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My Wife Judy
"What an Unpleasant Surprise Awaits Me"

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My wife Judy is a fucking whore.  Not that I am going to let her know that I know what she does with other men.

I'm the guy that got a couple of friends to help me catch her and I'm the guy that decided to write the stories.

My problem was that I'm one of those naive bastards that goes through life not suspecting a thing.  I like to look at a nice ass and a good set of tits from time to time.  Even a pretty face can be appreciated.  But, I figure I got this sweet piece of ass at home, why fuck it up?  So, it's been hands off, dick to myself, the few times I probably could have fucked some strange babe.  Granted they were drunk enough to fuck anybody at the time.  I had a couple of beers, which probably helped them out in the looks department as well.

Except for my buddy's wife this one time.  She just wanted to fuck and was stone cold sober.  Same circumstance as me with him.  The poor bastard didn't have a clue.  I was helping him work on his car and I could have nailed her right there in his house when I went in to use the bathroom.  This is while he was working in his garage.  And, stupid me, I passed up an amazing fuck just so I could dump my load faithfully into my own wife.  Now I learn that she was probably on her back with her legs in the air at the time and some other guy was between her legs fucking her for all she was worth.

So, what's with women?  Rumor has been that some guys would fuck anything that would move to the extent the saying arose, "he'd fuck a snake if someone would hold its head."

But, women?  If some guy is fucking around and is reputedly one of those guys that has screwed a dozen chicks, where the hell did the dozen chicks come from?

Answer:  Eleven other guys wives!  Figure it out.  Most single girls are looking for a husband, and I don't mean somebody else's husband.  They want their own fucking husband.  So, what have we got left?  This cocksucker is fucking my wife and your wife, and nine other guys wives!

And, they are loving it.  Sneaky little cunts.  They give us some shit for even glancing at other women and all the while they are taking some other guy's cock up their cunt whenever the whim strikes them.  Really, if any of us went up to ten women and simply said, "Could we go somewhere and fuck?" we'd get kicked in the nuts or squirted with mace every time.  If my wife, or your wife, or just about anyone's wife went up to most men and asked the same question, "Could we go somewhere and fuck?" the wife would have a strange cock sliding into her cunt within a few minutes. 

Sure things could be different depending where it was asked.  At your house?  The marriage bed would need the sheets changed to hide the cum stains.  Near a motel and the guy is paying for a room.  Do you think if we could actually get a woman to fuck that easily that she would be the one paying for the motel?  How about maybe in the middle of a fucking creek?  You betcha!  Or, in that nice mini-van or SUV you bought for her? If she asked some stranger in a mall parking lot to screw her?  That motherfucker would be rockin' whether or not someone came knockin.

My point is, we are fucked.  Well, they're getting fucked and were getting screwed.  If you wife wants to fuck somebody else all she needs is opportunity.  And, how do you fix that?  You don't!  If you don't know where your wife is while you are reading this, she could be fucking somebody else.

Now what do we do?  If you are like me and never suspected, you need to get suspicious.  If you think she might be cheating, she probably is.  And, probably often.  Check those panties, smell that panty crotch.  Maybe the next time you get some and she seems extra ready ... sloppy seconds dude.  Maybe you could fake cumming and see what runs out.  She'll probably brag about how excited you must have been to dump a load like that one in her. 

Of course, my problem is how in the fuck to fake cumming?  I mean, that's what I do.  I can make it last sometimes, but say you're in there and your dick is kind of floating around in a bunch of goo and you're thinking "This feels like sloppy seconds.  Some other man has cum in my little bride."  Then you're going to wonder if his dick is bigger than yours and shit like that.  Too late man, the balls are churning and you've shot the wad.

Your cum and his cum are going to be hard to sort out.  So you have to take her word for it.  "Wow Hubby, you sure filled me up with cum.  Look at it run out of my cunt."

We aren't going in to the age old question of, "Who the fuck's kids are these anyway?"  They are officially yours.

Are you and I the only ones not cheating?  No, probably not.  But, if you had the chance at something better than you have and was sure you wouldn't get caught, what would you do?  Now, think about this ... is there any chance that your wife could run into somebody maybe a little better looking than you?  Maybe a little smoother talker?  Maybe a little taller, dresses a little nicer, doesn't fart.?  Maybe a guy with a honkin' big dick?

