The Priests' Wedding

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Warnings and disclaimers:

This story is set in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. It is intended to be part of the "Godfather Stories" from Quantum Mechanic. Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is probably coincidental.

I'm learning as I write and I hope I bring a unique woman's viewpoint to the whole process. I appreciate all the help that Quantum Mechanic has given me on this story. Any errors or omissions are all my fault.

WARNING: This story contains material unsuitable for minors and narrow-minded individuals. It contains sex, violence, and other socially unacceptable material. You have been warned!

Content: MF, FF, MFF, mild non-cons, oral ScFi

Patriarch of the Milky Way, His Beatitude, Father Nicholas O'Donnell left the office of His Holiness, the Pope, bemused. Father Nicholas had just spent nearly three hours in the presence of His Holiness and was astounded at the things he had learned.

Ostensibly, this meeting had been to welcome Father Nicholas into the fold under his new title, Patriarch of the Milky Way. In reality, His Holiness wanted to gather Nicholas' impression of marriage and to let Nicholas in on some major secrets of the Catholic Church, particularly those which would need to be carried into the future.

Father Nicholas was shocked to learn that the Church had a hand in choosing the political leaders of many nations, especially the super-powers. The Church, for all of its vaunted neutrality, frequently meddled in the affairs of many countries. Sometimes the Church acted as a stabilizing influence, which Father Nicholas gathered, but just as often the Church created instability to further its own interests in a region. The Pope fully expected that Nicholas would continue this tradition, all in the name of spreading Catholicism throughout the universe.

The other shock for Nicholas came in the form of a list. The Holy Father had culled priests from twenty smaller parishes and was sending those priests with Father Nicholas into the Great Beyond. Father Nicholas had expected this would happen, especially as he knew that the Church also intended to send every child still in Catholic orphanages with the DiCatania cosca, mafiusi who were taking their religion to the stars.

Also on the list, and accounting for Nicholas' shock were names of sisters and nuns who were being transported as well. The leader of the cosca, Don Giuseppe, had lamented the lack of good Italian Catholic women and girls to be brides for the men he was taking with him. The Pope had solved this problem quite neatly. Every nun who was of child-bearing age, and who had been born into an Italian family, had been quietly offered the opportunity to emigrate to the stars. These nuns would receive a papal dispensation which released them from their holy vows and, instead, commanded them to take vows with a mortal man.

Since all Catholic men being sent to the stars, including priests, had been commanded to marry up to four women, depending on how large a family he could support, each woman would have at least 1 and up to 3 sister-wives. Nuns, being used to living in a communal manner, would be ideal as brides for these men. His Holiness also believed that the special vows made by nuns, poverty, chastity and service, would prove invaluable in the new colonies.

In all, nearly 400 nuns were going with the cosca. Most of these women had been raised in Italian families, which Father Nicholas felt would be a selling point when he met with Don Giuseppe.

Later that evening, Father Nicholas took off his collar with a sigh of relief. His new wife, Michela, brought him a drink and asked if he'd like a snack before dinner. "Sure", Nicholas growled, "I'd like to take a big tasty bite of my wife!"

He pulled Michela onto his lap and gave her a loving kiss. Michela giggled like a schoolgirl and pretended to slap his hands away from her. "You'd better quit or I'll burn dinner again!" Then she smiled, "However, I did turn the oven off before I came in here. It will keep for a little while." She kissed her husband enthusiastically.

Nicholas motioned for Michela to sit facing him so he could get to the buttons on her shirt. When her blouse was open, he leaned back a bit to admire the breasts he loved to spend time exploring. He watched her nipples harden under the bra and leaned forward to nibble a bit. Michela moaned low in her throat and let her head fall back to give him better access.

He pushed her shirt down her arms, then removed the bit of lace that impeded his access. As he suckled on her, her head fell forward and her arms came around his neck. "Mmmm, that's wonderful" she said.

She removed his collar and tossed it aside, then began undoing his cassock, which was difficult to do without making him stop licking her nipples. Finally, she made him wait while she stood up to undo the button on her skirt.

"I think you're overdressed there, Father" she teased him. She let the skirt fall to the floor, then kicked it aside, leaving her high heels on. He stood for a moment to remove his pants and Michela knelt in front of him. She looked up at her husband, "May I ask for forgiveness now for what I'm about to do?" He gasped as she slid her tongue along his dick, then nearly fell into the chair when she opened her mouth to let him slid into the silky depths of her throat.

His hands tangled in her hair. "If you keep doing that, I'll forgive you anything!" She kept her eyes on his as she slowly suckled him in and out of her mouth. He watched as her hands trailed down across her breasts, then one hand hit her center. He groaned and pulled her to her feet.

When he turned toward the bedroom, Michela said "Why don't we try the chair tonight?"

Nicholas looked over his shoulder at the chair. "How will that work?" She pushed him backwards and said "Have a seat."

When he was comfortable, she stepped forward, allowing her knees to settle in on either side of him. "Recline it back." She whispered in his ear. She slid her tongue along his neck, making it difficult for Nicholas to find the handle. Finally, the chair reclined and Michela raised herself into the air, only to impale herself on him. "Ahhhh, that feels soooo good." He found that he didn't have to do much, and couldn't, but he caught her breasts in his hands so he could lick them both as she moved up and down on him.

She felt so good that he had to do something to distract himself. He kissed her nipple, then said "What's this position called?" Her answer was garbled because she was in the throes of orgasm. He caught something along the lines of "Oh God, yes, that's so good".

She slumped on top of him for a moment as she kissed him. Her eyes opened and she said "Woman astride". Nicholas blinked in confusion. "The position, it's called woman astride, cowgirl, woman on top".

He grinned at her. "I think you need to stop talking now." He snapped his hips upward, letting his dick do the talking for him. As he moved in and out of her, he growled in her ear "I think it's time you shut up and let me show you how this is done."

Michela marveled at how quickly her husband had learned what she liked. She felt her body gearing up for another orgasm and she started rotating her hips to match Nicholas' strokes. She locked her hands on his shoulders and felt him starting to lose the rhythm, indicating he was close to coming himself. Her head fell back as she started screaming again.

Afterward she sat with her head on his shoulder, his hands stroking her back. "You hungry?" she asked.

Don Giuseppe, aka Joe Fanelli, was astounded when he and Father Nicholas met the next day. "Twenty priests and nearly 400 nuns?! I didn't mean to take the entire clergy with me!"

Nicholas made an open-handed shrug. "You know the Pope is trying to think into the future, Joe. He's also trying to solve your woman shortage the quickest way possible, as well."

Joe sounded angry, but Nicholas had learned by now that Joe was gruff until he had a handle on new situations. "I'm not sure I like the idea of nuns being asked to break their vows. How does a man compete with their First Husband?"

Father Nicholas laughed, "By being himself, as your lovely wife pointed out to me when I was courting Michela. Not to disrespect God, but a flesh and blood man automatically has a bit of an advantage in the bedroom!"

Joe nearly choked on the brandy he had been sipping. "Father! I can't believe you just said that!"

Nicholas grinned at the Don. "I am just being practical, as is His Holiness. How on earth can you be fruitful and multiply if there are no women to multiply with?"

