"Sarah and Jessica: Part 5-B"
by Polaris

Chapter 6

Rachel teleported herself to a small town in Illinois. Rather than try another school, she decided to visit the local YMCA. As she stepped into the lobby, she noticed that there was no one around except for a woman behind the counter. She continued on until she reached the door leading to the swimming pool.

Rachel peered into the large window and saw a girl, about age 20, and half a dozen children around the ages of six and seven. The girl's name was Trisha, a college student, who was teaching swimming lessons. She really hated it, though. She was simply doing it for the money. She had never took a liking to children either and their lack of courage was making things all the more difficult.

"All right! Now I'm going to go out to the middle of the pool and I want you to swim out to me," Trisha told one of the girls.

The girl nervously watched her instructor depart to the center of the pool.

"Come on!" Trisha shouted.

The girl just stared back at her with a worried look on her face. Trisha quickly lost her patience. She swam back to the edge and grabbed hold of the small child. Rachel was surprised to see her place one hand over the girl's mouth and used the fingertips to pinch her nose. She then forcefully dunked the girl's head underwater and held it there for at least ten seconds. She then jerked it out of the water and began screaming at the girl.

'Damn! She's pretty mean,' Rachel thought. She watched for a while longer and then got a wicked idea. She used her ring to transform herself into a muscular, "hunky" type male, as she knew this was what Trisha liked. Wearing nothing but a pair of red swimming trunks, Rachel opened the door to the pool and walked over to her.

Trisha became aroused immediately at the sight of the approaching stranger.

"Hey there, baby! Howsabout we ditch these brats and go have some fun in the locker room?" Rachel asked.

Trisha continued stared at her. She knew she shouldn't, but the male body was more gorgeous than any she'd ever seen before. And Rachel's influence on her hormones had completely overridden her sense of judgment.

"S-Sure. Sounds good to me," Trisha replied. She pulled herself out of the water and gave the children a cruel look.

"I'm going back there for a while so don't kill yourselves."

The children said nothing as they clung to the edge of the pool, watching Rachel and their swimming instructor leave. When the two reached the locker room, Trisha bent over the bench, giving Rachel a good view of the tight ass inside her tight swimsuit.

"So, what shall we do first?" Trisha asked lustfully.

'So she's a bitch and a slut, huh?' Rachel thought to herself.

"Well, first I kill you, so that I can then kill your students," Rachel smugly replied in her normal, feminine voice.

Trisha whipped her head around and was shocked to find a naked girl with a penis between her legs standing behind her.


Before Trisha could finish her sentence, Rachel's tentacle-like cock zipped into her asshole. Trisha shrieked as the veiny serpent quickly slid through her anus and burst out of her vagina, spilling blood onto the locker-room floor. It then shot up into her mouth and violently exploded out of her eye socket.

Trisha's body twitched with intense agony, just like Rachel wanted. The dark-haired sixteen-year-old held the swimming instructor up with her penis and slowly moved forward. She then pulled the swimming-suit straps down over the girl's shoulders, allowing the plump breasts to fall freely. Rachel sucked on one of the nipples for about a minute and then sank her teeth into her captive's boob.

Blood gushed from the wound and dribbled down Rachel's chin, much to her delight! As she feasted, her cock went to work. It excitedly slid back and forth through Trisha's four orifices, spewing cum onto Rachel's hair and face as she devoured the delicious tits before her.

Once Trisha's chest had been reduced to nothing but two bloody gashes, Rachel decided to sample something else from the menu. Her penis zipped into her mouth and fiercely thrust it's way down. As the girl deep-throated herself, she reached into Trisha's wounds and smeared her own tits with the warm blood.

Having ejaculated down her throat several times, Rachel withdrew the penis from her mouth, as well as from Trisha's body. The instructor's body fell to the floor, where Rachel then began chewing on her neck. Once the head was severed from her body, Rachel left the half-eaten corpse to find new prey.

The children were becoming a bit concerned about the Trisha's absence, though relieved to be free from the asshole for a few minutes. Rachel observed the children lined up against the pool's edge. She took note that a couple were males, but Jessica's objection was nonexistent to Rachel. She would kill all of them.

The lights went out in a flash, leaving only a dim glow to be seen inside the room. The children immediately tried climbing out, but couldn't. The pool's floor had begun sinking into the ground, lowering the water level, not to mention the kids themselves. Though the room was dark, Rachel could see perfectly, thanks to her supernatural vision.

'Hmmm. I think I'll fuck around with them first!' Rachel thought to herself as she slipped into the pool.

Rachel swam under the water and began removing the children's swim wear. For the boys, she simply snatched their trunks from below. But for the girls, she first had to snip the shoulder straps. Soon enough, however, she had de-clothed all ten of them.

'Hee hee! I can see them but they cant see me!'

Rachel swam to the pool's floor and fingered herself as she looked up at all the naked, prepubescent bodies. The children screamed for help and for their parents, while their tormentor jerked away. She swam up to one of the girl's and fondled her cute ass. She then pinched and sucked one of the boys' tiny dick. Rachel swam around, pestering and molesting the kids until she decided it was time to really terrify them.

One of the boys felt a fierce jerk on his right leg. Followed quickly by a second one, which didn't let go. The boy thrashed and yelled as he was dragged down to the bottom. In front of him, he could faintly see Rachel grinning at his predicament.

Rachel boosted herself up and wrapped her legs over his shoulders. She then grabbed onto the back of his head with both hands and began fucking his mouth with her cock. Though it provided him with oxygen, the experience was painfully uncomfortable for the boy. Rachel formed a third arm from her back which immediately used it's middle finger to probe her ass, making her cum even harder.

*spurt!* *spurt!* *spurt!*

Rachel flooded the child with her girl-cum. His small warm mouth was very welcoming.

Having deposited the last of her juice, Rachel decided to now taste his privates. She sucked his penis and both testicles into his mouth and bit them clean off. Rachel watched the blood rise with glee as she chewed the yummy organs. After swallowing, Rachel morphed into a horrifying demon creature. She snapped her jaws onto the boy's upper half violently shook until it tore away. She then hungrily chewed him up and went after the next child.

The six-year-old girl screamed as she, too, was dragged down into the darkness. Rachel encased her body in a bubble-like structure, although it was completely filled with water. Rachel raised the bubble until it hovered high above the water. She then extended her arm out of the water and shot a beam of electricity from her finger to the girl.

The room lit up as the young girl was electrocuted. The children screamed and panicked as they watched the horrific sight above them. Rachel continued to pump the voltage from her body until she knew that the girl had been completely charred. At that point, the bubble burst; creating a shower of blood that rained upon the children.

Wishing to install more fear into the remaining three, Rachel again tormented the youths; tugging on their legs and slashing at them with her claws. But Rachel soon felt that it was time she terminated their lives.

Rachel merged herself with the water until they were both one. She then sucked the children underwater and to the middle of the pool. There, they gathered inside her chest and stomach. Rachel pulled herself out of the pool and sat of the concrete. She then looked down at the three helpless kids swimming inside her. The boy tried pushing on her tummy while one of the girl's tried busting through her breast, but to no avail. There was no way they could break free from the pure H20 composed body.

Rachel leaned back and masturbated as she waited for the children to die. She could feel her water filling up their small bodies, and their air bubbles tickled her throat as they rose from their screaming mouths.

"There's nothing you can do, guys!" Rachel said; smiling as she gazed through her crystal clear chest and tits.

They struggled desperately, much to Rachel's enjoyment, but after a few final thrashes, all three had been killed.

Rachel leaned over and released the children, causing their dead bodies to plop onto the ground. She then transformed into her old fleshy self. Feeling as perverted as ever, Rachel positioned the three corpses so that each one's head was between another's legs, forming oral-sex triangle and then reanimated them. Seeing three dead, naked kids eating/sucking each other's privates brought great amusement to Rachel. And the creepy, lifeless look in their eyes enhanced the experience even more.

"Enjoy yourselves, kids!" Rachel giggled.

She walked over to the pool's edge and dipped her ass into the water. She then pissed and shat a few turds before pulling out.

Rachel walked towards the door, but then stopped. Something wasn't right.

'Hmmm. I could have sworn that there were six of them!'

She decided to investigate.

Rachel opened the door to the girl's bathroom and found a young five-year-old, pulling up her swimsuit after having used the toilet.

"What's your name?" asked Rachel.

"Brenda," the girl replied.

Rachel immediately transformed again. Though she was still human from her ass and cunt up, her legs had been replaced with the body of a serpent.

"Well, Brenda. I'm a snake," Rachel said with her eyes blood red. "And you're my tiny mouse!"

Rachel's tail flew at Brenda and wrapped around her midsection. The girl screamed as Rachel then regurgitated a slimy lubricant onto her face and shoulders. Once she was covered, Rachel pulled the girl behind her and rammed her head up her butt.

