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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Lexi and My Nieces



My family is huge, simply huge. My 7 siblings produced a dozen nieces (and remember, that doesn't count my 2 daughters, making 14 female 1st cousins) along with 8 nephews, and they produced 24 grandnieces along with 13 grandnephews, who have so far produced 39 great-grandnieces along with 8 great-grandnephews. And it all began back in Our Town. Let me catalog them:

My oldest brother produced one niece, Patty, along with a nephew, Johnny, who incidentally are both older than I am, and Patti produced 2 grandnieces who have produced 6 great-grandnieces.

My next brother only produced one nephew, who was also older than me and also named John, and he died never marrying.

The next brother produced 2 nieces, Debbie and Sandy, who produced 2 grandnieces along with 1 grandnephew who have so far produced 5 great-grandnieces.

My oldest sister Jayne produced 2 nieces, the infamous Lexi and Janey, along with one nephew we call Junior, and those have produced 3 grandnieces along with 2 grandnephews, who have so far produced 4 great-grandnieces along with one great-grandnephew.

My next oldest sister Mary produced 4 nieces, Lilly, Carol Ann, Kaye, and Janet Lynn, along with 1 nephew, Mikey, who have produced 9 grandnieces along with 6 grandnephews who have so far produced 15 great-grandnieces and 6 great-grandnephews.

The next sister Lizzie produced 3 nieces who have produced 4 grandnieces and 2 grandnephews who have so far produced 9 great-grandnieces and 1 great-grandnephew.

And my youngest sister Joy produced a niece and a nephew who produced 4 grandnieces and no greats so far.

And so I grew up with 11 nieces (the oldest Patty moved away when I was young, Joy's daughter was much younger, and so I didn't grow up with them), all of whom were only 3 to 6 years younger than me and all of us living on the west side of Our Town, within easy walking distance of one another. Growing up, I fucked all of these 11 many, many times, along with a great many of their friends. That's the joy of fucking kids - you get to fuck all their friends. Of the 24 grandnieces I fucked 19, also many, many times along with a great many of their friends. And of the 39 great-grandnieces I've fucked 19 so far many, many times (the others are still too young to fuck although I do play sex with them) along, again, with a great many of their friends. We have always been a very close-knit family.

The nieces begin with Lexi, the oldest except for Patty who moved away early on. And Lexi begins with a mental image. We all have these images, of things or events we once saw which etched themselves deeply into our memory, available for instant recall in vivid detail throughout the rest of our lives. That is my image of Lexi. She was in 1st grade, 6 years old, while I was in the 3rd grade, 9 years old. It was mid-morning, a couple of days before Christmas, and mom and my sister Jayne, Lexi's mother, had gone Christmas shopping, leaving me home to look after Jayne's kids, Lexi along with 5-year old Junior and 3-year old Janey. Junior and Janie were playing back in a large bedroom/playroom at the back of the house while I sat on the couch in the living room watching Lexi coloring in her little coloring book which was perched atop an ottoman she had dragged to the middle of the room. Earlier that morning, Jayne had taken her for her Christmas photo and Lexi was still wearing the prettiest red velvet Christmas dress with a scalloped white lace bib around the throat, a big, wide satin bow tying the waist behind her, and a short, full skirt with a frilly, lacey white nylon little girl's slip underneath. She wore black patent leather Mary Janes over thin white sox with scalloped tops, turned down the usual inch. Her naturally curly, thick auburn hair, a little less than shoulder length, was brushed perfectly, with a pert red bow pinned toward the back. She stood on her knees beside the ottoman, bending down over it to color away in her coloring book.

Lexi was a stunningly gorgeous child, one of those showstoppers people stop in their tracks to look at and admire. With pale, almost translucent skin, perfect features with deep brown eyes and full, naturally rose-colored lips, her body thin and well-shaped, Lexi was stunningly beautiful. Her mother, my oldest sister Jayne, was herself statuesque and gorgeous, but a very vain woman, in truth, who loved dressing Lexi well and assuming credit for her child's stunning beauty. Lexi could not leave the house without people stopping to comment, and all the attention resulted in Lexi being a very self-assured little girl, confident in her looks and demeanor which only added to the overall effect she had on people.

This is the image frozen in my memory: little 6-year old Lexi, about 3 and a half feet tall, weighing maybe 35-36 lbs., bending over the ottoman in her pretty Christmas dress coloring, facing away from me at such an angle that I have a profile of her serious, pretty face as she works, coloring away, but what has my attention are her red-ruffled nylon panties on display beneath the short skirt and lacey white nylon slip, red panties covered with row after row of red ruffling lace all the way up, her perfect little butt swinging back and forth with each stroke of her crayon.

