Ford Explorer

A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe
By Mulligan

Copyright © 2007 by Mulligan

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Ford Explorer

Bob stopped at the bench by the side of the path and dejectedly took a seat. His mind was in a turmoil that hadn't lessened since he woke up this morning. The options in front of him were few but he was having a very difficult time trying to plan his actions over the next few hours. They were crucial hours he knew. He also knew that whatever happened, life was never going to be the same as it had been.

Today he turned 14. That was a magic age here on Demeter, but he kept seeing it as a black magic day. Today he was a legal adult! Today he could legally claim the right to join with the girl of his life. Today he had to take the CAP test which might well drive him from his family and his home and that same girl. Today society here called him an adult. Should he fake the test and end up a concubine for the rest of his life? That would allow him to remain with Staci and that was something he desperately wanted. But if he got caught he would be sentenced for 6 years of punishment detail and when he was finished she would probably have been sent on elsewhere without him.

If he showed his true abilities, as he saw them, he would probably get a score to become a volunteer himself. But then he would probably be sent off for training and duty and that would take him away from Staci too.

Either way it seemed to him that they would never be able to get together the way they wanted. He was usually a very logical person, noted in his group as one of the leaders. But today had him buffaloed!

He could have blamed his 'family'! But he didn't. They had been very aware of the attraction of their two 'children' and had worked rather hard to keep them from getting into trouble. As the daughter of one of his mothers, but not of his own, there would have been no incest in their getting together. They had been strongly attracted to each other for over a year now. Since before Staci had taken her CAP test. Her score of 5.8 had meant that she remained the property of Lt. Dan. He was her sponsor of record because he had claimed both of their mothers as concubines at his extraction.

Their family now consisted of Lt. Daniel Wilkens Ford, his male concubine John (now Ford), and his female concubines Marilyn (Bob's mother), Irene (Staci's mother), and Maryanne (all of them now Fords). In addition to himself and Staci there had been three other 'kids' extracted. Kara and JP were both much younger than he was. Marion older and had been 'joined' to the Kirkoff family over a year ago. Their mothers had added 5 more children to the family since they arrived here on Demeter.

Papa Dan and Papa John had NOT used Marion after she turned legal and so she had gone to Robert Kirkoff as a virgin. Papa Dan had arranged that for her. This was a fact that was repeated in family conversations whenever the idea of either of them using Staci had come up. She had literally been kept from sex with anyone after her 14th birthday. But she and Bob definitely wanted each other, and Dan had implied for the last while that they could join after Bob's 14th birthday, if both were still willing. But - and this had been rigorously enforced - they couldn't do anything more than talk and kiss until then, especially since the day that they had been discovered in her room about to do the 'nasty'.

Having spent the last six years growing up on Demeter, and having been extracted themselves, they both understood that the family would get in trouble with the AIs if underage children (that had been him until today) were found to be directly involved in having sex. The AIs, and therefore their moms and dads, probably wouldn't have been upset if she was giving him a blowjob, or if he was eating her out, but actual sex like they had been about to have would have gotten everyone in trouble. He (they) understood that, but the frustration was driving the two of them crazy. And now he didn't know just what to do.

But, he couldn't avoid what had to happen. His mothers had almost driven him crazy with their constant directions and advice, and their well-wishing. He really didn't want to do what they were making him do. He didn't want to take this test! And if he didn't do it, if he skipped out, they'd know before he got home later today and then he'd be in really deep caca.

Dammit, he hadn't asked to be born! Or extracted! And he hadn't asked for the fuckin' Sa'arm to attack earth next year either, making all of this have to happen. All he wanted was for life to go on as it had for the last six years since they had gotten here. It was good and it was comfortable! He had brothers and sisters, three mothers and two fathers to take care of him, and here they were trying to make him into an adult! He hadn't done anything at all to deserve this situation. They were bound to humiliate the two of them; they just couldn't help not doing so. All he wanted was to be left alone with Staci!

He was well aware that his thoughts were neither logical nor beneficial. All he could do was to 'soldier on', as Dan would have put it if he were home right now. Bob had never before faced a situation like he did today and his indecision was driving him batty. He even disliked himself for this indecision. It just wasn't HIM.

Bob got up and walked on down the path toward the testing station. As he walked he shrugged again. OK, it wasn't that way, really. They loved him. All of them! They'd been building him up for this day for a long time now. He'd known that he would have to do this today, even if it destroyed life as he knew it. His sisters had done it before him. They'd survived. All he had to do was flunk the test and he could stay as he was, almost. They'd stayed and nothing had changed, almost! Not until Marion had moved families. For him, another couple of years of school and then he could join the Planetary Service and he could take life from there. Definitely he could get together with Staci. Maybe they'd get taken into another family like Marion had. Or start their own after he qualified for status after six years of Planetary Service.

But he really couldn't do that either, could he? If he didn't do his best they'd know. The family, because they know him. And the stupid AI because it'd be able to read the fact that he was holding back. And then nothing he wanted would ever happen.

So, he'd give it his best.

Decision made! And at about the same time the decision was made, he arrived at the pod complex that housed among other things the CAP testing station for their township. Figuratively girding up his loins, he turned into the main pod entrance

"Good morning, young man. Are you here for your Test?" asked the lady behind the desk. As if she didn't know that that was almost the only reason young people came in this entrance.

"Yes, Ma'am. My name is Bob Ford and today is my birthday, so I'm here for my CAP."

"OK, let me pull you up on the computer and start the forms for the big event". She started hitting keys on the keyboard in front of her. "Robert, is it?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Robert Ford from the Lt. Daniel Wilkens Ford family group."

"OK, I think I've got you now. Originally Robert Smit before extraction?"

"Yes, Ma'am. That's me. Can I go take the test now?"

"Whoa! Don't be in quite such a hurry. I have to make sure that you know what's going to happen and then what might happen, OK?"

"Yes, Ma'am, although I think I already know most of it."

"Well, Robert - or Bob if you prefer, I'll take you back for the test in just a few minutes. The AI will keep you for about an hour or a bit longer figuring you out. This test is not like the one your parents took back on earth. It's the one set up by our own AI and it combines what it knows about you because you live here and go to school here together with your school-testing techniques and with the original test from earth. When it's done you'll get your CAP score plastik. If you earn less than a 6.5 you get to go home and back to school as you've been doing, for about two more years. You can retake the CAP test each year on this same day. If you earn more than a 6.5 it will be as if you did it today. If not, at the end of that time you will be able to find a local occupation and perhaps your sponsor will arrange a marriage for you into another family, or bring a wife for you into his family. Or if you score high enough you can apply for a Planetary Service position. That could lead to your qualifying for your own family.

If you earn a 6.5 or more you are required to volunteer for either A) Confederacy Military Service, B) Confederacy Civil Service, or C) a Planetary Service leadership position for at least six years or until after the Sa'arm are defeated. Is that as you understand it?"

