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"And that's that," said Rod, as he closed his desk. "I hope that settles ourselves enough business for at least a while." He leaned back into his chair and stretched his arms and legs.
"Yes, I guess you're right," demurred Bill, closing his notebook. His eyes glanced for the hundredth time in the direction of the girl quietly sitting on the sofa watching television.
Rod smiled. He obviously hadn't missed any of Bill's glances. "So, 'you want to meet her? D' ya want to meet my girlfriend?" he rose, looking at Bill's weak smile.
"Well, sure." he said.
"Kara!" Rod whistled through his teeth. Bill started a little. "Kara, Come here! I want you to meet Bill." Bill watched as the girl stood up and walked obediently up to the two men. As she approached, she looked at Bill and smiled ever so slightly.
"Hi," said Bill. "Um, nice to meet you." He could barely keep >from staring. The girl was a knockout. Soft, curly headed brunette, gorgeous face, lovely and mostly bare shoulders, huge, round tits at least 36" D, with nipples protruding through the thin, ragged-cut short T-shirt, lovely waist and cute belly button, sultry hips under a denim skirt, and curvy, shapely, long bare legs that reached all the way to her raised-heel shoes. Bill let his stunned gaze swing up into her soft, brown, blinking eyes. She smiled a little wider.
"Hi," she said. "Kara." She paused. "You like...?" And she took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and tugged at it a little. Bill was really stunned now.
Rod looked at his stammering buddy. "She means, 'Would you like for her to take her clothes off.' She loves it when a guy admires her body." Bill smiled and stretched again. "I think I can guess what else she would like to do. Right, Baby?"
Kara smiled as her lips parted slightly, and she looked down for a moment. Then her eyes fixed unmistakably on Bill's trousers. "Uh huh. Can I?" She spoke almost dreamily. Bill stirred uncomfortably.
"Let's see...yeah, I came in your mouth earlier. Yeah, sure, Honey. As long as you're still hungry." Bill looked at Rod. "Oh, it's all right. She does this all the time. She just loves it when men enjoy her body. And she also loves cum." Bill could not bear to look at Kara, but looked questioningly at Rod. "I'm serious! Man, this girl loves to suck cock like you wouldn't believe! Every day and every night she does me! And every time, man, I just send a blast of cum right into her mouth. She loves it! Slurps it right up and jerks every drop out. She'll hold it in her mouth, swishin' it around for a while, then either swallow it all, or let some dribble out. And look at her! She still wants more!" Bill looked at her. A hungry, mischievous look adorned her face now as her eyes bored straight through him. "See? And she already did me tonight. I guess she just really likes cum."
"Cummm." Kara spoke again, meaningfully. Her moist lips were parted a little, forming a smile now at her new man. Her eyes became brighter. "Suck you off in my mouth?"
Stunned, Bill stared at Kara now. Yes, he could easily picture this pretty girl's head bobbing up and down on his cock. In the same instant he pictured a stream of his white cum shooting out of the tip of his cock straight between the lips of this little girl as she slobbered down every drop. "Sure," Bill managed to say.
She then crossed her arms in front of her, each hand grabbed a handful of T-shirt, and with one movement she pulled the skimpy T away >from her body. Her tits bobbed free. She shook them from side to side. Her young breasts jiggled like, well, like only a lucious girl's tits can jiggle. She then brought her arms close to her body, pushing her round and full breasts together.
"Um hum," she said. "Want some new cum." Her wet tongue flicked out for an instant.
"Oh, my god," said Bill. He didn't dare move.
Kara hooked each thumb under her skirt, and with a brisk tug, dropped her shirt to her ankles. She kicked it away, showing her soft, brown, curly pussy to Bill proudly.
"Oh...Oh...I..." Bill moved his hand to his crotch. Swiftly, the naked girl was on her knees. She moved Bill's hand away and began unzipping his zipper. Bill sat, still in a daze, as he watched this gorgeous babe unbuckle his pants. Her mouth was open and her tongue was slightly visible past her lips. There was no question what this girl had on her mind. Soon, she had Bills pants on the floor. The lovely girl then proceeded to tug his shorts all the way off.
