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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Our Town: The 4th of July Party: Friday



Friday began earlier as people drank to assuage their hangovers, and by mid-morning it was obvious we had many people already staggeringly drunk. By noon, some had passed out, most of whom would come to in time to enjoy the evening's festivities. During the day, all the kids were there, my nieces plus everyone else's kids, and we busied ourselves stirring up as much sexual activity as we could.

Moms began showing up with their kids by mid-morning, sometimes settling in for the day and sometimes just dropping them off for the day, to return later in the day. Lexi and I made it our jobs to watch for ones we did not know. A mom would walk in with a kid in tow we did not know, and Lexi would head over. "Hi, I'm Lexi," she would say brightly to the mother. "I'm Jayne's daughter. Is this your pretty little girl?" she would ask, smiling that beatific smile of hers down on the little girl.

A mom walked in the front door holding the hand of an adorable little blond girl in a two-piece swimsuit. After introductions, Lexi looked down with a surprised look asking, "Are you only 6 really, Abby? I thought you were 7!" bringing out a big smile from the little girl. Lexi took the little girl's hand, saying, "You go say hello to mommy in the kitchen. Uncle Jimmy and I will see after Abby." Smiling down at the girl as she headed off down the hall, she said, "Come on in and see my room, Abby. Then we'll go swimming, okay? What a cute swimsuit!"

Closing the door behind her, Lexi hopped up on the bed, saying with a big grin, "Come on up in bed with Uncle Jimmy and me, Abby. We want to play with you some before we go swim." The pretty little blond girl hopped up on the bed, and picking her up to sit in her lap facing her, little legs to each side, Lexi took the little girl's face in her hands, laughingly saying, "Oh Abby, you are such a doll! Give Lexi a kiss, will you?" bringing the girl's lips to hers. "Mmm, you taste sweet!" she laughed, wrapping her arms around the little girl to pull her down on top of her. The little girl was giggling her head off as Lexi reached her arms down, cupping the little girl's butt cheeks and squeezing them as she wriggled the girl's hips against her tummy. "I could just eat you up," Lexi laughed, her gorgeous eyes glistening into the little girl's. "I bet you like to be naughty, don't you?" she asked playfully with a giggle.

"Yeah," the little girl answered gleefully, enjoying the attention of such a beautiful 10-year old.

"Do you like to play with your bottom?" Lexi asked, reaching under her to cup her hand around and squeeze the little girl's pussy mound.

Giggling, the little girl said, "That's naughty!"

"I know!" Lexi laughed. "Isn't it fun? Now you do me, okay?" she said, taking the little girl's hand to pull down and squeeze her own pussy mound. As she felt the little girl's hand, her eyes would get wide like she was surprised, and then her head fell back laughing. "That's fun!" she announced. Looking at me, she said, "Okay, Uncle Jimmy, your turn. Squeeze my bottom." As my hand cupped her pussy and squeezed, Lexi laughed with glee, the little girl joining in. "You're naughty, too, Uncle Jimmy!" Lexi said. "Now you have to do Abby's." Lexi and the little girl watched as I reached between the little legs to squeeze her little pussy, and Lexi laughed again, with the little girl joining in. "You are so naughty, Uncle Jimmy!" Lexi said. "Okay, my turn now," she announced, reaching over to squeeze my cock, saying, "Oh-oh, I feel your thing," and putting her hand on the little girl's chest, collapsing giggling, the little girl joining her. "Okay, your turn, Abby," taking the little girl's hand to wrap around my cock. "Squeeze it so you can feel it, Abby," she laughed. "Can you feel it?"

"Yeah," the little girl said, giggling uncontrollably, and we all laughed.

"Now whose turn is it?" Lexi asked, putting a finger to her cheek as if in thought. "Oh, it's my turn again!" she said brightly. "Okay, Abby," she said, pushing her hand inside the little girl's bottoms as she pulled the little girl's leg over to open her crotch. "Let me see what you have in here." The little girl giggled and squirmed as Lexi looked thoughtfully at the ceiling as her fingers found the little girl's slit to slip inside. "What do you have in here anyway, Abby?" Lexi asked, as the little girl could not control her giggling. "Oh, I know what it is!" Lexi would announce. "It's your pussy!" she announced, laughing as her finger stroked away in the slit. Still laughing, Lexi would pull her hand out, saying, "Let me see what it tastes like," inserting her finger in her mouth and sucking on it. Her eyes would brighten as she smiled at Abby with a surprised looked on her face. "You taste good!" she said, falling back laughing, the little girl giggling her head off. "Okay, your turn, Abby," she said, holding the waistband of her bottoms out for the little girl to insert her hand.

By now the little girl jumped to stick her hand down inside, her little finger seeking out Lexi's slit to push into. "What do we have in here?" the little girl asked joyfully. Lexi helped her insert her little finger into her slit and hold it there, rubbing up and down. "Oh, it's your pussy!" the little girl said, falling over giggling. Pulling her hand out, she said, "Let me see what you taste like," sticking her little finger in her mouth to suck. With a show of surprise, she announced, "You taste good!" and fell over laughing.

