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Mandy is left tied to a tree by her 'friends'. A succession of passersby take advantage of the poor 9 year old child before her father finds her. If you are under 18 or find this offensive, please do not read any further!



Mandy had been left tied and blindfolded to the tree. Her friends had run off and it didn't look as though they were going to come back soon.

Someone was standing before her, but despite her pleas, they hadn't said anything to her. She could hear them breathing heavily and knew the person was standing quite close to her. Then, suddenly her skirt was pulled up around her waist. Mandy felt very vulnerable and afraid.

She was only a child often and stood dejectedly against the tree to which she had been bound earlier. She had been calling out to her friends every now and then, believing they were still nearby and would release her soon.

However, the group of kids she called 'friends' had run off and left her there. There were no other kids her age so Mandy hung around with the older girls in her neighborhood. Most of the time they didn't mind, allowing her to tag along. Occasionally though, like today, they grew tired of her company and tried all sorts of tricks to lose her. Mandy wasn't put off though and continued to hang around the older girls.

She followed her friends into a small copse at the back of their neighborhood. that was a popular play area for the local kids. After a prearranged signal the girls all ran off in different directions, intending to meet up in another part of the copse and hoping they would lose Mandy in the process.

The ruse didn't work however. Mandy was a fast runner and was easily able to keep up with one of them. Finally, in a fit of cruelty, they decided to tie Mandy up using some old rope they found nearby and blindfolded her with a handkerchief one of the girls had.

After twenty minutes or so tied to the tree, Mandy could hear someone running. "Hello! Is that you Katie!" She called thinking it was one of her friends coming to untie her. The sound of footsteps approaching stopped but no one replied. "Katie! Heather! C'mon, let me free?" She could sense the presence of someone standing close to her breathing heavily.

Peter Fowler was 32 and considered himself fit. He went out running on a daily basis, covering six to eight miles every day. Pete jogged through the copse on his way back home most evenings. He'd often seen the local kids up to some mischief or other, so when he came across one of them tied to a tree he wasn't surprised.

For a moment, Pete was going to jog by, but then decided to stop. At first his intention was to untie her, after all, it was just a little too cruel to tie the child up and leave her there.

Then as he approached, he noticed the blindfold. He paused in front of her. She was a pretty girl, dark shoulder length hair, a button nose and freckles. She wore a blue skirt and a yellow 'Spice Girls' T-shirt.

The young girl looked vulnerable and scared. Pete figured he could do anything he wanted if he so wished, no-one would know. He reached out to untie her hands but changed his mind. He took hold of the hem of her skirt instead and flicked it up. She was wearing plain white panties.

He looked round to check the coast was clear, then tucked the hem into the waistband of the skirt so it would stay up. He then hooked his fingers into her panty elastic, pulling the skimpy garment roughly down to her knees.

Pete's cock twitched and squirmed in his running shorts at the sight before him, seeking space to expand. The kid was prepubescent, her cunt bald and perfectly formed. He stroked the smooth baby soft skin above her slit, then allowed his finger to drift lower feeling her soft pillow-like pussy lips.

Mandy whimpered and flinched from the unfamiliar personal fondling. "Don't do that." She whined. "Who is that? Please don't, let me go. Let me go!"

Pete looked around quickly again to check no one was coming, then knelt down in front of the girl. Using both hands he gently parted the kid's cunt lips to look at her delicate coral pink virgin inner lips. He could also see the tiny bud that concealed her clit.

Mandy wriggled away from her unknown attacker's touch, however the respite from the frightening molestation was brief.

Pete pushed her back, pinning her cute boyish bum against the rough bark of the tree. He used his elbows to force her legs apart then eased his finger between her pussy lips and tried to push into her cunt hole. She was tight and dry. Pete had difficulty pushing his finger in so he removed his finger to lick it, then tried again. This time he was able to sink the first joint of his finger as far as her hymen.

Mandy struggled against this very personal abuse, bucking her hips. Unfortunately the sudden jerk She gave only pushed her cunt hard against Pete's probing finger. Her hymen broke and his finger suddenly slipped all the way in.

"Arrrr!" Mandy screamed with the pain, tears running down her face.

The unexpected turn of events frightened Pete. He quickly withdrew his finger and stumbled backwards then scurried away in panic, hiding in some nearby bushes. After a few minutes the panic had subsided and he carefully looked around for signs of anyone approaching. He couldn't see anyone so his attention returned to the girl.

His cock was still uncomfortably stiff trapped in his running shorts, the provocative sight of the helpless half naked child tied to the tree only served to make him harder. Pete tugged the waistband of his shorts down a few inches, releasing his throbbing shaft and began pumping it vigorously.