"Gonna shoot lots?" she asked, looking up at Bill as her soft hands groped for that object she was so familiar with. Bill's hard cock sprang free and Kara's hand expertly caught it. She looked back down at her new cock for a moment, and then swung her gaze back at Bill and began pumping. A beautiful smile spread over her face.
"Fun, eh?" said Rod. "Just sit back and enjoy it. And just you wait--she's gonna eat you up!" Rod retired to a farther corner of the room.
"Ooooooo," said Kara, her eyes back on her work, her face inches >from Bill's jerking cock. She stopped pumping, drooled some saliva into her palm, readjusted Bill's cock, slid her fist down and then up, and then kicked in her jerking again. "Yeahhhhhhh," she breathed slowly, her hot breath almost forming a mist over the head of Bill's rod. Apparently she was satisfied with this new cock. She aimed it at her mouth and, without slowing her pumping, smiled up at Bill again. "Gonna shoot me lotsa cum?" she asked, seriously. Her eyes questioned and her titties jiggled as her arm stroked rapidly.
"God," said Bill. "Yes. Yes, baby." Bill's lightning quick mind surmised the situation. He looked down at Kara. She was still jerking him off, still careful to keep his cock aimed at her mouth. 'Yes, I'll give you some of my cum, if you want it."
"Uh huh," said Kara meaningfully. She positioned Bill's cock in front of her face. "Want some cum to shoot right here, " she said as she slid her pink tounge out past her lips. Without actually touching it to the cock before her, she pretended to lap up loads of imaginary cum, gulping it down as if it was shooting out of the slit for her. As she lapped, a tiny drool of her saliva accidently slipped from her mouth, landed on Bill's cock and slid down it. Her hand never stopped it's pumping. In the corner, Rod quietly managed to keep a proud and interested eye on the proceedings.
As Kara continued her pumping, she let the tip of her moist tongue momentarily touch the head of Bill's cock. A silvery string of pre-cum linked cock to mouth. Kara swung her gaze up at Bill, smiled at him, then licked the rest of the pre-cum off of his dick with relish. Bill watched as her tongue lapped again and again at his cock like a kitten while she continued to pump. Streams of her saliva slid off her tongue and slid down the head of Bill's cock in small, wet, gooey gobs. She continued to pump.
Finally, as if she had finished her cock tease, Kara opened her mouth, glanced up at Bill, then slurped her head down onto the hot cock in one swift movement. Bill suddenly felt a lucious girl's mouth sucking softly and wetly at his hard dick. He looked down and saw what he felt: her mouth had engulfed his dick fully, her head bobbed only slightly, and her cheeks hollowed rapidly as she sucked and sucked. Bill reeled; the feeling of a girl concentrating on sucking his entire rod without pumping left him weak. Then, with audible slurps, she slowly slid her lips up the length of his cock, leaving a trail of her mouth juice. When she reached the head, she gnawed and nibbled playfully. Her hand grasped his cock again, and she kept it pointing up as her tongue began lapping him with long, wet licks. She caught his eye as she licked, and smiled. Bill's cock was purple, and more pre-cum formed at the tip. This she licked off again with obvious relish, and rubbed his cockhead against her kissing lips. Then her mouth opened, and quite predictably slid down his cock again. Up she slurped again, and then down again, up, down, slowly beginning a good blowjob rhythm. Bill began petting her curly black hair, then glanced up at his generous friend.
"Can you believe this?" grinned Rod with obvious pride.
"She really is good!" said Bill, as Kara looked up at him with a smile in her eyes. "Her sucking is like...well...for herself, instead of for the guy."
"Yeah," agreed Rod. "Yeah, but she's good to her man. Respects her man. She really knows that...well...that men deserve blowjobs from their women."
Kara slurped her mouth up past Bill's cock. "Guys gotta cum." she shrugged, then obediently returned to her mouth to her suck job.
