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By The Sinister Minister

It was a hot, summer day in the middle of June. Jonathan was lying naked on the beach, surrounded by all the other nudists, working on his tan. He had been going to the nude beach for years, so he felt no discomfort lying there with nothing on, tanning his body.
He watched as his daughter splashed in the waves, cooling off after working hard at a sand castle all morning. As Katie danced around, he couldn't help admiring all the perfect little curves on her body. At four, her smooth, soft skin looked golden from the long hours she had spent under the sun at that very beach. Her round face beamed with a smile that spread from ear to ear. His eyes flowed down her body, outlining her small shoulders, then her chest, then her buttocks. He stopped here to admire the perfection she had been blessed with. Her buttocks were shaped perfectly; they looked small, round and firm. She turned toward him and waved, giggling.
As he waved back, he couldn't stop himself from staring at her smooth, soft little mound. The number of times he had seen it he could never count, but this time was a little different. He couldn't believe how perfect her small, hairless slit looked, hiding between her tiny bronzed legs. He knew she would grow up to be beautiful. He rolled onto his back again, and didn't give the incident another thought for a couple of years.
Katie was six. Time seemed to have gone so fast. Jonathan was amazed that his little girl had grown so quickly. Just two weeks earlier she had finished her first year in school, and was looking forward to going back in the fall as a big first-grader. They were on vacation again. He felt himself unwinding and becoming more relaxed as he lay back on the sand. He was proud to have a daughter who was so comfortable with her body. As soon as they arrived, she had pulled all of her clothes off and gone running straight to the water. Now she was heading back toward him. She trotted up talking about what a great hole she had made in the sand until the tide filled it in. She came over to where he lay and plopped herself down on his chest, looking him in the eye. "Thanks so much for bringing me here again, Daddy," she said. "I love it here, and I love you too." And with that, she reached down and gave him a hug.
She lay on her father for a while, enjoying the warm sun on her back, and the feel of her strong father's muscles underneath her. Slowly, she wiggled down to lay her head on his chest. This left her little slit pressed hard against Jonathan's penis. He was a little disturbed by this, but she looked so happy snuggled against him that he decided not to worry about it.
Katie fell asleep on her father's chest and they lay there under the sun for a while. Eventually Katie started to stir. It was evening, and it was getting cool. All the other people had left, and they were alone on the beach. As she woke, Katie began to realize how cold she was, and tried to snuggle tighter against her father. She was still lying on her father's penis, and this wiggling made it stiffen. Katie felt it change under her, which made her sit up and laugh. She slid off him, then reached down and touched his penis. Her cool fingers on his hardening shaft made him jerk, but then he relaxed. Her touch was so soft that he could not make himself stop her. She stoked him for a moment, letting her tiny fingers play up and down his ever-stiffening penis. Suddenly she jumped up and started running down the beach toward their cabin. That was the last incident for a couple of years.
Then something else strange happened. Katie was nine, a perfect third-grader. She got excellent grades at school, took gymnastics lessons during the week, and played soccer every weekend. She was a happy, busy, and friendly child.
One Saturday night something odd happened. It was 10:30 and Katie had been in bed for an hour, so Jonathan figured he was safe. He walked to the entertainment center and reached around to the back of the top shelf where he hid some pornagraphic movies. He pulled out a tape and put it in the VCR. A moment later, two figures appeared on the screen.
The tape showed an 18 year old girl with a shaved pussy masturbating herself as a slightly older man looked on. Jonathan unzipped his pants. As he lay on the sofa, slowly stroking his penis, the tape played on. He had his fist wrapped around his penis, and was pumping away as the couple on the screen repositioned themselves for sex. As they sped up, so did he. He felt the pressure building in his testicles, then in his penis as he masturbated. Finally, when he could stand it no longer, he let himself go, squirting semen all over his bare chest. As he collapsed with a deep sigh, he thought he heard little footsteps running away from him down the hall.
Startled, he jumped up and pulled his pants on. Then he crept down the hall and opened Katie's door a crack. The only sound from inside was his daughter's slow, rhythmic breathing coming from her bed. Figuring he was just imagining things, he went back to the den to re-hide his video tape.
Four weeks later, Katie turned ten. Jonathan had arranged a birthday party for her and six of her friends. They had been to the swimming pool, the roller rink, and the move theater that day. Although Katie wanted to stay up late on her birthday, all the exercise had taken its toll and at 10:00 Katie turned in for the night. Jonathan tucked her in, kissed her goodnight, and closed the door.
He walked down the hall, and decided that it would be a good night to watch a pornographic movie. He reached behind the entertainment center and produced his favorite tape. As he settled back onto the couch, the young, shaved girl appeared on the screen. He watched intently, as she stroked herself, wiggling from the pleasure she felt. He was stroking himself up and down, in tandem with her movements, feeling very excited.

