My Daughter Hayley's Awakening
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mg12, Mgg 12/12, gg 12/12, incest, 1st, father/daughter, con, Msolo, romantic.

A father's initial molesting of his twelve year old daughter, creates a watershed moment, setting them both on a journey of sexual discovery and romantic love for each other.

The First Time With Hayley

"Stop Daddy you're not supposed to touch me down there," Hayley cried, trying to fend of my advances, tugging at my hand as I was trying to pull her pajamas bottoms down.

"Daddy needs to honey, daddy needs for you to make him happy. You want Daddy to be happy don't you sugar?"

"Yes Daddy but you and Maggie always said that I wasn't to allow anyone to touch me there, that it was naughty," she protested, clenching her legs together and holding on to her pajama bottoms as I tried to pull them down.

"But I'm your father Hayley and fathers are allowed to do anything. You love me don't you?"

"Yes Daddy you know I love you, but you're trying to do bad things to me and I don't want you to," she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"So stop clenching your legs together and show Daddy how much you love him."

"No, it's not right Daddy, please stop, please, I don't want you to."

I held her tight to my chest while she sobbed on my shoulder. "I love you Hayley and I'd never do anything to hurt you. Just trust me honey, can you do that? Can you do that for Daddy?"

"Kay, she said softly, her tears stopped as she finally relented. She wanted her daddy to be happy and to love her. I eased her pajama bottoms down and off her legs, only her blue cotton panties remained to hide her nakedness as I had already removed her top with little resistance, her small breasts standing proud. I trembled at the thought that I was about to see my twelve year old daughter's pussy, an act so illicit but so exciting, something I had been dreaming about since my daughter started puberty, her body developing in many exciting ways.

When Hayley reached ten years of age I started to notice changes to her body, little breast buds, her bum getting a little more rounder. She was slowly losing that boyish figure and as her breasts got larger and her slim waist emphasized the flare of her hips, I started to have sexual feelings toward her that, despite my attempts, wouldn't go away. My sexual frustration at not having the will to do anything about is was frustrating to say the least, and no amount of alternatives slaked my passion for my daughter, not even ejaculating into her soiled panties.

The only thing that came close was looking at photos of naked pre-teen girls in provocative and very erotic poses that I managed to get from a guy I met in a chat room, risky I know but I needed another fix. After a couple of months of jacking off as I looked at the naked girls it no longer gave me the thrill I needed so it was back to my daughter to provide my sordid incestuous relief.


My daughter was lying on her bed with just her blue cotton panties on. My wife was out of town for three days on a business trip so we wouldn't be disturbed.

"Daddy won't hurt you Hayley, Daddy loves you and wants to make you feel good. I'm going to take your panties off now sweetie," I told her.

"Kay," she replied, finally resigning to the fact that I was going to do whatever I wanted and wouldn't resist me any longer. I slowly slipped my daughter's panties off, she lifted her little bum to allow me to pull them down and off her legs. I gasped as I saw her plump pudendum with a smattering of blond hairs, fleshy labia, a closed slit that disappeared between her cheeks squashed together by the mattress, a small indent at the top.

"You have a beautiful pussy Hayley," I said as I inhaled her young girly smell, earthy yet sweet. I opened her legs, her plump outer labia parted revealing the bright pink inside, small, still developing inner labia and a dark shadow, the tiny entrance to her vagina, alluring, drawing me in. As I touched the entrance to her silky virginal tunnel, I found wetness, was my little girl wet with arousal?

I pushed my tongue past her partial hymen and into her vagina, eliciting a small gasp from her lips. My tongue wet with my baby's juices found her little clit and she moaned as I licked around it. I looked up over her plump mons, over the swells of her pubescent breasts at her closed eyes, her nostrils flaring as she breathed out, her brow furrowed from concentration on the feelings coursing through her twelve year old body. Was my little girl going to have an orgasm, surely it wouldn't be her first. I imagined that I was giving my Hayley, my twelve year old daughter her first orgasm and it excited me. I wanted her to cum for me, to cum for her Daddy.

My cock strained inside my pants demanding relief, so I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them down to my knees. I did the same with my boxers, freeing my erection to the cool air of my daughter's bedroom, letting it rest against the bed. Hayley was starting to writhe on her bed, little hands grabbing balls of linen sheets. She hung on as her orgasm started to overtake her, I could feel the tremors in her body, the little spasms that caused her bum to jerk. She was close, so close and I trembled with anticipation. What would an twelve year old girl's orgasm be like. Would it be quiet?

I pushed two fingers into her moist dark tunnel, feeling her clench her pussy around them. Slowly I pushed them in and out, in and out as I licked her clitoris. My God, I was finger fucking my baby girl, I actually had my fingers inside my daughter's tight little pussy. She started automatically bucking my hand with her pussy, getting more aggressive as she climaxed, her little body shaking uncontrollably, gripping my head with her thighs.

"Oh Daddy," she cried as her orgasm hit her, her bottom bumping up and down on the bed as if she was possessed, breasts swelling, little nipples hard as beads on her small puffy areolae, chest and neck flushed with intense arousal. My baby was having an orgasm and I was giving it to her, my little girl, my Hayley. It was too much and I couldn't stop myself, as I spurted string after string of cum onto her legs, oh so much bliss I almost blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm. When I was done, spent, empty, her leg and the mattress sheet were covered with my white semen. I collapsed on her, feeling the little aftershocks of her orgasm, my hot breath on her tummy, my hand cupping her breast.

As I recovered I felt a little hand running though my hair. "You okay Daddy," she said softly.

I lifted my head and looked at her, her face seemed to glow with a radiance of euphoria. "Oh baby that was so good, I'm sorry but I made a mess down here."

She smiled. "You made me feel so good. What happened to me? I lost control, it felt like I wanted to pee. Is that what the mess is Daddy, did I pee?" she said with concern on her face.

"No Hayley, you just had an orgasm. You know what an orgasm is don't you sweetie?"

"Yeah of course, you think I don't masturbate?" she said with a smile. When I was ten my best friend Zoë's older sister told us about them and we experimented with each other and it felt good, but what just happened didn't feel anything like that, it was so much better."

"That's because I was doing it and I know how to stimulate you so it feels that much more intense. Did you like it?"

"Oh yes, I liked it a lot." Can we do it again?"

"Only if you promise me one thing honey, that you won't tell anyone - not even Maggie, especially her. Can you promise me that?"

"Yes Daddy, I like having a secret," she said as she touched her leg and felt my sticky cum. "Is that your cum on my leg?

"Yes, sorry I made a mess couldn't help it, your orgasm was so amazing."

She looked down at my semi-erect cock lying against her leg. Her eyes got big and her mouth fell open as she stared at it. "It looks so big Daddy. Will we have real sex?" she asked, "because I'm not sure my pussy's big enough to fit it in."

"Wasn't what we just had real sex?"

"Daaad, you know what I mean."

"Let's leave that conversation for later. C'mon honey, let's get you cleaned up."

The First Time With Dad

I panicked, silly of me but at the last minute I panicked. I had let Daddy take my pajama top off and touch my breasts, had encourage it, wanted him to. Ever since I started to develop breasts I wanted Daddy to see them, touch them. I remember when I first felt them, just little nubs at the time, Daddy started to look at me more, look at my body and as they developed into actual breasts he looked at them even more. I would wear an old teeshirt that had been washed so many times the cotton was very thin and I remember looking in the mirror and seeing not just the outline of my breasts, but also the detail of my areolae and my nipples, no more than tiny beads. I was so proud of them and when Daddy did a double take it made my pussy throb.

