Title: Lily and Claire

Codes: ff, Mf, inc, cons, rom, anal

(Author's note: this was my first story. Looking back, it seems pretty weak, but the sex is good. I hope it provides you some naive enjoyment.)

Lily squealed in pleasure. She leaned back on the bed, displacing a pillow, pulling her skirt up a bit higher. Claire plunged her tongue deep into Lily's cunt.

"Oh god, that is great," she moaned.

Claire pressed her mouth tight around her hole, and sucked in deeply and loudly. Then she sat back and asked, "Do you like it there, or do you want it up higher?"

"Higher," Lily exclaimed, "please now."

Her eyes were wide, surprised looking. Her hair, done up with ribbons in two long brown pigtails, lay by her side. She reached to her chest, pulling on her hard nipples through her shirt.

Suddenly lights lit up the window from outside. They heard a car door close.

"Oh crap! Mom is home," Lily said.

Both girls sat up. Lily looked scared and disappointed. Claire, wearing a short little blue dress, had a calm look, and leaned back toward her sister. It would take a while for their mother to come into the house, put away her things, and come upstairs to their bedroom. They had some time.

"It is now or never, sweetheart," Claire said as she wrapped her mouth around Lily's clit, and rubbed her tongue lightly against it.

Lily let herself relax, and the sensations tingled up and down her body. It took a few moments.

"Relax! Relax! Let it happen," she moaned to herself.

Then it hit her. She slammed her head back against the baseboard. She let out a muffled squeal as the pleasure washed over her. Then everything just … went away … for a second.

They heard the front door open and close. Claire sat back grabbing a tissue to clean Lily's juices off of her face. She put her glasses back on. Lily sprung up, grabbing her panties and pulling them on. She got her skirt pulled down and straightened. Moments later, their mother entered the room.

"Hey girls. Did you have a nice evening?" She asked.

"Yes," both girls said, Lily looking a bit sheepish and still befuddled after coming so hard. Claire just had a wicked looking grin.

Their mother looked at them both. "Lily, look I'm sorry I couldn't be home for your birthday. Your present is downstairs, if you want to come get it. I hope Claire got you something nice."

"Yes she did," Lily gasped out. Claire giggled.

"Good," Mom said, "Come on down when you're ready."

After she left the room, Claire leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her sister, giving her a long, lingering kiss.

"Happy birthday, my love," she said.

Lily just leaned against her with a gentle smile.

The next afternoon Lily was sitting in her friend Amanda's room.

"So, you're mom missed your birthday?" Amanda asked, "I hope she at least got you a nice present."

"It was an ugly dress I'll never wear," Lily answered.

Amanda was Lily's age, but was a very small girl with very pale skin. She had black hair and deep set dark eyes.

"Did your sister get you something nice at least?" She asked.

"Yeah, she was really sweet to me. She got me this skirt I'm wearing."

"It's very pretty," Amanda said.

"Thanks," Lily said, somewhat awkwardly. Amanda was clearly staring at her legs. Lily noticed that her skirt had shifted up a bit. She pushed it down.

Amanda looked … hungry.

"You'd make a great vampire," Lily blurted out.

"Yeah I would!" Amanda replied, looking pleased. "If I were a vampire," she continued, "I would totally drink you, but I wouldn't bite your neck."

"No?" Lily asked.

"I'd bite your thigh."

With that Amanda leaned forward and nipped Lily's leg. It wasn't a real bite. No blood came out. Lily just sat there. Amanda then starting sucking on her thigh, pushing her skirt up just a little bit. Lily gasped.

Amanda stopped sucking, and sat up.

"If you were a vampire, Miss Lily, where would you bite me?"

Lily hesitated, then pointed straight at her friend's chest. "Your tits," she said with a smile.

Amanda had small tits, but her nipples were rock hard at this point, and visible through her blouse. She looked straight at Lily, looking a bit surprised. She pulled her blouse up, just above her chest.

"Go ahead then. Bite me."

Lily got a huge smile on her face, giggled a bit, and leaned forward. She slowly, tentatively, took one of her friend's nipples into her mouth and suckled. She didn't bite. Amanda moaned softly.

Then they heard a door open.

"Crap! My mom," Amanda exclaimed.

Both girls sat up straight, and Amanda pulled her blouse back down.

"Sorry," Amanda whispered, "I had no idea she was coming home."

"It's OK," Lily said, "This happens a lot."

Claire was called into her soccer coach's office. She came in wearing a cute little vintage dress and black rimmed glasses.

