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AUTHOR’S NOTE 2: This story was inspired partly by this image:

And also by fellow literotica author Joe, who was working on a similar story involving a family going on a road trip in an RV with a little bed-wetter, and a non-working toilet. Unfortunately, his computer crashed and deleted the story before it could be completed. This one’s for you Joe!

Obviously this erotica story is entirely fictional…and it should stay that way.


Susana Harrison liked doing housework.

You wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at her. She was a white mother in her late 30’s, with long blond hair and green eyes, who looked more like trophy wife with her luscious D-cup breasts, medium-sized posterior, and overall curvy and feminine figure. Her role as a trophy wife was further reinforced by the fact that she had recently re-married to a fairly well-off lawyer after her previous husband had unexpectedly passed away in an accident, and thus she could easily afford to hire help. Most people would think that she would be happier lying around by the pool all day rather than doing messy housework, but believe it or not, she liked performing all the “mundane” tasks that went along with being a stay-at-home housewife. She was very appreciative of her new husband, and found housework to be one way of showing her gratitude to him (the other ways usually involving the bedroom).

So she was perfectly content to do some light cleaning, cooking, and even launder the family’s clothes and sheets…

“Oh crap! Not again!”

…well, all but ONE of her family, that is.


“He did it again!” Susana yelled at her husband as he returned home from work. “He wet the sheets again! And after he promised to stop! I had to use gloves to peel the damn thing off his bed and then I had to wash it separately and use the entire bottle of bleach just to get it looking decent. At this rate, this will be the THRID set of sheets he’s ruined!”

Henry Harrison, the handsome, though just slightly overweight, man in his late 40’s, sighed in dismay.

“We’ll have another talk with him tonight. I honestly can’t think of why a boy his age would still be wetting the bed? He’s been dry for years!”

Timmy was Henry’s 10-year-old son from his previous marriage, which ended tragically when his wife died in an accident. He had to raise the boy on his own for more than a year before he abruptly re-married to Susana after just several dates. (With her gorgeous looks, who could blame him?) Still, the boy seemed to have adjusted fine and was acting normally for a boy his age, though he was somewhat shy and a little underdeveloped as far as physical strength and stature. But Henry had still been very proud of how his son had handled the recent changes in his life…until he inexplicably had started wetting the bed several months ago.

“Shit, I keep telling you, the answer is simple…”

Both parents turned to look at Ashley, Susana’s teenage daughter from her previous marriage. It was easy to tell that she got her looks from her mother. Even though she was just 17, she was only slightly shorter than Susana, with the same blond hair and green eyes, and with a chest nearly as big! Her D-cups stood out even more given her slightly lither, but more athletic, body. She was attractive enough that she had made head-cheerleader with little effort. And her tight catholic school uniform and mini-skirt (just what were those conservative teachers thinking when they came up with THAT?!) made her look like the pinnacle of an innocent and loving girl blossoming into adulthood.

But the cruel malice that radiated from her face proved otherwise.

“…The little bet-wetter just wants attention. He’s doing it on purpose so that you, dad, will feel sorry for him, and cause problems for mom. He hates the fact that his ex-mommy is dead, and his stupid, twisted, childish mind blames us for it! So the little twerp is fighting back the only way he can against stronger and older adults like us. He’s trying to break our happy family apart with his stupid, pathetic, toilet games!”

“Ashley, watch you language!” chided her mother. “I know that you and your step-brother don’t get along very well, but I wish you’d stop trying to insinuate that he’s doing this on purpose. He’s a 10-year-old for goodness sakes, not some insidious little monster!”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders.

“Whatever, mom. You wanna keep cleaning up after him like you’re his own personal toilet until he’s grown and out of the house (if he can ever even make something of himself, which I doubt), then that’s your problem.”

Susana sighed, but deep down, she had to admit, the stress of this situation was getting to her.


That night at dinner, the worried parents tried their best to coax little Timmy into telling them what was wrong, but he simply denied everything.

“I didn’t do it!”

“Now Timmy, you know that isn’t true. Your mother found your soiled sheets this morning and had to give them another thorough washing. I know that you might think it’s not a big deal since your mother likes doing the laundry anyway, but it would be easier on her if you at least told her you wet the bed before you leave for school, rather than her having to stumble on it every morning.”

“But I didn’t do it, honest! I checked the bed after I woke up just like you told me to, and it was dry!”

His father sighed, “Now Timmy, you know well and good that nobody else could’ve done it. It was YOUR bed!”

“Then she’s lying!” he screeched. “I didn’t wet the bed!”

Henry’s face turned angry and he got up to give his son a good spanking, but Susana put held her hand up and stopped him until he settled back down, seething.

“Now Timmy,” she began, “I know that things must be difficult for you recently, with the death of your mother and your father remarrying me and then moving to a new town and having to share your parents’ attention with a new sister. But honey, if there’s something bothering you, could you please just talk to us so we can work it out? It would be so much better for everyone rather than having you wet the bed. Please?”

“I told you, I didn’t do it! Why won’t you believe me?!”

Timmy began openly sobbing, tears and snot running down his face. Susana felt sorry for him, but was at a loss as to what she should do. It was obvious he was lying about something. She had never had these kinds of problems with Ashley, who had always been a nearly-perfect daughter. Though she was a bit rebellious, she had never wet the bed after she was potty-trained, and had certainly never thrown pitiful tantrums like this!

Henry also felt sorry for his son, but was still angry that he called his step-mother a liar and was loathe to help him, lest he end up spanking him out of anger instead.

Ashley just rolled her eyes and muttered something about “pathetic snot-balls” under her breath.

After several minutes, Timmy’s sobs calmed down, and he reached for a glass of water to soothe his aching throat, but Ashley pulled it away before he could grab it.

“H-Hey! Give it back!”

“No way! I’m tired of you giving my mom shit because you can’t keep your pathetic bladder under control! If you can’t use a toilet like an adult, then you shouldn’t drink anything before bedtime!”

“S-stop it! Dad, tell her to stop!”

Susana interjected, “Actually, that might not be such a bad idea. If he doesn’t drink before bedtime it might help to-”

“Stop acting like you’re my mom and telling me what to do! You’re not my mom! You’re just some… some…lying old hag!”

“TIMMY!” shouted his father in rage.

But Timmy had jumped from his seat and fled the table for the safety of his room before anything could be done. The parents just sat there miserably, their happy family dinner ruined because of the bed-wetter’s selfish attitude.

“Well at least the bed will be wet with tears instead of piss in the morning,” said Ashley snidely.


But come morning, as Susana entered little Timmy’s bedroom, after having not even been able to look him in the eye as he left for school, she found his sheets soiled with urine again. And what was worse, in the middle of the bed, lay a small wedding photo of her and Henry, pilfered from the living room, also covered in piss.

Susana broke down and cried. Her step-son hated her.


Henry was livid. He was ready to beat his little son, not just spank, but actually BEAT him, within an inch of his life when he found out. Susana held her husband back as he screamed at poor Timmy, who was lying in the corner and shaking from fear with tears running down his eyes as his own father, who had been nothing but kind and loving towards him, now threatened to BEAT HIM for something he couldn’t even comprehend. He was yelling out accusations, and Timmy denied them all, even as his own father called him a liar and raised a fist in the air, restrained only by his wife, who was begging him to calm down.

Ashley just watched from the shadows, unnoticed, with a smirk on her face.


Timmy had no dinner that night, and certainly nothing to drink. After much placation from his wife, who wanted nothing more than to be a proper mother to Timmy, and thought her husband’s violent actions would just make his resentment towards her worse, Henry calmed down enough to talk with Timmy in his room.

“You really upset your mother today! Why did you do that?!”

“I don’t know what everyone’s talking about! I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

Henry’s hand clenched into a fist, but he remembered his wife’s pleas and took a deep breath to calm down.

“Timmy, I don’t want to think that you’re wetting the bed on purpose, but-”

“I’m not dad! I swear I’m not even wetting the bed!”

“SHUT UP! I guess your sister was right about you all along. You just want attention, and you’ll do anything to get it, even if it means hurting your mother’s feelings to do it!”

“No dad, I’m not! Please! She’s lying! She’s-”

“ENOUGH! Until you’re ready to talk about your problems like an adult, you’re sleeping on the floor! At least that way, if you piss in your sleep, YOU can mop it up in the morning rather than have your mother clean up your filthy messes. That bed had better be bone dry come morning, or else you’re going to be sleeping in the bathtub from now on!”


Timmy woke up early the next morning and looked down at the hardwood floor. It was dry, with the only sign of wetness being a little moisture from the tears he had cried last night, along with some drool from when he finally fell into a fitful sleep. He checked the bed, just to be sure. The sheets were tucked in straight and hadn’t been slept in.

