Lovely Luscious Lilly
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mg 11, MF, oral, con, ped, action/adventure, romantic

Silas' contract was to find a runaway girl from a wealthy family. What he didn't bargain for, was the surprise he got when he found her.

Chapter One

Silas Martin was a small man, no taller than five foot five, and just over a 140 pounds, but he could kill a man a foot taller and a 100 pounds heavier in a split second. He was the youngest, lightest, shortest graduate of the SBS academy – the Special Boat Service, part of the Royal Marines, itself a division of the Royal Navy. To become a member of the SBS, he had to have been a Royal Marine for two years, and then complete a selection process, composed of a four week physical training exercise, in the wilds of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales; followed by nine weeks of tactical and weapons training, and fourteen weeks of combat survival and counter terrorism. The SBS is the United Kingdom's version of the US Navy Seals, and, like the Seals, the dropout rate is around 75 percent. So, to become a member of the SBS, you have to be an exceptional individual, and Silas Martin graduated number one in his class.

Silas, now retired from the SBS was, what he liked to be called – a Problem Solver. For a considerable sum of money, he was hired to solve people's problems, that they, either couldn't do for themselves for various reasons – staying out of the public eye for one, or, they didn't want to get involved in some of more messier aspects. He was not a hired assassin by any means, but if killing someone was the only way of solving the problem, then so-be-it.

He was sat at a small table, outside a sidewalk café in Salinas, in the north end of California's Salinas Valley, sipping an espresso and reading the local rag. Except he wasn't reading, he was observing the activities of one Ernesto Delgado, head of the local branch of the feared Tijuana Cartel, also known as the Arellano Félix Organization, based in Tijuana, one of the most strategically important border towns in Mexico. The cartel was responsible for bringing huge amounts of drugs into the US every year.

But, Silas' interest in Delgado, had nothing to do with his connections to the cartel, or even drugs for that matter. Silas' contract was to find Emily, the sixteen year old daughter of a wealthy New York family, who had apparently run away from home a month ago. His instructions were quite clear, bring the girl back at all costs, even if it involved extreme measures, which, in his language, meant killing whomever was in the way of his mission. He traced her from the Hamptons where she lived, through Grand Central Station in New York city, where she boarded a train for Ocala, Florida. There, she bummed a ride with a long distance truck driver, who drove her across country to Los Angeles. After much digging, and several thousand dollars in bribes, he had found out that she was being held as some sort of sex slave by Delgado, as apparently he had a predilection for young girls.

So far, Silas had not been able to find out where Delgado kept Emily, as he was constantly on the move; it was if he was intent on keeping his whereabouts a secret, probably scared of a hit from a rival cartel. Following him had been a problem, even for an expert like Silas, as the driver was very adept at dropping the tail. But Delgado had made one mistake; every day, he would eat breakfast at the same restaurant, so, as his driver lost Silas' tail, Silas always knew where to find him the next morning.

This time he had managed to attach a tracking device to Delgado's car. He had watched for days, as his driver meticulously scanned the vehicle for any tracking device, before picking up his boss, but noticed that Delgado was a very impatient man – another mistake, as he berated the driver for taking so long to pick him up, making him stand at the curb. So the driver started scanning the vehicle after dropping his boss off, while parked a block away, staying with the vehicle.

Silas put a ten dollar bill under the espresso cup, and walked to where Delgado's driver was parked. 'He may be good at dropping a tail,' Silas thought, 'but sloppy at where he parks.' Instead of parking in the open, where he would be able to see anyone who approached the vehicle, he chose a spot in the shade of a building next to an alley, presumably to keep the car cool, without running the engine for the hour it took his boss to eat breakfast. Silas approached from the opposite end of the alley with a street urchin, who, for a crisp one hundred dollar bill, had agreed to go to the front of the car, and sit on the driver's side fender. Attaching the tracking device was a simple ten second job, while the boy distracted the driver.

Silas got into his parked car around the corner. He was in no hurry, as the device he used, had a built-in GPS and transmitter. All he had to do, was monitor its movements via an app on his iPhone that provided a live update. He followed at a safe two mile distance, watching to see what turns the car made. After an hour, the car stopped. Silas, a mile and a half behind, pulled over onto the shoulder and cut the engine. He was on the outskirts of Gonzales, a small town alongside the Salinas River, off Highway 101.

He opened Google maps, and pulled up a street view of the house where the car had stopped; it was a sprawling single story structure, surrounded by a high wall, with a pair of wrought iron gates. On the left was a neighboring house, and on the right an open field. Two hours after the sun went down, he started the car and drove to within a block of the house. Pulling on a black hoodie, he slipped noiselessly through the neighbor's yards, avoiding houses with lights on. Finally, he crouched behind a low wall across the street from the house where Delgado's car was parked, behind closed gates.

The Yukon night vision optic, provided a good view of the house, which had decent security, with multiple cameras; but his experienced eye noticed a hole in their coverage. Two guards with MP5 automatic weapons on slings around their necks, patrolled the grounds. However, instead of splitting up and patrolling in opposite directions, they wandered aimlessly together, talking in Spanish and smoking cigarettes, obviously Delgado didn't hire professionals, which made Silas' job easier.


He waited patiently until an hour after the lights in the house went out, and the two guards had disappeared around the left side of the building. Quickly crossing the street, he scaled the wall on the right side, and dropped silently to the soft earth below. Crouching to avoid the camera, he crossed the fifteen feet of lawn to the stuccoed wall of the house. With his back to the wall, he sidled along until he was at the rear corner. Peering around, he spotted the two men, who had stopped by a large cottonwood tree; one man was taking a leak against the tree trunk.

The first man went down with two holes in his head, the phutt, phutt of his silenced Beretta nine millimeter, alerted the second man, who fumbled with his automatic weapon, but it was too late; two more shots ended his life. There was a high, narrow window on the left side of the house. Because of its location and size, he guessed it to be a bathroom and, because it was cracked open for ventilation, not alarmed.

Silas hauled himself up, opened the window, and, because of his small frame, easily climbed through and lowered himself onto the bathtub. The bathroom door was open, so he quietly slipped into the hallway. The faint sound of a television came from the front of the house. Following the sound, he came to an opening into the large living room. A man, who he recognized as the driver, was asleep on the couch. The phutt, phutt of the Beretta put two holes in the man's head, kicking up dust motes from the couch.

Heading back down the hallway, he carefully opened the door to a bedroom; it was empty. Two more bedrooms were also empty. Silas was getting concerned, as all the bedrooms were empty. He was sure Delgado was in the house, but where? The last door led to a staircase – the house had a basement. This surprised him, as houses in this part of the country very rarely had basements, but was ideal to keep girls prisoners, with no means of escape, and any noise would be filtered by the thick concrete walls.