"Besides", Nicholas continued, "Most of these women are accustomed to working in extreme conditions with limited resources and I know that several of them have training as nurses. Listen, why don't you talk it over with Maria and Luisa and get their input? I know they'll have opinions"

Joe had been married to Maria for over 20 years. Luisa was his newest bride on his way to his four that the Pope had encouraged every man to marry. While Joseph Fanelli, a.k.a. Don Giuseppe DiCatania, was an important man in the new colony, and had been a well-respected businessman, legit and otherwise, on Earth, he knew that both of his wives would have plenty to say about this, and that they would both be much more practical about it than he would ever be. He resolved to leave that issue alone until he had time to discuss it with his women.

"In other news," Joe said, "how soon do you think we can do this wedding? I know the Pope prefers that we conduct the priests' weddings after they leave Earth. What are the logistics for that?"

Father Nicholas sobered now. "I've given it some thought. I believe that the priests should marry when we get to the colony. Ideally, we'll perform the ceremonies en masse, but I'd like it to be 'an event' with as many of the other colonists present as possible."

"What I'd really like to do is arrange some kind of party or parties for as many of the men and women as possible. We'll bring everybody in and ask them to spend time getting to know one another. Why don't you put it to your ladies and see what kind of input they have for you?"

At dinner that night, Joe looked down the table at Maria. Ah, how he loved her. She was everything a wife should be, still beautiful and sexy after all this time. And her mind, yes, he could discuss anything with her. She often surprised him with her insights into impossible situations.

Seated beside Maria was Luisa, his bride of only a few months. Maria had been instrumental Joe's decision to marry Luisa. Luisa had been married to an old friend and rival, Phil, who had died shortly after Joe arranged to evacuate his cosca to a safe location off-planet. His last request had been that Joe marry Luisa and treat her as his own wife.

Joe certainly felt he'd been lucky to receive that request from Phil. Luisa was younger than Joe and Maria, in her mid-30's. She was also a beautiful and intelligent woman who loved children. Joe had adopted her son by Phil as his own child when he married Luisa and he smiled fondly at the boy now.

He also suspected, although neither woman had confirmed it yet, that Luisa would soon be giving him another child. She had that sweet maternal glow that Joe remembered from Maria's early pregnancies. It would be good to hear more little ones running around.

After dinner, the children were sent to bed and Joe asked his wives to join him in his office. He gave them a brief rundown of his meeting with Father Nicholas and asked for their input.

Luisa was the first to speak. "I think that sending nuns is a wonderful idea! They will make great second wives and the ones with medical training will be very helpful to our doctors."

Maria concurred. "I agree with the Pope that nuns, especially Italian-born nuns, will make excellent wives. Like Luisa, though, I think they'll be better as second wives since I assume they will have a tendency to be submissive, but I'm all in favor of that idea!"

Joe was stunned by his wives' ready acceptance of the idea that nuns should travel to the colonies and that those nuns should marry. His own idea of nuns came from years of Catholic schooling at the orphanage where he'd grown up. He wondered if each nun would bring her own ruler.

After some discussion of logistics, his wives lured him into their bedroom for some more convincing. Although he usually spent his evenings with whichever wife he desired, tonight the ladies had something a bit more risqué in mind.

While Luisa was changing into "play clothes", Maria poured Joe a brandy and massaged his shoulders and head. The two ladies seamlessly changed places so that Maria could put on something more appropriate to the evening ahead. Joe, relaxing with his eyes closed, merely smiled when he noticed different hands and perfume.

Maria caught Luisa's eye when she walked back into the room and Luisa pulled him to his feet, then moved around to rub his chest while Maria stepped up to hug him from the back He sighed deeply, "Ah, I see my wives want to kill me tonight. I'll just give in now. Anything you want, my loves, you may have!"

Maria giggled. "We just want to spend some time with our husband and, since you are so intimate with both of us separately, we wanted to share you at least this once. Is that okay with you?"

Since he had harbored similar thoughts, but never had the nerve to act on them, he was perfectly fine with the idea. He turned his head to kiss Maria, then looked down at Luisa and kissed her as well. "You only live once!" he said.

Luisa smiled up at him and then finished taking off his shirt. Maria quickly divested him of his pants, then the three moved to the bed. While he remained the center of attention, his wives made certain they got to know one another more intimately that evening as well.

In big families, there are no secrets. Such was the case with the cosca, as well. The sisters (nuns who had not completed their vows) and nuns were brought to the colony in plain clothes, not in habits. Joe wanted to give the former sisters as much of an advantage in the marriage sweepstakes on the new colony as he could. Soon, though, the other women knew exactly which women were former sisters and exactly where those girls had grown up.

Joe's wives, along with Michela O'Donnell, took charge of the ladies and made sure the sisters had suitable clothing, although a bit more modest than what most of the Italian ladies wore, since that was what the sisters had been comfortable wearing on Earth.

Still, they were distinguishable by their simple dress, simple hairstyles and lack of makeup. Such was the case with (former) Sister Mary Grace. Mary Grace had answered the Pope's call for sisters and nuns to immigrate to the new colonies for many reasons, the chief one being that she had developed a yearning for children of her own. Mary Grace had become a sister at 16, after four years spent in an orphanage following the death of her parents in an automobile accident. The nuns had been wonderful to Mary Grace and it was only natural that she would want to emulate these Sisters of Mercy.

Sisters of Mercy was the Order she had belonged to on Earth. They specialized in caring for orphans and, for nearly 10 years, Mary had been happy taking care of the orphaned or abandoned children of others. Her Order had worked in one of the deeply Italian areas of Pennsylvania, which suited Mary's upbringing fine. Her parents had been second generation Sicilians and had adhered tightly to the old traditions. Their only regret had been that Mary was their only child.

Recently, however, Mary Grace had begun to feel a sense of something missing, as if she were supposed to do something more than care for other people's children. One night she dreamed about children, which was not unusual, but she dreamed about children with dark hair and eyes who called her mommy. After that night, Mary Grace had seriously thought about leaving the Order, but where would she go? The Pope's missive regarding the new colony had come at the perfect time for her. She immediately volunteered to go to the stars.

Mary Grace's arrival on Catania was low-key. She came out of suspended animation feeling somewhat groggy, but well-rested. The ladies who helped her get dressed and eat a meal were kindness itself, but they were very chatty. Mary Grace was used to quiet, low voices, not the seeming chaos going on around her.

She found that she and many of the other single women who had come without family were sheltered dormitory-style in one of the buildings on Catania. The accommodations weren't much, just some cots in a big room with a double-bathroom at one end, including small showers. Most of the girls kept their clothing in the trunks that had been provided on the journey to their new home.

Mary Grace loved the camaraderie of the other women and tried to make friends with the others, but was inhibited by her shyness. Most of the other girls were just roommates to her. She didn't know how to really mingle with the other ladies.

Meals were eaten family-style and a kitchen was provided for their use, although the girls were definitely encouraged to accept all invitations to dinner from the established families. Mary Grace ate dinner at Don Giuseppe's house one evening and at the home of other families on other nights. She saw other girls leaving the dormitory almost daily, moving in with their new families. The twenty priests sent by the Pope were doing a brisk business in weddings these days!

Mary Grace was everything she had been taught a woman should be, quiet, obedient, pleasing to speak to, but she didn't get a flicker of interest from any man she met even though she'd been on the planet over a month. She determined to find out why she wasn't finding a man when girls who weren't much personality-wise were being plucked away at record speeds.