I have no idea how long I had been sitting on the couch watching Lexi color that morning. My mind was on my sister Joy and her friends. They were not treating me nice, and it upset me, made me angry and morose. All my life I had been their entertainment, their toy, their little doll to play with, but now that they were reaching puberty, all they ever talked about were boys their age and older, giggling and talking and not paying me any attention. For 5 years and more, play sex had been a very active part of my life, but now that the girls were getting really fun to play with, they didn't want me anymore. It wasn't fair, that's what I thought, and what I was thinking as I sat with my eyes blindly transfixed on Lexi as she colored away.

Although my conscious thoughts were zoned in being upset with Joy and Patti and Donna, my subconscious thoughts must have been trained on Lexi's red ruffled panties because when my consciousness did begin to return to the here and now, I realized I was becoming aroused. And that surprised me. All my life I had played with older girls, Joy and her friends, and that is how I saw myself, as a boy who loved big girls, the bigger, the better, certainly not little ones like Lexi. My nieces were always around, but I had never thought about them sexually until this very moment, and I was a little shocked by how I was feeling toward Lexi. Maybe that's why the image is so ingrained in my memory. I watched Lexi work for several more minutes, and then rose from the couch to have a better look at those fancy red-ruffled nylon panties.

Lexi was really focused on her work and didn't seem to notice as I knelt down behind her. With my hands on her hips to still the swinging, I examined the red lace and found my hands were squeezing into the firm roundness of the perfect little butt cheeks and my fingers explored how they formed up from the crevice of her crotch. It felt really good, and I could feel myself becoming more aroused as my fingers clutched deeper into the flesh underneath the panties.

Lexi glanced back over her shoulder. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked casually.

"I like feeling your panties," I answered, my hands continuing to work over her butt. "They feel sexy."

Going back to her coloring, Lexi said, "I know. They're really pretty, huh?"

"Yeah, they are," I said. "I like how they feel." Lifting the skirt, I folded it up over Lexi's back, straightening it before lifting the frilly, lacey little nylon slips and folding it up over the skirt. I liked how it felt, too, as I straightened it. The red sash around the dress waist was keeping me from seeing the waistband of the panties so I worked the dress and slip up a little higher until I could see an inch or so of flesh above the waistband of the panties. My hands circled around her waist until my fingertips touched and then back around and over her hips. The hips of the big girls were beginning to flare out, and I was looking at Lexi's little figure in comparison. Lexi's body was nice and shapely but not as much as the big girls. Sliding my hand on around, I felt over the smooth, silky panties covering her tummy, and while I did that, my other hand went back to feel of her butt cheeks more.

Lexi continued to color as this was going on, absorbed in her task at hand. I pushed my fingertips down to her pussy mound but her knees were together, her inner thighs blocking my way. "Spread your knees, Lexi," I told her, and without looking up from her work, Lexi dutifully stepped her knees apart until I could get my hand around her pussy mound into her crotch. Curling my fingers, I dug my fingertips up into the panty material covering her crotch, scraping them along the material as I searched for her pussy slit. Finding it, I pushed my middle finger up hard enough to part the lips so I could rub inside.

Looking back over her shoulder, Lexi asked, "What are you doing now, Uncle Jimmy?"

"I'm trying to feel of your pussy," I said.

"Oh," she said, still looking back over her shoulder.

"I can't feel it very well through your panties," I said. "Let me do this," slipping my hand inside the front waistband of the panties and sliding it down inside. Curling my hand over her pussy mound, my fingertips found the slit so I could work my middle finger inside. "There, that's better," I said.

"Oh, okay," Lexi said. She waited a moment to see what I was doing, and when she felt my finger in the slit, she asked, "Why are you doing that, Uncle Jimmy?"

"I want to see what it feels like," I said. The slit was dry so I was massaging her pussy, warming it with my fingers.

"Oh, okay," Lexi said again, and returned to her coloring.

Continuing to massage, I began to feel some wetness inside the slit, and before long the inside was slippery enough for me to begin stroking up and down it. "How does that feel, Lexi?" I asked. "Is it beginning to feel better?"

Looking back over her shoulder, Lexi paused to experience the feeling. "Uh-huh," she said, and waited again to feel my stroking finger. "Yeah, it feels good,' she said.