The girl's cries had reduced to pitiful whimpers but Pete was reluctant to go back in case She started screaming again, attracting someone's attention. What he needed was a gag.

Pete usually wore elasticated sweatbands when out jogging, one around his forehead and a pair of smaller ones on his wrists. He took one of the small bands off his wrist and stuffed it into her mouth then secured it in place with the larger band from his forehead. She started screaming again, predictably, but the sound was muffled and wouldn't be audible above the sound of the breeze in the trees above.

Now that he was happy no-one was nearby, Pete pulled her T-shirt up to reveal her undeveloped chest. Her nipples were little more than puffy brown patches on top of tiny cone shaped swellings. He caressed each tit in turn, feeling the texture and coaxing her nipples into stiff pimples.

He stepped closer to the girl and held his cock up against her bald cunt, rubbing his swollen cock head up and down her crack. The child squirmed in terror making it difficult for Pete to hold himself against her. The difference in height and the awkward position up against the tree didn't help either.

There was another tree only four feet away so Pete quickly untied her hands pulling her down to the grass covered ground. He retied her hands to the other tree so the child was now on her hands and knees secured between the two trees.

Pete knelt behind the girl, straddling her legs. He pulled her ass up and spread her cunt lips then pushed forward until his cock was once again sliding up and down her cunt lips.

All of a sudden he lost control. His cock jerked and a gush of white cum erupted from his throbbing shaft filling her crack. As Pete jerked his hips in uncontrollable ecstasy he smeared cum all over her bald cunt, the inside of her thighs and between her ass cheeks. Pete was surprised at the volume of cum and a little disappointed he hadn't penetrated her. His cock was still stiff however so perhaps he would try again in a few minutes.

Then, in the distance a dog barked. Pete froze. The dog barked again, sounding nearer this time. Someone was coming. Pete jumped up tugging his shorts up and bolted, only remembering he had left his sweat bands behind fifty yards away. He didn't even slow down, there was no way he was going back now!

Mandy was very frightened, only half understanding what had happened to her. She could feel some wet slimy stuff dribbling down her thighs and wondered if it was blood. She had heard the dog bark and was glad, it had scared the horrible man away.

The sound of barking drew nearer. Mandy could hear the dog rustling the undergrowth nearby. Then suddenly he was next to her, snuffling and panting at her, pressing his cold wet nose on her skin.

Mandy tried to call out through the makeshift gag believing the dog's owner was nearby but She was mistaken, he had been left to run free in the copse whilst his owner walked along a footpath some distance away!

The dog, a Golden Labrador, sniffed at Mandy's face giving her a couple of licks then snuffled along her body licking at the salty sweat taste on her skin looking for a more interesting odor. Within seconds he had found it. He stuck his wet nose between the child's legs making her giggle, then his tongue lapped out licking the cum that had dribbled down the inside of Mandy's thighs.

He worked his way up her legs, cleaning the gooey mess finally arriving at her cunt. His tongue, which was long, wet and very dexterous, slurped over her pussy. It ran the full length of her slit parting Mandy's cunt lips and leaving her wet with slimy dog drool.

To Mandy this was therapeutic, an act of cleansing that soothed the pain and humiliation She had endured before. The fact that it was a dog performing the act didn't matter, Mandy was an animal lover, She loved dogs and wished She could have a pet dog of her own.

The dog's tongue lapped repeatedly at her cunt, stimulating her baby clit. Mandy could feel a pleasant itchy sensation starting between her legs. She had felt something similar a couple of times before when She had touched herself there experimentally. This time though, it was much stronger and felt quite nice but a little strange.

The dog was getting excited, licking faster and with more determination. He lifted his muzzle to lick some goo from between the child's ass cheeks. And the tiny brown button of her ass hole. He the returned to her cunt trying to push his muscular tongue into her.

His excitement grew. Between the dogs legs, his cock began to grow. A long thin purple shaft was emerging from its hairy sheath. He began thrusting his hips reflexively, an action that made his phallus wag like a second tail.

Finally, with a whine of excitement, he climbed onto Mandy's back. As he thrust his hips, the dog's cock rubbed up and down her slit before finally finding its mark and sliding deep into he young cunt.

Mandy was shocked. There was no pain like there had been when the man had pushed his finger into her, though it did feel strange to have something pushing in and out like that but it wasn't really unpleasant. The dog's fur felt warm and soft on her skin and her pussy still ached nicely from when the dog had been licking her.