"Yes, Ma'am. That's what we were taught in school. We talked in-group about the fact that if we qualify we are 'forced to volunteer' - we all agreed that the idea was internally inconsistent. Can I take the test now?"

"Sure thing, Bob. Follow me to the testing area."

And so, Bob Ford finally ended up where he didn't want to be today, sitting in a testing chair in a testing room carrying on a conversation with the testing AI. It was just like taking an evaluation at school, but the stakes were so much higher. His hands were on the contact points and he felt like they were sliding around because he was sweating so much. Almost everybody who had taken this test said that they were very aware of sweating during this particular test.

He knew that the AI was reading more than his verbal answers to the spoken questions. It knew his background, his family, his schoolwork and friends. It knew who was important in his life. God, it had to know about Staci! It was reading things from his hands' contacts on the contact points and from his body tension in the testing chair he was sitting in. It was reading his facial expressions and his body language. It was going to know him better than he did when this was over - and he'd never find out what all it put into his records, except for the CAP plastik report it would give him when this was all over. But anybody who he worked for could access parts of that information - information that he really didn't know about.

He was actually surprised at some of the things the AI talked with him about. He had expected the questions about his family and whether he loved them, about his schoolwork and what he had learned, about his ideas of right and wrong. But the questions about what he liked to read and watch on the Net, about his interest in Science Fiction, about his knowledge of Demeter's history and the Sa'arm threat all surprised him. Some of it the AI should know from his school records and some from the access records of his personal Net computer. But the questions about what age women he related to best were, in his humble opinion, off the wall even for the machine. He didn't like it when the machine asked about his sisters. He didn't say anything about Staci.

What actually surprised him the most was the part of the questioning about which version of Star Trek he liked the best. And about how it compared with the stories about Babylon 5 and Earth II that his volunteer/dad had gotten for him on some Blue Ray and DVD disks the last time he was down on earth. This part of the conversation probably explained why his test took more than two and a half hours instead of the usual hour and a bit.

When the AI told him they were finished it also asked him to wait just a few minutes until his evaluation was assembled. It seemed to him like it took about a half an hour, although it was probably only the promised few minutes. Finally his plastik was extruded from the slot on the right side of the console. There was no further comment from the AI as Bob picked the plastik up to read his fate.

7.7! A thoroughly readable, completely legible score statement of 7.7! The rest of it he couldn't read without the help of a scanner. He'd have to ask if Dan had one or could borrow one so that he could read the rest of the sheet. But right now he knew that he was going to have to make 'the choice' about his future and that he was entitled to 4 concubines of his own.

Concubines of his own! Now that sounded weird! Good, but weird! Here he was at fourteen, a virgin as far a s personal activity was concerned (except that he did have an intimate personal acquaintance with Rosie Palm and her sisters!). He and Staci certainly had the desire! But his family had actively controlled his contact with all girls, especially her. And now at fourteen almost anything went! And he was going to get four - count them - 4! real live females of his very own! Could he get Dan to make one of them his own 'sister' Staci?

If he dared! And that was the big question. Did he really want to do that? His family had kidded about what they wanted him to do now that he was fourteen. Were they really kidding? Maybe he and Staci...

About that time the lady who had been at the desk knocked and opened the door. She hadn't, he noticed, waited for a response from him but had just opened the door. And effectively shut the down the train of thought that had been engaging his mind. Very effectively shut down those thoughts.

"All done in here? Wow, Bob, the AI certainly kept you a long time! And now you can go home to your family and tell them how you did. Right this way!

And just about that fast she escorted him to a door he hadn't noticed before. When she opened it he was directed out into what amounted to a side yard of the complex. As she uttered her best wishes for him she was already shutting the door behind him. 'Probably had some bad reactions from some of the people who didn't do so well on the test!' thought Bob about his guided speedy exit as he turned down the walkway to the front of the building.

Folding his plastik and stuffing it into the back pocket of the pants made from the gray issue cloth most sponsors' families still wore, Bob headed back over the path he had traversed just over two and a half hours before. About 15 minutes later he arrived home at the double pod occupied by the extended Ford family. He didn't really want to go inside. Even on the walk home he hadn't come to grips with the decisions he had to face now. And he knew that this would be all his family talked about for the next several days. He didn't like that sort of attention focused on him, or Staci.

Walking into the pod, the only person he found in the main room was his mother. Marilyn rose from her chair and came to hug him.

"Well my son, how did your test go? What score did you get?"

"7.7, Mom."

"Oh, My, God! You not only qualified honey; you knocked them dead! A 7.7! That's absolutely great! I'm so proud of you! And the rest of the family will be too. We've got to send a superlight message to Dan to let him know!"

"Yea, well I don't know why the AI gave me that score..."

"It gave you the score because you're so smart, child! - Oh I shouldn't call you child anymore should I? You're a legal adult now, and one with a great CAP score! I'm so proud of you! I knew you would do well, and so did the rest of the family! In fact we want to celebrate with you at dinner tonight. But before then I think you'd better go to your room and clean up. You've been sweating! You're wet right through your tunic! If you want, you can come back for some lunch and then you can take a lie-down for the afternoon until we're ready to have dinner. I'm sure you're tired out from that test. I remember when I had to take mine. And, young mister Ford, you looked wiped out!"

"Go ahead now, clean up!"

And, although he didn't really want to do so, he had to agree with her. So he headed to his room and his 'fresher.

About 10 minutes later his bed looked so good that he decided to stretch out for a little bit before going back to eat lunch. So, clean and naked he flipped back the bedcover and crawled in. Turning on his side to get comfortable he almost didn't hear the door latch open. But he did, and quickly flipped the cover over his middle to cover himself. He sat up to deliver a chewing-out to whoever was coming into his room without knocking. Common family politeness at least demanded a request to enter.

But he swallowed his comment, and almost swallowed his tongue as he realized who was quickly closing the door behind herself. It was Staci! And it was Staci, as he had never seen her before. She was dressed in a transparent gauzy and floaty ivory short top with a pair of matching 'boy briefs' over her bottom. And That Was All! Perhaps it would be better to say she was ALMOST dressed, because he could almost see everything she had to offer.

"Hi!" she offered, "Our moms thought you might want something to nibble on so they sent me in with these for you to nibble on! (And at that point he realized that she was holding a tray with some cheese, sausage, and crackers on it, along with something in some glasses.) And -after we finish with the wine and cheese they thought you might want to nibble on ME! Bobby, our mothers turn out to be really nasty!"

By now he was on his way to meet her. She deftly avoided him and got the tray onto the press at the end of his bed before he pulled her nearly naked body to his definitely naked, and suddenly definitely erect, body in a close hug. As he pulled her as close to himself as was possible she ran her hands up into his hair and pulled his face down into a ferocious, and ferociously reciprocated, tongue twisting kiss.

Breaking apart from her mouth he asked, "What's going on, Stace? Why are you here? HOW are you here? And looking like this?" As he pushed her back to gaze appreciatively down her scantily clad slender shape. "I don't understand!"