She decided to visit one of the clothing "stores" that had sprung up on Catania. Of course, there weren't any actual store-fronts yet. These stores were typically operated in someone's living room or a spare room. Several of the more enterprising women had brought their entire wardrobes to Catania, and then set about making the clothes over and selling them to other women. Of course, money was useless now, but the barter system was alive and well.

The other girls told Mary Grace that Mama Sortino had a gift for picking out the right clothing for each woman. Mama Sortino would look the woman over, and then pick out two or three outfits that made the woman look like a million dollars. Every girl Mama Sortino had dressed married soon after .

Mama's reaction to seeing Mary Grace step into her shop was extreme. "Madre de Dios!" she cried, "Why are you wearing such shapeless clothes girl?" Mama bustled over, "Take off that ugly brown sweater and where did you get those horrible shoes? You dress like my grandma! Off! Off! Off!" Soon, Mary Grace was wearing nothing but her undergarments, and even these made Mama Sortino nearly cry. "What do you need such a huge brassiere for? You don't even have a handful! Ugh, and those panties... for shame, someone should have burned them instead of shipping them!"

Mary Grace, while embarrassed at the woman's frank assessment of her body, determined that she would take the woman's advice. Being embarrassed would not keep her from finding a man to father her future babies!

Mama called her daughter, Nicki, over to her. "Get her the black pants with the light blue blouse and that pair of black heels. And, the red skirt and white tank top. Hmmmm, and find her some matching lingerie for underneath! Pronto! Pronto!"

Mary Grace soon found herself standing in front of a mirror, and she barely recognized the woman looking back at her. The pants accented her nicely shaped bottom while the shirt drew the eye to her face. When she put on the red skirt and white top, she realized that she had good legs and lithe arms. The heels added a bit of height and made her stand up straighter in order to walk.

"Bellisimo!" cried Mama Sortino. "You look like a young woman now instead of someone's dead grandmother. You look like a girl with some bazoombas! And, that skirt makes your legs look ten feet long! You'll get some male attention in those clothes! Now, Nicki will take you to my daughter Sophia for help with the rest."

Nicki tutted over Mary Grace's frumpy hairstyle. "I know that your hair is probably beautiful when it's not in the awful bun! You have gorgeous eyes, as well, or you would have if you didn't have a uni-brow. You just come with me, let's see if my sister Sophia can't do something with that hair!"

Sophia had attended beauty school before marrying her husband, Gino, but now she had 4 kids under 10 and suspected that number 5 was on the way. The Pope's edict about adding more wives had actually been a relief to Sophia. All she could think was "Great, help with the kids!"

Sophia's cosmetology skills had become somewhat rusty on Earth, but on Catania, she was very much sought after. Gino's second wife, Alexis, was the 20 year old daughter of an old neighbor on Earth. Alexis had been their chief babysitter on Earth, and fell naturally into that role on Catania. The two women had a cottage industry going now. Alexis watched the kids that came into the house and Sophia, with help from her sisters and sisters-in-law, did hair, nails, pedicures and eyebrow waxing at the dining room table. No one discussed the mustache waxing needed to keep Italian women looking their best; it was just done as a matter of course.

Nicki dragged Mary Grace into Sophia's dining room, which was bustling with women cooking dinner, kids playing and running about underfoot, and the sound of many women gossiping while doing their daily routines. Two women sat in chairs in the living room, one with her hair in curlers, the other with cotton between her toes. At the table, one woman was painting another woman's nails, while Sophia stood behind a pulled-out chair, combing a woman's wet hair in preparation for cutting it. Nicki took Mary Grace directly to Sophia, "I've brought you another one, Sis."

Sophia turned her big brown eyes on Mary Grace and introduced herself. "Nicki, take her on into the bathroom and wash her hair. Leave some conditioner in it so I can get a comb through." She turned her head, "Hey, Lola, put some more wax in that pot. We're going to have to get some of those eyebrows off. Better make it a lot. I'm betting she ain't ever shaved her legs!"

Over the next few hours, Mary Grace was alternately cut, curled, painted, prodded, waxed and, in general, tortured in every way a woman could be to bring out her beauty. Mama Sortino's girls were thorough. They even slipped whitening gel into Mary Grace's mouth on a bite tray while her eyebrows were waxed. After the pain of the eyebrow waxing, Mary Grace drew the line at having her legs waxed. She decided she'd try shaving her legs once she got back to the dorm.

The pretty woman who walked out of Sophia's house later that afternoon bore little resemblance to the shy sister who'd walked in earlier. Her waist-length hair had been cut to the middle of her back, releasing the natural curl so that her hair fell in graceful curls. Sophia had declared Mary Grace's hair to be naturally beautiful and the soft waves framing Mary Grace's face brought out her high cheekbones and dark eyes. A touch of lip color and light mascara highlighted the former sister's face to its best advantage.

Mary Grace stood taller and walked with more confidence. She'd also started coming out of her shell. She'd had to talk much louder to be heard over the other women in the house, and she'd enjoyed talking to the other customers and workers about things they had in common. All of them loved children and had dilemmas about getting along with others or keeping their personal spaces neat and tidy.

Most importantly, Mary Grace hadn't been allowed to be shy in Sophia's house. Several mothers, sisters and wives went home talking about the beautiful former sister they had met that day. Mary Grace was surprised at the number of invitations she received after that. She spent time with several of the women of the colony and began to make friends. Those friends passed on their shared wisdom for catching the attention of men. Being sweet and polite was all well and good, they taught her, but men don't start looking deeper until the outer package catches their eye.

Father Nicholas held a meeting that week to talk to the twenty priests who had come with him. "All of you have now been on Catania for at least two weeks. I know that every Italian family with a daughter, sister, cousin, mother or third cousin twice-removed has had you guys over for dinner, yet not one of you has even had a single date! I know that it's awkward to start talking to women and thinking of them as potential wives after making a vow of chastity. However, it's not that hard once you actually put it into practice."

"Most of you will probably find it easier if you ignore the younger women and concentrate on finding a woman whose age is closer to your own, preferably one who has been married and has a child already. If you haven't found a woman within one month, I'm going to start arranging blind dates. Maybe I'll even let Michela start match-making for you all. I need to have all of you married as soon as possible as an example for both the current colonists and the priests to follow later. If you're not all married within three months, I may have to actually choose a bride for you!" Father Nicholas actually thought that was rather high-handed of himself, but it had worked for the Pope, so he hoped it would get this crew started.

Michela had urged Nicholas to start doing the mixers the night before, so Father Nicholas spoke with Don Giuseppe about it that night. By the end of the week, everyone was abuzz with speculation about the party to be held at the end of the month. There was also a rumor floating around that Father Nicholas was really pushing the priests to find wives of their own.

Father Federico DeAngelo had actually been working up his courage to call on a woman from his hometown of Boston. Jenny Solari was a girl from the old neighborhood, although Fred had actually run with Jenny's brother Joe as a kid. Fred had worshiped Jenny from afar as a teenager, and she had starred in many of his sweaty late night fantasies. Fred had never been able to work his courage up to ask her out, then he'd gone to seminary school.

Jenny's father had been part of the local cosca in Boston and had arranged for Jenny to marry Vito Solari immediately after high school. Vito had been a good soldier in his cosca, but had been shot four years back during an attack on his boss. Jenny had been left with two rambunctious little boys and another on the way.