"Claire," her coach said, "I'm concerned about your performance this weekend. It was like your mind wasn't on the game."

"I know. I'm sorry," she said.

"Can you tell me what is wrong? Everyone says your one of our best players."

Claire looked at him for a few moments, as if considering what to say. He was new, and had only begun coaching a few weeks before.

"I was distracted by the bulge in your pants."

He looked shocked.

"Claire, that's not an appropriate thing to say!"

"Don't blame me. I wasn't the one getting hard watching all those young girl's asses on the field. I mean, it was obvious."


"Don't worry. None of the moms seemed to mind."

"Claire …"

He stopped speaking when she turned around and locked the door.

"Let's see what it looks like now," she said, as she walked around his desk and looked at his shorts. "See! Hard as a rock."

His shorts were bulging dramatically. He tried to back his chair away, but Claire reached down and grabbed his cock tightly.

"Claire! Don't touch it."

He pushed her hand away. She reached again, smiling and staring into his eyes. They struggled a bit.

"Claire! Don't touch it. Don't touch it YET!"

He got his arms around her and squeezed her ass.

"Don't touch it yet," he repeated.

Claire stopped struggling, and let him rub her ass. She moaned, and pressed her body against his.

"Fine," she whispered, "then eat me."

He picked her up and planted her on his desk. He dropped down, lifted her dress up, and spread her legs apart.

"I'll eat you," he said, "but not how you expect."

He looked at her panties, considered for a bit, then, using one finger, rubbed her pussy through the sheer fabric.

"Roll over," he ordered. She did.

Her rubbed her ass, deeply massaging it through her dress, which had fallen back down. She was breathing heavily. Then he lifted her dress again, and began rubbing her asshole through her panties.

Claire jerked away.

He reached and steadied her. "You've never had someone play with your asshole before?" He asked.

"No," she said hesitantly.

"Relax. I won't go too far until you're ready."

She calmed down. He began to rub her asshole again, this time slowly. Claire moaned softly.

"That feels good," she said.

He pulled her panties down.

"Your asshole is very pretty."

Then he puckered his lips up, and pressed forward and kissed her anus like it was a mouth. She moaned a bit louder. He kissed more deeply, and gently pressed his tongue into her hole.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned out.

"That's just a taste," he said, drawing away and rubbing her hole with his thumb, "Now turn over again."

She did. He went back in and begin licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

Claire couldn't hold back long. After eating her sister the other day, she had practically been squirming with the desire to cum. She started moaning louder and louder, bucking her hips up into his face.

When she was about to go off he stopped, got up, pulled her to him and deeply kissed her.

"Fuck me please," she said.

He undid a few buttons of her dress, exposing one of her tits and sucked hard on her nipple. She moaned again.

"Oh god fuck me!"

She reached down fumbling around with his shorts trying to get his cock out. He pushed her hands away again.

"Not yet!"

He dropped down, lifting her dress again. He wrapped his mouth around her cunt, this time licking and sucking frantically.

It hit her like a brick wall. She tightened her thighs around his head, grabbed his hair and cried out. Her body stayed rigid for a dozen seconds.

When the passion finally rolled off of her, he flipped her over and said, "Now I'll fuck you. This will probably hurt a bit, so relax."

She was still too overcome to object. He pulled his shorts down and took his rigid cock and placed its tip against her asshole. He pressed firmly.

Claire tried to relax. "I've never done this before," she said a bit fearfully.

"That's obvious. Just relax. I'll go very slow."

He pushed the tip about an inch into her butt.

"Oh god it feels huge," she moaned.

"I'll go slow. If it hurts too much I'll stop and let you rest for a bit."

He pushed a bit more. Claire groaned deeply, and he stopped pushing. She was panting loudly.

"Just a little more. Relax."

He pushed the final bit, and his head penetrated past her anus and into her tunnel. His cock slipped in easily now, all the way to the hilt.

Claire grabbed the edge of the desk and made a long squealing noise. He started pumping now, in a slow steady rhythm.

"Does it hurt?"

"Not anymore. It feels amazing."

He couldn't hold out long, seeing her tight young body in that cute little dress.

"I'm going to cum in your ass," he moaned out. He repeated himself like a chant. "I'm going to cum in your ass! Cum in your fucking ass."

He grunted like an animal, jerked back and forth, and let out a long burst of hot semen into her butt. Claire moaned gently, feeling the warmth inside of her. Then he pulled out and fell back into his chair.

