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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 08:00:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: Casey
Subject: Casey's Diary: 16-10-2006

All standard disclaimers apply.


The following diary entries are taken from actual entries that I had to write for my online Master and contains actual activities that I had been ordered to carry out for him.

Casey's Diary - 16/10/2006
(self, enema, anal, toys)

by Casey

Dear diary,

Today I finally found the opportunity to continue the ass-stretching exercise that Master gave me. I was very eager to start and could not wait to get home from work. I was hard all day at work and had to adjust my crotch a lot since I never wear any underwear - I may be only 4.5 inches long in that department but I'm a small guy so it'd be obvious on me. Once home, I stripped immediately and gathered all of the necessary equipment and brought them to the bathroom. The equipment included a full-length mirror, a 10-feet long water hose with nozzle attached, my new 'dildo' (a stick not originally intended for such use, that has ridges all along and which I obtained at a hardware store), and some lube.

I started by positioning the mirror strategically on one wall and then connecting the hose to the water tap. Then I knelt in front of the mirror and pushed the hose's nozzle into my boycunt. I had the water turned on pretty strong so I could feel the water quickly spreading in my guts. It was cold. I think I may have it turned on too strong because I could feel water getting into my stomach, but I waited until I could see my belly expanding in the mirror (like a pregnant woman at the early stages) before I stopped. I turned around on my knees to see how I looked with the distended belly. The first time I didn't feel much pressure and when I released the water not much actually came out. I've experienced this before and knew that I put too much water in and it's gone so far up my stomach and it would take some time before it came back out.

I repeated this a few more times, but starting from the second time I put even more water in (I think it could be as much as 2 litres or more at once) and I began to get cramps. Not satisfied with the feeling of fullness, I massaged my stomach with the water inside, thinking as if I was cleaning my insides by doing that. I also made lewd dancing movements while doing it as it made me feel very horny. And each time I held the water inside longer. The third time I could feel more of the stuff inside me getting out and I had to squat over the drainhole (the toilet was separate from the bathroom so I had no choice but to release my stomach contents into the hole) for a long time, I think for almost 10 minutes. The 5th time more stuff came out but not as much. After the 6th and 7th time I thought I was fairly clean.

Then I sat down and leaned my back on the bathroom wall, facing the mirror with my legs up and spread apart. I could see my asshole already a bit loose with the nozzle and all the water and stuff going out, and also because I relaxed the muscles and let it open. Next I put one finger inside and felt around. I could slide the finger in easily to the base. It felt soft and spongy in there, and I could feel that my ass walls were very loose. I've read it described to feel like velvet before, and I agree totally. I put two fingers in and they slid easily. The third finger was not so easy but if I tried hard I could even put in the fourth! I used my fingers to pull and stretch at my boyhole. By this time I could see that my boycunt looked like full pouting lips, the sides were swollen like the lips of my mouth and some of the inside was showing. It felt so dirty to see my insides exposed like that. The open hole was about 1 inch long. It looked like a slut's vagina. I felt as if I wanted just anybody to come and fuck their cocks in there, I was such a slut.

Fingering my slutty hole 1

Fingering my slutty hole 2

Then I began to feel funny as I played with my asslips. Suddenly, more water squirted out from my boycunt, this time dirty coloured. It spilled and dribbled continously that I had to use more water to wash out the bathroom floor. Then every time I used my finger to tug at my cunt, more water continued to spill or dribble (sometimes in a gush, sometimes in little amounts), as if my touching it was triggering the water to come out. This went on for quite a while (I think maybe 7-8 times) and I felt even dirtier to have that happen to me. It was like I could not control my guts. It was shameful and humiliating and turned me on even more. How would I feel if there were people around looking as I lay there helpless as the liquids spilled out of my boycunt?

After that I waited a bit more but it seemed to have finished, so to clean my inside once again I used even stronger water (if I let the water shoot out from the nozzle it goes 1 foot straight up in the air, that's how strong) to clean myself. I shoved the nozzle up my ass (easily, there was no resistance - the nozzle was about 1 inch thick). This time it took only seconds before I felt my guts going to explode so I took the nozzle out and let go. Water burst out of my asslips like from a broken dam. I repeated this ten times I think and the last 5 bursts I think the water was clear like spring water. I did it many times because I felt pain but also pleasure when the strong water jetted into my guts and churned against my insides. It felt good to have the water swirling fast inside me. I could even feel the force as the stream of water splashed against the back of my guts.

Squirting pussy juice (I wish)

Once clean, I used my fingers to play with my ass and fuck myself again. My boycunt was so open and exposed (I kept it relaxed, never once tightening it) that it was easy to fuck myself with 3 fingers. My fingers sank in completely and I could turn them around to feel different places up my chute.