Being an Italian woman, Jenny had a tendency to gain weight, so she was a little heavy. Combine that with having three small children and she hadn't even thought about getting a job or a hobby. That left her with few opportunities to get out and about. Since la familia takes care of its own, Jenny hadn't needed to worry about things like money. She knew that, at an appropriate time, her father would arrange another marriage for her.

Of course, that was before the Sa'arm threatened Earth, and before Don Giuseppe's decision to start a new colony on Catania. Now, she was alone, light years from home, and her only skills were keeping a clean house, having babies, and being a good wife.

Father Fred heard all of this information through the rumor mill and found it all fascinating. He'd seen her around, even spoken to her a couple of times. As far as he was concerned, the weight she'd gained had landed in all the right places. Jenny now had bigger breasts than he remembered and he had to watch himself so he didn't get caught checking out her well-padded butt. He decided that he should maybe pay Jenny a visit. Strictly to offer spiritual support, of course.

He knocked on her door a few days after his meeting with Father Nicholas, and blushed when Jenny answered the door. "Hi, Jenny. Remember me? I'm Fred, from the old neighborhood. I just thought I'd stop by and see if there was anything I could do for you. You know, since we're both from Boston and all."

Jenny may have been out of circulation for a few years, but she still recognized a suitor when he came knocking at the door. "Come in, Father Fred." As she backed away from the door, she caught his eyes dropping to her breasts. She stood up straighter and thrust her chest out a little bit. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Coffee?" Fred blinked. "Um, sure. I'd love a cup of coffee. I mean, sure, yeah, thank you."

Jenny started the coffee pot and went down the hall to check on the boys. They were napping right now, but she knew they'd be up soon. She looked back up the hall at the bedroom door, but Fred turned his head just in time to keep Jenny from catching him staring at her butt. Entering the kitchen again, she offered Father Fred a piece of cake to go with the coffee.

Fred didn't know it, but he won Jenny's heart instantly by taking a bite of the cake and then declaring "Oh, that is wonderful! I haven't had cake that good since my mother died!"

They chatted for a few minutes about Jenny's kids, her brother Joe, his career and their new lives on Catania. Finally, Fred looked at Jenny "Jenny, I'll have to admit that I'm here under false pretenses. I did want to see you again, but I really wanted to see if you were still the same pretty girl I had a crush on as a teenager."

"You may not know it, but the Pope has ordered that Priests who immigrate to the colonies have to marry as many as four wives. This, after years of believing that we'd never even have one wife. Do you have any idea how hard that is for someone like me to do?"

Jenny smiled gently. "I bet it's a real shock to you, trying to figure out how you'll do that...?"

Fred nodded vigorously. "Yeah, so I wondered ..." He couldn't say any more. He just blushed and looked at the table.

Jenny knew that this moment would decide the rest of her life. She knew that no one would force her to marry anyone she didn't like, but she also knew that nobody on this new planet knew who she was and where she came from like Father Fred .

"Father Fred, did you come here intending to ask if I might be willing to become one of your wives?" Jenny asked softly.

The look on his face was answer enough. Fred blushed even redder, then stammered out. "I hope you're not offended. I just thought that, since we're both from the same place and we kind of know each other, well, maybe, we'd be good together."

Fred stood up. "This was a mistake. I'll go and you can just forget we ever talked about this if you like."

Jenny stood up, too. "I don't think you should leave yet. We have some planning to do if we're going to get married. We're going to have to find you some more wives, too."

Fred looked hopeful. "You mean you might be willing to marry me?" He held out his hand, "Let's shake on it."

Jenny stepped toward him. "How about you kiss me instead?" Father Fred had his first kiss with his bride-to-be and crush from the old neighborhood, light years from Earth. Jenny decided it would do, for a start.

For his part, Father Mario Ricci had no clue where to even begin seeking a wife. He spent a good bit of time at the rectory, pacing his room. Since his sleeping quarters were small, and shared with Father Fred, this soon became monotonous. He decided that he needed some time to sleep on it.

Father Ricci overslept in the morning and woke up as crabby as the night before. When Fred came into the room, Ricci was so distraught that he missed the grin on Fred's face. "Can you believe that? I can't believe Father Nicholas thinks we can find wives in three months! It's impossible and I have half a mind to go tell him so!"

"Oh, I don't know about it being that hard. You just have to put yourself out there." Fred said.

He swung around and looked at Fred. "What's wrong with you? Did you take some kind of drug this morning?"

Fred laughed. "No, I just found my first wife last night. Her name is Jenny and she's from my old neighborhood on Earth. She's the girl I used to dream about at night before I became a priest."

Father Ricci was stunned. "Really? You found a woman that fast?! You need to be giving lessons!"

"Not I," said Fred, "I think I'll just keep my eyes open for my second wife while I watch the rest of you struggle to find your first one. Besides, Jenny's joined the hunt now as well. I think we'll work quite well together."

Ricci asked, "What about asking her to be on the hunt for me? I need a wife too, you know?"

Fred said "Nope, you're on your own." He left the room.

Father Ricci decided he'd have to try a different approach. He decided to go talk to the grandmothers and older women. Whenever he'd had problems at his parishes on Earth, he'd always gone to the older women for advice. He figured this was exactly the kind of thing where advice from "the ladies" would be useful.

He went first to Mama Sortino's house. She always had a stream of women coming and going, so he was surprised that only she and her daughter Nicki were home. Father Ricci was uncomfortable discussing such a delicate subject in front of Nicki, so Mama, who could take a hint, sent Nicki over to Sophia's for a bit. Once Nicki was gone, Mama turned to Father Ricci. "So, rumor has it that you have three months to find a wife or Father Nicholas will find you one. Is this true?"

Father Ricci blinked in surprise. "Well, yes it is, but how did anyone find out about that conversation?"

Mama Sortino said "We women have our ways. Why don't you tell me what you are looking for in a wife and I'll try to think of someone who might fit you."

He'd given it a lot of thought, but listing things he'd like in a wife seemed somehow crass to Father Ricci. He did it anyway. "First of all, if I'm going to tell you all my dreams, maybe you should call me by my given name, Mario." He paused while she nodded. "I'd like a woman who is pretty and mild-mannered. Someone who can cook, clean and keep house like my mama did. Father Nicholas has recommended that I look for someone who is a bit older and has been married and has children."

"Let's see. You want the Virgin Mary, combined with a maid, but she has to be a widow and have children. You don't want much, Mario!"

He sputtered, "But, Mama Sortino, I didn't mean it that way. I'd just like to be able to look at my wife and not shudder. And, I don't want to marry a shrew. I've seen what that kind of wife does to a man. I just want someone I can be happy with!"

"What I really need, though, is someone who has experience running a household. I've lived in a rectory all of my adult life. Women from the parish have come in and cleaned for us; the priests all take turns cooking and doing other stuff around the house, but I've never had to deal with living with an actual woman. And now I'm supposed to marry a woman, not one woman, but four of them! I don't have any idea how to deal with that! I'm 48 years old! I'm too old to learn new tricks!"

Mama Sortino, Gloria to her female friends, looked appraisingly at Father Ricci. "Father Ricci, I may have a solution for you. I've been a widow since my girls were teenagers, but I'm not too old to have children, at least in theory. I'm also used to keeping girls in line and to taking care of a home. I have to admit that I find you attractive. Maybe it's something to do with the collar you're wearing. Maybe I could apply for the job of being your first wife?"