When he met his father downstairs and was asked whether he had wet the floor, he honestly replied that it was dry and his bed had been unslept in. His father sighed in relief that this whole affair was over. He went upstairs to check and be absolutely certain, just as little Timmy headed out to meet the school bus.


Timmy ran home that day, all smiles. There was no way he could get in trouble today.

His smile quickly vanished when his dad blocked his path and stared down at him, anger and disappointment on his face.

“When you came downstairs this morning, you assured me that your bed was dry.”

“IT WAS! I swear it was! I slept on the floor all night and didn’t even sleep in the bed! You KNOW THAT! You said you’d check it yourself!”

“I DID! And you know what I found?! A bunch of ruffled sheets covered in PISS! There’ll be no supper for you tonight, and-HEY! GET BACK HERE!”

Timmy ran crying for his room. There had to be a mistake! There was no way that there-

“Ummph!” he cried out as he slammed into the bedroom door. He turned the knob again and shoved with all his (feeble) might, even ramming his small shoulder into the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He looked up to see it had been locked and dead-bolted.

“I told you that if you wet the bed one more time you’d be sleeping in the tub!” yelled his father as he stomped up angrily, still panting slightly from having to run after his son. “And you’re going to get a spanking for that stunt you just pulled! Get into the living room, now!”

“B-but d-dad!”

“The only butt here is the one that’s about to get a whooping! Now march!”

Timmy was hauled into the living room, where Susana and Ashley entered, drawn by all the commotion. Henry pulled down the helpless boy’s pants and underwear. Timmy was crying aloud and struggling, but his father was much stronger and the boy’s weak struggles only egged him on more.

“Henry! What’s going on?!” shouted Susana.

“What’s it look like? I’m doing what I should’ve done in the first place and giving this little bed-wetter the punishment he deserves!”


He slapped his son’s bare ass HARD!

“H-Henry! Dear, please be reasonable! He’s just a young boy! It’s not his fault if he wets the bed!”

“Of course it is mom!” shouted Ashley. “He’s doing it on purpose and you know it! Remember the wedding photograph? He’s using his PISS to try and PISS you off! He’s just a little attention whore!”


“ASHLEY! You take that back right this instant young lady!”


“Why should I?!” she shouted loudly to drown out Timmy’s increasingly annoying wails. “If you really wanted to act like his REAL mom, like a REAL woman, then you wouldn’t put up with this shit! You’d put him in this place and teach him a lesson! It’s disgraceful how he’s acting! He’s an embarrassment to this family!”



“No, she’s right,” agreed Henry. “He’s been taking advantage of you, and us, for too long and it has got to stop!”


“Honey, I know you don’t like the idea of physical punishment, but I want you to help me spank some sense into him.”

“W-what? Honey, I could never-!”

“If you don’t, then I’d be more than happy to!” exclaimed Ashley.


“No Ashley, at least not yet. I want your mother to do it. It’s about time that Timmy learned to respect her, and I’m afraid the only way he will is if she beats it into him.”

“I-I don’t know…”

“Please don’t!” cried out Timmy. “Please don’t hurt me anymore! I’ll stop! I promise I’lll stoopppp-ackh!”


“You keep quiet! You’ve had this coming for quite a while with that spoiled, rotten attitude of yours! Your mother works hard to try and keep this house clean for you, and how do repay her? With filthy lies and FILTHY-” WHAP!! “STINKING-” WHAP!! “SOILED-” WHAP!! “sheets that are worth more to me than you are right now than with your horrible attitude!”

“Go for it mom! Show that crying snot-ball that you deserve some respect for all the hard work you do around here. If that little piece of shit is too stupid to realize all you do for him, then MAKE HIM respect you! What kind of a woman lets herself be taken advantage of by a weak little 10-year-old bed-wetter?”

Susana wouldn’t admit it out loud, but deep down, her sexy daughter’s words had an effect. She had tried to be a kind and loving mother to poor Timmy. Really, she felt so sorry him. He had lost his real mother, and he was so small and so weak. She knew he was bullied quite a lot in school because of his small stature. Secretly, she could understand why. He was such a wimp. With such a handsome and successful man like Henry as his father, it must’ve been even more disappointing to him. In the far back shadows of her mind, connected to a million years of primal instinct and unconcerned with such flaky concepts like society or morality, where the genetic wisdom a thousand women before her held reign, a chorus of feminine predecessors looked down upon the crying, weak, little boy and shouted, “UGLY, WORTHLESS, LOSER!! DISRESPECTFUL GARBAGE!! UNWORTHY OF LOVE OR ATTENTION!! INFERIOR GENETIC SCUM!! BEAT IT!! /KILL/ IT!!”

With her husband and daughter looking on in encouragement, Susana gave in and stepped forward. Had anyone looked underneath her dress at that moment, they would’ve seen a small wet spot form on her panties, but she tried her best to ignore it. But still, she couldn’t help but think that when she got wet it was considered hot, whereas when an ugly 10-year-old boy got wet, it was considered pathetic and disgusting.

/And rightfully so!/ she thought as she tentatively raised her hand and brought it down on Timmy’s already bruised and swelling bum.


“See honey? It’s okay. You’re just showing him that you’re in charge and you’re his mother now and he has to respect you. Now try a little harder this time. Don’t strain yourself, after all he’s the one being punished, but don’t feel like you have to hold back. Remember, he deserves this and it’s the only way he’ll learn.”

Susana nodded and raised her hand higher and came down harder.


The more she did it, the more she felt comfortable with it.


The cries of the helpless boy below her were drowned out by the voices of lust and gleeful amusement in her head.


She had tried so hard to be a good mother to this little brat, despite his obvious shortcomings and pathetically weak body that would’ve turned off any other woman. Honestly, how had the boy’s biological mother ever put up with it? She must’ve been so ashamed to have given birth to such a puny disgusting thing!


But despite the fact she still tried to be a good mother to him, the ungrateful brat still had the indecency to disrespect her! Didn’t the little shit realize he was inferior? Couldn’t he see that he was lucky to get any kind of love at all?


Well, if he was too stupid to understand, then he deserved this! She’d beat it into him that she was a REAL woman and REAL women deserved respect from unappreciative spoiled monsters like him! The little shit had his chance to earn her love and he had wasted it! Now, she was going to waste /him/! Things were going to change around here from now on! If he didn’t want her to be his new mother, then fine! From now on, she would be his PUNISHER!


Henry watched as his wife really seemed to get into flow of things; his step-daughter too. Susana’s succulent D-cups swayed and bounced with each hit she gave the weeping boy that was splayed across his lap. Several times, her breasts almost slipped out of her low v-neck shirt. He was mesmerized. The only other time he saw her chest heav so majestically, so methodically, was when she was riding him. In the background, his equally buxom 17-year-old step-daughter was jumping up-and-down and clapping every time her mother smacked down hard on Timmy’s bare bottom. Her breasts, almost as large as her mother’s, swayed and bounced in-tune as she egged her mother on, ever the cheerleader.

Laying face down across his father’s lap, Timmy, felt something hard rise up between his dad’s legs and poke him in the stomach.

After Susana’s hands had finally begun to tire, both parents instinctively looked over to their teenage daughter, who smirked and walked forward, ready to take over. She had seen how her step-father had eyed her mother as she spanked the little turd. Ashley went even farther, leaning even further back before delivering her first blow.


With the extra momentum, her chest bounced even more than her mothers, and since she was wearing her tight, form-fitting, cheerleading uniform, well…

Timmy felt whatever was poking him get even longer and harder. The tip practically rammed straight into his bladder. With the jarring motions from his step-sister’s harsh beating, and the fact that he hadn’t had a chance to use the restroom since he’d been home, the stabbing against his bladder became too much!

Henry suddenly felt moisture against his pants, (and after one embarrassing moment where he mistakenly thought that he might have been a bit too “encouraging” of his step-daughter’s antics) and threw his son off his lap and HARD onto the floor. Timmy’s small child-cock, now fully exposed, pumped out several more squirts of urine before finally trickling to a stop. Even though his eyes were clenched shut, he swore he could /see/ the disappointment and revulsion on the adults’ faces.

“Disgusting!” sneered his step-mother.


After mopping up his mess as his parents and even his step-sister watched on, he was sent into the bathroom without supper. He had only been allowed in his room for a short while, all under the supervision of his father, so he could collect some of his school supplies and clothes. His toys and other things remained behind.

“You’ll get your room back once you prove that you can live like a normal boy, instead of like a baby who can’t hold it in and has to go whenever and wherever the mood strikes him,” his father had told him.

That night, he slept in the bathtub, with only a pillow and a blanket to wrap himself in.