Bill petted her soft hair some more, as her head bobbed slowly. Kara wiggled her slim, nude body between Bills legs, getting comfortable in her kneeling position. Her left arm rested across Bill's chest, her palm occasionally rubbing his tummy. Her right hand still held his penis, continuing to keep him revved up as she sucked. "You are such a good girl," Bill said to her. He was now quite comfortable with young, pretty, naked Kara, who wiggled some more at the complement and increased the speed of her sucking. Bill began to feel that familiar twitch beginning deep within, and longed for the moment when he would release his load. Kara sensed that he was close, and cupped his balls in her left hand and just aimed his cock with her right. Her mouth increased its slurping and sucking up and down Bill's purple cock.
"Ohh,'re gonna get it, baby," Bill moaned as he leaned his head back. His cum was building up against the dam.
"Cuuummmmmmm," Kara managed to say, and continued happily humming as she sucked. The girl knew that the cock in her mouth was about to blast several shots of cum, and she knew that good cock-sucking girls are expected by the man to take it all. She happily visualized her new man cumming in her mouth, and she began to plan the best way to take it. One way she liked was to leave the penis in her mouth while it was shooting so that she could feel it spray the inside of her mouth. She would then dribble the cum out past her lips while she was still sliding them up and down the hard rod. Another way was to pull the rod out of her mouth at the last second, and start licking the cum off the end of the cock while it shot out. And maybe the nastiest way was to pull the dick out and aim it at her face, and let the cum shoot all over her face, drenching her mouth. She would then rub the dick around her mouth, making sure her lower face was coated with a layer of creammy cum. As she planned these ways to take cum, Kara felt the cock tremble in her mouth as it prepared to shoot.
Bill was in ecstasy. His hips thrust involuntarily into the soft, succulent mouth, which slurped noisily up, then down, then up...down... up...down...up...down...up... "Ahhhhhhhhhh," Bill gasped.
Bill began to shoot. Quickly, Kara slipped her mouth up and off the cock she held and kept her mouth open. Just in time too; a long, creamy white stream of cum squirted from Bill's purple rod. Kara, while pumping the shooting cock, misjudged her aim a little bit. The stream splashed onto her face against her lower lip and chin.
"Oh, fuck, take it!" yelled Bill while shooting his first load.
"Ohhh!" Kara swung the cock so that it aimed right at her mouth. The stream, still squirting from Bill's dick, moved in a graceful arc as the splashes against Kara's face traveled from her chin to her mouth. "Ummmmmmmm!" she squealed as she saw the second cum load squirt between her lips this time. As she slid her fist up the shaft, she felt the thick goo splashing against her tongue and beginning to fill her mouth. Her jerking fist slid down Bill's cock then up again as the next load spurted out.
"More cum! Eat it! Eat my cum!" babbled Bill incoherently. The pretty girl did as he asked, happily receiving this new cock's generous heaping servings of cum. Bill thrust forward and another blast spewed out as he watched the girl's tongue shovel the cum in her mouth out over her lips. The blast sprayed her lips as the cum in her mouth slurbed out past them in gobs. Streams of cum began flowing down Kara's chin and she opened her mouth wide, just as Bill took hold of his cock with his right hand and took hold of her head with his left. She slid her cum-coated tongue way out past her creamed lips as he held her head and aimed his cock.
"Yeah," Bill sighed and began jerking off into her mouth. Squirt, squirt, squirt, the last few shots of his cum left his cockhead and entered her mouth, as he moved her head closer to the wet stream.
"Ummmm." Kara moaned as she then locked her sopping wet lips around her new toy, taking the last of his cum. Enough of it was still shooting out in her mouth for her to swallow a load this time, but not before she swished it lovingly around in her mouth.
Bill slipped his dick out of the girl's mouth, and watched her throat swallow the last few gobs. Contentedly, he wiped his satisfied rod around the girl's face. "What a cum-sucking slut." he breathed admiringly. Her baby doe eyes swung up into his own, a cum-laden smile escaped her lips, and she actually began to blush at his words. In the corner, Rod was beaming.
Kara was aware of the admiring looks from both men. "Can I have more cum later?" she shyly asked.

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