"Okay, time to see what Uncle Jimmy has in his pants," Lexi announced. Lying on my back and holding out my waistband, Lexi inserted her hand, wrapping it around my now hard cock. Looking at Abby, she said, her eyes wide, "Uh-oh, it's gotten all big and hard!" and giggling like crazy. "I'm gonna have to pull it out!" she said, her hand tugging and tugging on my cock. Looking at Abby again, she giggled, "Uh-oh, it's stuck!" Pulling her hand back out, she said, "See if you can pull it out, Abby."

The little girl jumped to stick her hand inside and grab my cock to begin pulling on it. Looking at Lexi, she laughed, "Uh-oh, it's stuck!" and the two girls fell over in naughty giggles. "This is fun," the little girl said.

"Okay, my turn," Lexi said. "Let's play suck nipples." Rolling the little girl on to her back, she pulled off Abby's little top to expose the pink little nipples, lowering her head down to lick and bite and suck each nipple as the little girl laughed and squirmed. Falling back on the bed, Lexi said, "Okay, your turn, Abby." The little girl hopped up astride Lexi's tummy and began pulling up the top, taking it off with Lexi's help to expose her pretty pink, puffy nipples. Looking down on them, the little girl was somewhat agog. "Yours poke out," she said.

"Yeah, a little," Lexi said proudly. "I'm getting to be a big girl." Holding her arms out, she said, "Okay, Abby, your turn!" The giggling little girl bent down, sucking, biting, and licking. "Oh, that feels good, Abby!" Lexi announced with a naughty giggle. "Do it some more, okay?" to which the little girl was more than willing to do.

"Wanna teach Abby how big girls kiss?" I asked.

"That's a fun idea!" Lexi laughed. Crawling on top of me, she said, "Okay, Abby, watch how Uncle Jimmy and me do this and then we'll do it, okay?"

"Okay," the little girl laughed, bouncing around to watch as Lexi bent down to take my tongue.

As our tongues began, I slipped my hand down inside Lexi's swimsuit bottoms to find her slit. "Wait a sec," Lexi said, rolling over to strip off her bottoms. "It's more fun without your bottoms on," she said to the giggling little girl now transfixed on Lexi's naked pussy mound. Rolling back up on me, Lexi said, "Okay, now I'm ready," lowering her lips to mine.

Not surprising, my finger found Lexi's slit soaking wet, and as my finger stroked her, she got hotter and hotter until I curled my finger up inside her pussy hole and began finger fucking her. "God, that feels good," Lexi said, bringing up her head as her chest heaved for air. Looking at Abby, she said, "Look between my legs to see what Uncle Jimmy's finger is doing in my bottom."

Jumping down between my legs, the little girl watched curiously as my finger continued to finger fuck. "Is his finger inside you, Lexi?" she would ask.

"Uh-huh," Lexi answered. "Now watch while I big girl kiss," she added, dropping her tongue back down into my mouth. As we tongue fucked, Lexi's hips begin to pump up and down with my finger, harder and harder as her orgasm rose until her head and back arched upward into orgasm, an "Oh my god!" escaping her lips as she trembled and shuddered as the spasm surged through her body.

"What's wrong, Lexi?" the little girl asked nervously.

"Feels so good," Lexi gasped, and arched up as the next spasm surged through her. Trying to give the little girl a smile, she said, "Orgasm, honey," then another "Ahh!" with the next spasm, followed by, "Feels so g-o-o-d."

After a half dozen surges, she fell down on me, smiling up at Abby. "Wow, that feels s-o-o-o good, Abby!" she laughed. "You've never felt anything so good," she added. "Let me get my breath back and then you can do it, okay?"

The little girl was hopping up and down. "Okay," she giggled expectantly.

"Get your bottoms off, okay?" Lexi said as she continued to lie on me breathing hard.

"Okay," Abby giggled, rolling over, jerking down her bottoms, and then looking expectantly again at Lexi.

"Scoot your bottom over here, Abby," Lexi said, motioning her over. The little girl scooted her naked bottom closer so Lexi could reach her fingers out to begin rubbing the little girl's slit. "Spread your legs for me, Abby, so I can see what I'm doing," she said, and began massaging the little girl's clit inside her slit. "Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," the little girl answered, watching Lexi's finger rub and massage.

"Just lay back and relax and feel my finger," Lexi said, and the little girl fell back on the bed, her legs splayed wide as Lexi stroked her little clit. After a minute or so, Lexi said, "You're getting wet inside, Abby. Good girl. Is it feeling better and better?"

"Uh-huh," the little girl said from her back. "It's feeling tingly."

"You're doing really good, Abby," Lexi said, pulling herself over between the little girl's legs. "Now let Lexi make you feel really good, okay?" she said, her thumb still working the clit as she began sliding her fingers up and down the slit.

"Okay," Abby said, her little chest heaving more.

"I'm going to lick your pussy with my tongue, okay?" Lexi said. The little girl's head came up. "No, no, Abby," Lexi laughed softly, reaching her hand up to lie on the girl's chest. "Just lay still and feel my tongue inside your pussy, okay?"

"Okay," Abby said, settling back down. Her body twitched as she felt Lexi's warm tongue stroke up her slit. "Is that your tongue, Lexi?" she asked, her head still lying flat on the bed.