Maggie wasn't happy as I heard her telling Daddy to tell me to wear something more decent. I was never her daughter, always Daddy's daughter. But I didn't care, I was going to make Daddy want me more than her. Every time he hugged me or kissed me, my nipples would ache and my pussy throb so much it hurt. I wanted Daddy to make love to me, to make me cum.

My struggles were halfhearted, I was silly really, here he was about to take my pajama bottoms and panties off - something I had wished for, dreamed of for two years and I was acting like I didn't want him to. My sanity returned and I finally let him. As he pulled my panties off and saw my pussy for the first time, I almost had an orgasm. Then Daddy said I had a beautiful pussy, oh such happiness.

When his tongue touched my pussy and started to probe, I felt wetness, Daddy was turning me on and when he put his fingers into me, I could hardly believe it was happening, it was if I was in another world. When my orgasm hit, it was incredible. I had never felt that way before, even when I masturbated or when Zoë touched me with her finger, it was as if I was about to faint, I had no control of my body. Then I felt something hot on my leg and at first I thought I had peed myself but then Daddy said I hadn't and I realized that Daddy had cum on my leg, I had made my Daddy cum. I was so thrilled that I could arouse his so much that he came on me. It felt sticky and when I looked down and saw daddy's cock I couldn't believe how large it looked. I had seen bulges in Daddy's pants before when he would look at my breasts inside my teeshirt, and I knew he was getting aroused looking at me which thrilled me, but I had no idea how big his cock was and I was concerned that maybe I couldn't have sex with Daddy.

Hayley's Awakening

I woke the next morning and as I opened my eyes a pair of green eyes stared back.

"Morning Dad," Hayley said, arm bent, a palm propping up a sweet smile. I noticed that she had put her pajamas back on.

"Well good morning sweetie, how long have you been lying there watching me?"

"Oh about ten minutes," she replied, "I noticed your penis got very big. Can I see it?"

Oh my God, I thought, have I created a monster here? From desperately resisting my advances last night to being the initiator, is that what her orgasm has done? Well this is what I've been craving for the last two years. I lifted my bottom off the bed and pushed my pajama bottoms down and kicked them off. My cock sprang back and lay against my stomach, hard, precum leaking out of the end.

"It's a lot bigger than when I saw it last night," she said, "why's that?"

"Because when you saw it last night I had already had my orgasm and it was going soft again. This morning it's fully erect."

"Can I touch it?" she asked with a slight blush on her freckled cheeks.

"Go ahead honey."

She gingerly touched the shaft of my cock, tracing the large veins down to its base. Then she got a little bolder, putting her hand around it, lifting it up, examining it. She had a look of amazement as she pulled the ruffle of foreskin back exposing the crown, touching the bead of precum. She lifted her finger, a strand of precum stretched between it and the pee opening.

"That's precum isn't it Dad," she said as she rubbed the sticky fluid between her thumb and finger, "we learned about that in sex-ed classes."

"That's right Hayley."

"It so hard yet it's soft and it feels as if the skin isn't attached," she said as her hand slipped down my shaft and cupped my balls. The sight of my twelve year daughter stroking my cock and holding my balls in her small hand was the most erotic sight I had ever seen.


"Yes Dad."

"I saw your breasts last night, can I touch them?"

She never answered, just pulled her pajama top over her head. If her pubescent breasts weren't the eighth wonder of the world then I don't know what is. My little girl was in between prepubescent breast buds and a full woman's breasts, that stage that was so exciting, so sensuous, small swells, their tops straight, their underside round and firm, the light brown areolae and soft nipples perched at the transition. They were the epitome of perkiness.

"My God Hayley, they are so beautiful. You must be proud now you're wearing bras." I had seen her pretty bras in the wash, one step above a training bra, an size A-cup.

She smiled and a tinge of red crossed her freckled cheeks. "Thanks Dad," she said, slightly embarrassed.

It just struck me. Up until this morning she had always called me Daddy, but now she called me Dad. What a sea of change last night had brought to our relationship. I found it extremely exciting and sensuous that my daughter was thinking of me differently.

"Can I touch them honey?"

"Kay," she replied looking down as if embarrassed. I took her hands in mine.

"You don't have to be embarrassed about your body Hayley, it's so gorgeous, you're turning into a beautiful young woman."

"Thanks Dad," she replied, looking deep into my gray eyes. I reached out and cupped her breast, almost a palmfull, soft yet firm to the touch, beaded nipples pressing into my palm. They were the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen and how many fathers got to feel their daughter's developing breasts, how many wanted to but were too scared. Her twelve year old breasts were so sexy, so erotic and they were mine.

I ran my finger around her areola, noticing the stippling of her arousal and as I touched her nipple it firmed up, eliciting a gasp, her eyes closed, her hand still holding my cock.

"You're so beautiful Hayley, so absolutely beautiful," I whispered as I leaned over, took one in my mouth and sucked gently. She had her hand on my nape, caressing it causing tingles in my crotch.

"You want me to make you feel good again?" I asked.

"Please," she replied softly as she shuck her pajama bottoms. I pulled her to me, her bum in my lap, my hard cock pressing against the cleft in her pantied cheeks. I nuzzled her neck and placed little kisses on her bare shoulder and neck, her head resting on my shoulder. I inhaled her aroma - a mixture of a young girls sleep, and her earthy, musky smell from last night's sex.

"I love you so much Hayley, I love how your skin tastes, I love your smell, so sexy, so intoxicating." She murmured as my hands cupped both breasts, squeezing her nipples eliciting moans. My hand slid down across her flat tummy, feeling a bony hip before slipping inside the waist of her panties. Her mons was warm and her small curly blond hair tickled the palm of my hand as I cupped her vulva, feeling the heat from her pussy radiate into my palm. With my index finger I parted her labia, feeling the small bump of her clitoris, moving down, her plump lips gently caressing the sides of my finger as it slid lower. She was very wet and as the tip of my finger found the opening of her vagina at the very bottom of her cleft, her body arched and she let out a load moan. My little girl just had a small orgasm.

"Feels good Dad," she whispered.

I penetrated her vagina with my middle finger while gently massaging her beaded clit with the pad of my thumb. Hayley's breathing was quickening, hot breaths puffing from her flared nostrils, hitting my neck, her head rolling from side to side, her hand over mine pushing it harder into her pussy. She started bucking my hand with her crotch, pushing her bum hard against my cock.

"That's it Dad, don't stop, I'm cumming, oh gaaaawd," she cried out as she climaxed, squirting a small about of cum onto my hand, tremors racking her body. I felt her arm twitch, her toes curled as her orgasm embraced her.

"Hayley baby, Dad's cumming," I murmured as I too climaxed, spurting cum against her back, spurt after spurt, covering us both with my hot sticky semen. I felt her orgasm fading as she went limp in my arms, her hands dropping beside her, her head leaning almost lifelessly against my neck.

"Gaaaawd Dad that was fantastic. I love it when you make me cum like that, feels as if I'm out of control."

"La petite mort, French for the little death as an intense orgasm can feel as if you're losing consciousness," I said.