Before too long the dog, eyes glazed over and he gave a low growl as his seed squirted into her cunt. Once again Mandy's thighs were smeared with goo as some of the cum dribbled out as the dog rapidly fucked the young child in his orgasmic ecstasy.

In the distance a voice was calling faintly. The dog, with his keen sense of hearing recognized the voice of his master. He groaned in annoyance at being interrupted but withdrew his cock from the girls pussy. After a couple of licks to clean his cock he trotted of, giving a couple of barks in reply to let his master know he was coming.

Mandy was left somewhat puzzled. She knew what had happened was something that shouldn't have, but She felt She had missed out on something too! The nice ache in her pussy wouldn't go away and She thought there should be something more to it, though what that should be She had no idea. For the next fifteen minutes She felt increasingly frustrated as She struggled with her bonds, squeezed her cunt muscles and rubbed her hips together trying to relieve the ache between her legs.

Heather, one of the girls who had tied Mandy up in the first place, had felt sorry for the child. She didn't really like the way the other girls treated Mandy sometimes but She couldn't say anything, She feared becoming an outcast from the group!

She claimed her mum wanted her home early and left her friends saying She would see them later. As soon as She was out of sight though, She headed back to the copse, intending to release Mandy.

When She got there She couldn't believe her eyes! Her young friend was on her hands and knees, almost naked with her skirt pulled up to her waist, her T-shirt had been pulled up to he armpits and her panties were down to her knees.

For a moment She tried to imagine how Mandy's clothing had got like that from struggling to get free, but then Heather noticed Mandy's hands were now tied to a different tree and She had some sort of gag on her mouth.

Heather, who had just turned thirteen, crept up quietly as Mandy wriggled on the grass. She peered down at the younger girl, especially at her pussy. She guessed that some man had come passed and taken advantage of Mandy, raping her.

The older girl had seen other girls pussy's before in the changing room at school, but this was the first time up close. She bent down and looked closely between Mandy's legs, noting how her cunt lips were opened, exposing the inner lips and her swollen clit.

She compared the young girls pussy to her own, still virginal cunt. Mandy's was still bald whereas her own had a decent bush of fair hair that almost concealed her slit from view. Heather often looked at herself down there with the aid of a hand mirror. She usually peeled back her pussy lips to gaze at her own inner cunt and played with herself, a pleasure She had been indulging in more and more lately.

As She looked at Mandy's cunt, her own began to ache with that now familiar sexy feeling. She slipped one of her hands under the waistband of her jogging pants and knickers, idly fondling herself.

Heather wondered what it would feel like to touch another girl and then in the same instant She realized She could touch Mandy! After all, the younger girl wouldn't know who it was. She leaned forward and placed her fingers on Mandy's pussy.

Mandy flinched. There was someone there again, touching her private place, though She hadn't heard anyone approach. Maybe it was that horrible man again. She froze, waiting to see what would happen next. Whoever it was had removed their hand. Then they touched her again. It was a delicate hesitant touch, nothing like the man, and it stirred the warm ache in her pussy. She lifted her bum up and parted her thighs giving the stranger better access.

After the first touch, when Mandy flinched, Heather had quickly pulled her hand away shocked at her own action as much as Mandy's reaction. Then She decided to do it again and to her surprise her young friend opened her legs pushing herself against Heather's hand.

Heather fondled Mandy's cunt, sliding her finger up and down her slit, feeling her clit and the hot sticky dampness between the child's spread pussy lips. Heather mirrored what She was doing to Mandy on herself, though She was not as wet as her friend was.

Her finger found the wet slimy entrance to Mandy's abused cunt and She tentatively eased her finger in. She found her finger could go in further than She could with her own pussy.

When She pulled her finger out again it was covered with goo and She wandered what it was. She tugged her joggers and knickers down one handed then applied the goo to her own cunt, rubbing it in and making herself wet and slick. She eased her slime covered finger into her own cunt and found that the extra lubrication enabled her to push her finger in a little bit further than before.

Heather repeated the process, transferring more of the gooey stuff into her own pussy thinking that was making her feel hornier than She had been before. She wanted to rub more of it in and thought about rubbing her cunt directly on Mandy's.

It would be easier, She decided, if Mandy was lying on her back, but turning her over would be difficult. Then She saw that if She could free just one of the child's legs, She could roll her over.

Mandy wondered what was happening. Whoever was touching her had stopped and She was a little disappointed, but then the rope securing her feet was being untied. Maybe they would let her go now! Then when just one of her legs was freed and her panties had been pulled off, She was tugged over onto her back and wondered what was to happen next.