"Yeah, how does it feel?" Lexi asked, continuing to lick the wet little slit.

"It feels warm," the little girl said softly.

"Good girl," Lexi said. "Now just lay there and see what it feels like, okay?"

"Okay," Abby said. Lexi's tongue became harder and pointier as she focused more and more on Abby's swelling little clit. She slipped her hands under the little girl's butt cheeks to massage them as she licked. Abby's hips were beginning to rock up into the tongue as her body temperature rose.

Breathing heavily, the little girl moaned, "That's feeling really, really good, Lexi."

"Reach down and hold my face, Abby," Lexi said, and the little girl's hands came down for her fingers to rest on Lexi's cheeks as her tongue continued stroking the swollen little clit. As the tongue strokes intensified, the little girl began making stronger and stronger grunting noises as her hips bucked up into Lexi's tongue. Grabbing the back of Lexi's head and ramming it down into her crotch, she began going, "Oh oh oh," over and over, jerking Lexi's head hard into her. Then she let go, falling backwards as her chest heaved, her breath gasping. Lexi and I laughed.

After a minute or two, Abby rolled over on her elbow to look at Lexi. "What happened?" she asked.

Laughing, Lexi answered, "You had an orgasm, Abby."

"Wow, it felt good," the little girl said.

"Told you," Lexi laughed. "Now rest a minute and we'll kiss like big girls and you can have another orgasm, okay?"

"Okay," the little girl giggled excitedly, her chest still heaving. Lexi laughed. "You naughty little devil, you," she said, rolling up to run her finger through the pretty little blond's hair. "Go take off Uncle Jimmy's swimsuit."

Looking at me and then back to Lexi, she grinned. "Okay," she said, giggling as she jumped over astraddle my legs. Grabbing my swimsuit at the waist, she began tugging it down. I lifted my butt to allow it past and as my semi-hard cock popped out, the little girl froze, staring at it.

Laughing Lexi said, "Pull on it again." Abby looked at my cock, then up at Lexi. Then she giggled, saying, "Okay," as her fingers wrapped around and she began to tug. It got harder with each tug until it was throbbing. She looked at, then at Lexi.

"Good girl, Abby!" Lexi said with a giggle. "Now pull his swimsuit on off." The little girl worked the swimsuit off my feet, tossing it aside as she sat between my legs staring up at my throbbing cock. "Let me show you," Lexi said, rolling and crawling up on my hip. Guiding my cock into her mouth, Lexi began to suck it, her head rising and falling as her mouth stroked up and down its shaft. "Now you do it," she said, holding my cock in her hand for Abby to take.

The little girl's big eyes looked at Lexi and then the cock. Then with a naughty laugh, she pounced up, saying, "Okay." With her hands wrapped around it, she began exploring putting it into her mouth, getting more and more comfortable until she was bobbing her head up and down on the shaft.

"Does it taste okay?" Lexi asked.

Looking up, Abby grinned. "Yeah," she said.

Laughing, Lexi said, "Okay, Uncle Jimmy is going to fuck your mouth. He's going to hold your head and pump his cock into your mouth while you suck. Think you can do that?"

Abby looked at me, the cock, and then Lexi. "Yeah," she giggled, lowering her head as my hands reached to hold it in my hands. I began pumping my hips up, driving my cock into her mouth.

"Are you doing okay?" Lexi asked. Abby nodded her head yes without lifting it. "Bite hard and suck on it while he fucks you," Lexi laughed. I could feel the little girl's sharp little teeth biting into the shaft. Lexi could tell I was getting ready to cum so she said, "In a minute Uncle Jimmy's gonna cum in your mouth, Abby, like he cums in my mouth all the time. When you feel something warm in your mouth, start swallowing, okay?"

Abby nodded her head yes.

"Good girl," Lexi said. "Now get ready cuz I think he's about to cum!" With a groan, I slammed my cock into Abby's mouth hard and held it as my back seized into orgasm. "Here it comes!" Lexi said. "Start swallowing fast, Abby!"

The little girl choked a little but did her best to gulp down my load. When I fell back down on the bed, Abby looked up at Lexi with a giggle. "Good job, Abby!" Lexi shouted, wiping the remaining cum around her lips with her finger and sticking it inside the little girl's mouth for her to suck off and swallow. Picking her up as she fell backwards on the bed, carrying the little girl on to the top of her, Lexi gave her a kiss, laughing, "You are a good little cocksucker, Abby," and laughed hard, with Abby joining in with fits of giggles.

We walked Abby out to the pool area to find a half dozen guys in the water and another half dozen or so lying around it. These were mostly men from Our Park who had discovered the best place to play with kids was in the water where people could not see what their hands were doing under the water with the kids. "Hi, this is Abby," Lexi announced, and picking Abby up in her arms jumped in.

A couple of guys swam over immediately, one focused on Lexi and the other looking Abby over. "Let me take care of Abby first," Lexi laughed, pushing the one away who was feeling her up under the water, "and then I'll come back and take care of you," she added, giving him a sexy look.

Lexi held Abby on her arm as she smiled at her and then the man. "This is Abby," she said. "Isn't she darling?"

