by Polaris

Chapter 1

5 year old Peter hid underneath his bed, with all lights in the room turned off. He hoped that they wouldn't find him this time. Whenever his mother was gone, and his 15 year old sister, June, and her friend Becka were there, it always meant bad things for him. He shuddered as he listened to their excited muffled talking in the other room. It wasn't long before the talking rapidly got closer and closer. The sharp sound of the doorknob turning caused the hair on the back of Peter's head to stand up, as his sister flipped on the light.

"Come on, Peter. It's time again," June called out. Both girls were completely naked, as they wanted to begin as soon as possible, even though they had plenty of time to spare. June and Peter's father had died one year prior. In addition, their mother had cancer, and had been struggling with treatment for over 9 years now. With no husband and insurance costs rising day by day, June's mother had to work tirelessly and scrimp and save just to make the payments to keep herself alive and her family provided for. Thus, for many an hour each day, Peter was left in the hands of his older sibling.

"Come on out, Petey," Becka chimed in as she started looking in the closet.

June knelt down and peeked underneath the box-spring. "Oup, found him!" June began snaking under the bed, swiping at her little brother's loose clothing. Peter wanted to scream "no!" but he was too frightened for the words to come out. He quickly began wiggling his way out from the lower end of the bed to escape. Becka, rather than grabbing him at that moment, waited for the child to get on his feet, and then quickly extended her foot to trip him. Peter stumbled and slammed his forehead into the corner of the door. The little boy then grabbed his injured forehead and began bawling. The two girls then dragged him into June's room in front of her full-length mirror.

Unsympathetic to his cries, Becka excitedly moved over to pull off Peter's shoes and socks, and then yanked down his pants and undies, while June roughly pulled the boy's T-shirt over his head, covering his entire face. The horny sister then happily took some cloth and forcefully began tying her little brother's hands behind his back, flexing her eager sphincter at a pace of about once per second, as if she were getting it warmed up.

The experience was a nightmare for young Peter, and one that he had relived several times prior. The pain was too much. He was terrified that it was all happening again. With her brother stripped, bound and blinded now, June laid down on her stomach, reached back and spread her asscheeks wide. "Ok, get that little fucker in here," June commanded, smiling wickedly.

"No! No! Please June! No! Please! No!" Peter pleaded to his older sibling; his head struggling against the T-Shirt that was still wrapped around it. Becka gave the 5 year old a hard punch in the stomach, just for kicks. She then grabbed his little cocklet with her left hand, and forcefully began yanking and pulling his scrotum down with her right, in preparation.

Peter's heart began beating faster. 'Please someone help me!' he thought. 'Please don't let them do this! Please!'

Becka wanted to keep stretching and pulling his little bag, but knew that her friend was getting impatient. She brought him over to her buddy's buttcheeks and forced him down so that his legs straddled June's crack vertically. She then grabbed onto his little dicklet once more and, using her other hand, slowly but firmly began pushing his testicles, one after the other, into June's ass. Lubrication, as with any insertion, would have made things go quicker, but June didn't want to risk the balls slipping out at any point. Peter continued to flail and resist, but it did little good against the strength of the teenage girl. June could feel his balls being pushed into her ass, and all ten toes clenched the moment she sensed they were in the right spot. Unable to hold out for one microsecond longer, willfully squeezed her sphincter muscles around his balls.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahaha!" Peter screamed from the pain.

June took a deep breath, and then gave another long, hard clench. Becka's cunt juices were already dribbling out. "Squeeze him harder!" she yelled, as she brutally spanked her friend's creamy white ass cheeks. She then clutched onto the cheeks with both of her hands and forcefully pushed them towards each other, hoping to put as much pressure on the little boy's balls as humanly possible.

"June please stop! Gyahahaaahaa! It hurts. It hur-hurts!!" the boy wailed.

"I know it does, Peter. Hurrrgh!" June grunted, giving him another powerful clench. "But I don't care. I just want my pussy and asshole to feel great!" And she meant those words. To her, it was an added benefit knowing that her filthy, horny body parts were destroying that of his; her own flesh and blood, no less! Big sisters were supposed to protect and care for their little brothers, not ruin their chances for sexual pleasure and destroying any and all hopes of them ever conceiving a child. She closed her eyes and squeezed as tight as she could, praying that her ass would be strong enough to pop at least one of his balls. But all she got in return were more high pitched screams, which certainly wasn't a bad consolation prize by any means.