When he recovered from his surprise, Father Ricci took a fresh look at Mama Sortino. For the first time, he clearly saw her long, dark hair and clear brown eyes. His own eyes wandered over her, noting the way her breasts filled out the pretty top and her trim little ankles. "I think you're a lovely woman, Mrs. Sortino." He glanced around the room and noted that everything was neat and tidy, even though he knew that she ran a clothing store from her home. "You'd be ideal! But, I don't have any experience in being a husband or a lover. You would probably have to teach me how to do everything."

Mama Sortino said, "Well, first of all, I think you should begin by calling me Gloria. Then, maybe we should discuss some of the details."

"Gloria, I have no idea what to do with a woman...a wife. I don't even know how to kiss a girl. It wasn't something that was encouraged when I was a kid, to go around kissing just any girl. Now, I just don't even know ...." He stopped talking because Gloria leaned forward and softly placed her lips on his.

Her lips were soft and gentle and he soon found himself kissing her back. They stood up and she brought his hands around to her back and pressed herself up against him. She let her tongue touch his lips and, when he opened his mouth a little, she traced her tongue along the crease.

His tongue touched her tentatively, tasting coffee and something else sweet. His hands tightened on her back as he pulled her closer. Gloria gave in to temptation and let her hand trail along Mario's jaw and down the front of his shirt, then down his arm. She squeezed the strong bicep, then lifted his hand to her breast, showing him how to slide his thumb along her nipple to make it harden.

Mario lifted his face from hers. "Are you sure we should be doing this?"

Gloria smiled at him. "I am just trying to show you what I like. Don't you like touching me?" His hand tightened over her breast and his other hand slid down over her butt as he kissed her again.

By the time Mario left Gloria's house that afternoon, he knew a good deal more about Gloria, kissing, and he was looking forward to more lessons in female anatomy from his soon-to-be bride.

Over the next couple of weeks, it was not uncommon for Fred or Mario to be seen leaving Jenny or Gloria's homes. The two couples often went for walks in the evenings, sometimes together, sometimes as single couples. Each couple often had dinner alone but quickly realized they would have people counting months on their fingers after the wedding if they did not team up to chaperone one another.

Mary Grace was invited to dinner at Gloria "Mama" Sortino's house a few days later. She arrived at the same time as Father Ricci, who smiled at her as he held the door open so Mary Grace could enter. She missed it, but Father Ricci checked out her legs and bottom as she walked by him. He gave Gloria a wolfish grin as he followed Mary Grace into the dining room.

Introductions were made, and Gloria asked that first names be used for the evening. Dinner was an informal affair, with everyone enjoying the baked ziti Gloria and Nicki served.

After dinner, both couples let Mary Grace know that they were engaged. Mary Grace congratulated them and then nearly burst into tears. Nicki noticed and flew around the table to hug Mary Grace. "What's wrong?"

Mary Grace sniffled and wiped her nose with the handkerchief that Ricci handed her. "N-nothing, really. I just don't understand. I've done everything I know to do and I can't find a husband. How am I supposed to ever have children of my own if I don't get married?"

Gloria said, "Oh, I should have told you that there was an ulterior motive behind this dinner! Both Fred and Mario here are required to marry four wives. I'm not sure how many more children I'll be able to have, although I hope to have at least a few. Therefore, we'll need a younger wife in our family who likes caring for children and wants to have lots of kids. I think that both Fred and Mario are also concerned that their wives get along with one another. Is that right?"

Receiving nods from both men, Gloria continued. "I made sure that you and Nicki were both here because we have a proposition for you both. Since Nicki is my daughter, I think it would be awkward if she were my sister-wife, so I've suggested that Fred and Jenny might want to talk to her about joining their family. I was really impressed with you, Mary Grace, and I checked into your background. You were an exemplary sister on Earth, and you genuinely cared about all of the children in your care at the orphanage. You also had a knack for organizing things there." She grinned at Mary Grace's look of surprise, and added, "I asked Maria Fanelli to get me some more information about you. You'd be surprised how much access to information one can get when one is married to the Don." She winked at Mary Grace.

"I'd like to ask you to stay and talk with Mario and myself. Maybe the three of us can form a family. If his wolfish grin earlier is any indication, I think Mario finds you attractive as well."

Mario chose that moment to leer at Mary Grace. "Oh, yes. I find you very attractive! As a matter of fact... if I may..." He leaned over and gave Mary Grace a quick kiss on the lips. "Mmmmm, strawberry, isn't it?"

Mary Grace smiled as she looked from Gloria to Mario. She certainly thought the priest was an attractive man, even if he was a bit older than her. She knew that Gloria was a forceful personality, but had a kind heart. She'd already realized as well, didn't want the responsibility of being the lead wife, but felt that she would do well as a junior wife. She decided quickly. "If you both want me, I think I would be very happy in a marriage with you and Father Ricci!"

Gloria said, "In that case, I think you should call us Mario and Gloria, don't you agree?" Mary Grace nodded. "I also think that you should go ahead and move in with me now. Since Mario is going to move in here after the wedding, it will be perfect. If Nicki agrees to join Jenny and Fred's family, she will likely be moving in with Jenny very soon. "

After Mary Grace went back to the dorms, Gloria and Mario stood in the living room kissing and talking about how lucky it was that Mary Grace was going to join their family. Gloria asked Mario, "So, now you have two wives instead of just one. How will you handle that?"

Mario smiled down at her. "I'm not really sure. It's going to make for an awkward wedding night with me trying to take care of both my brides."

Gloria said, "Well, the wedding is only a few weeks away, and it's not likely I'll get pregnant quickly given my age. Why don't you stay for awhile?"

She tugged on his hand and he followed her to her bedroom. She stopped to hang a towel on the outside doorknob before closing and locking the door. Gloria turned to find Mario standing beside her bed looking somewhat shocked. "Don't worry," she said. "I'll be gentle with you."

They sat on the edge of the bed and Gloria said, "Maybe we should just lay down with our clothes on. You can tell me if the bed is comfortable since this is where we'll be sleeping after we're married."

Mario stretched out full-length on the bed, careful to keep his shoes off the cover. Gloria pulled his shoes off and left her own on the floor as she crawled up beside him. After arranging his arm, she laid her head on his shoulder. "Ah, that's nice." She let her hand lay on his chest as she lay there. "You know, I could give you another anatomy lesson if you like."

He smiled. "Really, do I only get to look at the presents or can I unwrap some of them tonight?"

"I think some of the wrapping paper can come off."

Mario turned to face Gloria and they kissed softly at first, then more deeply. His hands came up to touch her through her shirt, then moved away to unbutton his shirt. She pushed the shirt open and allowed her hands to travel across his chest and tangle in his chest hair. "Oh, that feels so nice and manly. I love a man with hair on his chest."

He pulled at the bottom of her blouse. "I want to see you." She allowed him to pull off her shirt and watched his face for a reaction to the lingerie underneath. His mouth dropped open at the red bustier. "It really is a present. If I pull on this ribbon, what will I find?"

The ribbon revealed her breasts to him, while the bustier kept everything lifted for his touch. She encouraged him to explore with his hands and mouth by moaning when he touched places that felt wonderful. His lips and teeth were tentative as he tasted a woman's breasts for the first time, but Gloria encouraged him to suckle and to bite her harder. After nursing four children, her nipples could handle a good bit of torture.

