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My Niece Lorie

Story Codes: Mg* pedo cons spank

After serving as General Manager for six years at the west coast division I was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing which meant I moved back to my home town back east. It was exciting to be home again with family and friends. Temporarily, until I could find a place of my own I was living with my brother, his wife and daughter.

My bother and I had been very close our whole life; as close as only two brothers could get. I was the younger and idolized him. He was always there for me, always sharing, always looking out for my welfare.

I could not get over how my niece, Lorie, had sprouted up since I last saw her at Christmas time. All of a sudden it seemed to me she was this tall willowy girl.

The second week I was back, John and Grace, my bother and sister-in-law threw a welcome home and congratulations on your promotion party. It filled his house with people from work and friends I had since high school. There was plenty of booze and the music was loud. The last stragglers didn't leave till three in the morning. My bro and I sat in the family room across from one another on the couches flanking the still smoldering fireplace. We were both pretty sloshed and even my niece was feeling good after having consumed two glasses of white wine. I could hear my sister-in-law in the kitchen throwing beer bottles into the recycle bin and stacking dishes into the sink.

Lorie had taken off her Mary Jane shoes and the knee high, white cotton stockings she had been wearing. For whatever reason her toe nails on her slender feet were painted bright blue. She was wearing what I thought was a dress better suited for a four year-old, but who was I to question youthful fashions? She had on a ginger gingham print dress with bell sleeves, Peter Pan collar and a white sash around the waist tied in a big bow around the back. The skirt was billowed out with several stiff petticoats underneath and I considered it much too short for both her long legs and age.

My brother and I talked about the good old days and played a game of remember when. Lorie was half asleep on his lap. As we talked I watched as his finger tips stroked up and down on her inner thigh. She had a crooked smile on her sleepy-eyed face. After a while it struck me that his hand was moving further and further up with each sweep of his finger. We talked of old girlfriends and where they ended up; old cars and didn't we wish we still had them. I watched as his hand got to the bottom of her dress and I thought for sure he would stop there, but, no, with the next pass his hand went under the petticoats. Did she look startled? No, she still wore the half smile. Because the petticoats were stiff the dress did not bunch up, but started rising like a draw bridge each time his hand went up her thigh.

My breath became shallow and labored as I watch more and more of her legs being exposed to my view. I heard Grace in the kitchen and wondered what would happen if she walked in. I found it exciting to guess where he would stop and how much I would see. I mentally slapped myself for being a voyeur at my niece's expense. The hand continued its upward travel and the skirt continued to rise showing me more and more of her soft silky thigh. Then, there it was, my breath caught in my throat and my heart stopped beating. The outer lips of her sex did not meet, but left a 3/8ths inch gap in which I saw the inner pink lips scrunched together. I looked up and saw her staring at me with a bemused look on her face. I probably turned sixteen shades of red saved only by the voice of my sister-in-law yelling for Lorie to go to bed.

Lorie left and a few minutes later Grace joined us. We resumed talking and it was ten minutes later that Lorie came back into the room. She was wearing a nightie with a picture of a kitten on the front with the captions "Pretty Pussy." How appropriate I thought and wondered if she bought it because of the double entendre. "Give it a break," I told myself, "She is only twelve."

Lorie bent over her mother and gave her a good night kiss. She did the same to her father and as he kissed her his hand went up the back of her thigh and over her buttocks pushing the hem of her nightie up to her waist. I stared at the creamy smooth ass cheeks and the back bulge of her sex, again seeing the inner lips in the space between her outer lips. I quickly looked at Grace. She was not paying attention to what her husband was doing to her daughter. Lorie crossed the aisle and bent over to give me a kiss. In one brief moment I was looking down through the neck hole of her nightie. I could see all the way down to her crotch and with just a sideways glance see the pinkish brown cone shaped nipples perched on a slight rise of her breasts. She gave me a kiss and straightened up.

"Like it?" she asked.

"What?" Again I turned red assuming she was talking about me looking down her nightie.

"The nightie. Do you like it? I just bought it."

"Oh, yes. Very pretty." She gave me that bemused look again as if saying we both knew what she was really asking.

It took me a week to get the picture of Lorie's pussy and ass out of my thoughts.