"Holy fuck is she gorgeous," the man said, his hands reaching over, one going between Abby's legs as the other slipped under her butt cheeks sitting on Lexi's arm. "Can I hold her?" he asked.

Lexi smiled at Abby. "I'll be right here, baby," she said lovingly. "You just wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his tummy and let him do what he wants." She giggled, chucking Abby's nervous chin. "He's gonna be naughty with you, okay?"

Abby was vibrating with fear, trying to be brave for Lexi. "You're gonna be right here, Lexi?" she asked. "You're not gonna leave me, are you?"

Lexi laughed. "No, I'm gonna stand right here. I'll keep my hand on your back all the time, okay? Nobody's gonna hurt you. This man just wants to play sex with you."

Abby stared at her a minute. "Okay," she said, turning to look at the man.

The man took her from Lexi's arms, and Abby dutifully wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his stomach. Abby looked at Lexi. "His hands are squeezing my bottom," she said.

"That's okay, isn't it?" Lexi giggled. "Bet it feels good." Abby tried to giggle.

The man's hands were working the little girl over. Looking again at Lexi, she said, "He's sticking his hand inside." Glancing down, she added, "He's rubbing my bottom."

Lexi laughed. "That's your pussy, baby," she said. "He likes your pussy and wants to make it feel good," she added, laughing. "I know you like that!"

Abby managed a small giggle. "His finger is big and hard," she said.

Laughing, Lexi said, "Just relax, Abby. Let it feel good." Reaching around Abby to feel what was going on, Lexi said, "Let me take her bottoms off before they get stretched too much. Straighten your legs out, Abby."

Pulling the swimsuit bottoms off, Lexi helped the little girl wrap her legs back around. "Good girl, Abby," she laughed. "Now show him what a good pussy you have, okay?" giggling naughtily to the little girl.

Abby did better at giggling back as the man pushed her top up to feel her puffy little nipples. "See how cute and pink and puffy they are?" Lexi said to the man.

"Oh fuck yes they are," the man moaned, and his hands wrapped her little butt cheeks as his finger began stroking harder and faster into her slit.

"Let the man give you a big girl kiss, Abby," Lexi said, and Abby's panicked eyes shot to her. Laughing, Lexi said, "It' okay, Abby. It doesn't hurt at all, and I bet it will feel good." Giggling her naughty giggle, she pushed at Abby's back. "Try it," she said.

When the man's tongue pushed into her mouth, Abby's head shot back. "His tongue is great big," she fussed.

Lexi laughed, pushing her back. "That doesn't hurt anything, silly," she said. "Just let him play with your tongue while he fingers you and see if that doesn't start feeling good, okay?"

Abby blinked her eyes. "Okay," she said, turning back to the man.

After a minute, Abby's little arms tightened around the man's neck as her hips begin to move up and down with the man's stroking finger. "Oh god," the man gasped, his hands going down to jerk down his swim trunks to grab his throbbing cock. "You got a hot fucking tongue, little girl," he said, pushing her lips back to his before wrapping his hand back inside her slit, pumping his cock hard as he felt Abby's ready tongue meet his.

Taking one of the little girl's hands, Lexi pulled it down into the water. "Feel his big cock, Abby," Lexi said, pulling the man's hand away so she could wrap the little girl's fingers around the throbbing cock.

Abby's head came up, looking at Lexi with big, amazed eyes. "It's big," she said. "It's a lot bigger than Uncle Jimmy's."

Laughing, Lexi asked, "Have you ever seen a man's cock before, Abby?"

Abby thought. "Daddy's, but it wasn't all big and hard like this one," she said. Seeing how amused Lexi was, she added with a giggle, "I can't even get my fingers all the way around it."

"Feel all over it," Lexi said, reaching down to help the little girl feel up and down the shaft and over the throbbing head. "Do you like it?"

Abby looked serious as her little fingers felt over the cock. "It's kinda hot and really hard," she giggled.

"That's because he thinks you are really, really sexy," Lexi laughed.

"Really?" Abby asked, looking toward the man, her eyes questioning.

"Oh yeah, you are one hot little pussy," the man said with a laugh.

Abby giggled as she listened, watching the man. Just to be sure, she asked, "I make it big and hard like that?"

"Yeah," the man said. "You are one fucking sexy girl, gorgeous."

Abby looked at Lexi, and squeezing her shoulders up began a fit of giggles.

Lexi laughed, stroking her back. "See what a big girl you are?" she giggled. "You make big guy's cocks get all hard." Lifting her arm back up to the man's neck, she added, "Now I want you to use your tongue to show him what a big girl you are, okay?"

Giggling, Abby said, "Okay," and sank her tongue back inside the man's waiting mouth. Soon her hips were moving again with the finger as the man jerked hard on his cock under the water.

"Good girl," Lexi said, stroking the little girl's back. "I want you to orgasm big for the man, okay?" she said. "Show him what a big girl you are."

Abby brought her head back, her eyes closed shut as she grunted with each beat of her hips pounding down on the stroking finger. Her back arched back as her body seized up, and "Oh oh oh" began coming from her throat over and over again.

