by Taz


AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: This was collaboration between myself and Polaris, one of the greatest erotica authors ever (at least in my humble opinion). Many of the ideas for this story were inspired by, or came directly from, him. Please check out his own works at and be sure to thank him for helping me write this (unless you think it's bad, in which case, it was probably all my fault -winks-). This is one in what may become an eventual series of stories featuring baby"sitters".

I came up with two possible endings to this story, and couldn't decide which I liked better and so, for the first time ever, I have also included an ALTERNATE ENDING! Please feel free to read both and comment on which one you liked better and why! It could really help me set the mood for future stories.

AUTHOR'S NOTE 3: This erotica fic contains brief instances of homophobic and homosexually derogatory behavior and language. This is intended for entertainment purposes only and to establish character motives, development, and setting. It is NOT meant as a political or social commentary and most certainly is NOT an endorsement or support of homophobic behavior.

Come to think of it...the author does not endorse or support ANY of the behaviors in this story.

In reality, the author supports homosexual rights and the rights of everyone to freely love (and in this instance, I do mean LOVE and not just lust or sex) whomever they choose. The author also finds people who would, in reality, degrade others for their sexuality or try to dissuade people who love each other, to be despicable and ignorant of the true meaning and nature of love, which cannot be limited or restricted to, or by, any group or society.

Obviously this erotica story is entirely fictional,,,and it should stay that way.


“Nothing happened.”

“You don’t know that!”

“Honey, be reasonable. Nothing happened with the last five babysitters, and nothing happened with this one. She’s Jerry Schultz’s daughter. I know Jerry; he’s an upstanding, moral, and church-loving family man. His daughter is probably as virtuous as Mother Theresa.”

“Not wearing that slutty top and those tight jeans, she isn’t!”

“Honey, you’re overreacting again. I keep telling you that it’s the fashion these days. All the girls dress like that; and even if she is a bit promiscuous, that doesn’t mean she’d do anything to harm the baby. You saw him yourself when we got home, he looked perfectly fine!”

His wife ignored him and activated the surveillance footage on the large, flat-screen television. It showed a typical babysitting scene of a teenage girl cradling and cooing at a 6-month old infant. The husband rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know why I agreed to spend all that money to have a nanny-camera installed. It’s a total waste, if you ask me.”

“Shut up, Stanley. We’re billionaires, we can afford it. Besides, what could possibly be more important than ensuring that baby gets the treatment he deserves?”

Stan rolled his eyes again at his wife’s stubbornness.

“Christina, baby, you know I love you, but sooner or later you’ll have to get over this obsession of yours. Nobody is going to harm the baby. People just don’t behave that way in this country, especially when said baby belongs to filthy rich billionaires! All the sitters so far have acted with complete and total purity. This isn’t like the movies or some sort of malicious, immoral, online-erotica fiction, you know!”

Suddenly, his wife whirled around.

“Oh yeah, then what do you make of that!?” She pointed at the screen.

Stan stared at the screen and felt his jaw drop…


-Several Days Earlier-

“Jessy, could you please change Shelly? I’m a bit busy right now.”

Jessica, a white, 19-year-old teenager with D-cup tits, long blond hair, and blue eyes, looked up at her mother in disgust while 9-month old Shelly wailed in background.

“What?! Why can’t you change her, she’s your fucking baby! No way am I going near that disgusting shit-factory!”

Her mother sighed, “Jessy please, I really need to put these groceries away. Is it really too much to ask that you help out your family once and a while? I changed your diapers when you were a baby, you know.”

Jessica grumbled and stomped into the baby’s room and stared down harshly at the wailing infant with snot running out her nose. Jessica knew that she was a baby once, as her mom had pointed out, but dammit, she was a mature, beautiful adult now and she shouldn’t have to take care of little brats, even if it was her own sister.

Jessica was a stunning teenager and the oldest of four children. Her mom, Mary, was the homemaker of the family and though she didn’t have a super-model figure like her teenage daughter, (who would after giving birth to four kids?) she was still relatively slim and had large D-cup breasts that sagged slightly from years of giving milk. Her father, Jerry, was an accountant for a corporation owned by the billionaire Connell family.

Though they argued occasionally, Jessica really didn’t have any major problems with her parents. It was her little brother and sisters that she really detested. Six-year-old Timmy and five-year-old Ann were wretched, whinny, little brats who were constantly begging for their parents’ attention that should have rightfully all gone to her! Not to mention all the money and time her parents spent to keep the little snots happy and healthy. And as if they weren’t enough, they then had to go and add this little bundle of snot to the family! Hadn’t they ever heard of abortion? They already had a perfectly good, beautiful, sexy daughter, why the Hell did they think she’d want to share the spotlight with a bunch of ugly siblings?

Jessica sighed and put on a pair of latex gloves, refusing to touch this disgusting, squirming…thing…with her bare hands. She shoved her baby sister onto the changing table and removed the soiled diaper. Making sure that the door was shut, she slapped the infant hard on the ass! Then she spit onto the glove and shoved a single finger half-way up the baby’s tight cunt! Baby Shelly cried out in pain, but the family would just think it was because she was getting her diaper changed.

“Take it you stupid brat! Take my finger up your cunt! It’s the only action an ugly piece of shit like you will ever get in life, so enjoy it while it lasts! I’m doing you a favor and taking what’s rightfully mine after all the attention and money you stole from mom and dad that should’ve gone to me!”

Then she spit harshly onto the baby’s face!

She wished she could do more, but anything else would leave noticeable marks. However, she took pleasure in knowing that the little snot’s virginity had already been taken by her several months before during another forced diaper-change. Instead of losing her virginity to a boy that she loved in the future, or maybe even her husband, she lost her most precious maidenhood and innocence to a cruel act from her own uncaring sister. Secretly Jessica hoped that even though Shelly was too young to remember any of this, that her actions would eventually scar her little sister for life and maybe even turn her into a viscous child-molesting monster like herself! Gezzus, how she wished she had thought of this when Timmy and Ann were younger. She could’ve de-flowered all of her annoying siblings and turned them into her own personal slaves by now!

Just the thought of it got her tight teenage pussy drooling, but Jessica knew that if she took too long that her mom would come to check on her, so she had to put the baby back in its crib. But she knew she’d be cumming hard later as she shoved her dildo up her cunt while envisioning her brother and sisters at her feet, licking her toes and begging her with tear-filled eyes not to be beaten.

In fact, the fantasy got her so wet, she thought she’d just sneak into her room to play with herself. Unfortunately, as she passed the study, she was stopped by her father.

“Jessica, honey, I got you a babysitting job for Friday night.”

“What?!” she screeched. “I told you that I was going out Friday night!”

“I know, but it’s for my boss, Mr. Connell. Apparently, his wife had a baby a few months ago. I told them how you always helped out with little Shelly. If you do this, it could really get me in closer with them and plus they told me it would pay a good amount. Besides, isn’t it more important to help out your family rather than go out with your friends?”