"Bob, papa Dan set it all up before he left. He knew how we felt about each other and he talked to our mothers about how to make it happen! He even bought this negligée for me on his last work period on earth! Just for this! For us to be together. No one is going to bother us until dinnertime, honey. And mama Irene told me to come in here and 'give you love'. Mama Maryanne told me to 'enjoy you'! And your own mama Marilyn told me to 'do you really good'! And I intend to do what all of my mama's told me!

Rejoining her mouth with his own, and twisting tongues with her as the main energy spot in their bodies, they pressed closely together. While Staci kept running her hands through his hair, over his ears and face, Bob ran his hands up and down her skinny back and eventually they found themselves slipping inside of her boy pants. He had always loved her skinny little butt and to hold each naked cheek in one of his palms was an indescribable thrill for him!

Staci was a small, non-augumented girl. She had not been delivered to the machines to make her different than her own unique growth shape. Her sponsor was waiting for the man who chose her to choose her final physical shape courtesy of the Darjee's tanks and nannites. She now stood about 5'4" to Bob's 5'10" and she weighted about 90 pounds soaking wet. She was small in all of her attributes, having been thought by some strangers to be about 11 years old for more of her 16 years than she wanted to admit. Her shoulders were wide only relative to the rest of her; her waist was about enough for Bob to fit both of his hands around. Her butt, although feminine and nicely curved, was very small. Her breasts were no more than an AA cup, just small lemons mounted on her chest. But her nipples were long and fat, far longer and far fatter than her puffy nickel-sized aureoles would suggest. And they were very sensitive.

So was her clit. That had been established beyond her own experimentation that damned time when she and Bob had been caught by mamma Maryanne. She had learned then that she had a very short fuse and that Bob definitely knew how to light it off! And she didn't mind the attention he was paying to her ass at this moment either. They finally were together and they had full permission and right to be so! Her clit came into play as she spread her legs around one of his and started stroking herself up and down against him. So Good!

She started moving backwards, toward his bed. Eventually they both fell into it with him, appropriately, on top of her. She loved it! And So Did He! Especially when she wiggled her hand between them to grasp him firmly and begin stroking. Snorting through their noses to breathe while in intimate oral contact brought them both back to reality and they broke their faces apart.

Wiggling his hands out of her panties he grabbed them at the waistband and started pulling them down. "Honey, you have far too much clothing on!"

"Bob, I'm practically naked in this outfit. I could hardly dare to put it on in front of mama Irene to come here! But she insisted that she had to approve the 'fit'. There isn't a fit if it doesn't cover anything! TAKE IT ALL OFF OF ME!

Intent on complying with her command he threw her panties on the floor and grabbed the hem of the gauzy top and began to pull it up her torso. She struggled to raise herself up enough to help him work it over her shoulders. And then it was gone. The last barrier was gone.

Well, almost the last barrier, she grabbed his cock again and pulled it to her opening. She gasped as he mounted her and began to push into her, immediately running into the barrier of her hymen. Pulling her legs up instinctively, she said, "Don't you dare stop now! Pop that cherry and fuck me!"

Pressing forward again, this time with her legs hooked over his arms, practically folding her in half, he succeeded in breaching the final barrier! He stopped a moment to look down at her as she adjusted to having his manhood inside of her little body. But only briefly because she let her breath out with a hiss and, pulling on his arms to urge him forward, said "It's good Bob, Oh So Good! Don't stop now! FUCK ME!"

And he did. Or at least he gave it a valiant try! But she felt so good wrapped all around him! He could feel her hard little nipples scraping on his chest. Her arms were holding him close. Her legs were tucked right close into his ribs. And her pussy was soo tiight! He managed around ten strokes into her warmth and his own virgin trigger was tripped. He locked up tight as he pushed himself as far into Staci as he could push his cock. And he came and came! And shivered and snorted! And finally collapsed on top of her with his face buried in her streaky blond hair.

She held him as close as she could. She hadn't cum, but she knew her satisfaction would follow later. Right now she exalted in the fact that they were together, absolutely together, one body to go with their one mind. She had never felt better in all of her life! When he made to roll off of her she resisted his action, going so far as to bring her legs down when he released them, placing her feet smack dab on his butt. He wasn't going to move from his spot on top of her and in her, not now, not for a while!

When she finally released her four-limbed hold on him he rolled to his side. She quickly darted back and down, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking and licking their combined juices from his member while fingering his balls. "Staci, what the hell are you doing? That's a bloody mess. You just lost your cherry on that thing!

Finally pulling off and giving the now cleaned cock's head a close-lipped kiss, Staci looked up at him and responded, "Mama Irene insisted that whenever this tool is used on me I have to clean it up. She even showed me how with one of their dildoes. They all do it for papa Dan and papa John. Our other mothers agreed, even for this first time. I've got to clean the tool that was used! And I will! Every time! I love you Bob!"

"Oh my God, And I Love You, Staci! Now come up here and kiss me and let's pull the blanket up, I'm getting cold!" And she did, and they did. And neither moved for about fifteen minutes. Then, Staci, growing interested again, began to stroke the victorious warrior slowly.

Bob responded by kissing her gently but with growing urgency. He stroked his hands over her body and then began to follow them with his mouth. He spent a fair amount of time paying attention to her breasts. She had always been aware of their small size, but he didn't seem to mind at all. He licked and sucked all over them and she especially appreciated the attention to her sensitive nipples. When he departed that area he dipped into her belly button and she giggled as he excavated it with his tongue. Moving farther south he pulled his manhood from her hand and she move it in default to the top of his head which was headed for her pubis.

As he traced the narrow band of hair ascending from her slit he looked up at her face and asked, "What happened here?"

She had been quite covered with hair the last time they had been together. In fact she had told him that she was proud of all the hair at her crotch because it proved her age to be more than the 11 or 12 that most people took her to be. Now she had almost no hair on her belly and none at all along her slit.

"Did you know that all of our mothers are bald 'down there'? Papa Dan had the nannies remove all of it, every hair! Mama made me shave, but I wouldn't let her take it all. So she called this a 'landing strip' for MY MAN! You can decide how much you want 'down there' when you have the nannies remake me!"

Well, that answered several questions all at once. Where her hair had gone was now explained. And the fact that she wanted to be his concubine was also a stated fact. He rejoiced silently as he licked and kissed himself down the length of the 'landing strip' to engage her clit 'mano a femano'!? He stroked its surrounding lips with his tongue several times before placing a kiss on her projection directly.

She went ballistic!

He backed off from the direct attack on her clit and spent several minutes licking and tugging on her inner lips with his lips. He straightened his tongue and invaded her vagina, gaining himself a taste of himself, which he found not entirely revolting.

Eventually he re-approached her clit. With a butt cheek in each hand he entered into a direct attack on the point of her passions. She couldn't stop her reaction.

She went ballistic again, squealing loudly while shaking wildly in his hands supporting her pelvis.