Noises were coming from below, so he quietly descended the wooden staircase into a dark hallway. A light was showing under a door at the far end, and as he got nearer, he could discern the sobs of a girl, and the laughter of a man. He figured it had to be Delgado.


He slowly pushed the door open. The girl, who he recognized as Emily, was naked and handcuffed to a bed. She was a beautiful girl, with long brown hair that looked as though it hadn't been washed in a week; her breasts were heaving as she cried and pleaded. Delgado was also naked, and had his hand around his erect, but fairly small penis; he was waving it around in front of the girl, speaking in Spanish and laughing. Two shots to the back of his head ended his laughter, and his life; pieces of his skull, blood, and brain matter splattered onto the girl's naked body; she screamed. Silas quickly ran over to her.

"It's okay Emily, I'm here to help," he said. She finally calmed down; Silas fished in Delgado's pant's pockets, and found the key to the handcuffs. After she was free, she cleaned herself up at the sink in the corner. She didn't try to cover her nakedness, her need for modesty was overridden by the need to clean Delgado's brains off her neck and breasts. Silas could see why he snatched Emily off the streets to become his sex slave; she was beautiful, with a very sexy body, small firm breasts, that didn't move much as she washed them, a flat tummy and the top of her mons covered in dark brown hair. When she had finished, she looked at Silas, who immediately averted his gaze.

"Sorry Emily, didn't mean to stare," he said, turning his back to her, "where are your clothes?"

"S'kay," she said, as she walked to a chair in the corner and quickly got dressed.

"C'mon, we need to get out of here," he said, taking her hand.

She resisted. "We can't leave without Lilly," she pleaded.

"Who's Lilly?"

"She's another girl he has prisoner."

"Where is she?"

"In the bedroom at the other end of the hall."

"Show me," he said. Emily led him down the hallway to a locked door. A quick kick, easily splintered the wooden frame, and the door swung open, banging against the wall. Huddled in the corner on the floor, was a young girl, no older than ten or eleven, wearing a dirty tee-shirt and equally dirty panties. She had beautiful caramel colored hair, that also looked as if it hadn't been washed in a while, with large pale-hazel eyes, and a terrified look on her dirty face. When she saw Emily, she got up and rushed over, hugging her around her waist, keeping Emily between herself and Silas, peered out at him, watching his every move.

"What happened?" Lilly asked.

"This man killed the Mexican," Emily replied. Lilly looked at his piercing blue eyes; she could see concern and warmth. She rushed over, and put her arms around his chest and hugged him, her head came up to his chin; Silas was surprised at how tight she was holding him.

"S'okay Lilly, you're safe now," Emily said.

"Emily, find the rest of her clothes and get her dressed, I'll be waiting upstairs." He went to move, but Lilly wouldn't let him go. After Emily had helped Lilly get dressed, they climbed the stairs, and, as they entered the living room, Lilly gasped when she saw the dead body on the couch; she quickly turned away, hiding behind Silas, with her arms around his chest.

"C'mon girls, we need to get out of here, my car's a block away." Lilly held his hand tightly, as they walked to his car, a Toyota Camry from Avis. Neither girl spoke on the hour drive to the Best Western Inn, off highway 101 near the Market Street exit in Salinas. He already had a room there, having spent days trying to find out where Delgado was living.


"Emily, why don't you and Lilly go into the bathroom, take a shower and clean up," he said, when they were safely inside the room. "I need to leave for a while, as I have to make a few arrangements." Lilly clung to him, not allowing him to leave.

"It's okay love," he said, "you'll both be safe here." He looked at Emily for help. Emily came over and hugged Lilly.

"S'okay Lilly, he'll be back soon, I'll be here with you," she said. Emily's calming words seemed to reassure her.

Silas left the room, and took the elevator to the lobby. He called Emily's parents to let them know that their daughter was safe, and where they were. Her father said he would take his private plane, and be at Salinas Municipal airport the next day around one o'clock.

As he entered the hotel room, Lilly ran over, and put her arms around him, her large pale-hazel looked up at him. He was still surprised at how she'd taken to him, after what she'd been through.

A while later, after he'd put Lilly to bed and she'd fallen asleep, Emily whispered in his ear. "You need to know that the Mexican raped her, and I was to be next, so you came just in time."

"Thanks for telling me that Emily, I'm still surprised that she hugged me. I called your parents, and your father is flying out to pick you up tomorrow."

"I can't thank you enough . . . sorry, I don't even know your name."

"It's Silas. Do you know anything about Lilly, where's she from, her name?"

"Sorry, she was there when I arrived. She told me about being raped. She's pretty shook up."

Silas hadn't factored another girl into the picture. His job was to get Emily back, and that was all. But, when he saw how terrified Lilly was, he couldn't just walk away and leave her. Now she was his responsibility, and he needed to find out who she was, and where she lived. He hoped a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed, might make her talkative, as she hadn't said a word to him.


Lilly was terrified, when she saw her door crash open, and a small wiry man burst in. She thought she was going to be raped again, but when she saw Emily, she knew she was safe. The man's piercing blue eyes looked at her, and she knew he was nice, not like the nasty Mexican, who had put his dirty smelly cock in her mouth, and raped her. It'd hurt so much when he forced her legs apart, and pushed his small cock into her, making her bleed. When Emily said he'd killed the nasty Mexican, she knew he would take care of her, and she loved his funny accent. She had never seen a dead body before, and the one on the couch with two small red holes in his head, made her feel sick.


Chapter Two

The next morning Silas woke early, as he always did. He looked over at the two girls sleeping in the other bed. He studied Lilly; she was a beautiful young girl, her caramel colored hair looked darker against the white cotton pillow case; she had a round face, with a small nose, plump red lips, and a small Milky Way of freckles across the top of her cheeks, and the bridge of her nose. Her tee-shirt was dirty, it looked even more so, in contrast with her freshly washed alabaster skin; he could just make out two small swells, with smaller bumps on top, where her breasts pushed against the thin cotton; they rose and fell with her breathing.


Lilly could sense someone was staring at her, and, as she opened her eyes, she saw the man looking at her with those piercing blue eyes. He smiled at her, which made her feel good inside. She remembered the man, the man who raped her, coming to the orphanage in Midland Texas, where she had lived for as long as she could remember. He handed over an envelope stuffed with money, to the lady who ran the home. She knew it was money, as the lady opened the envelope, and flicked through the hundred dollar bills. She thought she was going to a nice place, but instead, she was taken to the big house, where she was locked up in the basement. She felt so helpless, and even the arrival of Emily didn't make her feel better, in fact she was certain that Emily would be raped next, but didn't tell her.


