A Collection of Short Stories

                            by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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This is the repository for my collection of short stories. Most of them are less than 4,000 or 5,000 words, but the occasional one may run over and a few are very short, less than 2,000 words. I will add new ones to the top of the index from time to time, and repost.

I hope you will enjoy them, and thanks for reading. Please fill out the comments section at the end, and let me know what you thought of them, as it gives me feedback as to what my readers like and don't like.


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A Serial Rapist

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Sadie's Secret

Mischievous Mila - Part 1

An Awakening

Closed Circuit

A Modern Lolita

The Date

The Date

Mf 17/13, oral, incest.
His younger sister held the answer that he was looking for, but it came at a price.
Word Count: 1,237
Date Published: March 14 2017

"You talked to Lucy, so tell me what Meredith said about me. Did she say she liked me? She held my hand in the movie theater, so she had to like me, right?"

My kid sister, Kate, sat stoically with a smug look on her face.

"Kate, I need to know if I have any chance with Meredith," I pleaded.

Kate could be exasperating at times. I sometimes wondered what went through her thirteen year old head. I think she forgets I'm her brother, and looks out just for her own self interest. I was only asking her to tell me what her best friend Lucy had said about my first date with her sister, Meredith. Meredith was one of the more beautiful girls in my high school, if not the most beautiful. I'd been the subject of a lot of jealous stares from some of my classmates after the rumor mill found out that Meredith had agreed to go on a date with me – for her, an unusual occurrence.

It had taken me a good two months to work up the nerve to even approach her, let alone speak to her. Twice I'd walked up to her and, at the last minute as Meredith looked at me expectedly, I'd turned and walked away without saying a single word. She didn't date a lot of guys, and didn't seem to have a steady boyfriend. Some of the guys thought she was a lesbian; I didn't know why. Several of my friends had asked her for a date, and had been turned down. To her credit, they weren't dismissed out of hand, but let down gently with a hint of kindness. She was either 'not into dating boys right now,' or 'sorry, I'm busy that evening.' They all eventually gave up trying.

When I finally got up enough moxie to actually ask her, she smiled and said: "I thought you'd never ask; I'd love to go on a date with you." I forgot what I said afterwards, probably something stupid. The date had gone well, at least I thought so. We had a quick bite to eat at Cherries Café, a small intimate restaurant, and afterwards watched a chick flick at the multiplex. She actually held my hand throughout the whole movie. I'm sure she sensed my nervousness, as my hand was damp. She even let me kiss her, as I dropped her off at her house, albeit a quick peck on the mouth, but it was a kiss none-the-less.

Now my kid sister was holding out on me, and I felt like she was enjoying the shit out of it!

"C'mon Kate, gimme a hint, anything, I'm dyin' here!"

"She said that, on the next date, she's gonna blow you."

"No she didn't Kate, stop being mean!"

I was getting a little irritated by her stringing me along. She knew I was desperate, and was working it to the hilt.

"How do you know? She might blow every guy she dates."

"She's not that kind of girl Kate; don't talk about her like that!"

Kate looked at me and a small smile lit up her face.

"You're in love with her aren't you?"

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes you are: You're lyin'! I can always tell when you're lyin'. Look, there's that little tic under your left eye again."

"What tic?"

"You get a little tic under your left eye every time you lie," she said. "Don't ever play poker," she added.

"You ever had a blow job, bro?" she asked.

"I've had tons of blow jobs," I said, hoping she didn't see the tic under my eye, because I certainly felt it.

"No you haven't, you haven't even had one," she said. I knew she'd seen the tic. Damn!

Kate pulled a pillow off her bed, and dropped it on the floor in front of me and knelt on it.

"What're you doin' Kate?"

Before I could react, she tugged my shorts down; my boxers came with them. I grabbed my crotch.

"C'mon bro, I've seen your cock before. Remember those 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours games we used to play?"

"Yeah, but that was when we were younger," I countered.

"What difference does it make?" she asked, pushing my hands aside; she then took my flaccid cock into her mouth.

"No, Kate, you can't do . . . " God it felt so good. She had all of my cock in her mouth, and it was rapidly getting hard as she sucked it, swirling her tongue around the end. As my cock got fully erect, she could only get three quarters in her mouth, so she held the rest of the shaft in her hand and squeezed. I had no idea a girls' lips around my cock could feel so good, and where did she learn to do it!

The sight of my little sister's head bobbing up and down, and my cock disappearing into her mouth, was the most erotic sight of my seventeen years. What was equally as erotic was when she looked up at me, with her pale-blue eyes, and smiled. As I was near to cumming, I wondered if she'd swallow, or spit it out, or even let me cum in her mouth. I pondered whether to let her know I was cumming - nah.

Two minutes later, I was rewarded with the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I had to hold onto the dresser, as my legs felt like they were turning to Jell-O. I felt my cock swell and pulse, as cum raced down the shaft and into my sister's mouth; her cheeks bulged before she swallowed. When I was finally done she pulled back and my cock flopped onto my thigh; she licked her lips and swallowed.

"Damn, Kate, that was incredible! Where'd you learn to do that?"

"Lucy, Meredith's sister, taught me. I would practice on her brother. I'm pretty sure she gave him blow jobs as well."

I pulled up my underwear and shorts. "You wanna tell me about Meredith now?"

"I guess I've tortured you enough, haven't I? Lucy said that Meredith told her she thought you were very sweet, and that she was going to ask you out for another date."

"She's goin' to ask ME for a date?"

"According to Lucy, that's what she said."

"Please don't tell Lucy you gave me a blow job," I begged.

"Well, it depends," she replied, with a wicked smile.

Oh God, I hope she's not thinking about blackmail.

"Depends on what?" I asked, with trepidation.

"If you go down on me, from time to time; I won't tell," she replied.

"You want me to do what?"

"Oral sex, bro. Look on it as a sort of training," she said, "as I know you've never done it."

"How do you know I haven't?"

"As I said, don't ever play poker."


"C'mon Mitch, what're you gonna do?"

"I'm all in," I replied.

"I'm out," our neighbor Tom said, tossing his cards on the green baize of our card table.

"Me too," his wife Andrea said. Her cards joined her husband's.

"I call, cuz I don't think you've got anything," my beautiful wife said, as she laid down two pair – aces and treys.

"Shit!" I said, as I mucked my ace high bluff.

"Has anyone ever told you that you should never play poker?" Meredith asked.


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A Modern Lolita

Mf 15, ped, 1st.
His live-in lover came with something he hadn't expected – a precocious daughter.
Word Count: 1,914
Date Published: March 14 2017

I was sitting on a bench next to the pool, in the rear walled-in garden of my house, enjoying the warm, early-summer afternoon, reading a book called 'A Modern Lolita' by Renpet; the latest novel by one of the most prolific and popular writers of erotic fiction. His stories have the style and elegance of any novelist of the day. I often wonder if his nom-de-plume was that of a successful author who is published in the mainstream media. I had picked the book up by chance at my local bookstore, as Barnes & Noble don't carry that kind of fiction. I like to read erotic fiction; the power of the mind to visualize the events unfolding on the page is, in my estimation, far more arousing than looking at pictures or videos of sex acts.

Erotic fiction can also delve into subjects that will never be graphically depicted in mainstream media – only hinted at. Subjects such as sexual intercourse with underage girls, molestation, incest, rape, snuff, and bestiality. Those subjects are only available in discreet circles, where photographs and videos made by its members can be swapped surreptitiously.

'A Modern Lolita' is a story about a young, fifteen year old daughter of a prominent evangelist, who seduces a fifty five year old member of her father's congregation. I found the book a better read than Nabokov's Lolita, probably because it's more up-to-date. The modern day Lolita's name is Zoë and her attempts at seduction were both awkward and blatant at first, but then became more subtle as the story evolved.

I looked up from my book and saw Elle come through the French doors onto the patio. Elle was tall, around 5' 6", with long auburn hair and deep-blue eyes. She had on a cream colored camisole with spaghetti straps, a light blue bra underneath, and a pair of Levis and pink KEDS. Elle's the fifteen year old daughter of Grace, a woman I had met three months ago at a friend's party.

Grace and I hit it off almost straight away; the fact that she was a stunning, auburn haired, deep-blue-eyed goddess, almost 18 years my junior, certainly helped. So, I guess you could say, it was lust at first sight. She's an inch taller than me, at 5' 10", B-cup breasts sagged a little, from age and breast feeding a baby; her waist, though, still narrow and girlish, it flared out to nice hips, wide enough to deliver a baby, but not so wide that they were out of proportion to the rest of her body. Her rear was spectacular, still fairly firm, but with enough give to provide a nice jiggle of her cheeks as she walked.


A month ago I agreed that she could move in with me and almost immediately regretted it – not from living with Grace, but from living with her daughter. I had been a confirmed bachelor for all of my 52 years, never dated women with young girls, never been around young girls; so, I had no concept of how much a fifteen year old girl could flirt with her sexuality. At first, I was flattered that Elle paid me attention; but, the attention turned to outright flirting. She was smart enough to do it, when her mother wasn't around; so, when I raised the subject with Grace, it was met with incredulity.

After Grace would leave the house around 7:30, Elle would wander downstairs wearing just her bra and panties. Although she was exposing the same amount of skin as she did when she sunbathed in her bikini, it wasn't the same. Her demi-cup bra was lacy, so I could clearly see her darker-pink areolae, and her beaded nipples that pushed at the thin material, forming small bumps. Her panties weren't a lot better at covering her assets either; they were bikini-cut and the thin material easily sucked into her cleft, creating a perfect camel toe. No amount of my pleading to cover up would change her mind, or her clothes.

Now, I'm no prude, I'll look at a beautiful woman, or a nice cleavage, as much as the next red-blooded American; but, she was my partner's daughter, as well as being only fifteen years old. I kept asking myself, why couldn't she be ugly or fat? Why did she have to be so damn beautiful, and with a body to die for? She knew exactly what she was doing, and the effect it had on me. She almost relished the physical discomfort she caused, as my erection strained inside my pants. I decided to teach her a lesson, a lesson that would put an end to the flirting for good – or so I thought.


The next morning, after Grace left for her office, I was sitting at the kitchen island sipping a cup of Typhoo tea when Elle came in and sat next to me. She was dressed in her usual bra and panties, except these were not the lacy ones she usually wore. I had not seen them in the wash, so they had to be new. The bra was little more than two small triangles of cotton, one for each breast, attached to each other with thin elasticized strips; the panties also had two small triangles of cotton, again attached with thin elasticized strips. The material was so thin that it showed every detail of her petite breasts; the little goosebumps and slight puffiness of her areolae, and firm nipples. The panties revealed so much skin that they left little to the imagination. Her light brown pubic hair was barely visible above the top, and it showed all the detail of her pussy, down to the small clitoral sheath that lay in the cleft formed by her plump labia.

As she walked to the fridge, a good two inches of her butt crack was exposed and, as she bent over, I could see the outline of her plump pussy between her legs, coddled by the gusset of her panties – a gorgeous peach shape. Within two minutes of her arrival, my erection strained in my Levis. She took a big gulp from the carton of orange juice, put it back and closed the door. As she turned, I pushed her back against the fridge, my hard erection sandwiched between us, pushing hard into her tummy.

"You always walk around the house dressed like that Elle, and you're going to pay the price."

The look on her face was not the one I expected – one of 'oh shit, I've gone too far now,' but bewilderment. I should have stopped right then, but I was driven by my lust. I threw her over my shoulder, she only weighed around 90 pounds, and carried her to my bedroom, and threw her on my bed. She backed up against the headboard, as I quickly shed my clothes. My penis stood at a 45º upward angle, the bulbous head ringed with purple, glistened with precum. She couldn't take her eyes off it, as I climbed onto the bed. Sitting on my haunches, I grabbed her ankles, and pulled her to me. Her bra was the first thing to come off, followed shortly by her panties.

In the heat of the moment, it hadn't registered that Elle didn't put up any resistance; in fact, she had even lifted her bottom off the bed as I pulled her panties off. Now she lay there with her legs open, and I was staring open-mouthed at her stupendous pussy. The pubic hair I had seen earlier, stopped at the top of her cleft. Her plump labia were open, exposing the clitoral sheath formed by her small, thinner, inner labia. Her small pink clit poked out of its hood and, at the bottom, the dark opening of her vagina. Her breasts were equally stupendous; twin swells, with puffed and stippled areolae – darkened with her arousal, and large nipples at the center.

"Good God Elle, you're fucking gorgeous!"

"Took you long enough Seamus," she said.

"But why me Elle? I'm old enough to be your father! Why not someone your own age?"

"Boys my age are stupid when it comes to sex. All they want is a grope of your tits or pussy, they have no finesse."

"You know, if we have sex, I'm committing a crime; it's called statutory rape."

"I'm not telling and, by the way, I'm not a virgin and I'm on the pill so I can't get pregnant."

Those comments opened the floodgates of my lust. I buried my face in her stupendous, plump pussy, and licked at the wetness seeping from her vagina. This wasn't foreplay, I wasn't down there for her pleasure, this was for my own gratification and to teach her a lesson. I held the shaft of my cock, and rubbed the bulbous crown up and down her cleft. Her plump labia hugged the head of my cock, as I pushed against the opening of her tight vagina.

Another firm push and I was in; a loud gasp escaped her lips.

"That hurt!" she said. "Your cock's much fatter than Brian's."

I'd no idea who Brian was, and didn't care.

"You've been seducing me with your sexy ass and sumptuous tits far too long Elle, so now you're gonna get fucked – you asked for it."

God she was tight, very tight. I stroked in and out of her tight, but very wet silky glove. She put her long legs around my neck, pulling me into her; I was buried so deep I hit her rubbery cervix, eliciting another load gasp. I was close to cumming, very close, as I humped her, crashing into her cervix, our pubic bones kissing.

"Cumming Elle," I gasped, feeling my ball sack tighten, and my shaft swell, as semen rushed through it and spurted into her, flooding her pussy with my teeming fluid, spurting, spurting, spurting. I didn't want it to stop; but, inevitably, it did. My cock started to soften and, as I rolled off her, it flopped onto my thigh. I looked over at Elle; she cupped her pussy to stop my cum from seeping out and headed for the bathroom.


The next morning Elle came into the kitchen, wearing a long tee-shirt. I was mildly disappointed, which surprised me. Did fucking her change her mind as I had intended? After seeing her naked body and feeling her tight pussy, I was having second thoughts. The idea of having sex with a fifteen year old, as well as her mother, made me feel young again.

She sat at the kitchen island with a glass of milk in her hand.

"I hope sex with you isn't going to be like yesterday morning," she said, "you were too quick."

I went over and put my arms around her.

"Sorry Elle, it was meant to make you quit the sexual flirting, but to be honest, I like the idea of having sex with you."

"Good, because next time, I'm going to be on top."


That evening, after Elle had gone to bed, Grace and I were sitting on the sofa; she reading a book, and me on my laptop.

"Seamus," she said.

"Yes honey?"

"We need to set up some sort of schedule."

I was puzzled - schedule?

"I'm not sure what you mean Grace."

"A schedule for Elle and me to have sex with you."

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Closed Circuit

Voyeur, Msolo, gsolo, Fsolo, Fg 9, incest
Installation of an alarm system with hidden cameras, provides hours of voyeuristic pleasure.
Word Count: 2,016
Date Published: March 14 2017

I didn't really want to take the job, my profit margin was not really worth it; but, there was one overriding reason I did, and that was Hannah, the nine year old daughter of Alexis Monroe. Alexis had called my office and asked for someone to come to her house and give her a quote to install a security system. There had been a spate of break ins in her neighborhood recently and, as she lived alone with her daughter, she felt the need to have a security system.

My company specialized in state-of-the-art wireless home security systems, which are monitored every hour of every day from a secure location in the basement of my sprawling ranch style house. I had a high speed fiber optic cable connection provided by AT&T, as well as a natural gas powered standby generator, that provided uninterrupted power in case of a problem with the grid.

