Title: Shit
Author: Sarah AKA The Goddess of Death, Email juicy_falls@hotmail.com

Part 4: Eight years later

Shit was now a little girl. She stood in front of the mirror observing her body in the loft above the barn. Despite the ugly, purple bruises and scars, and that she had only taken a shower under a cold water hose, she had a cuteness factor. Her dark red hair had never been cut properly. One time, Christine and Jenny had burned her hair off completely. Nonetheless, she was cute, and each scar she had seemed to be a positive feature of hers, after all that is all she was ever taught.

Shit never went to school. She didn't know how to read. She was always locked away in her loft, sometimes for ages. The only things that kept her busy was watching the birds from the hay loft door, and listening to the screams of victims her torturous parents bring home. Sometimes they were human babies, sometimes they were rats, gerbils, cats, cows, pigs, horses, and so on. There were holes for Shit to watch their murderous rampage in the barn below. Shit often wondered why she was spared from their fatal evilness. She could not help but think that one of these days it will be her turn.

Shit looked through one of the large holes on the floor and watched as pregnant Jenny and pregnant Christine were up to mischief again. Jenny had leaned herself back against a bail of hay with her legs spread wide, fucking herself with her fist while Christine was rubbing her crotch on the back of a securely tied down bull. The bull was massive and without adequate restraints, the girls would be in big trouble.

"Ride that bull, cowgirl!" Jenny yelled excitingly, her fist like a highly lubricated piston pumping away on her cunt.

"Go get Feces, Jenny." Christine said while in obvious pre-orgasmic bliss. "Hurry!"

Jenny worked her fist out of her cunt and carefully stood up, feeling her gap close up. She walked out to the bomb shelter about fifty yards from the house. She took the padlock in her hand and eventually got it open. The two year old laid on his bed with a restraint around his neck attached to the bed frame.

"Guess what we got planned for you today?" She sat next to the boy on his bed and rubbed his head like a mom would to a son. "I know that you can probably comprehend by now, but I could just assume Christine gave birth to a retard." Jenny smiled as the boy clearly reacted to her words. "You have been down here alone for, what, Two months? Living on food meant for dogs, and we buy cheap too." She took the boy's collar and unlocked it from his neck.

Jenny took a gun from in her boot and pointed it at the boy. "We treat you like feces, we even named you feces." She stood up. The boy naturally assumed to do the same. "Our initials have been burned on your ball sack, kinda like how some trim your penis off to take your manhood. If you ever get the privilege to touch your balls, you will know who owns you." They traveled across the yard and about half way to the barn. Jenny stopped, as did Feces. She walked around the child and stooped down to the small boy's level and looked into his eyes. "Honestly, with the way Christine is acting, I seriously doubt you will ever see your basement again, nor your ball sack." Jenny was rewarded with increased amount of tears. "Tell you what. Before we go in there, I want to give you one last thing you can do for yourself." Jenny yanked down the boy's yellow crusty underwear. "Touch your balls, that is if you understand me." The boy ran his hand down his body and his fingers over the initials they burned on his balls.

"You see, you were destined and meant to be an eventual subject for our personal pleasure." Jenny looked beyond the boy and into the hayloft door of the barn where Shit sat listening - tears streaming down her face. Shit also took her fingers and felt the burn mark on her outer labia. Jenny looked straight into Shit's eyes, but her conversation was directed to Feces. "Your end will be celebrated by our orgasms, and after it's all over, you will become a mess to clean up, and then you will be easily replaced by-" Jenny paused, and looked down to her stomach and rubbed her obscenely pregnant belly. "I got twins coming, I gotta start getting rid of some of my old toys."

Jenny took the boy roughly by the arm and basically tossed him into the barn with a loud thump. She looked back up to Shit with a sadistic smile as she walked into the barn. Shit quickly moved to the hole in the floor to see what would happen to Feces. Desiring to witness her destiny - a visual to prepare her mind for her almost certain fate.

Christine sat underneath the bull, sucking on his large cock. She tried to speak initially, but muffled by the meat in her mouth. She took the mammoth cock out while continuing to jerk it vigorously with two hands. "What took you so long!"

"Well, you know, had to add some gasoline to the fire, like I always do!"

"Jenny, you are one fucked up mind game player, but fuck do I love you for that." Christine seemingly more interested in the cock in her hands then striking up conversation. She ran her tongue all over it like a big, chocolaty Popsicle stick.

Jenny brought the boy to a stool and made him sit down. Christine eyed the boy up while enjoying her meat. "Yup, he's ready to be snuffed," Christine commented, while she rested the cock on her face. She looked up to Jenny for her nod of a approval.