When he got up the next morning and walked into the dining room, all conversation stopped and the happy smiling faces of his parents and step-sister turned into ones of revulsion.

Timmy swallowed.

“Um…I’m really sorry that…about wh-what I did…yesterday.”

“Well that’s a start,” said his father. “It’s nice to see that we were able to finally spank some sense into you. Now, don’t you have something to say to your /mother/?”

“Y-yes. I’m s-sorry m-mom, for being so b-bad recently. I’m sorry if I disrespected you.”

“That’s alright dear. I’m just glad you learned your lesson. All is forgiven.”

Susana smiled, but now there was a certain menacing twinkle behind it. It wasn’t the kind and loving smile that she had tried to give him before. It was more like that of a woman who realized that she didn’t need her son’s love, only his obedience, his obedience by way of fear of her power and strength over him.

Timmy shivered involuntarily.

“M-may I have something to eat now?” he said hungrily.

“That depends,” said his father, “did you wet the tub last night?”

Timmy shook his head.

“In that case, come right up dear, we made a special breakfast for you.”

Timmy began to walk up to the table, but his step-sister pulled the extra chair away.

“Nuh-uh-uh. Only big boys get to sit at the table. Little babies sit on the floor so they don’t soil the furniture.”


“I’m sorry Timmy, but I’m afraid your sister is right. Until you can control your bowel movements like an adult, then you’re going to be treated in a manner that accounts for your infantile actions.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means until teeny-weenie can stop squirting everywhere, or at least until it squirts something other than little-boy-piss, then we’re going to treat you like the sissy cry-baby you are!” his step-sister translated.

“Something other than piss? Cry-baby?!”

“Ashley, don’t be so dramatic,” chided her mother with no real force and trying to deflect the boy’s questions, “it just means that we’re going to make some changes to your lifestyle to accommodate your pathetic, err, I mean, physical disability. For example, from now on you’ll sit on that special waterproof mat on the floor…”

“D-dad, make them stop! This is so unfair! Please! I didn’t-”

“I’m in full agreement on this. And if you have any complaints, then you’ll directly address your /mother/, instead of whining about it to me, understood?”

“As if she really wants to be that little bed-wetter’s mother,” said Ashley.

“Don’t worry Timmy, she’s just joking. Besides that, I’d thought you’d want to sit on the soft mat? I imagine your bottom is still a little sore after yesterday?”

Timmy wouldn’t admit aloud, but it was true. And the way his step-mother referred to his punishment with just a toch of threat in her voice, made Timmy reluctantly comply and sit on the mat.

“Do I still get something to eat?”

“Of course dear.”

She handed him a small bowl of strained vegetables and a small sippy-cup.

“Wh-what is this?”

“Well Ashley kindly suggested that a few changes in your diet might help cut down on the chances of having any more unfortunate accidents. The strained food is better for your digestion, and the sippy cup makes sure you don’t take any large gulps and won’t drink quite so much.”

“Hmph, as if that’ll help any; he’s just doing it on purpose anyway,” mumbled Ashley loud enough that everyone could hear. She just liked the idea of the little brat being treated like the baby he was.

“Oh, and before I forget, there is one more thing…”


Mrs. Jenkins lived for moments like this.

The grade-school teacher really did love her students…well, the cute ones, that is. After all, what was the point in being a teacher if you didn’t get to exercise your authority over others smaller and weaker than you were? Like many teachers, she had originally entered the field with the honest intention of teaching and helping to better the lives of innocent little children. And just like many other teachers, she had slowly been corrupted by all the hot, young, bodies and naïve, trusting, and easily prejudiced pre-pubescent minds.

But despite her “motherly” (or more accurately, MILF-like) attitude, there were some students that she just absolutely /hated/.

Like young Timmy Harrison.

Oh, don’t get her wrong, he was an average, generally sweet, little boy…LITTLE being the key word. The boy was small for his age and a complete and utter wimp. The other boys (and even some of the girls) in the class were constantly picking on him…and Mrs. Jenkins encouraged it! Just as she got her kicks from controlling and dominating the lives of those smaller and weaker than her, she absolutely LOVED seeing others do the same…especially her beloved pupils!

But this…this was like a dream come true! And a very wet dream, to be sure!

Tiny Timmy fidgeted as he stood in front of the entire class. He was on the verge on crying. Mrs. Jenkins honestly couldn’t blame him. When his lovely teenage step-sister Ashley had escorted him to class that morning, she honestly thought it was some kind of joke! And what a joke it was! It was her kind of joke; a joke on poor wittle wimpy Timmy!

As much as she loved coming up with new, subtle ways of making the wimp’s life a little harder (overlooking his beatings by classmates, changing his grades downward, spitting in his lunch when he wasn’t looking), she would never have been so bold or so creative as to come up with THIS!

The class was so overcome by shock (even though many of the other students were trying their best not to burst out in laughter) that you could practically hear Timmy shift around…in his DIAPER!!

He didn’t even have any pants on over it! His parents and step-sister had agreed the best way to get him over his bed-wetting-phase was to embarrass the shit out of him to encourage him to hold it in.

Oh how much she wanted to laugh out loud! She wanted to laugh more than almost anything else she had wanted to do in her entire life! But she had to maintain at least a façade of professionalism, even if she was almost sure that none of the other students would report her for doing otherwise. She would just have to take advantage of the situation for all it was worth in other, more subtle, ways…for now at least.

“Now class, Timmy here, as you can see, has some slight issues when it comes to making it to the bathroom on time,” she smirked. “That doesn’t make him a wimp or a big baby loser or a little sissy, even if he cries like a 2-year-old when he wets himself.”

Tears were almost pouring down Timmy’s face, and Mrs. Jenkins wished and prayed to every deity in existence that he /really did/ end up wetting himself in front of the class!

“I want every one of you to show poopy-pants here some respect and be nice to the baby. After all, one of the most awful noises in the world is a bawling sissy. Is there anything you’d like to add, Timmy?”

Red faced and on the verge of crying, Timmy just meekly shook his head no.

“Alright, go and grab a seat over there between those two big boys who can actually keep their pants clean,” she said, pointing to the seat between the two boys she knew like to beat him up the most.

“O-okay Mrs. Jenkins,” Timmy whimpered and waddled over to the seat, too embarrassed to argue.

The class finally burst with everyone laughing their butts off at him. Mrs. Jenkins had to turn around so no one would see her burst out into laughter as well. But everyone knew better. Her whole body was shaking for breath as she laughed out louder than anyone else in the class.

Just when Timmy thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, he felt a something strange…and looked down to see a wet spot growing in his diaper, visible to everyone. He was so humiliated, so scared, that his body had responded the only was it knew how. The laughter in the class seemed to double as the teacher’s wish was fulfilled and Timmy cried so much that his face became as wet as his diaper.

He really was a bawling sissy baby.


Timmy was relieved when classes were finally over. All throughout the day, it seemed that his classmates, and even his teacher, had spent more of their attention and time on mocking him than on the lesson plan. And through it all, he sat in his mushy and spoiled diaper, too afraid to request to go to the bathroom and change, for fear of becoming the butt of even more jokes.

But as he looked up, he noticed that the two bullies were still seated on either side of him, with cruel smiles. Several of the other boys, and even two of the girls, had also stayed behind and were looking at him like predators eyeing a wounded animal. Mrs. Jenkins leaned back against her desk, with her ample cleavage thrust forward on display.

“Well Tiny Tim, it looks as if you wet yourself. Funny that such a tiny thing like you can produce so much urine. Let me guess, the wittle baby needs his diaper changed but is too stupid to know how? Well don’t worry, we’ll help you, won’t we class? Hahaha!”

Before Timmy could respond, the stronger boys on either side of him grabbed his arms and dragged him to the front of the classroom, hauling him up on the teacher’s desk as the other children gathered around in glee and whopped and hollered and jeered and even spit on him!

His wet diaper was torn off and forced on his face, smothering him in its foul stench. He tried desperately to shake it off, but their hands held him down. He could hear their laughter as they made fun of his exposed butt and penis. The diaper covering his face seemed to grow wetter, and began to leak into his screaming mouth and stung his eyes! Unknown to him, the two girls had climbed up on the table, shoved their skirts and panties aside, and were pissing all over his diaper-covered face while the boys cheered them on and dropped their pants and underwear, eager to join in.

Mrs. Jenkins just licked her lips and watched on in delight, knowing that her encouragement was helping to corrupt these once-innocent children. She had absolutely no qualms with them pissing all over their defenseless classmate. After all, little boys who couldn’t even use the toilet, deserved to BE a toilet for those that could! She knew she would join in the festivities when her evil pupils were done, and that they would look up in awe and lust at her sexy, adult, body as she did so. And she was GLAD that they would. After all, it was her responsibility to set a proper example for their deliciously young and easily-influenced minds. And with his face covered in the dirty diaper, there was no way he could positively say he saw her do any of it!