"That's good," I said, continuing to stroke while my hand roamed over her butt cheeks, squeezing and feeling how perfect they were. I was beginning to get very hot as the juices lubricated her little pussy slit. "Let's go in the bedroom, Lexi," I said. "I want to take your dress off."

She looked puzzled. "How come?" she asked.

"I want to play with you and I don't want to mess it up," I answered.

She thought about it. "Okay," she said. Turning back to her work, she said, "Let me finish this part first." Stroking her slit, I watched over her should as she colored Santa's reindeer brown.

I took her into Joy's bedroom which was in a more secluded part of the old ranch house and closed the door. Sitting on the bed, I spread my legs and motioned her over, turning her around so I could untie the sash bow and undo it before unzipping the dress. Helping her step out of it, I got up to lay it carefully on a chair before sitting back down with Lexi standing between my knees in the frilly, lacey white nylon slip. Running my hands over her body through the slip, I said, "I like how this feels."

"It's really pretty," Lexi said. "I really like it."

"Me, too," I said. "Let's leave it on. I want to see how it feels." Standing, I said, "You get on the bed while I get undressed, okay?" Lexi sat on the bed and watched as I stripped off my clothes until I was standing naked in front of her. Her eyes locked on my throbbing little 3-inch cock standing straight out in front of me.

"How come it's like that?" she asked, not taking her eyes off of the cock.

"You made me horny," I said, "playing with your pussy."

"Oh," Lexi answered.

Moving closer, I said, "Feel of it." Reaching up, her fingers squeezed up and down the shaft.

"It's really hard," she said.

Moving even closer, I took her shoulders, pulling her over to me. "Lick on it," I told her.

Glancing up at me first, she lifted the cock to lick up the shaft. "Lick it good," I said, "all over," and she began licking up and down and around the cock. With my hand on the back of her neck, I pulled her face into the cock, pressing it to her lips. "Suck on it," I said. Looking up at me first, she opened up so I could push the cock inside and taking her head between my hands, I said, "Suck harder," and began pumping it into her mouth. Her hands came up to hold my bare hips as I fucked her mouth. "This feels really good," I said. "You can bite on it, too." I felt her teeth scraping along the shaft as I pumped her head. "I like how your teeth feel," I told her. "Let me fuck your mouth like this a minute and then we'll get on the bed, okay?" I fucked her mouth until I felt my orgasm rising and then stopped. I didn't want to cum yet.

"Get up on the bed and lay down," I said. "I want to see how your slip feels on my cock." "Okay," Lexi said, crawling up into the middle of the bed and lying down on her back. Getting on top of her, I spread my knees wide to force my crotch down into her tummy and with my elbows resting down on each side of her head began rocking the shaft of the cock up and down the slip. "This feels really good," I said. "I really like how the slip feels on my cock."

Rolling off on to my side, I said, "Roll up on your side facing the other way," helping her do it. With her back to me, I began pulling up on the hem of her slip, saying, "Lift your hips so I can pull up your slip. I want to see how your panties feel on my cock." With her help, we got the slip up around her waist, exposing the red panties, and bringing my knees up into her legs, with my hands on her hips I pulled her butt into me, snugging the red-ruffled panties covering her butt tightly against my stiff cock. Squirming tighter into her, I liked how the panties felt on my cock, and pressing the head into her crotch I began thrusting it up.

Lexi giggled. "I can feel your thing sticking into my bottom," she said.

The feel of the fucking motion up into her was making me hot. "Do you like it?" I asked.

She giggled. "Yeah, it feels funny," she said.

I enjoyed the feeling of thrusting up into her for a few moments longer and then sat up, rolling Lexi back on to her back and moving her head up on the pillows. "Let's take off your panties,' I said, and Lexi lifted her hips for me to pull them off. "I want to look at your pussy," I said, lifting and spreading her knees so I could get between them. She had a cute little pussy, I thought as my thumb rubbed over her little slit.

"Do you like it?" Lexi asked, a little anxiously. Lexi was used to being called the prettiest girl ever, so it was important to her that I like her pussy.

"Yeah," I said, studying the little pussy as my fingers held the lips open so I could see inside. "Let me see how it tastes," I said, bending down.

Lexi squealed with laughter, jerking her hips around as she felt my tongue pressing in. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy!?" she yelled. "That feels funny!"

"Be still," I told her. "I'm going to lick it for you."

Lexi was still giggling. "You're being silly," she said.

It took longer than with the big girls to start feeling the slippery juices on my tongue, but they did come. "Does it feel good?" I asked, rubbing my thumb over her little clit I could feel was swollen now.