"Yes! Oh FUCK! This feels so FUCKING great!" Rachel screamed as she buttfucked herself with Brenda.

Rachel had managed to get the girl halfway in each time she thrust, squeezing her with her anus every now and then.

After a thunderous orgasm, Rachel whipped Brenda into the wall, who had begun breaking into hysterics. She then flung herself onto the terrified child and devoured her whole.

"Man, she tasted good!" Rachel said as she rubbed her belly.

With every cum she had, however, her addiction grew stronger and right now, she had a burning desire to be fucked by her boyfriend.

Chapter 7

Rachel quietly entered her room. She looked down at Matt who was sleeping peacefully (and naked) on their bed.

Rachel crawled onto the mattress and rolled her boyfriend onto his back. She then mounted him and guided his cock into her cunt. She aligned her breasts with his chest so that their nipples embraced each other and then darted her tongue into his mouth.

Rachel gently fucked her lover out of his slumber. He then sat up and, eyes squinting, smiled at her.

"Hi, honey! Feeling horny?" Rachel asked.

"*yawn* A little..." he replied.

"Here, let me refresh you."

Rachel placed her hand on Matt's head for a few seconds, and then withdrew it. The boy now felt fully refreshed, as if he'd been awake for hours. Rachel then moved her hand down to his member.

"*giggle* How about now?" inquired Rachel.

Matt's cock instantly sprung to life, nearly bursting with excitement.

"Yeah! That does change things! Thanks!"

"Don't mention it! My pleasure."

Rachel laid down on her back.

"Will you sit on me? I wanna taste that yummy butt-hole again!" Rachel squealed with perversion.

Matt stood up on the mattress and spread his cheeks. He then gently planted his asshole on Rachel's mouth.

"How's that?"

"Pehfet!" muffled Rachel.

Rachel and Matt were heavily into analingus and had always loved tongue fucking each other's warm ass. Only now, Matt realized that they could go a step further, thanks to his girlfriend's powers.

Matt put his hand on Rachel's neck and caused it to lengthen. Rachel wasn't the least bit alarmed, however, as she was comfortable with whatever Matt had in mind.

Once her neck had stopped, Matt pulled her body up, so that her legs flung over his shoulders and her ass was in front of his face. He then pried her buttcheeks apart and began to penetrate. Rachel wiggled with joy, thrilled with her lover's great idea.

The two's lust increases as they 69'ed each others asses. Their thick, 12" tongues worked feverishly inside the warm tunnels. Wanting to pleasure her boyfriend more, Rachel formed and orifice on her neck and made it to suck Matt's cock.

Matt, delighted by this gesture, caused a second tongue to sprout from his mouth and up into Rachel's pussy. They both licked, slobbered and suck, working hard to pleasure each other and to get their cum inside their bodies.

After multiple orgasms, Matt rolled off of Rachel, who then got on her hands and knees.

"Fuck me in the butt!" Rachel cooed.

Matt moved up to his girl's exposed behind and forcefully pushed his cock inside. He then began pounding away, while Rachel rhythmically moved her ass.

The two fucked until Matt shot his semen into her bowels, at which point, Rachel quickly pulled away and rolled on her back. Then, using her contortionist technique, she pushed her body up and forward until her own ass was sitting on her face. She played with the anus with her tongue and then began sucking the sweet sperm from her hole.

After a few pushes, Rachel could feel her shit wanting to escape as well, but opted to go with the flow. The cum-covered shit plopped into her mouth, where it was immediately chewed and then swallowed. As Rachel fed herself, Matt brushed up against her with his cock and began jerking off on both her face and asscheek. It was truly an arousing site to watch his girlfriend eating herself out.

After cumming once more, the two rolled over and looked in each other's eyes as they played with their genitals.

"Matt, I love you more than anything. And I want to do everything I can to make you happy."

Matt had a feeling where this was going. Having witnessed Rachel's actions had, over time, sparked a great interest in him. Still...

"And, I want you to experience all the wonderful things I can do for us. Wouldn't you love to have a slave? A girl who would obey everything you say. And you could punish her, whether she deserves it or not. You could hurt her, and hurt her, and hurt her and hurt her, and there's not a fucking thing she could ever do about it." Rachel said as she rubbed the post-cum on Matt's cock-head with her thumb.

"*sigh* Part of me wants to do it, but there's something holding me back," he explained.

"Well, then I want to get rid of that part by saying this. Your soul is 100% safe with me. No matter what you do, I promise I will protect it. Which means that you can never go to hell, because I will never send you there."

As she spoke, Rachel put her hand over his heart and, within a few seconds, he was clear of doubt.

Matt sat up. He no longer had conflicting emotions. He felt totally different than he had, and also felt foolish for not accepting what his girlfriend had been wanting of him for so long. More than anyone, he believed in her. And he could clearly see and feel that she meant what she said.

Matt looked over at Rachel, who had an intimidated smile, and said "Man! I don't know what you did but suddenly... I feel really interested now!"

Rachel's eyes grew wide. "*gasp* So you want to do it?!"

"Well, I'm not sure. But I really want to watch you do it!"

Rachel squealed with glee. She now had her lover's willing consent.

Rachel clenched Matt's arm tightly with excitement.

"There are two remaining girls down in the dungeon. I'll bring them up right away! Oh, hee hee! You won't be disappointed! I'll make sure of that!" Rachel squealed as she kissed him.

Rachel immediately zapped the two remaining girls into the room. One had short, blonde hair, while the other was Raven-haired, much like Rachel herself. They both looked at her with fear and sadness. They knew that their prayers for help had gone unanswered.

"Give me your names, now!" Rachel whispered.

The two just whimpered and trembled.


Rachel fiercely pinched and twisted their nipples, forcing them to cry out.

"Corinne!" "Missy!"

Rachel glanced over at her boyfriend. She could sense that her action had aroused him, but she was determined to go much further.

"Now you fucks better do EVERYTHING I tell you to do, or I'll make you hurt much worse than that! Cooperate, and I'll let you live," Rachel lied.

Rachel looked over to Missy.

"Groom my bush with your tongue!"

Missy stared at the teen's dark pubes.


Missy quickly brought her face to Rachel's mound and ran her tongue across.

"Keep going!"

The child lapped and lapped the curly hairs growing from Rachel's body. She had no idea why she had to do this, and kept hope that her complying would result in halt to this nightmare.

"Now suck on them! Put your mouth on my bush and suck!"

Missy opened her mouth wide and placed it on the curly patch. She sucked a bit until one of the hairs flew down her throat, causing her to cough. She tried pulling away, but found her lips to be magnetized to Rachel.

"Aw. Is that little hair bothering you? Well you're going to have a REAL hard time with these then!"

Missy's mouth instantly became filled with pubes. They were shedding almost as fast as they were sprouting! Rachel grinned as her hairs were rapidly being deposited into the little girl's orifice.

Missy coughed and choked as the hairs continued to grow. Finally, Rachel released the suction, causing the girl to fly backwards. She struggled to breathe as she spewed the hairs from her mouth like a fountain.

"Ha! That was great!" declared Matt.

"Come on, I want you to get your turn, too! Spank her! Slap this bitch's ass as hard as you can!"

Matt moved over to Missy and rolled her on her stomach. He then looked into his girlfriend's anxious eyes and *SMACK!*. Missy screamed from the pain, which, combined with how good it had felt, caused him to do it again.


"Yes, Matt! Hurt her for your enjoyment!" encouraged Rachel.

Matt was getting worked up. The delicious feeling he felt striking this girl was very satisfying, but he craved to go further. Before Rachel's eyes, Matt began punching Missy in the back. The child shrieked as the hard fists pounded her delicated body.

"Oh GOD! Yes! Beat her up! Beat the fuck out of her."

Rachel was enjoying this so much that the need to aid her lover quickly became prominent. She hurried over and began punching the innocent child as well. Tears flowed from Missy's eyes as she cried. Her body was becoming bruised, and her bones broken, as the two teenagers pummeled her back and butt.

After about ten minutes, Rachel and Matt stopped to take a breather. Their naked bodies were both drenched with sweat from the workout.

"Let's bend her over the bed," suggested Matt.

Rachel smiled. "*pant* OK!"

Rachel lifted Missy's pain-stricken body and bent her over the mattress. Matt then walked over to the closet and put on his right shoe.

"All right, now pull her up a bit and sit on her so she can't move."

Rachel willingly did as requested. She wiggled with delight as she pressed her weight down onto Missy's tortured back. She then stared at the hard boner that Matt had acquired from the previous experience. She couldn't wait to watch him fuck her.

Matt brought his foot back and kicked Missy as hard as he could in the cunt.