She smiled when he moved to kiss her lips again, then sighed as his teeth and tongue nipped the edge of her jaw and down her neck. "Oh yes, Mario, you feel so good."

He moved over her, pushing her skirt up and laying his still-clothed dick over her clit. While he couldn't penetrate her through the clothes, the pressure on her pussy felt so good. He began to rock against her and she ground herself back up at him. She could feel the orgasm rippling through her belly as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Ah, oh, I'm going I'm coming!"

She went stiff as the climax hit her hard and Mario instantly stopped moving "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" He'd have moved off of her except that her legs had him trapped.

"No, that was wonderful." She relaxed herself and unwound her legs from his waist. "I think you're ready for lesson number 2 in anatomy."

He rolled onto his back. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to just attack you like that. I should leave."

Gloria knelt on the bed. "I don't know where you think you're going, not in the middle of your lessons". She ran her hands along his chest again, then down the front of his pants. "I'm not done with you yet."

She could feel Mario's hard dick straining against his pants and she undid his pants quickly. Her soft hands reached in to find his penis and she was impressed when it emerged from Mario's fly. "Oh, how beautiful." She met Mario's eyes. "What do you like?"

"What do I like?"

"Yes, when you masturbate, what do you do to make yourself feel good?" Mario blushed under her frank gaze.

"I don't do that!"

"Oh yes, you do. All men do, even priests." She slid her hand up and down his shaft. "Is that good?" He nodded. She rubbed the palm of one hand over the head and watched his back arch. "Oh, you like that. Good." She used her hands to play with him for a few minutes until his eyes closed and she could tell he was concentrating on the sensations flowing through his body. Then she dropped forward and licked him as if he were a lollipop with long, slow strokes of her tongue. His eyes popped open just as she used her tongue to lick up the bead of pre-cum sitting on top. "That's delicious."

She moved so she was sitting between his legs and then, meeting his eyes, she let her mouth form a perfect O and slide down over his dick. He wasn't huge, so she could take all of him in her mouth. He arched up to meet her, then, realizing that he was about to cum, told her to stop. She just added suction to the action of her mouth and kept his eyes locked with hers. The first blast of his juice nearly gagged her, but she got control and swallowed quickly. "It IS just like riding a bicycle!" she thought.

Mario was mortified. "Oh, I can't believe that happened so fast! I'm so sorry. I didn't even warn you first or anything!"

Gloria sat up on her knees. "Why? It just takes the edge off for later."

"Later?" Mario blinked.

Gloria stood beside the bed and dropped the skirt she was wearing onto the floor, revealing stockings, garters and no panties. "Sure, the anatomy lesson is still not finished." She helped Mario get undressed and then pulled him back down onto the bed.

"It's time for an advanced lesson. I'm going to teach you how to find your way around my pussy." She had him kneel between her spread legs. Propping herself up with a pillow and using a mirror to help her see, she gave a guided tour of her labia, vulva and "this little button is the hot switch. When you touch this, it sends me into orbit, but you have to be much more gentle with this than with my nipples." Mario reached out a hand to touch everything she touched and she noticed that he took great care not to hurt her. When his index finger touched her clit, she smiled. "That's good. Now, if you like, you can explore anything down there with your hands and your mouth."

Mario leaned forward and she could feel his breath as he touched her again. He used both hands to spread her open, then leaned in to sniff and taste everything he looked at. When he got to her clit, she arched for him, encouraging him to touch there more. He nipped a bit too hard with his teeth and she said "Ow. Not quite so hard." As his teeth gentled she sighed, "Yes. Just like that." Mario slid one finger inside her, then two. He seemed to instinctively know that she'd like an in and out motion, then he dropped his thumb on her clit. He alternated licking her pussy and clit with the finger and thumb motion.

Her moans got louder while he became more proficient at hitting the best places. Suddenly, she stiffened again and keened out a cry. This time, though, he had his fingers inside her so he could feel to way her body rippled and pulsed. He slid his tongue into her with his fingers so he could taste her cum.

Suddenly, he pulled away from her. Her eyes flew open and she said "What?"

"I have to leave. If I don't, we're going to have sex. We can't have sex until we're married. I'm a priest. I must wait!" He started praying for strength to resist temptation.

Gloria picked up a pillow and threw it at him. "Look at me!" she yelled. "Look at me. Tell me that you don't want to have sex with me right now!?"

He said, "More than anything."

"We'll get Fred to marry us tomorrow, but I want you right now. Come on, Mario. Fuck me! Fuck you! Just ... arghhhh!" She jumped off the bed and Mario thought he was safe until she tackled him to the bed so that she was on top of him. She caught his hands and pushed them above his head, although he didn't really put up much of a struggle. She was straddling his stomach and now she shifted herself down so that her wet pussy was rubbing over his dick. "Can you feel that? That's the feeling of a woman who wants to fuck you until your eyes roll back in your head. Do you really want me to let you off this bed so you can walk home with a hard dick? When I've got someplace warm, wet and willing to put that beautiful thing?"

She slid her pussy back and forth, achingly slow. "Are you going to fuck me or are you going to get up from here and go back to that dorm and listen to Fred snore tonight?" Back and forth she rubbed, forward and back, until Mario finally broke free of her hands and grabbed her ass. He rolled them over and said "God, please forgive me!" and plunged his dick into her.

Gloria reveled in it, the force of his strokes, the way he pulled her to him for a kiss and the cums he gave her before he finally groaned into her ear and pinned her to the bed as he came inside her. "Yep. He'll take good care of mama" she thought.

It was just before daylight when Father Mario kissed her at the door before attempting to get back to the rectory without being caught.

The next day, Fred told Mario that Nicki had agreed to be a second wife with Fred and Jenny and that Nicki was planning to move in with Jenny that day. Fred and Mario spent as much time as possible with their brides-to-be, both individually and as groups. Many of the colonists found it amusing to see the priests out walking with one or another of their new fiancées, especially when they were holding hands and laughing like teenagers. Romantic love wasn't a requirement of the newly formed families, but mutual respect and a willingness to work at creating a strong bond led each member toward it.

The mixers arranged by Joe's wives proved to be a fertile ground for the priests to find their wives. Gloria, Nicki, Mary Grace, and Jenny suddenly found themselves very popular among women who found one of the twenty priests attractive and the four women were happy to pass names along to Fred and Mario. Every one of the twenty priests had at least one admirer, some had several of them. By the time the third mixer rolled around, all of the priests had made a choice for a bride.

A week before the end of the third month, which coincided with the third mixer, Father Nicholas called a meeting for his group of priests. He had each one bring his choice of bride to the meeting. Every man had found at least one wife, although several, including Father Fred and Father Mario, had formed larger alliances. Father Nicholas was impressed that the choices seemed to be sound across the board. Most of the priests had chosen an older woman who already had children and experience running a household.

Father Nicholas interviewed each potential family separately, making certain that the brides were marrying willingly and not because of familial or other pressures. He also wanted to insure that each woman was at least a practicing Catholic, although there wasn't much chance that non-Catholics would have been transported to the colony. Since several of the families would be sent to other colonies set up by the cosca, Father Nicholas also wanted to give basic guidance on what he and the Pope envisioned a wife's role would be in supporting her priest husband.