What's our plan?  Do you want a wife that cheats and doesn't tell?  Do you want to catch her and see if she will tell?  Or, is your wife one of those that would cheat if given the right opportunity, but hasn't?  Maybe yours is the conventional wife that thinks you are a stud and all the pussy if for you?

I started this off to tell you about my wife Judy.  Does she fuck around?  Yes!  Hell, yes!  But, we work different hours and she used that for all it was worth.  Something about that little cunt that made her feel good when she would find someone new to fuck for a while.

Tricky bitch.  I checked the panties, smelled the crotch.  Looked for a cum stain.  Too smart for me.  The off days when she didn't fuck somebody she would put her panties in the hamper.  The days she fucked around on me she would hide her dirty panties and do the laundry when I wasn't around.  I even found where she was washing panties with the fucking rugs so I couldn't do a surprise inspection.  She must have suspected something, because after a while she would hide the panties with cum in them and put a pair of clean ones in the dirty clothes to throw me off.

Now, I like the smell of pussy.  Judy's pussy smells great.  I even love the taste of it.  It gets and slick and wet when I eat her out and make her cum.  I remember lots of times when she would push me away when I would try to eat her.  Now, older, wiser, and maybe no so stupid now, I realize the reason why.

This turned out to more difficult than I ever thought.  First of all, I learned one important thing.  Keep a journal of your suspicions.  You'll be wrong a lot, but with a journal you can compare odd little occurrences, dates and locations.  Like Judy and I both had Tuesday off together, but she always would come up with a reason to have to drop by work, go to the store, and things like that.

It was never a long time, but most certainly long enough for her to drain some guy's balls and get back home.

So, if she said she was going to drop by the discount store and then stop by work, I'd hide across the street from her work and she wouldn't show up there.  Then when she got home she would say she ran a little late because there was a "'load" of things to take care of.  But, she always had the stuff she went after at the store.

Then I'd stake out the store thinking she had a hookup with someone there.  But, she didn't show up at the store either.  I'd go home and she would be there and would have the shit from the Walmart.  What the fuck? 

I'm totally puzzled and am wondering what Walmart she went to and I look at the receipt to see and damn if it is the Walmart where I had my stakeout.  Then I noticed something odd.  The cash register printed the date from the day before.  Judy, my cheating whore wife, bought the stuff the day before and kept it in her car so she could fuck her boyfriend and still get home to me.  Well, this is going in that fucking journal I was telling you about.

Figuring out a cheating wife if going to be way worse than catching a cheating husband because at the least we have a little bit of remorse about being unfaithful.  Women just don't have a conscience when it comes to snagging some strange cock.

Now I've got the fake trips to the store to work on and I've got the panties from times she got pretty wet for some reason, but none that look like a cum stain.  Maybe if I can find where she hid the ones she leaked some sperm into I'd be a little more sure she is fucking around.  I looked around the house in all the places I thought would be a good place to hid panties with cum in them.

The thought occurred to me to check her clean panty drawer and I see she has bought some new ones that I haven't ever seen.  Of course, by this time catching her in her underwear is like finding a piece of the space shuttle in your back yard.  Anyway, no cum in any panties there, so I give up, and then think what a dumbass I am because I'm not thinking about looking in her car.

It took about a week to get a chance to search there.  Still no luck.  Maybe since she bought new panties she throws away the ones she gets cum in or maybe she is giving them to the guy she is fucking.

Ninety-Nine percent sure she is fucking some other guy.  Zero percent proof.  Then one day I am going through the pantry, way in the back I'm looking for a can of chili or something and I knocked of a canister of rolled oats.  You know, the kind with the guy from Pennsylvania wearing the funny hat on the front of the package.

And, I wonder, we haven't eaten any of this shit in a long time.  I bet this stuff stale or full of bugs.  I open it up and there are seven pairs of Judy's panties and each one has a huge cum stain in the crotch where this guy's sperm has backwashed on her.  Suddenly I have my proof.  I feel a little sick at my stomach, but I feel a little proud, too.  My wife's a cunt and I caught her.

Don't think about presenting the proof with some drama is going to go in your favor.  She going to tell you she is keeping them for a friend that is a nymphomaniac or if she admits it she will insist it was just those seven times and it is all your fault she fucked the guy.  So, things are saying hush hush.

I was prepared for the day.  Did you know there are places online you can order sperm detection kits?  And, if you order and pay for express shipping the shipper will hold it a one of its shipping stores for you to pick up?  Cool, I did that.  Ended up ready to test a stain in Judy's crotch to see if it might be sperm and there is so much of it right there in my hands that only and idiot would think it was not cum.