He woke the girls, who both yawned and stretched. They went to the bathroom and closed the door. Ten minutes later, now dressed, they sat on the bed.

"Lilly, we need to go shopping, you need new clothes. You too Emily, you can't let your father see you in those dirty rags." As they walked to his car, Lilly wouldn't let go of his hand, he had to put her in the passenger seat next to him, as she refused to sit in the back. They stopped off at the local mall, and in the girls section of Macy's, he approached a sales woman.

"I need your help, my niece here, needs all new clothes, could you help her please. She also needs half a dozen sets of underwear."

"Be glad to help sir," she said. Lilly looked back at him with trepidation, as the woman took her hand and walked to the changing rooms. Silas smiled at her, and beckoned her to go.

"It's okay Lilly, I'll be right here when you come back."

Emily wandered through the racks and picked out some new clothes for herself. A while later, Lilly and the sales woman came out, and headed for the underwear section, where Lilly picked out different colored panties. He noticed they also took some cotton bras off the rack. Silas stood well back, young girls' underwear was foreign to him. An hour later, he was left to carry three large bags, while Lilly and Emily, hand in hand headed for the food court, as they decided they were starving.

They ate an early lunch at Chick-fil-A, the girls each had chicken nuggets and a Pepsi, Silas, a chicken sandwich – no pickle, fries and a lemonade. Afterwards, they headed back to the hotel. Silas hadn't seen Lilly smile once, which, given what had happened to her, was no surprise. He decided to leave off asking any questions for a while, as he needed to gain her trust.


Back in the room, Lilly rummaged through the bags, and took out a pair of powder blue cotton panties and a matching bra. Silas noticed that the tags were still on them, so he took his pocket knife and cut them off, same for the matching blue camisole, blue Levis, and socks. She blushed, as he handed her the bra and panties back to her. Ten minutes later, she came out of the bathroom, and for the first time, he saw the flicker of a smile on her face.

"Lilly, sit down please, I need to talk to you." He knelt in front of her, as she sat on the bed with his hands in hers resting in her lap.

"We need to get back to my home, and then figure out what to do with you, okay?" She nodded. "I live on the East Coast, in a cabin in the mountains. We can't take a commercial flight, as you don't have any identification, so I've asked Emily's father to let us travel with him. You okay with that love?"

She thought for a moment and looked at Emily, who nodded her head. "Kay," she said.

"I knew you could speak," he said; she smiled, not a big grin, but a small shy smile nonetheless. It was a milestone, albeit a small one.


They waited in the airport's General Aviation lounge, and watched as the Lear45XR taxied to the ramp. As the twin turbofan engines spooled down, the door opened, and a tall man, who Silas assumed was Emily's father, came down the steps. Emily ran out to meet him. They walked hand in hand into the lounge, Emily was crying, telling her father how sorry she was for running away. Her father came up to Silas and shook his hand.

"Thank you for finding my daughter," he said. "I can never thank you enough, but the bonus wired to your bank account might go some ways."

"Glad to be of service sir," he said, "and thanks for agreeing to drop us off in Charlotte." They all walked out to the plane, that had now been refueled for their return trip home, while the co-pilot stowed their bags in the external luggage hold.

Lilly looked up at Silas, with those huge pale-hazel eyes. He sensed a change in her, maybe she was starting to trust him; it seemed as if she didn't want to leave his side, leave his protection. As she took her seat, Lilly looked around the interior of the business jet; she'd never been on an airplane before, and to Silas, she seemed a little nervous.

He put his hand over hers. "It's okay Lilly, nothing to be nervous about," he said softly, "everything's going to be okay."


His hand was warm, as he laid it on hers. She decided that maybe she could trust him. As the jet rumbled down the runway and lifted off, she held the armrests of the leather covered seat so tight, her knuckles turned white. Once in the air, and the whine of hydraulics and rumble of the retracting landing gear was gone, she relaxed. A nice lady, dressed in some sort of uniform, offered her a glass of orange juice. She sipped it, as she looked out of the window at the white clouds rushing by, wondering what was to become of her.


Silas watched her intently, wondering what he was going to do with her.


Chapter Three

Lilly woke with a start at the whining and rumbling sound of the landing gear. The noise of rushing air intensified, as it deployed and locked into place. She looked out of the window, and saw tiny cars moving on narrow roads two thousand feet below. Fifteen minutes later, the Lear touched down and taxied to the General Aviation ramp of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Everyone got off and waited in the lounge while the plane was refueled.

Emily put her arms around Silas' neck and hugged him. "I can never thank you enough Silas," she said, "I'll never forget you. Take care of Lilly." She kissed his cheek.

"I will," he replied.

She also hugged Lilly. "He's a good man, he'll take care of you," she whispered in her ear. They waved goodbye, Emily was waving at the window, as the sleek jet taxied away. Silas toted the three bags of Lilly's clothes and his own small bag, and took a cab to the long term parking lot, where he stowed the luggage in the back of his Lexus F-Sport. He helped Lilly climb into the passenger seat, and fastened her seatbelt. She didn't speak a word during the journey to his cabin outside Asheville, just stared outside at the scenery as it flashed by. At his cabin, he unloaded the car, and took the bags into the house. Dropping his case by the door, he took the bags of Lilly's clothes into one of the guest bedrooms, and placed them on the bed.

"This is your room Lilly, it has its own bathroom."

She looked around the room with its queen-size bed, large dresser, and something she had never seen before, a full length mirror.

"Nice," she said.

"Why don't you put your clothes in the closet over there," Silas said, pointing to the door next to the bathroom. "Are you hungry?"

"No thanks I'm tired," she replied. Silas was happy that she was now speaking more than a single word.

"Okay love, there's a fresh toothbrush in the bathroom. Good night." She didn't reply, so Silas closed the door and went to his room. After undressing down to his boxers, he got into bed. After a tiring twenty four hours, sleep came easily.


Silas awoke early the next morning to the sound of faint, almost inaudible snores, and something firm under the palm of his hand. As he opened his eyes, he realized he was spooning Lilly's small body, and his hand was holding a petite breast through a cotton tee-shirt. He immediately pulled it back, and rested it on her pantied bony hip. He had no idea how long she'd been in his bed, and absolutely no idea why he was getting an erection. If he had already been hard, he would have understood, as he frequently had a morning woody as he woke up. But this was inexplicable, why was he getting aroused by a ten or eleven year old girl; he didn't know her exact age, it was unimportant. What was important, was that he was in bed with her, had an erection, and was not ashamed of it.


When she climbed into bed the previous night, she couldn't sleep; she kept reliving the horrible things the nasty Mexican had done to her. Alone in her bed, she felt vulnerable, she needed the reassurance that being near to him gave her. She got out of bed, and went to his room. He was fast asleep, so she slipped under the covers, taking care not to wake him and snuggled into him, taking his hand and putting it around her waist. Now she felt safe.