One of her hands traveled down between her hiked skirt, rubbing the growing wet spot between her legs. The other hand took his tiny penis between her fingers, the diamonds on her wedding ring cutting into the fore-skin. It would make even larger scars as she raked it across his naked ass!


Timmy stood shaking at the entrance to his house. He was bruised and wet and smelled like a toilet. He had received absolutely no sympathy from his step-sister when she came to pick him up. All she did was laugh and tell him how he deserved every bit of it. When he got too close to her however, she backed away in disgust, completely unwilling to touch or embrace the disgusting human toilet, no matter how much he wanted a hug or to be comforted. She wouldn’t even do such a thing back before he was a disgusting bed-wetter, why would she do it now that his only purpose in life was to be a toilet?

Timmy hoped that at the very least, his father and step-mother would look down on him with pity and kindness. They may have been harsh with him recently, but they had just done so out of love for him and to try and improve his behavior (even though he still claimed he hadn’t done anything). They weren’t hurting him just to be cruel like the bullies at school were…right?


Timmy shrunk back at the looks of rage on his parents’ faces.

“When I asked this morning if you had wet yourself last night, do you remember what you said?”

“B-but I didn’t-”

“SHUT UP! I don’t want hear any more of your filthy lies!”


“How do you explain /this/?”

He threw a urine-soaked blanket and pillow at Timmy’s face.

“We found those lying in a pool of urine in the tub! You didn’t even un-plug the drain! We BATHE in that tub and you have the indecency of not only refusing clean up after yourself, but to LIE about it to our faces?! You pick those up right now young mister and march down to the laundry room! If you’re going to insist on keeping up with this FARCE, then you can do your own laundry from now on!”

“But daaadddyy! I SWEAR to you that-”


Timmy’s face went reeling as his father slapped him across the floor!

“I’ve had ENOUGH of your lies! It’s obvious that you’ve decided that you would rather be a little piss-ant than a member of this family! Just look at you! You’re absolutely filthy! You haven’t even changed your diaper, unless you consider dumping it all over yourself as changing it!”

Mrs. Jenkins never did let him change into a clean diaper. In fact, whereas before it had just been soaked in his own urine, it was now not only overflowing with the piss of his classmates, but with his teacher’s own piss and even her shit as well!

“P-please dad! It wasn’t me! It was my teacher, she-”

SLAAPPP!! He went flying again.

“Don’t you have any shame whatsoever?! First you blame you mother, and now your teacher?! I’ve just about had it with you! Now you go right to the laundry room this very instant and when you’re done there, I expect you clean yourself up properly and then report to the living room for another beatin-, err, spanking! And then we’re going to have a /talk/ about your behavior lately. Is that understood?!”

Timmy just nodded his head sheepishly, tears spilling down his cheeks. Why wouldn’t any of them just believe him?

He walked down to the laundry room in the basement. Susana followed to make sure that he did what he was told and operated the machines properly. He struggled to reach over the top-loading washing machine. As she watched the urine-soaked child’s feeble efforts, something inside Susana finally snapped.

Ignoring the revulsion of touching his soiled body, she found herself lifting her step-son up and over the washing machine. In her mind, all she saw was all the effort and energy she had put into taking care of the boy, a boy she didn’t really even want, but was still willing to care for as her own. She thought of all the times she had cooked for him, tidied up after him, all the times she had washed his FILTHY SOILED SHEETS! And how had he repaid her?! With nothing but LIES and DISRESPECT!

Before she even realized what had happened, she was watching the boy’s shocked face disappear into darkness as she closed the top of the machine, which was slowly filling up with water and harsh detergent!

It would be okay, she told herself. He still had enough room to breathe. Sure, the turbine would hurt some once the wash cycle began, but after all of the emotional pain and suffering he put her through, he deserved it! /And besides,/ she thought as she placed a cinderblock on top of the lid to keep him from climbing out, /this way, I save him the trouble of having to wash up. I’m actually helping him. I’m being a good mother, right?/

The sounds of the wash cycle drowned out her step-son’s pleas for mercy.


An hour later, the wash cycle had shut off. Susana had spent the first part of the cycle just standing and glaring angrily at the machine as her step-son’s wails mixed with the sounds of the icy-cold water swishing around with the harsh detergent. Eventually the wails stopped, and Susana was almost concerned enough to stop the cycle and take a look inside. But then she remembered all the stress and frustration the little shit had but her through, and simply shrugged, then went off to do other housework.

Nobody else had tried to check on him. They all figured that he was scared and hiding in the bathroom for as long as possible before he had to face the brutal beating by his father. What they didn’t know was that little Timmy would’ve given just about anything to be beaten by his father, in comparison to what he just went through.

Susana opened the top of the washer to see a drenched, wrinkled, shivering, bruised, and pathetic excuse for a drowned rat staring up at her with hurt and scared eyes. His diaper was still amazingly attached, but was now soaked straight through and the disgusting waste had dissolved and mixed in with the harsh detergents that had burned his skin. He tried to scream and wail again as Susana reached for him, but all that came out was gargled whimpers. He was too scared to move as Susana took the wet blanket and wrapped it around him.

“W-why d-did you do t-that?” he finally managed to cry out.

“Because it’s about time you realize how disgusting it is when a boy your age wets himself, and what happens to your linens when you do, and the effort I have to go through to clean up after an ungrateful little bed-wetting baby like you,” she said, oddly calm.

“B-but I really didn’t-…it was you, it was you this w-whole time, w-wasn’t it?!”

Susana clenched her teeth and her hands tightened into fists. Even after all this, the little shit just refused to take responsibility for his actions.

“You need to dry off.”

Timmy was YANKED aside and the next thing he knew, he was staring at his step-mom’s pissed-off face…from inside the DRYER!

He had barely enough time to let out a single muffled scream before she slammed the door and everything went dark…and then he started to get very dizzy and very, VERY, HOT!


Susana found herself outside, with a lit cigarette. She hadn’t even realized that she left the laundry room. She just needed to get out of there. She didn’t even know where the cigarette came from. Maybe she grabbed it from Ashley’s purse. She knew her daughter liked to smoke when she was out, even though both her and Henry had forbidden it. Susana herself had abstained from smoking ever since she remarried, as she was concerned about the effect it might have on little Timmy. Yeah, she was real concerned about his welfare now, wasn’t she?

Gawd, did she really just nearly drown her step-child and then shove him into a blazing hot dryer? He may have been a childish, impenitent, horrible, little bed-wetting monster, but he was still her step-son and not even he deserved that kind of treatment…or did he? Susana shivered at the thought, and trying to ignore the growing wet spot between her legs, she walked shakily back inside with the intention of rescuing little Timmy. The dryer was a small one, and he had been crammed in there pretty tight with the blanket wrapped around him; hopefully he wouldn’t tumble around too badly and the pillow would soften the blows and he wouldn’t suffer any broken bones (though the thought of Timmy’s burnt, blistered and blackened body with limbs and bones jutting out at odd angles suddenly sent a spurt of liquid from between her legs, and she found herself walking even faster).

She could hear the dryer going full blast, but didn’t hear any screaming or any particularly loud thumps or bumping. But was that a good thing or was that a horrible thing? Susana was now in such a rush that she nearly ran straight into her daughter…wait, what was Ashley doing down here?

Temporarily forgetting why she was in such a rush, Susana took a step back and gawked at her daughter, her NAKED daughter, standing, with legs spread, over a laundry basket over clean sheets and PISSING ON THEM while she rubbed her clit!


The sexy teen jumped back in surprise, spraying piss across the floor.

“Mom? Fuck, how about giving me a little warning next time?! You scared the shit out of me! Hey, is that one of my cigarettes?!”

Susana just stared at her daughter incredulously, the cigarette in her lips dropping to the floor.

“Wha-…what are you doing?!”

Ashley just rolled her eyes.

“Well I /WAS/ taking a piss before you interrupted me!”

“I…I don’t understand? Those are /my/ sheets. Why were you pissing on them?”

“Well since the little snot-ball isn’t allowed to sleep in his own bed anymore, I had to find something else to pin on him. Since you and dad think he’s acting out against you, I figured it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe he came down here and pissed on your sheets since he couldn’t mess up his own.”

Susana was having a hard time processing what her daughter just said.

“I…I don’t...huh? Are you punishing your step-brother for being a bed-wetter?”

Ashley scoffed, “I’m punishing that little turd by BEING a bed-wetter; punishing him for ever being born and ruining what should’ve been MY perfect family!”