Lexi had settled down as I continued to lick up and down the slit. "Uh-huh, I like it," she said.

Bending back down into her crotch, I continued licking my pointed tongue inside the slit. After some time, Lexi's little hips began slowly moving around. "It's making me feel funny," she said. I continued licking. Soon her hip movements became more deliberate and her body temperature was rising. "It's making me tingle," she said, her hands reaching down to hold my head, and I could tell she was breathing fast. I kept going.

After a few minutes more, I came up to stretch out beside her with my head on the pillow beside hers. "Did you like that?" I asked.

Lexi was still breathing hard. "Uh-huh, it was really fun," she said.

Propping a pillow on the headboard, I rested my back against it. "Now you do me," I said, helping Lexi move down between my legs. Soon I felt my orgasm rising. This was several months before I had my first real spasmodic orgasm with Donna, but the pleasure center in my groin was beginning to intensify and I could feel little waves of spasms going through me. Holding Lexi's head, I wrapped my legs around her body and squeezed, making the orgasm last as long as I could. It had been a while since one of the big girls had gotten me off, and my little orgasm felt delicious. I could feel the dark mood I had been in melting away as the electric feeling in my groin continued on. Finally, I released Lexi. I was breathing hard through my open mouth. "That was a good one," I said, gasping for air.

Plopping up to lie on my chest, Lexi was beaming. "Did I do good?" she asked.

"Yeah, you did," I said. We got each other off once more before getting redressed. The next day, I went over to Lexi's house to play again, and this time we got her 5-year old brother Junior along with her 4-year old sister Janey involved. We had our own little orgy.

In those days, the whole family, all my brothers and sisters and their kids, would come to our house Christmas morning to open presents and have Christmas dinner later that afternoon. The house would be full of laughing, happy people and excited kids running everywhere, usually still in their sleep clothes. By mid-morning, moms would head into the kitchen to begin preparing Christmas dinner while dads cleaned up the house, loaded the family's presents and toys into the car, and took the kids home to dress for the day. The kids, of course, wanted to play with their new toys and so after making sure they were properly dressed, the dad would leave them there playing to come back to our house. Before dinner, then, he would go back to pick up the kids.

On the Christmas morning following the episode of Lexi with her red-ruffled panties, I found myself watching my blond-headed niece Debbie, who was only a few months younger than Lexi. Debbie was also a strikingly pretty little girl, practically as pretty as Lexi. I was finding there was much to be said for playing with Lexi. Unlike my sister Joy and her friends, I could do anything I wanted to Lexi, whenever I felt like it, because I was her bigger and older uncle and she had to mind me. Watching Debbie, I wanted to try her out next. After taking Debbie and her 5-year old sister Sandy home, it wasn't long before my brother, their father, came back to our house without them. They were home alone. I got on my bicycle and rode into town to their house.

I found the two of them sitting facing one another on their bedroom floor, dressed in their Christmas day dresses, playing with their new dolls, sitting with their legs in front bent at the knees so that their feet sprawled beside their hips in the manner that only a child can do. I sat on the bed and we talked a little about what a great Christmas they were having, but their minds were on their new dolls and soon they were totally focused on them, combing the dolls' hair and dressing them.

Getting up from the bed, I knelt down beside Debbie, reaching one hand under her skirt in front and the other under the skirt behind to feel of her pussy and butt through the panties. Just like Lexi had done, Debbie didn't seem to notice my hands on her as she continued her focus on the doll. Her butt and pussy felt really good, and I found my cock getting rock hard. "Hold up your skirt for me," I told Debbie, and with the doll in one hand Debbie pulled up her skirt, looking to ask, "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?"

"I want to feel of your pussy," I said, sliding my hand inside the waistband of the panties. My hand behind lifted her up enough so my fingers could reach around her pussy mound to massage the pussy beneath. Debbie held the skirt up so she could watch my hand inside her panties as I worked my middle finger into her slit while my fingers massaged the pussy. Pretty soon I could feel it becoming wet inside the slit. "Do you like me having my hand inside your panties?" I asked.

Debbie giggled. "You're being naughty, Uncle Jimmy,' she said.

"Uh-huh," I said. I was becoming slippery inside the slit now and I could stroke my finger up and down it. "But you like me being naughty with you, don't you?" I asked. "It feels good, doesn't it?" Debbie laughed, her eyes glued to my hand in her crotch. "You like it, don't you?" I said, laughing.

"Yeah," Debbie said. She looked up at me, her pretty eyes sparkling with excitement. "That feels good," she said, and laughed.