"Yes, feels just like that, as if I'm going to faint. Love you Dad."

"Love you too honey. C'mon we need to take a shower."

She got up and dropped her panties, they were soaked through. We got in the shower and washed each other, my penis still semi-erect became erect as she soaped it.

"It doesn't take much to make it hard does it Dad?" she said as she rubbed a soapy hand all along the shaft, her other hand washing my ball sack.

"Not when I'm in the shower with such a beautiful young woman," I replied.

"I like it when you call me that, makes me feel grown up. Can you cum again so soon?"

"I don't know honey, why don't you see if you can make me."

"What do I have to do Dad?"

"Just keep doing what you're doing honey." She kept up a good rhythm, my cock resting in the palm of her hand, thumb on top, fingers wrapped around the shaft, the crown pointed toward her tummy. I was surprised when I felt another orgasm rising and wondered if I could actually ejaculate anything. I put my hand on the shower wall to steady myself as I felt my cock swell, my balls tighten as my cum rushed up my shaft and spurted out, hitting Hayley, splashing onto her tummy and running down into the light blond hairs of her mons.

"Gawd Dad, that was fantastic. I've only seen a man cum on the Internet and this is so much more intense and you managed to shoot some more cum." She washed my cum off her tummy and her pubes. We stepped out of the shower and after drying off we got dressed and went to the kitchen.

"What you want for breakfast honey?" I asked.

"Let's have sex again Dad," she replied with a wicked grin on her face.

"Hayley, Dad's only got so much in him and I just came twice inside ten minutes, I don't think I could manage it again for a while. I think I've woken up a sex monster here."

"Well that's what you get for making me cum so hard. I don't think I'll ever masturbate again while I have you around."

I cooked waffles and as we sat eating breakfast, a cup of steaming coffee at hand. I needed to figure out what was going to happen when Maggie got back from her business trip.

I put my fork down. "Hayley honey, we need to talk," I said, "we need to figure out what's going to happen when Maggie comes home. I mean we can't have sex while she's in the house now can we?"

She was deep in thought as she ate her waffle and sipped orange juice. "Well you work from home and I get back from school at three thirty and Maggie doesn't get home until six," she said proudly, as if she had just solved a problem of quantum physics.

"Honey we need to be careful. You know the way Maggie has that sixth sense that all women seem to have."

"I know Dad but I've discovered something that I never knew I could feel. I've had a crush on you ever since I was eight years old and now you've helped me discover a new feeling, I'm falling in love with you."

Whoa, where's this coming from? As well as rousing a sexual appetite in my daughter have I also aroused a love, not a daughter's love for a father but a young woman's love for a man? I didn't expect that. I knew I had to be careful with Hayley as I didn't want to hurt her feelings by rejecting her, but this just got serious with many potential pitfalls, the least of which was her stepmother finding out - the worst - prison time.

"Wow, do you really mean that or are you getting sex and love confused - that's easy to do. I should know as I did that with my first wife, your mother?"

"Dad, I know I'm only twelve but I'm pretty sure I know the difference. Yes, sex is great and I want to do more, but I suddenly realized that you're not just my Dad but a man, a very good looking and sexy man. Zoë once told me that she thought that you very attractive, very sexy and all I said was 'but he's just my Dad.' Well you're not just my Dad, anymore, you're my lover and my best friend and I love you." Tears streamed down her cheeks, tears of joy.

I got up and walked around the table and took her in my arms. "It's okay Hayley, don't cry honey. We'll work something out." She finally stopped crying.

"I need to tell you something honey. When you were ten and started to enter puberty, I noticed the small but subtle changes in your body. I noticed your little breast buds through your teeshirt, your bum got a little more rounded. You were slowly losing that boyish figure and as your breasts got larger and your slim waist emphasized the flare of your hips, I started to have sexual feelings toward you.

"I stopped thinking of you as my little girl, my daughter, but as a very desirable young lady. My love for you took on a different tone from a father's love for a daughter to a man's love for a young woman. I struggled with the sexual aspect of it for several years, telling myself it was wrong, unlawful, bad, until last night when I finally had the courage to act on it."

She put her hand on mine. "I'm glad you did. I know I tried to stop you but I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted you to do this for a long time. I love you very much Dad."

"I love you Hayley and we'll find a way to be together."

"Thanks Dad."

My Awakening

When I woke up the next morning and looked over at Dad I was surprised to see he had an erection even though he was still asleep. It looked to be bigger than when I saw it last night. Dad opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. He looked so happy. I was elated when he let me look at his cock, it looked so big and the worry that I had, that maybe we wouldn't be able to have sex came back. I knew how big my pussy was, all I could get in were three fingers and his cock looked a whole lot bigger than my three fingers. When I touched it, it seemed so hard yet soft and the veins were quite large.

I hadn't expected the little orgasm that I got when Dad put his hand down inside my panties and touched the opening to my vagina, and when it suddenly hit me it was so nice, but the one I had later was incredible, so intense, and when Dad shot his cum on my back I was thrilled that I could arouse him so much. Then there was the shower. Oh my gawd, I couldn't believe I made Dad cum again so soon and he spurted some more cum on me. I felt his cock get bigger as he spurted, it was an amazing feeling that I could do that.

Later when I told him I loved him, he at first tried to tell me it was just a crush but I knew differently. It did start with a crush and talking to my friends I found that a lot of them had crushes on their dads, but over time I knew it was more than that, Dad was my hero, my friend, but I wanted more - I wanted to be his lover.

A Cloud With A Silver Lining

I picked my wife up from the airport at nine in the evening and as we drove home we chatted.

"How was the trip Maggie?"

"Tiring but fruitful, got a new contract from Michael Swenson."

"Who's he?" I asked, noting a different lilt in her voice when she mentioned his name.

"He's the executive VP of engineering, I think you met him at that cocktail party they held at their local office last year."

I cast my mind back and remembered him, tall, debonair, a bit of a lady's man I thought and if I remember rightly Maggie was soaking up his charm. I got a little pissed at her in the car on the way home but she brushed off my concern as jealousy. The thought suddenly struck me that maybe she was having an affair with him. It all pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. The late night phone calls with him that she said was part of her job to sell him her company's services, the business trips that always spanned a weekend, her lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom, the bouts of headache or tiredness all excuses for avoiding sex - it all fit. How stupid could I have been? I know our relationship had been on the rocks for a while. If I was honest with myself, it probably started to go downhil when my feelings for Hayley had changed, but I never thought Maggie would be unfaithful.

"You okay?" she asked, dragging me back to reality.

"Yes, it's just that Hayley's been a handful. Not sure what has gotten into that girl." I was glad that Hayley and I had agree for her to be mad at me for not letting her have a sleep over at Zoë's to deflect any intimacy between us that Maggie might pick up on. That was her idea, my daughter's one smart girl.

"Oh dear, you and her really don't get along do you?" she said. Little did she know.


As I pulled into the garage and closed the door behind me, Maggie confirmed my suspicions.

"I need to make another trip next week to tie up all the details of the deal. Can you cope with Hayley for another weekend?

I could have objected and queried why a weekend stay, but I had an ulterior motive and this time it wasn't just to sleep with my daughter.

As Maggie entered the house, me in tow, suitcase in hand, Hayley let loose on cue.

"Maggie, don't leave me with him again. I hate him," she said with conviction. That's my girl, I thought but don't overdo it.