When she felt Silas pull his hand back the next morning, it woke her up. She felt vulnerable, scared; she wanted him to protect her, she wanted his arm around her, she wanted him to hug her, to keep her safe. She took his hand, and pulled it back around her waist, and snuggled closer to him. Now she felt safe.


The overwhelming urge to pee, forced Silas to get out of bed, but she had his hand trapped. "Lilly, I need to go pee love," he said, "can I have my hand back please?"

"Only if you promise to come back and cuddle me," she replied.

"Wow, Lilly, that was a complete sentence. Okay love, I promise," he said, as he got off the bed to the sound of a little giggle. After waiting for his erection to fade so he could pee, he relieved himself, and climbed back into bed and hugged her back.

"Why did you come to my bed Lilly?"

"I was alone and it scared me, I don't ever want to be alone again," she said, as she pushed her bum into his crotch and pulled his arm tighter around her waist. Silas started to get another erection. Before she could hold onto him, he quickly got out of bed.

"I'm hungry, why don't you shower and get dressed, while I fix breakfast," he said, as he pulled on his jeans and a shirt; Lilly watched him, the covers pulled up to her chin. He stopped and turned; his heart skipped a beat as he looked at her, large pale-hazel eyes stared back at him.

"Lilly, you are the most beautiful young lady I've ever met." She blushed, and ducked under the covers.


She blushed, as he told her she was beautiful. She decided she liked him a lot, and was going to stay with him forever, maybe marry him one day, and have babies with him. He was very handsome, his sandy colored hair, that he kept trimmed very short, a sort of buzz cut, made his head seem larger, and those piercing blue eyes made her melt inside every time he looked at her with such tenderness. She was surprised that she wasn't scared, when she felt his penis pressing against her bottom, in fact she liked that she could arouse him, and she adored his funny accent, and didn't know why he kept calling her love.


Silas was drinking a cup of coffee, when Lilly appeared in the kitchen, she had on a pair of white capris, a white camisole with spaghetti straps, a pair of white footies and the pink KEDS she loved so much. She had never had clothes this nice before; at the orphanage, all she got were hand-me-downs from the older girls. She loved the while lacy bra and matching panties she was wearing, they made her feel so sexy.

"Wow Lilly, you look gorgeous," he said, "you've got good taste in clothes love."

"Thanks Silas, and thanks for buying them for me."

"You like French toast love?" he asked, as he retrieved a carton of orange juice from the fridge. "OJ okay?"

She nodded, as she climbed on a bar stool at the kitchen island.

"Don't know, never had it."

"You want to try it?"

"Kay," she replied, as she sipped the orange juice he had poured for her. Silas whipped up the eggs and milk, adding a single drop of vanilla extract.

"Why do you have a funny accent?" she asked.

"Because I was born in England."

"Is that where you learned English, and what's with the love thing?"

Silas chuckled. "No love, everyone in England speaks English, that's why it's called English. The love thing? Oh . . . I see, well it's a term of endearment. I guess you'd say honey or dear. Oh, by the way, how old are you?"

"I'm eleven, I'll be twelve in six months." Ten minutes later, she had demolished two whole slices of French toast soaked in maple syrup. She decided she liked French toast.

"What's that stuff you poured over the the toast," she asked, licking it off her fork, "it's deelicious."

"It's maple syrup," he replied, "real maple syrup, not that sugary stuff they pass off as maple syrup. Comes out of a maple tree."

Finished, she picked up her plate and cutlery, and carried them to the sink. Sitting back down, she sipped her second glass of orange juice.

"What do you do Silas? I mean do you rescue girls? Did you kill both those men at the house?"

"I'm what you call a problem solver, and I don't think we need to talk about those men at the house."

"What's a problem solver?"

"Well, I solve people's problems. Take Emily. Her father approached me to find her, as she had run away from home. So I found her for him." She was quiet, turning his answer over in her head. He thought she was extremely cute when she was thinking. She'd frown and squint one minute, moving her mouth to one side, if the thought was giving her a problem; then the frown would vanish, her squint would go away, and she'd smile as she understood it.

"Kay," she said, but the frown was still there.

"What would you like to do today Lilly, I'm all yours?"

"Can we go shopping?" she asked, "I need some stuff like shampoo."

"Shopping it is love. You go get ready – oh you are ready. Okay, let me put the dishes in the dishwasher and then we can leave."


Ten minutes later, they were on their way to Asheville. During the drive, she peppered him with more questions about 'problem solving,' to which her gave vague answers, which elicited more questions. He was finding out, that Lilly was as smart as a whip, which surprised him. He hadn't really thought much about young eleven year old girls, figured all they thought about, were boys and the latest fashions or music, but Lilly was different; she seemed old for her years, more mature. He decided it was time to find out more about his young charge.

In Asheville, they shopped. It was if Lilly had never shopped before. Her amazement at the things that were available, took her breath away. Silas was perplexed at her exuberance for the simple pleasure of shopping for mundane things, like shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, underarm deodorant. They stopped by the Verizon store, and he got Lilly an iPhone, that was added to his account; he put his name and number in her contacts list – the only one. Lilly had never had a phone before, and didn't know how to use it, so the very helpful sales associate, took a good half hour showing her. Lilly was a quick study, and soon got the hang of it.

At noon, they stopped at a small café for lunch. After seeing Lilly's eyes get large at the sight of the various dishes on a simple menu, Silas decided he needed to probe her for answers.

"Lilly, I have a question for you," he said, as he finished off a tuna melt.

"Kay," she replied, after she had swallowed the last of the shoestring fries.

"Where were you raised, I mean where's your mum and dad?"

She studied his face for a few minutes. He had very soft features, for someone who so easily killed at least two men. She knew she could trust him with her life – she had trusted him with her life.

"I don't remember my mom and dad," she said, "I was raised in an orphanage in Midland, Texas. The Mexican you killed, came about two weeks ago, and paid the woman who ran the place a lot of money for me. I thought I was finally going to a nice home." Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and tumbled down her cheeks. His heart went out to her. What a horrible thing for a caregiver to do, sell her into slavery for the sexual gratification of a man. He decided there and then, that she would stay with him as long she wanted to. He would take care of her, and provide for her. She brought a bright ray of sunshine into his otherwise gray life.

He reached across the table, and took her hand in his. "Lilly, you can stay with me as long as you want, I'll never leave you alone." The look on her face was one of utter love for him.

"Thanks Silas," she said, "that means a lot to me."

His iPhone indicated he had a text. He looked at it. "Shit!" he said.

"What's wrong," she asked.