I looked forward to get to my brother's house and relax after a long and difficult meeting at work. As soon as I entered the house I knew something was amiss. Nobody was talking to anybody. It was like ice between the three of them. We ate in silence and the only clue I had was that Grace absolutely would not talk to Lorie. It was, "Tell our daughter...", as Grace told John to tell Lorie what to do. Lorie was in a bathrobe which was unusual. Come eight o'clock I found out why.

John said to Lorie, "It is time."

Lorie untied and dropped the pink robe on the floor. She was naked. She climbed on John's lap, laid face down with her rump over his lap. He walloped the hell out of her. She picked up the robe and fled crying to her room.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Lorie and Grace got into it about Lorie not cleaning her room. Angry words were exchanged with it ending up that Lorie called Grace a stubborn bitch. I had no choice but to punish her."

I wished I would not have seen my niece naked again; all those pictures I carefully filed away in the back of my mind came flooding forward.


Luckily I found an apartment on the forty-third floor of Water's Edge apartments. It had two bedrooms, one large bath, a den, a kitchen that opened onto the dining room and a living room with a magnificent view of the lake. It came furnished and was all stainless and glass. Ultramodern apartments befitting my new position in the company were in very short supply. I signed a lease that started the first of the following month. That night John and I celebrated him getting his couch back and me moving out. We both got shit faced. Things got hazy and next I knew I awoke with the sun in my eyes. I was lying uncovered and naked on the pull-out couch that wasn't pulled out. I had a splitting headache and my stomach was in my throat and rising fast. Through blood shot eyes I saw Lorie looking at me. As quick as I could under the circumstances I pulled a cushion over my privates. I put my forearm over my eyes to block out the sun and tried to ignore all that was wrong with me.

There was a great fog in my brain making thinking difficult. What I remembered, whether a dream or reality was John getting a board game out and the four of us sitting on the floor. The board had three concentric circles divided into squares. We moved from square to square based on the roll of the dice like Monopoly, except we were not buying property or paying rent and there was no "go." Each square we had to do some inane thing like touch our nose or snap our fingers, but an awful lot of squares we had to chug-a-lug. John was drinking beer, both the girls were drinking white wine and I was drinking Scotch. I was getting well beyond shit faced. When we finished with the outer circle we moved our pieces to the middle circle.

The middle circle was more chug-a-lugging, plus we had to remove specific pieces of clothing. By the time we finished the middle circle we were all naked. Grace, before she married John, was a model, Not just any model, a negligee model. She was tall and willowy. She was neither busty or flat chested, just had very nice stand up breasts. She had a brazil wax job on her public mound leaving a strip of closely cropped hair. She was quite the outstanding woman. I looked at Lorie and realized she was going to be the spitting image of her mother when she grew up.

We should have never ventured into the third circle, but we did and I was way to drunk to care. The squares in the third circle were all sexual acts. I sucked on both girls nipples and they sat on my face as I ate them out. They sucked on my cock and licked my scrotum. We kissed each others ass and licked anus. I had intercourse with Grace. I watched as the girls did the same to John and John did the same to the girls. The last thing I remember was Lorie sitting on me with my cock in her vagina.

After careful thought I came to the conclusion that it had to be a dream. At no time did I think it unusual that twelve-year-old Lorie was playing a highly sexual game with us. Second, there was no way that I could not only have got an erection if I was that drunk and then have intercourse with both girls. Lastly, I could not conceive of my brother having sex with his own daughter.

Even throroughly convinced it was only a dream I watched the relationship between the four of us carefully. There was no change. I sighed a sigh of relief.

As much as I loved my brother and his family I was happy to move into a place of my own. I always felt there was a certain amount of tension within the family that they were constraining because I was there. I suppose that is normal, my ex and I used to fight like cats and dogs. That is probably why I never got serious with a girl again.


It was three weeks later that my brother asked for a favor, and, of course, I could not refuse. State DOR had audited their returns and found discrepancies serious enough that they wanted John and Grace to appear in person at the main DOR office in the capitol. John asked, would I please watch Lorie overnight while they went down to get the mess straightened out?

First thing in the morning I drove out to their house, picked up the whole family with their luggage and dropped John and Grace at the airport. I took Lorie to my apartment and settled her in the guest bedroom. Not knowing what else to do with a twelve year-old, I took her to the Art Galley and then to the Museum of Natural History. We got home pretty pooped from all that walking.