"YES! Kick her again!"


Over and over, Matt kicked Missy, both her cunt and ass, while Rachel rocked back and forth. She continued to stare at her lover's throbbing member and was thrilled to see this making him so horny.

Matt laid in around thirty kicks and then stopped.

"Okay! I'll hold her down now."

Rachel moved off of the small body, allowing Matt to get on. Not having her shoes in the room, Rachel laced up Matt's left one.

"I'm going to kick this shoe right up your fucking cunt, slut!"

*KICK!*... *KICK!* *KICK!* *KICK!* *KICK!*

Rachel screamed obscenities at Missy has she swung her foot into the girl's backside. It felt so exhilarating.

Matt looked back at Missy, who now had blood spurting from her mouth. His eyes then resumed focus on the dozens of outstanding kicks from his girl. "God, I need to fuck, Rachel! Now!"

"Ok! Fuck her mouth! I'll make her scream for you!"

Matt slid back and frantically shoved his dick into Missy's mouth. Once again, the girl was unable to pull her mouth away. Rachel then climbed onto the mattress and stood up.

"How's this feel, huh?!" Rachel yelled as she ground her foot onto the child's back.

The vibrations caused by the screams stimulated Matt's cock further as he thrust.

"God this feels AWESOME! I should have listened to you!"

"It isn't your fault! You just needed a nice demonstration!"

Rachel hopped onto the floor. "You were supposed to scream louder than that, bitch!" Rachel yelled as she slammed her fist down onto Missy's back.

Rachel rubbed her pubes, making them very coarse and sharp! She then pried Missy's asscheeks apart.

"My pussy-hairs are pretty angry that you swallowed some of them!" Rachel giggled.

Rachel descended onto Missy's ass and, in a frenzied state, began to hump. These were the agonizing screams that Rachel wanted to hear. Her pubes sliced into the child's sensitive ass, causing her excruciating pain.

"Mmm! The blood! So warm!" Rachel moaned.

The pubic hairs rubbed Missy's ass raw, removing any and all skin from her shitter. Her pussy was in nirvana, as was her boyfriend's cock. Matt was filled with pure enjoyment, but was unable to delay the inevitable any longer. He shot a large was of semen into Missy's mouth. But the girl felt her throat close up before it had a chance to go down. She tried, but couldn't swallow. Matt, however, continued to cum.

"Yes! Cum, cum!" Rachel cheered as she humped the bloody pool that was once the little girl's butt.

Missy's cheeks were really bulging. She knew that the goo had no where else to go until, suddenly, she felt it going up through the back of her mouth. She could feel it flooding her entire head. Even her brain.

Matt pumped faster, taking note of the white tears that streamed down Missy's face. The cum was nearly pushing the eyes out of her sockets! Rachel then created one huge final load inside Matt's balls.

"AH! FUUUUUCK!" Matt screamed as he came.

Missy's head burst, splattering blood and semen around the room, and onto his girlfriend's face! Rachel timed her orgasm with that of her lover's and gushed cum onto the now dead Missy's ass and legs.

Matt laid back; his dick giving a few last spurts. Rachel then caught her breath and stood up. Matt watched the fresh blood that glistened and dripped from her curly, black pubic hairs, and smiled. He was in awe at how good it had felt. So much better than how he'd felt than a half hour before.

Rachel got on her hands and knees and crawled on the floor. She stopped at a large piece of Missy's brain. She licked her lips and sucked the semen-covered matter into her mouth.

Rachel took her time chewing the delicious morsel before swallowing. She then crawled over to Corinne, who was hysterically crying from the horror she had just witnessed.

"You've probably had a good life up until now, huh?" Rachel said. "But were going to hurt you so much that you'll wish your mommy had aborted you."

Corinne didn't know what that meant. She didn't know what any of this meant. She just wanted to be back with her family.

"Please! I *sniff* want to go hooome!" Corinne sobbed.

"Your home is in hell, now. And my boyfriend and I are going to have a lot of fun taking you there!"

Rachel communicated telepathically with Matt for a few seconds. He then got off the bed and got down by the two girls. Rachel pressed her right asscheek against Matt's left.

"Stick your tongue between our butts," ordered Rachel.

Corinne complied right away, hoping that the reason Missy was killed is because she had hesitated. She probed the two fleshy globes, praying that she was doing the task correctly.

The two let her lick for about five minutes and then moved parallel to each other.

"Now lick both our asscracks and assholes!"

Her tension building, Corinne moved back and forth, not knowing how long she needed to take with each one. She ran her tongue up and down their cracks and stopped to flick their anuses with it. She hated it, and was terrified, but knew that she had to try.

Rachel got up and circled her butthole with her finger.

"Ah! Nice and clean! Now lay on your back. I'm going to pee in your mouth!"

Corinne whimpered and obeyed.

"Open your mouth, fucktoy!" Rachel growled.

Rachel plopped her cunt down onto the exposed orifice and let her piss flow.

"Hey, I think I have to go, too!" Matt chimed in.

Matt lowered onto the child's head and squeezed his cock between her lips and Rachel's pussy. The couple both pissed, sending their acrid liquid down Corinne's throat. The girl cried as she desperately struggled to breathe.

After the bladders had finally been emptied, Matt pulled his cock away.

"Ah! Hey, that felt good on my clit! Put it back in!" commanded Rachel.

Rachel hugged Corinne's face tightly between her legs as her boyfriend reinserted his dick. He pumped it in and out, stimulating both his member and Rachel's pink nub. Corinne felt herself blacking out. She tried pushing them off, but was far too weak to do so.

Matt fucked Corinne's mouth until he and his girl had ejaculated. The girl tried spitting the mixture back up, which Rachel's pussy found quite enjoyable. But this just caused the teenage girl to cum more, and Corinne had no choice but to choke it down.

Rachel go off and pondered for a few moments. She then looked over at Matt and said: "Uh, I'd like to tell you something."

"What's that?"

Rachel decided to let her secret do the talking. She spread her legs and pushed her cock out from her bush.

"I've been growing and using it for a while. Ever since I got my powers, in fact. I hope this doesn't corrupt how you look at me."

Matt paused. It certainly was surprising, but very comprehensible because of the other thing's his lover had done.

"You used it to fuck people?"

Rachel nodded.

"Well, actually, I think it's pretty cool that you're able to do that! But, you're not going to use it on me, right?"

"Oh, no!" 'Unless, of course, you'd like me too!' "However, I was thinking..." Rachel said, her eyes rolling towards the gasping Corinne.

Matt's face lit up. "Awesome. I think that you should."

"Well, I think that we should!"

The two smiled at each other and turned their focus to Corinne. Rachel grabbed her and roughly shoved her hard cock up the girl's butt. Matt then scooted forward and slid his cock into Corinne's pussy. The two then began fucking the screaming preteen, sandwiched between them, with their members.

"AH! This feels so wonderful! I've been waiting so long to fuck someone along with you!" Rachel proclaimed.

Blood streamed down both of their cocks as they tore the sweet girl's holes apart. The experience was heavenly, but still not as perfect as Rachel wanted. She hugged Matt tightly as she pumped and channeled some energy into him. Simultaneously, the two teens began to change. Their teeth became pointy and sharp, and their mouths protruded into large jaws.

Rachel looked into Matt's eyes and licked his face with her tongue, like a puppy kissing it's owner. The two then opened as wide as they could and bit down on Corinne's bare shoulders. Blood squirted everywhere as the duo's powerful incisors crushed her bones. The child emitted a bloodcurdling shriek as they feasted. Matt lapped the forthcoming blood with his tongue, while Rachel tore a strip of flesh away with her teeth.

Corinne's violent thrashing excited their penises to the point of orgasm. They filled both her womb and bowels with their hot cum.

"DIE!" Rachel shouted in an inhuman voice.

Rachel turned her head on it's side and gently enclosed the bottom half of Corinne's head with her mouth. She then waited for Matt to do the same with the upper half. The two chomped as hard as they could, busting the skull to pieces. Rachel dined on her tongue and neck while her mate chewed her eyes and brains. Their chests and nipples were both covered in red blood.

Matt fucked and fucked until he knew the corpse was full. He then pounced on Rachel and began pounding his cock in her pussy. The blood lubricated Rachel's penis and, combined with her partner's fierce movements, caused her to shoot her own cum between their bodies.

Rachel and Matt finally slowed down and, embracing each other, rolled around the floor. Rachel returned their faces back to normal and the two kissed, each admiring the crimson coating that the other had.

Rachel scooted over to the corpse, which was spilling blood heavily onto the carpet. She then ripped the two arms away from the thin remaining muscles that held them. She stuck one of them up her cunt and the other in her ass. She then moved back beside her guy.