What a proud day, my wife, mother of our children, is a slip-around, cum loving, cock whore.

Now is not a time to over think the situation.  About now you start to wonder who it is she's screwing.  You go through all of your friends and wonder which one of them it might be.  Then you realize why would it have to be someone you know.  Let's get the journal.  Let's make a list.

The journal and the list aren't going to cut it.  She's got her own friends ... obviously.

Time for drastic action.  She gets a quickie cum load on our days off, so the guy has to be off that day too, or have a long lunch hour.  I can't follow her in my car because she will catch my clumsy stupid ass in a heartbeat.

Brilliantly I rent a car and park it past my house in front of a foreclosure.  When she leaves on Tuesday for her "Store run" and trip by the office I be in covert operations mode and learn where the bitch goes and who she is fucking.

The plan is in effect.  Judy gets in her car to leave, I bolt for my rental and fire it up, slip it in gear and fall in behind her.  When she gets to the stop sign at the main road she turns a block sooner and heads back down to our street.  I'm thinking she forgot something so I hang back to wait.

Instead of turning like she is going home Judy turns two streets sooner and I hurry to catch up.  She wheels the car up by the soccer field in our neighborhood and parks, then jogs back towards our house.  I'm in a panic thinking about explaining where I went.   Then I see her jog up a sidewalk, the door opens and she goes on inside.

So, she is fucking some guy over the back fence on our block.  I can't tell which house it would be for sure so I count from the corner and write down the house number.  I take the rental car back with five miles on it, get a strange look, hand over the keys and walk home.

I stand in my back yard watering some shrubs looking at the neighboring houses thinking about my wife with some stranger's cock in her, wondering if she could be looking outside a window, watching me, while this strange cock is sliding into her from behind.  I try to count the houses and can't be sure.  I think it is the house directly behind us.  I've seen the wife and spoken to her over the fence.  She has the nicest smile and one huge set of tits with sort of a boyish ass. 

She is also the white woman in an interracial marriage with a very black husband.  A very big husband.  I'm not a crotch watcher, but when I spoke to the wife, Judy had talked to the husband and commented to me later how nasty the woman must be to have married a black man.  Judy was also looking at his crotch as he stood on the opposite side of his fence and even I noticed the guy was well hung under those sweat pants.  Actually the woman noticed Judy staring and we really haven't spoken since.

Holy Shit!  My cheating wife is fucking a black guy?  Right under my nose.  No wonder I don't get much pussy.  This man probably has a foot long dick.  And, Judy loves a cock to cum in her from my experience.  I don't even know this couple's names.

Now I know my wife comes back to me in our house with a black man's seed shoved up into her womb.  I know now that her cheating is real.  I can't get the idea of her having an interracial fuck out my head.  I want to see her fuck this guy.  I want to see the contrast of her white pussy getting fucked by his black cock, and I hope it is huge.  I know from his cum in her panties that he is bare backing her slut cunt.

Now is the time to trap her in her game.  I'm thinking of sneaking a camera in the black guy's house.  If they keep fucking in the daytime there is no way I could windowpeep on them.  His wife is hot.  I'd fuck her even though she is a white gal fucking a black husband.  That's what I have now.  Only it's my wife fucking her husband.  Maybe I can find a way to talk to her without him around.

I guess my first problem is how I act when Judy comes home.  I know she has slipped around the block to fuck our black neighbor and a I know she is coming back with some remainder of his seed in her cunt.  Being a a racist bad and I don't consider myself one.  But, how does one reconcile having a black guy fucking your wife?

I've taken the rental car back and walked home.  That hasn't taken more than a half hour since Judy left.  How long can this black man fuck her?  Will she fuck him more than once?  Does she suck his cock?  Will she clean up before she comes home?  Is his wife working so they have a set time or do they have to hurry before his wife gets home?

It's been more than an hour.  She used the excuse that she had to check on some things at work.  How long does she think she can be gone with that excuse, even using the line that she stopped by Walmart?  I know what items she has hidden behind her seat in the car.  She'll come carrying them in.

Now at a hour and a half, I've cleaned up some stuff in the garage, done the dishes, and folded laundry.  Is he still fucking her?  Have they been fucking once for an hour and a half or has she fucked him several times in an hour and a half.