"Uuuuugghhh, you little shit!" June cried out. "Hearing you scream just makes me want to hurt you more!"

Becka stood up and yanked the inside-out collar of the boy's shirt over his head, so that it was now stretched back behind his neck. She the slammed her butt into Peter's crying face. "Eat my ass, you little fucker! I want to feel your tears running down my ass-cheeks, hahaha."

June had become addicted to this activity after the first time she'd had anal sex. It had been a long, intense ramming up the ass, with the teenage girl clenching her shit-hole ring as hard as she could all throughout. When she and her male fuck-buddy finally climaxed and pulled away from each other, she saw that her asshole had actually left an imprint on his cock shaft. The image of what she had done was burned into her mind and from that moment after, she had an unwavering drive to start exercising her asshole and make it stronger. One of the easiest ways to test out the strength of her anus was to use her little brother as a guinea pig. The idea popped in her head that she could gauge how strong her shitter had become by using it to squeeze his little testicles. The louder he would shriek, the stronger her asshole had become. That was the plan initially, anyways. The first time she was crushing his little hairless ballsack, she quickly found his agonizing screams were making her pussy explode like a geyser. And so, rather than solely for testing, she regularly began torturing her brother for fun and to get her rocks off.

June's horny friend Becka, who had helped her out on that first day, became indescribably hot watching her friend torture her little brother like that, and instantaneously developed a sadistic streak that she never knew she had, but was so very grateful to have awakened.

"Crush him harder, god dammit!" as her frustrated cunt drove her to pound June's naked back hard with her fist, which in turn made the sibling give her asshole another sharp squeeze. She then looked into the mirror in front of her and creamed at the site of brother's flailing body as he was getting a face-full of her best friend's ass.

June thought for a second about the other girls in her class who, at that moment, were busy with cheerleading practice and other activities. She was never into that school spirit/extra-curricular shit, but whatever her classmates were doing, she found it hard to believe that it could be more fun than what she was doing at that moment.

June squeezed and squeezed, over and over, until she sensed she was nearing the end. "Ok, Beck! This is the big one!"

That was Becka's cue. She turned around and gave Peter a full strength slap across his crying face for fun, and then shoved her arms up underneath his.

"I got'm," Becka declared.

At that moment, June gave one last mighty clench, using all the remaining strength in her ass, while Becka used all she had in her upper-body to pull Peter out; as if they were using his body for tug-of-war. The intensity of the boy's horrible screams, the two girls found, was so thrilling that it actually helped them sustain their stamina.

Finally, screaming loudly with pleasure, June's pussy exploded one last time and her asshole released. Becka lifted Peter from her body, nearly tripping backwards, and then carelessly dropped him on the floor. His screaming face was beat red, and snot was running out of his nose.

"Woah, shit! Check out what you did, June!" Becka said with enthusiasm. June slowly turned around on the floor, with her hand still rubbing the stickiness that was between her legs all around. Peter's scrotum hung nearly an inch lower than before, and was very misshapen. Becka fondled and pinched the damaged testicles. She then gave a swift and hard karate chop to Peter's Adam's apple, just in case he still had enough energy left to resist. As he choked and gasped for air, she moved her lips down to his genitals, and then began taking tiny bites out of his little cock-head with her teeth.

'Hmmm, so close!' June thought as she continued thrusting her hand in and out of her tightly formed 'Y'.

* * *

The following day.

June hopped onto her bike and began pedaling home, as she did every day after school. Along the way, her eye caught the site of one of her schoolmates, Derek, a senior, washing his car, with his shirt off. Stopping the bike in the middle of the street for a moment, she admired the wet, rippling muscles that covered his shoulders and back as he sprayed the hose over his vehicle. Derek was the star quarterback for the school's football team. He was rumored to be using steroids, which he flat-out denied. The school took his side in the matter, as it had been a couple of decades since they had won the championship, and they didn't want to have it slip through their fingers again this year.

Dropping her bike in the grass, June made her way over to the boy. "Hey, Derek."

The teen turned around. "Oh, hey. June, right?"

June smiled and nodded. That was enough formality for her. She wasted no time wrapping one arm around his abdomen and sliding the other hand down to the bulge in his shorts.

"What say you take a little break and we climb into your truck? I have something I want to ask your cock, and then a question for you, afterward..." she said, shooting a wanton expression at him.