The boy opened his mouth as the tears streamed uncontrollably now, his eyes red and forehead contorting into a sob. "Mommy," he finally uttered his first word. "Mommy, mommy." He repeated the only word he knew how to say hoping it would melt their hearts.

Jenny walked behind the boy and took a scalpel and took the boy into a choke hold. "Awe, you said your first and last word," she said as she ran the sharp scalpel against the skin along his neck, but barely penetrating, only cutting into the skin. She took the scalpel, and went along the contours of his face, the hairline, and then the jawline. She ran fingers underneath the incision at the neck and held the boy down firmly. Christine and Shit watched intently - Christine finger fucking herself while sucking on the bull. She pulled up on the skin, causing terrible screams of pain from the child. She stuck the boy with a needle into the heart to keep him awake. She peeled the child's skin off, skinning him like the deers that they hunted. Eventually, she was rewarded when the face came completely off. The boy's face resulted in facial muscles and blood, but it still showed emotion well.

Shit ran to her toilet, which was just a sewer line she had to squat over, and if she missed she would have to smell it until she cleaned it up. But she never had anything to use as cleaning tools, so she used her piss to wash it off. She leaned over the sewer line and threw up in it. The line traveled down the floor and Jenny and Christine had modified it today so that it emptied on top of whoever was sitting on the stool :ahem: chair, which was Feces, :ahem: the boy, . Shit's puke splashed all over the boy's face and, having stomach acid in the contents, it burned the boy's face terribly.

Christine finally stood up and walked to the counter where there was a custom built array of chains specially built for the boy. It was designed to be a harness that fit around the bull down its legs and then cuffs that held the boy's arms and legs snug against the bull's front and back hooves. As Christine got it untangled and mounted on the bull, she took a brief moment to watch Jenny torture her child.

"Wait!" Christine finally yelled, with a worried look on her face. "I don't know if I can do this."

Jenny stopped before she moved a blow torch onto the boy's knuckle. "Do what?" Shit listened attentively, as she held herself in a corner of the loft.

"I really want to bath my child one more time before his end." Christine, now happy with the chains mounted on the bull, moved over to her whimpering son. She ran her fingers through his brown hair and brought his face against her breast. "After all, I think that is what he enjoyed the most during his short life." She looked up to Jenny and Jenny smirked.

Christine moved away from the boy and brought her foot up to the back of the stool and roughly used her son's eye sockets as way to push him down with her fingers to get his face in line with her cunt. She brought her fingers back up and noticed that they were both bloody and licked them off. She then began pissing onto his mutilated face, aiming into the damaged eyes, into his mouth for a taste, and then all over the face for the real sting factor.

Once Christine was done giving her son a bath, she drug him underneath the bull, kicking and screaming. "Mommy!" he said in a hopeless scream. It was obvious that it was almost involuntary at this point. Once her son's legs and arms were fastened to the bull's legs, she opened the barn door and with one pull of a knot, the bull was free. Christine and Jenny quickly ran behind the safety of a strong fence. The bull ran and bucked, but the boy was drug underneath on the rough rocky ground. The bull tried desperately to detach what was restrained to his feet. Every time the bull's front and back legs were the farthest apart during its bucking and running, the boy's joints would be yanked on with extreme pressure. Eventually one of his arms was pulled out of it's socket and then, soon followed by the others. One arm was completely severed from his body and guts poured onto the dirt. Jenny held up an elephant shot gun, and shot the bull from a distance. The bull fell on top of the barely alive boy. Jenny walked up to the pile of meat and aimed with the gun again and finished them both off. Shit curled up into a ball and rocked herself to sleep. She was horrified to think that would happen to her.

Next afternoon, Shit woke up to Christine standing over her. "Poor girl," she squat down with a pale of meat. "I would never give you the best cuts. But you have to try this." It made sense to Shit now why they had deprived her of dog food for a week. They wanted her to be hungry for human meat. But she knew, in the deep parts of her mind, that she didn't need to be starved to eat it. Shit enjoyed it. She took a handful of meat scraps and shoveled it into her mouth like a dog. "It is a mixture of beef, and your brother. I got the recipe online. It called for Turkey, but we had different ideas." Christine smiled deviously watching the young cute red head feed on her brother. "Soon, it will be your turn to enjoy."

Shit looked up at Christine, pausing her chewing, "You're not going to kill me," Shit stated. "I already know what you are trying to do."

Christine brought her fingers to Shit's hair, running her fingers through it like she did to her deceased son. "It's not polite to eat with your mouth full dear." With that she raises her opposite hand and +bang+!

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