"We can do this again, you know," Rachel began. "We can do it whenever you want. And we can go on doing it forever. With my powers, we can kill anyone on earth. And I will kill anyone. Anyone you want me to. Even if it's someone in the mansion. Even Jessica. You're the only person I care about. We could murder our parents and families. We could enter schools and kill all the children inside. Fuck them until we cum, and then kill them. I can do anything with my powers. We could kill people, bring them back to life, and kill them again. We could create an endless cycle of horror! And there is not one damn person who could do anything to stop us."

Rachel's statements swirled around in Matt's head. He was very intrigued.

"I have no preference on who I kill. I feel that everyone deserves to die by me and my powers. I want to see everyone fucked, tortured and die. It would be so fun! Be I couldn't enjoy it nearly as much without you here with me."

"I've never left you before. And I certainly don't intend to now!" Matt revealed.

Rachel smiled and kissed him deeply. "Anyone who's ever done an injustice towards you will suffer, as will many who've never done a thing."

"It all sounds excellent, but I'd rather not rush things."

"Agreed," Rachel replied, smiling fiendishly. "There's no need to. After all... we're immortal!"

Chapter 8

Jessica stepped into the back yard of the mansion, eager for a playmate. She wore only a light-blue shirt, knowing that she would be safe from the public eye. She took a few minutes to think, and then made her decision.

"Bring me a bunny," she commanded.

Twenty feet away from her, a white, fluffy rabbit appeared on the grass. It was exactly what Jessica had in mind, though she was still a bit surprised.

"Wow! I've never seen such a furry bunny! I must have imported you from somewhere," Jessica giggled.

Jessica took a step forward, intimidating the bunny to hop away.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Jessica tsked.

The rabbit stopped suddenly and was slowly dragged back to the female sadist. The animal thrashed and struggled, but all attempts were futile.

"Come on, Miss Bunny. We've got to rub cunts!"

Jessica sat down on the grass and awaited the creature's arrival. Once there, she grabbed the female bunny and pushed it's rear up against her crotch.

"Cool! Your tail's so fuzzy!" Jessica declared.

She laid back and lifted her legs high into the air. She then grabbed both of the bunny's hind feet and sandwiched her cunt with it's legs.

"Oh, yeah! So damn soft!"

Jessica pulled tightly on the appendages and fiercely ground her sex into that of the animal's. Rachel, who had been spying on her during this time, decided she'd make her presence known.

"Havin' fun?" she asked.

"Ugh! Her fur feels so fucking good!"

"I can see that it would! Can I try it?"

"Hold on!"

Jessica sped up her actions and came; her juices splashing onto the rabbit's cunt and fur. She then relesed the animal from her clutches for Rachel to sample.

"Hold still, bunny!" Rachel said as she straddled the furry creature.

"Ahaha! Fuck!"

Rachel started out by gently caressing it's back with her pussy. The hairs tickled and brought great pleasure to her lips and clitoris. She teased herself for about a minute or so, and then began putting her weight into it. Jessica's eyes were glued to her friend's plump, white ass as it moved across the fur. The rabbit was now squealing from pressure that Rachel was putting on it's small body.

To aid in the animal's discomfort, Jessica moved behind the rabbit and aggressively ripped off the puffy tail. She smiled as she watched the blood leak out and listened to the mammal's tortured squeals. She dabbed the wound with the tail until it was soaked red. She then smeared the blood all over her body, using the tail as a brush. When it dried up, Jessica repeated the process and replenished the "paint."

"Yes! I'm going to cum!" Rachel delclared.

Jessica chuckled and pushed the bloody tail between Rachel's asscheeks. She squeezed a few scarlet drops out and then ran it up and down her crack.

"Ah! Shit, yes!!"

Rachel's cum washed over the rabbit, drenching it's warm body. She gave a few last rubs and then climbed off.

"I think it's time for bunny to die!" enlightened Jessica.

In her hand, a sinister-looking tool appeared. It looked like a mini-hacksaw, only it had a tiny motor inside the handle. Jessica clenched the animal with one hand and brought the device right above it's hind legs with the other.

The rabbit displayed wonderfully entertaining throws of pain as Jessica sawed through it's body. The tool was easily one of her. Taking pride in her mutilation, she recalled all the precious moments she had with the other animals who had suffered and died by her hands.

"Get close, Rachel!"

Having cut halfway through he body, Jessica turned on the saw. Blood sprayed out onto the wicked girls' faces and into their open mouths.

"That's right. Drain all that delicious blood out for me!" Jessica whispered.

The sadist slowly brought the saw downward until it had finally cut right through. The two then sat down, side by side, and masturbated each other's pussies as they watched the animal's slow, painful death.

Rachel grinned at her accomplice. "She's dead now!"

"Yes, but now I'm horny again!"

"Me too!"

Rachel thought for a few seconds and then turned to the fresh corpse. She placed her hand on it's head and dug her claws into it's neck. She then ripped her head away and summoned her cock.

"Miss Bunny and I had decided we'll fuck you as a team! Which position would you like?"

"How about in my pussy, doggy-style!"

Jessica got on all fours and stuck her ass out, while Rachel jammed her cock into the back of the rabbit's head.

"Yes! A perfect fit!" Rachel rejoiced.

With the rabbit's skull snuggled on her rod, Rachel penetrated her friend's eager cunt. She then grabbed firmly onto Jessica's tits and pounded away.

While enjoying the fuck session, Jessica snatched the rabbit's body, lifted it high above her and tore it open. Bloody organs rained down on her face, all of which she sucked into her mouth and swallowed.

"I-I think someone has a present for you!" Rachel called as she neared her climax.

The hermaphrodite quickly pulled out and, without waiting for her partner's consent, jammed her cock into Jessica's mouth. The jaws on the rabbit's head opened wide and the cum blasted out of it's orifice. As she took in the sweet fluid, Jessica sucked on the furry head and crushed it's left eye in with her tongue.

Jessica sucked and sucked until the head became dislodged and slid down into her stomach. At that moment Rachel shoot the last wad and withdrew her dick.

Spotting the mammal's skin lying on the ground, Rachel picked it up and wrapped it around her cock.

"Hey, whadya know! A nice furry dick-warmer for the next time we fuck!" Rachel proudly suggested.

"Great idea! I'm glad to know that none of our little friend's parts went to waste!"

Chapter 9

"Jessica! Come here! I need you!"

Jessica walked into Rachel's room. The lights were off, but the tv was on. And from it's glow, Jessica could see Rachel's fresh ejaculate, stained on the floor as well as the bed she was kneeling on.

"What's gotten into you?" Jessica asked.

"Earlier tonight, Matt and I went out. We found a girl and started picking on her and hitting her. And after that Matt killed her! I got it all on tape and have been watching it for over an hour. I've been jerking off like crazy, but it's not enough! I need to fuck someone!"

"Well, okay! I can watch it too, right?"

"Yes! Yes! Please, hurry!"

Jessica crawled onto Rachel's bed and pointed her butt directly at her. Rachel then mounted Jessica's ass with her cock and began fucking her.

"Oh god, this is so great!" Rachel panted as she rewound the tape. "What I've always wanted to see!"

Jessica watched as Rachel hit the play button. She could see Matt chasing after a little girl with a knife. The girl appeared to be about seven years old with light brown hair. He tackled her to the ground and ripped off her clothes. The then stabbed her in the chest.

"FUCK, YES!" Rachel screeched.

Rachel was fucking Jessica furiously. Much faster than normal.

Matt stabbed the girl seven more times in the chest and then rolled her over. He then began stabbing her ass.


Rachel was slobbering heavily. Her drool was splashing onto her friend's neck and running down her back. But Jessica clearly understood why, as the video was making her extremely hot as well. She moved her hand back between her legs and formed a tiny mouth in the middle of her palm, which greedily began sucking on her clit.

Matt didn't stop for a second. Like a machine, he stabbed and slashed at the girl, turning her body into a mesh of bloody scars and wounds. She child was shaking and screaming and spewing blood high into the air. Afterwards, he placed the knife at her neck.


Matt intensely stabbed the seven-year-old's throat. He plunged the blade in and out with amazing speed until the little girl had been decapitated. Though it took a little while to destroy the bone, Rachel's powers had given him the strength to do it with ease. Very pleased with his work , Matt raised the head high and French-kissed the blood-filled mouth.

During that time, Jessica was able to her Rachel's excited cries on the tape, which were quite similar to the ones she was giving now. "Yes! FUCK! STAB HER! I LOVE YOU MATT! DON'T STOP! GOD, ALL THAT BLOOD! KILL HERRRR!!"

"Jessica, it's not enough! It's making me horny faster than I can come! I need more!"

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Jessica asked, curious about the growth she was now feeling.