"Oh god, she's cumming for me," the man gasped, his eyes watching the little girl as his hand flogged his cock hard. "Cum for me, baby, cum for your daddy," he moaned.

"Good girl," Lexi said. "Keep cumming, baby." To the man, she said, "Keep stroking her, keep stroking her."

"Oh baby, oh baby," the man moaned, trembling as his head arched back into orgasm. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming," he groaned, his whole body shuddering as he began unloading.

"Oh oh oh," Abby moaned, her little body trembling as she squirmed, the man's eyes rolling back as he jerked load after load from his cock.

Collapsing, she cried, "Stop now, stop now, okay?"
She was limp as a dishrag, her chest heaving. "You okay?" Lexi asked.

Trying to gasp for air, Abby said, "That was the biggest one, Lexi."

The man's face was drenched in sweat as his chest heaved and heaved. Taking Abby back into her arms, Lexi asked with a giggle, "How do you like Abby?"

"I fucking love her," the man gasped, reaching up to stroke his fingers through her pretty blond hair.

Lexi held her close, feeling her little chest heaving. "Next time she'll let you fuck her in the mouth with your big cock, won't you, Abby?"

Abby giggled as she fought for breath. "Yeah," she said, and giggled again.

Who knows how many kids we and my other nieces introduced to play sex during the course of this weekend party, but the story of pretty little 6-year old Abby gives the reader the idea of how it is done. It was a very easy, very natural process, allowing kids to do what they wanted to do anyway but did not know how to go about getting started. All kids want to play sex, every one of them, but sadly so few get the chance.

By nightfall, it was clear that we had at least twice as many people crowded into the backyard and house as the night before. The word was out about the party, and people from all over town were coming, whether they had connections or not, and everyone was welcomed. Working our way through the crowd was a matter of pushing and shoving to make room enough to slide between people before beginning pushing and shoving to move past the people behind those. Plus the wildness of the party had somehow managed to step things up a notch. People were there for the express purpose of experiencing one of those rare, few times in life of a totally wild and crazy evening. The atmosphere was that of a happy, jubilant celebration where everyone expected and found a good time.

Whereas Thursday night, Lexi and I had been fairly careful about not offending anyone, by Friday night we had lost all sense of danger that we might get into trouble. People wanted once in a lifetime experiences, and Lexi and I were determined to help. We kept our hands and mouths busy as we forced our way through the crowd, checking out each person's anatomy as we moved past. If hands slapped us away the first time, we tried again, squeezing a cock or boobs, pushing our hand between thighs to feel a pussy. It was too crowded for anyone to do much other than try swatting our hands away, too loud to hear even if they yelled at us. Occasionally a man's cock would swell hard as Lexi's little fingers kneaded and played with it, and she would front him with her little body, pressing her tummy against the cock as her arms reaching up to rest on his shoulders. If the man picked her up, she would wrap her legs around his waist, pushing herself back for him to get a good look at her, her gorgeous little face giving him a seductive look as she giggled out, "I'm having fun. Are you?" if the man was slow to react, she would say, "I have a new swimsuit. Do you like it? Do you want to feel it. It feels really good, see?" lifting the man's hand to cup her butt cheek. If he began to like touching and feeling her, she would hold out the waistband, saying, "You can feel inside if you want. I like to be touched down there," giving the man a sexy giggle.

For a drunken guy with his inhibitions lowered, it only took minutes for Lexi to have him ramming his hand hard inside her swimsuit bottoms, and I could wrap my hand around his cock through his swimsuit, feeling it begin to throb by the time I saw him pulling Lexi in to tongue fuck her. Then I could pull the man's swimsuit down and begin sucking his cock. His hands would come down to hold my head as he fucked both Lexi and me in the mouth until both hands would slam my face into his crotch, holding it there as he tensed up trembling, the first load shooting up to explode into my mouth. Gulping down load after load, I could watch both the man and Lexi trembling and shaking. Lexi was always orgasmed and ready to get down by the time the guy finished his cum. We probably did a half dozen men like that.

Likewise, we picked out women who attracted us for whatever reason, often pretty inexplicable reasons because sometimes the lady would not be particularly pretty or good figured. The only requirement we had was she had to be really drunk. Both of us would come up to the woman, smiling and laughing as we wrapped our arms around her to pull ourselves close as she wrapped her arms around our shoulders, exclaiming, "Oh, what sweet, pretty little kids! Aren't you darling children? What are you doing here? What are your names?"

We did not waste much time answering questions as each of us pulled her head down to kiss us on the lips while we told her how pretty and sexy she looked, our little hands roaming freely over her body. The lady would be laughing, trying to stop our hands as Lexi giggled, chatting away as she reached behind the lady to undo her straps and shove her little hands inside the bra cups, flipping down the swimsuit top. Below, I would be pulling out the leg opening to get my fingers inside to curl inside her pussy slit. As the slightly astounded drunk lady exclaimed, "Kids, kids, kids!" reaching down past Lexi to try to stop me, Lexi would pull her arms back, saying, "You've got really pretty boobs. They feel really good," giggling lasciviously. "Do you think I'm going to have boobs as pretty as yours when I grow up?" pulling up her top to expose her puffy nipples for the lady to see. Grabbing the lady's hand, she pulled it up to press into the puffy nipples, saying, "Feel of mine. Do you think I'm gonna have good ones like you do?" The staggering lady would be totally disoriented as Lexi continued, saying, "We're really having fun at the party. Are you having fun? Lots of people say I'm really pretty. Do you think I'm pretty?" batting her sexy eyes.