"Do me, Uncle Jimmy," Sandy said. She had been watching us.

"I'll do you next, Sandy, okay?" I said. "Let me rub your sister and make her feel good, first." The slit was getting more and more slippery, and Debbie was breathing hard. I laughed. "You like being naughty with me, don't you?" I teased. "I make your pussy feel good."

Debbie's hips were squirming now as she laughed, her eyes locked on her crotch. "Uh-huh," she said, trying to giggle. She was gasping air through her opened mouth.

Sandy had laid down her doll to scoot over beside us, holding her skirt up above her panties in anticipation. "You ready for me to stick my hand inside your panties?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said excitedly. "Do me, Uncle Jimmy." It wasn't long before her little pussy was slippery and wet.

"Want to see me take off my clothes?" I asked the girls teasingly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,' they shouted. Both inhaled breathtakingly when my stiff little 3-inch cock popped into view.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I called them to me to give them some play time with it before pulling Debbie's face down to stick it in her mouth. "Suck on it," I told her, and after getting her going I played with Sandy's pussy while Debbie sucked up and down my cock. "Your turn," I said, lifting Debbie out of the way for Sandy to get her face into my crotch. As Sandy sucked, I helped Debbie take her panties off.

Stopping Sandy, I got up in the middle of the bed with my legs splayed wide. Sitting Sandy between my legs, I got Debbie up on top of me, helping her get one knee on each side of my head so I could lick her while Sandy sucked on my cock. It took Debbie about a minute to get her tinglies, and not much longer before the electricity of my orgasm hit my groin and I felt those mild spasms surging through me.

When I finished and Debbie crawled off my face, I told her, "Now you lick Sandy's pussy." She scrunched up her nose, giving me that "Do I have to?" look, but I only laughed, helping Sandy get her panties off.

Lying beside them, watching Debbie's face working in Sandy's crotch, I thought, "This is great!" I could make my nieces do anything I wanted.

By the time I had my first real, dry cum orgasm inside Donna the following spring, all the nieces were involved in play sex. By the time summer vacation arrived, we were having our own little sex orgies, inviting al the girls' friends to join in. We kept this up for years and years, and you might say we never have stopped.

When Lexi and Debbie turned 8, I was 11 and began fucking them. From then on, I fucked each niece as she came of age, and kept fucking them. We had the girls' friends over and fucked them. If they didn't want to fuck, we wrestled them down, holding them until I could get my cock stuck inside them. Every little girl, after she had been fucked the first time, fucked willingly from then on. I made them all eat each other's pussy, and just like fucking, after the first time they discovered it was fun eating each other. Unlike Joy, Patti, and Donna who I never saw eat each other, every one of my nieces and their friends were adept pussy lickers as well as fucking machines.

Almost from the time she was 6 and I was 9, Lexi and I became inseparable. Lexi took to play sex like a duck takes to water, and almost overnight it became her favorite game in the world. In chapters to come, I will tell a few of the stories of Lexi and me, but it is impossible to overstate what a little wild child gorgeous Lexi became, nor is it possible to overstate how much fun the two of us had.

Years and years later, after we had all moved away, married, and settled down, I got a telephone call from Lexi. Lexi had married well, and settled down in Colorado to raise her family. "Bill and I are leaving for a 3-week Mediterranean cruise," she said. "Bill's parents are going to see after little Will while we're gone, but I won't you to take Buffy." Buffy was her 9-year old daughter, and like Lexi, she was a drop dead gorgeous child.

I laughed, saying, "You've got to be joking." But she wasn't, and that was the point. She knew I would fuck Buffy, and that is what she wanted me to do, to teach Buffy how fun play sex can be. She wanted her daughter to experience at least some of the fun she had as a little girl.

Not too many months after that, I got a call from my niece Judy. "Earl and I are taking a two-week vacation, and I want you to look after Amber and Angie while we're gone." One by one, my nieces sent me their daughters. The subject of play sex never did nor has it ever yet come up. We simply never discussed what went on when their daughters came to spend time with me. Of one thing I am sure: the nieces believe the play sex we experienced as kids benefitted them, made them better, more responsible stable adults. Play sex is a healthy, natural activity for kids, just as it is throughout the animal kingdom. Humans have simply forgotten how to play the game, a forgotten game that somehow we rediscovered growing up.

More years went by, and one day I got a call from my grandniece, Jennifer: "Do you mind if Britney comes down to spend some time with you this coming summer?" The next generation has arrived.

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