I decide to walk down the block to see if her car is still hidden at the soccer field.  Shit.  Still there.  It's been over two hours.  Can he really fuck her for over two hours.  Judy can get into sucking cock.  Maybe she is sucking his cock, her fucks her, she sucks his cock, etc. 

Well, that's not better.  I don't want to think of my wife sucking a black guy's cock.  I really don't want him fucking her either.  Does Judy kiss me after sucking his cock?  She used to like clenching her cunt muscles and carrying my cum inside her the next day after we fucked.  Is she doing this with her black seed?  Is she hugging and kissing me, and sleeping with me at night with this black guy's cum in her cunt?

Three hours.  Three long, fucking hours.  Well, yes, "Fucking Hours".  Can real people fuck for three hours.  My sweet wife Judy is naked with the black man at his house.  He's fucking her.  He likes white women.  His own wife is white.  Why does he have to fuck mine?

Four Hours.  I'm checking on her car again.  Still at the soccer field.  God, but my wife must love black cock.  How much cum has he put into her now?  We go for about ten minutes and she is good for several days before I get it again.  Is her cunt going to be huge when I get some again or will I notice a difference?  If he is the one she has been fucking I can't say I noticed her pussy being any larger.  Then again if I'd flop one leg over hers while we fuck so I'm straddling it, the angle could put me to where I was hitting the end of her cunt.  I don't remember that happening lately.    I'm not sure I could forgive her with a white guy, but with her being from North Carolina I can't believe her fucking the black neighbor.

I've decided to check her car again.  Oh, Thank God her car is not longer at the soccer field.  I rush home to see if I can act like I don't suspect anything has happened or that her little "errand" is taking four and a half hours.

Finally her car is back in the garage.  I scooted over to sit down at my computer and when she comes in I asked,  "What's up, Babe?  Did you get everything done you set out to do today?"

"Hi Darling,"  I did get everything done.  At work I stayed with it until I got everything where I wanted it.  Sometimes it's hard to swallow what is expected of you.  I thought it was going to be more than I could handle, but you know me, never say never."

"It seemed you were gone forever this time.  I was thinking of calling the hospitals and the police, telling them to find my hot little wife," I nervously teased her.  "I was beginning to think you ran off with some stranger."

If Judy was going to tell me in some sneaky code about how she was fucking the black guy that lives over our back fence all of this time I thought I should at least offer something in return.

"Silly man!  You know I could never leave my darling husband.  You mean ever so much to me.  The last couple of weeks I've gone back in to work I wasn't able to take it all in as there was just too much for me to handle.  Today I decided go right at it.  I could see when I got there it was going to be hard for me the whole time I was there.  After getting a good start I realized that maybe I was taking on more than I could chew.  I decided to take a more laid back attitude.  After a while of being laid back I decided to get more on top of things and it all was sliding into place after a little while."

"Sounds like you were having fun once put your mind to it."

"Absolutely, now that I got everything exactly where I wanted it I'll want to do the same thing every week."

"We it's too bad you have go in when it should be our day off together."

"You and I don't do anything on our day off anyway, plus when I am off the clock at work I can do more of what I want.  I even went to lunch with Jessica and had a nice time.  The trip to Walmart seems to take longer to get the shopping done and through the checkout line.  I'll put this stuff away and then I need a shower."

I guess she did what she wanted alright!  The trip to Walmart was a lie because the stuff was in her car last night, and with her getting fucked for four hours she sure wasn't having lunch with Jessica.  She apparently took all of the black neighbor's cock today for the first time.  That means it must be huge and she has had to have a few tries at it to get the monster dick all the way up her cunt.

The damned guy must have a foot long cock because as Judy is putting away the Walmart stuff she seems to be walking a little funny.  She's stopped a couple of times and just seemed to space out for a moment, then runs her hand over her tummy.  I wish I could get a good look at her her cunt right now.  It's probably gaping open and leaking black seed.

"All done!  I'm off to the shower.  I feel all sticky and yucky."  Better yet, to celebrate a good day I think I soak in the tub."

She came by me and gave me a kiss.  Better brush your teeth too, I'm thinking.  I've tasted my own cum after a few "Accidents" in her mouth that I've had in the past that she immediately spit out..  The taste of this kiss is most certainly cum.  She probably didn't think I could detect it in her mouth but my little slut has been eating some cum today.

"Hey, a soaking bath.  I think I'll join you."