Hannah was simply gorgeous, a young girl on the cusp of womanhood; in the last anteroom of childhood before puberty. She had talked up a storm, as I took measurements and made notes, asking me all sorts of questions about the system. She was a very smart young girl and, in my eyes, very sexy. I was thirty three, married to a woman with a twelve year old daughter for four years, and was very familiar with young girls and the discovery of their sexuality and the effect it had on men.

The marriage ended when she found out I had been molesting her daughter. She wouldn't accept the fact that her daughter had been a willing participant; in fact, it was her daughter that had initiated the sex. I had never penetrated her, even though she wanted me to. For a while I thought I was going to get arrested; but, my wife decided that she didn't want to drag me through the courts, where her daughter would have to testify.

Now, two days later, I finished up installing detectors on all the exterior doors and windows, for Alexis and Hannah, with a security camera at the front door. I showed Alexis how to arm and disarm the system from the control panel, gave her a remote that she could use in her car, and left. Back in my house, I went to my study and turned on the three large 26 inch high definition monitors. Alexis didn't know it, but I had also installed three small cameras, each with a microphone – one in the main bathroom, hidden inside the exhaust fan: one in Hannah's room, inside a new smoke detector, and the third in Alexis' bedroom, also in a new smoke detector. Alexis had asked why so many smoke detectors. I told her it was the latest code requirement.

I had great difficulty installing the camera in the main bathroom, as Hannah was always by my side. I sent her off to fetch my tool bag, which I had deliberately left by the front door. I barely had enough time to install the camera.

Although the camera feeds were routed through my control room, none of my employees had access to them as they bypassed the monitoring station and went directly to my study. All three monitors were displaying video feeds in real time. I had the ability to record from any, or all cameras; I could also set timers to record at certain hours of the day. It was eight o'clock in the evening, and Hannah was sitting cross-legged on her double bed reading a book. She was still wearing her day clothes. There was a knock at the door and I heard her mother's voice.

"Time for bed Hannah. Go brush your teeth and get ready for bed."

"Okay mom."

Hannah closed her book and went to the main bathroom. I watched as she lifted her dress, and pulled her white cotton panties down; she sat on the toilet and peed. I was getting an erection inside my boxers, as I loved to watch young girls pee; I found it to be so sexy! She wiped her pussy and pulled up her panties. After brushing her teeth, she went back to her bedroom. I was getting excited, as I was about to see her naked for the first time. Hannah was the perfect age, just entering puberty, and I could hardly wait to see what her body looked like.

I was rubbing my erection as she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. I could just make out small breast buds under her areolae, her tiny nipples looked like small beads. She pulled her panties down, and I was rewarded with the incredible sight of her pudendum; completely bald, with plump labia forming a very sexy slit, with its small indentation at the top. She had a nice two-finger wide gap at the top of her thighs and, as she turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes, I got a stupendous view of her ass.

Her cheeks were round and her butt crack was sexy, but it was the view of her plump, peach-like pussy between her legs that made me gasp. I couldn't hold back any more – I spurted cum into a wad of tissues; spurted hard, as I watched the paused monitor, displaying a crisp image of her beautiful pussy. As soon as it started it was over, as Hannah pulled on her night shirt.

I was so engrossed watching Hannah get undressed that I missed Alexis. I looked at her monitor; she was lying on her bed, already in her silk pajamas. I turned the monitors off and went back to the living room.


The next evening, I concentrated on Alexis. At ten, she entered her bedroom and went into the walk-in closet. When she came out, she was wearing just a bra and panties. They looked to be green satin; the bra was a full cup affair, and I knew she wore a 36D, as I had seen a pair lying on the floor in the bathroom. Her panties were full cut also and, as she walked toward the camera, I could see how plump her pussy was. The gap between her legs was at least three fingers wide. She left the room and reappeared on the bathroom monitor. I had my cock in my hand, again, with plenty of tissues nearby. She shed the bra and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were impressive, large and full, with slight concave upper halves and full rounded lowers. They sagged just a little; her nipples on the upper half, sat large and proud. Her crinkled areolae were a light-brown, the size of half dollars, and contrasted starkly against her milky white skin.

She hooked her fingers inside the elastic waist of her panties, and pulled them down, letting them pool at her feet. As she stepped out, I caught sight of her pussy. Her mons was prominent, covered in a bush of blonde hair, and her plump labia filled the gap between her legs, her large inner labia were very visible in her cleft. The shower door closed, and she disappeared from view.

Fifteen minutes later, Alexis was back in her bedroom dressed in a large bath robe. She sat on the bed and finished drying her hair. After untying the sash, she let the robe drop to the floor, and lay on her back with her legs parted; she rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Her large breasts lay partly off the sides of her chest, moving sexily as she massaged them; her nipples firmed up, standing proud of her breasts, as she squeezed them between her thumb and finger; her areolae darkened and stippled with her arousal.

One hand slipped between her legs and cupped her pussy; her plump labia hugged her middle finger, as she sought the wetness that was seeping out of her vagina. Scooping it up, she rubbed her clit that was now fully out of its hood. Rapidly curling her finger, she flicked her clit with the pad. Loud moans escaped her lips, as she pleasured herself; she squeezed her nipple so hard she cried out with pleasurable pain. Her breaths were coming in rapid pants, her nostrils flared; her eyes squeezed tight, her brow furrowed with intense concentration.
"Oh gaaaawd, yes, yes, yes!" she cried, her back arched so much only her head and butt touched the mattress; her breathing stopped. Then she dropped back to the bed and exhaled loudly; her body shook as her orgasm crested, her breathing was fast and loud. Finally, her breathing slowed; little shudders came and went, as her orgasm waned. She finally opened her eyes and, with one big sigh, she pulled up the covers and turned out the table lamp.

Needless to say, the wad of tissues was soaked with my semen. I turned off the monitors and went to bed.


The next night I got a real treat: Hannah masturbated for me and, judging by the way she did it, she'd had some instruction. I was recording this one to show our tight knit circle of pedophiles. She was lying on her bed naked, rubbing her breast buds and tiny nipples. They rose up from her flat chest, like small bumps, topped with tiny beaded nipples. Her mons looked huge, against the concavity of her tummy, rising up between the peaks of her bony hips.

Hannah had her hand cupping her pussy with her middle finger hugged by her plump labia – just like her mother. Huh, I found that very interesting. She had her curled finger inside her pussy, stroking furiously in and out, as the palm of her hand pressed against her clit. I could just make out little "ughs", as she excited her clit. Her other hand was rubbing around her areolae, now darkened and stippled with her intense arousal.

I wondered if she was going to have a noisy orgasm, like her mother. I was quickly rewarded as she too arched her back, pushing her head deep into the pillow, as she let out little squeaks – it was so darn cute and sexy as Hell. I got a little concerned as her body shook so much; I thought she was having an epileptic fit. But a minute later she quieted and finally lay still; little jerks of her legs or bum, like mini aftershocks, came and went.

I shut things down, and couldn't wait to show the guys; well, actually there was one woman in our circle, and she provided most of the videos, as young girls tend to trust a woman a lot more than a man.


I couldn't wait to see what Saturday night would bring. At nine o'clock Hannah entered her mother's bedroom, which I thought strange. She stripped off her clothes and climbed under the sheets.

"Wow, this was getting interesting!" I said under my breath. A few minutes later Alexis walked in and smiled at her daughter; all I could see was her face peering out above the sheet held by two hands.

"You ready honey?" she asked. Hannah nodded her head furiously. Alexis got undressed, pulled the sheet down and got on the bed.

"Good grief, are they going to have sex?" I said, quickly hitting the record button on the DVR. Alexis parted her daughter's legs, and settled between her thighs, her face inches from Hannah's pussy. I watched intently, as a mother brought her young daughter to a massive climax, which lasted a good three minutes. She held Hannah against her ample breasts, as her daughter shook from the intense orgasm that was coursing through her small frame. Hannah eventually quieted and snuggled up to her mother. Two minutes later I got the shock of my life.

Mother and daughter looked directly at the camera, smiled and waved. Damn! They somehow knew about the cameras, but I had no idea how. I didn't care; I would be paying them a visit tomorrow.

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An Awakening

Mf 13, incest, 1st, uncle/niece
Logan couldn't resist the blatant sexual overtures from his thirteen year old niece. His awakening was not what he expected.
Word Count: 2,178
Date Published: March 27 2017

A beautiful young girl kept staring at me as I sat eating my Big Mac and fries. She had long light-brown hair that came to the top of her bum, pretty green eyes, small lips, and a knowing smile. She had a smattering of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of small nose. I had no idea why she kept looking at me, as I had never seen her before. She looked to be around eleven or twelve – I couldn't tell for sure, as all young girls that were her height, with small breasts and narrow hips, seemed to be of that age group. That was really a vacuous thought on my part, as those traits could easily apply to girls of nine or ten well into puberty, as well as thirteen or fourteen year olds with late development.

It didn't really matter, as she fit the profile of young pubescent girls that attracted my attention and, strangely enough, were also attracted to me. It was widely known that girls, in that stage of puberty, were starting to realize that some men found them very sexy and incredibly desirable. The development of breasts were sort of a sign that said 'I'm not a child anymore, I'm now a young woman.' The great majority of men would certainly notice their developing breasts, but wouldn't give it a second thought, wouldn't look at them in a sexual way. I wasn't like most men.

My predilection for young, pubescent girls, started three years ago when I was 22. It was an epiphany of sorts, and her name was Zoë. She was the daughter of a good friend, and I was at his house celebrating Zoë's fourteenth birthday. The house was full of her friends; I had never been around so many girls since high school. Zoë came up to me to thank me for her birthday present; she put her arms around my neck and hugged me, pressing her breasts into my chest. I got an immediate erection, and she felt it pressing into her. As she let go, I stared at her breasts, noticing the gentle swells and firm nipples under her cotton camisole. She gave me a knowing smile, and went back to her friends. I saw her whispering to two of them, and all three looked at me and smiled. From that day on, I looked at young girls in a totally different light.


My older brother Mike called me up mid-week.

"Hi Mike what's up?"

"Hey Logan, we're headed for my place on the lake this weekend, care to join us?"

"Sure Mike, I'd love to."

"Okay, we're driving down Friday, late afternoon. We'll pick you up on the way."

Saturday morning, Mike and Melanie, his wife, had gone shopping, and I was alone with their thirteen year old daughter Alice. I happened to walk into the main bathroom, not realizing that Alice was using it and hadn't locked the door – either by accident, or design – and saw her naked.

Alice had just gotten out of the shower. It was if I had stuck my fingers in an electrical outlet: a shock surged through my whole body. Alice was a beautiful young girl, with long light-brown, almost blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a small, straight nose, full red lips and little dimples either side of her mouth. Her breasts were stupendous, the size of half lemons, with pink, crinkled areolae and beaded nipples. Her pussy was equally as stupendous; she had a prominent mons, covered in small, curly, light-brown hairs. Her plump vulva, filled the oh-so sexy gap at the top of her thighs, and her well developed inner labia were clearly visible in her cleft, as was the dark entrance to her vagina.

I must have stood there for all of 30 seconds, open-mouthed, staring at this . . . this . . . goddess. She made no attempt at covering up; she just stood there with a hand on her hip, and her head slightly cocked to one side. The sexuality in the air was palpable. She was the first to speak.

"Uncle Logan, you'll catch flies if you don't close your mouth."

"Sssorry, didn't know you were in here," I stuttered, "I'll leave".

"S'okay, you can dry my back if you like," she said, handing me a towel. I took it with trembling hands. She smiled. I think she was enjoying my discomfort, both mental and physical, as I felt my erection straining in my shorts. I looked down and it was an obvious erection; it didn't even try to hide itself – shameless. She turned around, and I got a view of her gorgeous ass, two small cheeks and a sexy cleavage; but, between her legs was a sight I would never ever forget. Squashed between her thighs, was her pussy, an incredible peach shape; it was the most sensual thing I had ever seen. I slowly dried her shoulders and arms; moving down her back, I knelt and dried each cheek in turn and then all the way down her legs.

Before I could get up, she turned back around; I was greeted with a close up view of her pussy. I think if I'd been standing, my knees would've turned to Jell-O.

"You can dry the rest," I said, as I started to rise. She put her hands on my shoulders to stop me.

"But you're doin' such a good job, Uncle."

I swallowed hard and dried her breasts; they felt so good under the towel, firm yet yielding a little as I rubbed them. When I moved the towel off her breasts, I noticed that her areolae had puffed up and darkened, and her nipples were now hard; my niece was aroused. I dried her tummy and hips, moving gingerly around her crotch. I almost jetted a load of cum in my pants, as she put one foot on the edge of the tub to allow me access to dry between her legs; her vulva opened up like a flower. It was too much; I dropped the towel, got up, and almost ran from the room followed by the sound of giggles.

I locked my bedroom door, and proceeded to masturbate. Four strokes later, my cock swelled as cum exploded into my handkerchief. I sat on the edge of my bed trembling with excitement and euphoria. Ten minutes later, after I had calmed down, I went downstairs where Alice was watching television. I went over and sat next to her on the sofa.

"Alice, I'm sorry about what happened in the bathroom."

She hit the mute button on the remote, turned and looked at me. "Why, didn't you like looking at my body?"

"Good grief, no! You have a gorgeous body, it's . . . it was inappropriate of me, I should have left as soon as I saw you were . . . well . . . darn it Alice, you know what I mean. You're only thirteen and I shouldn't be looking at you naked."

"I didn't mind," she said, "I liked it when you looked at me, made me . . . well nice and tingly in my pussy. Would you like to kiss me Uncle Logan?"

"Yes . . . I mean no, I shouldn't."

"C'mon Logan, you know you want to; just one kiss. I'm not the kiss and tell type."

She put her arm around the back of my neck, pulled my head down and kissed me. I was lost. I threw caution to the winds, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body to mine. Our mouths opened and our tongues danced their dance of passion. I was lost in a thirteen year old's kiss. Her hand strayed from around my neck and found the bulge of my erection. I knew I should have stopped her, but I couldn't, I wanted her, I wanted to explore her body, I wanted to fuck her so bad. When she finally broke away, she was panting rapidly, and I could see the intense desire in her eyes.

"Let's go to my room," she said, still trying to catch her breath. She got up and took my hand. As her bedroom door closed behind her, she started undressing. I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could; she looked at my penis standing up at a 45º angle and put her hand over her mouth.

"Wow! That's some cock Logan; bet the women love it!" Alice came over and took my shaft in her hand and led me to her bed.

"C'mon Logan, I'm horny as heck."

She lay on her back, knees bent, legs open. Where do the girls get these ideas, for goodness sake? The Internet, I guess. Whatever happened to a slow seduction and foreplay? I obliged her, and lay between her legs and lapped at her pussy. She was horny alright and wet; as wet as an Indian monsoon in June. My whole face was wet and I loved it. Her small clit came out to play and I obliged it, sucking on it and licking around it.

Alice was getting close to her orgasm. She was horny alright, as she bucked her pussy against my face, I finger fucked her vagina, all the while sucking her clit.

"Oh my God," she cried, as she climaxed, clamping my head between her thighs. After what seemed like ages, she thankfully released her grip.

"Gawd Logan, you know how to treat a girl don't you? That's why boys are useless. They have no idea what a clit is or where it is. They watch these videos on the Internet and all of a sudden they're an answer to a girls' prayer."

"Alice, I want you on top."

"What'd you mean?"

"C'mon, I'll show you," I said. She put one leg over me, straddling my hips, her plump labia pooched out each side of my shaft and her clit kissed the crown.

"Oh, that feels good," she said, as she scrubbed along the shaft.

"When you feel you're ready, just lift up and lower yourself on my cock, you control how much and how fast," I said, as I squeezed her breasts. They were a stupendous sight, standing straight out from her chest, puffed areolae and beaded nipples. My cock pulsed at the sight.