Susana went rigid in shock as all the pieces finally fell into place…how Timmy continued to wet himself no matter what they tried…how he always claimed so vehemently that he was innocent…how nobody never actually saw him wet the bed, except for the few times when Ashley had claimed to…

“My Gawd! It was you all along! Timmy was being truthful the whole time! He never once wet the bed, did he? That…that means…”

“That all this time you’ve been beating and humiliating your innocent little step-son for being a naughty, rebellious, little piss-ant when really it was me all along? Yes, you have…and you‘ve been LOVING every minute of it!”


“Oh, come on mom. It never even occurred to you that it was me doing all those things, did it? Despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary? And you know why? Because I’m your perfect little daughter. I’m sexy, I’m mature, I have a perfect body just like yours; I’m everything a mother could possibly want in a child,” she said while roving her hands across her luscious body and striking sexy poses for emphasis. “And he is just a small, weak, stupid little brat. Hell, he isn’t even related to you! And even if he was, you’d probably hate him even more, knowing that such an inferior, revolting, little excuse for a male came from YOUR hot, sexy, body!”

Susana blushed. Why were her daughter’s compliments making her so hot? Why had she never noticed her daughter’s oh-so-sexy body before? Her perfect legs, her long blond hair, her delectable tits, her tight ass and leaking cunt… Of course, she HAD always noticed; she just had never thought of acting on her desires…until now…

Susana tried to shake the wicked thoughts from her head, but her daughter just smirked, knowing that her words were true and also knowing the power she rightfully held over her own mother.

“Admit it mom, you WANTED to blame Timmy for all this. You WANTED to blame Timmy for everything and anything you could think of. He was the only thing keeping us from being a perfect a perfect family; just you, me and Henry; three sexy, mature, adults who could live out a wild and care-free life without any pathetic snot-nosed brats to interfere and make our lives miserable!”

“N-no! That’s not true!”

“Isn’t it mom? Come on, I saw the look on your face when you beat that little brat. I saw how your body quivered at the thought of hurting him! So did MINE! So did Henry’s! Don’t tell me you couldn’t see how his dick sprung up when we pounding that little worm’s ass! HE wants it, YOU want, I want it, the only who doesn’t want it is Timmy, and who the Hell cares what he thinks? He shouldn’t even be a part of this family!”


“IT’S TRUE! He was the only reason why you didn’t divorce dad and take me with you when you first started having an affair with Henry! Henry was too worried about his weak, pathetic, little child to leave his fat wife and move in with us, wasn’t he?”

Susana gasped; she had no idea that Ashley knew about her affair with Henry back when her father was still alive. But Ashley only smirked as she strutted up and cornered her unresisting mom, rubbing her delicious tits against her own mother’s equally succulent breasts.

“H-honey, please I never meant to…I didn’t want to hurt your father, that’s all!”

“Fuck mom, you think I buy that?! If you could, you would’ve dumped dad’s fat ass in a minute, and you know what? I’m glad! I would have left that pathetic excuse for a meal-ticket in an instant and wouldn’t even have blown him a kiss good-bye! Hell, I might’ve even farted in his face instead!”

“You…you shouldn’t talk about your father like that! He loved you!”

“Yeah, well, the feeling WASN’T mutual! Don’t get me wrong, he was okay for buying me things and cleaning up after me, but he wasn’t rich like Henry is. Why the Hell would I care about how much he loved me, when I could trade-up for a well-loaded and good-looking dad like Henry instead? If he really loved us, then he would’ve just given us all of his meager savings and wished us luck, and put a gun to his head the minute Henry began hanging around you and he realized that Henry was superior to him!”

Susana knew she should chide her daughter, call her out for disrespecting her biological father and the man who had loved and taken care of them for so many years, but a deep and dark corner of mind, where her true feeling toward her ex-husband were held, was whispering not to…and her daughter’s wonderful, manipulative fingers sliding up her wet cunt was turning those whispers into a full-blown orgasmic SCREAM!


Ashley laughed as her mother partially collapsed against the wall. The look on her mother’s face was one of absolute bliss. She doubted her biological father had ever given her an orgasm like that, and yet, here she was, her own daughter, and she’d done it on her very first try. Of course, it was really no surprise. Ashley knew that deep down she and her mother were exactly alike, and she knew what buttons to push; what her mother really desired; what they both really CRAVED.

“That’s why I had to get rid of them…dear old dad and Henry’s fat wife, I mean. So we could finally be the family that you secretly wanted; the family that man like Henry and sexy women like us DESERVE!”

In her post-orgasmic state, it took Susana a moment to process her daughter’s words.

“You, you don’t mean-?”

Ashley nodded and smiled wickedly.

“Didn’t you ever think it funny how the “accidental” death of your husband, my EX-dad, and the death of Henry’s wife seemed to be so close to each other? Just as you were about to break things off with him because you wanted more than an extra-marital affair, but couldn’t have it? Almost as if fate decided to intervene and give you everything you wanted? Almost as if you had /someone/ looking out for you…for us…for our real, /true,/ family?”

Susana stared at her daughter in shock. If she had known not even 15 minutes ago what she knew now, she would be an emotional wreck, yelling and screaming in hate at her daughter for what she had done and preparing to call the police. But now, after that mind-blowing orgasm and her daughter’s sinfully truthful words…

Ashley sauntered back over to the laundry basket and spread her legs again, knowing that her mom’s eyes were glued to her sexy naked teenage body all the while.

“Now mom, you have a decision to make. You can either ignore everything I just said about your deep-seeded hatred for Timmy, despite your knowing it to be true, and tell your husband the truth about everything and risk breaking up the near-perfect family that I’ve worked so hard to create for myself, and for us, OR you could help your one true and ONLY child turn this NEARLY perfect family into the ABSOLUTELY perfect one that we’re entitled to, by helping to ELIMINATE the one pathetic little blemish that ruins our lives with its very existence!”

With that, she began pissing on the sheets again.

And after a long moment, the single stream of piss became two.

Mother and daughter engaged in a sensual, full-mouthed kiss while fingering each other and aiming the other’s piss-stream all over the fabric.

Ashley broke away and laughed, “I’d love to see the little shit try and talk his way out of this one! With both of us saying that we saw him pissing on the laundry, there’s no way his dad will ever believe him! I hope the little cry-baby is up in the bathroom bawling his little eyes out; I can’t wait till he shows up for his punishment!”

Susana suddenly turned to the still-running dryer, remembering the reason why she had come inside in the first place, and then smiled.

“Oh honey, you are going to /LOVE/ this…”


“What in the HELL happened to you?!”

Henry glared down at his young son’s naked body, which was covered in blisters and rashes, with the skin peeling off in some places. His hair stood up in all directions like a porcupine and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked an absolute mess, almost like some kind of mutated monster. The father didn’t even notice the smiling faces of his wife and step-daughter.

“We had to scrub him extra hard,” explained his wife. “But I think the rashes must have been caused by his soiled diaper. Who knows what disgusting diseases he’s inflicted on himself?”

“It’s not true dad!” he croaked, “They-they did it! She dumped me in the w-washer and I almost drowned, and then she threw me into the dryer and-”


The boy went flying across the room. The giggles from his step-mom and sister were drowned out by his moans of pain.

“I have had ENOUGH of your LIES!!” yelled Henry, who was massaging his wrist. “Shit, I probably shouldn’t have touched him if he’s as dirty as you said honey. I probably just made his rash worse by slap-, err, spanking him. I’m sorry honey, I know this all must upset you,” he said, while looking at his wife.

“Oh not at all honey! You were right all along! We’ve tried everything else, even psychologically humiliating him, so physical punishment is the only resort we have left. What kind of a father would you be if you didn’t punish the little brat, oh, umm, I mean, bed-wetter? And besides, maybe the extra pain is just what he needs to realize that we’re done fooling around with him and it’s time he took his superiors, err, elders, seriously. But you don’t worry about touching him; Ashley and I have just the thing…”

Susana held out a wooden hair brush, while Ashley grabbed a tennis racket and then handed Henry her twirling baton from cheerleader practice.

“Uh, you don’t think this a little extreme?”

“Normally I’d agree honey; I’ve never had to resort to these kinds of measures with Ashley. But then again, Ashley isn’t a pathological liar who insists on using her bodily wastes to humiliate and degrade others.”

Ashley had to suppress a chuckle, knowing that in this case, the exact opposite was true.

“Yeah, go ahead dad! Not only will it teach the bed-wetter a lesson, but it’ll make you feel better too, and you’ll get to relieve some of the stress that the little diaper-wearing baby has put us through.”

Henry thought it odd that Susana had not corrected her daughter’s language, but then again, Timmy WAS getting on everybody’s nerves recently. Maybe this was an appropriate punishment.