Jessica bit her tongue from replying sarcastically as to what she-really-thought. However, the prospect of earning some much-needed spending money was tempting. She could always use more clothes and material wealth, not to mention the drugs she loved to indulge in were becoming more expensive these days. And the Connells were, like, freakin’ billionaires, so she was sure they could spare a thousand or two for a night of watching their brat.

“Well…I suppose if it pays well. I could always use more money.”

“Now don’t be greedy Jessica. We’ll let you keep some of the money, but most of it will go to help the family and pay the bills.”

“What?! I do all the work and I don’t even get to keep the money?! What the Hell dad? I’m not your fucking slave and it’s not my job to earn money for you! It’s your fucking stupid job to provide for ME, not the other way around!”

“Now that’s enough Jessica! I work hard for this family and I really wish you would be just a little bit less selfish. I know you wish you had more money, but we have bills to pay and taking care of four children is expensive. Now I expect you to do your part and help this family out. You will babysit for the Connells on Friday and that’s final!”

Jessica glared at her father.

“Maybe we would have more money if you and mom didn’t make any more fucking kids to begin with!” she spat and stormed off, slamming the door to her room.


Despite her protests, come Friday Jessica was standing at the doors of the opulent Connell mansion.

Just as impressive as the mansion were the Connells themselves. Stanley Connell was a billionaire tycoon in his 40’s. He was white, tall, and relatively attractive in his sharp business suit, though just a little plump around the waist. His trophy wife, Christina, was also in her 40’s, though she looked to be in her 20’s. She had blond hair, a tight, muscular, hour-glass frame, and at least DD-cup, if not E-cup, breasts held tight against a stunning, low-cut black gown.

Jessica suspected Christina’s breasts were probably implants, but also knew that so long as they felt real and were able to withstand rough groping and sucking, then it didn’t make a bit of difference whether they were real or not. She knew if she had the money to do so (and if her parents weren’t so fucking uptight and could realize that beauty was about what was on the outside), she would most certainly get enhancements of her own.

But the thing that really stood out about Mrs. Connell was her ass. It was huge for her frame, much like Jessica’s, and from what she could tell it was just as tight. Jessica couldn’t help but be drawn to the sexily swaying globes of flesh as Christina directed her to the nursery room. The lustful teenager was so entranced that she barely heard the Connells’ instructions on what to do concerning the baby.

Soon, the beautiful couple was off to a charity ball, reminding her to let the gate-keeper know if she needed any assistance. Jessica explored the huge mansion, wishing that she could live like this; where she’d never have to worry about money and her every wish and material need would be granted and she would have truly sexy and filthy rich parents like the Connells. She would do anything to have a life like this…


Well, ALMOST like this.

Jessica glared down at the crying brat. Despite his superior Connell heritage, the snot-nosed brat seemed just as weak as disgusting as any other Jessica had seen. She wondered why the Connells, who were wealthy beyond imagination and could afford to live as wild and free as they wanted, would want to be burdened and tethered by such a revolting, demanding, immature animal.

Outraged by the screeches of the tiny shit-factory, she slapped it across the face, barely restraining herself from hitting hard enough to leave marks or bruises. The baby stopped crying for just a second, surprised by the pain, before wailing out again even louder and more annoying than before.

“Ughh! Don’t you ever shut up?”

Jessica harshly yanked the infant up and slammed it against the changing table. Still, it cried out and wiggled around so much that Jessica was having trouble changing it. Just as she got the soiled diaper off, the baby jerked and sent waste flying through the air and against Jessica’s face!

Jessica steeped back in shock and slowly wiped the shit from her cheek. Her face grew red in anger. How dare this fucking brat mar her beautiful face?!

“Oh, you’ve really done it now, you fucking piece of shit!”

Jessica removed her tight jeans and undies and climbed on top of the changing table, positioning her large, tight ass over the face of the wailing child.

“Turn around is fair play,” she smirked and lowered her beautiful ass over the child’s face.

The wails were instantly muffled by the walls of Jessica’s ass-flesh. After a moment, it stopped jerking for lack of oxygen. Jessica let up just enough for the baby to breathe…and then let out a loud fart against its face!

“Ha! That was for fouling my beautiful body with your disgusting shit!”

She then licked her middle finger and pushed it against the entrance of the baby’s ass-hole.

“And this…is just because I feel like it!” She shoved her finger in hard up to her knuckle, taking the 6-month-old infant’s anal virginity in one swoop.

The baby wailed out again, but its cries only made Jessica hotter, and she added a second finger, and then a third, and rammed them in and out of the violated asshole. The screeching reverberated against the sexy teenager’s ass, and she gently grinded her pussy as she sodomized him.

“Yeah, that’s it! Take my fingers up your ass! Does that fell good, you stupid baby? I hope this scars you for life and turns you into a fucking faggot child-molester! Scream against my cunt while I sit on your face! After all, your parents did pay me to baby”sit” you! Hahaha! Oh shit, that feels good! I’m cumMMMIINNNGG!!”

The sexy child-raping monster quickly dismounted her prey and squatted over the nearby empty baby-bottle, squeezing out her slimy cunt-juice into the bottle.

“Mmm, snack time! This will be your reward for getting me off on your pain.”

She dismounted the table and mixed the cunt-slime in with the baby-formula, adding in a big dollop of her spit for good measure. The sodomized child was now silent, having wasted all of its energy crying. It was eager to replenish its reserves and sooth its scratchy throat and eagerly accepted the offered bottle.

Jessica laughed, “That’s it you little twerp, drink up. Eat my fucking cum! You’re lucky that you’re not my baby or all you’d ever get to drink is my cum and piss! And all you’d ever get to eat is my smelly shit! Hehe, I’d probably just shove a tube up your ass and then force you to eat your own shit so I wouldn’t have to deal with it!”

The violated toddler just gulped down the tampered formula, too stupid to understand the wicked babysitter’s words or even the sinister tone of her voice. Jessica knew the only way to get a snot-ball brat like this one to obey was through pain. Physical torture was the only thing it understood. What the Hell good was it to coddle the weaklings when all they would do is continue wailing the whole time? The only way to shut them up good was to abuse them to the point of exhaustion. Why let the stupid cry-babies have their way when the adults could be enjoying peace and quiet (not to mention the sensual pleasure of getting off on beating the shit out of someone who was virtually defenseless against them)?

Jessica giggled at the thought, as she hit the baby none-too-gently on the back (in order to burp him, of course…not like it made her pussy tingle every time she slapped him or anything), all the while unaware of the tiny, red, blinking light watching her.


What a difference a few days makes.

After babysitting for the Connells, Jessica felt great. Not only had she gotten away with showing another snot-nosed brat the cruelty and unfairness of the world, but she had even gotten paid to do it! Okay, so her family was still taking their unfair-share, but she had still gotten more than enough for a shopping spree! Not to mention that Mrs. Connell had been sure to give her a generous tip on her way out (one Jessica had kept secret from her grubby family).

So when her father told her that the Connells were so impressed that they wanted her to babysit again a few days later she was on top of the world at the promise of more money and more “quality time” with their baby…

But now she was sitting in a folding chair and facing a large television that played recordings of her previous escapades with their only child.