Giving a cleansing lick from her asshole to her clit he began the trek up to her mouth slowly. Again he visited each of the sites of interest discovered on his route downward. By the time he reached her mouth she had come down from the orgasm incited by his mouth. When he reached her mouth her lips and tongue eagerly welcomed him back. Her hand also reclaimed his erection, now stronger than he had ever had before.

She guided it to her opening and he followed her guidance. As he entered her she gasped from the friction-caused excitement. It was only a few thrusts before she orgasmed again. This set the pattern for Bob's subsequent sexual encounters: he endeavored to give his partner at least two orgasms before going for his own. Most of the time he was successful, in that when he reached his own release his partner reached her third. Bob always counted this three-to-one rate as a very good thing on his part, and most of his partners over the years would undoubtedly agree with him. For a 14 year-old recent virgin it had been a very good first step in establishing his lovemaking pattern. Staci certainly appreciated it as she keened over the action of his cock again.

This time when they had recovered they attacked the wine and cheese their mothers had sent in. They discussed the fact that their mothers had expected them to have the food and drink at an earlier point in the afternoon. Their mothers' participation in the afternoon's activities was also a subject of consideration. It became clear that their family had expected their desire to 'get together' and had plotted to not only allow it but to abet it with help from their papa Dan. They both expressed great appreciation of the plot their parents had carried out.

Eventually it became suppertime and they ran through the 'fresher together before dressing in 'family-acceptable' clothing. It was a challenge in the close quarters of his 'fresher, but they emerged clean and not overly excited.

Going out to the dining area and finding their entire family waiting for them was only mildly embarrassing. Every one except the little kids knew what they had been doing and they were actually congratulated for their time together almost as much as the family celebrated his successful CAP test. Mama Marilyn ended the dinner and birthday celebration by handing him a message cube from Lt. Dan. He had recorded it before he left on his present assignment, as he knew he wouldn't back in time for Bob's birthday and test. Bob took it back to his room to play on his computer while Staci was 'debriefed' by her mothers.

The message cube left him dumbfounded, to say the least.

In it Lt. Dan had two important messages for him.

One was that since he had achieved a 'passing' CAP score and was entitled to concubines of his own he should consider if he wanted to take Staci as his first. Papa Dan said that he presumed he would and had already informed the AIs that if Bob requested Staci's reassignment from Dan to himself that the AI should 'make it so!' Immediately!

The other message was that Bob should probably expect a visitor in the next few days from the Fleet Auxiliary, the branch of service that handled space born transshipments for the colonies. Lt. Dan said he figured that, considering what he knew about Bob, that the FA's would be interested in him. And Bob knew that it was the FA's that had sent out the human-crewed explorer ship Pytheas four years ago. The concept of a star trek type future suddenly opened in front of him. Of course, he didn't know if that's what Lt. Dan meant to imply, but that was what Bob definitely inferred.

Because of Dan's message he immediately called for Staci to join him in his room and put the question to her-"Do you want to become my concubine? Lt. Dan has approved it and all we have to do is tell the AI and you will be!" And they made it so with the AI before they fell into bed together. The next morning they informed the rest of their family of what had transpired. Their mothers acted as if they had expected nothing less.

That same morning Bob received a mail message on his computer that he should expect an official visitor early that afternoon regarding the results of his CAP test. A Lieutenant Faye Horton would be visiting after luncheon was finished.

She arrived about 1:30. A tall and shapely brunet in a short dark red uniform similar to those in the Star Trek videos he had watched so avidly. The uniform sported the single gold pip of a lieutenant at the collar and the Demetrian Eagle over her right breast. After introducing herself to the family members present she asked to speak to Bob alone. Together they moved to papa Dan and papa John's 'office' - a room set aside for them to be away from everybody else. Bob decided that as a 'volunteer' of this family he was entitled to use it in their absence.

Lt., Horton extended her self-introduction to make Bob aware that she was the executive officer of the human exploration ship Pytheas. (As if he wouldn't have known!) She went on to tell him that the officers of the human space exploration teams had been made aware of him by their own AIs in connection with his township AI. She explained that he appeared to have the qualities that they were looking for in 'Starfleet' officers (she actually expressed it in that way!). She said that her job that day was to invite him to the 'Starfleet Academy' to study to become an officer on one of the exploration ships that were presently being refitted for commission. She went on to explain that the successful voyage of the Pytheas had brought about a decision at the 'Admiralty level' to put more exploration ships into commission as soon as possible.

"I've looked over your CAP scores and your school records. You have the level of math knowledge to indicate that you would be a candidate for learning, at least as your first space skill, how to run the navigation station onboard one of our ships," she said.

Bob's interest in 'Science Fiction' and the fact that he analyzed his favorite net shows as opposed to 'just watching' them gave her information that strongly suggested that he would be a 'natural' to enter this service. He could enter the training program (at the so-called 'Starfleet Academy') in three weeks, the start of the next session. It would last almost an entire year

His Cap score entitled him to bring four concubines with him into training. He would be trained as an officer and they would be trained as ship's crew. When they shipped out all of them would have functions on the starship he was assigned to. Concubines had to earn their own way to go out on these ships. Some of them might end up as volunteers in their own right. But that required a CAP of at least 6.0.

She also said that she would appreciate it if he could respond to the offer she was making within the next three days.

Bob didn't bat an eye as he said, "I accept! Tell me where and when to show up and we'll be there!"

"That was fast! How many concubines do you have for us to fit in? We like to tie a family together on a ship, but since you just passed your test and you're only fourteen, if you don't have any that's OK too. We crew the ship with members of our families. It has proven to work quite well!"

"Just one now. Staci, from our family, will be joining me definitely, but from what you've said about family making the crew, I should probably add at least one more before we leave home. I'll probably do that before training starts," responded Bob.

"OK, Bob. Then I'll inform the AI system that it should be prepared to transport you and your party to the 'Starfleet training facility' next Monday (that's six days away) and that you will be ready to begin group training immediately. OK?"

"Yes, Ma'am. We'll be there directly from our local transfer pads. I can see that I have to do some investigating and perhaps some acquiring of 'staff' before next Monday."

As the Pytheas' executive officer made her farewells to the rest of the family Bob held back. Already his mind was intently engaged on the questions raised by her presence and presentation.

He knew that this was exactly what he wanted as his required service to the rest of humankind, especially because Staci could go with him as an active member of the team. He knew her smarts and thought that she would be a very valuable addition to a ship's crew.

After the little kids were in bed that evening he raised the questions on his mind with the rest of his family. He had already made Staci aware of the decision he had made for the two of them during a private moment they had earlier in the afternoon. She happily and fully supported him in what he had decided. She knew of his earlier concerns about their future and also saw Lt. Horton's offer as something Bob would really enjoy following through on.

He had also told her that he wanted the family's advice about taking another concubine to join them. He was going to ask the family for advice but just wanted her to listen and ask any questions she might have. They would get together later to talk it over, just the two of them but that she was going to have a private say in any decision he (they) made.