Three penises sprouted up from Jessica's back, in a triangular fashion. Rachel lined the bottom two up with her nipples and pushed them inside. The third one instinctively began fucking her mouth.

Rachel and Jessica continued to scream with pleasure as they watched Matt rip out the girl's intestines. Clutched in his hand, he began jacking off with them, shooting his semen onto the bloody corpse.

The two girls fucked and came in each other for over two hours, though it had seemed much shorter. Rachel's sexual frustration had finally subsided, though she was grateful that the tape had caused it. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen and she was thrilled to no end of the possibilities she and her lover would experience in the future.

"Wow! That was fucking awesome!" Jessica said, breathing heavily. "I'm so envious! I wish I had a boyfriend just like him!"

Rachel stood up, played wit her dick and said: "Come with me. I'll show you something."

Jessica followed her friend into one of the first floor rooms. Inside was a lage glass case, which contained the bloody, shredded corpse of the little girl.

"I plan to keep this forever. Preserved in the condition that he left her in," acknowledged Rachel.

Jessica stepped closer. The body hovered inside the case, as Rachel didn't want to modify the masterpiece her boyfriend had created by jamming a few hooks into her back. Jessica admired it from the child's shoulders down to the pool of blood forming at the bottom of the case.

"We had found her playing in the park and now she's dead!" Rachel said with pride. "My baby put an end to her fun! I took some photos and dropped them by her house. I wish I could see the look on mommy's face when she sees them!"

The two girls laughed and exited the room.

Chapter 10

Jennifer waited patiently as she clutched the plastic bag. Here parents were gone for the weekend, and the timing couldn't have been better. Her baby was on it's way, and she was prepared.

Jennifer had hated being pregnant. It was the worst thing she had ever experienced. She hated the pain, sickness, and stress. And she also hated her baby because of it. So much so, that she had planned on either giving it up for adoption or getting it aborted. However, over time her hatred grew, and she soon decided that it wouldn't be enough to let her child off the hook so easily. And she knew she couldn't rest until she had the satisfaction of killing the baby herself.

She had began thinking of ways to dispose of her newborn and looked forward to the day when she could. However, most recently, Jennifer had found that fantasizing about murdering her child was actually making her horny! Her pussy would become wet as she pictured herself wrapping the plastic bag tightly around it's head; watching it's little limbs thrash, and then twitch, and then stop. She cared not of what people would think if they found out, as she owned her child and could do whatever she wished.

Jennifer, naked, threw her long, dark-brown hair back and began to relax. She'd accepted that she'd be giving birth within the next few hours and that it would be very painful, but she was glad as the suffering would fuel her rage even more. She would make her baby pay, by tearing away it's chance at life.

"Can you hear me?" a voice called.

It made Jennifer nearly jump out of her skin.

"Don't be frightened. I promise not to hurt you. In fact, I'd like to help you," the voice continued.

Jennifer frantically looked around her, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Here, I'll show myself."

Rachel, wearing jeans and a tight blue T-shirt, removed her invisibility. Jennifer tried to speak, but was too shocked from the scene.

"Here, let me relax you," Rachel told the pregnant girl.

Jennifer felt a slight tingling in her body, and then was swept into a calm state. She was confused as to why she'd suddenly became so mellow, but was even more curious as to what this girl was doing in her house!

"I'm here because I know what you plan on doing to your baby, and I think it's wonderful! But since it's caused you nine months of misery, wouldn't you like to do more than just suffocate her?"

Jennifer paused. She'd been so eager to kill her child, ridding herself of it once and for all, that she'd never thought of doing more.

"If you like, I could help you really hurt her."

Jennifer smiled widely, as if Rachel had flicked an "on" switch inside of her. The idea was very appealing.

"Yes. I, I'd like that," responded Jennifer.

"Well, then," Rachel smiled darkly. "Let's not waste any more time."

Rachel had Jennifer lay on her bed, with her back against the headboard.

"I think your kid can stand to be a few hours premature. Now, just push her out," Rachel commanded.

Jennifer did as told. She could feel her child pass through her. Quite conveniently, in fact! There was no pain whatsoever. And it was so soothing that she hadn't even noticed she'd finished!

"Oh shit! That was it?" Jennifer asked.

"Of course! Like I said, you're not the one I want to see hurt. She just slid right out."

Jennifer looked down at her newborn girl and emitted a wicked laugh. After all those grueling months, that thing was finally out of her. It no longer had the protection of the womb and was now at the mercy of it's parent.

"Before we begin, let me help her develop," Rachel said as she broke the umbilical cord with her sharp fingernail.

Rachel placed her hand on the baby for only a few seconds, and then released it. "There. Now she is not only fully capable of feeling pain, but three times as much as a normal human being! I'll get rid all that afterbirth. We'll want her clean as things will be getting messy soon enough!"

Rachel waved her hand over the sobbing infant's body. The afterbirth disappeared, and the baby stopped crying. Her body was now soft and smooth. In addition, Rachel increased the child's development to that of two weeks.

"I was pondering something, Jennifer. Since your baby caused you all that torment during your pregnancy, wouldn't it be nice to make her feel the same way?"

Jennifer looked puzzled. "I don't understand."

"I can give you a gift. A cock and two balls. Well, three, four, however many you like! But I'll let my power do the talking before you probe me further."

Jennifer's privates tingled and instantly sprouted forth male genitalia. She now had a long dick dangling from her bush and her clit was in the center of her new scrotum, which contained two heavy testicles.

"My god! H-how, how?"

"My powers enable me to. See? I've got one myself," Rachel explained as she unzipped her jeans and pushed her penis out from her body. "I can give you anything you want. Just ask and it's yours! But seeing as how your baby won't live to experience another, I think you should fuck her to your heart's content. After that, the special seed I gave you will take over."

Jennifer had never desired a cock before, but found it very enjoyable. She stroked it, played with it, and became thrilled when it turned hard and stood forth. Jennifer then turned towards her child with great interest.

"Go ahead! I'll make sure that you don't kill her, though she'll certainly feel like you are!" explained Rachel.

Jennifer grabbed onto her little girl's sides and pushed the tip of her cock inside. She'd had sex with a few girls in her time, so the experience wasn't all that odd to her. However, she'd never fucked a baby with a genuine flesh cock before!

"You were like a parasite. Unwanted and growing inside me. But it's your turn to suffer, now. Isn't it?"

Jennifer moaned loudly from the tight hold the baby pussy had on her cock. The feeling was indescribable to her. She pushed a bit further until she felt her little daughter's cherry.

"Rub your clit!" instructed Rachel as she undressed.

Jennifer moved her fingers down to her balls and massaged her sensitive nub. This immediately caused pre-cum to dribble out of her small penis hole. It, however, irritated and ate away at the surface of the hymen, causing the innocent baby to cry out.

Jennifer was very delighted indeed and, ever so slowly, pushed her cock against the pain-swelled cherry.

"Uh oh, honey! I think mommy's going to do it! Yep, mommy's gonna bust through!" she cheered.

The baby screamed in pain as her mother popped her cherry. Jennifer slid her cock back and forth through the slick blood a few times and then began to fuck her sweet newborn daughter.

"Ah, GOD! She's so fucking tight! How does it feel to be fucked by mommy?! You little slut!"

Blood stained the bedcovers as Jennifer split open the delicate vagina with her immense member.

"Yes! I'm going to cum! Fuck, please make sure I cum! YES!"

The sadistic mother's cock twitched as it blasted the tainted semen into her child's belly. Rachel generously let her ejaculate until she had filled the baby up. Jennifer then collapsed on the bed; her post-cum leaking onto the mattress.

"Oh man! That was the best fucking feeling! And I just kept going!" she said, feeling a tad worn out.

"Yes, it is very nice. I can even cum at will. Without even reaching orgasm!" acknowledged Rachel.

The incubation process took a little over an hour. The semen was like pure venom and burned the inside of the baby, and her womb. And the closer the sperm got to their goal, the more painful it was for the helpless child. During this time, the two girls simply sat around the infant and basked in her horrendous shrieks.

"Yes! Scream! I love it so much! You're finally getting what you deserve!" Jennifer shouted with glee.

But at this point it was no longer just about getting revenge. Jennifer was very excited and turned on that she, the child's own mother, was putting her daughter through this. She knew that this was an awful, unforgivable act, which made the experience all the more delicious for her.

Seventy minutes had passed, and Jennifer was saddened that the semination process had ended. But Rachel assured her that there was far more fun to be had.

Rachel healed the baby's pussy and made it even tighter than it had originally been! She then aged the fetus inside to that of about three months (though it was sickly and malnourished), and started forcing it out. The baby howled in agony as it made it's way through.

Jennifer's cock was throbbing stiff at this point. She crammed her hand into her vagina to lubricate it, and then began whacking herself off, while massaging her left nipple with her fingers.