"I have a new assignment, and it's in Raleigh, about a four hour drive away."

"Can I come?"

"It's too dangerous love."

"But you said you'd never leave me," she replied, tears again forming in her eyes.

He knew he could turn down the assignment, and he didn't need the thirty thousand dollar fee, but he'd never refused one before. This one was from the head of security of a national bank, who had received a tip from one of the tellers, that the manager of a local branch was laundering money for some some unknown person or entity. They didn't want to send in the auditors, as that would tip off the manager, who could then possibly destroy any paper trail.

He decided to take the contract, and take Lilly with him to Raleigh. He'd leave her in the hotel room while he did his work.

"Okay Lilly, you can come, but you have to promise to do whatever I tell you, okay?"

Her face lit up. "Kay, thanks."


Chapter Four

Back at the cabin, Silas cooked steaks on the grill in the outdoor kitchen. He showed Lilly how to clean the baked potatoes with a stiff brush and dish washing liquid, telling her to rinse them well afterwards. They had been baking on the grill wrapped in foil for a good 45 minutes, when he added the steaks. He let Lilly have a quarter glass of red wine with dinner, and afterwards, she sat next to him on the sofa. They watched television until 9:30, when she said she was going to bed; she kissed him on his mouth, which surprised him, and left. Silas sat and sipped his two fingers of I.W.HARPER 15 year old bourbon until ten, when he turned off the lights and the television, and headed for his room. He didn't notice Lilly in his bed, until he had stripped to his boxers and brushed his teeth.

He heard little snores as he approached the bed. "Darn it," he muttered, "will she ever sleep in her own bed." Resigned to the fact, he got in and separated himself from her as much as he could, and went to sleep.


Lilly awoke the next morning, it was really early as it was quite dark outside. She looked over at Silas who was still asleep on his back, he had pushed the covers off during the night, and she noticed that there was a large bulge in his boxers. She knew he had an erection, as she felt it the previous morning, pushing against her bum. She wondered what it looked like, so she carefully put her hand in the fly and felt it, hard, yet soft. She gingerly pulled it out and looked at it.

He had a beautiful penis she thought, and quite large, as she couldn't get her hand all the way around it. It thrilled her to be holding it, and it made her breasts heavy, her nipples got hard, and her pussy throbbed with excitement. She wondered if she could make him cum without waking him. Rubbing her hand up and down his shaft, she felt his body responding with little jerks of his leg, and bottom. Looking at his face, she noticed his brow was furrowed, and his breathing quickened.


Silas was having a wonderful dream. Even though he knew he would never ever touch a young girl in a sexual way, in dreams you could do all sorts of things, that were both illicit and immoral, things that would get you locked up and the key thrown away, if you did it in real life. You were free to do whatever you wanted, with no consequences; tonight, Silas was in bed with a young pubescent girl. She was naked, and he was staring at her breasts, that looked like small cones, with puffed areolae from her intense arousal, and small beaded nipples on top – like the cherry on a sundae. Her little tummy was flat between two bony hips, and a beautiful, smooth, hairless mound, with plump labia forming a tiny slit, a small indent at the top.

He took one of her delectable breasts into his mouth, and sucked gently, rolling his tongue around the firm rubbery nipple. His hand slipped over her thigh, as she opened her legs for him; he cupped her sweet pussy in the palm of this hand, a soft palm-full, feeling the heat of her arousal. Gently, he probed with his middle finger, feeling it slip into her cleft, parting her plump labia; the tip of his finger rested at the bottom of her cleft, at the entrance to her young immature vagina. She was wet, very wet.

She whispered in his ear, "I want to make you cum." He rolled onto his back, and she fished his penis out of his boxers. Her hand seemed so small, she couldn't close it completely around his shaft, but she rubbed it up and down. He was in seventh Heaven, a young pubescent girl, had his hard erection in her small hand, and was jacking him off. He was leaking copious amounts of precum, and she rubbed her palm over the head, spreading precum down the length of the shaft, lubricating him, making him more sensitive. He could feel his orgasm rising, small uncontrollable jerks, told him he was near. His scrotum tightened, pushing his balls together, then his cock swelled and spurted ropes of cum, spurted so hard.


Lilly felt the shaft of Silas' cock swell, as a large rope of cum shot out of the end, startling her, as she had never seen a man cum before, no photos, no videos, no Internet at the orphanage. She stopped rubbing his cock.

"Don't stop," his words also startled her, so she kept rubbing his cock, as more cum shot out, her hand and wrist were covered in his hot sticky liquid.

Silas opened his eyes, and was mortified to see Lilly with her hand around the shaft of his cock, covered in his cum.

"Noooo, Lilly, you shouldn't be doing that," he said, as he moved away, pulling his penis out of her hand, "it's not right."

"But you enjoyed it, didn't you?" she countered. Silas had no defense against her logic, just words that seemed to ring hollow.

"But . . . but . . . it's against the law, I could go to jail."

"I'm not going to tell, so unless you confess to a cop, no one will ever know . . . and I liked doing it, I like to please you."

"But . . . but . . . darn it Lilly,"

She giggled at his futile attempts to admonish her. "That's four butts Silas," she said, "enough for two asses, or bums as you call em." She jumped off the bed, he looked at her bottom as she walked to the bathroom, the cotton of her panties was stuck between her cheeks, forming a sexy butt crack. Then he noticed she wasn't wearing a tee-shirt. A minute later she came back after washing her hands, carrying a damp washcloth. He lay there, open-mouthed as she proceeded to clean the rest of his cum off his stomach and semi-hard cock. With a smile of satisfaction, she dropped the cloth in the sink, and ran back and dove onto the bed.

His mouth was still open, as he looked at two of the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. She only wore a 30A bra, he knew that much, from the tags he'd cut off in the hotel bedroom; but they looked larger, the size of small, half lemons, and her puffy areolae, stippled and darkened from her arousal, formed little mounds in the centers, topped with small rubbery nipples.

"You'll catch flies," she said.


"Your mouth's open, you'll catch flies."

She confounded Silas no end. He never thought an eleven year old child could get the better of him.

"Do you like em?" she asked, "you've been studying em for a good two minutes."

"What . . . like what?" he stuttered.

"My boobs doofus, you like em?"

Silas had to admit he loved them, they were beautiful. "Well . . . yes, they're quite nice."

"NICE! Just nice?"

"Well actually, they're quite stupendous come to think about it."

She snuggled up to him, putting her arm across his chest.

"You're a doofus Silas, but I love ya." She said it with so much passion, that he really believed she did; it made him feel so special. He had never had anyone tell him they loved him, outside of his parents.