She was in SO MUCH trouble! She wondered if she would be arrested? What would her parents think? Would they kick her out? She was a teenager with no skills and nobody else to rely on. She couldn’t make it on her own, and she certainly wouldn’t last even a day in prison, not with her bodacious body and fine ass!

Jessica was so nervous that she sat silently through the whole recording. At the end of the tape, the Connells turned to face her.

“I-I can explain-”

“I most certainly hope you can,” said Mrs. Connell who was, oddly enough, grinning. “Explain to us how you felt when you used that gorgeous ass of yours to silent that screeching ball of snot!”

“C-Come again?”

“It felt good, didn’t it? The power you held as a strong, sexy, nasty adult bending some weak defenseless brat to your will; knowing that it can’t resist and you hold its pitiful life in your hands like some type of goddess. That’s really all babies are good for you know; stupid toys for our amusement!”

Mr. Connell chuckled at Jessica’s surprised expression.

“Sorry for the shock, we really didn’t mean to worry you. The truth is you’ve gotten my wife very excited. Hell, you’ve gotten ME very excited. We’ve been looking for someone like you for some time now. My wife was desperately hoping that you would be the one to teach that little snot a real lesson about who’s really in charge and you’ve more than exceeded our expectations!”

“You…you‘re not angry that I molested your baby?”

“Angry? Why Jessica honey, we’re absolutely delighted!” crooned Mrs. Connell. “You see, my sweet, little, child-raping vixen, that disgusting ball of snot isn’t even ours. It’s just some unwanted mistake that was left at one of the orphanages our corporation so generously “sponsors”. And even if it had been our child, that would’ve just made it even hotter, knowing that we left our own flesh-and-blood baby to be abused by such a wickedly sinful and sexy babysitter!”

“To put it frankly,” explained Mr. Connell, “my wife and I both have extreme tastes when it comes to sex; extreme tastes that usually involve torturing innocent little undeserving children and babies and robbing them of any chance of ever living a happy and long life. We both love the concept of strong, sexy adults using the weak as their own personal play-things for their pleasure. The thought of using our beautiful bodies to crush those who can’t fight back, simply for our own pleasure and dark desires, gets us off like nothing!”

Jessica was shocked at the revelations that her father’s boss loved nothing more than to abuse innocent babies. If her father knew, he’d no doubt be disgusted. His daughter however, could only get wet at the thought of the couple’s evil deeds.

“I really must apologize dear,” said Mrs. Connell said as she licked her lips at the scene of Jessica now openly fingering herself in front of them, “we really didn’t mean to deceive you or cause you any worry, but we had to be sure that your intentions were truly as wicked as we hoped they would be. You see, this whole thing was really just a set-up. Even though I absolutely HATE pathetic little snot-rag babies, I’ve always wanted to be the matriarch of a family that I could rule and indulge in sin with. We’ve tried to have children of our own, and I’ve gotten pregnant many times, but almost every time I simply couldn’t hold out and ended up aborting the little parasites just to get off! And the few times I was actually able to make it to childbirth, the little monsters only had to start crying and whining to piss me off enough to forego any further effort…other than the effort it took to smash their tiny heads against a hard surface and their tiny mangled bodies back up my cunt, of course! Finally I realized that if I ever wanted to have a daughter of my own to enjoy and manipulate, it would have to be someone older, stronger, and beautiful that I wouldn’t feel tempted to snuff out at the first sign of weakness.”

“That’s why we set all of this up. That worthless, unwanted, ball of snot was nothing more than bait we used to lure sexy babysitters. But you were the first one to actually take it!”

Mrs. Connell nodded, “And take it you did! At best I was hoping that you would smack it around a little and maybe masturbate, but you went all out; forcing the little turd to eat your farts and your cum, nearly suffocating it to death in your beautiful ass, and best of all, taking the virgin boy’s cherry and ruining him for life! Hahaha! It was beautiful, simply beautiful! I came harder than I have in years!”

By now both women were fingering themselves openly, and Mr. Connell’s pants looked like they would burst at the seams.

“Our search has finally come to an end! Jessica, I simply must have you as my daughter! Your gorgeous sexy body and selfish attitude are the exact traits that every real woman should have! Join our family and you’ll be given anything you desire; money, drugs, and an endless supply of filthy brats to abuse and torture as you see fit! We’ll love you as if you were our own…Hell, even more so, considering we’ve ended up killing all our own offspring! Please say that you’ll accept; it’s always been my dream to have an evil sexy daughter like you!”

Jessica orgasmed loudly. After several deep breaths she looked up at the couple with tears of joy in her eyes.

“And I’ve always to have a family like yours! A family that would tend to my every want and desire and love me above all else and not try to ruin my fun with stupid shit like morals! I would love to be your daughter…mommy!”

Mrs. Connell also wept tears of joy at finally accomplishing her dream of having a sinfully hot daughter to play with and mold into her image. The matron was so overcome that she even stopped fingering herself and scooped up her new daughter into a sensual hug, their impressive cleavages rubbing against each other as they embraced in a nasty French kiss. Their hands began to roam over each others’ bodies. It was becoming rapidly apparent that the new mother-daughter bond would be more than just paternal and that incest as well as bisexualism would be no taboo for either of them.

After a heavy groping session the two buxom vixens parted. Mr. Connell had dropped his pants and boxers and was stroking his erect dick. Unlike Mrs. Connell breasts, it hadn’t been enhanced by surgery and was average size. But knowing that his dick had been used to mercilessly and heartlessly torture, rape, and even murder countless children and babies made Jessica’s mouth, and pussy, water.

She peeled off her tight t-shirt (no bra underneath, of course) and dropped down on her knees before her new father and master. She smashed her breasts together around his rod and began squeezing up and down in a lewd tit-fuck.

“Mmmm, let your new daughter give her daddy’s long, hard, child-raping cock the attention it deserves!”

Jessica began sucking on the head every time it moved up through her fleshy mounds.

“Uggh, you keep sucking like that, and I’ll be giving you one messy welcome-to-the-family present.”

She looked up into his eyes and removed her mouth with a loud “pop”.

“Bring it!”

Mrs. Connell, now wearing nothing but high-heels and crotch-less panties, leaned down to encourage her new daughter.

“That’s it dear; suck your new father’s cock! I bet your old dad was too stupid to take liberties with his gorgeous daughter, wasn’t he? That won’t be a problem here. As our new pet you’ll be expected to be at our beck and call…any hole, any position, any time, and anywhere we command it, understood?”

Suck-pop-“Gladly! Anything for my new hot and rich parents!”

“Taste your new daddy’s dick! That’s the taste of countless little boys and girls being ripped to shreds from the inside; the taste of innocent little virgins being raped and tortured with absolutely no care for their pain or suffering! Show it the respect it deserves! That’s it, my new little baby, suck it all down! Geez Stanley, just look at it disappear between those soft, luscious mounds! Can you feel it baby? Just imagine how much better that’ll feel once we make those fucking tits even larger! You want huge E-cup tits just like mine, don’t you girl? Like mother, like daughter; and they’ll look even more incredible on your small, young body! You want to get your tits enlarged even more, don’t you my little slut?”