"Well, of course you are, darling," the lady would say, still dazed by our sudden attack, while my fingers worked inside her pussy slit.

"Lots of people like to kiss me," Lexi would go on, "and I like being kissed. Would you like to kiss me? I wanna kiss you," she would say, encircling the lady's neck to bring the lady's lips down on hers. If the lady did not respond, Lexi would pout, "Don't you like me? I like you. Why don't you want to play with me? I'm trying to be nice. Don't you think I'm nice?"

"Of course you are nice, darling," the lady would stammer. "I like you a lot, too."

"Good," Lexi would giggle. "Do you like my new swimsuit? Do you think it's sexy?" Taking the lady's hand, she would pull it down to wrap around her pussy mound, saying, "I like to be touched here." Working the lady's fingers into her pussy, Lexi would add, "That feels good. Rub it with your fingers, okay? Do you like being touched down there? I hope I have a nice pussy like you have when I grow up."

With my fingers inside the lady's pussy, I could tell from the slipperiness and heat how Lexi was progressing. Occasionally, the lady would swat down at me, but Lexi kept her so preoccupied the efforts to stop me were half-hearted at best. By the time Lexi got this far into the conversation, my fingers for sure had the woman's pussy hot and stimulated.

Taking the drunken lady's hands, I would say, "Come play with us, okay? We don't have anyone to play with."

"No, no, kids," the lady would say as she stumbled along after us as each of us pulled her by the hand. "You kids need to be in bed."

We would pay no attention to what she said as we led her back behind the hedge. Lexi loved everything about sex, but she dearly loved eating pussy. She was always that way. That does not mean she is lesbian, though, anymore than my sucking men's cocks when I was little meant I was gay. To her, as to all my nieces and me, for that matter, sex is simply sex. A game people play. Lexi loved the musky odor of a grown woman's pussy and the taste of the juices inside. She probably still does, but my sense is that it has been a long time now since she has gone down on a woman.

Behind the hedge, we would hold the lady against the fence while we stripped off her swimsuit. Sitting her down on one of the boxes, I would spread her knees for Lexi to get into her crotch, feeling the lady twitch as she felt Lexi's tongue entered into her. "Lexi's gonna make you feel good," I would say, "She's really good at this, huh?" The lady would still be in a daze as I lifted a breast to suck the nipple into my mouth. It would only have been a couple of minutes at this point since Lexi and I had come up to her.

With Lexi between her legs, I waited to hear little soft moans coming from the lady. Lexi's tongue could do that to a woman. "Feels good, huh?" I would say softly. "Pretty Lexi loves eating pussy. Doesn't it feel good?" Pulling and sucking the nipples, I would say, "Your nipples really get hard when you're hot," and lifting the lady's hand to her breast, I would add, "Feel how hard your nipples are." As the lady began to slowly rub and tug at her nipples, her other hand would softly caress Lexi's curly auburn hair below. Stripping off my swimsuit, I would straddle the lady's hips, shoving my cock between her lips and pushing until she opened her mouth to let it in. Holding her head, my hips pumped my cock into her mouth as Lexi worked her pussy. "Suck hard," I said, feeling my cum rising until I said, "I'm cumming. Swallow it fast," pumping my load in her. The lady would be sweating at this point, her soft moans growing more and more emphatic. "Feel your orgasm coming up?" I would ask. "It's gonna be a good one, huh? You can tell it's gonna be a really, really big one, can't you?"

"Oh yeah," the lady would groan softly, her head laid back against the fence with her eyes closed, her hands on Lexi's head. "Oh yeah, oh yeah."

"Give her all your pussy," I would say. Her hand would be wrapped around Lexi's head, pulling it deeply into her crotch as her hips bucked out hard, trying to get all Lexi's tongue she could. "That's it," I would purr, "Get nasty with the little girl. Fuck her hard. Fuck the nasty little cunt good and hard." The lady would be gasping with loud groans as she felt her orgasm rising, her eyes now wide as she stared down on the little girl's head. "Cum in the little cunt's face now," I demanded. "Let it out. Give it to her. Sleazy little cunt whore. Fuck her. Cum in her face right now!" With that, the lady would begin to shudder and shake, and with a loud, "Oh god!" go into seizure, her body vibrating all the way off the fence as she felt the first spasm exploding through her body. "Good, you cunt. Keep it going. Fuck her good and hard. Let it all come," I would add excitedly, "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!"

Spasm after spasm would surge through the lady, moaning and gasping for air between each seizure as her body trembled and shook until at last her knees would buckle and she would begin sliding down the fence,whimpering, "I can't take anymore. It's got to stop. I can't take it."