Chapter Five

After the four hour drive, Silas pulled up to the front of the Raleigh Marriott City Center hotel. Lilly had been playing with her iPhone the whole way, listening to music she had downloaded. She was definitely a quick learner. He handed the key fob to the car hop, and followed the bell boy into the lobby and up to the check-in desk. Ten minutes later they were in the penthouse suite. After tipping the bell boy a ten dollar bill, well in fact he was no boy, but a middle-aged black man, who had put Silas' single suitcase on the luggage rack in the bedroom.

"Wow Silas, this is huge," Lilly exclaimed, as she walked around the room, "but where's the bed?"

Silas chuckled, it was probably her first time in a hotel. "Through that door," he said, pointing to the only other door in the room.

"She went into the bedroom. "Silas ya gotta see the size of this bed," she said excitedly. A few minutes later she shouted. "Silas, the bathroom's as big as our bedroom at home." He chuckled at her use of the word 'our' when speaking of the bedroom. In little ways, she was wheedling her way into every aspect of his life, and he offered no resistance.

After Lilly had changed out of her jeans and tee-shirt, into a dress she had got in Salinas, a sky blue dress that came to just above her knees, with spaghetti shoulder straps, and a slight flare from the waist down; it was her favorite They ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. Lilly was having a hard time with the large menu.

"Shall I order for you Lilly?"

"No, I can manage," she said. "I'll have the Rye Mac-Cheese please," she said proudly a few minutes later. I ordered the pork tenderloin. Lilly insisted on a Cheerwine cheesecake for desert, she only managed to eat half of it. We strolled hand in hand for a few blocks, enjoying the evening air, like a couple of lovers.

"This is nice," Lilly said, it's like we're on a date. I've never been on a date before. Never had a boyfriend either. So Silas, you're my boyfriend and my date for the evening."

He chuckled. "So you don't mind having a doofus for a boyfriend?"

"You're only a doofus sometimes," she countered. "Can we go back now, I'm getting tired?"


Twenty minutes later, they were back in the room. "I'm going to take a shower," he said, as he left for the bathroom. As he was soaping up, the shower door opened, and a naked Lilly stepped in. Silas still could hardly believe how casual she was being naked around him, no shyness or awkwardness. He also could hardly believe that it felt so natural to him, and how he accepted it without question.

"I can't reach my back Silas, will you wash me please."

He washed her shoulders and back, and, as he was washing under her arms, he touched the sides of her breasts, sending tingles from her nipples down to her pussy. She got tingly again, as his fingers brushed her anus while cleaning between her legs. When he was finished with her legs, she turned around.

"I thought you said your back," he said, "you can reach your front."

"Yes, but you wash much better than I do," she replied, looking up at him with her big, pale-hazel eyes.

He cupped her firm breasts as he washed them, more tingles, her pussy throbbed – she was so aroused by his touch. He knelt, inches away from her incredibly sexy pussy. Her mons was a smooth, v-shaped pad, that sat proud of her tummy; he thought it was hairless, but up close, with water running over it, he could see very fine brown hairs, in a v-shape pointing to the indent at the top of her cleft. Her plump labia sat in the sexy gap at the top of her legs, the cleft disappearing between her thighs, merging with her butt crack. He noticed thin still developing inner labia peeking out of her cleft, and the little pink button of her clitoris inside its hood.

"Ya gonna wash me, or kneel there staring at my pussy all night?" she said.

"But it's so perfect Lilly, your pussy is perfect." He stood and finished washing her, straying between her legs, cupping her pussy and washing between her labia, feeling how plump they were.
"My turn," she said, as she grabbed the shaft of his penis that was sitting at a 45 degree upward angle, and started to wash it religiously, ignoring the rest of his body. When she was satisfied it was clean enough, she turned off the water and stepped out, leaving Silas standing open-mouthed.

She was already in bed, with the sheet tucked under her chin, big, pale-hazel eyes looking at him, as he finished drying himself and tossed the towel on the floor. As he walked to the bed, she giggled at his cock as it swung from side to side. He lifted the covers and got in beside her. She looked at him expectedly.

"Turn over," he instructed. She had a puzzled expression, but accommodated his wishes, hoping he didn't just want to spoon her to sleep. Her nipples tingled, as his hand slipped under her arm and cupped her breast, squeezing it gently, rubbing her nipple with the pad of his thumb. She was so aroused, she could feel her pussy leaking. He nuzzled her neck, and nibbled her ear lobe, as his hand moved down, off her still tingling breast, slipped further down across her tummy and cupped her pussy; she opened her legs, giving him free access.

She felt his finger push against her pussy, pushing into her cleft, her plump labia yielded, hugging his finger as it explored, finding the wet opening to her vagina. A gasp escaped her lips, as he curled his finger, and entered her for the first time. She had pushed the events in the basement of the Mexican's house, into the very far recesses of her mind. Silas was her very first lover; she had decided that he was going to be the man who took her virginity, not some fat, smelly Latino, but a handsome Englishman, like the dashing heroes in the novels she had read in the orphanage.

Silas put his personal needs aside. He was going to make Lilly's first orgasm something to remember, something to wipe out the horrible memories of that basement in Salinas. He was going to start her life anew. He curled his finger inside her very wet pussy and stroked, hoping that an eleven year old had developed a G-spot, while the pad of his thumb massaged her beaded clit. Small twitches in her bottom, and little "ughs," telegraphed her impending orgasm, as he massaged her most tender spot. His other hand tweaked her nipple, rewarding him with uncontrollable jerks of her body.

He sensed she was getting close to her climax, but it came quicker than he expected, cascading through her body. He held her tight, as she convulsed, her thighs snapped shut, trapping his hand, his thumb still rubbing her clit, taking her higher. He loved her orgasm, loved the little ughs, loved her hand on the back of his neck pulling him to her. Her orgasm lasted a good two minutes, the occasional small twitches of her arms and legs, signaled its gradual passing. Finally she was quiet; he looked at her, her eyes were closed, and he heard little snores, she was asleep. 'How sweet,' he thought.


Chapter Six

The next day was a Sunday, and he'd been given keys to the front door of the branch, together with the code for the alarm system. After breakfast, he had insisted that Lilly stay in the hotel suite, but, Lilly being Lilly, insisted that she come and sit in the car; and Silas being Silas where Lilly was concerned, acquiesced. He parked a few stores down from the bank, and told her to lock the doors when he left, and under no circumstances was she to get out of the car.

He entered the bank, and after silencing the alarm, went to the manager's office and searched through his drawers, the locks yielding in seconds. He found a small notebook in one drawer, with pages and pages of numbers – dates and dollar amounts. Doing a quick calculation, it seemed that for the last six months, the total amount every week was in the neighborhood of a hundred twenty five thousand dollars. The ringtone on his iPhone indicated a text from Lilly. He pulled the phone out of his pocket, it simply said:

Two men standing at front door.

