms and held her up off the floor. Then, with another few lunges, he had her filled with his prick-meat.
"Daddyyyy," Becky sighed.
Jim braced her against the counter and pumped into her with a vigor he hadn't felt in years. His wife used to be a good fuck, but lately she'd been too bitchy to even turn him on. He chose just to leave her to her own devices and went his own way. Fucking his own daughter was turning out to be the very best way he'd found to scratch his itch in a very long time.
As he fucked her, Becky felt her pants slipping farther and farther down her legs until they were tangled around her shoes. She felt light and very feminine with her father holding her up in the air while he fucked her. Briefly she wondered if she looked as wanton taking her daddy's prick as the brunette girl had earlier that evening.
Cunt-juice flowed from Becky's open pussy and made it easier for her dad to fuck her hard and fast. His pants too rolled down his hips, freeing him for wilder and more wanton fucking. He gripped Becky tightly, holding her up and using her like some kind of fuck-off doll.
Becky sighed and moaned, her father's cock going deeper inside of her than her brother's prick ever had. She felt like her father's prick was touching special places within her, places that had never been touched before. She wiggled around as much as she could, wanting to let him know that she loved what he was doing to her and to beg him not to stop.
But Jim had no intention of stopping, at least not until he came. He nuzzled his face into his daughter's fragrant hair and nibbled on her white neck as he continued to feed her the many inches of his man-sized prick shaft.
"Am I hurting you?" he panted.
"N-n-n-noooo," Becky replied, her answer coming out shaky because of his vigorous fucking. "I-I-I love it!"
"Good," Jim grunted, slamming his cock into her all the way, "because so do I!"
His hard fuck-strokes jammed Becky against the counter, her hips grinding against the tiles. Jim leaned over her and forced her to bend at the waist, bringing her long hair into the soapy water in front of her.
More than ever Becky felt like the fucking couple she had watched. Now, like that girl, she was bent way over with her dad giving her his cock from behind! Becky leaned forward even farther, watching the ends of her hair floating on the greasy, sudsy surface of the dishwater.
When her father fucked into her hard, her clit was ground against the counter with especially pleasant results. Becky rocked forward and back as much as she could, increasing the violence of their fucking motions, and also increasing the contact her sizzling clit recieved.
Jim caught on to what she was doing and began to help her. He lifted her up and leaned against her back, bouncing her clit against the edge of the counter.

Little flutters began to run down her spine and Jim felt them on the inside as well as the outside of her body. His cock was jolted by them and it thrilled him to know that his little girl was so close to coming. He plowed her cunt that much faster, anxious to bring her off.
Becky grabbed the far side of the sink and used it for leverage to fuck back at her dad. His cock continued to trench her out, filling and stretching her pussy-channel like Tom's young prick never had. She writhed and swooned, her body taking over her mind and fucking of its own volition.
The more extreme the quaking inside of Becky's cunt became, the more frenzied her father's fucking became. Jim rolled his eyes and thundered his cock forward, jabbing it between the gripping walls of Becky's pussy. He could feel from the way his nuts had begun to tingle that it wouldn't be long before he was coming, too.
"Daddy, I'm gonna come," Becky panted, as if asking his permission.
"Do it, baby, do it," Jim grunted, filling her with his prick. "Just let it go!"
Becky's mouth was open, and she breathed loudly. She gasped and sputtered, her orgasm wracking her body with tremendous shudders. Jim held her tight and continued to fuck her, the tremors in her cunt vibrating his whole body from the cock on up. Together they panted and sighed, the father savoring his daughter's orgasm almost as much as he would savor one of his own.
Becky pressed her clit tightly against the counter edge and felt the mouth of her pussy opening and closing as if gulping in air. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she was bent cruelly over the counter, her face very near to the cooling water.
As her orgasm subsided, Jim took it easy on her, fucking her with tender, stirring strokes that made her coo and sigh. But it cost him dearly, and he could only hold himself back for so long before his body tensed and he let her have it with both barrels again.
"Get ready baby," he panted, ramming into her with renewed vigor.
"Yes Daddy, I'm ready," Becky gasped, his weight nearly crushing her.
Like a dog fucking its mate, Jim leaned into his little girl and fed her the last of his exquisite fucking. His cock thundered through the ultra-tight of her freshly climaxed cunt, loving the way the walls of her pussy continued to shudder with soft, stray ripples of ecstasy. Each one thrilled Jim right down to the roots of his hair and spurred him on to fuck Becky that much harder.
The silky interior of her pussy caressed his sizzling prick, and Jim grunted and gasped in frustration and pleasure. The come in his nuts gathered together and then, despite his effort to delay it, came rushing up along the tube of his prick like the tide on the beach and crashed forth, shooting from the tiny hole in the end of his prick with incredible force and volume.
"Ahhh, gahhhh, fuck!" he gurgled, burying his sobs of release in her long, silky hair.
Becky felt like she might explode from the strength of his climax. She felt the cream decorate her insides with its whiteness and warmth. Even coming with her own brother had never been like this!
For several seconds her father shuddered against her back, his cock bucking around inside her. Then, gradually, she felt him relax and his cock begin to slip from her, greased with a thick stream of his escaping jizz. An inch at a time Jim lowered her to the floor and her toes had just touched when she heard her brother's voice.
"Jesus mother-fucking Christ!" Tom exclaimed, his milk glass crashing to the floor. "Damn!"
[end part 2 of 2]

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