So, with all of his 'mothers', one of his 'father's', and Staci available for advice he broached the fact of his acceptance into 'Starfleet Academy' and Staci's enrollment as well.

They received the expected family accolades. But more importantly, the two of them received the offer of the family to help in any way possible.

"Here's my question that I need help with. Lieutenant Horton implied that it would help if I had all four of the concubines that my CAP score says I can have. But Staci and I are perfectly happy with just the two of us. What should we do? Grab another three people? Where do we get them?

Almost immediately everyone began to talk. Papa John raised his hand to demand silence from the ladies, and as always, they deferred to him and became temporarily silent.

"Bob, I hear you asking two questions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you want advice on how many more concubines to claim right now and also on where to find these people. Does that summarize what you're asking?"

"Yes, papa John, we know that we're happy together, just the two of us now. But apparently these ships are crewed by entire families. So the more family members I bring along the easier it is to fill out the crew roster. I don't really feel prepared to take on three new people right when Staci and I are just getting started together. It's a bit much for us to take on.

Mama Marilyn chimed in with "So you feel some obligation to bring more to the training and the ship than just the two of you, but how many and how to find them are the questions?"

"Yes, Mama! And I know we've said it already, but we do offer a big thanks to all of you for allowing us to join together here at home. It's been something Staci (she was nodding her head 'yes' wildly, sitting right next to him) and I have appreciated very much. We're very happy that you all understood both of us well enough to know what we wanted and needed. And also that you helped us get to where we are right now."

"OK, kids," said mama Maryanne, "Here's my advice. I think you should take on at least one more woman and I'd recommend that she be an older person. Someone with some kind of leadership skill or technical skill, to enhance the offerings of the two of you, would probably be good. I suggest an older woman because she can also help you both learn more about this sex stuff you just started in on. (A big smile on her face was duplicated around the room on their parent's faces.) You can probably take just one more and still help out the ship while not straining your ability to adapt to new situations."

"From the Civil Service dorms perhaps," chimed in Staci's mother, Irene. "The place where they house the families of volunteers who have been unable to keep them. Some of them got lost in assignment shuffles by the military and some of them are widows and orphans because of some incident with the Swarm! There are probably a good number of candidates there. I'd bet that the local Civil Service officer could help you. Maybe she would even have some suggestions to make."

"I know who!" Marilyn was waving her arms at her sister-wives in her excitement. "I know who they should take! They should take that nurse that's been helping out at the nursery with the little kids examinations. Come on ladies, what's her name. You know who I mean - the one with the big hooters! The one that always comes in the pink scrubs! What's her name?"

"I know who you mean," said Irene, "Lisa something, right? The little brunette? She came from some ship's crew when her sponsor was killed in an on-board accident."

"Right," responded Marilyn. "She's a trained nurse and has been doing some evaluations on the little ones because the AIs haven't come up with a good enough pediatric database yet. You'd like her, guys! She's smart, she's cute, and she's a trained medical person and a natural mother if I ever saw one. She just doesn't have her own kids yet. She also has the largest breasts I've ever seen. How old would you say she is, M?"

"I'd guess she's about 28 or 30," answered Maryanne. Of course that doesn't matter kids. Just look at me! Lt. Dan made me look like your mothers but this is actually your 50-year-old stepmother talking. Don't look 50, do I? I kept all my memories and experiences and got a new body to go with them. And I think that we've all enjoyed my being my new, 'younger self'! So if you want to take a woman who is twice your age you just be sure to make her look your age. It saves a lot of trouble, believe me!"

(Actually Maryanne appeared to be about 25, the same apparent age of the other mothers. That had made them all look about the same age as papa Dan when they were extracted. Even papa John had been reduced in age about 5 years to make the family leaders all appear about the same age despite their original age differences.)

"And," continued Maryanne, "that's how that woman got those big boobs, too. Her sponsor was a tit man and wished them on her and she really hates them. They must be Fs or FFs! 'Immense, embarrassing and uncomfortable' is what she says! It would probably do you good to offer to bring her back to her natural size. Of course, Bob might like to experience them before he has the reduction done," she leered at him and then grinned at everybody else.

A little uncomfortable with the frankness this conversation was taking on he attempted to restate what they had been telling him. "So you all think we should have another woman and that she should be an older woman who can be returned physically toward our age. The Civil Service would be a source, but mamas are suggesting this Lisa. Is that about it? Do you agree papa John?"

"Has he got it, ladies?" and papa John scanned the faces of his co-concubines. As they all nodded yes (so did Staci, Bob noticed.)

"Yes, Bob. I agree with what has been said, and the reasons for what was said. I think one more member of your family would satisfy the Fleet people. I personally agree with the idea of taking an older woman, especially one who could help you two get to understand more about sex now that you're starting to enjoy it. (Grin!) I also think, like M, that you should have her apparent age changed. You kids will come out of training and reconstruction looking about 20 I would think. She should look pretty much the same. That will make all of you 'feel better' about each other."

"If you leave her looking her real age you'll start reacting to her as an authority figure. That's not what you want of her. She's really a useful fuck-toy to start out with! Oh, don't look at me in that way ladies! All of us are the property of Dan and you know it! You all were chosen for the primary reason of being fuckable. The main reason I'm here is so that I can keep you happy when he's out in space. The reasons we all got joined together at our extraction don't matter much anymore because we've formed a very tight family. Dan's not with us much of the time, but he is involved in everything we do. If we really need his input on something we're authorized to send him a supraluminal message, and we have done so as needed. And that's the way we want it. But those are the reasons we got together originally!"

"Oh, and Bob - if she really hates the chest the dearly departed hung on her, you would cement your family together a bit by bringing her down in size. Only a sponsor can make that change and she would be closer to you both if you gave her something M says she really wants!"

"Anything more you guys want to discuss tonight? All of us are willing to do this again, or one-on-one, anytime you want before you have to go. We've already agreed ourselves that having both of you leave is going to leave one helluva hole in our family heart. We want you both to succeed and be happy, and to come back often after Monday!"

Bob looked at Staci. When she smiled back at him he took it that she was satisfied with the advice. He stood up and, holding onto his hand, so did she.

"That's exactly what we wanted right now. We thank you together, and we will miss our home too. Hopefully we won't actually be homesick, but we will miss what we've had here as our family for the last six years! We're going to have a lot to think and talk about tonight, for sure! But this has taken longer than we expected and we want to get to bed now. So thanks again!" and they started heading for the door.

Giggles and outright laughs followed them. M hollered after them, "remember to do some talking too!"

Red faced they reached their room. Upon entering they immediately entwined in a fervent kiss. "Fuck the talking, we can do that later!" said Bob.

After a few very busy hours on the bed-shaped playground they both fell soundly asleep and actually did hold their own conversation about the advice the next morning as they ate breakfast. Everybody else was gone on family or Planetary Service business. So they had the privacy they wanted to discuss the ideas of their family.