He heard a quiet giggle behind him, and whipped around to find his daughter sitting on the carpet behind him. She had hiked her nightie up past her waist with one hand, and was stroking her smooth slit with the other. She smiled at him as she rubbed her tiny hairless slit up and down, just like the girl on the video. Jonathan was so shocked that he couldn't speak, so he just sat there and stared. He was fascinated to watch his little girl sitting there, rubbing her tiny little lips. She slipped a finger between them, wiggling it as she slowly inserted it into her vagina. She drew it out, and began rubbing her crack again, smiling the whole time. Still unable to speak, he turned back to the television where he noticed that the model on the screen was doing exactly the same thing as his daughter.
Finally able to speak, he could not think of appropriate words so he blurted out "Why aren't you in bed?" Katie looked at him and giggled. "I've been watching you," she said. Then she turned back to the television to watch the girl on the screen. Jonathan didn't know what to do, but the sight of his daughter rubbing her tiny little slit was so exciting that he didn't stop her. She wiggled her small pelvis as she ground her fingers against her vagina. Up and down, then in and out, her tiny fingers worked the soft, hairless mound. The expression on her face was one of sheer delight as she tickled the soft flesh between her legs. Suddenly she stood up and walked over to Jonathan.
He turned to see the television just as the girl on the screen grabbed the man's penis and began to stroke it. As the man on the screen reached out to return the favor, Jonathan felt Katie little finger's slip around his penis and begin to pump up and down his shaft. He looked over to her with surprise and horror, but could not move. She reached over and grabbed his hand, placing it between her thighs. "Come on," she said, "you have to do it too." Feeling too much pleasure to argue, he began moving his hand up toward her slit. He found it warm and just slightly damp. It was so soft to the touch, he could hardly believe his fingers. He stroked the smooth, hairless mound up and down, then squeezed it, marvelling at it tenderness. "Put your finger in it, like on the TV," Katie said. Jonathan was in no state to argue as his daughter's little fingers caressed his rock-hard shaft. He slid a finger between the warm, puffy-looking lips. He found a soft and slippery treasure inside.
As he slid his finger deeper and deeper into his daughter's small hole, he felt the muscles in her vagina gripping and squeezing him. He worked his finger all the way in, then began wiggling it. This sent shudders through Katie's body, and she sighed with pleasure. All the time she kept working on her father's penis, stroking it up and down as she watched the television screen.
Jonathan moved his other hand between her legs next to the first one so he could keep massaging her smooth mound while he wiggled his finger inside her. He felt her pushing gently, then harder back against his hands. The muscles in her vagina continued to work on his finger, making him feel giddy.
Katie stood up, then straddled her father and sat down on his stomach. He glanced over to the screen to see the couple engaged in intercourse. "We can't," he said, "you'll get hurt!"
"I'm not stopping now," Katie replied. "This feels too good. Let's try!" Slowly she slid down his chest until her vagina was at the end of her father's penis. The soft, hairless mound felt smooth as it pressed against his rod. He reached down with his hand, put a finger on each of her lips, and slowly spread them. She moved herself so his penis was right in the opening of her vagina, and then began to push herself down against it. Jonathan felt the opening of her vagina stretch, then wrap itself around the head of his penis. He looked at his daughter's face for signs of pain, but all he got back was a big grin. Gradually, she inched herself down his shaft. The whole time, Jonathan felt her muscles sucking at his penis, as if they were trying to draw it inside her. Inch by inch, she slid down until her smooth mound was touching her father's bush.
By this point, Jonathan was speechless again. Katie's little body moved back and forth as she rubbed her mound on his bush. Her vagina was still grabbing and sucking at her father's penis as she wiggled her buttocks back and forth. Then she began, very slowly, to move her body up and down.
Jonathan lay on his back as Katie worked him. He felt her little buttocks, so smooth and round in his hands as they moved up and down. As her pace increased, he moved one hand around to the front of her body, to feel the beautiful little crack he had first admired when she was only four years old. The mound was smooth and hairless, slippery from the juices now coming from within. He could feel it stretched tightly around his penis as it moved up and down. With a finger he found his daughter's miniature clitoris hiding under its hood. As he rubbed it, Katie moaned and began to move her hips even faster. He slipped his hand back around to her buttocks to give himself a better grip.
Katie mover faster and faster, her vagina squeezing Jonathan's penis tightly and causing lots of friction from the tight fit. Up and down she stroked, getting more and more frenzied. The sensations in Jonathan's penis were almost overwhelming; a tiny tight, hairless vagina trying to milk him of all he had. He sensed that Katie was near the edge, so Jonathan pulled his hand from his daughter's back side, licked a finger, then put it back just in time to plunge a finger into her anus as she had her first orgasm. Waves of pleasure rolled up and down her body, causing her vagina to contract in ripples along the length of her father's penis. This was enough to send him over the edge as well.
He thrusted, then gave a big grunt as he exploded into his daughter. Unable to control himself, he yelled from the pleasure he felt. As waves of orgasm cascaded over his body, he felt his daughter's magical vagina sucking him dry as it worked him up and down. Her tiny, ten-year-old body was wiggling around on top of him, and her smooth mound rubbed on his bush as her anus gripped his finger. It seemed like an eternity before she stopped wiggling but eventually, after the longest and most intense orgasm of his life, it was over.
His daughter stayed seated on his penis as she looked him in the eye. "Thank you, Daddy," she said. "That was wonderful." Then she laid her head down on his chest and shut her eyes, still holding Jonathan's penis between her tiny, smooth lips as she fell asleep.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS *FANTASY*! Children are not prepared for sex. If you feel tempted to actually act out a fantasy like this, or currently engage in similar activity, I urge you to seek help. The damage inflicted upon children by sexual abuse is immeasurable. Please take care of our nation's most valuable resource.

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