At the end of that month, the whole colony was abuzz about the party Don Giuseppe and his wives had put together. The rumor mill also said that all of the priests would be getting married during the party, so no one on the colony wanted to miss this event. Imagine, priests getting married!

The evening began with a short speech by Don Giuseppe. Joe welcomed everyone to the event and confirmed that, indeed, a large wedding was about to take place. He asked Father Nicholas to step forward and begin the ceremony.

Father Nicholas moved to the front of the room and thanked Joe for the introduction. "As most of you know, I am one of the priests assigned by the Pope to Catania." The crowd tittered... everyone knew that Father Nicholas was much more than a simple priest! "Most of you have met my fellow priests, who I will now ask to come forward and line up in front of me." The twenty priests moved to stand before Father Nicholas and then turned to face the crowd.

"Each of these men has asked at least one woman to be their bride this evening. Ladies, please come forward to stand with your groom."

As the crowd parted, all of the brides moved forward through the center of the room. As they came to the front, the women moved to stand beside the man they had chosen to spend their lives with. Some men stood with only one bride beside them, but a few of the priests had women flanking them.

Father Nicholas began, "Dearly beloved...."

The ceremonies were over quickly, with each man making vows to his chosen bride or brides and, for the priests who were marrying two women at once, the women vowing to be sisters and helpers to one another as well. Rings were exchanged and then it was time for the couples to kiss. Father Fred kissed first Jenny, then Nicki, while Father Ricci kissed Gloria, then Mary Grace. The crowd laughed with the group when Jenny and Nicki kissed one another's cheeks at the same time as Gloria and Mary Grace. Once the formalities were finished, each couple or trio was announced by Father Nicholas as they walked back down the aisle.

The newlyweds dispersed into the crowd and accepted the well-wishes of fellow colonists. Father Nicholas and Don Giuseppe watched the party with great pride. Both hoped that the wedding had inspired others to begin working seriously to complete their own families.

Fred, Jenny and Nicki had agreed that their wedding night would be slightly different than everyone else's. Over the last month, Nicki and Jenny had formed a much more than sisterly relationship, spending many hours in bed together. Jenny's boys spent lots of time playing with the other kids in the neighborhood, giving the ladies lots of free time to spend getting to know one another.

Fred had inadvertently observed them more than once, but the first time had been quite disconcerting to the priest. He'd walked into Jenny's house one afternoon, expecting to find his "girls" cleaning or cooking, but he'd heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. He could hear some giggling and then wet slurping sounds, so he hurried down the hallway to see what was happening. When he opened the bedroom door, he'd been surprised to see Jenny on her back with Nicki's bare butt up in the air and her nose buried in Jenny's pussy.

"What?!" he'd yelled. Jenny's eyes flew open and Nicki turned her head. "Oops!" she said nonchalantly, "We got caught!" Then she went back to lapping at Jenny's pussy.

Fred said "What's going on? You girls are playing without me?"

Jenny said "You can play, too, Fred. We're just enjoying some girl time. Shut the door and you can start working on getting Nicki pregnant right now!"

Fred wasn't as conflicted about waiting for the wedding as his friend had been, but he felt that his first time with he women should at least be one on one. When he said as much, the ladies said "Okay, but we've been trying to get caught for a couple of weeks. We can't wait much longer!"

He thought for a moment, then started shedding clothes. He didn't need directions to tell him which peg went into which slot and he moved behind Nicki. As he pushed his dick home, Nicki keened, "Oh, he's bigger than I expected. That feels so good, Jenny!" Fred's fantasy life had been rich and full and now he smacked Nicki's ass. "Eat your sister and shut up over there!" Nicki liked it when he smacked her butt and she pushed back into him. Between licks, she gave Jenny a stroke by stroke recount of how well Fred was fucking her pussy. She told Jenny every time Fred's stroke went particularly deep and hit her cervix, made easier by the position they were in. She told Jenny every time he pulled out all the way and then slammed his dick back inside her. She told every neighbor within blocks when his dick brought her to orgasm. And then she collapsed on Jenny's belly with her ass still in the air so Fred could finish, but he had other plans.

"Switch places, you two. I've waited way too many years to fuck Jenny. Get up here woman!" Nicki quickly laid down on the bed while Jenny moved up to kiss Fred. After he kissed her long and lovingly, he said "Better get turned around woman! Your sister down there needs to be cleaned up and I've got some lost time to make up for." Jenny turned and buried her face in Nicki's cream pie while Fred wasted no time in sliding his big dick home. Both Fred and Jenny grunted when he was all the way in. He grabbed her hips and ground against her, letting his balls bounce off her clit. "Oh, yeah. That is fucking exquisite." He barely got three strokes in after that before he was filling Jenny with his cum. He collapsed on the bed next to Nicki, spreading his arms out. Soon he had a warm woman on either side of him.

When he woke up, there were two sets of warm lips moving on his cock. He reached a big hand up to cup each head and lay there enjoying their attentions until one of the women moved over him. He opened his eyes to watch as Nicki guided his dick into Jenny's pussy. The warm, velvety softness of her sliding down his dick brought him to full attention. He pulled Nicki up for a kiss, then had her sit over his face so he could slide his tongue inside of her. To his delight, she started talking again and didn't shut up until Jenny leaned forward to kiss her.

Nicki's cum tasted good on his tongue and he knew he'd have to take a shower before going back to the rectory. After that afternoon, they'd all played together several times, but they had different plans for their wedding night.

A lady from the old neighborhood took Jenny's boys for a few days after the wedding so that they could have a honeymoon, so the house was empty when the three returned from their marriage ceremony. Jenny and Nicki stopped in the living room to compare their wedding rings, which were identical, then turned to smile at Fred as he turned from locking the door. The three were soon locked in a three-way hug, giving kisses to one another. Nicki was the first to break free of the hug and she hurried down the hallway to light candles in the master bedroom and turn back the blankets.

She went back into the living room and shooed her new husband and sister-wife off to the bedroom, then she went into her own bedroom and prepared for her special time with her husband later.

In Jenny's bedroom, Jenny and Fred were stopped just inside the door. Fred was kissing her gently and telling her, with words and actions, how much he loved her and how long he'd waited for her. Jenny had tears of joy running down her face at the thought of how far she'd come to find not one, but two spouses to love.

Fred turned Jenny around to unbutton her wedding dress and then helped her hang it on the special hanger on the closet door. He whistled softly at the special lingerie the dress had concealed, especially the bra that pushed up her breasts while leaving her nipples exposed. His lips paid homage to her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, then trailed down her neck to kiss her nipples.

"How would you like to make love to a priest?" he asked.

She smiled through her tears. "I'd rather make love to my husband." Both laughed softly before they started removing his clothes. Each piece was undone carefully and then put away completely before the next item was removed until Fred stood there in nothing but his boxers and socks.

Jenny gave him a watery smile. "Now, that's more like it."

He looked down at himself. "I think the socks just make the whole outfit, don't you?" They laughed again before he sat in the chair to remove the socks and fold them away.

Jenny sat crossways on his lap and the two of them kissed gently while he undid the hooks at the front of her lingerie. "I'm as nervous as a bridegroom on his wedding night. I wonder why?" She smiled at him, then gasped as his hand found bare skin under the bustier.