After about an hour of bacon, eggs and much discussion about the advice they had received, Bob said, "OK, I guess I'll go and try to find this Lisa and check her out.

He headed for the township's medical pod-complex much more happily than his walk to the testing complex just a few days before. Walking into the reception area he was greeted by the receptionist with a surprise question.

"Bob Ford? Right?"

He nodded yes, surprised that she would know his name.

"You're to go down the hall to room 5C. The people there will help you."

"Help me with what?" he asked.

"I'm sure I don't know. I was told what you looked like, that you would probably arrive about now, and to send you to room 5C. It's just down the hallway to your left. They're probably waiting for you right now."

Nonplussed, Bob headed left until he found 5C. Knocking lightly on the door he pushed it opened and looked in. Looking back at him over cups of coffee were mama M, mama Irene, and a lady in pink scrubs, a pretty lady with a HUGE rack. Mama M called for him to come in and got up to get him a coke from the refrigerator. Apparently they were all treating this as an expected, planned meeting.

Before he could speak mama M jumped in. "Here's your coke, Bob. And let me introduce you to Lisa Tucker. She's the nurse we told you about yesterday. Irene and I thought we'd come down here today and see if she was interested in what we discussed. We thought it would make this meeting a little easier on both of you."

Taking the coke from her he turned to look at Lisa. She was blushing a bright red. At this point so was he.

He held out a hand, "Hi, Lisa! I'm pleased to meet you. Have my mothers told you what is going on?"

Her blush not receding an inch, Lisa Tucker grasped his hand in both of her own. "Yes, Bob, I think they did. Apparently we've got some talking to do. Sooo, ladies, thank you for the introduction to your son and now if you could leave the two of us together I think we'd both appreciate it."

Nodding an acceptance of the request both of Bob's mothers stood up, placed their empty coffee cups on the tray provided and made their good-byes. As they left the room they both wished Bob and Lisa a good meeting.

Bob turned to the table and sat across from Lisa. For a moment they looked at each other and then both started to speak at the same time. Lisa stopped first and indicated that Bob should speak first.

"Lisa, I don't know what they told you, and I don't really know how to handle this situation. Could you tell me what they told you? Please? Then we'll have a starting point."

"OK Bob. I know Maryanne and Irene and your other mother Marilyn from our children's clinic. I'm the nurse in charge of that and I've met each of them several times with your brothers and sisters. I'm 29; I have a CAP of 6.2 (higher than Staci's he noted). I'm a 'lost concubine' because Enshu, my sponsor was killed in an accident on the "Go For Your Gun" somewhere in deep space. A new sponsor has claimed my sister-wife but I've been living at the Civil Service Dorms for about a year. I took up the pediatric position because I was the best trained to do that type of work, although I spent most of my career back on earth, before extraction, working in an emergency room."

"Your mothers told me that you are just 14, just passed your CAP test with a 7.7 (they're quite proud of you, by the way!) And that you've taken your 'sister' as a concubine. They are also proud of the fact that you've been invited to that new 'Starfleet Academy' we've been hearing about. I've always been a Trekker, and that sounds like fun!"

"They also said that you and, was it Staci? (Bob nodded yes) are probably looking for another concubine to join with you in what will probably be a great adventure. They said that they had suggested me. Have I got most of it right?"

"Uh huh. I'm still surprised that they did this this morning. I was going to try to find out about you from something of a distance. Now they've thrown both of us right into the fire haven't they? I have to tell you that I don't know what to do here. I guess that I can plead the fact that I'm only 14 and more than a little concerned by the fact that you're twice as old as I am." Bob flushed with the truth of the statement.

"Can I suggest another reason you're uncomfortable? Maryanne said that they had told you about the size of my boobs. I do know that to a 14 year-old guy they most likely provide a roadblock to rational conversation. I know that all guys are fascinated by girls' tits. Let me tell you that Enshu was a boob obsessed ass and he saddled my sister-wife and me with these double Fs. He loved them and we hate them. Or hated them, as Jill got resized to believable by her new sponsor. I'd ask the same of anybody who took me on as a concubine. They're sort of the 'elephant in the room' that nobody talks about."

With that she pulled off her pink scrub top and made work of releasing the center catches of an immense bra. Two of the biggest tits he had ever imagined fell out into the world in front of him. Lisa shrugged the bra off behind her and hefted the two basketball sized mammaries up to him. He gaped in amazement. The only tits he had ever really had a good look at (or a feel of, for that matter) were Staci's. And frankly, Staci's tits were small. The aureole and nipple area on one of these tits was probably the size of Staci's entire breast.

"Now, these are the elephant that nobody will talk about. Big enough for you?"

Basically he just stared.

"Bob, they're just a set of breasts, unique only in that they've been supersized courtesy of the Darjee nannites. They hurt my back to carry them around. They actually keep me from rolling over in bed at night. They even block my view of the dinner on my plate. And they absolutely draw the attention of every penis-equipped person in any room I walk into. Enshu loved them and I loved him. But I did and do hate these things."

"I'd be happy if you and Staci considered allowing me to join your new family. I'd really like to be part of a family again. I think I would bring a lot to the family. You should probably young me a bit to match the two of you when you get out of training. But! And for some people this would be a Big But! I want to go back to boobs the size I used to have. Well, maybe a C instead of a full B, but I insist on getting rid of these FFs. If you can't agree to do that we've finished our talk." With that she shook both of the immense breasts at him and then reached to reclaim the support structure she needed for them. As she redressed she looked him in the eye with the question of acceptance in her own.

"Mama M said that you would probably want that, probably from the talking you've done with her. I can't get over the size of those things! They're amazing! But Staci would have a fit if you were to keep them in the family. (Grin!) So I have no problem with a resizing. We can talk about re-aging with Stace. When she sees those things I'm sure she'll want a size increase herself - you'll see why when you meet her. When would you be able to come to our place and visit her so that the three of us can talk? But it has to be soon as we only have a few days to set anything up."

"I'm technically free at the moment, so how about right away? I'm really interested in this, Bob! I find it hard to imagine myself being the concubine of a 14-year-old, but what the hell, it would be better than being a Civil Service placeholder. I just need to change out of these scrubs a minute. Do you want to wait here or come to my room with me? After all if you are going to be my new owner I can't really object to your being there, can I? Or at least I won't be able to in the future. Oh, come on! I want to change before meeting my future sister-wife. Irene has told me so much about Staci that I almost feel that I know her already."

'OK, ' thought Bob, 'she's really eager! But we can still turn her down if we want after Stace and I talk to her together. I'm glad she's so eager though!' and he followed her down the hall to her room.

There she made a motion to lock the door and then said, "Well, it really doesn't matter, does it? Nobody else is going to come in here with your back to the door. And like I said, if you take me this ol' body will be yours anyway, so you might as well at least see all of it."

