Mother's Instinct
by Merlyn



Mary, put down everything you are doing and come over right now.”

Oh, hi, Megan. What’s up? What is so important?”

You’ll see. Are you still lactating?”

Lactating? Yes, you know you wonderful tit sucker. I wonder if it’ll ever stop. Bobby is on solid food now.”

Well, I have a surprise for you that I think you’ll enjoy.”

Oh, well then, I’ll be over. Let me freshen up at bit for you.”

Megan opened the door to Mary’s knock. Mary looked fabulous as usual. Her long red hair spilled across her face as she stepped in. “Come in at sit down. I’ll get you a drink and bring you the surprise.”

Megan set Mary’s drink on the table and lit a cigarette and offered one to her best friend and lover. Mary lit the Virginia Slim with the fireplace lighter on the coffee table. “Well, where is the surprise?”

Mary watched her friend’s shapely form as Megan strode from the room. Then she gasped as Megan returned with a wiggling bundle. Megan laughed a smoky laugh and said, “I think somebody is hungry, mommy.”

Mary reached for the infant. “Where…who… why…” she spluttered.

Just don’t worry about that for now. He is all ours, free and clear.”

Ours?” Mary asked as she held the cigarette in her red lips as she undid her blouse. When she lifted the infant to her already leaking nipple and felt him start to nurse, she let out a smoke filled sigh. “What do you mean, ours?”

Ours,” Megan laughed again, “to do with as we please. Anything we please.”


Anything, Mary. I’m not planning on adopting the little bastard. I though you might want to play out some of your frustrations from raising that little crying machine Bobby.”

Anything? Oh, Megan, I’m getting wet thinking bad thoughts. You don’t know what I would do if I was free to do it.”

Well, if those thoughts are anything like mine, the little bastard won’t live to see the evening.”

Really?” Mary laughed, and the baby suddenly wailed.

What was …” and then Megan saw cigarette ash on the child’s pink cheek. Mary smiled and held the baby close to her swollen breasts, then took a hard drag on her cigarette. She lowered the red hot tipped cigarette to the baby’s face again and pressed it gently to the already burnt cheek.

Megan watched as the child squirmed beneath Mary’s beautiful breasts. Smoke rose from the boy’s burning cheek and writhed past Mary’s red nipples. His screaming was beautiful and Megan’s pussy felt like it was melting.

Get naked, girl,” Mary said, dumping the child on the couch, and stripping off her blouse and jeans. Her panties looked wet already.

Megan stripped, too, and they both stood naked, fingering their pussies as they looked at the yelling infant. Megan moved first and straddled the boy’s face and lowered herself gently onto it. “Make him scream, Mary. This ought to be good.”

Mary lit another cigarette and played its burning tip over and over on the boy’s bud like genitals. “Poor little Bobby. Did Mommy hurt your weewee? Here dear, let me burn that little ball sack to match.” Mary’s cigarette quickly turned the boy’s penis and scrotum into an ash covered smoking horror.

Megan moaned as the child’s screams were muffled against her clitoris. “Mary, I knew, you were frustrated, but, wow… go Mommy. Say, you get up here, and let me have some fun.”

The two traded places, giggling as they briefly pressed their tits together in a hug. “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Mary blurted as she lowered herself onto their screaming victim.

And I can’t believe it is so much fun. But then, you’ve had all the fun. Let me get started. “ Megan picked up the long lighter from the table and adjusted it to a full two inch flame. She grasped the boy’s feet in one hand and proceeded to burn his already blistered penis. The little nub smoked and blackened as Megan laughed. As she turned her attention to his scrotum, Mary bucked in her first orgasm of the day.

This is great. I want to burn him all over,” Megan said as she laid back on the couch.

Yeah, and don’t you have a little plastic vibrator?” Mary asked as she stood from her pleasure, strands of her pussy juice dripping onto her “Bobby’s” face. When Megan nodded as she lit a cigarette, Mary said, “I want to take out the batteries and fill it with cotton balls and lighter fluid.”

And shove it up his ass! Oh, Mary. You’re such a thoughtful mother. Hahaha.”

Yeah, I couldn’t help but call him Bobby. It gets me so hot. I’ll want to do this to the real Bobby when I get home.”

No, you can’t do that. But as his mother you do have so really, really exciting options.”

Like what, evil Aunt Megan.”

Well, of course you can seduce him. But I think you would enjoy in addition dominating him and turning him into your little boy/girl sex slave.

Oh my god!” You are going to make me cum again!”

Think of it, Mary. With the right hormone mix and Viagra, you’d have a preteen boy with budding breasts and a constant hard-on for mommy. And with proper butt plug training, by the time he is fifteen, he’ll have full tits, a big dick, and an ass that mommy’s dildo has mutilated. But we can plan that latter. We’ve got a baby boy to torture to death.” Megan leaned down and crushed out her cigarette in the boy’s eye.

The child screeched as Megan’s crushed cigarette smoldered in its human ashtray. “I’ll get the dildo, cotton balls and lighter fluid.” Megan stood and said to Mary, “Isn’t this great?”

Oh my god, my tits are just flowing with milk,” said Mary. “This is just making me need more suckling. Get to it, girl. I want to cum some more before I go home to feed Bobby.”

Megan returned with the six-inch vibrator. “ I took out the batteries and put in cotton balls soaked in lighter fluid. You want to shove it up his ass?”

Not his ass, silly. I want to put it in his mouth so that I can see his face burn.”

Megan smeared more fluid on the pink dildo and Mary shoved the penis into the baby’s mouth. They strapped the child to a chair and lit the 3 inches of the dildo still protruding from the boy’s lips.

Mary lit a cigarette and turned the flame to the vibrator. The fluid instantly caught flame and then the plastic case of the dildo caught in dark red flame. Mary and Megan stood back and enjoyed the child’s horrific sufferings. The burning melting plastic soon flared and the boy’s face blackened, blistered, and seemed to melt.

Ha ha ha, “ Megan laughed, “look at his little nose. Poor baby.”

Mary fingered her pussy and the boy’s hair flared up. She squeezed her milk filled breasts just as the lighter fluid core erupted. So as Mary soothed her aching tits and let her mother’s milk ooze, her pussy juices dripped down her thighs. She so enjoyed the pains she was causing.

Look, Mary, through the flames you can see his lips are gone. Oh my god, so are his eyelids. Oh this is so good.”

Megan, I’m afraid he is loosing his binky,” Mary pointed to the drooping flaming dildo.

Megan laughed. “We’ll fix that.” And sprayed lighter fluid into the already burning face of the boy. The child’s head ignited like the head of a match just as the dildo fell, allowing him to screech and scream his final seconds agony for the pleasure of two laughing sadistic women.

I don’t know,” said Mary later. “That was so good, Bobby had better become a really good Mommy pleaser or I’ll want to burn him to death sooner than later.”

Oh, he will. Just think of it. He’ll be licking your pussy in a year or so. You can play with him like a little boy/girl doll. We can get hormones to make both his dick and tits grow, as long as you don’t care if he survives his mid teens. He is going to be a lot of fun, And when he finally can’t produce a good hard-on, we can burn him to death then.”

Mary smiled.. “I can’t wait to fuck him with a strap-on. Oh, Bobby is going to experience all kinds of mother love.”

Copyright 2012. Merlyn. All rights Reserved