Chapter 02: A Gift for Veronica

(MF magic rape viol oral toys anal a2m)

Balaal's next stop would be to visit a woman he knew well.  From the demon world, he was able to enter the dreams of lust-filled women, and to have his way with them.  It was nothing compared to the real thing, but it sustained him over the centuries.  Nearby lived a woman named Veronica, whom he had visited countless times in her dreams.

It was good, old-fashioned, brutal rape that turned this depraved slut on, and she was completely obsessed.  She would masturbate multiple times a day with that fantasy in her mind.  She was so obsessed that she had even, on a few occasions, dressed provocatively, and gone out into alleys and bad neighborhoods.  She had been terrified and excited, but it had never happened.

Balaal passed through the wall of her house and into her bedroom.  She was not sleeping.  There was a laptop on her bed, open and glowing, displaying a webpage with the story of a woman being raped.  Veronica herself lay nearby, on her stomach, a slender vibrator pressed against her back entrence.  She was whispering to herself, and grinding her pussy against her bed.

She was in her fifties, probably, short, with dark hair, a little overweight, with big, low-hanging tits.  She was whispering to herself as she prepared to push the vibrator into her ass.

"You're right, I can't stop you, so just do whatever you're going to do, okay?"

Balaal smiled, making himself physical to her, though as a dark-skinned man, rather than the black-scaled demon that was his true nature.  He walked quietly up to her, and put a knee in her back, taking her hand in his, and forcing the vibrator up her ass.

"Oh, ow, fuck, OW!  What's going on?  Who are you?"

"Lady, I came in here to rob you, but I've been watching from the doorway and you've got my fucking cock hard.  Now you're gonna help me out, aren't ya?"  There was no need to enter this one's mind.  He could feel her heartrate and breathing increase.  Her fantast was finally coming true.

"Please... don't kill me.  I'll do whatever you want, okay?"

Balaal stood abruptly, and pulled Veronica up by her hair.  She cried out in pain and scrambled to her feet, the vibrator popping out of her ass, and onto the bed as did.  Balaal marched her over toward her bureau and slammed the side of her face into the wall.

"Ow, hey!" she yelled, and he whipped her around, then pushed her into the wall, raising his hand.  She shrank away from him with her arm up in front of her face.

"Stand up!  Put your hands down!"

She slowly lowered her hands to her sides, and he slapped her face.  She looked shocked, but didn't raise her hands again.  "You know you're gonna get raped now, don't you?"

She nodded her head, starting to cry.  He slapped her left tit hard, and it flew sideways.  She cried out in pain and lifted her arms in front of her.

"Arms down, you dumb slut."  As she complied, he slapped her right tit, just as hard as he had her left, then grabbed them both and started mashing them with his hands.

"Please, mister... that hurts a lot."

"You just wait til I shove my ten inch cock up your ass, you skanky whore."  He let go of her tits, slapping them once again, and then opened her top bureau drawer.  It was filled with all manner of sex toys, as he knew it would be.  He noticed a box that contained a set of four progressively larger butt plugs, labeled "Anal Training Kit Deluxe" which was unopened.  He opened it and took out the largest plug, which was almost excessively large, then looked over at Veronica.  She said nothing, and did not move, her back flat against the wall, both tits and the right side of her face red from his hand.  "Spread your legs lady."

She didn't hesitate long before doing as he said.  Without any fanfare, Balaal put the giant buttplug at the opening of her cunt and pushed upward as hard as he could.  She screamed as the massive thing pushed into her, but the fattest part of it would not go in.  She screamed in pain as he pushed harder, clamping her hands onto his wrists in a desperate attempt to stop the painful penetration, but he simply continued pushing, Veronica's feet actually leaving the floor.

"Oh God, please, this hurts too much, it can't fit in me, please..."  She let out another pained shriek as Balaal felt the little pop of the toy settling into Veronica's cunt.  He set her back down onto unsteady legs and her hands went to her pussy.  Her chest was heaving as she spoke, "Please... please just do what you're going to do and then leave..."

"Listen, cunt, you keep your fucking mouth closed unless you're sucking my cock."  He pointed to her bed.  "Hands and knees, whore.  I'm going to fill your asshole with my cock.