“Oh geezus yes! I want huge fucking tits just like yours mommy! I don’t fucking care if they’re fake, I just want them big enough to swallow daddy’s cock whole!”

“Oh shit, I’m about to CUM!” screamed Stan.

“Like Hell you are!”

Mrs. Connell pushed her husband away, only to twist her new daughter around and shove Jessica’s large ass in the air.

“Why spend your first father-daughter incestual cum load on her face when you cum all over her gorgeous ass?!” She slapped Jessica’s ass-cheeks hard.

Mr. Connell grunted like a wounded animal until his wife stepped back in and aimed his baby-maker straight up his new daughter’s tight cunt-hole. Jessica moaned as her new father fucked her hard doggy-style while groping her boobs.

“Oh shit! Yeah daddy, fuck my ass! You like it, don’t you daddy-Ah shit yes! You like those big globes of ass-flesh straining against your hard rod, don’t you?! Can you feel them rippling-yes!-pulling and pushing your dick in and out of my tight hole? Feel them sucking on-oh yeah-your cock like my tits did? Just imagine what it will feel like when I get these babies out from under the knife. Bigger tits and an even bigger ass to swallow your fucking cock! Oh shit, I’m cumming daddy, CUMMIINNGG!!”

“Fuck, I love your ass my baby girl! Gonna cum all over your beautiful ass! Fucking take it! Ahhh shit!”

Jessica’s new daddy sprayed his sperm inside her unprotected womb, before pulling out and plastering the rest of his load all over her gorgeous shapely ass. The two collapsed in each other’s embrace, cuddling and snogging face in-between deep breaths.

Jessica knew then, as her new father’s cum leaked out of her hole and she pumped his wet, child-raping dick back to erection, that this new family was perfect for her.

As if to emphasize the point, Jessica looked up to see her new mommy standing above her, cum dripping down her well-defined legs, and holding the infant boy from her previous adventure upside down by one of its legs as it whimpered loudly.

The matron looked at her and smirked, “This time, there will be NO holding back!”

She dropped the baby hard onto the floor, and it screamed loudly. The new family laughed at its pain.

Jessica picked up the toddler and sneered in its wailing face, “You think that hurt, you little shit? I’ll give you something to REALLY cry about!” And she smacked its face hard with a backhand!

The new doting parents cheered and egged their sexy teenage daughter on as she slapped her charge again and again. After her hand began to tire out, she began smacking it with her D-cup breasts, swinging the bags of flesh back and forth and slapping the tiny snot-covered body like a pendulum. It was even more effective when her new mother joined in with her even larger E-cups. Jessica could only imagine the torture she’d be able to inflict on her defenseless victims once she had a set as large as her mother’s.

Not to be left out, Mr. Connell got in on the action as well, using his hard dick to slap the bruised orphan further. When the beating finally stopped, the baby tried to scream again, though its mouth was now bleeding and bruised.

“Still haven’t learned your lesson, eh? Well maybe this will shut you up!” And he shoved the head of his cock straight into the boy’s mouth and down its throat!

“Yay daddy! Choke out its pathetic screaming with your cock! Face fuck the little faggot!”

“Shit, I love it when they’re this young! No fucking teeth to get in the way and a throat so tight that it feels like virgin pussy!”

The ruined babe’s face grew purple from lack of oxygen and its eyes, nearly bruised shut, rolled back and became white.

“Okay honey, let up for now. I want our new daughter to finish this one off! This fucking snot-wad will be our first kill together as a family and Jessica should have the honors since she wasn’t able to go all out the first time.”

Stanley grunted, but relented and yanked the baby of with a loud “pop”. He had already skewered countless kids on his dick, and there would be plenty more in the future.

“Go ahead honey, show off your new baby-“sitting” skills!” her new mother smirked wickedly.

Jessica laughed and squatted over the now blue-and-purple frail mess of a child.

“I’ve always wanted to kill some snot-nosed brat for all the trouble your kind has caused me. And now my dream will finally come true and I’ll get to use my huge tight ass to do it! Now suck on my ass!” She sat down and began flexing her ass cheeks, squeezing and breaking the weak child and smothering it by forcing it further up her mounds of ass-flesh.

“Yes! Oh geezus the little shit is struggling and it feels sooo good against my ass! Fucking turd almost feels like it wants to be sucked up my asshole! It’s so weak it feels like I could pop its head wide open! Shit, now there’s an idea!”

Jessica suddenly sat up and released the baby from her ass. It plopped down onto the floor almost like an oversized turd. It was still breathing, if just barely, but had only been a few seconds away from suffocating to death. Mrs. Connell looked at her new daughter in confusion.

“What’s wrong? It’s still alive, but a few seconds more would’ve-”

“Nothing’s wrong, I just had a great idea! Since this is our kill together as a family, we should ALL get to snuff the little shit out together as a family at the same time!”

Mr. Connell smiled, “How considerate! What do you want us to do?”

“Mom, squat down against that side of its head, and I’ll squeeze down on this side. Dad will ram his dick up its tiny ass-hole and shove it between our hard asses! We’ll use our asses to pop its head open like a fucking pimple! Ha!”

The parents laughed in glee and quickly took position. Stanley picked the toddler up and rammed it onto his dick in one shot! The pain of having its tiny organs displaced quickly woke it back up, but its screams were muffled seconds later as the two buxom ladies sandwiched its tiny head between their asses. Mr. Connell heaved forward, fucking the bleeding and ruined mess into the asses of his wife and daughter as if it were an oversized condom!

“Oh fuck yeah! This is best fuck I’ve ever had! Can you feel it ladies? Squeeze that fucking cry-baby hard while I rape it straight up your asses!”

“Oh shit daddy! This feels better than I ever dreamed it would! Rape the little faggot right up our butts! I love killing weak defenseless babies with my ass! I love this! I love YOU! Both of you! Oh shit, squeeze harder mom, I think I can feel its fucking skull caving in!”


The innocent little 6-month-old baby’s skull collapsed between the gyrating ass-cheeks of the two women. Stanley Connell’s hard dick shoved forward, splattering their butts and backs with the bloody pulp-like remains of the unwanted child, abandoned at birth by its mother and never given a chance to be loved by anyone during its short and painful life. The sexy ladies screamed in pleasure as their asses consumed the broken corpse, combining it with their cum, as well as Stan’s, who came himself shortly after raping the little boy to death.

The evil trio of child-raping murderers stood in the puddle of their hapless victim’s blood and guts, cuddling and groping each other lovingly. Mr. Connell licked the blood off the fine asses of his wife and daughter, who, in turn, used the intestine of their dead prey to rub their master’s cock back to erection.

“Oh my sweet baby, that was wonderful!” cried Mrs. Connell. “I haven’t been that turned on since my first kill back when I was in elementary school! I bet your old family never let you do things like that!”

That statement brought Jessica crashing back down to harsh reality.

“Oh shit! I forgot about my stupid ex-family! They’ll never let me live with you, no matter how much I want to!”