He sat for a few moments panting. His head jerked back and forth a couple more times, as if his orgasm wasn't quite complete. Then he relaxed.

Claire just lay there, with a soft, far away look on her face.

"I'm sorry I couldn't fuck you longer," he said, "It's been a while and I guess I'd built up a load."

"I know how you feel. I fucking needed that."

He rubbed his dick. It was still half erect.

"I think I might be able to get hard again, if you give me a few minutes."

By this time Claire had come back to her senses.

"Well," she said, "I would definitely love that. The problem is I have a rule."


"Yeah, a guy only gets to fuck me once."


"Well, I mean, you can fuck me again, but not right away. You see, I have a sister, and any guy that fucks me has to fuck her too."

"You can't be serious?"

"She's hot! I love her, and I like to see her cum."

"Really? Guys don't freak out?"

"Well, actually, its a rather new rule. You'll be the first. Are you freaking out?"

He was still rubbing his dick, and it was starting to seriously harden up again.

"Is she in school today?"


"Go get her!"

Lily was with Amanda at her locker talking.

"I'm really sorry about the other day," Amanda said, "I was really enjoying it, and wanted to keep going."

"Me too," Lily said quietly, with a bit of a grin.

"So anyway," Amanda continued, "My mom is gone all evening tonight at the museum, so if you want to come over we can pick up where we left off."

"I'd like that very much," Lily said, leaning up against her while looking around furtively to make sure no one was watching. "I really like you a lot, and have been thinking of kissing you all day."



Amanda licked her lips and Lily was smiling and even quivering a bit. "This is going to be great," she said.

Just then, Claire came around the corner and said, "Lily sweetie, can I talk to you a bit. In private."

They walked a few feet from Amanda, who watched them curiously.

"Look, you're not going to believe this, but I just fucked the new coach," Claire whispered.

"Really?" Lily gasped.


"Holy crap! Really?"

"Yes! Really! Look, so here is the thing, he wants to fuck me again, but I said he couldn't."

"No? Why? Was it bad."

"No. It was great. Really great. I can barely stand up straight. He was really sweet and amazing. And fucking hot!"

"Then … why?"

Claire leaned in and whispered directly in her sister's ear, "I told him I wanted him to fuck you."

Lily gasped. She looked over at Amanda.

"Well, I kinda have a date to go over to Amanda's house."

"Is everything alright?" Amanda asked, hearing the last part.

"Yeah. Gimme a sec. I have to think."

"You'd be missing out," Claire said, "Plus I told him he couldn't fuck me again until he fucked you. And I really, really want him to fuck me again, so please."

Lily stood there undecided. Amanda was wearing a little lacy dress. She looked amazing.

The solution was obvious.

The three girls entered the coach's office. He looked up.

"I thought you were just brining your sister."

"Well," Claire said, "there has been a change of plans. Coach, this is Lily my sister, who as you can see is quite yummy, and this is her friend Amanda, who she insisted on bringing along."

The coach looked over the three girls, and his eyes set upon tiny little Amanda.

"Wow. You are very beautiful," he said.

Amanda blushed. She licked her lips, and said, "I hear you have a cock of iron and love to fuck young girls."

Lily and Claire looked at each other surprised. He ignored them.

"Well come here lovely Amanda. I want to show you something."

He picked her up placed her on his desk, just as he had Claire before.

"Look girls," he said to the two of them, "I'm really not into this group sex thing. Why don't the two of you take off and let me and Amanda here get to know each other."

With that he deeply kissed Amanda, and she cleaved her body against his. Her hard little nipples pressed against his chest. He pulled the top of her dress down and began sucking on her tits, just as Lily had done the day before.

Amanda moaned, then exclaimed, "This is going to be fucking great!"

Lily and Claire left the room just as the coach had begun to eat Amanda's ass.

"I suppose we could have tried to join in," Claire said.

"They didn't seem that interested in us."

"I know. This sucks. I think that bitch just stole by new boyfriend."

"No shit. I think he just stole my new girlfriend."

The girls just stood there for a moment.

"Well, my darling," Claire said, "you will always have me."

Claire took Lily's hand and they both leaned into each other.

"Look," Claire said, "I think mom is going to be out most of tonight, so I'm pretty sure I can make this all better. In fact, I can't wait to show you some of the delicious new things I learned from coach."

"Like what?"

"You'll see," Claire said as she gently shoved Lily in front of her and reached down, pushing through her skirt and panties and rubbing her asshole. "You'll like it very much I promise."

"I can't wait," Lily said, quivering a bit, with a big stupid grin

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