"Calm down Hayley, I don't want to hear this right now. I'm tired and need to go to bed," she said as she dropped her coat on a chair and headed for the bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

I put my hand up to stop Hayley from running after her. "It's okay honey, I've got some good and bad news okay."

"What," she said.

Come on honey let's go into the kitchen. "I think Maggie's having an affair," I said as we sat down.

"Dad, you're going to be mad at me as I should have said something."

"What honey?"

"A month ago I overheard Maggie on her phone, not sure who it was with but from the conversation it was obviously of a sexual nature and before she hung up she said something to the effect of can't wait to see you next weekend. That was just before her business trip she took. I'm sorry Dad, I should have said something."

"Nothing to be sorry about honey," I said as I hugged her. "You go on to bed sweetheart, we'll talk more tomorrow." Hayley left to go to her room and I sat at the kitchen table for an hour, trying to make sense of what was happening. At ten I opened our bedroom door to find Maggie fast asleep. She had started to unpack her suitcase and her dirty clothes bag was lying on the floor. I picked it up and walked into our bathroom, closed the door and turned on the light. As I emptied the dirty clothes bag into the hamper a pair of her panties landed on top. I picked them up and noticed that there was fresh cum in the gusset. Turning out the light, I went back to the kitchen and put the panties in a Ziploc bag, I wasn't about to wash away evidence of my wife's infidelity.


The next morning after Maggie had left for the office and Hayley had caught the school bus, I sat at the kitchen table and leafed through the Yellow Pages looking for a private detective. I settled on Discreet Services Inc and dialed their number and made an appointment for later that morning. Armed with the soiled panties, some strands of Maggie's hair and her upcoming itinerary I drove to the offices of Discreet Services Inc where I met with Mitch McDermott. I explained the situation and he agreed to try and get some incriminating photos as well as some evidence that could be tested for DNA.


At three thirty Hayley came bounding through the front door. "Dad I'm home," she shouted.

"In the living room honey," I shouted back. She dropped her book bag and flung her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"Missed you Dad," she said, "been waiting for a kiss all day."

"Me too honey."

"Dad, I'm sorry but I started my period today," she said with a sad expression on her face.

"That's okay honey. Why don't you go and get changed and I'll be there soon." Ten minutes later I knocked on her bedroom door and walked in. She was laying on her bed with her ear buds in listening to music. When she saw me she took them out and put her iPhone on the nightstand. I got on the bed and sat with my back to the headboard, Hayley between my crossed legs, back to me.

I nuzzled her neck, smelling her perfume and that gorgeous smell that only young girls have, very intoxicating.

"I love you Hayley and soon we may be together alone and you can sleep with me every night."

"Really Dad, how're you gonna do that?" she asked.

"Just wait and see honey." I put my arms around her and squeezed her breasts.

"Steady on Dad, my breasts are always more tender when I'm on my period."

"Oh sorry baby." I slipped my hand down the front of her sweats, touching the waist of her cotton panties. She put her hand over mine.

"Dad, I'm having my period."

"I know honey but trust me okay?"

"Kay," she said reluctantly.

I pushed inside the waist of her panties, feeling the soft down on her mons, then lower touching the top of her clitoral hood, then lower, feeling the small bump of her clitoris. She gasped as I rubbed it gently with the tip of my finger. I pulled my hand out and moistened the tip of my finger. Her clit was now nice and wet from my saliva as I rubbed around it and pressed it. She had her head on my shoulder, eyes closed, breathing quickening. I felt little puffs of warm air on my neck, a slight tremor in her tummy - her orgasm was stirring.

I increased the pace of my attention to her aroused clit, feeling her legs spasm, her grip on my arms strengthened as she started to climb her orgasm. More uncontrollable jerks in her legs and arms, a fluttering in her tummy told me she was close, so close. Then all of a sudden she dropped into it, dropped into sheer bliss, sheer ecstasy, my little girl was having an orgasm.

"Oh Daaaaad," she cried, "stop I can't take any more. Oh gaawd it's too much." She grabbed my hand inside her panties and stopped me from diddling her clit. She finally calmed and lay helpless in my arms, my little girl, my twelve year old daughter just had the most intense orgasm of her life and I had given it to her.

"My God Dad how did you know to do that? It was the most intense orgasm I've every had, every muscle in my body seemed to turn to jelly."

"I thought it might be a good one as I've found that some women's orgasms are more intense when they're having their period."

"Dad, good one doesn't even come close to describing it," she replied, "I wish I could make you feel that good."

"Hayley, your love and the gift of your body to me, is all I'll ever need."

"What and no sex?" she said smiling.

"Sex with you is the icing on the cake and I cant wait to have intercourse with you but we need to get you on the pill first. I'll make you an appointment with Doctor Lewis this week, okay?"

"Kay, thanks Dad."

"Okay then, I need to start getting dinner ready for when Maggie gets home.

Proof, Denial & Acceptance

Two weeks later after Maggie's latest business trip I got a call from Mitch McDermott of Discreet Services Inc.

"Hello this is Caleb Andrews," I said as I answered my phone.

Mr. Andrews this is Mitch McDermott of Discreet Services Inc."

"Oh hi Mitch, you got something for me?"

"Yes I have, can you come by the office this afternoon?"

"Okay, I'll be there."

At two thirty I was ushered into Mitch's office. "Please sit down Mr. Andrews," Mitch said.

"Please call me Caleb," I replied as I sat across from his desk.

"Okay Caleb. Your wife Maggie checked into the hotel that was on the itinerary you gave me. I was at the desk as she was handed the card key to her room - two thirty four. That evening at six I saw a man enter the lobby and from the description you gave me, I was fairly certain it was Michael Swenson. He called someone on his phone and ten minutes later your wife exited the elevator and walked over to meet him. They kissed and entered the hotel's restaurant to have dinner.

"I took several photos of them as the sat side by side in a very intimate way." Mitch pushed three photos across his desk. I picked them up and looked at them. One showed Maggie touching his cheek, a second one showed Swenson kissing her hand and the third showed them kissing.

"Later that evening after they had finished dinner, I rode the elevator with them to the second floor I watched as they entered the bedroom together, here's a shot of them." He handed me another photograph of them walking through the bedroom door.

"The next morning after your wife left the hotel I managed to gain access to her room and found several pubic hairs in the bed. I collected them and sent them to a private lab for testing and the results came back." He handed me the lab report.

"You will see that the samples of DNA from the pair of panties and the female hair that you provided are a match. The DNA of Mr. Swenson's pubic hair and the semen in the panties are also a match. I think that's all the proof you need, don't you think?"

"Absolutely, great work Mitch, and thanks."

Mitch handed me an envelope containing his bill and several copies of the photographs and lab report. I thanked him again as he showed me out of his office. I crossed town to my attorney's office and after providing him with copies of the photographs and lab results that Mitch had given me, I signed the divorce papers.


The next Saturday, I had asked Hayley to arrange a sleepover with her friend Zoë so she wouldn't be there when I confronted Maggie. After Hayley had left that afternoon I sat my wife down at the kitchen table and pushed a manilla envelope across the table.

"What's this?" she said.

"Divorce papers Maggie. You need to sign them."

"You've got to be kidding, I'm not signing any divorce papers. On what grounds anyway?"

"Adultery. Adultery with Michael Swenson," I said.

