Mother's Baby
By Gideon

The only man in Amanda's life was her son Daniel.

Amanda's husband had divorced her when Danny was just a baby, leaving her for his secretary. Amanda vowed from that day forward that she would never allow her son to leave her too. No matter what, they would stay together forever.

Amanda made sure that they were never apart. She home-schooled Danny, never letting him meet anyone else unless she was around. When he grew up, he could have chosen any college he wanted but Amanda demanded that he go to a college near their home so that they could stay together. She would even drive him to campus and attend classes with him. It was incredibly rare for them to be more than a few feet apart.

But there were things that threatened to take Amanda's beloved son away from her. Girls.

The incident had happened when Danny was twelve. Amanda had driven home after grocery shopping only to find Danny in the living room making out with Katie, the daughter of their neighbors. Katie's hand was down his pants.

"Mom!" Danny shouted, startled. Amanda stood motionless, staring off into space.

"Mom?" said Danny, as his mother refused to move or speak.

"M-Mrs. Smith?" Katie squeaked nervously.

Amanda did not hear either of them. Her mind was rerunning the scene twelve years ago when she walked into her husband's office only to find his bitch of a secretary bent over her desk, her husband fucking her up the ass.

Something inside her snapped. Her face contorted in rage, she shrieked at Katie, "GET OUT! GET OUT YOU FUCKING BITCH!" She grabbed the frightened girl, pulled her to the open door and, quite literally, threw her out of the house. The skidding girl left streaks of blood on their driveway. "STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!" She slammed the door.

Danny stammered, "Mom, I…"

Amanda smiled sweetly, not a trace of her previous anger on her face. "Don't worry dear, I'm not mad at you. Tell me, what did Katie do for you?"

"She…played with my dick."

"How?" asked Amanda. When Danny demonstrated Katie's attempt at pleasuring him, Amanda laughed derisively.

"Just what I'd expect from an inexperienced little child. Pull down your pants, son, and I'll show you how a REAL woman pleasures her man." Amanda knelt before her son.

The young boy lowered his pants, freeing a huge erection. The cock stared Amanda in the face, dribbling white. Amanda rubbed it across her face, leaving a streak of clear precum before wrapping her lips around it. Her mouth stroked her son's mighty shaft, milking more and more semen from his balls.

"Oh, Mommy!" Danny moaned. "It feels so good. I love you so much, Mommy. I-I'm gonna cum soon…"

Amanda took her mouth off her son's dick.

Tears in his eyes, Danny pleaded, "Don't stop, Mom. PLEASE don't stop! I need to cum so bad."

"Promise me you'll never talk to Katie or any other girl ever again."

"I promise!" Danny answered instantly.

"Good. You don't need her. We don't need anyone else. Mommy is all you'll ever need, understand?" She teased his balls, bringing him closer to the edge without letting him pass over.

"Yes! YES!" Danny said, eager to cum. He would give his mother anything for this orgasm.

"Good boy." Amanda returned her son's sensitive cock to her mouth. At the slightest touch of her lips, Danny's dick spurted like a hose, huge streams of semen splattering against the back of Amanda's throat and running down into her stomach. Amanda bobbed her head back and forth viciously, desperate to milk out all the incestuous semen she could.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of his climax, Danny collapsed on the ground and passed out. Amanda cuddled with her unconscious child on the living room floor, smiling in satisfaction. He was truly hers now and nothing could tear them apart.

Over the years, other boys would taunt Danny as a "momma's boy" but he didn't care. How many of those boys got sucked and fucked every day by beautiful older women?

For years, mother and son lived together blissfully, nothing and no one able to come between them. But all that changed in Danny's fourth year of college.

"You have a WHAT?!" Amanda screeched.

"A girlfriend," Danny said, struggling to stay calm. He hadn't seen that look of demented rage on his mother's face since she first caught him with Katie. "And more than just a girlfriend. A fianc?e. I'm moving out and we're getting married."

He said more, but Amanda didn't hear it. Instead she saw her ex-husband and his secretary in their beautiful house on some tropical island, married and raising their own family. "No," she whispered. "No, no, no, NO!" She stormed into her room and slammed the door.

Shut up in her room, Amanda devoted herself to finding a way to keep her son from leaving her. She turned on her television, hoping that some helpful report would come on. She also turned on her computer, desperately searching for sites that might help.

By pure accident, she found what she was looking for. "Oh Danny, Mommy will be with you forever."


Danny was stirred from his sleep as he felt his mattress shake. Struggling, he opened his eyes and saw his mother climbing into bed beside him.

"Mom, you can't..."

"Shh, baby. Shh." Amanda ran her hand gently over her son's crotch.

"No, Mom." Danny protested even as he arched his back in pleasure. "You can't. I have a girlfriend now." He threw off his covers only to be shocked by what he found.

An umbilical cord stretched from his navel up into his mother's vagina.

"What the hell is this?" Danny shouted. Even as he spoke, he heard his voice getting higher. His mother seemed to grow as he shrunk.

"Don't worry, son. It'll all be over soon. You'll be back inside Mommy forever, where you belong."

"What's going on?" asked a Danny who looked no older than eight years old.

"It's called Unbirthing. You'll be turned back into a baby and returned to your Mommy's womb." Amanda smiled blissfully at the thought.

"Then I come back out in nine months, right? RIGHT?!" shouted a six year old Danny.

Amanda smiled radiantly. "That's the best part. You don't have to come out ever again. You'll reside inside me until the day I die."

"Noooooo…" Danny shouted until he became too young to use his vocal cords.

"It's time," said Amanda. She picked up her struggling son and placed his head at the entrance of her birth canal. She pressed his head gently against her vagina, moaning as he brushed her clit. She slowly began pushing him in, moaning in pleasure as her vagina contracted around her son's body. It felt like the biggest, knobbiest cock she'd ever taken. Danny braced his arms against the outside of his mother's cunt, trying to resist, but he was easily sucked in. His struggles only enhanced his mother's screams of pleasure.

Amanda watched the bulge reach her belly as her son re-emerged in his new watery prison. She felt her son kicking and struggling inside.

"Mmmm, ohhh," she mewled. Amanda ran one hand over her huge pregnant belly while masturbating with another. "Don't stop, baby! You make Mommy feel so good, so fucking good! I'm….I'M GONNA CUMMM!!!" She thrashed about as she hit her orgasm. "OH GODDAMMIT I'M CUMMIN'!!!"

She slumped back on her son's bed, caressing the nine-month pregnancy that she'd have for the rest of her life.

"Mine," she whispered. "Forever mine."

Copyright 2008. Gideon