Stretched out
Stretched out pussy

Next was for the next stage where I had to use the dildo. Despite being so open I was still nervous because I never tried this new nasty stick - it looked like it would hurt. I put some lube on and inside my cunt and also on the stick. So then I took the stick and slowly pushed it in. It was difficult in a way because it had so many ridges that got stuck at my asslips but it was also easier than I thought because I was so open. Soon I had three inches inside. I also realised another difference in that unlike my other dildostick, this one never lets me relax completely because even deep inside, there are more ridges that are just around the area of my asslips, so my asslips could not relax and I would always feel the ridges making it uncomfortable.

Just as slowly I pulled it back out. It felt wonderful. I've never felt so good with my other dildostick and it made me gasp and moan outloud, which I hoped the neighbours didn't hear. The feeling as the ridges pulled out of me was unbelievable. I could see my asslips clutching at each ridge as the stick came out, making my cunt push outside, and I could feel each ridge forcing itself past my ass-muscle. I did it faster next time but not too fast because the sensation of the stick pulling on my insides was unbearable. I continued moaning like a bitch. Usually this was because I wanted to moan and made myself moan, but this time the moan was forced out of me and I could not suppress it. I continued this for a while but didn't go any faster. Maybe if somebody else was holding the stick and doing it to me, I would have no choice. But I was too scared to go faster, it felt as if my guts were coming in and out with each stroke.

Then I saw and felt something strange. When I pulled the stick out completely, my mouth open and gasping, some kind of thick liquid dribbled out of my ass. Each time I pulled the stick out more thick liquid came out, dribbling slowly. And all this time I was feeling very high. The liquid was thick and whitish like goo, and it would gather between my asslips for a bit before dripping down my asscrack to the floor. It looked as if my ass was CUMMING. It felt like it too. I was fascinated and made my ass 'cum' again and again. Soon my boyhole and all around my asscrack was filled and smeared with this 'cum', spilling onto the bathroom floor. I think it was assjuice mixed with lube, although I've never seen so much assjuice before. I was so horny and finally I took the liquid on my finger and brought it to my tongue. It tasted funny and slightly sweet - and the smell, I think only a person who's actually smelled assjuice can appreciate how raunchy it is. I really liked it, so pretty soon I have swiped up all the liquid and ate them. It made me feel like the dirtiest little fuckslut in the world. The last fingerful I smeared all over my face as I was feeling horny and dirty as hell. I liked looking at my face in the mirror with the thick assjuice smeared all over it.

I just remembered that I forgot to suck on the dildostick to get more of the juice. I must not forget next time.

By then it was too much and I could not stand it any longer. I was too horny. I grabbed my little cock and jerked myself off and soon my cum was splattering all over my chest and belly.

Maybe I should have fucked myself with the stick more. I know Master told me to do it 50 times, but I was so horny I couldn't help it. This is always a problem with me if I didn't have someone else doing it to me, I get too horny and blew my load too soon. If someone else controlled me and maybe held my hands or tied them, he could fuck me with that stick continuously and I would have no choice. It would freak me out, I think. I can't imagine that ridged stick pumping in and out of me quickly like a piston (I did it slowly), and maybe going more than 3 inch deep (I was scared to push it more), and then not stopping regardless of how I felt. I think it would have made me cry and sob loudly and beg for the person to stop. Certainly I would moan and whine so loud the neighbours would hear. It would fuck the brains out of me, make me senseless/pass out with the undescribable feelings. Also, I could only imagine how someone could probably make me cum that way, without me touching my cock at all, just the stick pounding in and out of my boycunt, driving me crazy and finally forcing the cum out of me. I've read stories (fictional) where this happens and I've always thought it would be the ultimate orgasm, to be forced to cum just by something fucking my boycunt and without touching myself.

As it was I then washed myself and cleaned up.

But it didn't end there. Once cleaned up soon I began to feel uncomfortable in my belly and I had to go to the bathroom. Strangely, nothing came out except for more thick white liquid dribbling from my boycunt. After the first time (maybe after 5 minutes), I looked into the toilet bowl and saw maybe 5 or 6 shapes of the white goo in the water. I flushed and cleaned up again, but soon the feeling returned. This time it took 10 minutes to be relieved. I saw more but not as much white goo in the toilet bowl. This happened for 3-4 more times, making it hard for me to do anything else. All this time my ass felt so sore, as if I truly was fucked a long time. It crossed my mind that my ass was continuing to cum - it was a weird feeling but it was the only way to describe it. My ass was cumming and cumming again without my will, it was out of my control. I don't know if a girl's cunt behaved like that when fucked by a man, but I imagined that it was something like that. It made me think that maybe it was one way for my body to admit that I was truly a sissy girl that lived only to be dominated by real men. It frightened but also excited me.

My ass was sore until morning, and I took medical leave the next day, complaining to the doctor about stomach ache. But I liked the feeling. It felt as if I deserved to be sore, as if to feel sore on my boycunt all the time is right for me because it told me my place. I'm a little scared with the things that happened, but I also think I want to do more next time, maybe really fuck my brains out with that stick..

- Your boyslut and little tramp, Casey -

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