After accosting a number of drunk women like this, Lexi and I went looking for new games to play with all the drunken grownups. It may have been 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning by now, and the crowd had hardly dissipated at all with many dead drunk but still on their feet. We began pairing people up where they stood, pushing them into one another face to face and holding them there, wrapping their arms around one another as we worked their bodies getting them hot. "He wants to fuck you," we would say to the woman as I fingered her cunt inside her swimsuit, "He wants your hot pussy." Lexi would stick her hand inside the man's swimsuit to knead and pull his cock while we would say, "She wants it. She wants you to stick this in her and fuck her brains out." Undoing her straps, we would pull down her top to expose her breasts, saying, "Look at her tits. Look how good they look," as we would place the man's hands on them. Sticking the woman's hands inside the man's swimsuit, we would say, "Feel his cock. Doesn't it feel good? You want it inside you, don't you?" Once we had them going, we would lead them to the side of the yard where there was a little room so we could help them strip off their swimsuits and then help them get the man's cock inside, whispering all the nasty things we could think of in their ears as they fucked, celebrating joyfully like we had just scored a goal when we were able to get the man cumming inside the woman.

A totally exhausted Lexi and I finally headed off for bed. Opening the door into her bedroom, we were greeted by the sight of 3 college guys working over Mrs. Ferguson, one of the second grade teachers in our elementary school. One guy was on his knees between her legs, holding her hips high in his arms as he slammed his cock into her and over her head she held a cock in each hand, sucking one and then the other. "Oh great, Lexi said, "My bed's gonna be a mess." Closing the door, I went on down the hall, telling Lexi, "Let's just sleep with the kids," meaning Lexi's 9-year old brother Junior and 8-year old sister Janey. Opening their door, we first saw a man we recognized from the neighborhood curled around pretty little Janey, holding her in his arms as both of them slept soundly. Glancing around the door at Junior's bed, we saw the man's naked wife, asleep on her back as she softly snored, with a naked Junior sleeping beside her, his arm and leg flung over the lady. "This won't work, Lexi said, "Let's try mommy's room."

Lexi quietly opened the door and walked in with me following. We heard noises, so I reached back to flip on the light, to reveal a man sprawled on the bed, who looked back over his shoulder, blinking his eyes at the bright light, who said in a drunken voice, "Hey, turn off the fucking light!" My sister Jayne, who had been partying and drinking heavily throughout the day and evening, was sprawled across the bed, asleep or passed out although she did have on her night gown, lying face down with one leg hiked up out to the side. The man, a fellow of about 50 whom neither of us recognized, was naked, lying on top of her, fucking either her ass or her pussy, we could not see which. ""Oh, this is great," Lexi said despondently, walking around the bed toward her mother's head. The man's glazed eyes followed us. Lexi smoothed back her mother's hair from her face, asking the man, politely enough, "I'm Lexi and this is my mommy. Who are you?"

Blinking the man looked Lexi up and down. "Uh-oh," he said, and then with an attempt to smile, said, "I'm Bill Long. My wife and I are friends of the Ferguson's who live down the street." From the glazed look in his eyes, the man was clearly dead drunk. Attempting a smile again, the man said, holding up the palm of his hand in a sort of conciliatory gesture, "Uh, sorry about this, kid," and glancing down as his hand waved limply up and down Jayne's body, added in a mumble, "I mean, your mom and all."

Lexi giggled, "That's okay." With a hand on her mother's outlying leg, Lexi crooked her head around to see their crotches, and I could see the man's big, softening cock was in Jayne's pussy and not her ass. We could also see quite a bit of cum dripping down her leg and on to the sheets. "How many of you guys have been fucking mommy?" she asked, her voice friendly as she smiled back up at the man.

"Umm," the man was thinking, "Well, I guess just Chuck, Larry and me." He wanted to try to explain. "I mean, she took us back here," he said. "It's not like we raped her or anything."

Lexi laughed, putting his hand on the man's shoulder. "That's okay," she said. "I know you didn't." Lexi giggled as she looked down at her mother's sleeping face. "Did she pass out?" she asked.

"Naw, not at first," he said. "She gave us all a good fucking," he added with a chuckle. His eyes brightened some as he offered a compliment. "Your mom's got some really good pussy," he said with all the enthusiasm he could muster. Looking down at her, he mumbled, "Such a beautiful woman." Looking back up at Lexi and me, he added, "Who wouldn't wanna fuck a beautiful woman like this if he got the chance, right?"

Lexi and I both laughed at the man's drunken sincerity. "Have you all been back to fuck her some more?" Lexi asked.

The man chuckled. "Yeah," he said, "We're all sorta taking turns." He closed his eyes thinking about it. "This is my third time," he said, and then hastened to add, "Counting the first time, I mean. You know, when she was fucking me, too."

Now Lexi and I couldn't stop giggling at the man. "Wow, that's really good," Lexi said, sounding impressed. "Have you seen my dad?" Lexi asked.

"Naw, I don't even know who he is," the man admitted.

Lexi giggled. "Well, don't worry," she said, "I haven't seen him, either." Lexi's hand stroked down her mother's back, stopping to lay on her bare, beautifully formed firm hip. Looking back up at the man, she said, "Well, go ahead and finish fucking mommy," she giggled. "I wanna watch."

The man blinked at her as he lay stretched out over Jayne, his hand resting on her butt cheek. Then he looked down between them. He thrust his hips toward her a couple of times, and looked up sadly. "I can't, honey," he said. "It got soft."