Having untied one of Mandy's legs, Heather thought She could probably sit on her lap and rub her pussy on the child's. She stepped over Mandy so that She straddled her then pushed her own clothing down below her knees. Carefully She lowered herself so She was squatting on the young girl trying to bring her cunt into contact with Mandy's.

She was nearly successful. The lower part of her pussy was rubbing against the top of Mandy's slit and bald mons. It felt good but Heather wasn't comfortable, She would have to take her joggers off! She stood up again, looked around, then quickly struggled out of her clothing.

Now when She lowered herself She was able to kneel on the grass straddling the young child. She could now lean forward and rub herself right on Mandy's cunt.

From Mandy's point of view, all the shuffling and having someone sit on here was very strange. Eventually, whoever it was settled down on her again only to wriggle around on top of her. She didn't mind, it felt really good in fact.

Mandy tried to work out what was happening. She could feel hair tickling her above her slit but there was no stiff thing poking her like there had been before. Then She understood, it was a woman, must be another girl because She wasn't very heavy and didn't seem much bigger than herself. Maybe it was one of the girls who had tied her up in the first place!

Heather was really enjoying herself, her cunt was throbbing and She could feel her orgasm building, it felt like it would be the best She had experienced yet! Her pussy was slick with the slimy juice that was seeping out of Mandy's. She pressed herself hard against the other girls cunt forcing both their cunt lips to part, their clits rubbed and the world exploded for Heather as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure throbbed through her loins. It really was the best cum She had ever had!

Now it was Mandy's turn. Whatever the other girl was doing to her made her feel very strange, but it felt really good as well. Her pussy was aching and it was the nicest thing she'd ever felt, She didn't want it to stop!

But stop it did, whoever had sat on her got up soon after. Mandy could hear shuffling noises again then hurried footsteps going away. She tried to call out to be untied but the gag prevented her.

She struggled with the bonds that held her but to no avail. She only managed to chaff her wrists and ankle. Finally She burst into tears of frustration, thrashing about angrily on the grass.

Twenty or so minutes later, after her tears had given way to sniveling, She heard once again the sound of someone coming. There must be more than one, She thought, She could here them whispering. Mandy felt very vulnerable and scared.

The two young boys who stood nearby were not from the same neighborhood. as Mandy. They were from the farm on the opposite side of the copse, the farm managers sons, Steven aged 9 and Michael aged 7.

"Who do you think tied her there?" Mike whispered to his older brother. They had stumbled across Mandy as they made their way home from the corner shop after a shopping errand for their mum. The copse was a convenient shortcut from the town to the farm.

"How should I know!" Steve whispered back. "I think someone must have raped her."

"What's raped mean?" Asked Mike.

"Its when a guy fucks a girl when she's tied up like that."

"What for?" A puzzled expression on Mike's face.

"I guess 'cause he liked fucking I suppose." Steve shrugged. His kid brother asked some dumb questions sometimes.

"You think we should let her go?" Asked Mike.

"No way." Steve thought for a minute. "I think we could fuck her too..."

"What!" Mike almost yelled out loud.

"SG!" Steve nudged his little brother. His cock was already stiff from looking at her naked body and throbbed at the thought of getting his first fuck "No one will know, look, she's blindfolded. It'd be easy."

"I dunno...its not right"

"Scaredycat! I'm going to. If you tell I'll kick your head in." Steve threatened. He put the shopping bag he held next to the tree and knelt down next to the girl. Reaching out and put his hand on her cunt.

Mandy was startled and lashed out with her free leg catching someone and sending them flying. She heard him land in the grass with a muttered curse. The other voice giggled childishly. There was some whispering again then her leg was grabbed. She tried to pull free and kick him again but he held her firmly then sat on her leg.

Steve rubbed his chest where the girl had kicked him, he scowled at his kid brother who was still grinning at his misfortune. He tried to touch her pussy again and though She wriggled, he was able to grope a girls cunt for the first time.

Mike crept up for a closer look, his tiny penis uncomfortably stiff in his shorts. Steve motioned for him to touch her too but he was scared. His brother took his hand and guided him to her crotch. She felt soft and warm, her crack was damp inside.

"Here...." Steve whispered. "Sit on her leg for me." He carefully moved off her leg, being careful to keep a hold of it until Mike had her secure again.

Steve quickly pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles then knelt between the girls open legs. His stiff bald cock bobbed between his legs. He leaned forward and lay on top of her, his cock poking her cunt and rubbing up and down her slit. Steve knew it was supposed to poke inside a hole down there but couldn't understand why it wouldn't slip in, until he felt his cock catch in something hot and wet. He pushed hard several times then suddenly he was in. "Oh yes!" He gasped.