And so she stripped, all the way down to nothing. And did a slow turn in front of him. Now that the 'elephant' was out in the open he did in fact look at the rest of the 'package'. She stood about 5'3 - just a little shorter than Staci did. She was a dark brunette where Staci was a dirty blond. Unlike the Staci of the moment, she had a full bush. Her body in general, waist, butt, hips, shoulders - and those amazing boobs, her body was obviously that of a more mature woman. But that's what people were advising him to add to his new family. He already liked her general appearance. She had a really cute face. And a pleasing personality from the conversation they'd been sharing. She was a trained medical person, something that would be of value on the ship-to-come. She was an experienced woman, something of value to the personal education of Stace and himself. She was straightforward in her conversation, yet easy to talk to.

Left to himself Bob would have claimed her then and there. But he had promised Stacey the privilege of input and wouldn't keep that from her. So he motioned for her to get dressed and in a short time they were headed back to the Ford family home.

Entering the pod he found all of his mothers waiting for him. Staci was there too. And mama Maryanne immediately took over the introductions. Lisa of course already knew all of her mothers so the major introduction was to Staci, and vice versa. After extending the welcome of the house, Staci asked if she could talk to Lisa privately in Lt. Dan's office. As the apparent ranking family member Bob said to go ahead and asked Lisa if she would go with Staci.

He never did find out what they said to each other. But when they came out about an hour (maybe it only seemed that long!) later they were smiling and holding hands. At that point Bob figured his decision had been made for him.

His mothers seemed to reach the same conclusion and promptly asked Lisa to stay over for the rest of the day for everybody to get more acquainted. Staci and Lisa came over to him and bracketed him on either side. Lisa looked up at him and said "Should I stay, Bob?"

Staci squeezed him and said "Say yes, Bob!" and so he did.

His mothers charged him with being pussy whipped and he embarrassedly agreed. But both women looked up at him with smiles and he didn't feel too bad about it.

Over the next several hours the three of them talked about what the 'academy' would mean for them. They even went to the computer to consult with the AI about things they didn't understand at that point. Eventually the three of them came up with a game plan they thought would probably be their future.

When John came home from his work of the day he explained how to transfer Lisa's sponsorship from the Civil Service to Bob and they did so before dinner. After dinner the new family went up to the dorms to retrieve the personal items Lisa had built up in her four years since extraction. They came back with two bags of nurse's scrubs and other clothing items (including, Bob noticed, 6 extra-sized brassieres). They only carried back one bag of 'other' personal items. Most extractees didn't have much from their former lives. Lisa had the few things she had brought from her extraction and some items from her earlier time as a concubine. She brought them all.

The three of them slept together in one bed that night. And Bob got to experience a personal, up-close contact with the only pair of FF boobs he would probably ever have available to him. It only occurred for one more night. The third day Lisa was reintroduced to an AI's reconfiguration tank. She stayed there for two days as those massive encumbrances were reduced to (in Lisa's opinion) a decent pair of Cs. She was also returned to an apparent age of about 22. General height and weight were unchanged at Bob's instruction. She received the sleep education suitable for an 'academy' entrant. She was also given a new subcutaneous implant to eliminate her fertility for the next two years. It could be removed at Bob's command.

Staci also entered a tank. Her stay was only 18 hours and her changes were limited, at Bob's instruction, to a chest increase to a full B size (she could have more later he promised, if she still wanted them) and a slight physical aging to about 20. She did receive some directly implanted education to prepare her for the 'academy'. She also received a contraceptive implant, as unplanned children on an interstellar voyage were potentially a problem for the entire crew. As with Lisa's implant, it could be removed at Bob's request.

While they were undergoing those changes Bob also went into a tank. He received an internal direct connect to any local AI, more sleep education than the girls, and some physical corrections. Their consultations with the AI database had indicated that major body modifications were not recommended in the service they were entering. In the cases of the girls, a smaller physical size was a benefit in a ship that wasn't itself all that large. If any physical changes were found to be needed at a later time those changes could be made as necessary. Bob also was physically aged to an apparent age of about 20.

For his own pleasure Bob ordered the removal of all body hair below the women's necks. Except for the 'landing strip' that Staci had introduced to his thinking. Thinking that he might someday want to grow a beard he caused the nannies that were working on him to just halt the growth of his facial hair (it had just begun to need shaving), not to permanently remove it.

Individually they were returned to the family pod and the usual comments were made about changes in their appearances. When they rejoined in Bob's room as a new family they eventually found that all the changes were 'good' and appreciated. Several times they celebrated their individual changes with each other. Lisa even was able to talk Staci into trying some girl-on-girl action, noting that her mothers had all talked about 'doing' each other. Both of the women seemed to find the experience acceptable. Bob had found the occurrence quite a turn-on. The women both found that out as he plowed them side-by-side, moving from one to the other and then back again for about half an hour after they finished with each other. Lisa eventually received the greatest reward. Staci was not offended! In fact she was exhausted!

At ten o'clock on Monday the new family of three moved through the transporter field first to the station in permanent Demetrian orbit and then through another set of transporters they went planetside to the location of their new school.

Stepping off the transporter disks they were greeted by a young man in the grey uniform of the 'Academy' who greeted them and introduced himself as Roger, their guide to the facility. He deftly directed them out of the transporter facility and into the school itself.

After a brief introduction to the building (10 stories high, quite unfamiliar to those used to the pod structures of their own township) he directed them to the living facilities where they would be staying. After finding their two rooms and leaving their meager collection of gear he showed them to the commissary where they would be eating and also to the meeting room where they would be 'signed in' and registered for classes in two days. He then showed them where the quartermaster's department was and introduced them there. He left them each with a booklet about the school, facilities, and procedures. The quartermaster proceeded to issue each of them a set of gray 'Academy' uniforms (that's what he called them!) which they took back to their new 'home'. They settled into their new rooms with the realization that they would be here for the next nine months, at least!

During those nine months they were trained to be 'Starfleet Crew (Staci and Lisa) and a 'Starfleet Officer' (Bob). They underwent in-tank education, simulation training, and real life exercises to develop the skills and knowledge that they were amassing among them. They also had the opportunity to grow very close as a family unit, bonding in respect and love. As Bob later put it, 'the sex was great and the bonding was better!'

Bob was training as the navigator for one of the K'treel exploration ships, Lisa was training as a ship's medical officer, working very closely with the AI (no doctors appeared to be available) and Staci was training as a sensor technician.

It seemed to Bob that Lisa's CAP score, her life experience and her present training would probably cause the powers-that-be to offer her the right to be a volunteer in her own right unless something got screwed up down the road. He wasn't sure if he wanted her to leave but he also did want her to achieve her full potential. But, that was a bridge to cross when they got to it!