After supper she asked, "Can I take a shower?"

"Go right ahead. Towels are in the cabinet"

Fifteen minutes later she came into the living room. "Wow, I love your shower with all the jets."

"Come, sit next to me," I said.

She was wearing the same pink robe she wore the night she got spanked. I remember well her lithe body with her proud little breasts. How her small round rump was exaggerated when she laid it over my brother's lap. How rosy it turned as he slapped each cheek again and again. How she wiggled and kicked with each hard slap, and because of all that wiggling and kicking how she kept flashing her dark anus and split pudendum to my sight. And how her screams added sound to the sexual spectacle I witnessed. I remembered my penis had become rock hard.

Just from the remembrance of what transpired that night I was hard again. My slacks were pulled tight over my cock showing clearly that I was circumcised.

"Is that a pickle in your pants or are you glad to see me?" she asked. She ran a fingernail on the cloth of my pants and over the shaft of my cock making it try to jump in its confines.

"I think the expression starts, 'Is that a pistol in your pocket.' "

Lorie unzipped my pants allowing the cock to pop out and me to lose my breath. "See. It is a pickle!" We both chuckled and she slowly petted my penis. It began to ooze precum which she caught on her finger and licked off. "Do you remember the night we played the game?"

"What game?" My breathe caught in my throat. "No," I told myself, "she couldn't mean that game."

"The sex game with Mommy and Daddy."

"That was a dream," I blurted out.

"No, it wasn't, silly. You remember me sitting on your face and you licking my cunny, don't you?"

All to well. "I was completely stoned. It is hard for me to remember anything that happened that night." I lied like a rug.

"Let me refresh your memory. The first thing I did was kiss your lips."

She reenacted what she did with soft delicate lips and an open mouth. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as my hand undid the tie to her robe. After the kiss I opened the robe and looked at her tanned body. Her breasts were exactly as I had remembered. The nipples proudly sat on slightly raised breasts. The areolas were somewhat oval and shiny with hard little whitish centers. I kissed and sucked on each of them. She had a tan line down low on her hips leaving the pubis just slightly lighter then the rest of her body. So, I surmised, she sun bathed wearing only a thong.

I slid my hand down her crotch and my fingers naturally fell into the parted lips. Her inner lips had a crinkly feel to them. I parted the lips and let my fingers explore the inner features. I found the little pee hole. The vagina was easily entered and it brought back memories of the night my cock resided in there. Who, I could not help but wonder, was the lucky person to bust her cherry?

"It was Daddy," she would proudly proclaim. "I was ten years old and he said that was old enough as far as he was concerned. I have sex with him every Saturday and on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas."

But that conversation took place much later in the night as we lay naked side by side after I had pumped her full of my jism. And after I found she had an unusually large clitoris that loved to be played with and sucked on. Once aroused she was a little dynamo. She knew how to play games and tease with that tight little cunny of hers. If it weren't for the fact that she was my niece and only twelve-years-old I would have proposed she move in with me.

She sat on the pot and I could hear my semen splashing into the water as it dripped out of her vagina. She licked my scrotum and sucked my soft cock as that happened. Afterward she washed my genitals, and then I got the chance to wash her pudendum and anus. The after play was almost as good as the foreplay.

"You're not going to tell your daddy what we did, are you?" I asked, envisioning my brother beating the shit out of me.

"Why not? He is the one that told me you needed a good fucking."

For some reason, that word coming out of her young mouth was all wrong, never mind what we just got finished doing. I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

"So the only reason you did it was because your father told you to?" That blew the hell out of my ego.

"No, I wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with you when you were sober. You're quite the stud." That restored my ego.

We had a repeat performance the next morning when we woke up. I was smart enough to have breath mints bedside for exactly those situations. She had to be the wildest piece of ass I ever had in my life.

We acted as cool as cucumbers when we went to the airport to pick up John and Grace. Of course they knew, they may have been parents, but they weren't dumb. "So if we asked you to watch Lorie while we go to Vegas for two weeks you wouldn't mind?" John asked back at the house.

"I supposed if I had to I could put up with the brat for that long," I said.

Lorie was drinking a soda at the time and blew it right out of her nose as she tried to stiffle the laughter.