"Yes! Rachel, make it HURT! Make it hurt AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!" Jennifer screamed.

Rachel giggled with meanness as she, too, masturbated to the child's sheer discomfort.

The baby's pussy was persistent, but couldn't hold the fetus back. The lips ripped and tore and the bloody organism was pushed out. Seeing this, Jennifer stroked her cock twice as fast as she had been and blew her jizz all over her daughter's face and neck. The small human's screeches were halted for a few second s as she choked on the semen that invaded her mouth.

Highly undeveloped, the fetus barely resembled a human at all. However, it's presence pleased the two teens greatly. Jennifer especially was astounded that she had actually impregnated her own child.

"Look at this freak you gave birth to!" Jennifer yelled.

Jennifer slammed the fetus down onto her shaking daughter's stomach and rubbed it in. The tiny creature's fragile body became smushed and left bloody streaks all over the newborn's body. Rachel voluntarily licked up the red pulp and head of the fetus.

"Wow, look what I did!" Jennifer said, as she observed her baby's maimed cunt. "But I suppose it could be BIGGER!"

Jennifer crammed her eight fingers into the bloody hole and spread the wound. She pulled and stretched until it had ripped as large as she could possibly make it. It was a sickening sight that stirred her to no end!

Jennifer extracted her scarlet digits. "My hands! They're covered with her blood!"

"Well, you can go wash it off if you like," Rachel told her.

"No, that's okay. But I do think that baby could use a bath. A really, really hot one!"

Rachel followed Jennifer and her child into the bathroom. She was very proud of the inspiration the teenage mom was showing, and it had become very clear why Jessica had been so turned on by what she had seen a few nights before. Rachel couldn't wait for Jessica's own baby to arrive.

Jennifer placed the small infant into the bathtub. Rachel then created a tiny, floating camcorder so that her friend could view these wonderful moments again, later on.

The wicked parent moved the baby girl to the side opposite of the faucet. She then spread her cheeks and asked: "Hey? Could you help me?"

"Sure!" replied Rachel.

"Line her up so that her face is right at my asshole."

Rachel positioned the baby correctly, while Jennifer backed her butt towards her. The newborn's face was now sandwiched inside her mother's asscheeks, while her body was being pressed up against the back of the tub.

"Thanks! Now, please. Give me gas! A lot of it!" Jennifer requested, firmly.

Rachel was amazed. She'd previously figured that she would've had to guide Jennifer in her cruelty, giving suggestions here and there. But the young woman was doing marvelously! Such a nasty mind. Rachel granted the wish and filled her with a large amount of gas.

Jennifer squealed with joy as she felt herself swelling up inside. Once complete, she held her daughter against the porcelain firmly, with her butt, and began her fart.

Rachel giggled as Jennifer expelled her gas onto the trapped infant. The sound echoed loudly throughout the room.

To make this even more enjoyable, Rachel enhanced her friend's anus to receive pleasure from the vibrations. Jennifer looked at her watch and saw that four minutes had passed, but she knew she wasn't even close to becoming empty. She could feel her baby's tiny arms struggling against her cheeks.

Fifteen minutes of flatulence had passed when Jennifer finally ran out. The air was filled with the foul stench, though it smelled quite pleasant to Rachel and herself.

Jennifer turned around and watched her baby cry and gasp for oxygen. She was a bit short winded herself after all that straining.

"Did you like that?" Jennifer asked. "Wedged in mommy's ass and smelling her fart? No? Well, then you'll really hate this!"

Jennifer pulled the child to the center of the tub. She then stretched her ball-sac over her face and began to smother her.

"Rachel. Could you fill my bladder, now?" she asked.

Rachel did just that, giving her friend a large helping of urine. Jennifer pulled her scrotum back from her baby's mouth and stuck her cock inside.

"What's that, honey? You're thirsty?"

Jennifer grinned deviously and let her piss flow. Half of it streamed straight from her cock down into her daughter's throat, while the other half escaped from the small opening beneath her clit. She was pissing both in and on her child at the same time!.

Rachel was getting a bit edgy at this point. She certainly didn't want to interrupt Jennifer's fun, but was staring to crave some action for herself.

Jennifer released the last few drops of pee and stood up. She then stepped over her child and turned on the faucet.

"Yep! I think a boiling hot bath is just what baby needs!" Jennifer said as she stepped out of the tub.

"No, stay in! The water will be REALLY hot for her, but you won't be affected!" enlightened Rachel.

Jennifer smiled and got back in. She then set her child on the rim and waited for the water to fill up. Rachel had told the truth, as the water was comfortably warm and at just the temperature that Jennifer liked it at. However, from all the steam that rose before her, she knew that it was actually very hot, and couldn't wait to submit her frightened daughter to it.

"Naughty baby. All sticky with mommy's pee. I see you've even got a lot of painful rashes! Well, don't worry. I'm sure you won't do it again, because mommy's going to punish you for it!"

Jennifer grabbed hold of the infant's legs and lifted her above the bath, upside-down. She then lowered her child, slowly, until her head had been submerged. The small girl thrashed wildly, splashing water out of the tub, as well as repeatedly hitting her hand on the rim, which Jennifer found quite humorous.

"Aw, tiny little baby. Can't do anything to stop her mean mommy, can she?" Jennifer taunted.

The heartless mother dunked her offspring deeper and scooted herself forward. She then began fucking her daughter's head underwater.

"That's right. Your just my bitch now. And you'll pleasure me until I've killed you!" Jennifer muttered; a spaced-out look in her eyes.

Jennifer violently humped the baby's face, surrounded in unbearable heat, until she orgasmed. She then pulled her child out by the foot; her skin red from head to toe.

"Man... I thought for sure she'd die," Jennifer said, slightly disappointed, yet relieved at the same time.

"I'm able to keep people alive longer than normal during these circumstances," explained Rachel. "But I can't do it forever, so your hard work will pay off pretty soon!"

The two girls smiled devilishly at each other. Jennifer then stood up in the tub, her skin also red from the bath. She grabbed onto the tot's other leg, lifted her above her head and swung her down hard.


The infant's head slammed against the rim. Jennifer indulged in the marvelous sight and sounds as her daughter started screaming and coughing up blood.

"Awesome!" Jennifer exclaimed, trembling.

Rachel (and the camera) followed the parent and child to the top of the stairway. She then watched Jennifer kick her daughter down the stairs without remorse.

"What's wrong? Don't like mommy beating you up?" Jennifer said joyfully as she picked up her toy.

Jennifer walked to a mirror hanging on the living room wall. She then clenched tightly onto the back of her baby's head and smashed her into it. The broken mirror dropped to the floor, as did the teenage mother. Over and over, she smashed her daughter's face into the shattered wall-hanging; the glass slicing up her soft flesh.

Jennifer said nothing. She simply huffed and laughed evilly as she shredded her innocent child's face.

"You little fuck! Let's see you live when there's nothing left of you!"

Jennifer grabbed a large shard and dug out the infant's eye. She pulled on it until the nerve snapped and squashed it. She then flipped her baby over.

"What a cute little butt! It's mine now!" Jennifer said with sadistic glee.

Jennifer sliced off her ass, as if she were carving a piece off of a chicken. She then took the bloody, severed asscheeks and forcefully stuffed them into her own cunt. She pushed them deep inside, as she needed as much room as possible.

"Get down here and help me out!" ordered Jennifer.

Rachel obeyed. Jennifer drove the shard into her screaming child's chest. She then fiercely began slicing her up; making intense zig-zag motions at lighting speed. The delicate organs were quickly shredded and destroyed, and blood splattered the two girls, generously. It even sprayed into Jennifer's eyes, but she did not blink. She was too mesmerized in what she was doing to let something like that affect her.

Jennifer gave Rachel an unspoken cue of what to do next. They plunged their hands into the dying newborn's gaping chest and shoved the mutilated organs into their cunts.

Once they'd packed them full, Rachel and Jennifer pressed their pussies together and began grinding.

"AH! I can feel them squishing inside me!" Jennifer screamed with pleasure.

As they drove their holes into each other, Rachel caused her cock to coil around Jennifer's. She then caused them both to grow far enough that they could reach each of their mouths.

"Let's suck our selves off!" suggested Rachel.

Jennifer, naked and dripping with sweat, took both cocks into her mouth, while Rachel masturbated the shaft. It wasn't long before both had mouthfuls of cum, as well as face and chestfuls! It took a lot to settle Jennifer though, as she became uncannily aroused each time she looked at the bloody mass that was once her baby, and became even more aroused knowing that it was all because of her.