"I felt that," she said. She lifted up, took the shaft of my cock, and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. Very slowly, she gingerly lowered herself, and inch by inch she impaled herself on my penis. She winced a little, as her vagina dilated and allowed me inside her, but then smiled, as she realized she was no longer a virgin, and that SHE had controlled it, rather than having some boy shove his cock into her, on the back seat of his car.

Slowly she scrubbed back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her very wet and slippery pussy. Her hands were on my hips, steadying herself, as she moved faster and faster, chasing her orgasm. Her eyes were on me the whole time; little frowns would come and go as she felt the pleasure rising in her. Beads of sweat formed on her neck, running down between the twin peaks of her breasts. Then, she collapsed onto me, as she climaxed, her body shaking, her knees straightened; she felt like a dead weight.

She finally stirred and sat up, my cock was still hard and buried deep inside her. She lifted up, and it flopped out onto my stomach; she sat back down on it, her engorged labia cradling it.

"You haven't cum yet Logan, want me to jerk you off?" she offered.

"No Alice, just do what you were doing before – scrub your pussy along my shaft." Alice dutifully started scrubbing, my precum and her copious juices combined to enhance the feeling. The sight of her bare pussy rubbing along my shaft and her pert breasts hardly moving, was rapidly bringing me to my climax. I felt my balls tighten, and my cock swell, as jets of semen spurted out onto my chest and stomach, spurted, spurted, as Alice scrubbed back and forth.

"Oh my God Alice, oh my God!" I cried as pure bliss washed through me. I felt like my head would explode.


"Uncle Logan, you okay?" Alice asked, shaking me. I opened my eyes; Alice was kneeling beside me with a large bath towel wrapped around her, tucked in at the side.

"What . . . what happened?" I said, wondering why my speech seemed slurred, and why was I lying on the bathroom floor.

"I'm sorry Uncle Logan, it was all my fault."

"Fault? What do you mean it's your fault Alice?"

"I forgot to lock the bathroom door, and you walked in on me naked. You must have slipped or something, and bumped your head. I'm so sorry."

It was slowly coming back to me. The last thing I remember was walking into the bathroom; after that – nothing. Then I woke up. Damn! did she say I saw her naked. I get to see a naked girl for the first time, and I can't remember it.

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Mischievous Mila - Part One

Mg 12, uncle/niece, oral, incest con.
Could Louis resist his niece's seduction?
Word Count: 4,424
Date Published: April 18 2017

Chapter One

"Please Louis. I have no one else I can ask, and it's only for a couple of days." My sister Ellie always called me Louis instead of Lou, whenever she wanted me to do something for her. She was desperate for someone to look after Mila, my twelve year old niece, while she went for an interview for a new, better paying job. Ellie's husband Doug, had walked out on her sixteen months ago, for some twenty year old bimbo from his office. To make matters worse, he was persistently late with child support. She desperately needed this job to help make ends meet. The interview involved an overnight stay, as the company was a good five hour drive away.

I knew I would agree to look after Mila, and that was my problem. For the past few months, Mila had been flirting with me big time. I think that as she was now a year into puberty, she was discovering her sexuality. As her body developed, she found out how much men looked at her, me in particular. I couldn't help it, she was so fucking sexy and desirable. She had long blonde, almost white hair, crystal blue eyes, and the most kissable lips I had ever seen. I noticed the swells of her breasts and how much rounder her ass seemed to be getting.

When I first noticed that she was growing breasts, I got uncomfortable being around her, as I was getting constant erections. My sister kept asking me why I wasn't coming around as much as I used to. Ever since Doug walked out on her, I would be at her house almost every day, taking care of minor repairs around the house, taking Mila to soccer practice, or running errands, helping her hold down two jobs. This interview meant a lot to her. If they hired her, it meant she didn't have to work two jobs any more and didn't have to live hand to mouth.

"Okay Ellie, you know I'd never let you down. You want me to stay at your house, or do you want to drop her off here?"

"Well, seeing as you have a pool and I don't, and you know how much Mila likes to swim, I'll drop her off. I have to leave by noon Wednesday, so I'll be at your place around eleven thirty."

"Okay Sis, that'll be fine."

"Thanks Lou, love you."

"Love you too Sis," I hung up and sighed loudly. I had no idea how I was going to survive 48 hours with my very precocious, very sexy, and very desirable niece, a dangerous trifecta. She had a profound effect on me. It wasn't that I was a pedophile, lusting after any pubescent girl I saw. On the few occasions I was around pubescent girls, they didn't flirt with me, in fact they hardly even recognized my existence. It was going to take a superhuman effort on my part to keep my hands off my niece.


Chapter Two

Wednesday morning came, and I was still a little tired, as I didn't sleep much last night. I had a very vivid dream – well nightmare really, where my sister was crying and pounding on my chest shouting, "how could you do that to my daughter, to your own niece for Heaven's sake. You're a monster Louis, and I hope you rot in Hell." The policewoman pulled Ellie off me, and took her into the kitchen, as the sheriff's deputy put me in handcuffs and read me my rights. I had awoken with a start, as the judge sentenced me to 30 years in prison for unlawful sex with a minor, incest, and statutory rape.


The doorbell rang, and, as I opened the door, Mila came rushing in and hugged me. Ellie handed me Mila's overnight case. She knelt in front of her daughter and kissed her forehead.

"Now Mila, you be good for Uncle Lou, and do as he says," she instructed, "and don't forget to brush your teeth." She stood back up.

"Thanks Lou, this means so much," she pulled my head down and kissed me on my lips, something unusual for her to do. It wasn't a quick peck either, it was quite sensuous.

"No problem Ellie, and good luck with the interview, I know you're gonna get the job."

"Hope so," she said, as I walked her to her car. I waved goodbye and went back inside, where Mila was sitting at the kitchen island drinking a glass of lemonade.

"Well Mila, I hope you're going to behave yourself."

"Don't know what you mean uncle."

"Oh I think you do Mila, so be careful, as you're not too old to go over my knee."

"Promised, promises," she said with a grin on her face. "Can I go in the pool now?"

"Sure you can honey." She finished her drink and jumped down off the stool. I poured myself a glass of lemonade and went out to the pool area. Pulling out one of the director's chairs from under round patio table, I sat down. Ten minutes later, Mila came out of the house wearing the tiniest white string bikini I had ever seen. Two small triangles of cotton covered part of her breasts, that had grown some since I last saw her. The last time I'd seen her in her bathing costume was almost a year ago.

I remembered it well, as it was my birthday, and Ellie and Mila had thrown me a party out here on the pool deck. Back then, Mila's breasts were not really breasts, but breast buds, and as I watched her that day, I got a surprise erection. It shocked me, that I would get hard looking at my eleven year old niece. She was just a child, yet she had a profound effect on me that day. I managed to keep my erection in check for the rest of the day, but every time I looked at her, I would get hard again. Then a few months ago, the flirting started; at least she was smart enough to do it when my sister wasn't around.

In the last year, I was surprised at how much her breasts had grown, they were now the size of half lemons, the cotton triangles only just covered her breasts, providing no support whatsoever – none was needed, The material was so thin, I could see the outline of her areolae and her hard nipples. The small cotton bikini bottom, was just a triangle that covered her mons. The double gusset did nothing to conceal the top of her labia and its cleft. As she turned to sit on the chaise lounge, a full inch of her butt crack was visible above the cotton triangle, attached to its opposite with thin strings tied in bows at her hips. Her bum was gorgeous, flaring out from her still tiny waist, it had become more rounded and fuller in the last year.

"Is it legal to sell that?" I asked incredulously.

"Sell what?" she replied.

"That . . . that . . . that thing you're wearing, surely it's illegal to sell that to minors."

"You mean my bathing suit?"


"It's the latest fashion, and it only cost $14.95."

"They charged almost $15 for those scraps of cloth! Daylight robbery if you ask me."

"Uncle Lou, your so old-fashioned," she said. With that she proceeded to put sunscreen on her arms and legs. With sunscreen applied to her tummy and shoulders, she handed me the bottle and turned over; she unfastened the bra and let the thin straps fall to her sides.

"Can you do my back please?" she asked. I sat there open-mouthed. I needed to get it over with as quickly as possible before my erection showed up. I squirted some sunscreen on her back.

"That's not the way you do it uncle," she protested, "put some in the palm of your hand and rub it on."

"Too late," I said, and started to rub the lotion all over her back from her neck down to the top of the string bikini bottom, which meant I had to apply lotion on the top of her buttocks which moved seductively as I rubbed it in. I noticed that she had the cutest dimples, depressions really on either side of her back, right above her buttocks. How darned cute.

"Don't forget the sides," she chided. I rubbed the lotion on her sides, from her hips to her armpits. I hadn't noticed that the sides of her breasts had bulged out where they pressed against the chaise, until I touched them. Was that a murmur I heard?

My erection showed up. Damn! I readjusted my penis so it was lying against my stomach, showing less of a bulge. I snapped the cap of the bottle of lotion closed.

"Hey doofus, you haven't finished yet," she chided again, doofus being her current word of derision, "you've not put any on the backs of my legs." I opened the bottle and poured some into the palm of my hand, and proceeded to rub lotion into the backs of her legs. As I reached the top of her thighs, I witnessed an incredible sight. Her plump vulva was coddled by the gusset of her bathing suit, it filled the entire width of the gap between the top of her legs. I must have stared too long.

"You done?" she asked.

I quickly closed the bottle of lotion, dropped it on the chaise and dove into the pool, small giggles followed me. The cool water slowly caused my erection to subside. Oh God, it's started, and it'll be 48 hours before any relief arrives. I was not sure how much longer I could hold on, it had only been an hour since my sister dropped Mila off, and I'd already had an erection.

My erection now gone, I got out of the pool and sat back down. Mila got up, leaving her bra on the chaise. I was now looking at a pair of the perkiest, most petite breasts I'd ever cast my eyes on. They were quite firm, moving ever so slightly as she walked, a dark brown areola and nipple, sat atop each breast, in stark contrast to her cream colored skin. She really had a beautiful body and my erection agreed. She ran and jumped into the pool, her buttocks moving in counterpoint inside her bathing suit bottoms.

"Hey young lady," I shouted after her, "you promised your mother you'd behave, and going topless is definitely a case of misbehavior." She pulled her bathing suit bottoms off and threw them at me. She just roared with laughter, as they landed on my head.

"Okay you're in trouble now missy," I shouted. I dropped the small cloth assembly that passed for a bathing suit and jumped in. She tried to get away from me, but I was a stronger swimmer. I caught up with her and grabbed an ankle. As I reeled her in, one of my hands found her crotch, mistaking it for her hip. She squealed with delight. I made the mistake of not letting go of it. I groaned, my superhuman effort to resist touching her, had lasted exactly one hour and twenty minutes.

"That's my pussy uncle."

"Thanks for telling me Mila, as I would never have guessed." She giggled.

"Can I have it back now?" I reluctantly let go, but she didn't swim away, she put her legs around my waist and hugged my neck. The feeling of her firm breasts pushing against my chest and her pussy rubbing against my stomach was indescribable. My erection rose up to kiss her butt crack.

"You're a doofus," she said quietly and kissed me on my lips, "but I love you dearly." I was a little surprised at her sudden expression of affection.

"Even though you're a little mischievous, well more than a little mischievous, imp, I love you too; you're my favorite niece."

"Uncle! I'm your only niece," she said indignantly.

"That's why you're my favorite."

"Doofus," she said, and pushed off and swam to the steps. I trod water and watched, as she slowly climbed out of the pool; the slowness was most definitely deliberate, giving me a good look at her rear, sexy dimples above two gorgeous cheeks and a flash of her plump vulva as she stepped onto the pool deck. I followed her out, and when I got back to my chair, she was lying on her back, one arm under her head and the other draped casually across her tummy.

It was the first time I'd seen her naked pussy. Beads of water collected in the fine, blonde, curly hair on the top of her impressive mons, they glistened in the sunlight, sparking like tiny diamonds. Her concave tummy made her mons seem even more prominent, a large arch-shaped pad nestled between two bony hips, the rounded end formed by her plump vulva, bisected by a deep cleft that disappeared between her cheeks. Her pussy was nothing short of stupendous.

"You looking at my pussy uncle?" she said from behind her dark sunglasses.

"No I was not looking at it Mila."

"Ogling it maybe?"

"No, not ogling either."

"What then, it you weren't looking, or ogling?"

"I was admiring one of the wonders of nature, a woman's vulva."

"So you like my pussy?"

"Indeed I do Mila." She rolled onto her tummy, giving me another view of her body. In profile she had quite nice curves for a twelve year old; her buttocks rose up from the small of her back like two sensual hillocks, separated by a deep crevice. I'd already given up trying to hide my erection, it tented my shorts. I saw Mila looking at it.

"Is my uncle getting excited?"

"Do you need to ask – it's so obvious?" She changed the subject.

"What's for supper?"

"How does pizza sound?"

"Does it for me as long as you let me order." She got up, picked up her discarded bathing costume and went to her room.


Chapter Three

Later that evening after Mila had gone to bed, I was sat in bed watching Jay Leno, when I heard my bedroom door open. Mila appeared wearing a long sky blue pajama top that came to the top of her knees. She came over and got onto the bed and lay beside me.

"I can't sleep uncle," she said, "will you cuddle me?" I put my arm around her, and she snuggled into my shoulder putting her hand on my chest. She started playing with the sparse hair that covered my nipples and extended in a thin line down across my stomach, disappearing under the sheet where it joined my pubes. She followed the line of hair, and I watched as her hand disappeared under the covers. I had already resigned myself to letting her do whatever she wanted.

A few seconds later, I gasped as she touched the head of my erect penis and slid her fingers down around the shaft.

"Wow, you're big already!" she exclaimed, "I like it when I can make you hard."

"Uh-huh." She pulled the covers off me, and shuffled down the bed. For the next minute, she examined every inch of my cock, lifting it up, pulling the foreskin back, feeling the large veins running the length of the shaft, squeezing it.

"Ever since I was eight years old, I've wondered what you cock looked like."

"So now you know," I said. "Was it what you thought it would be?"

"Much bigger," she said. It slapped against my stomach as she released it; she pulled her pajama top over her head.

"You going to stop me?" she asked.

"Mila, I gave up resisting you yesterday, and I'm not about to start now."

"Good," she said, as she grasped the shaft again and lowered her mouth over the bulbous crown and started sucking and swirling her tongue around the end.

"Good God Mila, where did you learn to do that?"

"From my best friend Maya, she gives her older cousin blow jobs." I could hardly believe that a twelve year old girl had my cock in her mouth, and was giving me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had. A few minutes later I put my hand on her head and stopped her.

"What's the matter? Am I not doing it right?"

"No Mila, you're doing it too good, and at this pace I'll cum too soon," I replied. "Lie on your back honey." She rolled onto her back, and I shuffled down between her legs. Up close, her pussy was even more beautiful. I hadn't noticed before, as her cleft was closed tight, but now, with her legs wide open, her labia had parted a little and I could see thin, still-developing inner lips, her clitoral hood and the opening to her vagina.

"Like what you see uncle?"

"Your pussy is beautiful Mila, in fact it's gorgeous." I pushed a finger inside her vagina, feeling the wetness, gathering her moisture. As I rubbed her clitoral hood, a little pink bead emerged, and as I pressed it, she gasped loudly.

"Gawd, that feels so good." I returned my finger to her vagina, adding a second, then a third. She was quite tight, but not as tight as I expected a twelve year old to be.

"I can see you've been exploring your pussy."

"Since I was five."

"Five! Damn! I didn't know five year old girls did that."

"My friend Maya told me that she started masturbating when she was only four." I flicked her clit with the end of my tongue, more gasps escaped her lips. As I rotated my three fingers in her vagina, and licked her clit, she started to twitch. Her leg or bum would give a little jerk. I looked up at her breasts, her areolae were now puffed and swollen, and her nipples stood out, like hard beads.

"You ready Mila?"