Lexi laughed, stepping up on the bed and leaning in, began pushing the man back on to his back. "I can fix that," she giggled, crawling up to take the man's limp cock in her hand and guide it into her mouth. The man looked down wide-eyed, blinking in astonishment as he felt his cock suck inside Lexi's mouth.

"Goddamn," he said, his eyes transfixed on Lexi. Feeling the warm mouth sucking him in, her tongue curling around his cock, he said again, "Goddamn, honey," reaching down his hand to her thick, pretty auburn hair. Studying her as her bobbing head worked, he said, "Goddamn, you're pretty as your mama, little girl." Stroking his hand down her side as he continued to look Lexi over, he added, "Prettier maybe." Chuckling he said, "Just as sexy, too." Responding to her sucking mouth, he said, "Goddamn, that feels good," his hips rising to meet her mouth.

Sitting back up, Lexi held his fully erect cock. "There," she giggled. Running her fingers up and down the big, thick cock, she giggled, "You have a really nice one, Mr. Long," and she flashed a gorgeous smile up to him. "I bet it feels really good inside mommy."

With Lexi sitting up, the man again looked up and down her. "Goddamn, you are one pretty little girl," he mumbled.

Lexi laughed. Stepping her knees back over her mother, Lexi said with a giggle, "Come back tomorrow and you can play with me, Mr. Long." Pushing her mother over on to her back, she added, "You can do anything with me you want, okay?" Reaching her hand up the bed, she said, "Hand me those pillows, Mr. Long?" With pillows in hand, she said, "Now, lift up mommy's hips for me, Mr. Long." Wrapping his hands under Jayne's butt, he held up her hips as Lexi slide the stacked pillows underneath.

Lifting Jayne's hands, Lexi held them toward the man. "Pull her up for a second," she said, and as he did she lifted the nightgown up under her mother's armpits, exposing her firm, perfectly formed small breasts. "There," Lexi giggled as she looked things over. "Now come up here between mommy's legs," she said, motioning him forward. Taking the big hard cock in her hand, she began guiding it down toward her mother. The man fell forward on to his hands on each side of Jayne, and Lexi was able to begin rubbing the cock inside the lips of her mother's pussy as her hand combed through the silky golden pubic hair. Giggling she said to the man, "Now slowly stick it in her." Lexi's eyes stayed on her hand wrapped around the shaft as it sand deeply into her mother's cunt. When all that separated the man's and her mother's pubic bones was her hand, she slowly pulled it out, and looked up at the man with a smile. "How does mommy's pussy feel?" she asked.

The man's eyes were closed as he leaned into Jayne, his arms still extended by her sides. "Goddamn, it feels good," the man groaned, his words slurring.

"Then fuck her," Lexi giggled, "fuck her good." Watching as the man pulled his hips back to expose the shaft of the long cock before sinking it back inside her, Lexi laughed, Oh, I bet that feels good." Hopping up to bend down beside her mother's sleeping head, Lexi whispered as her fingers tugged at her mother's nipples, "Can you feel it, mommy? Can you feel the big, thick cock fuck you." She giggled again, kissing her mother's forehead. "I hope so," she said.

I had hopped up beside Jayne to watch the big cock pumping into my sister. The man's eyes were closed again as he slammed his cock into her, making a splat sound as their bodies met. He's getting close," I said to Lexi.

She hopped closer to watch. "Are you about to cum in mommy, Mr. Long?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," he mumbled, licking his dry lips. His body was shaking, sweating.

"Good," Lexi laughed, reaching her hand back to cup his butt cheek and begin pulling it hard with each thrust. "Push it in as far as you can," she laughed, pulling him forward with all her might with each thrust. "Give it to her good, Mr. Long."

With a mighty heave, Mr. Long grabbed Jayne's hips, lifting them as he stood quivering thrust deep inside her. "Oh god," he gasped, and his body gave a violent shake as the first load shot into her cunt.

Lexi squealed with delight. Jumping up, she wrapped her hands around his shoulders as she looked down. "More," she squealed as he moaned and shook with the second explosion of cum. Lexi was beside herself, hopping up and down as she laughed. "Keep cumming, keep cumming," she cried. "Fill her up, keep cumming." As the hot white cum began boiling out from around the shaft, Lexi squealed again. "Look!" she exclaimed. "It's coming out. Her pussy is full of cum." She hopped up and down with glee. "More, more, more," she squealed.

The man suddenly relaxed, chest heaving. As he began to pull out of Jayne, Lexi fell on her knees, her fingers wrapping around the shaft tightly as it withdrew, keeping all the cum she could inside her mother. When Mr. Long rolled over on his back to rest, Lexi hopped between her mother's legs, watching the cum ooze out.

Suddenly she began tearing off her swimsuit. "Fuck me, Uncle Jimmy," she said, and turned to lower her butt cheeks over her mother's dripping cunt as I came up between her legs and pushed my cock deep inside her. After a half dozen hard, deep strokes, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock as she went into a deep, long, delicious orgasm.

"Well, goddamn," the drunk Mr. Long said.

This was the end of Friday, the second day of the party.

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