"That's absurd," she replied with disdain in her voice, "he's a business acquaintance that's all."

"I have physical proof that you slept with him in your hotel room on your last business trip," I replied as I pushed the photos across the kitchen table. You could have cut the air with a knife as she looked at them.

"This doesn't mean anything, I was just flirting with him, business deals require a little flirting occasionally."

"He went to your room with you."

"Yes we had some business to discuss, this is not proof of anything, all these photos prove nothing," she said as she threw them across the table at me.

I handed her the lab report. "This is proof positive, his semen was in your panties from a business trip and his pubic hairs were found in your bed."

Her jaw dropped and her face turned a ghostly white. Then she looked at me as if she could kill me. "You fucking bastard," she said, red of anger chasing out the white.

"Sign the papers Maggie and let's get this over with," I said calmly.

She looked at the terms of the divorce: move her personal effects out by the following Friday at five o'clock, sign the house over to me, and pay child support of fifteen hundred dollars a month until Hayley was twenty one.

"This is preposterous," she said, "I'm not agreeing to any of this."

"Maggie you have no choice. If you don't sign then I will mail copies of these photos and lab report to your boss and to whomever Swenson reports to. I'm sure you would both be out of a job, and by the way, I could file a civil suit against Swenson for alienation of affection."

She sat in stony silence for several minutes, her bile had been drained by the lab report. Without a word she scribbled her signature on the divorce papers and threw then across the table at me.

"I'm leaving now, I'll send for my stuff," she said and went to our room, where she packed a case. I was still sat at the kitchen table as I heard the garage door close, shutting a door on a part of my life but opening a door on a new one with my daughter.

A New Life With Hayley

Sunday morning I was nursing a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks Breakfast Blend when I heard the garage door open and close. A few minutes later Hayley appeared with her friend Zoë in tow.

"Where's Maggie's car," Hayley said.

"Gone," I replied, taking another sip of coffee.

"Gone where?"

"Don't know, don't care, but I know one thing for sure, she won't be back."

"She's moved out?" Hayley asked with a radiant smile on her face. My daughter had never really got along with my second wife, I think it was because of the crush she told me she had on me and probably looked on Maggie as competition for my attention, for my affection.

I had forgotten Zoë was standing there. "Hello Zoë how are you, enjoy the sleepover?"

"Yes thank you Mr. Andrews," she replied shyly.

"Zoë please call me Caleb."

"Kay." Zoë was a sweet girl, a little shorter than Hayley at four foot ten. I always thought my daughter was tall for her age at five foot. Zoë had the same light blond hair, but whereas my daughter's was quite straight, Zoë's was a mass of curls making her look like Little Orphan Annie. She was not as far into puberty as Hayley was, as all she had for breasts were little nubs that I could see outlined by her teeshirt material. I wondered what twelve year old girls talk about and get up to in their sleepovers. I knew that they were pleasuring each other but didn't know if it involved just fingers. I needed to get the lowdown from Hayley.

"Dad, can Zoë stay for dinner?"

"I don't see why not honey," I replied. I liked having another young girl around, that is if I could keep my erection in check as they were both extremely desirable. I watched them both talking, whispering, giggling, they were so damn cute. Hayley came over to where I was sitting reading the local Sunday paper at the kitchen table. She stood there just looking at me, fidgeting.

"You have a question for me honey," I asked at last, losing track of the story I was reading.

"I hope you're not mad at me as you told me not to tell anyone about us, but Zoë is my very best friend and we have a lot of secrets. She even told me about how she has tried to get her Dad to take a more err, a more sexual interest in her, like you do with me."

"Zoë wants her Dad to have sex with her?" I said somewhat taken aback.

"Yes, but she's frustrated because he won't respond and when I told her about us she asked me to see if we could do it together."

"You told her about us?" I wasn't too surprised as they were very close.

"Yes Dad, you mad at me?"

I pulled her to me and hugged and kissed her. "I could never be mad at you honey. What does she want to do?"

"She wants you to watch as she and I go down on each other as she hopes you might join in." My cock was now hard and Hayley could feel it between us.

She reached down and squeezed it. "Can I take that as a yes Dad?"

I groaned. My daughter knew how to turn me on and the thought of watching her make love with her friend was so erotic. Yes! Is water wet, does a bear shit in the woods? Damn right it's a yes.

"When do you want to do this sweetie," I asked with the proverbial bated breath.

"Can she sleepover next Saturday night?"

"Sure she can."

She kissed me on my head. "Thanks Dad, you're the best."

I saw her whispering in Zoë's ear. Zoë's face lit up as she looked at me. Oh my God, I'm going to have sex with two twelve year old girls at the same time. Could it get any better than this?


That evening after dinner when Zoë's Mom had picked her up, Hayley and I were alone.

"It's just you and me now babe," I said, as she closed the front door.

"It's as I always imagined it Dad, just you and me. I was jealous when you married Maggie, I thought you were picking her over me."

"I know honey and I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you?"

"Yes Dad, I'm on the pill," she said, the hint not lost on me.

"Why don't you go and take a shower honey, I'll take one in my bathroom and you can join me in our bed," I said, emphasizing the word our."

"Oh Dad, I do love you. I love it's now our bed."

Ten minutes later I was sat on the edge of the bed wearing a pair of boxers as Hayley came into our bedroom wearing a petite blue cotton bra and matching panties. She stopped to pose for me, slightly turned, one leg bent, and her hand on her hip. "Oh my God Hayley, you look so sexy," I said, causing a big smile to find her face.

"You think I'm sexy Dad?"

"Honey I don't think it - I know you're sexy. I love you bra and panties, don't think I've seen them in the wash."

"I bought them special for you." She walked over and stood in front of me. I put my hands on her waist. "So you like my new undies?"

"God yes they're so sexy, but I'm going to like them even more when I've taken them off." I slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her to me. She rested her hands on my shoulders. I could smell fresh soap on her breasts as I kissed each nipple through the thin cotton triangles of her bra.

She kissed me on my head. "Wanna see 'em?" she said, as she looked down at me with a wicked twinkle in her green eyes.

"I'd love to," I said as I unhooked her bra and let the cups fall away exposing her young breasts. They were perfectly formed with light brown areolae and pink nipples. She let the straps fall off her arms. I took each nipple between my lips and gently squeezed them, making them hard.

"So perfect Hayley, your breasts are so perfect and I'm the luckiest dad in the world because my beautiful daughter lets me see 'em, touch 'em and kiss 'em."

"Oh Dad I love you so much."

I cupped each perfect mound, they fitted perfectly in the palms of my hands. "Exquisite honey. That's the only word to describe them." Her areolae were stippled and her nipples were hard with her arousal. I put my fingers in the waist of her panties, steered them over her sexy bum and let them fall to the floor where she stepped out of them. I gasped a little as I saw her vulva close up again, never getting tired of looking at it.

"You like what you see Dad?"

"Oh fuck Hayley - you have the most gorgeous pussy."

Her outer labia were plump, squashed between her thighs forming a very sexy gap at the top of her slim legs, her light brown inner lips seemed to be peeping out from her cleft and her little button of a clit nestled in its sheath. I looked up and she had a radiant smile on her face as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I'm going to make love with you tonight honey and I hope you remember it as the most magical moment of your life." She had the hint of worry on her face.