"Mmm." she murmured. I shuffled up the bed and sat on my haunches. Grasping the shaft of my cock, I rubbed its bulbous crown around the opening to her vagina. It looked huge, filling the entire gap between her legs. Could I even penetrate her? Would I hurt her? As I pushed against the opening, I felt resistance. I pushed some more, then I heard an escape of breath, as she relaxed and started to breath again. I felt her pussy dilate, and all of a sudden the crown of my cock popped inside her. She winced with pain.

"You okay Mila?" I asked, concerned I'd hurt her.

"I'm fine uncle, just a small stab of pain. It's gone now. You inside me?"

"Yes, I'm inside you, can you see?" She pushed up on her elbows and craned her neck. My whole shaft filled the gap between her thighs, and the tight circle of skin that gripped the top of the shaft, just under the crown, was clearly visible, stretched and red.

"God, that looks so big," she said in amazement. "I'm surprised I only had that small stab of pain as you put it inside me. I guess I'm not a virgin any more. Thanks uncle." She flopped back on the pillow and hooked her ankles over my hips. As I pushed in a little, I saw her brow knit a few times, as if she was feeling twinges of pain.

"Okay Mila?"

"Uh-huh, I'm fine." I pushed slowly, feeling her soft, slippery satin pussy embrace my cock, welcoming it. After a few more pushes I finally hit the rubbery end of her vagina, my pubes pressed against her crotch – she had taken all of me inside her.

"Still okay Mila?"

"Yes, I just feel full, your cock is so fat."

I lay down on top of her, taking my weight on my elbows, my hands hugging the backs of her shoulders. I started to fuck my twelve year old niece; I was fucking a child, something so illicit, so erotic, so wrong, yet so damn good. I pulled out slowly until only the crown of my cock was inside her, then plunged in, getting faster on each stroke, as she got even wetter from my precum and her own juices. She was breathing faster now, urging me to fuck her harder with her ankles pulling me in deeper, until I was slamming into her rubbery cervix, eliciting gasps of pleasure and guttural "ughs."

She climaxed suddenly; she held me inside her, with both her arms around my waist and her heels on my hips.

"Oh gaaaawd uncle," she cried. I felt her whole body convulse and shake with her orgasm. She hugged me so tight I was surprised she could still breathe. Finally after a few minutes, I felt her grip slowly loosen, then her legs relaxed and dropped to her side, followed by her arms. She opened her eyes.

"That was the best orgasm I've ever had," she said. "Thanks uncle, you know how to make love to a girl. This was a much better way of losing my virginity, than letting some pimply faced boy do it." Then she felt my cock twitch.

"You're still hard! Haven't you cum yet?"

"No Mila, I was waiting for you to go first." She kissed my on my lips, such a soft gentle kiss, but so erotic.

"You're so sweet, thank you. Can I feel you cum inside me?"

I resumed my thrusts, more urgent now as I had felt the edge of my orgasm several times while fucking her, and had to back off to stop from cumming too soon. Now there was no restraint, I fucked my niece with abandon, and it wasn't too long until I felt the stirrings again. My orgasm was gaining speed; I felt my cock swell as semen rushed up the shaft and spurted into Mila's pussy, spurting hard, filling her twelve year old vagina with my teeming fluid. Then, my orgasm was gone too soon, and my rapidly softening cock slipped out of Mila's sloppy wet pussy. I rolled to one side and spooned her front.

"That was amazing," she said, "I felt it every time your cock swelled, I felt it every time you spurted your cum inside me. I think I like sex with you very much."

"I like sex with you too Mila. I think you need to go put on a couple pairs of panties."


"You'll leak all night."

"Oh, yes." She got out of bed and went to her room. She came back a few minutes later, wearing a pair of powder blue cotton panties with a lime green pair over the top. I pulled the covers open and she got back into bed. I spooned her back, with my hand cupping a petite, firm breast. Sleep came quickly.

Chapter Five

At four o'clock the next afternoon, Ellie was on my doorstep with a big grin on her face. As she stepped inside and closed the door, Mila came running in from the patio and gave her mother a big hug.

"You get the job Mom?" she asked, excitedly.

"Sure did honey," she said, "I start the first of next month." Mila squealed with delight, then a frown crossed her face.

"What is it Mila?" I asked.

"That means we'll have to move, and I'll miss all my friends as well as you Uncle Lou."

"You'll make new ones, and I'll visit often, I promise." After telling me all about the job and her new boss, Ellie took Mila home. There was silence throughout the house and I missed Mila a lot. It was going to be tough not seeing her every day – even tougher not being able to have sex with her.


The next afternoon, Ellie called to say she needed to talk to me immediately. Twelve minutes later she was sitting at my kitchen island.

"I need to talk to you about these," she said, pulling a pair of powder blue and lime green panties out of her bag and dropping them on the kitchen table.

I was mortified. The dream I'd had, flashed through my head. My sister was crying and pounding on my chest shouting, "how could you do that to my daughter, to your own niece for Heaven's sake. You're a monster Louis and I hope you rot in Hell." The policewoman pulled Ellie off me, and took her into the kitchen, as the sheriff's deputy put me in handcuffs and read me my rights. The judge sentenced me to 30 years in prison for unlawful sex with a minor, incest, and statutory rape.

"Oh God Ellie, I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself." I was so distraught I didn't notice the smile on her face until ten seconds had passed.

"You think my discomfort is funny Ellie?"

"Yes it is," she said grinning, "Sorry to put you through it, but I couldn't resist it."

I was confused. "What . . . it's funny that . . . that I had sex with your daughter . . . funny!"

"Oh Lou, calm down. I knew all about it, I was the one who put her up to it."

"But why?"

"I wanted you to be the one who took Mila's virginity," she said. "I wanted to wait until she was sixteen, but Mila being Mila didn't want to wait, and these few days presented an opportunity for her to spend the night with you. You can close your mouth now by the way."

I finally relaxed. I needed a drink, so I made martinis for us both.

"You could have told me," I said as I sipped my drink.

"That would have spoiled the fun of it all. I knew you wanted to have sex with her, a mother can sense these things. I knew how much you tried to resist her, but resisting the guiles of a twelve year old girl in puberty, particularly Mila, was a lost cause.

"There's on more thing Lou, Mila told me how incredible the sex was, and I've always had a thing for my older brother, ever since I was eight years old. As I got older, I would masturbate imaging it was you doing it to me. Would you consider it?"

"Consider having sex with you, my sister? But that's incest."

"So is having sex with your niece."

"Hmm, I guess you're right. I will, but with one condition."

"What's that?"

"I've always had this fantasy and I wondered if you and Mila would make it real."

"What's your fantasy bro?"

"To have sex with a woman and her young daughter at the same time."

"I know Mila would love that, and so would I."

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Sadie's Secret

Mf 14, 1st, father/daughter, oral, incest con.
Father and daughter danced around each other's feelings, neither one with the courage to make the first move. Shopping for underwear broke the damn.
Word Count: 5,350
Date Published: April 24 2017

Chapter One

Luke's daughter Sadie was fourteen, and he considered himself blessed to have such a wonderful young woman in his life. She was well mannered and respectful, and he took great pride in the fact that he had raised her, her mother having died at childbirth from complications. Sadie was quite mature for her age, as well as tall; at five-six she easily towered over her classmates. She had medium length brown hair with lighter brown streaks that framed a face that was almost angelic. Her long lashes, hazel eyes and full red lips set against porcelain skin, always got second looks from men.

In the last few weeks, Luke had started noticing them looking at her, well more like ogling her, as they walked the mall shopping for clothes as she was growing so quickly. Every time a man would look at her body as he approached them from the opposite direction, Luke sensed that she was enjoying the attention, as she would straighten up and push her chest out, her breasts straining against the thin cotton of her top. He thought he should have been angry at these men, but he wasn't. He was puzzled as to why they looked at her the way they did; then one Saturday morning he got his answer. She came downstairs for breakfast, wearing a pale blue camisole and a pair of tight cotton shorts. Her bra and panties were outlined in the material. He was not looking at his daughter any more, but at a beautiful young woman who was both sexy and desirable.

He got an immediate erection; embarrassed, he excused myself and went to his bathroom and masturbated into the toilet bowl.

Sadie had a secret, and her father was about to find out what is was. On a Sunday afternoon she was in her room at her desk with her laptop open. Luke had no idea why she was spending so much time on her computer, and all he got for answers was that she was chatting with her friends. As a good parent, he considered it his job to make sure she was safe Online. He tried not to put too many restrictions on her, such as putting her Mac into Parental Control, but he still needed to keep an eye on what sites she was surfing. The web was full of men trying to lure young girls into giving up their personal information, such as their age and where they live.

"Sadie," he shouted up the stairs. "Dinner's in five minutes." He got no response, so he climbed the stairs and looked into her bedroom. She was in the bathroom.

"Dinner in five minutes honey."

"Okay Dad," she replied through the closed door.

As he turned to leave, he noticed that her computer didn't have it's screen saver on. He had tried to see where she was surfing before, but was stymied by the screen saver's password. He quickly hit the space bar key to stop the screen saver from kicking in, and looked at the screen; it was a chat room on a website called Motherless.com. It appeared she was chatting with someone called BigDave and her screen name was MinnieM. He made a mental note and went back downstairs.

Five minutes later, Sadie came down dressed in a blue Minnie Mouse teeshirt. Luke could see the outline of her bra and panties underneath. He quickly averted his gaze.

"What's the matter Dad?" she asked.

"Nothing honey, I just thought you looked so nice. I love your long legs and sexy ankles."

She had a look of amazement."You think my ankles are sexy!"

"Did you know that in Victorian England, it was considered a disgrace for a woman to show her ankles, as they were considered erogenous and would incite men to have lustful thoughts."

"Dad you're such a doofus. What's for dinner," she asked calmly even though her pussy and nipples were tingling with excitement. This was the first time her dad had used the word sexy to describe her.

"We're having chicken breast in a creamy garlic sauce with asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto. Can you set the table please."

Sadie was elated that her father found her sexy. She saw the way he looked at her when she walked into the kitchen. He'd never looked at her that way before. It was the same look she got when men stared at her body. Sadie busied herself with place mats, napkins and cutlery, as Luke finished up plating the food.

Although cooking was a necessity, Luke still loved to cook and experiment with new dishes; he hoped this one was okay. He sat next to Sadie and ate, what he thought was a very delicious meal.

"What did you think of this new dish?" he asked, as he swallowed the last mouthful and put his knife and fork down.

"Terrible, didn't like it," she said, as she scraped the last of the sauce off the plate with the side of her fork and sucked it clean.

Luke chuckled. "Well, as your dad slaved over a hot stove for hours cooking a meal you hated, perhaps you could load the dishwasher."


Half an hour later Sadie was back at her computer. Luke needed to find out exactly what she was up to in the chat room, so he fired up his MacBook and created an account at Motherless.com, selecting a screen name - CumCarl. He entered the chat room and saw that MinnieM was in the main chat area. He clicked on her avatar, a picture of a mouse, and noted that she had only joined two weeks ago. He requested a private chat with her. A minute later they were alone in, what was to him, an alien environment.

MinnieM: "ur nu here."

CumCarl: "Yup just joined, how old are you?"

MinnieM: "u don't chat much do u?"

CumCarl: "Sorry, no I don't so maybe you could go easy on me and use regular words."

MinnieM: "Kay. I'm fourteen, u like young girls?"

CumCarl: "Very much so, you're the right age for me. What are you wearing?"

MinnieM: "Just a pair of cotton panties."

CumCarl: "How big are your breasts?"

MinnieM: "I wear a 30B bra, but I need my Dad to buy me new underwear as my boobs are getting bigger."

CumCarl: "Perfect size."

MinnieM: "u want 2 take ur cock out and rub it for me."

Luke couldn't do this anymore. It was if he was abusing her, his precious daughter.

CumCarl: "Sorry have to go as my daughter's home. I'll be on again sometime soon."

MinnieM: "Kay."

'Hmm so that's what she gets up to,' he thought. He guessed it satisfied her fantasies, and as long as there's no physical contact, it was just that, her fantasy. Over the next few weeks he pondered what to do. She was growing up fast, and after his epiphany in the kitchen, he found himself looking at her body more and more; and he liked what he saw. Her breasts were definitely getting bigger, and, although she didn't have an hourglass figure yet, her bottom was getting more rounded.

Then something happened that accelerated their changing relationship. One evening, they were sat on the sofa watching television, Luke at one end and Sadie at the other. She shuffled sideways, and rested her head on the arm of the sofa; she lifted up and tucked her legs underneath her body, exposing her behind. It was an exquisite sight, her plump pussy was cosseted in a pair of white cotton panties, the gusset hugging her labia, outlining her cleft. Luke felt his cock getting hard, he was getting an erection looking at his fourteen year old daughter's pantied pussy. Then she turned and looked at him staring at her.

"What?" she said, Then she realized he was looking at her bum. She pulled her teeshirt down and covered it up.

"Daaaad, you looking at my bum? You dirty old man."

"Hey, what's with the old? I'm only thirty two and it's your fault," he retorted.

"Why is it my fault?"

"Cuz you exposed your butt to me and it's so damn sexy."

"Okay so you think I have sexy ankles and a sexy ass. Is that all? How about the rest of me?"

Sadie had her father trapped with his own words. "Well the rest is nice too," he said lamely.

"NICE, that's all? Just nice?" she said with mock indignation in her voice.

"Sadie stop embarrassing me."

"I think you're embarrassing yourself Dad," she said with a grin on her face. She shuffled over and put her head on his shoulder and her arm around his waist. He was thankful she avoided his erection bulging obviously in his pants.

"Dad you're such a doofus sometimes, but I love you."

"Love you too Sadie." Luke wasn't sure if Sadie had seen his erection inside his pants, but if she had, she never said anything.


Chapter Two

The next Saturday, after breakfast that Sadie had cooked without burning anything, Luke suggested they go clothes shopping at the mall.

"I think you need new underwear Sadie, as it's been six months since we last shopped, and you're growing in leaps and bounds."

She gave him a strange look. "Okay Dad, you're right about growing, I have a hard time fastening my bras."

They shopped 'till they dropped, as the saying goes and returned home with two bags from Victoria's Secret, one from Nordstrom, and two from Belk's. Luke's credit card had taken a big hit. Sadie went to her bedroom to try on all of her new clothes, or so he thought. He logged onto Motherless.com and went to the chat room. He saw MinnieM was Online so he invited her to a private chat.

CumCarl: "Hi MinnieM, good to chat with you again."

MinnieM: "What do u want me to do 4 u, take my bra off, rub my pussy?"

CumCarl: "No, I need to ask you something is that ok?"

MinnieM: "I guess."

CumCarl: "Do girls your age have a crush on their fathers?"

MinnieM: "I don't know about other girls but I do."

CumCarl: "So you have a crush on your Dad. Is it anything other than just thinking he's handsome?"

MinnieM: "No I'm in love with him, have been since I was 9."

CumCarl: "You think about having sex with him?"

MinnieM: "A lot of times."

CumCarl: "Would you ever do anything about it?"

MinnieM: "Don't know how he'd react, 2 scared 2 try."

CumCarl: "Interesting as I have a daughter your age and I think she's so sexy. I really want to have sex with her but don't know how to go about it. Any ideas?"

MinnieM: "Have you touched her, u know, her breasts or her ass?"

CumCarl: "No."

MinnieM: "Just make it casual like and see how she reacts. I wish my Dad would do that. It would let me know he wanted to do more things with me."

Satisfied that he knew she wouldn't reject his advances, Luke logged off.


Luke went upstairs and knocked on Sadie's door. "Can I come in honey?"

"Just a sec Dad." She opened the door.

"Do I get to see what destroyed my Visa card?"

"You want to see me in my bra and panties?" Sadie replied, her pussy tingling like crazy at the thought of her father seeing her in her underwear.