“Uh, well, I mean, I wouldn’t be doing it /just/ for my own pleasure…”

“Of course not honey! You’d have no reason to feel guilty, or hold back, whatsoever. Here, let Ashley and I start off, just to prove it to you.”

Before he could fight back, Timmy was pinned to the floor with his arms held under the sexy bodies on either side of him, with his small ass held high in the air.

WHAAPP!! Down came his step-sister’s tennis racket.

WHAAAMPP!! His step-mother spanked him her wooden hair-brush.





The two women showed him no mercy and that the hits were becoming brutal. Ashley was hitting him with the tennis racket’s handle, and Susana was starting to periodically turn the brush over and rake his ass with the needle-like bristles instead. Ashley looked like she was even trying to shove the handle of the racket right up his asshole!

But as surprising as that was, what /really/ drew Henry’s attention were the outfits his wife and step-daughter were wearing. He was so overcome by the anger he had focused his son that he had failed to notice until now that his wife was wearing a very tight shirt with a /very/ low v-neck that went down well into the curves of her cleavage, and the hem was short enough that it made the shirts look almost more like a shoulder-strap bikini. And her blue-jean-shorts smothered her ass was so tight, he had to wonder if she had borrowed them from Ashley. Speaking of his step-daughter, since when had she taken to wearing halter tops that looked more like half-bras? And was it just him, or was her cheerleading mini-skirt hiked up much more than normal?

And with every slap and hit they brutalized his poor son with, their breast bounced and jiggled, and their asses seemed to sway further and further outward and facing directly towards him. Suddenly, he noticed that they were both looking at him almost lustfully. He turned a deep crimson as he soon realized that they weren’t just staring at his face, but also his crotch, which had becoming awfully tight against his trousers. Oddly, that seemed to just rile the women up even more, and they each took a provocative pose and held out a hand, inviting him in.

“Come on honey, it’s unfair that us poor, defenseless, women have to waste our energy beating this little cry-baby when there’s a big, strong, handsome man like you around. Then we can use our extra energy for so many other…mmmm…things.”

“Yeah daddy, show us what a brawny, strict, and disciplined father does when he needs to punish a weak, helpless, undeserving son who pissed of his sexy wife and beautiful daughter!”

Before his conscience could stop him, he had already raised up the baton.


The women on either side of him gasped huskily and moved in closer, egging him on.




Tommy’s screams and pleas became louder, but were drowned out when his boisterous laughter joined that of his wife and daughter, as they smothered him in their vast cleavage while still leaving enough room for him to beat down on his son.

“That’s it daddy! Show him that you won’t be pushed around by a worthless little bed-wetting bitch! Show him how a REAL man handles his problems…with violence!”

“Show that so-called son of yours what happens to useless little bed-wetting scaredy-cats who can’t compete with their brawny fathers! Show him what happens to little brats who disrespect their hot moms! Prove to him that we’re stronger than him, better than him, and that we won’t stand for any more his shit!”

“Yes! YES! HELL YEAH!!” screamed Henry as he pounded on his wailing 10-year-old son HARD with the baton! Instead of beating him from the side, he was now using the handle and practically RAMMING it straight up his son’s ass! If his hadn’t have been so young and tight, and the baton so thick, he just might have succeeded in sodomizing the defenseless child.

“Take it you fucking useless bed-wetter; you sorry excuse for a son! I wish you had never been born! If only your religious-nut-case mother had aborted you when I told her to, then I wouldn’t have had to waste all my time taking care of you and pretending like I ever actually loved an inferior little piece or garbage like you! Now take you stupid fucking piss-pig! TAKE IT!”

With the strength of a deranged, lust-driven animal on the verge of orgasm, the father struck one final blow on his innocent little crying son…


…and BUSTED his ass-cheeks open!

Blood flew from Timmy’s ass and speckled his family’s smiling faces, and his father shoved him harshly against the wall. Timmy wailed harder than ever before, but his cries of pain were drowned out from the two laughing women and the sound of his father gasping for breath after experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life. It was only minutes later as his rigid member began to finally go down that he fully realized what he had just done said and done to his own son…and that his wife and daughter had been stroking his dick through his now-stained trousers the entire time.


“H-honey, I’m not so sure about this…”

“It’s the only way. After all, you said so yourself, he /IS/ a toilet.”

Little naked Timmy stood shuddering in the bathroom as the adults casually insulted him. His dad took notice, and was starting to feel guilty about what he had said. He was worried that they might be traumatizing the boy permanently. But Susana didn’t seem to care anymore. It was almost as if she was /enjoying/ torturing her step-son.

“Look I know what I said, but it was the heat of the moment (and the heat of being smothered by you and your daughter’s luscious bodies) and I’m worried that this might not be the best way to correct his behavior.”

Susana gave her husband a stern look. He was surprised, as she had never looked at him with such force before.

“You saw how he soiled that laundry basket filled with OUR linens! And that was after we beat, err, spanked him! He is out of control and I will NOT be disrespected by the likes of /him/.”

“But honey, I don’t know if having him literally sit in the toilet all night long as he wallows in his own filth is sanitary.”

“Pfff, come on baby, he already wallows in his own filth every time he wets the bed. Hell, he slept in a puddle of his own piss in the tub and didn’t even pull the drain! The baby already wears a diaper in public! How much filthier can he possibly be? At least this way we don’t have to clean up after him and his waste will actually go in the toilet where it belongs (along with him)!”

“Actually dad, I think I have a solution that will ensure the little piss-ant doesn’t have the pleasure of wallowing in his own filth!”

Ashley held up a hot-glue gun.

“Umm, I don’t know if-”

“It’s perfect!” shouted Susana merrily. “We’ll FORCE him to go only when WE want to! If he refuses to control his own body, then WE’LL take control of it instead!” She grabbed Timmy harshly by the wrist and dragged him to where his step-sister was warming up the glue-gun with glee.

“But won’t this hurt him?”

“That’s the idea, honey! If we hurt the little brat enough, then maybe he’ll finally understand his place and start showing us the respect we deserve!”

“And if he doesn’t?”


“AHHHHH!!” screamed Timmy as his step-sister glued his piss-slit shut.

“Oh shut up you big baby, it’s just a little dollop! It’s not even like you have much of dick to begin with. I’m surprised you can even feel anything with something that small and pathetic.”

“Oh honey, what are so concerned about?” interrupted his wife as Ashley continued to torture her naked baby step-brother. “Didn’t you have fun when you were beating up the little shit?” she asked and began to stroke his cock through his trousers.

“H-honey, not in front of Ashley! And besides, this isn’t about having fun!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I don’t think Ashley minds watching, do you baby?”

“Hell no! Go for it dad! I know watching this little snot-ball scream definitely gets /ME/ off!”


“Oh calm down dear, you know she’s just /jerking/ you, hehe. And of course it isn’t just about being fun for us. We’re teaching him valuable life lessons that he needs to know if he’s going to become a proper man someday (like that will ever happen).”

“Now to plug up his ASS!!” yelled Ashley with glee as she held up a dildo.

Timmy’s crying eyes went wide in horror.

“H-hey, wait a minute! That’s rape!” shouted Henry.

Susana sighed, “Will you please STOP being such a fucking prude Henry! You enjoyed it when you nearly sodomized his ass with that baton, didn’t you? And besides, it’s not like we’re doing this because we want to, but because we HAVE to! It’s not rape; we’re just being good parents. And so what if we get off a little while we shove a plastic cock up his unwilling ass? He deserves every last once of pain for all the shit he’s put us through, and if we get a little pleasure out of it in the process, then so what? It’s our right as strong adults to FORCE weak little children like him to obey us and do what we want! What good is the little turd if he can’t even do that? His only purpose in life is to OBEY us and BRING US PLEASURE!”

All throughout her speech, Susana skillfully stroked her husband’s hardening cock. The pleasure he felt was so entrancing, he didn’t even notice that she had removed his trousers and he was now in nothing but his boxers. The fact that his busty step-daughter began rubbing against him didn’t help any.

“Come on dad, mom is right! You’ve told the little shit a thousand times now to control his useless little dicky, and he didn’t once listen to you! Do you want your pathetic excuse for a son to wear diapers for the rest of his life? What kind of a strong, handsome, adult man takes shit from a worthless little bed-wetting shit that does nothing but disrespect him and the beautiful women in his family? Give him what he deserves dad! It’s not rape; you’re just helping him. Now help him like a good father should and RAPE…err…RAM his ass!”

Henry took the dildo in his hands, and looked down at his terrified son.

“P-please dad! D-don’t h-hurt me!”