He quickly put the book back, closed and locked the drawer, and reset the alarm. Concealing himself behind a large column, he waited. The front door opened, and a small man dressed in casual clothes, who Silas recognized as the manager from a photo that was provided to him, stepped inside. He was accompanied by a much taller, burly Latino man, who was carrying an aluminum case. The manager disarmed the alarm, walked to his office, and retrieved the notebook that Silas had found earlier. He went to one of the teller stations.

The Latino opened the case, and started handing the manager stacks of twenties, fifties and hundred dollar dollar bills; the manager put the stacks through the bill counting machine. He made notes on a scratch pad – the total for each denomination. Five minutes later he was finished. After making entries in his notebook, he fired up the teller's computer terminal, and, for the next ten minutes, furiously typed on the keyboard. Silas figured out what he was doing. He was making daily deposits to several accounts for the past week, each deposit a varying amount, but less than ten thousand dollars, the amount that required the bank to notify the I.R.S. It was a simple method of laundering money. Money from the accounts could then be wired to any bank in the world.

When they were finished, the manager took the case filled with the money and locked it in his office. Silas figured he would have to wait until Monday morning to put the cash in the vault, as the vault had a timer, so it could only be opened at a certain time each day. He took out his iPhone and took a photo of the Latino. The manager reset the alarm, and they exited the lobby. Two minutes later, Silas retrieved the notebook and the metal case, but before leaving, he made a quick phone call to his client, the head of the bank's security, telling him what had transpired. His client said he would be at the bank the next morning to meet with Silas, and confront the manager.

Little did Silas know, that, while he was talking on the phone, the Latino was driving past the bank, and saw him through the large floor to ceiling windows; he also noted a lone SUV parked half a block away, with a young girl in the passenger seat.

As Silas exited the bank and walked toward his vehicle, he was concerned that he couldn't see Lilly. As he approached his vehicle, he was mortified to see broken glass on the floor by the passenger seat, and no sign of Lilly.

"Shit," he said under his breath, "how could I have been so stupid to let her come along."

The Latino was parked a block away with Lilly in the trunk. He watched as Silas left the bank carrying the metal case. He took Lilly's phone, and called the only number in her contacts list, one for a man called Silas.

"Yes," Silas said, as he answered the call from Lilly's phone.

"Bring me the case and you can have the girl," the Latino said.


"Oakwood Cemetery at the junction of Linden and Oakwood, in one hour. I'm driving a black Lincoln Continental."

"This guy doesn't know who he's dealing with," Silas said under his breath, as he took his Beretta 9mm out of the center console, and screwed on the Ironridge Arms ECO-9 silencer.


Half an hour later, Silas was parked out of sight, behind a mausoleum near the entrance. Fifteen minutes later, a black Lincoln Continental drove through the entrance, and parked fifty feet away, and waited.

"Hmm. He thinks he's first," Silas said. "Big mistake." He approached the car, and stood next to a large tree ten feet away, the Beretta in his right hand hidden behind the trunk. He was sure the Latino wasn't expecting Silas to be armed. He dialed Lilly's phone.

The Latino answered. "I'm behind you," Silas said, and hung up. The Latino was taken completely by surprise, and jumped out with a .45 Sig Sauer in his right hand.

"Where's the case," he demanded.

"Behind this tree, now show me the girl."

The Latino leaned into the car and popped the trunk. As Lilly jumped out, he grabbed her around her neck, with her back to him. He had the Sig against the side of her head, pointing at Silas. She started to struggle, so Silas held his left hand out, palm down. She understood, and stopped struggling.

"Give me the case," the Latino demanded.

"I want the girl first," Silas said, as he raised the Beretta to waist level. The Latino's eyes widened as he saw the gun.

"Told you asshole," Lilly said. "you're in big trouble." Lilly felt his grip on her loosen a little; she took the opportunity, stomped on his foot as hard as she could, and dropped vertically through his arm. She heard the phutt, phutt of Silas' silenced weapon, and felt her captor fall back, as two 9mm slugs entered his temple, forming a single hole. She got up and ran to Silas and hugged him.

"You okay," Silas asked, "did he hurt you?"

"No, a little glass hit me, as he smashed the window, but I'm okay. I tried to tell him that he was in deep doo doo, but he just laughed at me. Asshole."

Silas unscrewed the silencer, and put it in his pocket; after making sure the safety was on, he put the Beretta inside the waistband of his pants against his back. He went over, and dragged the dead body, rolled it in the trunk, and closed the lid. He was still in awe at how Lilly had handled the situation, knowing she had to let him get off a quick shot. He thought it boded well for her, as she handled the aftermath of the rape; she was so resilient yet she was only eleven years old.

"Good a place as any, for a dead body," he said. After picking up the two brass casings, he took Lilly's hand, and walked to his car.

"Exciting morning huh," Lilly said, matter-of-factly, as they drove back to the hotel. "Did I do good?"

"More than good, you were fantastic, and thanks for the text, that was quick thinking. I'm proud of you Lilly." She beamed with pride.


Chapter Seven

That evening after dinner, Lilly was sitting next to Silas.

"Can I ask your something," she said.

"Of course love."

"Can we have real sex tonight, like intercourse?"

"Isn't it too soon, I mean . . . after what happened? I know that man raped you, Emily told me."

"I love you Silas, and I know I'm not a virgin, but I want you to be the one who makes real love to me for the first time."

His sinuses hurt, as he fought back a tear. She was just a young girl, and no young girl should have to lose their virginity like she did. What was supposed to be a wonderful experience, was turned into a nightmare. At least the man who did it, wouldn't be raping any more girls.


Lilly appeared at the bathroom door naked as the day she was born. Her perfect, plump vulva was silhouetted by the bathroom light, in a sexy gap between her legs.

"God you're gorgeous, love, come over here," he said, as he patted the bed beside him. She ran and jumped on the bed, bouncing once before settling beside him; grabbing the shaft of his erect cock, she bent and kissed the crown, then sucked it gently. It made a noisy plop, as she pulled it from between her lips. He was amazed at how forward she was regarding sex. Where does an eleven year old girl learn who to suck cock?

"It's not a lollipop, you know," he said.

"I know doofus, it's going to make me happy tonight, as you take my virginity," she replied, turning serious. He looked into her beautiful large pale-hazel eyes, and could see the love she had for him, utter boundless love. He pulled her face to his, and kissed her gently on her plump red lips, running his fingers through her long, shiny, freshly-washed, caramel colored hair.

"I love you Lilly. I've never told that to anyone before, because I've never met anyone like you. You are so mature, yet so young, and you've given me a gift beyond value – your love."

