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This site will contain the authorís stories with the primary theme of nudism. The stories will include the use of charaters, twelve and older, who engage in sex so the author does want to be clear that the stories are meant as erotic fantasies and do not depict anything in real life.


The author welcomes feedback on all the stories including constructive criticism on any grammatical gaffs, confusing sentences, difficult to follow stories, etc. If you like a story then please send an email; the author very much hopes that others will like the stories that have been written and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please email comments to the author at nudadvent@yahoo.com.





Sexual Promiscuity

Part 1 - Sexual Awakening for a Young Girl (July, 2012)

Mf, MfM, MfMf, ff, cons, reluc, les, bi, gang, first, oral, anal, creampie, nud

Forty year-old Hank and thirteen year-old Naomi are next door neighbors. Naomi likes Hank and the two end up naked in Hankís pool. This leads to Naomi losing her virginity to Hank. Later Hank convinces Naomi to have sex with thirty-seven year-old Bruce who is Hankís best friend and eventually Naomi experiences girl-girl sex with fourteen year-old Cynthia, anal sex and then gets banged by Hank, Bruce and two other men. The male characters in the story are all comfortable with the nudist lifestyle and the girls in the story adopt the nudism experience willingly.


Part 2 - Nudism and stepping beyond Sexual Boundaries (July, 2012)

MMF, Mf, mF, Ff, MFmf, cons, les, inc, mother, son, bro, sis, fath, dau, orgy, first, oral, toys, creampie, nud

Thirty-eight year-old Kirk is married to thirty-three year-old Marcy. They have two children, Josh and Olivia, who are fourteen and twelve. Luke is Kirkís best friend and has been having sex with him and Marcy since Marcy was thirteen. Kirk and Marcy decide to pursue the nudist lifestyle. Nudism quickly becomes accepted by the children and leads to the removal of sexual boundaries within the family. Olivia has a crush on Luke and the two have sex. Feeling sorry for her son Marcy has sex with him. Marcy then introduces her daughter to girl-girl sex and finally the family has an orgy.


Part 3 - Sunny Meadows Nudist Park (July, 2012)

MMF, Mf, mF, Ff, MFmf, cons, les, bi, inc, mother, son, bro, sis, fath, dau, group, orgy, oral, anal, creampie, nud

Thirty-eight year-old Kirk is married to thirty-three year-old Marcy. They have two children, Josh and Olivia, who are fourteen and twelve. They decide to open a nudist park with their best friend Luke, who is thirty-eight. They hire their friends Hank, who is forty, and Bruce, who is thirty-seven. Hank has a thirteen year-old girlfriend, Naomi, and Bruce has a fourteen year-old girlfriend, Cynthia. The park has an Adults Only beach where sex is allowed and also a house with a private beach. On the first day Marcy fulfills her desire to have sex in front of a large group of people in the Adults Only beach and all have a session of group sex in a large shower room in the house. Eventually, a brother and his sister have sex at the private beach with Hank, Bruce, and Cynthia. Kirk and Marcy then have sex with their neighbor and his daughter on the private beach. Finally, secrets are shared with a swinger couple and their daughter who visit the park as guests of Kirk and Marcy. Nudism serves as the catalyst for the characters to follow a path of sexual promiscuity.



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