"I'm scared it might hurt Dad as you're so big and I can only get three fingers inside my pussy."

"That's okay honey, it may hurt just a little at first but I'm going to let you set the pace." I shucked my boxers. "C'mon Hayley straddle me," I said as I lay on my back. She straddled my hips, her plump labia coddled the shaft of my cock squishing out each side, her clit now made its entrance, peeping out from its hood pulled back by the crown of my cock. She slid back and forth on my shaft now wet with my precum and my daughter's own juices that had started to flow.

Her eyes were closed, nostrils flaring as she ground her clit into the underside of my corona. "Gawd Dad, this feel so good," she said as she placed her palms on my stomach and leaned forward. As she did so my cock slip out and raked across her anus, standing up in the crack of her delicious bum.

"Ooo that felt good," she said, "you ever have anal sex Dad?"

Wow where did that come from? Do all twelve year old girls think about anal sex? "Yes honey, I've had anal sex a few times."

"Did you like it?" she asked as she rubbed the head of my cock around her anus.

"Yes it was okay but not as good as regular intercourse."

"You think we could try it sometime?"

"Let's have intercourse first honey, okay?"

"Kay." She moved the crown of my precum covered cock, to the opening of her vagina and slowly lowered herself against the its tight resistance.

"Hayley, you take it in at your own pace. I won't push so you're in control okay?"

"Okay Dad," she replied as her face scrunched up with both effort and pain. I could feel her vagina dilating as she slowly lowered, impaling herself on my hard cock. The she cried out with pain as the crown popped into her.

"You okay honey?"

"Yes Dad. It hurt a lot when you went first inside but then it stopped," she replied, a big smile replacing the look of pain on her face as she realized she was no longer a virgin. "Now it feels great, a little stuffed but great. I didn't think I could get you inside me," she added proudly. I felt a sigh of relief throughout my body that my daughter had just eased into womanhood with little discomfort.

She slowly lowered herself on me, her warm, wet velvet sheath steadily engulfing me until I was all the way inside, our pubes touched, the crown of my cock hit the rubbery end of her vagina - her cervix. I was finally fucking my daughter, I could hardly believe I had my cock inside a twelve year old girl's pussy, an incredibly intense erotic feeling that I had never experienced before. The fact that I was breaking the law by committing incest made the feeling even more intense.

"God you're so tight honey, you sure I'm not hurting you?"

"No Dad, feels good. I think I like this, we need to do it every day," she said, giggling. I groaned. Slowly she started curling her pussy back and forth, scrubbing her clit along my shaft, eyes closed, brow knitted with concentration. I could sense her orgasm wasn't far away as she started to snort as her breaths escaped her nose and little ughs from her throat every time her clit bumped the underside of my corona.

She started riding me faster alternating between scrubbing her pussy along my shaft and lifting up, bouncing up and down on it, her breasts hardly moving they were that firm. I reached up and tweaked both nipples, eliciting little gasps of pleasure. Her breathing quickened and suddenly her orgasm engulfed her, her tummy fluttered, her areolae darkened, nipples erect. I could actually feel her heart pounding in her chest as I held her breasts in my hands.

"Oh Dad," she moaned as she fell into the arms of an intense orgasm. She dropped to my chest with her arms around my neck, I could feel her whole body shake uncontrollably, my little girl, my Hayley was having her first orgasm with her Dad's cock buried inside her. I had just fucked my twelve year old daughter.

Five minutes later she had regained her composure, lifted up off my chest and looked at me with those beautiful green eyes. "Dad that was incredible, I still can't believe I managed to take all of your cock inside me," she said in a dream like voice. 

"How do you feel honey?" I asked, concerned that I had hurt her.

"A little sore and stretched," she replied, "but you're still hard, you haven't cum yet," she added with a surprised look on her face.

"Hayley honey, I wanted to watch you have your first orgasm with me inside you. Can I ask a favor?"

"Sure Dad, anything."

"I know you want me to cum inside you, but can I do it with me on top?"

"Kay," she replied. I slid my legs to the edge of the bed and put my arms around her waist. She put her legs around my waist as I stood up. It was so erotic, my daughter clung to me, her face next to mine, ankles locked behind my waist, arms around my neck and my cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. I slowly laid her down on her back and nestled between her thighs, her feet resting on my hips.

I supported my weight on my forearms and started to fuck my little girl with long, gentle languorous strokes. This wasn't going to be a hard fuck as I knew she was sore from stretching to accommodate my girth. No, this was going to be a gentle fuck as my orgasm wasn't far away. It had been building from the sight of my daughter fucking me and climaxing with my cock buried inside her. It wasn't going to take much to put me over the top.

Then without warning my orgasm hit me full force as I remembered through the haze of my arousal that my cock was inside a twelve year old's pussy, my daughter's pussy.

"Hayley baby," I cried as I spurted hard inside her, filling her with my teeming fluid, spurting, spurting with each thrust, ball sack slapping against her cheeks, oh bliss, such euphoria, oh God. Hayley was holding me tight, bucking me, matching my gentle thrusts. Finally I was finished, spent, drained. I couldn't support myself any more so I rolled off her, my rapidly softening cock flopped onto my hip, semen seeping out.

She rolled onto her side and put her leg over my thigh, pushing her wet pussy into my hip. "I love you Dad," she said as she caressed my damp brow, "thank you for making this so special. I loved how gentle you were with me, making sure I was okay. Feeling your cock inside me was incredible, and, as much as I had tried to imagine what it would feel like, I never came close."

"I love you too Hayley and it's me who should be thanking you for giving your virginity to me, a girls most precious gift." I pulled the covers up and drifted into a sleep of incredible contentment.

Sex With Dad Was Great

Sexual intercourse with Dad was incredible. He was so gentle with me as I was afraid I couldn't get his large cock inside my small pussy. It hurt when I did finally stretch enough to get him inside me and it was a wonderful feeling. I felt so stuffed, it was like he was inside my tummy. The bra and panties I purchased did the trick as I could see his cock getting hard as he took them off. I loved posing in my undies for him, I felt so sexy, so grown up.

I think I blacked out when I final had my orgasm as I couldn't feel my body, just the intense pleasure in my pussy and nipples. When I finally regained my senses I couldn't believe Dad hadn't cum as well, but I was glad because when he finally did cum, I was able to feel him spurting inside me. I was so happy that I was able to arouse Dad so much and make him cum in me. I want to fuck with him every night now that Maggie had gone and I have Dad all to myself. I can't wait for next weekend when Zoë's here and Dad gets to watch us. I hope for Zoë's sake that Dad makes her feel as good as he made me feel when he sucked my pussy. I don't think Dad will want to have intercourse with her, I don't know if she's on the pill, probably not.

Two Girls, One Cock - Twice The Fun

I was on pins and needles all week in anticipation of having sex with not only my daughter but her best friend Zoë. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to touch her much less developed body, would she react the same way Hayley does when I rub her little nubs of breasts, what would it be like to take her whole breast in my mouth, would she have pubic hairs, damn I was horny as hell and it was only Tuesday, I groaned.

That evening I was sat on the sofa with Hayley beside me, my arm around her shoulder, when I had a wonderful thought that would both provide me with some sexual release as well as giving Hayley a nice show.

"Hayley honey."

"Yes Dad, what is it?"