“What? But surely they must realize that you’d be better off with us. Why, the opportunities we could provide for you are endless. The best teaching, private tutors, a bought-and-paid for college diploma, and a cushy job with no real work and more money than your poor, wretched, family could ever dream of making!” exclaimed Mrs. Connell.

“And we’d compensate them. We’d give them more money than they would probably make in a lifetime. Hell, we could even offer to take your pathetic siblings off their hands as well! New toys for you, and a wild carefree life for your parents that’d be free from the burdens and expense of stupid whining brats!”

“I know that it sounds perfect, but they’re just too fucking stupid to understand! They would rather have me be part of their pitiful moral family than let me be truly happy. All they care about is their stupid “morality”. They don’t understand that all that really matters is power and greed and making yourself feel good, even if it’s at the expense of others! Although, what you said about my bratty ex-siblings does give me an idea…”


Jerry Schultz was surprised when his eldest daughter approached him about spending an evening out with his wife whilst she babysat her younger siblings. Usually she detested even being around her brother and sisters, but for some strange reason now wished to spend time with them.

“Babysitting for the Connells really changed me. Now I understand how I really should’ve been treating my shit-er, I mean, siblings all along. Now I realize that baby”sitting” is about giving them what they-really-deserve. Plus, you and mom could use a night out. I promise that when you come home, you’ll be surprised at what you see!”

He was so overwhelmed at her change in behavior that he didn’t even notice the wicked smirk on her face.

It was a pleasant evening of dinner and dancing. To be honest, it was nice to get away from the children for a while, and they hadn’t danced in ages. Jerry admired his wife’s hot body out on the dance floor. As the night came to a close and the couple pulled into the drive, they were surprised to see several additional vehicles. Jerry recognized one of them as belonging to his boss and wondered what was going on?

Walking into the house, they were shocked to see Mr. and Mrs. Connell standing in the living room…in nothing but their underwear! And their young son and daughter tied and gagged naked on the floor!

“What’s going on here?!” shouted Mary Schultz.

Mrs. Connell stepped forward, a smile on her face, and shook hands with the dumbfounded wife. Mary was in shock, not only at the state of her children, but at the gorgeous figure of Mrs. Connell, who looked like a sexy pornographic model with her huge tits in a skimpy leather bra and equally huge ass covered (barely) by a string-leather bikini bottom. If she wasn’t so confused, she might even have been turned on, despite being happily married and (supposedly) heterosexual.

“You must be Mary; it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Suddenly, out from the bathroom strutted Jessica, naked and smiling wickedly.

“Welcome to the party mom, or I guess I should say, ex-mom.”

“EX-mom? Party?”

“Yes! To celebrate my new life as the permanent baby”sitter” of my new family, the Connells!”

“New family?! What’s all this about?!” screamed Jerry as he approached his daughter to grab her.

CLICK! Jerry suddenly stopped and stared at his boss, who was pointing a pistol at him. Jerry absently wondered how he’d been able to hide it wearing nothing but his boxers.

“Now, now, Jerry.” He walked over to Jessica and kissed her passionately while fondling her tits with his free hand. “She’s our daughter now and you won’t get to touch her again unless I say so. I can be a very…possessive…father, you know.”

“Your daughter?! What gives you the right to come in here and take over my family?”

All three of the sexy demons simply laughed at him. What hurt most was his daughter’s laughter.

“Shit dad, er, ex-dad…Jerry. What gives us the right? We’re better than you. I always knew I was superior, but now that I’ve got REAL parents with money who really want what’s best for me, I can finally act like it and do what I should’ve done a long time ago!”

Jessica walked over to her younger brother, who looked up at his sister with fear in his eyes, and sat on his face! He struggled, but was weak and small and though her ex-parents protested, they were too afraid of the Connells to act.

“Can you feel my ass suffocating you Timmy? Taste my ass, brother! Worship it!”

Timmy’s struggles died down and his body eventually went limp. Just before he died due to lack of oxygen, Jessica sat up and spit harshly on his blue-and-purple face. “You fucking dick-less faggot! I hoped you enjoyed that because that’s as close as you’ll ever get to having sex with a real woman!”

“Jessica, what did you do to your brother?!” screeched her former mother.

“Nothing compared to what you’re going to do to him, mom!” she said, with sarcasm on the word “mom”.


“I may be his older sister, but you’re the one who gave birth to the little snot-ball. And as much trouble as he’s given me, I can’t imagine the shit he’s put you through. If anyone deserves the honor of killing him, it’s his own mother!”

“NO! You can’t be serious! Stop this act right now young lady; this is NOT funny!”

Jessica gestured to Mr. Connell, who aimed the gun at Mary’s head.

“Oh, I disagree mom; I think it’ll be a riot to watch you use your sexy body to kill your own son! And if you don’t do it, then we’ll just kill you instead!”

Mary cried and pleaded with her captors to stop, but it was in vain. As Mr. Connell cocked the gun back, Mary found herself stripping all her clothes off. The three captors leered at her lewd body as she squatted down with her ass straddling her son’s face. She was simply too afraid of dying --even if it meant suffocating her own son so that she could have a few more minutes of life herself.

“That’s it mom!” shouted Jessica as she and Mrs. Connell fingered themselves. “Use your beautiful ass to suffocate him! Push harder! I know you can do it because I nearly did and your ass is even bigger than mine, so stop shitting around and grind that ugly turd into the ground! Shove him back up to the place where he came from!”

Tears streamed down the mother’s face as she rode her own child, slowly killing him as he struggled underneath her. The part that really shamed her most though…was that she was actually getting wet at the action! Her son’s struggles to breathe felt incredible against her cunt and ass-hole! It was far better than any tongue action she had ever gotten from Jerry.

Her evil teenage daughter saw her body shudder, and knew she was getting off on it.

“It feels soooo good, doesn’t it mom? Knowing that you’re the one in control? Knowing that you WILL get off no matter what he wants; whether he lives or dies! Feel the power mom; the power of your own sexuality! Use your body the way it was intended…to give you the ultimate pleasure regardless of what the other person feels!”

Mary began panting, desperately fighting her body’s urges. If she had to kill her son, at the very least she didn’t want to receive some sort of sick sexual pleasure from it! But it was sooo hard not to cum!

“Wait! I have an idea!” shouted Mrs. Connell. “We want to make sure she can’t rationalize her actions later; she has to know that what she did and that she did it for her own pleasure and of her own volition. Make her crush her own son’s body while she gazes into his eyes! That way the little dildo can look up at his loving mommy’s face and know that she’s getting the ultimate pleasure from killing him!”

Jessica and her new parents laughed as Mary was forced back and began bouncing on her son’s small 6-year-old chest. Though no longer suffocating under the confines of his mother’s ass-flesh, he still had trouble breathing as her adult body and strong ass smashed down against his lungs and chest. He wheezed out in protest as his ribs began to crack and bruise.

Jerry, seeing the agony on his son’s face, finally worked up enough courage to protest.

“Mary, no! You’re hurting him! Death is a better fate than knowingly causing harm to your own son! Please stop!”