"Silas, make love to me," she said. He sucked each breast in turn, her areolae darkened and puckered with her arousal, and he felt her nipples getting firmer and larger.

"Please Silas, I'm so horny, I need to feel you inside me," she urged. He sat on his haunches between her, and bent her knees; she moved her bent legs, so they were almost opposite each other – something only a young girl or gymnast could do. It had the effect of opening her pussy, her plump labia parted, like the pink petals of a flower, and he was going to taste its nectar. The bead of her clit poked out from its hood, so small, but so powerful. He saw the entrance to Heaven, the opening to her vagina; it looked so small against the large crown of his cock, nestled against its opening.

"You tell me if I'm hurting you Lilly, okay." She nodded, and watched propped up on a pillow, as he rubbed the head up and down her cleft, pushing aside her plump labia, engorged with blood of her intense arousal. She was wet, very wet, so he started to push a little, he felt her resistance.

"Relax love, just relax, okay," She nodded. He felt her vagina dilate a little, and, as he pushed a little harder, she took him inside her, the tight opening of her vagina gripped the bulbous crown of his cock. He saw a little frown of pain on her face, quickly replaced by a smile, as she realized he was inside her.

"You okay," he asked. He got a furious nod in response. He pushed gently, she was so wet the entire length of his penis slipped all the way in, bumping her cervix; a gasp escaped her lips.

"I can't believe you're inside me," she said with pride.

Silas slowly stroked in and out, gentle long, slow strokes in, and quicker strokes out, all the while rubbing her clitoris with the pad of his thumb, her lubrication making it more sensitive. She was actively fucking him, meeting his thrusts by curling her pussy. Her orgasm was approaching fast.

"Oh gawd, that feels so good," she said, as she raised her legs, and put her ankles on his hips; it allowed him to inch in a little deeper, his pubic bone bumped against her clit, eliciting a small gasp.

"That was even better," she said. He continued stroking in and out, of the extremely slippery, tight embrace of her vagina. Each time he pushed in, bumping her clit, she gasped. Her face was slightly flushed with arousal, her eyes shut tight, little crinkles formed in the corners of her eyelids, her nostrils flared, as she exhaled. Lilly pulled him down on top of her, he supported his weight on his forearms. Hot breaths kissed his shoulder, and he felt the rapid beating of her heart, ker-thump-ker-thump-ker-thump.

His climax was also fast arriving, but he wanted her to cum first.

"Cum for me Lilly, cum for me love," he whispered in her ear. With those few words, she clenched her pussy, and pulled his cock in deeper, with her arms wrapped around his waist.

"Jeez Silas," she cried, as her orgasm crashed into her; he felt her tummy flutter, and small uncontrolled jerks of her legs, and body. His scrotum squeezed his testicles tight into his groin, his cock swelled, and pulsed, as he spurted hard into her, pulsed and spurted cum against her cervix, and into her infurtile uterus. She was holding him so tight, he was worried she would snap her small bones. As her orgasm faded, she released her grasp, and her arms fell to her side, her legs straightened, went limp and fell off his hips onto the bed. Silas rolled off, and hugged her, as she lay almost lifeless by his side. She finally opened her eyes, and rolled to her side, her pale-hazel eyes looked at him with complete love, and adoration.

"Thank you Silas, that was incredibly wonderful," she murmured, "I've never felt so loved." He pulled the covers over their cooling bodies, and they slowly fell into a blissful sleep.


Chapter Eight

Monday morning, Silas, with Lilly at his side, met with Mitch Daniels, the bank's head of security at a coffee shop across from the bank, half an hour before the branch was due to open. They watched as the branch manager unlocked the front door, and went in, followed by four employees. Quickly crossing the street, they stood at the front door; Mitch showed his credentials to the teller, who unlocked the door and let them in. Mitch immediately walked to the manager's office, followed by Silas and Lilly.

The manager was in a panic, looking for the metal case. Not finding it, he unlocked his desk drawer, and furiously searched for his notebook.

"Looking for this Mr. Fellowes," Mitch said, holding up the notebook. There was a look of extreme panic on Fellowes' face, as he saw the head of his bank's security holding up his notebook, and another man he didn't recognize carrying the metal case.

"I . . . I . . . what's going on?" he stuttered. At that moment, a deputy sheriff walked in, and, as he read the manager his rights, he placed him in handcuffs.


Half an hour later, after Mitch had told the employees why their manager had been arrested, he thanked Silas.

"Well done Silas, we've got him dead to rights. I just spoke to my office, and the account in the Cayman islands where Michaels was transferring the money has been closed. We'll never know who he was laundering the money for."

Silas offered the case to Mitch. "I think this is yours," he said.

"It's not mine," Mitch replied, smiling, "no idea who it belongs to."


On the drive back home, with temporary plastic covering the passenger window, Lilly asked what was in the case.

"Your college fund," he said.

"My college fund! How much?" she asked.

"Around a hundred twenty five thousand dollars."

"Wow, that's a lot."

"Should cover tuition as well as room and expenses."

"What do you mean, room?"

"Well you'd have to live on campus your freshman year, and off campus after that."

"If you think I'm gonna to live anywhere but with you, you're wrong. I'm never leaving you Silas, and that's that."

He knew not to argue with her.


A few days after returning home, he was reading the local newspaper, and noticed a small article at the bottom of page three.

Authorities 'Baffled' by Body In Cemetery

Police in Raleigh say they're "baffled" by the shooting death of a man whose body was found in the trunk of a vehicle at Oakwood Cemetery in Historic Oakwood.

Authorities received a report that a foul odor was emanating from a Lincoln Continental parked on cemetery grounds. In the trunk they found the body of Luis Ortega, 26, a Mexican citizen living in Raleigh. Police said Ortega had a long criminal history and ties to a Mexican drug cartel. Ortega had been shot twice in the head, but a preliminary autopsy revealed only one entrance wound, which baffled authorities.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Raleigh Police Downtown District.


A month later, Silas made a visit to the orphanage where Delgado had bought Lilly. The woman who ran the place was happy to let him have Lilly's birth certificate, as she looked down the barrel of his Beretta.



Lilly kept true to her word. She attended the UNC Asheville campus, driving there, and back home every day, so she could be with Silas. Over the years, she slowly learned to let Silas go on his missions by himself, but with the caveat that he not be gone more than three days, and that he phone her every morning and night.

After graduating summa cum laude in Computer Science, Lilly and Silas married in a quiet ceremony at Saint Mary's, the church his parents attended, in Chilton Foliat a small English town in Wiltshire, on the Marlborough Downs. They purchased a small cottage that overlooked the River Kennet, and spent the summers there.

A year later Lilly gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Madelyn.


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