"Well they're no different to the bikini you wear at our pool, but if it makes you uncomfortable then just show them to me." Sadie thought for a minute, she could see a slight hint of redness on his cheeks. This could be the breakthrough she'd been looking for. Ever since her breasts had grown, she'd had the urge to walk around the house in just her bra and panties to see what he'd do or say but never plucked up enough courage to do it. Now she had the chance.

"Okay Dad, but you must promise not to ogle me."

"Honey, there's just something about looking at a woman's underwear, that turns men into raging beasts ready to rape and pillage."

"Daaad, you're such a doofus." She took the Victoria's Secret bag into her bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a pure white Bralette with lace edging and matching boyshort panties that emphasized her very plump mons.

Luke gasped. "Good God in Heavens Sadie," those are gorgeous and so darned sexy."

She smiled shyly. "Thanks Daddy." 'Where did that come from?' he thought. Sadie had not called him Daddy in a long while but he loved it when she did. He was treated next to a powder blue bra with matching string bikini panties. The bra was little more than cloth triangles that offered no support, not that Sadie needed any. Luke couldn't stop looking at her petite breasts covered by small cotton triangles, and her panties, more cotton triangles connected with strings tied at the hips. He felt his penis starting to get erect.

"Dad, you're ogling me," Sadie said, her pussy tingling as he looked at her, only thin cotton between his gaze and her naked breasts and pussy. She could feel herself start to leak. Luke couldn't stand any more of this visual stimulus, and he was getting embarrassed at the growing bulge in his pants. He turned and left her room and went downstairs.

Sadie stood there in shock. She had seen the big bulge in his pants, and was thrilled that she could turn her father on so much with just with bra and panties. What would he do if she was naked. The thought sent sparks from her nipples to her pussy.

Luke was sat at the kitchen island sipping a cup of coffee when Sadie appeared. She was now dressed in a white tank top over the powder blue bra she had modeled for him and a pair of white capris that emphasized her developing body. She came up behind him and put her arms around his chest. He could feel her hot breaths on his neck as she kissed him.

"Can we talk Dad?" Luke noted that she had reverted to calling him dad.

He turned around and put his hands on her shoulders. "Of course honey, we have always agreed to be honest with each other, and I've never lied to you."

She smiled. "I know, and I love you for it. You wouldn't believe what some of my friends say their parents tell them, just to shut them up, or make them go away. You've been the best father a girl could ever want." Sadie was trembling inside, as she gathered the courage to say what she needed to say.

"Did looking at me in my bra and panties . . . did it . . . did you . . . ?" she swallowed hard.

Luke sensed his daughter's nervousness. "Did you turn me on? Did I get an erection? Is that what you're trying to ask?"

She blushed a little and looked down. "Uh-huh."

"Sadie, you wouldn't believe how much you turn me on, and not just seeing you in your underwear. You turn me on every time you accidentally brush your breast against my arm, or I smell your distinctive aroma, or you look at me and smile. You turn me on right now looking at your gorgeous body inside those pants and top. There are a hundred ways you arouse me." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips.

"Then why didn't you ever do anything?"

"Because you're my daughter, and fathers aren't supposed to have sexual feelings toward them. I didn't know how you'd react. If I did something you didn't want me to, it could have ruined our relationship for ever, and if that happened, I don't know how I could go on living."

"Oh Dad, I've had a crush on you ever since I was nine years old. I've tried to imagine what it would be like to make love with you."

"So you want for us to have sex? To make love?" he asked. Sadie was getting more comfortable talking to her father like this. It was if the dam had finally broken.

"Want! There's nothing more in this world that I want."

"But what about getting pregnant?"

"Daaad, have you forgotten that I was put on birth control pills when I turned ten to regulate my periods."

"Yes I had forgotten." There was still a little awkwardness between them. They had crossed a threshold, and this was a whole new relationship that was going to take a little time to adjust to.

"Speaking of which, when was the last time you . . . you know . . . ?"

"Had my period?"

"Yes, sorry for the awkwardness. I know we've had many conversations about your body when you were growing up, but this is different."

Sadie smiled and hugged him. "You're so sweet Dad. I'm on my period right now, I'll be done by mid week, why?"

"Well, how about this coming Saturday evening I take you out on a date. We could go to that restaurant you like so much."

"A date! Wow Dad, that sounds so romantic. You gonna seduce me with wine and sweet talk?"


"Okay, I'm going to wear some very sexy underwear that you didn't stay to see, and that royal blue Fit and Flare dress I got from Land's End."


Chapter Three

On Saturday at five o'clock, Sadie was in her room trying on different shoes to see which ones went best with her dress. She fretted that she didn't have anything to go around her neck, except for the gold locket Luke had given her on her fifth birthday. It contained a photo of the mother she never met. She treasured it, but it just didn't go well with the dress, and she wanted things to be perfect for her first date with her father. Luke knocked on the door.

"Come in Dad." Luke walked in and saw Sadie fingering her necklace.

"That looks nice Sadie."

"It just doesn't look right Dad, not with this dress."

"Well how about this," he said, handing her a long box covered in blue velvet.

"What's this?" she asked as she took it from him.

"Well, there's only one way to find out." She opened the box and gasped; she removed a necklace of single row Mikimoto pearls.

"Oh God Dad, they're gorgeous and perfect for this dress." She struggled trying to put them on.

"Here, let me," he said. He closed the clasp and stood back, admiring her reflection in the dresser mirror.

"You look gorgeous honey." She stood and kissed him on his lips, her small tongue briefly darted out and touched his upper lip.

"Thanks Dad, I love you lots."


At six thirty, they were seated by Paul, the maître d' of Ristorante Bartoletta at a table for two in the rear of the restaurant. Their server came over and Luke ordered a bottle of Champagne. Their server had asked what the special occasion was, and Luke had said they were celebrating his daughter's coming of age. The way Sadie was dressed, with just a little makeup, she could easily pass for a sixteen year old.

"I remember when I turned sixteen," their server said. "It's nice your dad's taking you out for dinner, I wish mine had."

Sadie sipped her flute of Champagne. "Tickles my nose," she said. "So I'm sixteen now huh."

"For one night you are."

As they ate dinner, Sadie played footsie under the table, but on occasions would get serious and look into her father's eyes and see the intense love he had for her. It would permeate her whole body, making her feel warm. The thought kept crossing her mind, that later that evening they were going to make love. The thought made her breasts ache and her pussy tingle. She was finally going to experience what she'd dreamed about; she was going to feel what was like to have her father's penis inside her pussy. By the end of dinner, her panties were wet.


At ten o'clock, Luke took his daughter's hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom. He kissed her lips, more of a gentle brush than a kiss but very sensuous.

"Why don't you go in the bathroom and get undressed, but leave your underwear on, as I want the pleasure of undressing you."

"Kay," she said quietly, with a slight blush on her cheeks. When the bathroom door closed, Luke lit the half dozen candles he had secretly put around the bedroom. He then undressed down to his boxers and sat on the edge of the bed, anxiously waiting to see what underwear his daughter was wearing. Five minutes later he was rewarded, as Sadie opened the bathroom door and shut off the light. When she saw the candles casting a warm glow on the walls, she put her hand to her mouth.

"Oh Dad, this is so beautiful," she said, holding back the tears, "thank you." She walked over to where he was sitting.

"Oh jeez Sadie, that's the sexiest underwear I think I've ever seen." She was wearing a royal blue satin demi-cup bra and matching panties, both trimmed with white lace. The bra was a push up that, even though she only wore a B-cup, gave her a small cleavage formed by the swells of her breasts. Luke put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him, nuzzling her cleavage.

"I love this bra, I can't believe my little girl has a cleavage, it's so damn sexy."

"I'm glad you like it Dad, it's my favorite."

"Sadie, do me a favor honey."

"Sure Dad, what is it?"

"What would really, really turn me on tonight is if you call me Daddy just like you did when you were little."

"Okay Daddy," she replied, "and I'd love it if you called me your little girl." Luke reached behind and fumbled with her bra clasp.

"Damn! it's been too long since I've done this," he said; frustrated.

"Let me," she said, reaching behind with one hand and deftly undoing the fastener, while she held the cups to her breasts with with the other. Now she was holding both cups in her hand, as she smiled demurely at her father.

"Tease," he said, "I love that my little girl's a tease, such a turn-on."

"I can see that Daddy," she said looking at his erection tenting his boxers. She slowly removed each arm from the straps, all the while holding the cups in place. Finally, as she could see he was getting anxious to see her breasts, she removed one cup and then the other, letting the bra fall to the floor.

Luke gasped as he saw his daughter's breasts for the first time. Two small globes space far apart, with pink areolae and soft nipples. As he looked at them, her areolae darkened and stippled with her arousal. He kissed one breast, then the other, taking each nipple between his lips and nipping it gently.

"Jeez Sadie, my little girl has the most perfect breasts I've ever seen," he said, "they're gorgeous." He cupped them in his hands and rubbed her nipples with the pads of his thumbs, feeling them get harder, like little beads. Luke slid his hands down to her hips and hooked his thumbs inside the waist of her panties and pulled them down, slowly exposing her mons with its smattering of straight brown hairs that stopped at the top of her cleft. He pulled some more and as her panties cleared her hips, he let them fall to her ankles.

"My God Sadie," he said, "my little girl has the most beautiful pussy." Her plump labia was split by a rounded cleft that exposed her thin inner lips forming a clitoral sheath. As he saw the dark opening to her vagina, he inhaled sharply.

"It's my turn to take off your underwear Daddy." She was so excited that she was finally going to see her father's penis, something she had dreamed of for years. Luke got up and stood in front of his daughter, noticing a slight redness in her cheeks. She gingerly put her thumbs inside the waistband of his boxers, and, as she looked intensely at the outline of the head of his cock, started to pull them down. A big smile lit up her face as she pulled his underwear over his hips, releasing his cock. It sprang straight out. She squealed with delight as he made it jerk.

"Wow Daddy, I didn't know you could do that. God it looks so much bigger than I thought it would be. Can I touch it?" Luke nodded. She grasped the shaft.

"It feels so hard, yet soft as well." She pulled the ruffle of foreskin back, exposing the smooth crown. Then she did something Luke didn't expect, she knelt down and took just the head of his penis in her mouth. Luke groaned.

"Jeez Sadie! I didn't expect you to do that. My little girl is making her Daddy very happy."

"I'd seen it on the Internet, and just wanted to see what it felt like. I like it, but I'm not sure I could let you cum in my mouth, but I'd like to try sometime to see what it would taste like." Luke groaned.

"Lie on the bed honey." Sadie got onto the bed and lay on her back, legs spread. Luke lay down between her legs and planted a big wet kiss on her pussy. He explored the entrance to her vagina, with a single finger, then two.

Sadie gasped. "Wow Daddy, you gonna finger fuck your little girl?"

"Most definitely, my little girl is so sexy and desirable," he said, as he inserted a third finger, eliciting another gasp. With three fingers inside his fourteen year old daughter's vagina, he proceeded to lick and suck her clit that was now out of its hood. It was firm, like a little bead, and as he sucked it, he felt Sadie's body jerk and twitch. He looked up across her firm breasts at her face; her eyes were shut tight, little creases at the corners, her breathing was getting faster, her nostrils flared as she exhaled. She was gripping the side of Luke's head, pulling his face into her crotch.

"Jeez, my little girl's aroused," he said, you've got your Daddy's face all wet." He felt her shudder again, and then she surprised him with a small quiet orgasm. Her legs closed tight against his face, as she bucked him, fucking herself with his fingers inside her pussy. Her body jerked as little aftershocks signaled her waning orgasm. Finally she released his head, her hands dropped to her sides.

"That was insane," she said as she calmed. "My first orgasm Daddy! I just had an orgasm that I didn't give myself." Luke shuffled up the bed and lifted Sadie's knees over his hips, the tip of his erect penis resting on her mons.

"Wow Daddy, it looks so big," she said. "I hope you can get it inside me." He rubbed the head up and down her cleft, her plump labia parted, pooching out either side. He was leaking precum, leaving a trail inside her cleft. This, together with her own juices, was making her whole pussy wet and slippery. He stopped at the entrance to her vagina, the head of his cock sitting on her perineum.

"You really want to do this Sadie?"

"Yes Daddy, I'm very sure. Will it hurt?"

"Well as I could easily get three fingers inside you, I don't think it'll hurt too much." He held her hips and pushed slightly. She clenched her butt.

"No honey, don't do that, relax okay."

"Kay I'll try." Luke pushed a little harder and felt her vagina dilate a little. They both looked down, Sadie on her elbows, craning her neck to watch as he penetrated her. Half of the head of his penis was inside her, a tight circle of skin surrounded it, stretched and inflamed.

"You look so big Daddy, but it's not hurting me." She spoke to soon because as he pushed some more, the head popped inside.

"Ouch," she cried, "THAT hurt." Luke had a look of concern on his face, but she reassured him.

"It's okay Daddy, now you're inside me the pain's gone away," she said and dropped back onto the pillow. He pushed a little and withdrew, pushed and withdrew. Slowly he was penetrating her until he hit the rubbery end, causing her to gasp.

"Oh, that felt, nice," she said, "are you all the way inside me?"

"Yes honey, Daddy's cock is all the way inside my little girls pussy, how does it feel?"

"I feel stuffed, but a nice kinda stuffed. This means I'm no longer a virgin."

"That's right honey." Luke was having a hard time believing he was actually fucking his daughter, having intercourse with a fourteen year old girl. The thought excited him no end. He lay on top of his daughter, supporting his weight with his forearms, and slowly started to thrust into her. She hooked her legs over his hips, and as he thrusted she bucked back at him; the sounds of his crotch slapping into her cheeks filled the room. He could feel her body tense up as she neared her climax, then small jerks in her arms and legs got more frequent, until.

"Oh gawd Daddy, I'm cumming Daddy," she cried, as her orgasm caused her body to tremble and shake; she hugged his back and held him inside her with her ankles locked around his waist. She actively fucked him, bucking against his crotch forcing her clit against his pubic bone, sending stabs of pleasure into her nipples. He held her tight as her orgasm crested, and then started to wane, small aftershocks came and went, until she relaxed totally; it was if her bones had turned to jelly. Her legs slipped off his waist and flopped onto the bed, followed by her arms. She lay there for three minutes, her breathing slowing and her eyes slowly opening.

"Oh Daddy, that was incredible. I've never, ever felt anything like that before. I've fantasized about this moment for years, and now you've made it come true. Thanks for making this special for me, I love you so much."

"I love you too sweetheart," Luke said, as he started to thrust again. She felt his hard cock twitch inside her.

"You didn't cum yet, did you? How nice of you to let me cum first. Can I go on top Daddy?" Luke held her and rolled over, his erection still inside her. She straddled his waist and started to scrub her pussy back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. It wasn't long before he felt himself chasing his climax, teetering on the edge.

"Uh baby, Daddy's cumming," he cried.

"Cum inside me Daddy, fuck your daughter, fuck your little girl," she murmured. That put him over the top, his shaft swelled as semen rushed up and out of the end, spurting into his fourteen year old daughter's pussy, flooding her with his teeming fluid. Then he was done, he couldn't make it last any longer, his penis started to soften; Sadie clenched her pussy, trying to keep him inside her, but her vagina was too slippery with his cum and her juices. His cock slipped out of her snug pussy and flopped onto his thigh. She cupped her crotch to keep his cum inside her and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back and snuggled up to him, putting her leg over his, her wet pussy pressing into his thigh.

"Thank you Daddy, I love you so much and tonight was magical, I shall always remember it."

"I'm glad I could make it special for you, Sadie, my little girl."

"When can we do it again Daddy?"

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A Mother's Love

Fm14, 1st, mother/son, oral, incest, mast, con.
A young mother of a thirteen year old boy, desperately wants to have sex with him, but doesn't quite know how to go about it. Then a surprise in the bathroom provides the impetus.
Word Count: 3,833
Date Published: May 1 2017


Now twenty four years old, lying in bed after having great sex, I looked back at my childhood, in particular the year I turned thirteen. I realized that it was not what you would call a normal childhood, certainly not normal by any stretch of the imagination. I had a single mother, never knew who my father was and Mom never told me, and, I know this may sound strange, but I never asked, never had the urge to find out. My mother was only thirteen when I was born, and for a thirteen year old girl, no more than a child really, to raise a son was unheard of.