“It’s one of my smallest dildos, I haven’t even used it in years,” whispered his daughter from beside him as she too began stroking his magnificent prick. “It’s not even half the size of yours; the cock of a REAL man. It shouldn’t hurt…much, hehe!”

“N-no dad! P-please! I’ll-/sob/-I’ll be a good boy, I-/sob/-swear!”

Henry’s face suddenly softened and Timmy began to relax somewhat as his father looked back towards Ashley in confusion.

“…And what make you think I give a SHIT about pain he feels?!”

“GAHHHHH!” Timmy cried out as his father swiftly plunged the dildo straight up his ass!

“SHIT YEAH! There’s the MAN I know and love!” laughed his wife.

“YAY DADDY! Show that pathetic excuse for a son that he can never hope to compete with you! Show the fucking faggot bitch who the alpha male is!”

Several inches of the dildo had gone up his son’s ass, but he was having trouble with the last few inches, despite the lube from the copious amounts of blood that his son’s violated asshole was providing. His wife turned their son over and held him down while her husband SHOVED the dildo as far up his 10-year-old ass as it would go.


“Oh shut up you fucking little whiny bitch!”

Susana, with a little wriggling, removed her husband’s boxers and his throbbing erect cock broke free as she stuffed the stained undergarment into the wailing loser’s mouth and the secured it with by tying it in with her own soaked panties. Ashley stood by with the hot glue gun and began sealing the dildo into Timmy’s ass once it was shoved all the way in, making sure to pour as much of the hot wax as she could into any space and opening she could find.

“Let’s see just how waterproof it is!”

Before the hot glue had even cooled, Timmy was hauled up and dropped into the toilet. Ashley quickly bound his hands and tied them to a nearby pipe so he couldn’t move. He looked up through teary eyes to see the three naked adults standing above him, with cruel smiles and faces of animalistic superiority as they eyed their helpless prey. The two women grabbed the alpha male’s erect cock.

“Why don’t you show him how a real man uses a toilet honey?”

The sounds of cruel laughter filled Timmy’s ears as piss streamed onto his face, filling his gagging throat and stinging his crying eyes.


Several days passed, and once the lust-induced adrenaline had worn off, Henry began to feel unsettled. Not that his pathetic son didn’t deserve every bit of punishment dished out to him, but he began to worry how it might affect his mental stability long-term. After all, it was bad enough his puny son was physically inferior, but now he was turning into a fucking vegetable! He hardly ever talked anymore, never made eye-contact, and barely ate his diet of baby food.

They hadn’t chained him to the toilet anymore, but Susana insisted that he sleep outside, in the nude, no matter how wet or cold it got, until he learned to control himself (which he never seemed to be able to do, even when his ass and penis were closed off, oddly enough). He still wore a diaper to school, and returned everyday with new bruises, which Henry was beginning to suspect were more than just diaper rashes. He wanted to ask his son, but they hardly talked now. Timmy acted scared of everyone and to be honest, Henry couldn’t deny the feelings of disgust and revulsion that developed in the pit of his stomach every time he was in the boy’s presence.

Shit, what would the boy’s deceased mother, Henry’s former wife, say if she could see them now?

He needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.


“Honey, I think we need to try a different approach with Timmy. I was thinking maybe it’s time we tried therapy or professional counseling.”

Susana smiled, “Ashley and I were talking about trying out a new idea, and we think we’ve found the perfect solution for getting rid of Timmy…err, I mean, getting rid of the problem of Timmy…oh, uh, sorry, I mean, getting rid of Timmy’s problem.”


“Yes! It’s a bit expensive, but certainly not as much as some useless therapy, and we think it will be much more effective and enjoyable (for us, that is).”

“What is it?”

“Well, we wanted to wait and surprise you, but we ordered a new mattress and it just arrived today!”

“Uh, honey, I don’t really think a new mattress will help, he’ll just wet it like he did his old one.”

“Oh, the mattress isn’t for him to sleep on, it’s for us darling!”

Henry was confused.

“I don’t really see how buying a new mattress for us is going to help solve Timmy’s problem?”

Susana just giggled and led him to their bedroom.

“Come with me and you’ll see.”

Laying on the bed-frame where their old mattress used to be was a large sheet of plastic, with an odd-looking zipper across the base.

“Um, it looks like a sheet of plastic?”

Susana slapped him playfully on the arm.

“It’s a water-mattress silly! It’s just not filled yet.”

Now Henry was /really/ confused.

“I would think that a /water/ mattress would make Timmy’s problem worse, not better?”

Ashley stepped into the room, dragging a naked Timmy behind her.

“Oh, but it’s not a regular water-mattress dad, this one is special! We ordered it all the way from the Middle East, where they know how to take care of pitiful little problem children like Timmy. Just watch!”

She unzipped the plastic mattress and threw Timmy inside before zipping it back up again. Timmy struggled to try and break free, but the transparent plastic only stretched and wouldn’t break.

“Haha! Struggle all you want, you little turd; it can only be opened from the outside!”

“What are you doing?!” shouted Henry. “He won’t be able to breathe in there!”

“Oh, stop being such a worry-wart. There’s a raised hole on top to let air in, see? Not that he’ll be needing it for long!”

“What do you mean?!”

Ashley dragged a large tank on wheels in from the hallway, with a large hose attached to the bottom. She took the end of the hose and attached to the hole on the water-mattress, and then flipped a switch on the side. The contents of the tank began emptying into the mattress, filling it up!

“But Timmy’s still in there!”

“That’s the whole idea darling.”

Henry turned around to see that his wife and step-daughter had stripped down into nothing except identical, two-piece, black string-bikinis and matching high heels. Both of the women struck sexy poses and pushed out their ample bosoms, with their hard nipples poking through the fabric.

“W-what’s going on?”

Both of the sexy goddesses…or perhaps they were succubus…giggled and began stripping him out of clothes. Henry was so confused, he barely resisted (except for when they had to wiggle his boxers off of his erect cock).

“But-ohhh-but, uh, Timmy-?”

“Is getting what he deserves,” whispered his wife huskily as she pressed her D-cup tits against his side and began stroking his cock. “Now he gets to know how a mattress feels when he soils it with his disgusting waste. It’s no different than we forced him to be our toilet. It’s a good learning experience; we’re being good parents; you’re being a good father. You’re only doing what’s necessary and what should have been done all along. See our new mattress filling up?”

“That…that isn’t water, is it?”

“Nope, hehe!” giggled Ashley, who also began to massage her step-father’s cock. “Most of it is waste-water from the sewer, but mom and I added our own special touches; there’s piss and shit and even blood from our periods in there! We haven’t used the toilet since the night we used Timmy; all of our bodily waste has been going in the tank just for this momentous occasion. And we’re not the only ones; Timmy’s teachers and classmates helped out too! Even his so-called “friends” couldn’t resist when we told them where it would end up!”

“Of course, it helped that you sucked off the cocks and cunts of anyone who agreed to make a “donation,” right?” laughed her mother.

“Why mom, you make it sound like a chore!” laughed Ashley.

“He’s…drowning in shit?” asked Henry. “You’re killing him?!”

“Oh no darling, Ashley and I aren’t going to kill him…” Susana smirked as the mattress filled to capacity and Timmy feebly struggled and punched against the sides for air. “…we’ve saved that honor for YOU!! HAHAHA!”


As the tank emptied the last of its contents, Ashley detached the hose from the raised hole, and Timmy half-crawled and half-swam to the only available pocket of air left, placing his shit-stained mouth under the hole to breathe.

“Oh, isn’t that sweet?” crooned Susana. “He’s opening his little toilet-mouth just for you honey! How nice that in the last moments of his pathetic and otherwise useless life, he finally decides to show his father the respect and obedience that real man like you deserves.”

“You can’t be serious?! I mean, I can’t just-”

“Oh come on Henry, BE A MAN!” shouted Susana. “Prove your dominance over those weaker than you! You have two beautiful, sexy, women- a mother and her teenage daughter no less-ready and willing to WORSHIP your body, your cock, and all you have to win us over is PROVE what kind of a MAN you really are! REAL men are NOT pathetic little cry-babies like you son! REAL men use pathetic little cry-babies like your son for their own violent pleasure!”

“But he’s MY son!”

“All the more reason to KILL HIM! Think of what an embarrassment the little shit has been to you! Think of what a disappointment he’s been! He’s never given you the respect you deserve! A stupid little worm like him should grovel at his father’s feet, begging to be used and enslaved by him for graciously allowing a pathetic little creature like himself to even exist! And yet all he’s ever done is leech off of you because he knows deep down that he isn’t worthy of you and that you could never really love him at all, much less like you would a REAL son. Don’t you see? He’s TRICKED you into acting like you actually love him! But now you can show him that you’re not the weak, gullible, man he’s made you out to be. Prove to your sexy wife and daughter, and to REAL women everywhere, that you’re a REAL man and that you will KILL those who are inferior to you and have the AUDACITY of trying to gain your love; a love he has NEVER deserved; a love that belongs solely to your wife and daughter, your ONLY REAL FAMILY!”