The two girls finally collapsed; their cocks still twitching and giving their last few spurts. They both stared blankly at the ceiling, in awe of the experience. Jennifer, because she'd had the privilege of watching her infant daughter scream and die at her hands, and Rachel, because she helped to make it a possibility.

Jennifer sat up and smiled at her new friend. "*huff* Well, I think I showed my daughter what happens when she pisses me off!"

Rachel chuckled. "Yeah, she won't be bothering you again. Especially since I've arranged a nice long molestation and torture session for her in hell."

Jennifer stood up, more than happy with Rachel's comment. "Shit, I crammed her guts in pretty deep!"

"So did I, but I think a nice ass fucking should loosen them out! That is, if you're up for it."

Jennifer spread her legs over her baby's corpse. Rachel then parted her butt and squeezed inside. As they fucked the shredded intestines, organs, and asscheeks slowly dripped out of the murderous mother's cunt.

Rachel shot a nice helping of goo into Jennifer's bowels and then positioned herself so that her partner could then do the same.

"I'll fuck my little whore's guts right out of you!"

Jennifer pounded her hips into Rachel's ass roughly and blew her wad inside. Again, the bloody pulp dropped onto the lifeless carcass.

"Well," Rachel began. "I could dispose the remains for you, but I could also arrange for them to be quite tasty as well!"

Rachel had barely finished her sentence. Jennifer scooped up the bloody matter and shoved it into her mouth. She hadn't even noticed if Rachel had really altered the taste, as she was too caught up in the fact that she was devouring her daughter's flesh and entrails. She didn't even stop to breathe. It was like watching a wild animal, driven by both instinct and hunger.

Rachel quickly strengthened the Jennifer's teeth as she was already gnawing on the bones. They snapped, crunched and were hungrily sucked down the girl's throat. Once finished, she calmly walked over to the room's corner and slumped into the easy-chair. The blood on her body was now the only remaining trace of her daughter.

"I can't believe I did all that!" Jennifer said, in a flaky state. "I'll probably go to hell now. But it was worth it."

"No you wont. I make that decision, and I want to keep as many that kill alive as possible."

The tiny camcorder floated into Rachel's palm.

"By the way, I took the liberty of getting it all on tape. Wasn't that nice of me? Now you can watch in when ever you like!" Rachel revealed.

"Really? Thanks! You know, when I got pregnant I swore that I never would be again. But now I want to spend the rest of my life having babies so I can murder them."

Rachel stuck around long enough for Jennifer to defecate. She moved in close and watched as each turd squeezed from the teen's puckered anus. Jennifer then rubbed the shit that was once her newborn child all over her chest and pussy.

"Gee, I never realized how ugly my baby is!" Jennifer joked as she stared at the shit that rested in her palm.

"Well, I gotta get home to my boyfriend. But I'll remember to drop by and see your future kids, however short there time on earth will be! See ya!"

And with that, Rachel vanished.

"Hmm! Looks like I'll be having seconds!" Jennifer said, right before shoving the handful of shit into her mouth.

'Speaking of boyfriends, I've gotta find another myself!' she thought, for she would have nine whole months to construct a horrendous plan for her next child.

Chapter 11

As they stepped into the pool room, Sarah and Justin were immediately greeted by their new pets, thought they both considered them more like friends.

Recently, the loving couple had sparked an interest in bestiality, but didn't know which animal to choose. They eventually decided on dolphins, as they were not only friendly to humans, but would be fun and interesting sex partners, as well. So, Rachel lent a hand and brought them here. She also gave Sarah and Justin the ability to breathe underwater, as well as any additional protection from injury.

The three dolphins chittered excitedly. They were all Bottle-nosed, one male and the other two females, and had been given the names: Jerry, Sandy and Trixie. Each one had a remarkably high sex drive and their masters had yet to see them without their rosy bellies. And, so that they could enjoy themselves further while Sarah and Justin were away, they were each given tongue extensions to lick each other's genitals. But, as much fun as sex was with each other, the three always looked forward to when the human boy and girl would come to play with them.

"Hi guys! Wanna have some more fun with us?!" Sarah asked.

The three sea mammals eagerly nodded their heads, understanding perfectly. Sarah and Justin slipped their nude selves into the water and became ambushed. The dolphins impatiently rubbed themselves up against the naked flesh.

They started out with the usual pair-ups: Justin with Sandy and Sarah taking on Jerry and Trixie.

Sandy stuck out her tongue and licked his cock. She then began to masturbate him, knowing very well that it would make him feel good. She worked hard and fast until his spooge was released into the water. She then let the cum drift into her mouth and swallowed it.

Next, Sandy rolled over and allowed the teen to attach himself to her. Justin had been overwhelmed by the number of sensations he felt the first time he had entered her vagina. He had predicted that the experience might have been uncomfortable, but was certainly glad to have been proven wrong. Sandy practically did all of the work, which he was thankful for as he didn't want to do her incorrectly. Her muscles squeezed and massaged his cock until it shot the load of cum up into her womb.

Meanwhile, the other two were giving Sarah their full attention. Jerry had his cock coiled around her arm, which she hungrily took into her mouth. As she sucked, Trixie repeatedly thrust her snout up into her cunt, stopping every so often to probe it with her tongue.

"Haha! That feels great, you two!" she said, cheerily.

Jerry's cock shivered and projected the cum into Sarah's mouth. It was a very powerful blast, but tasty nonetheless.

"Ok, Jerry. You wanna fuck my ass now?"

Jerry swam behind the girl and inserted his member into her warm hole. Sarah preferred this position as it allowed her to also eat out Trixie's cunt and suck on her nipples. Excited, Jerry pumped wildly and brought his human friend to orgasm, not to mention his second.

After multiple fucks, Sarah and Justin rested against the pool's edge, letting the dolphins lick their bodies for a while. They then climbed out and fed them a few 'extra-yummy' fishes, three of which Sarah squeezed out of her cunt.

"Bye! We'll be back later!" Sarah said as she waved. She and her boyfriend then exited the room.

As she stepped through the door, Sarah spotted Jessica walking down the hall. She quietly snuck behind her and, once she was close enough, through her arm around her and squeezed her ass.

"Hey, stranger! What's up! You've been more of a hermit than normal, lately! You always spend the day downstairs and--Oh shit! Are you pregnant?" Sarah asked.

"Uh, hehheh, yeah," Jessica replied.

"Wow, congratulations! Who banged ya?!"

"Uh, someone I met."

"But you're showing so much! Did Rachel move it along or something?"

Jessica nodded.

"That's so sweet! I took all these precautions to not get pregnant, but if the length of time could be shortened... When did you decide you wanted one?"

Jessica thought for a few seconds. Rather than causing a conspiracy, she decided to try being (somewhat) honest.

"Well, I thought it would be neat to... make her my sex-slave."

"Oh! That's cool," Sarah said, pleasing Jessica with her response. "Do you think Rachel would make me pregnant?"

"Sure, I don't see why not. She's in her room, I think."

"Thanks!" Sarah said and jogged down the hall.

Jessica rubbed her naked, swollen belly. "Hear that baby? That's the closest you'll ever get to a nice person *giggle*"

* * *

Rachel agreed to Sarah's request and told her to lay down on the bed.

"So you want Justin to knock you up and to have the baby within one hour?" asked Rachel.

"Yes, if possible. Please," Sarah answered.

Rachel placed her hand on Sarah's stomach.

"Uh, tell me. What's your greatest fantasy?" asked the supernatural teenager.

Sarah thought. "My favorite?"

"Yes. Or at least one of them."

"One that I love, it's kind of strange. I'm inside a large fleshy structure high above the earth. It's a part of me, actually. My legs are fused into the bottom and I can control it. Outside, there are millions of tentacles, all stretching down, with duplicates of my face, ass and pussy on the tips. And they reach every male on the planet, either sucking them or getting fucked by them. And all their cum travels up inside the sphere and splashes on me. Weird huh?"

"No, not really. It's a bit out of my range, but interesting nonetheless."

Rachel withdrew her hand. "All done. You can go have a hot n' heavy fuck with Justin and in sixty minutes you'll be a mommy!"

* * *

Two hours passed. During that time, Sarah had gone to her mate and explained her desire. The two made love and Sarah gave birth to a boy. The couple were so happy and thrilled that they went at it again, this time producing a baby girl. At this point Rachel stepped in. She cleaned each of them, aged them a week, and blessed the boy's genitals with puberty (minus the hair growth). Sarah and Justin then named their new children: Brandon and Emily.

"Wowww *giggle*! I can't believe this! Justin, think how much we can teach them! All the sex we can introduce them too!" Sarah said, filled to the brim with joy.

The mother examined her baby boy's dick. Thanks to Rachel, he already had a nice 4 inches, though, like Justin's, could be altered to any desired size. Sarah lapped his shaft and scrotum with her tongue. She then used it to probe the base of his little, soft asscrack.