It wasn't until I reached my thirteenth birthday, did it dawn on me what an incredible mother I had, and the age was not lost on me – the age my mother gave birth to me. After that birthday, for some unknown reason, I started researching on the Internet what girls of her age were expected to do when they got pregnant. I began to realize the pressure she would have been under to have an abortion. When she shunned that avenue, it amazed me that she resisted the many calls for her to put me up for adoption. I think I have to thank my grandparents for it all, as they stuck by her, and helped her as she raised me.

So this is my recollection of what happened during my thirteenth year. My relationship with my mother changed dramatically during that year, changed irrevocably.


Chapter One

To a normal thirteen year old boy, his mother was a constant royal pain in the ass. 'Tidy up your room.' or 'Take the trash out.' or 'Do your homework.' My mother wasn't like that. I put it down to the fact that all my friends had mothers that were in their thirties, and some in their forties if they married late, apparently the latest fad. My mother was twenty six years old, and I was informed by my friends that she was an MILF, a term I wasn't familiar with, until my friend Luke said it stood for Mothers I'd Like to Fuck. There was a constant stream of friends at my house, as we had a pool. There was always a boy or two hanging around, boys with raging hormones, trying to grab a sly look at a good looking, sexy woman in a bathing suit. In a way, I think Mom liked the attention.

I started to wonder why we had a pretty good lifestyle, so one day I asked my gramps. He told me that after I was born, my mother spent every free moment studying, learning. By the time she turned eighteen, she started a software company designing apps, that apparently sold very well for Apple's iPhone as well as for the Android Galaxy phone. It was so successful in fact, that she could work from home and take care of me at the same time. I was by now extremely proud of my mother, but there was something that bothered me – my mother never dated anyone, well as long as I could remember, and every time I asked her, she would just say she was too busy, or didn't like any of the men her friends tried to set her up with.

It wasn't as if she wasn't attractive, because she was beautiful. She had long, curly, light brown hair, high cheekbones, straight nose with a slight upturned end and full red lips. I knew she wore a 34-B bra as I'd seen them in the wash, and she still had her girlie figure with a small waist and narrow hips. All in all, she was what you would call petite, and I ofter wondered how she gave birth to me. I discovered later, that it had been a C-section delivery because of her age and the width of her pelvis.

Mom and I had been close as long as I could remember. I knew I could ask her anything that was on my mind, and she would always give me an honest answer or opinion. I put it down to us being closer in age than any of my friends were to their mothers. But lately there was something different going on with our relationship, and it all started one Saturday morning.

I'd been masturbating ever since I was ten, and my usual routine involved grabbing the copy of Hustler, that I kept hidden under the mattress, and heading for the bathroom. I would open the magazine and prop it up on the tank of the toilet and drop my pajama bottoms. This Saturday was no different, except one thing – I had neglected to lock the door. I had just started ejaculating when the door opened and my mother walked in. When she saw what I was doing, she apologized and immediately turned around and left. I was a little embarrassed, but also strangely turned on by the thought that my mother had just seen me spurting cum into the toilet bowl.

When I went downstairs an hour later, Mom was in the kitchen making French toast which was her Saturday morning ritual.

"Hi honey, good morning," she said.

"Mornin' mom," I replied. We sat and ate breakfast at the kitchen island. The sexual electricity in the air between us was palpable, but no words were exchanged. After we'd finished eating, Mom looked at me with such love and affection.

"Dylan, I'm sorry for barging in on you while you were masturbating," she said softly.

"It was my fault," I replied, "I should have locked the door."

"Can I ask you something, something personal?"

"I guess," I replied, wondering what she was going to ask.

"Do you masturbate a lot?"

I blushed ever so slightly. "Uh-huh."

"I mean, like every day, once a week?" I squirmed a little on my stool. Mom and I talked about a lot of things, but nothing this personal.

"Err . . . maybe three or four times a week."

"Hmm, that's a lot. You know it's nothing to be ashamed of, every one does it, including me." I had never really thought much about women masturbating. I knew girls did, as Keira, a girl in my class and my best friend, told me she did, we even did it together one time.

"Is it?" I replied, "most boys I know do it that often."

"I think it would be a beautiful thing to watch," she said, quickly changing the subject. "Is Keira still coming over this afternoon?"

"Yeah, and I need to go and clean the pool filters before she arrives."

"Okay honey, go ahead." I walked out onto our patio, thankful that Mom hadn't see my erection. Now outside, it started to soften. The thought of my Mom watching me masturbate was a big turn-on. I didn't know I could do it though, as I would be too embarrassed with her standing right next to me. Perhaps I should let her watch where I couldn't see her.


I heard the door bell ring and went inside to answer it, but Mom already had the door open. I saw Keira and waved; she smiled at me.

"You must be Keira," she said, "come on in, Dylan's out by the pool . . . oh no, there he is," she said, as she turned and saw me standing there. Keira stepped inside carrying a small bag.

"That your bathing suit?" Keira nodded. "Okay come with me, you can get changed in Dylan's room." Keira followed my Mom and I went back outside. A few minutes later, Keira came out and sat beside me.

"I love your bikini Keira," I said, admiring the lime green two piece. I liked looking at Keira's body, as she had the nicest breasts and ass of any girl in our class, and I'd seen them naked. Her breasts were the size of small half lemons with tiny, tiny nipples. She had started to grow pubic hair, as we had compared pubes the time we masturbated together.

"Thanks Dylan. This is the first time I've seen your mom, she's so young and very beautiful. How old is she?"

"She's twenty six."

"Wow! that's young. My mom's twelve years older."

"Yeah, she had me when she was thirteen."

"That's young, but you have the benefit of being closer in age. My mom seems like she's from another planet sometime, so's my dad. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure you can, we're best friends aren't we?"

"Sure. You know the last time we . . . you know . . . did it together?"

"Uh-huh," I replied, "you wanna do it again?"

"Could we?" she whispered.

"Yeah, and you know what?"


"I was jacking off this morning in the bathroom, and I'd forgot to lock the door. As I was . . . you know . . . cumming, Mom walked in." Keira put her hand over her mouth.

"No way!"

"Most definitely way, and there's more. Later, she asked me how often I did it, and she thought it would be a beautiful thing to watch."

Keira gasped. "Your mom wants to watch you masturbate?"

"Yeah, who'd have thought it?"

"How'd you feel about it?"

"Dunno really. I think I'd be too embarrassed even though she's already seen me cum."

"I've seen you cum and you weren't embarrassed then."

"But you're not my Mom, you're my best friend. How'd you feel about your dad watching you masturbate?"

"Gawd, I'd love it."

"You would!"

"Yeah, I've had a big crush on him ever since I was eleven. He'd never do anything though. I tried to let him know I was interested a couple of times."

"How'd you do that?"

"I came out of the bathroom one day wrapped in a towel, and dad happened to be walking toward me, so I let the towel slip, accidentally like. He got a good look at my tits."

"What'd he say?"

"Told me to cover up and stop acting like a hussy."

"A what?"

"Yeah, I had to look it up, it's an impudent or immoral girl. That's what my dad called me." Keira got up. "C'mon let's swim," she said, "last one in's a sissy." Keira beat me to the pool and dove in.

"Not fair," I said, "you had the advantage." I dove in after her. I caught up with her and tried to grab her around her waist, but instead caught the back of her bra and it came undone and floated away. She started to swim after it, but I got there first and walked up the steps and out of the pool, carrying it over my head with both hands, like it was a trophy.

"Give it back," she shouted, as she came out after me. Just then Mom came out of the house to see what all the shouting was. Keira didn't even try to cover her breasts, her hands hung at her side.

"What's going on?" Mom demanded.

"He pulled my bra off," Keira protested.

"Dylan, that was not nice, now give it back."

"It was an accident mom, and it's not like I haven't seen her tits before."

"Dylan!" Keira shouted in mock anger. I knew Keira, that she could be a little exhibitionist at times. She was loving standing there with her breasts on display with my mother watching her. I walked over and handed the bra back to Keira. She punched me on my arm.

"You'll pay for that," she said with a sly smile on her face. She took longer than normal putting her bra back on, fiddling with the fastener at the front before rotating it and pulling it over her breasts. I saw Mom watching her the whole time, then she turned and went inside.


Later that evening, after Keira's mother had picked her up, we sat having dinner. Mom had been quiet most of the time since the incident at the pool. She put her fork down.

"Can I ask you something Dylan?"

"Yes Mom."

"Are you and Keira having sex?" The question didn't surprise me after what I had said about seeing Keira's breasts.

"Define sex?" I asked.

"Don't get smart with me young man. You know what I mean – intercourse."

"No Mom, we're not having intercourse, okay!"

"So what was with the comment you made, about it not being the first time you'd seen her breasts?"

"We sorta fool around, ya know."

"Define fooling around Dylan."

"Mommm, you're embarrassing me."

"Oh c'mon Dylan, we've aways had conversations about things that most mothers don't talk to their sons about. I don't mind if you're having sex with Keira, she's a beautiful girl and she does have nice tits. I just wanted to make sure that a pregnancy doesn't happen, as I know what that entails."

"Sorry Mom, you're right. We masturbated together one time. Okay." She got up and came and sat next to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

"Dylan it's okay, you don't have to be embarrassed talking to me. Were you embarrassed this morning when I saw you masturbating?" I was starting to get an erection talking to Mom like this, it was really turning me on, big time.

"I guess I was more surprised than embarrassed, as I didn't expect you to come in, sorry, it was my fault."

"Nothing to be sorry about, it's only natural. As I said, I masturbate as well."


"What was it like masturbating in front of Keira? Was it more exciting, more intense?" I now had a raging erection inside my shorts, thankfully hidden under the table.

"Yes it was, it was very exciting, as I'd never seen a girls' naked body, let alone her pussy. It was the first time she'd seen a guys . . . "

"Cock," Mom finished my sentence. I had never heard my mother use the words 'cock' and 'tits,' as she had always used the proper words when she talked to me about the birds and the bees when I was ten.

"Yes, she was a little embarrassed at first, as I was, but it seemed natural after that."

"Did you get to touch her pussy or tits?"

"No, I didn't, I guess I should have, as I've always wondered what it would be like. I mean I've seen it on the Internet, but that's not the same."

"Did she touch you . . . you know . . . touch your cock?" I was about to cum in my pants, as this talk with Mom was so hot.

"No, she didn't show any interest. I think she was embarrassed enough just being naked and masturbating in front of me to do anything else."

"That is so sweet Dylan," she said. "I'm going to either embarrass you or myself, or maybe both of us with this next question." My mind raced trying to figure out what she was going to say, but I drew a blank.

"I would like it very much if we could masturbate together some time," she said. "Could we do that?" Wow! That came out of left field. My mind was a mess, trying to process what she had just said.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that Dylan, just forget it." I saw a slight unhappiness on her face. I touched her hand.

"I think I'd like that very much," I said. The words almost spoke themselves. She smiled.

"You would!" she said. "Thank you Dylan that would make me very happy." She leaned over and kissed me on my lips. It was the first time she had ever done that and it felt good.


Chapter Two

Later that evening around nine thirty, we had just finished watching a movie together; Mom stood up.

"I'm going to bed Dylan, you want to come with me?" My mind raced with visions of seeing my Mom naked, masturbating in front of me and me cumming as she watched.

"Okay, yeah," I said. Mom turned the television off and switched off the lights. I followed her to her bedroom, where she switched on a small bedside lamp.

"Why don't you get undressed and get into bed while I'm in the bathroom," she said. As soon as the bathroom door closed, I shed all of my clothes and got under the covers. A few minutes later, Mom came out of the bathroom. I gasped as I saw her naked body. She had perfect breasts that had no sag whatsoever and they were topped by small light brown areolae and soft pink nipples. But what was the most astounding, was the wide gap at the top of her legs filled with the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her inner labia where just visible in the cleft formed by plump outer labia. Her mons was quite prominent as Mom had a flat tummy. It was covered with light brown straight hair that stopped at the top of her cleft.

As she walked over and climbed onto the bed, her breasts moved seductively.

"You have a smile on your face Dylan, you like looking at my naked body?" I couldn't get any words out of my mouth, I just nodded. She pulled the covers back and looked at my erect cock lying flat against my stomach. My body trembled, as she lifted it up and examined it.

"You've got a beautiful cock Dylan, and it looks quite large for a thirteen year old. I think you're going to take after your father." I blushed.

"It's okay, you don't have to be embarrassed," she whispered, "yours is only the second cock I've seen, apart from those I've seen on the Internet." It never crossed my mind that Mom looked at porn.

I just realized that it was the very first time she had even mentioned my father. Was she telling me he had a big cock and I was going to have a big one as well?

"Why don't you lie there and relax and let me take care of you," she said. I had no idea what she meant, but as soon as she lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth, I knew. My whole body trembled, as she sucked the head of my cock and moved her thumb and finger up and down the shaft. I had been on the very edge of my orgasm from the first moment she touched me, and I didn't know how long I could last without cumming; I didn't want to disappoint my Mom by cumming too soon.

I had no control over my body, it was too intense watching my Mom's head bob up and down on my cock, and the extreme sensation of her hot mouth engulfing my entire shaft. I spurted cum into her mouth uncontrollably, spurted more cum than I'd ever spurted before, and the sensation was mind blowing. When I'd finished and my cock started to soften, Mom let it drop from her mouth. She had this wonderful smile on her face.

"Sssorrry Mom," I stuttered, "I couldn't help it." She snuggled up to me and put a finger across my lips.

"Shhh, honey, nothing to be ashamed of, it was quite beautiful. I'd been wondering for a while now, what it would feel like when you came in my mouth, and it was much more exciting than I imagined." She kissed me passionately, I could taste my salty cum on her lips. When our mouths opened and French kissed, I was lost in the moment, my hand automatically went to her breast and cupped it, more than a handful, feeling her nipple get hard in my palm. She moaned in my mouth as I squeezed her firm breast. I could hardly believe my mother had just given me a spectacular blow-job, and that my hand was squeezing her breast, but it got better.

She took my hand off her breast and guided it down between her open legs. I was trembling as I cupped Mom's pussy, my first pussy and I didn't know what to expect. Her sparse pubic hair tickled my palm, but what surprised me the most, was how plump it was. I was lost, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, even though I'd seen it on the Internet, but this was my mother's pussy. Mom must have sensed my inexperience, as she pressed my middle finger pushing it into her cleft. I was surprised at how moist and soft it was, as her plump labia hugged my finger. She guided the pad of my finger up the cleft until I felt a small bump. As she pressed my finger against it, I heard her gasp loudly. I realized what the bump was from watching videos on the Internet – it was her clitoris.

As I rubbed and pressed it, Mom was starting to breath rapidly, and I felt little jerks in her body, and she started making noises, like she was whimpering. Not knowing that she was having an orgasm, I kept rubbing her clitoris. She clamped her hand over mine.

"Stop, stop!" she cried, "that's too much." I thought I'd done something wrong. As she calmed down and opened her eyes, she looked at me with so much love. She stroked my cheek.

"It's okay Dylan, it's just that when I'm having my orgasm, my clitoris gets very sensitive, and you were driving me crazy by rubbing it; it was a really nice kind of crazy but too much." She put her hand on my cock and felt my erection.

"Your hard again!" she said. "Wow, it's amazing that you can get another erection after just ejaculating. Do you think you could do it again?"

"I don't know. You want me to try masturbating for you?"

"I've got a better idea. Come and lie on top of me." I got up and lay between Mom's legs. She grasped the shaft of my cock and guided it to the opening to her vagina. I was trembling with excitement, as I realized I was going to have intercourse with my own mother.