* * *

Pedaling home once more, June ran her index finger across the splattered cum dripping off her face and shoved it into her mouth. She especially wanted to get the globs stuck in her hair before it dried and had to be rinsed out. Derek had admitted that he used steroids, and more importantly where he was able to get them. He gave her the address of a small clinic downtown. The doctor there had lots of drugs, and had no qualms about selling them to underage customers. He also said that the stuff that produced the most immediate results was about $1,000, but was very long lasting.

June knew exactly where to get the money. Upon arriving home, she got into the closet in her mother's bedroom and grabbed the shoebox off of the top shelf. Inside was about $1,700. "Sorry mom! Looks like no chemo for you this month," she giggled to herself as she swiped the entire wad from the box.

Peter breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his older sister hop back onto her bike and leave the premises once again.

* * *

"So, how can I help you?" the female doctor asked, cheerfully.

June was a little unsure of how discreet she should be. She didn't want to be too blunt about it, but didn't want a time-wasting and needlessly embarrassing "beating around the bush" to happen either.

"I'd like some steroids," the teenager said.

"Sure, no problem," replied the doctor. "I've got everything reasonably priced, in regard to strength."

"I want the best stuff you have!" June blurted out. The doctor got up from her seat and began to turn the doorknob leading to the backroom, when the girl stopped her. "But-," she continued, wondering how to word it. She knew she was in the presence of a professional, but she just hated being tact; especially when it meant sterilization of her willfully filthy mouth. "Do you have something that would work just on my ass?"

Intrigued, the doctor smirked and turned around. "Your ass?"

"What I really want," June said as she began standing up, "is something that will make my asshole stronger. And maybe my ass cheeks too." June dropped her pants, turned around and bent over, spreading her ass wide for the doctor. She wasn't quite sure why she did that. It was just a compulsion, perhaps driven by the need to show the doctor just how serious she was. Nevertheless, the female physician knelt down behind her, and without any warning, jammed her middle finger into the teen girl's shitter.

"Can you clench for me please?" requested the woman.

June did as asked. "My! Yours is already quite strong," commented the doctor, as she retracted her digit. "But I think I do have something that can make those muscles even more so. Hold that pose, won't you?"

June chuckled a bit as the woman resumed going into the back room, relieved and delightfully surprised with the near-immediate cooperation. The first thing the doctor did was reach for her 20x ultra zoom camera. She then used it to take several crisp shots of the girl's ass and puffy pussy at various distances.

'Why her ass, specifically...? There's only one sensible reason that I can think of.'

When the doctor had taken a sufficient number of photos, she returned, syringe in hand, and knelt down once more to began doing tiny injections all around June's fuck-pucker. "You're a smart girl to want to take care of your ass like this. Cysts and other nasty things can be very problematic." She then did the same to the inner walls of the girl's ass-cheeks.

"There we are. You're all set," the doctor cheerily declared. "This injection should last a good five weeks, and you should notice results well within 24 hours."

June, filled with naughty excitement, pulled her pants back up and both paid and thanked the doctor. She then began heading towards the door, when the doctor stopped her.

"I wonder... if you have any incriminating intentions planned, for that ass of yours," the doctor said with confidence.

June froze for a moment at that statement, and then turned her head.

* * *

Peter didn't know what to do; how to wake up from his nightmare. Even though his sister was gone for the moment, he was still haunted by the words that she had spoken to him time and time again.

"If you ever tattle to mom on what I've done to you, I will kill her. You know that I can do it, too. And you know what happens after mom's dead, don't you? The law says, that when both parents are dead, all the younger kids become property of their oldest brother or sister. If you tell on me, I'm going to kill mom, and then I'll kill you."

The threat worked quite effectively on Peter's naive, 5 year-old mind. He remembered the times when he almost mustered enough courage to tell his mother, but then saw June's inauspicious gaze from the hallway. She was always lurking around during the brief period that fell between when their mother arrived home from work and when she went to bed. Keeping an ear out, as well as an eye.

Suddenly, Peter heard the front door open. "Hey June!" he heard a voice call out. Becka's voice. He remained motionless, hoping that she would leave, but the creaking of the floorboards only got closer. "Hey, where's your sister?" the 15 year old demanded.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, the boy stared at her for a few seconds and said "She-she left on her bike."

Becka paused for a moment and then smirked. "Well then," the girl said as she closed the door behind her, "I guess that means I have you all to myself, doesn't it?"

Copyright 2009 Polaris