Mike watched his brother fuck the girl in awe. He openly rubbed his own cock through the fabric of his shorts and gaped open mouthed as Steve lifted himself up to look down between the girls thighs. Mike had great view of Steve's cock fucking the girls cunt.

With a long groan Steve shuddered, his cock twitched in the girls cunt and a small squirt of cum erupted from his swollen cock head. He lay on her exhausted for a while until Mike spoke.

"Hey! You said I could have a go."

"Shhhh!" Steve whispered. "Keep your voice down. Here, be quick before someone comes." He got up pulling his clothes up and wiping his slime covered cock on his pants.

Mike copied his brother's actions, pulling his shorts down and lying between her legs. He pressed his small shaft against her pussy several times until Steve offered to help.

His brother took hold of his cock and aimed it in the right place so that when he pushed forward it slipped effortlessly into the girls fuck hole. It only took 3 or 4 thrusts before his body stiffened, his cock throbbed several times and a sigh of pleasure escaped his lips.

Having had their fun, the boys quickly gathered their things and headed off home leaving Mandy once again on her own tied to a tree at the mercy of any passers by.

It was nearing tea time and Mandy's father, John, was looking for her. He had met one of Mandy's friends who had told him She had gone up to the copse to play so he had gone looking for her. Eventually he stumbled into a clearing to find his daughter.

John gaped in amazement and shock. Tears welled in his eyes as he took in the terrible sight before him. He tried to call out to her but the lump in his throat prevented anything more than a pitiful squeak. His mouth felt dry.

After what seemed like an age rooted to the spot, he stumbled unsteadily forwards. John knelt next to his daughter and gently stroked her face causing her to flinch but he persisted, lovingly brushing a few strands of hair from her eyes.

He stroked her arms wiping away some blades of grass that had stuck to her skin. His hands wandered down to her bare chest, examining her for bruises. As his palms brushed gently over her child like tits, he felt her nipples harden. He looked at them closely, rubbing them with his fingers until they stood proud and erect on top of her prepubescent cones. John's cock stirred in response.

In his mind he imagined that her attacker had roughly groped her tits, John bent his lips to her nipples to kiss away the pain he thought She had suffered.

His hand moved down further caressing her thigh and leg. Then he moved up the inside of her leg to her pussy. Once again he examined her closely, parting her cunt lips to see for himself her sore red slit slick with her attackers cum. He slipped one finger in her abused cunt to discover what he already knew was the truth, his precious daughter was no longer a virgin.

John wept for the pain and humiliation She had suffered. He wanted to make her better, to cleanse and soothe her. Slowly he planted little healing kisses in a line from her tits down to her pussy where he kissed and licked her swollen fuck hole.

By now his cock was rock hard and swelling uncomfortably in his pants. He unzipped himself and freed his aching shaft to ease the pressure, then proceeded to stroke his erection.

Mandy, he noticed, was pushing her hips up so her pussy pressed against his mouth, her hips gyrating in obvious pleasure.

Within the space of a few short minutes, Mandy groaned through the gag, her body stiffened and her thighs clamped John's head. When her orgasm had subsided, John slid up beside her slipping one arm under her body so he could cuddle her. His legs slipped under his daughter's so that his cock fell naturally between her thighs.

The purple head of his swollen shaft, dribbling pre cum, plowed up Mandy's slit parting her cunt lips then continued onto her bald mons leaving a slick snail trail. John pulled back again then using his hand to assist his aim, he eased forward pushing his throbbing cock into her wet pussy.

Her cunt resisted the intrusion briefly but then opened to allow his thick shaft to enter her cum filled hole. He began gently pushing in then withdrawing but as the pressure of orgasm built in his loins his thrusts quickened until he was ramming into her cunt forcefully.

As he fucked his daughter he untied the gag and pulled the crude blindfold for her eyes. He then reached up and untied the knots securing her hands.

Mandy gazed up into her fathers face. "Daddy!" She exclaimed.

"It's all right my darling, daddy is making you better now." John breathed. "Everything will fine. Tears flowed down his cheeks as his cock erupted sending a thick stream of cum deep within her.

They both rested. Mandy began to cry as well, happy that her ordeal was at last over. "It's OK now my love." John whispered to her. "Daddy will look after you, I'll keep you safe. You won't have to do this with anyone else ever again, I promise.

He untied her foot and She was free to roll over. Mandy threw her arms around his neck and they cuddled together. Finally they parted and John rearranged his clothing before helping his daughter to dress.

They made their way home slowly, hand in hand, discussing what the future held.


The End




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