"No, you are not.  A girl needs some personal time every now and again you know."

I gave her a head start and slipped into the bedroom and stood where I could see her look at herself in the bathroom mirror.  Judy took off her shirt and bra.  The little skank has a couple of hickeys on her tits.  Things must have gotten pretty hot and heavy.  She held her boobs in her hands and looked at the marks in the mirror.  Then opened her mouth real wide to see how far it would open.  She took her hands and pushed on both sides of her jaws, like they must be sore.

Judy seemed to be tasting inside her mouth.  Then she put a finger in, rubbed it around, and spit in her hand.  She took her index finger and poked at something and smiled at the mirror.  After a moment she stuck out her tongue and drew whatever she spit out back into her mouth and swallowed.

Her pants came off and she admired her mound in the mirror and turned around to check out her ass.  She put her hand down the front of her panties and moved her fingers around on her cunt, then leaned forward and seemed to slide a finger or two inside herself.

She hooked both hands in the sides of her panties and took them off.  Judy held them up and looked at a very wet crotch on red panties.  Her eyes shifted to the bedroom, but I was far off enough to the side trying to get a better view for myself for her to see me.  She turned the panties inside out and used her tongue to lick a pretty good glob of cum from where her pussy would be covered.

Judy was standing naked now in front of the mirror.  She rolled up the panties and put them in the pocket of her pants.  She looked pretty damned hot.  I guess fucking a black cock can put a glow on a woman's face.  She put a hand on her cunt and held it up covered with fuck juices.  Probably as much hers as her black man's cum because she does get wet when fucked.

She gave herself an playful astonished open mouth look because of all the jizz.  She gave another quick look in my direction, still not knowing I am actually about six feet from her, but just out of sight.  Judy's tongue licked at her hand and fingers and took the cum in her mouth but did not swallow.  She repeated the same thing three more times, giving herself the same astonished, 'could you believe this much cum?' look.

With what was truly a mouthful of cum Judy opened her mouth and looked at it.  From my spot I could see her work it over her tongue.  They she closed her mouth and let some leak out of the corners of her mouth, only to take a finger and rake it back in.  She leaned forward and spit a little gob on each nipple and then lifted her tits so she could lick it back off.  Judy raised her hands in some kind of celebration and swallowed the mouthful.  Then she opened her mouth and looked at what still remained.  She gave herself a big wink and a two thumbs up.

My wife turned around and started the water in the tub.  I got my wish because what I got was a pretty clear view of her well fucked cunt.  Her outer lips which normally are a pretty tight camel toe were spread apart about an inch.  He inner lips were hanging down from her outer lips about the same amount.  I had never seen anything like it.  I wonder if the will go back or if her new black cock boyfriend has fucked them into a permanent state.

Judy turned back around to the sink and took her toothbrush and toothpaste from the drawer.  She put toothpaste on the brush and moved the it towards her mouth and then paused while looking at herself in the mirror.  She squished around with her mouth a moment and put the toothbrush down, I guess preferring to have the cum taste in her mouth a while longer.

It was a point where seeing what I had seen even if she caught me watching I had too much on her for her to give me any hell about it.  With the water running I could get out of there without her catching me with no problem.  I decided to hang there to see what else I could see.

Judy went back to  the tub to test the water.  Maybe the drain didn't seem tight, but she bent over from the waist again with her open cunt right towards me.  My tight little bride was most definitely stretched open by fucking this black guy that lives over our back fence.  Her fat outer lips were still spread open about an inch wide for about two inches up the length of her hole.  There was a think glob of jizz about to drip out and hit the floor at her feet.

About that time Judy must of felt it about to drip and put her hand to catch it.  "Oh my God," I heard her say.  "I'm so huge the way he has stretched me out."  She put her hand to her mouth and again sucked his cum into her mouth.  She stepped over to the mirror a rolled it around on her tongue again and swallowed.

Judy spread her pubic hair to get a good look at what had  been a nice tight cunt.  She ran her finger tips from back to front and then used both hands to pull on the lips and look at the size of her well fucked pussy.  Looking at herself in the mirror she got smirk on her face and said,  "What the fuck, it was worth it."

For me I'm frozen in my spot watching Judy.  She seems absolutely pleased with herself and the fucking her new boyfriend gave her.  I wonder if I want to ever fuck her again or if she would even let me after obviously taking on on black lover that must have an enormous cock.  And he seems to deliver some large loads of seed that keeps running out of my wife.  How much did this guy shoot up inside her and how many times did the fuck to get her so God Damned full.