Mr. Connell sneered at his subordinate.

“Oh, so you think you’re a big man, Jerry? Acting all high and mighty? Let’s see how well you do in her situation. Strip down and fuck your son up his ass like a filthy faggot!”


“Do it or I’ll kill you and then fuck him myself!” He once again cocked back the gun and aimed it at Jerry’s head.

Jerry looked conflicted for a tense moment, all eyes on him. His wife, in particular, was gazing back at him for guidance. But for all his talk of morals and sacrifice, when it came down to it Jerry was just as cowardly and scared of death as any other human. Tears streaming down his pathetic face, he stripped down and aimed his average-sized cock at his son’s ass-hole; willing to give up all of his morals and dignity and even his own son’s virginity in exchange for extending his own selfish existence by a few minutes.

The biggest shame of all came from the fact that his dick was as hard as it had ever been.

“Ha! I knew it! You put up a good front Schultz, but when it comes right down to it you’re as depraved and desperate as the rest of them! Look at your fucking cock, hard as a rock at watching your sexy wife ass-rape your own little son’s face! Now prove that you really put your selfish needs and pleasure ahead of your own family and FUCK YOUR SON UP HIS TINY ASS!!”

Humiliated beyond shame, the broken father silently obeyed his superior and rammed his dick straight up his own 6-year-old son with no mercy or gentleness. Little Timmy, drifting in and out of consciousness and having his view blocked by his mother’s body, had no idea what was happening until an indescribable bolt of pain shot up his body! Undeterred, his father simply pulled back out and then shoved right back in again, his brain on automatic as he subconsciously ignored his son’s cries and raped his insides into paste!

“Shit yeah! Show that little faggot what you really thought of him all these years!” screamed Jessica. “See how tiny his dick is compared to yours?! He deserves to be fucked like a little sissy for having such a tiny little pencil-cock! Look at Timmy’s fucking excuse for a dick get hard as you sodomize his ass! Fuck that little queer for getting hard while you rape him! He deserves it! He deserves it for enjoying having another man’s dick up his shit-hole! He’s a fucking fag and he deserves to pay! Make him pay daddy! Show him how we punish little sinners in this family!”

Despite the fact that Timmy was most certainly NOT enjoying the experience at all, Jessica’s wicked words somehow twisted her father’s already broken brain and, lost in a sea of lust, he believed her and began to fuck his faggot son with a vengeance, while using the blood flowing from his broken ass for lube. Feeling her son’s body convulse to the rhythm of her husband’s brutal fucking, Mary started bouncing on his chest once more, now in-time to the movements of her husband.

“That’s it! Give in to your desires! Give in to your instincts! Son or not, show that pathetic snot-rag that his life is meaningless when it comes to your own selfish pleasure!” screamed Mrs. Connell as she finger-fucked herself to multiple orgasms.

Mary couldn’t turn away from her son’s gaze. He looked at her in a mix of horror, pain, and betrayal, and still she could not turn away, nor could she stop her ass from crashing against his weakened chest. Jessica leaned over and whispered into her mother’s ear. Mesmerized, she couldn’t help but obey.

She SPAT straight in her son’s face and then crashed her ass against his chest HARD, harder than ever before, and SNAPPED his ribs, crushing his chest into a pile of broken bones and bloody goop as his lungs and heart collapsed! She CAME right afterwards, screaming in ecstasy as the most intense orgasm of her life overtook her! A moment later, her husband followed suit, spurting jets of cum up into his boy’s collapsed remains. Mr. Connell, who had been stroking himself for the whole ordeal, shot his own load over the mother-and-son duo, covering both in copious amounts of cum.

Jessica engaged Mary in a passionate kiss as her Jerry, his lust-filled mind clearing, cried over the remains of his son.

“W-what have I done?! Please forgive me! I’m s-sorry son! I’m so sorry!”

Jessica parted from her incestuous kiss.

“Not as sorry as your gonna be, dear-ol’-daddy! This is just the beginning, you still have two more worthless brats to “babysit”, remember? AhHahaha!”

“N-no! I won’t do this again! I won’t!”

“Shove it old man! You’ll do what we tell you to if you want to live. You’ll do it because you value your life more than those stupid snot-rags; you just proved that! You just murdered your own son to save your own life. You already took one innocent life, what’s a few more? It’s not like it’ll make any difference; your so-called “soul” has already been tainted. You’ll be going to Hell anyway for your selfish acts, so why not enjoy the pleasures life has to offer while you still can?”

Mr. Connell shoved the weeping pathetic excuse for a father at gunpoint over to his five-year-old daughter. Mary, on the other hand, was no longer crying, and simply in a dazed state over the amazing feelings that had just wracked her body. Jessica gently helped her up and guided her over to the bound girl.

Ann, having watched her own sister and parents rape and kill her brother while she was lying naked, tied, and gagged on the floor, stared up at her once-loving family in horror, pleading with tearful eyes not to have the same torture inflicted on her.

“Look at her,” Christine hissed into Mary’s ear. “Look at the little bitch plead silently for her life, just like her brother did. So selfish of her to think of her own stupid life when she should be more concerned about pleasing us, wouldn't you say? After all you’ve done for her, and this is how she repays her mother’s kindness? She needs to be punished!”

Mary just nodded in a dazed stupor, as if she was having an out-of-body experience and everything was a dream. All three women began to finger themselves.

“NO! Wake up Mary! These evil demons have bewitched you and Jessica! Snap out of it!”

“Now, now, that’ll be enough outta you,” said Mr. Connell as he ribbed Jerry with the pistol.

“Don’t be such a drama queen,” admonished his daughter. “Mom is just finally starting to realize how she should’ve been treating these stupid weaklings all along. Children are just toys and playthings for our pleasure. You should know, you’re the one who flooded your own son’s ass with sperm! Ha! And now you get to stick your dick up your tight daughter’s six-year-old virgin pussy as a reward!”

Jerry protested feebly once again, but a quick poke with the pistol and he resigned himself to following his superiors’ wicked intentions. For all his talk of morality and family ties, when it came down to it, Jerry was a coward and he betrayed and killed his own children for a chance to save himself.

“Come on mom, I’ll show you this cool trick I learned with Christina.” Jessica sat astride one side of Ann’s little head, while her mother sat astride the other. “Now push!” They squeezed their sexy asses together, nearly enveloping the tiny tot’s head as they stood up together. “Now Jerry! Rape your weak little daughter up our sexy asses!”

He did as he was told, and inserted his dick up his tight little girl. However, he was so ashamed with himself that he couldn’t get hard, and even with the tight, vise-like grip of the grade-schooler, he kept slipping out. He didn’t even penetrate far enough to burst her hymen.

“For gezzus sake, you old fart! Can’t you try any harder than that?!” screamed his teenage daughter. “The little bitch is just hanging from our asses like some sorta clingy turd! Fucking rape her already!”

“I-I can’t!” Jerry cried, and for the likes of him, he couldn’t figure out if he was crying because he was being forced to rape his daughter or because he couldn’t get hard enough to actually do so.

