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The Naked Blades swords & sorcery erotic fiction is unlike any other! Explore tawdry tales of heroes and heroines engaged in conflicts and passions set in exotic locales, retold by bards from across the lands. Contained herein are the finest free erotica stories in the swords and sorcery genre!

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NEW STORIES Story Archive

Dragon (S)Layers 4 - The Cleric by Tammy Silverwolf
A kobold priest, a goddess, a HOLY QUEST... and a threesome.

The Will of Mara - Chapter 2 by Rhi
Uthgerd brings home the Argonian and lights a fire.

The Will of Mara - Chapter 1 by Rhi
An Argonian and a Nord walk into a bar...

World of Fantasies - Part 1 by vallygirlly
Two warriors accept a secret mission to escort the Queen's daughter for an arranged marriage.

Drow Fever - Part 2 by Jynn
Arora and Koroko travel through a mountain pass to meet a Dwarven friend. Do all Dwarves have beards?

Drow Fever - Part 1 by Jynn
A curious human embarks on a mission to discover for himself whether the tales of the Drow are true.

Dragon (S)Layers 3 - Escapes by Tammy Silverwolf
A daring escape, a forced blowjob... Such is life.

Wild Sorcery - Chapter 1 by J.B. Hickock
Our heroine, has made a deal to help destroy a cabal of sorcerers and in return have a curse lifted so that she/he can return to her/his former self...

Adventures of Cockweasel 2 by GeorgeTasker
The horny little goblin meets a busty paladin companion...

The Wild Hunt - Part 2 by Hoof & Horn
A father and his daughter find Norse gods interfering in their mortal affair...

Dragon (S)Layers 2 - The Sorceress by Tammy Silverwolf
A half elf, a kobold and an elven mage set off on a quest to slay a dragon, fight monsters, uncover artifacts, while making fun of the celibate paladin...

Adventures of Cockweasel 1 by GeorgeTasker
A horny little goblin slave betrays his sexy sorceress master...

Orc Bait 2 by Axelotl
Rohme the ranger seeks revenge on the witch who had her violated by orcs. She enlists the aid of a summoner wizard...

Dragon (S)Layers 1 - The Rogue by Tammy Silverwolf
A half elf, a kobold and an elven mage set off on a quest to slay a dragon, fight monsters, uncover artifacts, while making fun of the celibate paladin...

Micah the Wanderer 3: Training by Not Quite Howard
The third story of Micah the Wanderer as he trains to begin his journeys...

Orc Bait 1 by Axelotl
A ranger ventures into the Fangrind Forest to hunt orcs. Her encounter with a half-elf witch leaves her bound and at the mercy of orc raiders...

The Wild Hunt - Part I by Hoof & Horn
A father and his daughter find Norse gods interfering in their mortal affair...

The Curse of Arnford Manor by Mythical Traveller
A dark creature wreaks deadly horror upon a North Carolinian town in the 1930s. A coven of witches and their Native American lover investigate...

Micah the Wanderer 2: Going Home First and Leave Taking by Not Quite Howard
The second story of Micah the Wanderer as he returns home prior to training as a warrior...

DarkFyre - Chapter I by Returning_Writer_Guy
A nobleman and a servant with a unique disposition are brought together by violence, loss, and intrigue. War threatens on the horizon as sinister forces gather in the shadows...

Micah the Wanderer 1: Outbound - part 3 by Not Quite Howard
This and any that follow are the stories of the average son of a village smith who stumbled into a greater world and changed it in his passing. Oh, and he slept around a bit as he did...

Indriana: The Making of a Priestess by Rhys.the.Mage
In the wake of a horrible tragedy, a lusty young woman is recruited to become a priestess in order to aid a stricken city...

Raniel and Allysandra by Dariel
Danger approaches the grove of the young elven Druidess Raniel but as a certain knight will soon discover there's nothing she's not willing to do to protect her home... nothing.

Rite of Kaah by Centurea
A pair of sexy archeologists discovers that a Mayan myth isn't mythical after all...

Wraith Spider - chapter 3d by Jashin
Rhiannon injured and Alystin encounters a dragon...

Noble By Deed - Casting Off Convention by Darkniciad
The first story in the Noble By Deed set of Darkniciad's Blackhawk Hall series, with more to come...

Flesh Magic - part 4 By the Flesh Goddess
New allies and enemies emerge as our villainous heroine continues her life-draining rampage....

Legends of the Fel - Chapter 2 By Leaky_One
A young huntress is captured by a strange breed of Amazon warrior women who travel in armour which exposes their womanhood for all to see. There method of capture and submission is to pee over their captured foe.

Birthday Candles By Kryss
Kayan receives a birthday present that he will not soon forget...

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