It was during one of the real-life training exercises that a member of their class was killed. The accident was unavoidable in retrospect. An undetected flaw in a mooring cable for a ship's tender suddenly parted. The whiplash motion of the major length of the cable separated Cadet Frank's head and its helmet from his spacesuited shoulders as neatly as a surgeon's laser scalpel. Such a major trauma was beyond the help of Confederacy medical technology. It was Lisa's job as Acting Head of Medical Services in the on-board crew to declare the Cadet beyond medical aid, to officially declare him dead. She did so because she and the medical AI actually in charge agreed that there was nothing technologically or medically that could be done to help him. It was the first unexpected but major event in the training of their class of cadets. It was also major downer for the entire class. Jim Frank had been a popular guy with all the members of their class.

It was also a problem for Lisa for a period of time because of the way Enshu, her first concubine had died. Stacy and Bob had to do some extra one-on-one comforting and loving for her for a brief while.

The situation, of course, was much more important than the loss of the life of a popular member of the class. Jim Frank had two concubines who were also undergoing ship's training because of his cadet status. Both of them were, as would be expected, heartbroken by the loss of their sponsor. But equally important to the staffing of future ships was the fact that both of these concubines would now be lost to 'Starfleet' as they were turned out to the Civil Service's care.

Later on the day in which a torpedo case carrying Jim Frank's body was placed in a sun-bound orbit Bob's AI connection informed him that the head of the Academy, Commodore (Brigadier) Bushman requested his presence in the Commodore's office. The Commodore had a surprising recommendation for him, coming not only from the Commodore but also from his future captain, Lt. Harrington.

Because one of those concubines had been in Bob's navigation division it was recommended to him that he take her as one of his own concubines, thus saving her training to the ship. "You've got the room in your family, Ford. If she goes to Civil Service your department will be one light for at least a year, maybe two. You can help the ship if you take the girl!"

So Bob talked to his own concubines about her at some length and especially with Lisa. The result of that discussion is that, with his advisors' endorsement, he claimed Jin-ho (Ginny) Frank as his third concubine.

Ginny (now Ford) needed some time to fit into her new family given the abrupt end of her previous family. She was grateful to them for the time she was given to adapt to her new life situation. She and Lisa spent time together in private, time that benefited both of them. She continued with her class work as before, and Bob, Staci and Lisa spent as much 'quality' time with her as possible. She could still visit with her previous sister-wife as another member of Bob's Academy class had claimed her. That was also done on the recommendation of Academy and the ship's leadership. About a month passed before Ginny made the decision to join her new master and sister-wives in the 'family bed'. Bob had not pressured her in that area at all as he could see all the effort she was putting into her space studies.

Jin-ho was originally Korean. She was an earth-standard 23 years old, stood about five-foot even in height and was altogether a rather curvaceous young Asian woman. She came to the family with a CAP of 5.9. She actually fit in quite well as Bob's third concubine. Once over her sudden grief she proved to be an excellent member of the navigation team and, more importantly to her new family she became an active and willing member of the Ford group. After making her decision to finally join them Ginny proved to be a willing bedmate for her new master and all of her new sister-wives. Actually her arrival forced the family to adopt a 'rotation system' in their bed. Before it was Bob with one concubine/wife on each side. Which side didn't really matter. But now with a new member added to the family bed the women asked Bob if they could change things around so as to reduce the 'overcrowding' in his bed. Each night one of the women would be 'scheduled' into Bob's bed and the other two people would occupy the second berth room in their pod. The women arranged the schedule between themselves in a manner that never made sense to Bob, although he had no complaints. Sometimes they even violated the new arrangement with an 'orgy' evening for all of them. (Oh, since we're discussing bed matters, Ginny didn't have a landing strip - she was permanently as bald 'down there' as she had been the day she was born.)

By default within the family Staci had turned into Bob's main wife, with Lisa, and now Ginny, as equal but secondary concubine/wives. It wasn't an actual ranking, but the other two deferred to Staci most of the time and treated her as the 'lead' wife. Despite this reality of life Bob tried to treat all three of his concubines equally. On a typical 'night' he obviously paid the most attention to the one of them in his bed, while the other two were free to entertain each other, something that they all did with an increasing degree of willingness.

Bob found them all to be willing partners on their playground, with differing areas of sexual interest. Staci loved any kind of sex he initiated. Lisa really got off on breast play with her very sturdy new rack of C cup tits. They remained very sensitive to his attentions. She also did a lot of the initiating when they were together. (She called it 'teaching'! He was a very willing student.) Ginny it turned out really enjoyed anal sex, the position preference instilled in her by the nannies at her previous master's request. And a full session with all of them would often reduce Bob to a state of quiet exhaustion the day after their romp.

Nine months and two weeks after they were sworn in as cadets they had all graduated and almost immediately had officially joined the crew of the AGS002, the Ferdinand Magellan. The Magellan was the third commissioned K'treel class human-crewed exploration ship (although the second in order numerically). Others were scheduled to follow as subsequent classes graduated from 'Starfleet Academy. The Enterprise she was not, but her captain (Harrington) and exec (Wilson) had managed to upgrade the phasers and the plasma torpedo launchers to current military grade, as well as give their Tuull built AI a newer set of known space and galactic charts. Captain John Ormskirk, the head of the shipyard that had carried out her refit, had spent considerable time introducing each of the ship's incoming officers individually to the AI. Maggie (the Magellan's AI) was found by her crew to be one of the most advanced and intuitive AIs any of them had ever worked with. All of them would be disappointed when they had to deal with any lesser unit in the future.

Bob was graduated from the Academy as the third in his class with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and position as the Navigator of the Magellan. Bob had fully embraced his adult status over the last 9 nine months and matured into an excellent 'gentleman and officer'.

The Exec (Wilson) and Engineer (McKeon) had in fact been ahead of him in grade points by only decimal points. Harrington, the new Captain, had been brought over from another division of the Fleet Auxiliary, but was very highly regarded by all who had served under her. She had been working with Maggie and the shipyard crew for about a month before the rest of her new crew arrived on board.

Ginny had graduated as a 'Leading Spaceman' (LS) in the navigation department and served (always) on the same crewshift as Bob.

Lisa was the ranking medical officer on the 'Maggie', at least until some doctors could be found for the exploration teams. As the lead in that vital department she had received the rank of Sergeant Major, or SCPO in 'shipspeak'. There were two additional nurses who served with her although they split the three shifts between them, one nurse on per shift with the others on 24-hour call. Maggie had been fully updated with human bio-information and medical guides and remained their main source of information and guidance.

Staci, the concubine with the lowest CAP score, turned out to be the most overworked of the entire family, ending up serving a double duty. She was not only an LS in the sensor department (also always on Bob's duty shift) but had also been qualified as the ship's personnel officer. This later job often required her to put in extra time on her off shifts, dealing with the many verities in the lives of the ship's crew. Captain Harrington had occasion fairly often to officially note her service to the ship in this role. It was likely that she would soon receive a promotion based on her service in this area.

The orders of the Magellan, as those of the Pytheas, were based on the primary job of exploring the universe to increase humankind's knowledge about that universe. Bob Ford was officially now an EXPLORER!

The End

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