“Fuck! You can get it up to fuck your son, but not for a tight, virgin cunt?! You really are a queer, aren’t you?!”

“Maybe that’s why he never really satisfied me,” whispered his wife aloud.

The action stopped and the room grew quiet as everyone stared at her, then at her husband, and then began laughing raucously!

“Hahaha! I should’ve known! All this time, he wasn’t being a drama queen, he was being a drag queen! Hey dad, maybe you should help Jerry out.”

Mr. Connell grinned at his new daughter sinisterly and then shoved the barrel of the pistol straight up Jerry’s ass! The results were instant as his cock sprang up from the stimulation!

“Ha! I knew it! All you stupid moral-and-religious types are secretly fags! You just try and act that way because you think no one will suspect that what you really desire is to have a thick rod shoved up your ass like the piece of sick, immoral shit that you are!” declared Mr. Connell. “That’ll just make forcing you to rape your own daughter even better! Oh, and better be careful, I’ve got an itchy trigger finger, you know!”

He laughed and shoved the gun, and thus Mr. Shultz, forward, where his now-hard dick pierced his daughter like a spear, deflowering her instantly and pushing her straight up the asses of her mother and older sister!

“Shit yeah! That’s the stuff! Feel that mom? Feel your daughter’s head squirming up your ass, wiping against your cunt in a struggle to live?! Her feeble resistance causing you pleasure?! That’s what she’s for, mom. She was born to give us pleasure! We deserve it after all the shit she’s put us through, especially you! No show her it’s payback time! Fuck her with your ass mom! Fuck your little daughter to death like you should have when she was born!”

Mary responded to her eldest daughter’s sinister words, and shoved her ass against that of her daughter’s for all it was worth, her tight muscles nearly ripping Ann’s suffocating face apart.

“Fuck harder dad!” Jessica yelled, calling Jerry “dad” for one of the first times that evening. “Your fucking excuse for a cock can’t satisfy real women like us, you stupid faggot, so use your daughter as living human dildo and crush her against our asses!”

Jerry pushed harder, fucking his young daughter’s insides into paste just like he had with his son. Mary and Jessica pushed back just as forcefully, sandwiching the girl’s pathetically weak frame between their sexy, adult bodies. Mr. Connell stroked himself. Mary and Jessica’s mouths opened, breathing hard. Mrs. Connell, noticing this, shoved her massive E-cup tits forward, offering one to each of the sexy women.

“Suck,” she commanded.

They did, slurping like babies at her huge, luscious areolas.

“That’s it, my babies! Suck my tits! Suck the tits that I never let my own babies feel before I killed them! Suck them as a reward for killing that pathetic turd between your sexy asses! Oh, how I wish I had milk to give you; milk for my precious, sexy, infant-killing girls!”

Jerry fucked even harder watching the lewd scene unfold, and blood and guts were now flowing freely down his organ as he nearly buried into his daughter up to his balls.

“Fucking hot, isn’t it?” whispered Mr. Connell into his employee-turned-sex-slave’s ear. “Three hot women reveling in the pleasure of each other’s bodies. Not that you’d understand, you fucking fag. At least what they’re doing is natural. Enjoying the gifts that were given to them and using them to pleasure each other. When I fuck some stupid retarded boy it’s to get off, and help my wife and new daughter get off. I’m showing my masculinity by using my powerful, male body to punish and bully the weak. But you…you’re just fucking sick. You’re the real sicko here, not us. You used your own cock to kill your own son and you enjoyed it because you’re nothing but a fag and you prefer little boys’ poop-chutes to real cunts, even when it’s your own wife or daughters’! So cum you fucking fag! Cum up your own child while my gun spears your queer ass!”

Despite his mocking words, Jerry couldn’t help but cum and cum hard, pushing his now brain-dead little girl into the hungry asses of his wife and elder daughter, which swallowed her up hungrily before crushing her body to bits and then spitting it back out on the floor, a mixture of blood, guts, and their own girl-cum as they orgasmed over the mangled remains of her body.

The women fell to their knees in delighted exhaustion, still sucking and groping each other while completely ignoring the pile of blood, intestines, and brains that they were squatting in. Jerry fell to his knees in shame and disgrace.

But it wasn’t disgraceful enough for Mr. Connell, who shoved his hard cock into his underling’s whiny mouth.

“It’s just like I told you Jerry, the women like it when a man shows off his masculinity by using his body to punish the weak and stupid. And unlike you, faggot, I like it when the women get off!”

Through tear-stung eyes, Jerry looked past his boss to see the sexy women, his wife included, fingering themselves as he was face-fucked by his superior. Jessica and Catherine were even grabbing handfuls of Ann’s bloody remains and stuffing them up their cunts and ass-holes. His own wife and daughter were getting off while he was raped by his boss, who had just forced him to kill his own children!

“Suck him daddy! There’s no reason to hold back now; you’ve squandered an entire lifetime of morality and virtue in one night! All the love and care you gave to your children, my brother and sister, won’t make up for the fact that YOU'VE NOW KILLED THEM! They’re dead because of you!”

Jerry popped his mouth off the rigid cock. “N-no-sob-it wasn’t me! It-sob-it was you! All I ever did was love you-sob-and try-sob-try to raise you right!”

Jessica smirked with no compassion for her crying father, who was forced back into sucking off her newer, better dad.

“That’s right, but it wasn’t enough! I wanted more! More money, more freedom, more sex, and less of your pathetic love and morality! I’m a beautiful, sexy, strong woman now, and I deserve to get whatever I want, no matter who gets hurt! Why should I care what my weak faggot father thinks? I have a REAL dad now! One with a shit-load of money and that isn’t afraid to put up-tight moral bitches like you where you belong…on your knees with a cock stuffed down your throat!”

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy it,” smirked Mr. Connell. “Your faggot dick is getting hard again.”

Indeed, Jerry’s dick was upright once more, covered in the blood of his dead daughter.

“Ha! Looks like raping his little children to death wasn’t enough for him!” laughed Mrs. Connell.

Jessica giggled, “See, it WAS your fault! You could have just refused, but you didn’t. You could have been dead right now, but you would have been in Heaven for having lived a virtuous life. Instead, you decided your life was more important than the lives of your children and your stupid morals! I came from your seed and as my father, anything I do is because of your influence! Maybe it was all your repressed homosexuality that twisted me into this evil form. It came from YOU! So you see, I’m not the one that Heaven will punish, and I’m not the one who will end up in Hell! YOU ARE!”

Jessica nodded to her new dad, who reached down and pulled the trigger on the pistol still lodged up Jerry’s ass.


Just as Jerry’s blood splattered all over his body, Mr. Connell likewise sprayed his cum all over Jerry’s face!

“Oh!” gasped Mary.

The others looked at her, but instead of being distraught at her Hell-bound husband’s dead body slipping to the floor, she was cumming at the sight!

The Connell family laughed.

“Shit mom, that’s the third time you’ve cum tonight. I guess Jerry really didn’t satisfy you, did he? Poor mom, all those repressed urges. Surrounded by a faggot husband and three little whiny kids, I’m not surprised.”