"It's only Tuesday and I've been horny ever since you told me what Zoë wants to do and I need some relief from these erections I've been having thinking about it."

"You're getting excited, so am I. You want to go to bed and fool around?" she offered, her green eyes twinkling.

"No honey, how would you like it if I masturbated in front of you and shot my load all over your breasts?"

A big smile crossed her face. "Oh God Dad, that sounds so hot, just like in the porn videos. You wanna do it now, here in the living room?"

"Sure why not." She hiked her camisole over her head and lay on the sofa with her head propped up on the arm. I looked at her breasts, so pert, little beaded nipples hardening at the thought of my cum splashing on her chest. I dropped my shorts and boxers and straddled her legs, my cock standing straight out, her green eyes watching it as it twitched.

"I love it when you do that Dad, do it again." I twitched it again. "Love it," she said giggling.

I grasped the shaft in my right hand, full fist grip and started to stroke, her eyes were fixated on the crown and its purple rim as it disappeared under my foreskin as I rubbed up and down my shaft.

"This isn't gonna take long honey as the thought of having sex with you and Zoë at the same time has really turned me on."

Hayley had her hand down the front of her panties inside her sweats and I could see it moving through the material as she diddled her clit. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"You're going to miss the fireworks if you keep your eyes closed," I said.

"Fireworks?" she replied.

"Yeah you know, the big finale, the money shot, when I cum on your tits."

"Daaad, that's the first time you've called my breasts, tits."

"Well honey, I'm getting in the porn movie mode."

She hooted. "Dad you're so funny," she replied as she pulled her hand out of her pants. Things got serious in a hurry as I felt my climax getting near, my body jerked with a spasm and for a second I lost my rhythm and had to stop and regroup. I felt it start deep in my bowels working its way through my crotch and quickly taking over my body. It took all my concentration to keep stroking my shaft with a steady rhythm, feeling the pressure build in my balls, my cock pulsing.

"Oh Hayley, Dad's coming honey." I shuffled closer until the tip of my cock was inches away from my daughter's breasts, so perky, standing straight out. She gasped as the first rope of my cum splashed on her chest between her breasts. I managed to guide the next two onto each of her nipples. When I was finally through and collapsed back on my haunches, her breasts were covered in my semen.

"Dad, I've never seen so much cum. You really are hot for Zoë and me aren't you?"

"Oh honey, you don't know how much." Then to my surprise she scooped a little cum off her breast and tasted it.

"Hmm, not bad Dad. I think I'd like to give you oral sex sometime and let you cum in my mouth. Men like that don't they?"

"Babe, that's the next best thing to intercourse. Maybe you and Zoë could do it together."

Her eyes got big. "Wow that sounds so hot Dad. Can't wait 'till Saturday."

"Me neither honey. Now let me get a washcloth and get you cleaned up, can't have you going to school tomorrow with your daddy's cum on you now, can we?"


Saturday came - finally. I had masturbated four times and had intercourse twice, since Tuesday when I had relieved myself by cumming on Hayley's breasts. She told me afterwards that she found that so erotic. The doorbell rang and I answered it to find Zoë's mother standing there with Zoë behind her.

"Hello Mr. Andrews, I'm Zoë's mother," she said holding out her hand.

"Hi there Zoë's mother," I replied as I shook her hand.

"Take good care of my daughter," she said as she turned to leave.

"I will," I shouted after her. Oh I most definitely will. "Come on in Zoë," I said, as I picked up her overnight bag and closed the door. Zoë had a slightly embarrassed look on her face and she wouldn't look directly at me.

"Come here, honey," I said to her, kneeling down. She walked over to me and I hugged her. "We're going to have fun tonight Zoë and you will enjoy it, I promise. I'll be gentle with you." Just then Hayley came down the stairs.

"Hey Zoë, Dad being nice to you I hope," she said.

"I like your dad a lot, he's cute," Zoë said, blushing slightly.

"He is isn't he?" Hayley replied.

After dinner we sat watching television, Zoë of my left and Hayley on my right. I had my arms around both of them. I slowly moved my hand from Zoë's shoulder and inched down until my finger touched her breast nub eliciting a little gasp. I was so excited to be touching such immature breasts. Unlike my daughter, who had nice swells, Zoë had little bumps somewhere between the start of a pubescent girl's breast buds and actual breasts. My erection strained in my pants and Hayley noticed it and looked over at what I was doing with Zoë and smiled at me. Zoë continued to watch television that was showing Celebrity Squares, as I explored her breast.

I retracted my hand and slipped it inside the neck of her oversized teeshirt that Hayley had purposely told her to wear. As I slid my hand across her bare skin to her breast, rubbing my finger around her little nub, I felt a little shudder in her body as she reacted to my touch. As I explored her breast, I felt the size of it - about the size of a walnut. Her areola was quite puffy and I could feel little bumps dotted around. Her nipple was soft when I first touched it, but as I rubbed it with the tip of my finger, I felt it start to get harder. She shuddered quite hard this time and I felt her bum squirm on the sofa cushion.

Then I remembered Zoë was sitting in the exact same spot that Hayley was sitting when I ejaculated on her breasts. My erection got harder, helped along with squeezes from my daughter.

"She getting you hard Dad," she whispered in my ear. I nodded. Zoë's nipple was quite hard now and as I explored her breast I felt it get larger with her arousal. I couldn't wait to get all of it in my mouth. I was so busy exploring Zoë's breast that I didn't notice her little hand on my thigh easing up higher, until I felt her touch the bulge in my pants. I groaned as she explored my cock through the soft cotton of my sweats, her little hand moving along the shaft from the tip to my pubes, then trying to feel its girth. If she kept this up I was going to cum.

"Okay girls, time for bed," I said as I got up, "you go and get on our bed and I'll join you shortly." Hayley got up and ran to my room with Zoë in hot pursuit. I gave them ten minutes and turned off the television and walked to my bedroom where I saw the most incredible, sexiest, erotic sight I had ever seen. My twelve year old daughter was lying on her back, knees bent and Zoë's head between her open thighs. Zoë's bum was in the air as she knelt and I could see her little pink anus, but the most gorgeous sight was in the gap between her thighs, the hairless peach of her pussy, its cleft closed but a dark shadow at the bottom, the entrance to Zoë's vagina.

"Looks like you girls are having fun," I said as I stepped out of my sweats, kicking them off, my boxers tented with my erection, a large dark spot of precum. Zoë looked back and her eyes widened when she saw my erection through my underwear.

"Don't let me stop what you were doing Zoë," I said as I sat on the bed by her side. She had two fingers inside my daughter's vagina and was licking her clit, in a rather amateurish way I thought.

I put my hand on her sexy little bum. "Zoë honey, you need to be more subtle. Use just the tip of your tongue and gently rub around her clit and occasionally flick it."

She did as I directed and Hayley was soon moaning with the pleasure her best friend was giving her.

"That's right honey, now rotate your fingers as you push them in and out of her pussy." More moans from my daughter. I caressed Zoë's sexy little rump, her cheeks felt cool and soft under my palm. Kneeling behind her now, I opened her legs a little, exposing more of her pink anus and as I rubbed it with the tip of my finger I heard her moan, ah Zoë likes her ass touched. My finger explored more of her cleft, touching her little clit elicited more moans and as I rubbed around the opening to her vagina and then entered her, I felt her wetness, shy little Zoë was aroused.