Weakly, she walked to the bed, and bent over.  She crawled up onto it, remaining on her hands and knees as Balaal moved behind her.  His demon-cock oozed a thick, black lubricant as he pushed against her anus, allowing his immense cockhead to push into her asshole with relative ease.  His cock was far larger than her little vibrator.

"Oh, no, OW!" she began to scream and cry again, as Balaal's massive cock slid up her tight asshole.  He could feel the giant butt plug in her cunt, making the already difficult fit almost impossible.  Her asshole tightly gripped his four-inch wide cock, but the thick, black, cum-like lubricant, allowed him to force ever more cock up her tight, butt until he had penetrated her with his full length.

He rested his cold, hard body against her back for a moment, feeling her heart fluttering in her chest as his dick pulsed in her ass, then grabbed hold of her shoulder and started fucking.  He began slowly, sliding his ten-inch monster slowly almost all of the way out of her ass, then pushing it slowly back in, but he gradually increased his speed and power until he was violently raping her ass, his giant dick slamming in and out of her now greatly stretched asshole.

After just a couple of minutes Veronica's sobs became shorter, and gradually changed to cries of pleasure as she got closer and closer to cumming.  As she began to cum, Balaal allowed himself to approach orgasm, snarling and clawing at the bitch as they came together.  He filled her bowels with his seed as he had done with Brittany's womb, and as his orgasm subsided he grabbed her by the hair, turning her head to the side.

"You are one sick little cunt." he said, "I can tell you enjoyed this even more than I did."  As he spoke, he let his cock slip from her asshole and moved up to her face.  She did not fight him as he pushed his dick into her mouth, but licked him clean with something that approached reverence.  After a minute he withdrew his cock and backed away from her.  She fell onto her side, clearly exhausted and in pain, the giant buttplug still jammed in her cunt.

"I have to go now, but I know you'll relive this in your dreams for a long time to come."  He planted a worm in her mind as well, taking her obsession with being raped to a completely different level.  She would soon become so obsessed with rape fantasies that it would define every aspect of her life.  She was already planning ways to get herself raped again.

There was a strange twinge in his power as he did this, but he knew he had quite a bit left, before he had to return to his realm.  He admired his handiwork for a minute more, then turned and passed through the wall, taking flight and reaching out to find his next victim.

He had only flown a few feet when his strength gave out and he fell in a barely controlled crash to the ground.  He felt dizzy and disoriented, realizing that he must have severely overestimated the energy flowing through his gate.  Now, when he reached out, all he felt was a weak, flickering flow of power.  All thoughts of lust and rape left his mind and he focused immediately and solely on survival.  He sprang to his feet and ran toward the alley where he had crossed over.  His power was fading quickly, but knew he could reach the tear before the unthinkable happened.  He had to.  He would not allow himself to be destroyed in such a pointless way.

His joints became stiff, like stone, as he ran.  It would be a close thing, but he felt the source of his energy getting closer.  Up ahead, he saw the entrence to the alley he had crossed into and knew that he would make it.  He was nearly to the alley when there was a flash of light and a screeching of tires as a car careened out of a side street.  Balaal tried to react, but he was weak and stiff.  The car slammed into him then crashed into a brick building, pinning him.

Balaal felt his gate closing and fought to hold it open.  He reached into the mind of the car's driver and forced him to climb out the shattered windshield to the demon.  Balaal grabbed him by the throat and reached desperately into his mind, taking hold of his lifeforce.  He pulled, hoping to use this energy to feed the tear that was rapidly closing.  With great difficulty, he was able to create a tenuous conduit of energy between the man and his gate.

It took him several precious seconds to free himself from the wreck of the car before he could begin to stagger into the alley, dragging the human beside him.   His mind was focused only on feeding the tear between the two planes with the man's lifeforce, which was rapidly being depleted.  He was nearly there, but didn't know if he could sustain the gate long enough.  As close to despair as he had ever been, he allowed some of his own essence to pass through the human and into the gate, staving off the imminent collapse.

He approached the spot, reaching his hand out as he felt the gate slipping away.  In the end, it was just too much to hold together.  There was a great sucking sound as the gate collapsed and Balaal fell heavily to the ground.

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