“T-three?” whispered Mary in a daze. “That’s right, I have three whiny kids. Where’s Shelly?”

“Oh! I almost forgot! You remember how I after I changed her diapers, I always said Shelly was nothing more than a pile of shit, right?”


Mary stared down at the sight of her 9-month-old baby girl bathing in a toilet bowl full of piss. She was positioned in way where she wasn’t drowning, but she was still covered in urine from having Jessica and the Connells using her as a urinal earlier that night.

Jessica looked at her eagerly.

“Go ahead, you know you want to! Drown that little brat in your shit! Then you’ll finally be able to live your life free of responsibilities. No faggot let-down of a husband hounding you about silly morals. No stupid whiny snot-balls crying about dirty diapers and sucking your bank account dry. You can finally be free to do whatever the fuck you want and live like a real woman should!”

“F-free?” Mary asked shakily, her eyes still glazed over and acting like a zombie. She stared down at the toddler that she was supposed to protect and nurture. “N-no.”

Jessica’s was furious, and about to slap the bewildered bitch, when Mary suddenly cleared up and her face grew sinister.

“No! That’s too good for this fucking piece of filth!” she sneered.

Mary took her baby daughter’s head, and slammed it into the toilet rim, then pushed the toilet seat on top before the wailing ball of snot could get up again! Her tiny body was too weak to lift the seat up.

“After all the pain you gave my ass in child-birth, it’s only fair that my ass returns the favor! You deserve nothing less than to be crushed by my superior body alongside your pathetic brother and sister!”

“Hell yeah! Show her that you care more about your own pleasure than being a proper and moral mom! Prove your femininity by killing your own daughter underneath your bodacious ass! REAL sexy women should only care about their own wants and their own desires, not being saddled by some whiny tit-less toddler that’s only worth is a toilet-dildo!”

Mary sat down on the toilet, lightly at first, but even then she could make out the sounds of Shelly’s skull cracking slightly under the weight. She let out a huge FART, followed several long turds covered in cum that hadn’t fully dripped out from earlier in the night. Looking behind her at her baby daughter, covered in shit and piss, Mary couldn’t be happier. She reached back and shoved her fingers as deep into the disgusting baby’s cunt and ass as she could, rubbing her now-otherwise-useless wedding ring against her baby’s vaginal walls, cackling wickedly all the while.

“Yes! I want to be free! Free from obligations! Free from stupid morals! Free from these fucking whiny children that never show me the respect a REAL woman like me deserves! Cry for mommy all you want, you stupid pile of shit! This time the only cradling mommy’s gonna give you is between her beautiful ass-cheeks! Hahaha!”

“Yeah mom! Rape her! Rape her with your fingers like I did all those times behind your and dad’s backs! Rape your daughter while you crush her skull with you beautiful ass!”

“Ugh! Oh, she’s not my daughter anymore; now she’s nothing more than my sex-toy! I only have one daughter now, and that’s you Jessica! I always loved you the most! You have such a great body and you were always acting so selfish and slutty, and I secretly LOVED it! I was always jealous of your independence and your free will. I didn’t want any more kids after you but Jerry insisted! I should have just divorced him and taken you with me and left him with those fucking stink-bugs instead! Hell-ugh-now I wish I had gone behind his back and gotten abortions and just lied to him about it! But I’ll correct that mistake right now!”

Jessica looked at Mary with joy.

“Oh mom, that’s so sweet!”

Mary took her free hand and lifted her D-cup breast.

“Come on Jessica! Unlike Christina, I CAN still give milk! Suck me babe! Suck your mama’s tits and show your wretched excuse for a sister the pleasure of sucking my tit-flesh dry! Show her one last time what it’s like before she DIES BY MY ASS!”

Jessica smiled and sucked on her mom’s breast, breastfeeding for the first time since she was a baby. Mary offered her other tit to Mrs. Connell, who also sucked it down greedily. Mary then looked up at Mr. Connell, who was standing with his cock erect once again. She smiled at him flirtatiously.

“Come on Mr. Connell, while I give your sexy wife some of the milk from my tit, why don’t you give me some milk from your lovely cock? Afterall, you’re not some closet gay faggot like my FORMER husband, are you?”

Stanley Connell growled and shoved his cock right between the massive breasts of the newly widowed slut, her husband and children’s bodies not even cold from death yet and lying in the next room. She sucked his dick hungrily as he titty-fucked her while his wife and daughter sucked on said tits just a few inches away. The sexually repressed former housewife, now child-rapist, was quickly building to a climax, as were the other sexual monsters who were her accomplices.

Smack-pop-“Oh gezzus, I’m gonna cum! Spray it Mr. Connell! Spray your cum all over my face while I cum on all over my baby and CRUSH HER FUCKING HEAD WITH MY GORGEOUS ASS! Spray your delicious cum all over my face! My stupid husband was always too cowardly to take me like a real woman, but not you! You’re a real man! You’ll fuck anything with a hole so long as it gets you off, won’t you? Even a poor, vulnerable, wittle ol’ widow like me, hmm?”

“Shit, take it you fucking greedy slut! I’m CUMMING!”


He shot several loads all over Mary’s wicked face, and, despite having cum twice already, Mary came harder than she ever had, her sex juices gushing out of her cunt and spraying all over little Shelly’s back.


Followed by her ass slamming hard down on the toilet seat and utterly destroying her toddler-daughter’s skull and showering blood and gray-matter all over the evil incestuous rapists! Jessica and Christina followed with their own orgasms several seconds later. Breathing heavily, Mary removed her fingers from her discarded spawn, and brought them up to her face, licking off the blood and guts and making sure to pay special attention to her wedding ring.

The diamond ring shined with her spit and juices, and she found it to be an appropriate symbol of her re-birth. It was supposed to symbolize her ever-lasting love to her husband and family, but now it would forever be reminder of this night and her new love, which was mainly for herself! A love that could only be realized through the elimination of everything and everyone holding her back; her stupid morals, her pathetic faggot husband, and her weak useless children! Now she was free to love life and love her body the way it was meant to be…through the pain and torment of others!


After everyone had caught their breath, Jessica began to giggle at her blood, cum, and milk-covered mom.

“You’re so sick mom!”

Mary giggled back, “I’ve learned from the best, my daughter.”

“Well, you certainly got the baby-“sitting” part down!”

Everyone laughed.

“And this is only the beginning! I’m finally free to do what I want, and it’s all thanks to you! No more ungrateful brats and no more oppressive moral-spouting husband; from now on, it’s just you and me Jessica, my sweet, sexy, evil little girl! Now we can truly be mother and daughter like we should have been all these years. I love you so much Jessy!”

Jessica gazed at her mother with tears of love in her eyes.

“Oh mom! You don’t know how much that means to me! This is just what I’ve always wanted!”

Ending A: "Too fucking bad it didn't happen sooner. Now that I have parents with money, I don't really need you anymore, ha!" continued Jessica...

Ending B: She enveloped her mom in a joyful, loving hug. After much crying (and kissing and groping), Mary went into living room, and pried the wedding ring off of her husband's now-cold, dead hand...

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