My little black cock whore moved over and turned the water off in the tub and tested the temperature.  She sat on the end of the tub with her legs facing outward on the floor and used both hands to rub herself, starting to rub faster she dropped one hand away and it looked like all four fingers from the other hand were in her slit.

Judy reached back with her free hand and grabbed the bottle of shampoo she had just told me she had bought at Walmart.  I couldn't figure her interest in shampoo at this time until she directed the bottom of the bottle at her pussy while she held it  open with four fingers.  I quickly realized she was thinking of this bottle as her black man's cock and I am telling myself there was no way this was going to work as the bottle was almost the diameter of a soda can and about half again the length.

That was her idea though as she removed her fingers from her wide open gash, placing the bottom of the shampoo bottle against her pussy lips and gave it a little nudge.  I almost came out of the shadows for a better look as about half of it slipped in with no resistance.  Amazingly it just went inside her cunt without lubricating the bottle first and with not even a wiggle to get it started.

There sat my wife Judy on the edge of the tub with half a large plastic bottle full of shampoo sticking out of her cunt.  Again, with not much additional effort she slid it in until her pussy lips curled over the top, just leaving the cap in sight.

With the bottle now inside her she starting talking to herself,  "Oh Judy, what have you done?  Mamma has a cunt full and she loves it.  Ernest, I can't believe your wife complains that your cock is too big.  You can stuff me full of your black monster any time you want and shoot me full of your hot seed."

I think my mind just got made up whether or not I'll ever want to fuck her again or for that matter if she will ever let me fuck her again.  So, Ernest is his name and his cock is about the size of Judy's arm.

The action started to pick up at the bathtub and even though she wasn't moving the bottle in and out much she was rocking against her hand that was holding it in.  I could no longer see the cap, but from her finger positioning it must be another couple of inches inside her.

If I had not seen her take that thing up her fuck hole I would just think it was my woman finger fucking herself.  It was clear where inside Judy's tummy things had moved around to let her vagina expand.  There was a visible ridge where her flat stomach would usually be.  I had to get ready to sneak out of the room, but waiting to see if she would cum from the fucking she was giving herself.  She stayed pretty calm and then the orgasm hit.  She convulsed and rocked around and came hard, letting out a cry that I could have heard from the kitchen and from where I was only a few feet away, scared the shit out of me.

After a few seconds, Judy looked up to see if I might have heard her cry out and quickly started to pull the bottle out to get in the tub.  Instead she pulled it out part way and then pushed it with her fingers back inside, again looking at herself in the mirror, making little dance motions with her hands and shaking her hips as if to music.

I looked at the woman I married which was once the innocent child like bride.  It apparently all melted away when our youngest child left home and got married this spring.  Now Judy has moved into a whole new strange realm of sex and lies.  I still love her, but I am going to hang the bitch for what she had done to our marriage and our lives together.

First I have to find a way to see her take that big black cock and watch him unload his sperm up inside my little wife.

Judy got into the bath with the bottle still stuck in her cunt and laid back and relaxed as if taking a nap.  I left the room and went absentmindedly into the living room and pretended to watch television and start to plot some revenge.

In about a half hour she rejoined me all clean and smiling. She had put on shorts and a top that stretched tight over her tits.  We talked a few minutes and she sat down against me on the couch and gave me a big hug and a kiss where I got some tongue.  Obviously she had brushed her teeth before coming out to see me.

"What was that all about?"  I asked wondering what the fuck was up.

"I just wanted you to know how much I love you!"

"Oh, are you feeling a little romantic, darling?"

"No, I just want you to hold me and to be near you."

Judy snuggled up to me and went to sleep in my arms.  I was totally blown away and confused as shit.  After she awakened she fixed me a light supper.

This was my first chance to get to the bathroom and inspect that shampoo bottle.  I held it in my hand and was amazed at what Judy must have felt taking the whole thing in her snatch with so little effort.  More than anything I wanted to be sure the bottle was back on the side of the tub and not nestled up against my wife's womb.

Now I have to figure out what she is up to being all loving after spending the afternoon sucking and fucking a black neighbor.  Maybe she thinks she can put off fucking me long enough for her cunt to snap back into shape.  But, I don't think she can stay away from spreading her legs for Ernest long enough to let that happen.


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