Not wanting to remain an observer, Justin had taken the liberty of tasting Emily. He ran his tongue around her tiny navel and up to her nipples, which were then sucked up between his lips.

Sarah squealed as she felt Brandon's member become hard within her mouth. She was actually giving her newborn son head! Though her bliss increased even more when she felt his semen squirt inside.

"Honey! He came in my mouth!" Sarah opened wide to show her boyfriend the whiteness that had been deposited. She savored it for a little bit and then swallowed it down. At that moment, Candy opened the door.

"Oh! Your babies!" she exclaimed. "Rachel just told me! Can I hold one of them?"

"Sure! You can hold Brandon. I just finished sucking on his dick," Sarah said with pride.

"Really? Wow, look how big it is!" Candy said as she received the child.

Candy spit abundantly into her palm and gently began to masturbate him. And it didn't take long for Brandon to shoot a long strand of semen onto Candy's arm.

"Oh my god, he came on me!"

"I know! He also came in my mouth! Rachel made it so he could," explained Sarah.

"Cool!" Candy said as she licked the goo from her arm. "It shot it so far, too! I wish someone would have made me come when I was that young!"

"That's why we want to give our kids a early head start, so they don't have to wait until grade school like you and me did. *giggle* And because sucking my baby's cock is too irresistible!"

Candy gave the child back to Sarah, who then set him next to Emily.

"Justin, I think we should baptize them into our lifestyle. Is that okay with you?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah. That sounds like a good idea," Justin replied.


Sarah moved above her two babies and began getting herself off. Justin followed suit and did the same. And thirdly, Candy did the same as she watched the scene before her.

The two parents showered the babies with their cum. They produced powerful ejaculations that coated them within seconds. Candy lent a hand by flipping the two over so Justin and Sarah could cover the backs as well. They both came hard until there was no visible flesh on either Brandon or Emily. They couldn't even open their eyes and had to swallow much of the cum that had entered their mouths just to breathe!

The teenage couple felt a strong bond between each other as they viewed the result of their efforts. Sarah knelt down and smeared the male and female mixture into their skin.

"Are you going to lick it up?" inquired Candy.

"No, we'll leave it on and let it dry on them for a day or so first," answered Sarah.

Justin and Candy continued to watch the cum-soaked babies, while Sarah began to fantasize. She pictured bringing her daughter up like a pure slut, who would be eager to de-virginize all of the little boys in her class. She also pictured her son doing the same; deflowering all of the young girls.

But just as she would make sure her children would not go a day without sex, Jessica would make double sure her daughter would not go a day without torment.

Chapter 12

Rachel searched the mansion for Jessica. She sensed that she was about to go into labor. Failing to find her in her bedroom, Rachel went down to check in the dungeon. She opened the door to the dungeon's only bedroom (besides Anna's). Inside, Rachel found her friend laying on the bed.

"Where the fuck were you?" asked Jessica.

"Sorry. I today was the day," replied Rachel. She approached her bedridden accomplice. "Man, every time I see your plump belly I just want to punch it!"

"I know the feeling! I've had dreams every night since I've been pregnant of me destroying the baby while she's still in the womb!"

"Well, anytime your ready!"

Jessica pushed and strained as Rachel kneeled down between her legs, ready to catch the newborn. She could already see the head forcing it's way out of Jessica's pussy.

"Keep going," coached Rachel.

Jessica strained and strained until the baby finally pushed out of her body. Rachel quickly gnawed away at the umbilical cord and laid the baby on the table. Though the baby was out, Jessica hadn't felt too much of a change.

"Okay, keep pushing."

"Huh? Why?!" asked Jessica.

"We still got one more to go."


Jessica pushed again until the second baby emerged. Rachel then bit the cord set the second one next to the first. Sensing her friend's exhaustion, Rachel promptly returned her to her normal, healthy state. The young mother then got out of bed to see her newborn twins.

"Rachel, why'd you give me two?" inquired Jessica.

"Well, I figured it would be better if you had two girls to abuse," replied Rachel.

"I really wanted just one. I want my daughter to feel alone in her torment so it would be more painful for her."

"Oh! Fuck! Sorry."

An evil smile appeared on Jessica's face. "No, that's okay!" she said, turning to her daughters. "It just means that one of you will have to die!"

Jessica carefully examined each of her offspring.

"Hmmmmmmm. I think, I'll keep this one!" exclaimed Jessica.

The first baby was lifted from the table by her mother and was laid onto the bed. Jessica walked back over to the other slimy, crying infant and climbed onto the table. She then stood up, spread her legs over daughter and began jerking off.

"That's right, you shit. How'dja like comin' out of my pussy? Huh?" Jessica asked as her cum splashed onto the baby's face.

Jessica jumped off of the table and bent over to lick her sweet juices off of the little, naked body. She then turned the child over onto her stomach.

'Wow! So soft,' thought Jessica as she moved her fingers across the baby's ass.

Jessica moved her head down to it's butt. She rubbed the bottom of her chin against the baby's asscheek and then began to suck on it. Jessica inhaled deeply, trying to suck as much of the flesh inside her mouth as she could.

The skin was so soft and smooth that Jessica wouldn't have been able to resist the urge, even if she'd wanted to. She immediately sank her teeth into the ass and bit down hard. The little newborn's cries quickly turned to shrieks as Jessica drew blood from the cheek with her fangs.

"Stupid baby. Do you think that all that screaming and jerking will do anything but fuel my lust more?! I'm a seventeen year old and you're completely helpless! If I were a nice mother, I'd defend you from harm. But the thought of your death is making me so horny and hot. But it'll stop soon, because killing you will turn all that horniness into cum!"

Jessica executed one last powerful bite and then turned to Rachel. "Stay here. I'll be right back!"

Jessica hurried out of the room and into her lab. She opened the top drawer of her desk and grabbed a fresh syringe. She then walked over to the wall, took a jar and a vile off of the shelf, and returned to the bedroom.

Jessica's heart tingled as she thought about what she was preparing to do to the infant that she had brought into the world. She snapped the lid off of the vile and, ever so slowly, began tipping it above her child's arm. The acid fell on the edge of the limb, in between the baby's elbow and wrist, and immediately ate it's way through her flesh. Jessica paused between drops and laughed giddily as she watched her baby daughter writhe in torment.

Jessica poured the acid, little by little, until the lower arm was no longer attached. She stood back and admired her work. The acid had even burned through the table. Jessica picked up the severed limb and sucked the blood and torn ligaments from the base. She then violently flipped the child back onto her stomach and began probing the asshole with the tiny fingers. She then shoved the arm into her own ass and proceeded on.

Rachel watched closely as Jessica carefully unscrewed the lid to the jar. Inside was a thick, black substance which Jessica had discovered some time ago. She dipped the needle into the jar and extracted it's contents until the syringe was full.

Rachel began to finger her own pussy as she awaited her friend's inhuman act. Jessica gently caressed her daughter's foot and smiled. She then jabbed the needle into her sole, causing the infant to shriek louder than before. Jessica willfully injected her with the substance and did not stop until the syringe was empty.

The child immediatley began thrashing around like a diseased animal. The veins throughout her body turned black and became visible through her skin. Jessica, her heart filled with excitement, quickly began fingering her pussy as she watched her newborn daughter die. Rachel helped by eating her out while she, too, masturbated herself. The black liquid erupted from the baby's mouth, as well as her other orifices. Her own baby's screams of pain were the most beautiful sounds Jessica had ever heard.

"YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M FUCKING CUMMING! DIE YOU SHIT! DIIIIE!" Jessica shrieked; her face inches away from her daughter's. Jessica thrust her finger harder and faster, increasing the intensity of this wonderful experience. Within seconds, the infant's stomach ripped open and the dark substance oozed out, forming a puddle around the dead girl's body. At that moment, Jessica's orgasm had reached it's peak; flooding her hand and Rachel's mouth with delicious cum. She then leaned over the former human, who was now nothing more than a dark blob.

"That was awesome, Jessica! What are we gonna do with her?" asked Rachel.

"We'll put her in the rot room later," answered Jessica.

"Ok. What about her?" asked Rachel as she walked to the bed. "I'll get to hurt her too, right?"

Jessica looked at her daughter's face and answered, "You, me and many others. I'll make her feel pain every day of her life. Then, when she's ten years old, I'll rape, molest, and kill her. And it will hurt her even more knowing that she's alone in her torment."

"What are you gonna name her?"

Jessica thought for a moment. "Whore. Cunt, whatever. She certainly won't receive the privilege of having a decent name."

Jessica climbed onto the bed, and spread her legs above her daughter. A hot stream of piss immediately splashed against the infants face.

"Good morning, fucker."

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