They moved to the bed together and he lay on top of her, gently kissing her and telling her how much he loved her. When he finally entered her body, it was like coming home.

They slept for an hour afterward, then Jenny said "You have another bride to visit tonight. I can't wait until you make her feel as wonderful as you made me feel." She helped him dress completely before pushing him out the bedroom door with a peck on the lips, then she went to take a bath.

Fred tapped lightly on Nicki's bedroom door. "Who's there?" she called out.

Fred smiled at the closed door. "Your boyfriend."

She opened the door quickly, "Oh, you'd better get in here fast before my husband catches you!" Both smiled.

Fred said, "You look beautiful tonight." She had changed from her wedding dress to a long white lace and satin nightgown that accentuated her high breasts and thin waist.

"Thanks, Jenny picked it out for me." She tilted her head to the side. "She's okay?"

"Yeah, she just threw me out and told me to go see my other bride."

Nicki stepped forward to put her arms around Fred and raised her face for a kiss. "Well, here I am."

Fred kissed her softly, but quickly found his passion flaring out of control. Nicki returned his kiss with equal fire and soon found herself with her back against the wall. She felt his hands everywhere at once, while she couldn't get enough of touching this man. Clothes went flying hither and yon, until enough clothes were gone that they could get skin contact with one another. She felt the nightie rip, but didn't care as long as it brought her nipples against his chest. She pulled the hem of the nightgown up, then felt his hands helping her. As soon as it was over her head, his big hands grabbed her ass and picked her up against the wall.

When his dick filled her up, she put her head against the wall for leverage and tried to rock her hips to help. He growled in her ear "Be still. I can't get far enough in you if you keep moving!" He punctuated the order with a quick bite to her neck. She turned her head to give him more access to her neck. "Again!" she said as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. With her still, he nibbled at her neck, but she just kept telling him to bite her harder, harder! He moved his hands so they were under her thighs and rammed himself into her pussy while he bit at her neck with every muscle in his jaw. Every time he tried to ease up the pressure she gasped "No, harder!" until he was afraid he'd break the skin.

He pulled her in against him and turned to stumble to the bed. He managed to make it without dropping her or breaking his dick's contact with her pussy. Then he lifted her legs so that both were over his shoulders, pulled her hips higher, and proceeded to pound into her with all his might. He heard her voice as if from far way. He listened to her yell out her pleasure and felt her orgasm hit her again and again before he finally drove himself home one last time before falling onto the bed and pinning her to the mattress.

Finally, he turned his head to look at her. Her neck was red and showed marks already where he'd bitten her, but one look at her face and he knew that she was perfectly happy. When he tried to get up, she wrapped herself around him. "Not yet. That was amazing!"

"I'd like to take of my pants so I can get in bed with my wife." She giggled and let him up, sliding over to make room for him in the bed.

Mario's family had taken yet a different tack on the wedding night. Mary Grace was a virgin, so the three had decided to wait until the wedding for her defloration. In between, Gloria taught Mario how to seduce a woman with kisses, soft touches, and words, by seducing him over and over. Mario, in turn, used his new skills to make Mary Grace tremble in anticipation of her wedding night. Mario would come to visit his fiancees daily and Gloria always managed to find some way to leave the two alone in the house.

In between visits, Gloria told Mary Grace what a marvelous lover Mario was and shared tips to help Mary Grace be prepared for marriage. Gloria worked on seducing Mary Grace as well. To Gloria's way of thinking, the best way to prevent one wife from being jealous of another wife was for the wives to love each other as much as they loved their husband.

Mary Grace resisted at first, claiming that she felt dirty about kissing or loving another woman, but Gloria patiently explained that they needed to have just as strong a relationship with each other as they would have with Mario. Finally, Mary Grace began returning Gloria's kisses and warmed up to Gloria's advances. It helped that Mary Grace often listened to Gloria and Mario having "anatomy lessons" just down the hall.

Many times Mario and Mary Grace's time together was after the "lessons" had concluded. Mario would always clean up after spending time alone with Gloria, but Mary Grace often caught more than a whiff of Gloria's musk on Mario's breath. On those days, she always seemed more enthusiastic about kissing and petting with Mario.

After the three were married, only Mario and Mary Grace returned to the house. The three had decided that Gloria would stay with Sophia one night and Mary Grace the next, in order to give both women a full night alone with their husband.

Gloria made certain that everything was ready for Mario and Mary Grace, including giving Mario tips for seducing Mary Grace.

By the time they reached the bedroom, both Mario and Mary Grace were trembling, she from fear and he from nerves. They turned to face one another, but Mary kept her eyes downcast. He placed a finger under her chin. "What's going on?"

She looked up shyly. "I've never done this before, but I've heard you and Gloria. What if I'm not like her in the bedroom? Will that be bad?"

Mario sighed. "I hope you're not like her in the bedroom! I'd die with two of you like that!" He smiled at her. "Tonight is for US to find out what WE are like together. Gloria isn't here and we're not going to think about her tonight. This is your special night, so let's enjoy it. Okay?"

Mary smiled. "Okay." Her reward was a soft kiss that soon grew hotter. They stopped to remove their clothes, then climbed into bed. Mary was nervous, but Mario simply held out his arms and she moved closer to him.

He rubbed his hands up and down her back, across her arms and caressed her face as they kissed and whispered back and forth. He slid his hands in between them and, for the first time, touched Mary between her legs. She gave a small gasp, then smiled as it began to feel really good.

Mario let his fingers dance across Mary's clit, all the while kissing her and telling her what a beautiful woman she was. Every time she gasped and arched into his hand, he would slow down, then renew the assault on her clit as soon as her breathing started to slow. Mary was mumbling incoherently while Mario ruthlessly teased her hot button, then he started asking her questions, just to see if she could respond.

"Who's your man?" he asked. She thrashed her head from side to side, barely able to understand the question. He stopped the gentle assault on her clit and asked the question again.

She mumbled, "More, more." But he refused until she answered his question. As soon as she said "You are!" he resumed the gentle torture.

For Mary, it seemed like the pleasure/torture went on forever, but it was only a few minutes before Mario moved over her. He warned her, "It may hurt a little at first," but he let his fingers walk across her nub as he pushed slowly into her. He waited at the barrier of her virginity until his fingers worked their magic, then he pushed through the maidenhead just as she came. She gasped and stiffened, but the orgasm overwhelmed the pain, then she was rocking her hips trying to get him deeper inside her. As she opened her legs and arms to him, he moved up so his arms were braced beside her head and began to push deeper into her body. She opened her legs further, until he couldn't get any deeper, then they set up a pace that had them both galloping towards an explosion.

When that explosion came, Mario and Mary both nearly passed out.

A few minutes later, he brought a cloth to clean up the bit of blood that had been spilled. She smiled and tried to pull him back into bed, but he was worried about her being sore in the morning. She said "If I am, it will be worth it."

Father Nicholas reported back to His Holiness, the Pope later that year. Sitting in the Pope's office in Vatican City, Father Nicholas reviewed how smoothly the cosca's relocation was going. He reassured the Holy Father that the newly married priests had all made wise decisions in choosing their brides and several were already on their new colonies, serving parishes many light years from Earth.

Oh, yes, the Holy Father wanted to send more priests and nuns to the colonies? Father Nicholas groaned. He knew he'd have to sell it to Joe somehow.

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