"Push," she said, as she put her ankles on my hips. I pushed and my cock slipped inside her. It felt incredible, like I was being hugged by a velvet sleeve, warm and moist. I had never felt anything like it before. I pushed some more, and the tip of my cock hit what felt like a rubbery pad, and as it did so I heard Mom gasp.

"Dylan, you don't know how good that feels," she murmured. "Stroke in and out of me honey." I pulled almost all the way out and then pushed all the way back in. So this is what it felt like to have intercourse, I liked it very much. Mom had her ankles locked behind my back and her hands on my cheeks urging me to pump faster. Then I felt my orgasm rising, my cock swelled and I spurted a small amount of cum inside Mom's pussy. I stopped stroking, my rapidly softening cock slipped out as I rolled to one side and snuggled up to Mom.

"Was I okay Mom?"

"You were wonderful honey. You know you cannot tell a soul what we did, don't you? It was very illegal."

"Yes Mom, I know. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course you can Dylan; you can sleep with me any time you like. Would you like to do this again?"

"Uh-huh." My excitement took a while to die down. I had just had intercourse with my mother, I had just cum inside her. The feeling was euphoric. As I slipped into sleep, my flaccid cock pressed against Mom's bum, and my hand cupped a firm breast, I was in Heaven.



So, as I lay in bed remembering what happened the summer of my thirteenth year, my eleven year old daughter Anna, was snuggled up to my shoulder, snoring lightly. My mother lay on the other side of me, asleep. Her hand was cupping our daughter's hand, that was holding my flaccid cock. I counted myself to be one of the luckiest men alive, to be able to make love to my mother and our daughter, my sister.

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A Serial Rapist

Mf 17, oral, reluctance.
Oscar is a serial rapist and seventeen year old Sara is his next victim, but she's not what he expected.
Word Count: 5,445
Date Published: May 16 2017


I don't know what it is about some women, but you would have thought that with all the warnings they get, such as park your car in a well-lit location, or, keep a small canister of Mace in your purse, or while walking to your car be aware of your surroundings, they would have heeded them, but no. Take this Toyota Camry here, parked under a tree far away from the mall entrance or any of the dozens of parking lot lights. How do I know it's a woman's car? Well the fine coating of hand lotion on the leather steering wheel for one, and of course the front plate:


I mean, c'mon. Announce to the world of serial rapists that a young woman drives this car.


Chapter One

He parked his dark blue Ford Transit van with the side sliding door facing the driver's door of the Toyota, leaving one parking space between them. The Ford Transit was a big improvement over his old van, as it had more room in the back and a side sliding door. He'd added a partition between the cab and the cargo area that was carpeted and the walls and roof were lined with sound deadening material. There were restraints attached to the side opposite the sliding door. He sat and waited.

At nine thirty he was kneeling in the cargo area looking through a small opening in the partition, when he saw his mark walking toward her car carrying a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. He quickly checked her out, and, assured that she met his criteria, he poured a small amount of ether onto a rag. A few seconds after she passed the front of the van, he heard the disarm double beep from her car's security system. He quickly slid the door open, and before she could turn, grabbed her from behind and put the rag over her mouth. Her struggle was brief as the ether quickly took effect. She was quite petite, weighing no more than a hundred and ten pounds, so he easily lifted her up and put her in the back of the van. A few minutes later, her ankles and wrists, were in the restraints. He added a gag and blindfold, threw her shopping bag into the back of the van, closed the door and got into the driver's seat. He locked her car with the remote, dropped it back in her purse, and put it on the passenger seat. Five minutes later the ether started to wear off. He could hear her struggling and the occasional muffled scream as he turned onto the interstate.


As he pulled into his basement garage, he killed the engine and closed the overhead door. As he opened the sliding door, she let out a muffled scream. He dripped a little more of the ether on the rag and held it to her face. She quickly became unconscious again. The ankle and wrist restraints quickly came off. He lifted her up and carried her into a room at the rear of the basement that was completely below ground. He removed her shoes, and as he finished securing her to another set of restraints with sheepskin linings for comfort, she started to come around. She struggled with the restraints on the large king-size bed.

"Help me, someone help me," she screamed.

"Your wasting your time . . . " he said, as he opened her wallet and looked at her driver's license. "Sara Teasdale," save your breath no one can hear you, we're miles away from any other houses and this room is below ground. Hmm, I see you are seventeen. Nice age, I would have liked you to be a little older, but you'll do nicely. I've never had a guest so young."

"Please let me go," she pleaded, "I won't say anything, I swear."

"Sorry Sara, no-can-do. I didn't go to all this trouble to kidnap you and drive all the way out here just to let you go, now did I?"

"You're going to rape me aren't you," she, said sobbing despondently.

"Now I happen to think that rape doesn't really describe what I do. When people think about rape, the image that comes to mind, is that of a man bursting into a woman's house, tearing her clothes off, probably slapping her around and forcing his penis into her vagina and have unprotected sex."

"Well if you think I'm just going to lie back and let you fuck me, you're mistaken," she countered.

"Oh Sara, you'll come round to it eventually, they all do. I've had probably a dozen guests in this room, and I've never had to force myself on any of them. I'm so confident that I'll remove your blindfold."

"NO!" she shouted. "If I see your face then you're gonna have to kill me to stop me from identifying you." He reached over and tugged the blindfold down. She closed her eyes tight, and turned her head to one side.

"That's okay, you'll eventually want to look at me." He picked up a pair of surgical scissors.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut your clothes off Sara, but I'll get clothes you can eventually go home in. The scissors I'm using are sharp but they're surgical scissors and the blades have rounded ends so they won't cut you."

This part he liked almost as good as fucking her – cutting a woman's clothes off. He started with her silk blouse, unbuttoning it, and cutting up each arm all the way to the neck, effectively cutting the garment into three pieces – two fronts and a back. He tossed them on the floor.

"Wow, nice bra Sara, love the color, and I see it's not underwired. Well you're only seventeen so I would expect that you don't need any support." He gently squeezed her left breast, feeling how firm it was. He thought he heard a small gasp, not really a gasp just the sound of air escaping her mouth a little faster than usual. She still had her eyes shut tight and her head turned away from him.

"Just as I thought, nice and firm." He slowly and deliberately cut each strap of her demi-cup bra, enjoying the moment. Then he cut the material between the cups and pulled the bra completely off. Before it joined the remnants of her blouse on the floor, he looked at the label.

"Hmm, you have good taste Sara. Oh how ungentlemanly of me, my name's Oscar. You'll see me when you eventually open your eyes, and I can assure you, you won't be disappointed as I'm not some nasty old pervert. I'm twenty six years old, and all the women I've had sex with have said I'm quite good looking. I work out a lot and I'm proud of my body.

"Body by Victoria, 32B – perfect size by the way, and what a beautiful color," he peered at the label again. "Rose Mauve Crochet Lace. I wonder if you're wearing matching panties."

"Wow Sara, you've got the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen." He stared at them, two perfect swells with nickel-size brown areolas, and small, soft, red nipples.

"I'm guessing a perfect handful," he offered. He'd done this countless times and was usually correct.

He cupped one in his hand, confirming his estimation of their size, feeling her nipple firm up. She whimpered a little.

"Yes, I was right, perfect handfuls." He turned his attention to her skirt. Starting at the hem, he slowly cut all the way up the middle. She gasped a little, as the rounded edge of one blade moved across her stomach.

"It's okay Sara, it won't cut you," he said, as he snipped the waistband. The skirt joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. She was now only wearing a pair of panties.

"Now for the pièce de résistance, your panties."

"No, please don't, I'm embarrassed," she pleaded.

"Sara, you've got a beautiful body, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

"I . . . I . . . peed a little, that's all."

"Oh I'm terribly sorry, I'll let you clean up once I've taken your panties off." He cut from each leg hole to the waist and pulled them off. He noticed a little yellow stain on the white gusset. Looking at the label he saw they matched her bra.

"Matching panties, Body by Victoria Sexy Shortie in Rose Mauve Crochet Lace." He dropped them with her other clothes and pocketed the scissors.

"I'm going to release your wrists now Sara. The ankle restraints stay on for now and they are locked so don't even bother trying to get them off. He unfastened the wrist restraints and immediately went to the attached bathroom and took a washcloth and dampened it with warm water. Picking up a hand towel he returned to the main room.

She tried to reach him but the ankle restraints restricted her movements. Then she suddenly realized she had opened her eyes. She stopped struggling and looked around the room. The walls were bare painted concrete, no windows, one substantial looking door with a small window in it and a keypad instead of a handle. There was a closed in bathroom in the corner with no door. Apart from the king-size bed she was lying on, there was little other furniture, just a small table with a cooler on top and a couple of chairs. The floor was covered with what looked like industrial carpet. She looked at him and was surprised to see that he was in fact very good-looking, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a pair of jeans and a tight, short-sleeved tee-shirt that accentuated his muscular torso; the sleeves of his tee-shirt stretched tight around his large biceps.

"Thank you for calming down," he said as he handed her the washcloth and towel. She noticed that although he'd seen her naked, he looked away as she cleaned between her legs. She handed the cloth and towel back to him.

"Thank you," she said, which surprised him, as almost all of his guests never spoke for the first three or four days.

"Besides letting you go, is there anything you need? Are you hungry?"

"No, but I could use some water." He took the cooler off the table and set it beside her, picked up the pile of clothes, her purse and handed her a key.

"That's the key to the ankle restraints," he said, "there's blankets under the bed if you get cold in the night and extra pillows." He walked to the door and turned.

"Good night Sara." He punched the four digit code into the keypad, opened the door and left; it automatically locked behind him. Sara unlocked the restraints and rubbed her ankles. She got off the bed and looked around the room. She noticed that in the bathroom, the mirror was not glass but polished stainless steel. The water cups were paper and the flexible tooth brush handle had been cut in half, rendering it useless as any sort of weapon – even the porcelain toilet tank cover had been removed. Interestingly, there was also a supply of tampons and pads.

Back in the main room she noted that both the table and chairs were made of metal, and had been anchored to the floor. There were a few paperback novels on a shelf, mainly romance but with some classics like Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, To Kill A Mockingbird, together with the latest issues of People, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue. He obviously wanted his female captives to be comfortable. As she sipped a bottle of Evian, she recalled the events of the evening.

She realized now that she should have parked closer to the mall entrance, but when she pulled up at three o'clock, it was hot and she wanted to park under a shade tree. She sighed, accepting her fate. At least the guy wasn't some nasty old pervert with bad breath. She actually had gotten a small tingle in her pussy when she saw him. Under different circumstances, she would consider him definitely fuckable, even though she had only had sex one time, with her fifteen year old boyfriend that had turned into a disaster, as all he wanted to do was spurt his cum in her and get dressed and leave. She dumped him two days later when he wanted to have sex again – jerk. She covered her naked body with a blanket and went to sleep.

After seeing her curl up in bed from the secret camera, Oscar turned off the computer and went to bed, satisfied with his latest guest.


Chapter Two

Oscar arose at five the next morning and went downstairs to check on Sara. Peering through the window in the door, he saw by the permanent nightlight, that she was still asleep. He went back upstairs and ate breakfast. An hour later when he returned, he saw she was awake and sitting on the bed with a blanket wrapped around her. He entered the room.

"Morning Sara, hope you slept well." She was still confused by his demeanor. On the one hand, he had abducted her with the intent of raping her, yet he was acting the perfect gentleman as if she was his house guest.

"What would you like for breakfast," he asked.

"Nothing," she replied, feeling her tummy rumble.

"Oh come on Sara, don't play that game with me. What do you want for breakfast?"

"Nothing," was the stoic response. He sighed heavily and left. He returned an hour later with a hot plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, a plastic knife and fork and a plastic cup of coffee. He put them on the table and left. From his computer he watched to see what she would do. As expected within a few minutes she let the blanket fall off her shoulders, got off the bed and sat at the table. She picked at the breakfast for a few minutes and then consumed it. An hour later he returned and picked up the tray.

"Thank you," she said as he was leaving.

"You're welcome," he replied and left. On his computer he watched as she went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out and looked through the books and magazines on the shelf. She finally picked Teen Vogue and sat on the bed and leafed through it. At noon, he placed a tray with a salad and a bowl of tomato soup on the table.

"Do you need anything?" he asked.

"Could I get something to wear please? I can't keep walking around with this blanket wrapped around my shoulders."

"Okay, I'll see what I can find," he replied and left. He returned five minutes later and handed her a long tee-shirt.

"This okay?"

She took it and put it on. "It'll do," she replied.


At seven that evening after she had eaten dinner and showered, he entered the room and sat on the bed beside her and put his arm around her shoulder. She flinched and tried to pull away but he held her tight.

"Don't fight me Sara," he said softly. His hand found her breast through the tee-shirt and squeezed it gently. She put her hand on his forearm and tried to pull his hand away but he was too strong. She could feel the muscles and knew she was no match for him, so she let go and dropped her hand into her lap. Oscar circled her areola with the pad of his forefinger, briefly touching her nipple, feeling it harden. He could see her other nipple doing the same thing, forming a lump in the thin cotton.

"Please stop," she said.

"Is it because you don't want me to, or because you're starting to like it?" She didn't answer but didn't try and stop him. He leaned in and kissed her shoulder, then her neck; he took his hand off her breast and put it on her chin, turning her face to him. He kissed her on her lips. He felt her shudder slightly.

"You are quite a beautiful young woman Sara," he said, noticing the corners of her mouth up tick a little. She offered little resistance as he pulled her tee-shirt over her head; her hands covered her breasts. He gently pulled them away.

"They're too beautiful to cover up." She let him move them away. He slowly moved her into a lying position, opening her legs.

"Your pussy is even more beautiful Sara," he said as he shuffled down the bed and put his hands on her hips. Her mons, covered with straight, soft, light-brown hair, was a wide v-shaped pad that filled the gap at the top of her thighs. Her plump outer labia hugged her thin inner labia forming a long clitoral sheath. He lapped from where her cheeks pressed together by the mattress, all the way up her cleft, and as the tip of his tongue rasped her clitoris, he felt a slight shudder in her hips and a very soft moan escaped her lips.

"Please don't," she said with not a lot of conviction in her voice. It was as if she had to say it; as if it was it was expected of her. As Oscar was licking around her clit, he noticed a small amount of white cream leaking from her vagina. Hmm, she's getting aroused, he thought. He licked her cream up with the tip of his tongue tasting it smelling it. Out of all the women he'd had sex with, Sara tasted and smelled the best, earthy and sweet. He was starting to really like this girl, something that had never happened before.

After five minutes of stimulating her clit, he could see that she was trying to fight her climax, her brow was furrowed with concentration, but her hands grabbing fistfuls of bed linen and small jerks in her bottom told otherwise. She couldn't fight off her orgasm any longer, as he was furiously flicking her clit. She moaned softly and started bucking against his face.

"Stop, stop," she gasped, "too much." He stopped stimulating her clitoris, his face was wet with her cum. He got off the bed and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When he returned, she had the sheets pulled up to her shoulders.

"You just violated me," she said as he walked to the door. The tone of her voice didn't show anger, more like resignation. He watched her on the camera. She didn't cry; she just rolled to her side and pulled the sheets up. He couldn't see her other hand but did see the sheet in the area of her crotch moving. He watched her face; she had her eyes closed tight, causing little crinkles in the corners, her mouth was open and he could hear her hard breathing; then

"Uh, uh, uh, uh," she cried as she climaxed. Oscar smiled.


Chapter Three

Oscar descended the stairs to his basement at eight the next morning, and looked through the window in the door. Sara was sitting at the table leafing through a magazine. She turned as soon as he opened the door. He walked over to the table and put the tray down. On it were two breakfast plates with French toast, two mugs of coffee, cinnamon and maple syrup.

"Good morning Sara," he said as he sat down. She didn't say anything, she just nodded and started eating. He did the same.