“That…can’t be true…can it?”

“Now daddy, you have a very simple decision to make,” said his daughter, who was determined to corrupt him in the same way she did her mother, “You can either ignore everything we just said, ignore the truth, ignore the fact that your body, and your cock, knows we’re right, and you can walk away from our sexy bodies and break up our nearly-perfect family and ruin the lives of your beautiful wife and daughter, all for the sake of saving a disgusting, weak, little excuse of a male who should never have been born, OR…”

The sexy teenage daughter leaned over the bed, her D-cup tits pressing against the plastic and teasing her half-drowned little step-brother, while her string-bikini clad ass rose high into the air to tease her horny father.


Henry gasped, and his cock nearly spurted.

His wife, daughter, and trapped son all waited with baited breath for his next move…


Henry smacked his daughter off the bed and forcefully shoved his wife aside.

“MOVE YOU EVIL MANIPULATIVE BITCH!” he yelled at his step-daughter.

Timmy breathed a sigh of relief through the hole. Susana stood back in horror. Ashley felt like crying; her plan had failed.

Then Henry harshly grabbed her…and smiled.

“Move that EVIL FUCKING ASS over to that air hole so I can FUCK YOU the second I’m done DROWNING THAT MISTAKE OF A SON WITH MY PISS!!” he hissed.

Ashley let out a squeal of relief and then French-kissed her daddy on the mouth before crawling up on the mattress and wiggling her sexy ass over the air hole.

Susana clapped and let out a cheer of approval before joining her wicked daughter and evil husband.

Timmy’s gargled pleas for mercy were ignored as his father slid his rigid cock-pole in between his daughter’s ass-cheeks and down into the air hole, his wife licking and stroking it and kissing her daughter’s ass-cheeks in reverence for the sinfully heinous acts they were about to commit. The father’s cock reached all the way down into his 10-year-old son’s small mouth, hitting the back of his throat and forcing his son to fight his own gag reflex in an effort to stay alive. Timmy’s tongue tried desperately to force the powerful rod of choking flesh out, but his desperate ministrations only got his father off even more.

“Don’t worry Timmy,” his father taunted maliciously, “Daddy’s home!”

Henry released his most powerful stream of urine ever and blasted the back of Timmy’s throat! He tried desperately to swallow it down, but there was so much of it, and his gag reflex just kept vomiting it back up. Still, he was valiantly succeeding in choking in enough air to keep his lungs from completely flooding…until two more streams of piss were added to the first.

“Oh, is my little baby still thirsty!” mocked Susana. “Don’t worry! After all, what kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t give my own step-son all the nourishing juices a growing boy like him needs? Hahaha!”

“The family that plays together, pisses together, right little bro?” laughed Ashley.

“I’ve always secretly hated you /son,/” sneered Henry. “In fact, the only thing I think I hate more than having a son who’s only worth in life is a living child-toilet…is having a child-toilet that overflows!”

All three demon-hearted sadists laughed and applauded as their collective piss finally flooded over the air hole, the last bubbles of air exhaled from the innocent, defenseless, dying boy rising up just as his cruel and uncaring sister closed the small hatch.

“Let’s see if you can fuck me to orgasm before the little turd losses consciousness for the last time!” yelled Ashley.

Her evil step-father wasted no time in tearing off his daughter’s bikini and ramming his piss-stained cock straight into her warm, tight, sinful cunt!

“Oh shit yeah daddy! Ummph! Fuck me harder! Oh! This is how a REAL FAMILY should be! Just-umph-sexy adults-ugh!-doing whatever the Hell they want-agh-without any pathetic little snot-nosed brats to get in the way! Ohhh, shit yeah! Fuck me! Fuck your daughter! Ummph! Show your pathetic excuse for a son-ummph-that when it comes to winning a father’s love-ugh!-beautiful, sexy, women like me will always win out over weak little cry-babies-umph-like him! Show him that when it comes to relations, SEXUAL ones will ALWAYS WIN out over pathetic parental-agh-ones! SHIT YEAH!”

“FUCK YES! You and your mother are the only family I ever /really/ wanted! Why would I need a weak little bed-wetting shit like him when I could have a greedy, wicked, sexy daughter like you instead! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”

Ashley looked down into the sewage-obscured face of the slowly dying, now-literally turd of a brother below her, and knew that she had won. Before he died though, she had one last humiliation to put him through; it was time to lay all the cards on the table.

“You know what the best part is, dad? Umph! That little loser may have been a pitiful sissy of a son-ugh-but he was NEVER really a bed-wetter! Ugh! It was ME all along! I was the one who wet his bed! Augh! Timmy was innocent-umph-the whole time! You were beating the shit out of him-mmm yeah!-for all the nasty things that I did instead!”

“HA! I knew it! I just knew all along that something didn’t seem quite right! You wicked little fucker, you! You had this all planned out from the beginning didn’t you?”

“Shit YES! But it wasn’t just me, mom helped too, you know!”

Henry looked over at Susana’s amused face and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

“So you don’t mind that all this time our daughter was the disrespectful, conniving, hateful, little bed-wetting piss-ant who soiled all our good sheets? You’re not going to punish her like you did with your pitiful EX-son?”

Henry, never once stopping in his brutal fucking, gave his daughter an affectionate smile.

“Honey, so long as our daughter has a beautiful and sexy body the only punishment she’ll ever receive for her evil deeds will be the POUNDING my DICK gives her tight PUSSY!” He engaged his daughter in a nasty lover’s kiss! It was enough to send them both over the edge.



The two the collapsed into each other’s arms, cuddling and kissing lovingly. It was so beautiful that Susana shed tears of joy. Finally, her family was complete.

Just inches below her, separated only by a thin sheet of plastic, little Timmy also cried, his tears of sorrow and pain and betrayal mixing in with the foul human waste around him. His father knew the truth; he knew that Timmy was completely innocent; he knew that he was a good little boy who only wanted to be loved; and still his father betrayed him because he was nothing more than a weak little child that was in the way of the strong adults’ vision of an ideal family; a family without him.

And as little Timmy’s abused brain finally lost the battle with death, he realized that without him there to annoy them any longer, they really were a /perfect/ family.


“OH FUCK, I LOOOVEE THIS NEW MATTRESS!!” screamed Susana as her husband fucked her from behind while her daughter mauled her huge tits. “Who would’ve ever guessed that having a water-bed would be so much fucking fun!”

All three of the sexy sadists laughed.

“You know mom, I’ve been thinking, just because our family is finally perfect, that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be just the three of us,” Ashley winked.

Her mother’s smile broadened once she realized what her daughter meant.

“FUCK YEAH! Fuck a baby into me Henry! Get me PREGNANT! Your son’s death will make room for our NEW CHILD! A child of who will be stronger and superior to your last pathetic mistake! He’ll be a child born of sin and conceived literally on top of the grave of his inferior and weak half-brother! Pump your sperm into my womb and IMPREGNATE ME!”

“Hurry up and do it daddy! Give me a REAL brother or sister I can be PROUD of; not a worthless weakling like your EX-son Timmy was! FUCKING HELL, why don’t you give /ME/ a son or daughter of my own that I can be proud of too! That’s it; I’m going off the fucking pill! I want your fucking baby-batter in my teenage womb!”

“Oh that’s a-umph!-wonderful idea honey! We can give birth together! Oh! I’ll be giving birth to your little brother or sister while you-ugh!-give me my first grandchild! I LOVE IT!”

“SHIT YEAH!” screamed Henry as he pounded his wife even harder, in full agreement with their immoral plans.

“Our babies will turn out to be better than your corpse-of-a-son could ever dream of being!” yelled Ashley.

“And if, by some-umph-chance they aren’t?”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Hey, I’ve always wanted a water-bed of my very own.”

Everyone burst out into laughter once more.

“Ha! I don’t think you’ll have to worry much about that though. I’m sure our babies will be strong and beautiful, just like their mommies!” proclaimed Henry, which earned sighs of affection from the women. “You’re /much/ more of a woman than my ex-wife was; both of you are! Gawd, am I ever glad that the bitch died in that fucking accident!”

This time, Susana and Ashley laughed so hard that Henry nearly stopped fucking.

“What’s so funny?”

“Hehe! Oh honey-ha!-if you liked knowing what our sexy daughter did to your pathetic excuse for a son-hehehe-then you’re going to LOOOVE this! HAHAHAHA….!!

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