"Oooh, I like that," she said, wiggling her sexy little bum at me.

Zoë continued licking my daughter's pussy while I finger fucked her vagina. Hayley was starting to squirm on the bed as her orgasm took over, clamping Zoë's hand between her thighs.

"Oh gawd Zoë," she murmured as she climaxed, grabbing balls of sheet in her fists. It was a very erotic sight, my daughter climaxing at the hands of her twelve year old best friend. I could easily have cum if I masturbated but I wanted to save it for later.

"Zoë why don't lay on your back for me," I said after Hayley had recovered. As she lay there with her legs open I got to see her sexy pudendum up close and personal as the saying goes. Her mons was completely bald and her labia where not as pronounced as my daughter's, but she had an interesting slit, the clitoral hood took up about one half of it and her clit was poking out and I thought it quite large, given how small her vulva was. This girl's going to have some incredible orgasms I thought.

I lay between her legs and sucked on her little breast nubs, taking each one entirely into my mouth. I heard little gasps as I sucked on them and swirled my tongue around her beaded nipples.

"I love your breasts Zoë," I said, "they are so sweet."

I licked down across her tummy, leaving little kisses, until I reached her pussy. I gently parted her labia, finding the entrance to her vagina that was slowly seeping her creamy cum. I had never seen a female's cum like that, Zoë was indeed a special girl, her youth and innocence so desirable. I pushed a finger in, past part of her hymen up to the second knuckle and beyond. She clenched her muscles, squeezing my finger with her velvet-like sheath.

Her clit was erect, gorged with blood of her arousal laying in her labial fold of its hood. I knew it would not take long to bring her to her orgasm as her moans were getting louder as I gently sucked and licked it, while rotating my finger. Her juices were flowing freely as she started to hump me, grinding her pussy on my tongue and hand. I looked up and saw Hayley sucking on Zoë's small buds while looking at me and smiling. She was enjoying this as much as I was. I had two naked twelve year old girls in my bed and I was about to fuck one of them. How much better can it get than that?

Zoë' moans became louder, her breathing quickened, and her head tossed from side to side as her orgasm consumed her.

"Oh gaaaawd, it feels so........." she grabbed my hair and held me against her pussy as she climaxed, tremors coursing through her body, her legs trembling. I looked up at Hayley and she was pinching Zoë's little nipples. Finally Zoë quieted and relaxed, her arms flopped by her sides.

"Oh that was incredible, just like Hayley said it would be," Zoë said as she came down off her high. "Are you and Hayley going to have sex now?"

"You bet, wanna watch?"

"Kay," she replied with a big smile on her face.

I stood up and shucked my boxers, my cock sprang out of their confines and stood straight out inches from Zoë's face. Her eyes got big.

"Wow it's bigger than my dad's," she observed.

"And when did you see your dad's?" I asked.

"I saw him in the shower one day and he was rubbing it," she replied with slight embarrassment. Hayley was lying on the bed smiling as Zoë relayed the story of seeing her dad's cock. I climbed on between her legs, her vulva was plump and open and very wet. I placed the crown of my cock, its helmet purple and gorged, against my daughter's vagina and pushed gently against her tight opening and I slipped right in. Each time we had intercourse it was easier for me to enter her without too much dilation. Her vagina was slowly adapting to the girth of my cock. Zoë watched intently as my cock plunged in and out of her friends pussy.

"Does it hurt?" Zoë asked.

"Not any more," Hayley replied. I fucked my little girl while her best friend watched, such a turn on, but what turned me on even more is what my daughter said next.

"Dad, Zoë and I want to have oral sex with your," she said in a matter of fact manner.

Oh my God, someone pinch me as I'm dreaming. Did my daughter just say she and her friend want to give me a blow job. Jeezus H Christmas. I pulled out of Hayley's pussy and lay beside her. Zoë jumped on the bed on my other side. My daughter took the lead. She lifted my erection off my stomach and kissed the crown ever so softly. I groaned.

She looked at me and without taking her eyes off mine she lowered her mouth over my cock, a gasp escaped my mouth. Oh man how much more erotic can it get, the sight of my twelve year old daughter with my cock in her mouth and her best friend Zoë looking on in amazement? Oh it got better alright.

Hayley sucked the crown of my cock, taking in about a quarter of its length, allowing room for Zoë to lay her head on my hip and lick my shaft. The two of them had choreographed this to perfection and I wondered how they had practiced this as it was obvious they had, otherwise it would be unplanned chaos with heads butting and mouths getting in each others way. It was almost like a synchronized blow job (bet that won't make it to the next Olympics) as they changed places and now Zoë was sucking on my cock all the while looking at me, her initial shyness now gone. I was rapidly approaching my climax and it seemed as if they had already decided who was going to make me cum, as they switched places again, my daughter now had my cock on her mouth, bobbing faster. I felt my orgasm rising fast, my balls contracting.

"I'm coming girls," was all I could manage, as my cock bulged, semen coursing through my shaft and spurting out into my twelve year old daughter's mouth. She tried to keep up with the amount of cum I was giving her but she couldn't swallow fast enough and some leaked past her lips and down onto Zoë's hand as she stroked my cock. Without hesitation she leaned in and licked some off her fingers. Oh gawd, this was just too much as I spurted more cum into Hayley's mouth.

I finally stopped, I had none left to give and my flaccid cock slipped out of my daughter's mouth. Zoë let go of it and it flopped onto my leg seeping the last of my cum. Hayley wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and licked the last of my semen, all the while looking at me and smiling with those gorgeous green eyes.

"My God you two. That was incredible. I've never felt anything that intense before and Hayley, I totally lost if when you let me cum in your mouth and swallowed. I didn't expect that."

"I like the taste of your cum Dad, I just couldn't keep up with how much you were spurting."

"You two are like the tag team of oral sex." Both girls laughed. Then Zoë, cute Zoë , little innocent, yet very sexy and desirable Zoë spoke.

"When can we have intercourse Caleb? Hayley has told me how good it makes her feel and I want to experience that," she asked.

"We have to talk about that honey, that's a serious step."


Zoë became a regular fixture in mine and Hayley's lovemaking. She somehow convinced her mom to put her on the pill as I hated to use condoms. Over the next year she developed quite fast and soon caught up with Hayley, her breasts got larger and my prediction that, with her large clit she would have intense orgasms, was right. As soon as we started having intercourse her orgasms were amazing as her large clit was pressed every time I plunged into her.

My daughter was growing up fast and our love for each other got deeper over time. When she turned sixteen I was saddened to see her go on her first date. The kid seemed nice, a little immature in my mind, but he seemed to dote on Hayley. I reminded her that unprotected sex was not a good idea and her typical response was "Daaaad, it's just a date, I'm not about to sleep with him. You're my lover and I don't want anyone else." I think she was just dating because that was what all her peers were doing and she didn't want to be labeled a lesbian.

When she turned twenty one, she announced one day that she wanted to have my baby. We talked about it, consulted the extensive evidence of what pitfalls there were if a father and daughter had a baby. We finally decided, after getting our DNA results and showing them to a very close and discreet friend who was an OBGYN, that the risks were very minimal. Hayley got pregnant the first time and after a very normal pregnancy that we told friends was the result of a very brief affair, she gave birth to a very healthy girl who weighed in at seven pounds three ounces, who we named Carys - the Welsh name for love.


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