"Do you still go to school?" he asked. She looked at him with a strange expression on her face. It was one of 'you kidnap me, violate me, yet you want to have a conversation as if we were friends.' Then her expression changed, her face softened. He'd seen it all before – the Stockholm Syndrome. It usually took his other guests as he called them, four or five days and this was Sara's third day. She would be going home soon.

"Yes, I have one more semester of high school."

"Are you going to college?"

"I really can't afford it and I don't want to rack up a huge student load that'll take my whole life to pay off." He was surprised at how much she was telling him. She didn't know it, but he was very rich, his father was a multi-millionaire and he always gave his guests an anonymous gift later. For some it was an expensive watch, others a paid vacation. It all decided on what kind of women they were and what their interests were. He decided that he liked Sara a lot, in fact, if they had met under different circumstances he would have liked to date her and could easily have fallen in love with her. But he wasn't the dating type, the only way he could get his excitement was to be a serial rapist. He was going to make sure she went to college; it wouldn't be an Ivy League school but it wouldn't be just a community college either.

"That's very smart. What are your GPAs?

"Four point oh."

"Wow, you're very smart Sara."

"Yeah, but not smart enough to park in a safe place."

"Don't beat yourself up, you'd be surprised at the number of very intelligent women who do the silliest things. Makes my work easier."

"Why do you do it? I mean you're a really good looking guy. Most any woman would love to date you."

"It's very complicated and I've thought of going to a shrink, but why spend the money when there's no return. I think it was because my mother was very domineering, so perhaps it's my way of getting back at her by subjugating women."

"But you're not putting me down. Apart from the fact that you kidnapped me, you've been nothing but nice to me. You even turned away while I cleaned myself that first night."

"Interesting observation, maybe you should be a shrink. I don't like hurting women, I always treat my guests, as I refer to them, with respect – well apart from snatching them off a dark mall parking lot that is. I like the excitement of the stalking and the more the risk, the more I like it." Then she said something to him that struck something deep inside, and made him think deeply.

"I feel sorry for you Oscar, I really do. If we'd met under different circumstances I would have dated you in a heartbeat if you'd asked. I like older men. I had this stupid boyfriend when I was fifteen and only had sex with him because I thought he loved me. I soon found out he only wanted me for sex so I dumped him."

Having finished their meal, Oscar took the tray and left. An hour later, he came back down and put a paper plate on the table with a sandwich wrapped in foil.

"I have to leave and won't be back until dinner, so I fixed you a sandwich for lunch, there's plenty of water in the cooler."

She thanked him and he left.


That evening, he returned and put a small, fresh Domino's Extravaganza pizza on the table.

"I didn't know what toppings you liked. This has almost all of them, so you can pick off what you don't like."

"Thank you," she said. She paused for a moment trying to decide if she should say anything.

"Are you coming back later?"

"I may," he said and left. She sat at the table and ate. She was torn. She knew she should report him if he let her go, yet she liked him and what would her parents and friends think? She'd be embarrassed. She also tried to figure out what she'd tell her parents where she'd been if she didn't report it. Little did she know, that the evening he kidnapped her, he'd sent a text to her mother, telling her that she'd met a new girl at the mall and that she had agreed to go to the coast with her for a few days. He monitored the texts and phone messages and assuaged her mother's fears as best he could. The texts and voice mail message slowed and finally stopped apart from the odd 'You okay?' text.


She was reading a book in bed, when Oscar returned. He was wearing a silk dressing gown and no shoes. She immediately panicked as she knew what was going to happen, but calmed as soon as he took the dressing gown off. She couldn't help but stare at his perfectly toned body with a six pack of a chest, muscular legs and arms. What got her attention more than anything, was the fact that his entire body, with the exception of his head was devoid of hair. She knew that some men didn't have any body hair, but even they had pubic hair. He reminded her of the men on the Hegre.com website that she watched at her friend's house their genital area completely bare.

As he walked toward the bed, his thick semi-erect penis swayed from side to side. He sat beside her and removed the book, setting it on the floor. Again she offered little resistance as he removed the tee-shirt over her head. He laid her back down on the bed and, putting his hand on her cheek, turned her head and kissed her lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue found his. Now completely lost in the moment, she put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down on top of her. He squeezed her left breast and rubbed her hard nipple with the pad of his thumb.

She was now an active lover, moaning in her kiss, her tongue thrusting into his mouth. Her passion surprised even him. His hand slipped from her breast across her stomach and cupped her pussy. As his middle finger slipped into the cleft of her vulva, she broke the kiss and gasped. Her plump labia hugged his finger as it slipped lower in her cleft and found the very wet opening to her vagina. She moaned in his mouth, as he slipped his finger inside her.

Sara put her hand on his hip and pulled him closer, urging him to penetrate her. He climbed over her and lay between her legs, the head of his cock rested on her mons. She watched as he reached under the pillow and removed a foil pouch. After removing the condom, he rolled it onto his penis.

"Yes," she said, as he grasped the shaft of his penis and placed its head against the opening to her vagina. He needed no more urging as he pushed, her vagina slowly dilated allowing him entry. She was very wet and in a single thrust the head of his cock bumped the end of her vagina; a gasp escaped her lips. She locked her ankles behind his back, her calves resting on his hips, and pulled him deeper.

Slowly he fucked her, steady thrusts that bumped her cervix, slow withdrawals. The tempo of his thrusts increased until his pubic bone was hitting her crotch, pressing against her clit, sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy. She was fucking him as much as he was fucking her, curling her pussy against him. Every time he pushed hard into her, lightning bolts of pleasure coursed through her body until:

"Oh God, oh God," she cried, as her orgasm slammed into her; she held him deep inside, her whole body shook uncontrollably. She had never had such an incredibly intense orgasm in her young life. Then she felt his cock swell as he ejaculated into the condom. She held him tight, legs around his waist, arms around his neck as her orgasm slowly waned, small aftershocks coming and going. She was surprised that his cock was still firm inside her vagina. She finally relaxed, her legs and arms; they fell to the bed. He withdew his cock and she rolled to her side; he spooned her back, his hand cupping her breast. After a few minutes he heard small snores. She was asleep.


Chapter Four

She awoke the next morning, the mattress beside her was cold, as he had left during the night. She was a little disappointed as she wanted to wake up with him beside her. She got up, brushed her teeth and showered. When she returned to the room, she noticed a tray with her breakfast sitting on the table. On the bed were two shopping bags, one from Victoria's Secret and a second from Neiman Marcus. Inside the one from Victoria's Secret, she found a Body by Victoria, 32B bra in Rose Mauve Crochet Lace and a pair of matching Sexy Shortie panties. The other contained a silk blouse and skirt, exact replacements for the ones he'd cut off her. She quickly got dressed, slipped into her shoes. The breakfast was quickly consumed and she sat at the table reading a magazine, waiting.

Half an hour later he opened the door and held it open.

"Time for you to go home," he said.

"Thank you for the clothes," she said as she passed him and exited the room. He opened the passenger door of his van and she climbed in. As they drove back to the shopping mall, he handed her her purse.

"Check the texts on your phone," he said. She swiped through all of the texts that he had sent to her mother and the replies.

"You did all of this to give me a story?"

"Uh-huh, it was the least I could do."

"Thank you." Half an hour later, he stopped beside her car.

"It's been an interesting few days," he said, "you're free to go." She looked at him and smiled. Then she got out of the van and into her car. She watched him drive away.



A week later, she got a thick white envelope in the mail. She opened it and inside was a brochure for a local college with a covering letter.

From the desk of the Dean of Montgomery College

July 23 2016

Dear Miss Teasdale

It's my pleasure to inform you, that you have been enrolled in the Winter Semester. Your tuition has been paid in full and enclosed is a cashier's check to cover your tax liability. The staff and faculty look forward to welcoming you to our institution and trust that you will feel most welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the administrative staff listed in the enclosed brochure.


C.W. Ewing

Charles W Ewing III

She called the college several times trying to find out who had paid for scholarship, but was told it was an anonymous gift.


"Sara Jayne Teasdale," Dean Ewing said into the microphone, as he stood at the rostrum on stage in the university hall where the graduating class of '16 were gathered with friends and family. Sara got up from her chair, looked at her parents, smiled and made her way up onto the stage. She accepted her diploma, posed for a photograph, and, as she descended the stairs, she saw a man at the back of the hall standing up and applauding. She immediately recognized his face. As she made her way back to her seat, she looked around but he had vanished; her heart sank. An hour later she was chatting with her college friend when she heard a voice behind her.

"Congratulations Sara." She turned around. Oscar was standing there smiling. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I thought it might be you," she said, "but the university said it was an anonymous donor who paid for the scholarship. I can't thank you enough."

"I thought it might go some way to compensate for what I put you through," he said, taking her hands in his. "I've been following your progress, graduating summa cum laude – wow. But I knew you'd do well." He let go of her hands.

"Well, it's time I left. Goodbye Sara," he said and turned to leave. She grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Will you come to my graduation party?"

"You want me to stay?"

"Very much so, but on one condition."

"And what's that?"

"That you find another line of work."

"Oh that, I gave that up the moment I dropped you off at your car."

She frowned. "What made you do that?" she asked.

"It was something you said to me, do you remember what it was?"

"I think I do," she replied. "I'm glad we got to meet under different circumstances."

"I do too. I'll see you later then," he said and left.

"Who was that?" her friend said, "he's gorgeous."

"Oh, it's a long story," she replied with a smile.

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The Kiss

Mf 17, oral, reluctance.
Gordon likes young girls, but when he meets Alice something happens that changes his perception.
Word Count: 1,570
Date Published: May 27 2017

I was at our HOA pool, admiring the young girls through the anonymity of my sunglasses. There was a group of three pubescent girls, all wearing one piece swimsuits, but one girl in particular stood out as she was by far the most beautiful of the group. She was tall, with long slim legs, light brown hair that brushed her shoulders, sparkling blue eyes, and a smile that would light up any room. She kept looking in my direction as she talked to her friends. She must have said something about me looking at them, because the other two turned and looked in my direction. One of the girls whispered something in her ear and they all giggled.

She seemed as if she was being urged on by the other two, but seemed reluctant, shy almost. Then it was if she found the courage, and came walking over and sat next to me. Her breasts formed gorgeous small swells in her swimsuit, with beaded nipples poking the material. As she sat, her legs opened slightly, revealing a sexy camel toe in her plump vulva.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" she asked.

"Because you're the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen," I replied. She blushed and looked down. "What's your name?" I asked.

"It's Alice," she replied, "but everyone calls me Ally."

I proffered my hand. "Very nice to make your acquaintance Ally. My name's Gordon." She shook my hand, holding on to it a second or two longer than necessary.

"How old are you Gordon?" she asked.

"Why is that important?"

"Because I don't go out with men under 33."

"That seems like an unusual age, I would have thought 30 or 40."

"That's because generally speaking no man under 33 would be old enough to be my father."

"Hmm, that's interesting. Wouldn't it draw a lot of unwelcome attention if you were seen with a man who's not your father, but is old enough to be your father?"

"Who said anything about being seen?"

"You said you didn't go out with men under 33."

"Figure of speech. So how old are you?"

"Thirty six, and you?"

"Thirteen. You married?" She seemed very sure of herself. Normally thirteen year old girls are all giggly. Was this false bravado?

"Would it bother you if I said yes?"

"Yes it would, so are you?"

"No I'm not." This was getting to be a very interesting conversation and I wanted to see where it was going.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"Yes I do." I replied. She looked a little sad.

"What's her name?"

"Her name's Ally."

"But that's . . . okay, I get it. But aren't I a little young to be your girlfriend?"

"Not if I'm old enough for you and you've already said I was."

She looked back at her two friends, who were watching us. "Can we go to your place?"

"If you want."

"You seem to be taking our conversation rather casually. Most men would get embarrassed."

"I'm not most men. Believe it or not Ally, you're not the first young woman to hit on me."

"So you're a pedophile!"

"No, a pedophile preys on prepubescent or pubescent girls. I just wait for them to come to me. I have a rule, no one younger than fourteen."

"So I'm too young!"

"I like you Ally, so I'll stretch it a little, I'm sure you'll be fourteen soon enough."

"You're a little boastful aren't you!"

"No Ally, I'm just telling it like it is, and it's you who's asking the questions. If I was boasting I would be telling you these things without being asked."

"So can we go to your house?"

"Of course, grab your things and meet me in the parking lot. I'm driving a late model, red Corvette Stingray." She got up and left. As I walked from the pool, I saw her two friends with their hands over their open mouths.


The garage door closed behind us. I walked around and opened her door.

"Thank you," she said as she got out. Inside the kitchen she looked around.

"Something to drink?" I offered.

"Sprite please, if you have one, any cola if not," she sat on one of the island stools. I pulled a Sprite from the fridge and handed it to her. I took a Sam Adams pale ale and removed the top.

"So Ally, I have a couple of questions for you. Why the father figure thing?"

A sadness found her face. "I've had a crush on my Dad ever since I was nine. Wanted him to make love to me, but he died two years ago."

"Oh I'm so sorry," I said, resting my hand on her shoulder.

"S'okay, I'm over it, but I always wanted an older man to make love to me. What was the second question?"

"I was going to ask you how many men you've propositioned."

She blushed and looked down. "Three, but you're the first who agreed."

"What did the other two do?"

"Got as far away from me as they could. One said he didn't want anything to do with jailbait. So why did you accept?"

"You should know that I don't have sex with all the girls who hit on me."

She scoffed. "Just the pretty ones I bet."

"No, that's where you're wrong Ally. I have sex with not so pretty girls too. It has to feel right and it's more to do with their personality. So are you a virgin?"

"No, made the stupid mistake of having sex with my boyfriend."

"Don't tell me. You did it because he said if you loved him, you'd have sex with him? He dropped you afterwards – right?"

There were tears running down her face. "Yes," she said through her sobs. I put my arm around her.

"Don't beat up on yourself. You wouldn't believe the number of girls who've told me that." She finally stopped crying.

"Ally I didn't bring you home to have sex with you."

"But . . . I thought that's what you wanted."

"If you thought I was just going to bring you here, have quick sex, and send you on your way, you're sadly mistaken. That's not who I am."

"So . . . "

"This Friday evening, at seven o'clock, I'm going to take you out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and then you're coming home and spend the night with me. I'll then cook you breakfast and you can then leave, or not."

"What am I supposed to tell my parents?"

"That you're spending the night with a thirty six year old man." She opened her mouth to say something, but I interceded.

"Just kidding Ally, just kidding. I'm sure you've thought this through right? I mean you have a plan. Tell me you have a plan." She shook her head.

"Oh Ally, Ally, Ally. Tell you what. Here's my phone number," I wrote it on as scratch pad and handed it to her. "When you have a plan, call me, okay." She looked at me sheepishly, the bravado that greeted me at the pool was gone. I felt sorry for her.

"Come here." I put my arm around her and lifted her chin. The kiss was astounding, her lips were lush and soft, and her tongue darted out and kissed my lip. I was a little giddy from the kiss. I broke off gasping.

"Oh my God," I said. She was speechless for a full minute.

"You felt that?" she finally said. "That was amazing. What just happened?"

I finally calmed down. "I don't know if you know this, but kissing is far more intimate than sex. Sex can be mechanical, you can think you're somewhere else or with someone else, but kissing is raw emotion and what we just felt was raw emotion, which is why it was so intense, you know what I mean?"

She nodded her head. "It was like I was stripped bare," she said, "I thought it was just going to be another . . . well kiss. But it was more than that, I can't describe it."

"I can, it was pure unadulterated love. The old adage that two people look across a crowded room and see each other and realize it's love at first sight, is total crap. Looks can't convey emotion the way a kiss can. A kiss is a thousand time more emotional than a look or a touch." She looked at me and I saw for the first time that she understood. Sex right now would be wrong, it would trample over the emotions we felt for each other.

"We need to wait don't we!" she said. "How long?"

"Until you're seventeen."

"Can you wait that long Gordon?"

"I'd wait 'til Hell freezes over if necessary. C'mon, I'll take you home."

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