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The NiS Program Analysis

The Program

"As this trend continues, we're seeing more and more programs such as the one Karen Wagner is participating in," the teacher explained to the class. "Parents and educators are trying to ensure the benefits are available to all students."

What is The Program? The Program (almost always capitalized) is one of the core concepts of the Naked In School universe. The story begins when one or more protagonists is enrolled in it, usually (but not always) without warning and on a Monday of a full five-day school week.

The Program is a week of mandatory nudity while in school or at school sponsored functions designed to expand an individual's personal and sexual horizons and boundaries. Participants are encouraged to perform "outreach," consisting of nudity outside school or school functions.

Yes, it's a silly idea, but this is a fantasy. An erotic fantasy, but still a fantasy. This page, along with the other key genre pages work to let you in on just what that fantasy is all about. This is not an effort to make it something realistic per se, but rather something consistant. If you were to write a story were the Earth was flat - you'd want to know what that meant for your story if you wanted your readers to get into it. And you can be sure the dedicated readers would figure it out for themselves if you didn't first, and then hold you accountable if you suddenly wrote in a horizon line. Well, that's what we have here - a detailed look at what these NiS stories are all about in some attempt to try and find what drives this fantasy and makes it appeal to so many people.

The rules of The Program were spelled out initially by Karen Wagner, and expanded upon or altered by other authors.

The Genre Pages

Obsessed with Naked in School? Here are the pages that break it down:
Program Pamphlet
The NiS Program Philosophy
The NiS Writer's Guide - how to write NiS
FAQ - other rules

The Rules From The Stories

You could say these are the sources used to build the Program Pamphlet. Limited to the older stories - those started before the NiS collection site began.
  1. Participants must disrobe except for shoes and socks prior to entering school, and remain naked during school hours.
    • "You can review that later," he told me. "It explains a new program we have, where we will select a few students each week to attend school in the nude. You will not be permitted to wear any clothing this week during school hours, except shoes and socks if you wish. Could you please undress now?" [KAREN]
    • It was right there, in black and white. I had to participate in any extracurricular activities in the nude all week. [CARL]
  2. Participation is mandatory, unless parents sign papers specifically exempting the student.
    • "It's a mandatory program for you, Miss Wagner. I can have a couple of gentlemen assist you if necessary to ensure your cooperation." [KAREN]
    • "Oh, Dadty!" I leapt over at him, and he hugged me and held me. "When I got to school, the principal made me strip naked, and I had to go to all my classes without my clothes on!" I blurted out, sobbing.

      He held me for a while, until I settled down, then he had me explain what had happened. I was shocked when I glimpsed his face; he didn't seem upset at all!

      "I know," he told me. "We -- your mother and I -- asked that you be signed up for it. We thought it would be a good experience for you." [KAREN]

    • "I didn't know for sure you'd be chosen," she explained nervously. "But - I did sign you up for it."

      "You WHAT?! Mom, how COULD you?!" [CARL]

    • "I want you to sign me up for the program." I toyed with my carrots, not looking at either of them.

      "Oh my," mom said softly.

      Dadty choked on a bite of carrot, and I thought for a moment I'd have to Heimlich him.

      "You what?!" he managed do wheeze out after a few minutes.

      "You put me on the `will not participate list,' didn't you?" I asked. [BETH]

    • The Program started last Fall. It was quite controversial when introduced. Afterall, how would the majority of people react to the plan of having high school students attending their classes nude. Not everyone. Just one female and one male from each year. Did everyone forget this rule? Apparently so. Or they simply were accepting the rules changing again this year. With any new program, there are plenty of problems to work. [KEIKO]
    • Mr. Harrison smiled for a short second. It was short lived, however, "Miss Keiko, your father has refused you entry in The Program. I cannot permit you to continue." [KEIKO] (Note: Keiko was not selected - she "volunteered," was over 18, and scammed her way onto the list while her parents were out of town)
    • They told us all kinds of stuff about 'The Program'. It would start up again Monday, with a lot more students. It was a graduation requirement now, so parental consent was no longer a part of it.[ALANDRA]
  3. Nude means nude. No covering up, no hiding in the bathroom.
    • There was a list of rules, as the principal had mentioned. One was that I would be required to stay in public areas of the school, except for three bathroom breaks per day, of no more than 5 minutes.[KAREN]
    • I wasn't allowed to cover myself with any type of clothing, books, a backpack, or even my hands during school; if I did so at any time, my hands could be tied or handcuffed behind me![KAREN]
    • Perigrinf modified this, allowing for sports protection.
    • "Remember the rules, Mr. Walker," she reminded me. "Three five minute bathroom breaks, ...and you are to remain nude through all extra-curricular activities as well, save those where you are required to wear protection, such as certain sports, in which case only the necessary protection is to be worn. [Carl]
  4. Showering after Athletic Classes must take place in the facilities provided for the opposite sex.
    • I'd have to use the boy's locker room for gym class. [KAREN]
    • " use the girl's locker room for gym,..." [Carl]
    • Over summer they'd torn down the walls between the girl's and boy's locker rooms, and mixed in the showers. They did the same with the restrooms, making them all unisex or something. [ALANDRA]
  5. Teachers may call upon participants to assist with instruction. The nature of that assistance may be very broadly interpreted.
    • I had to cooperate with teachers who wanted to have me assist with instruction. [KAREN]
    • Ms. Lippmann began what sounded like a prepared speech: "Over the summer your parents were all sent consent forms. For those of you in the main group the next two weeks of biology for this period will be a course in practical sex education. We will cover, and practice, technique as well as contraception and social issues." She turned to the six remaining kids "You six will be spending that time in a more traditional sex education seminar presented by nurse Magee." [ALANDRA]
    • Some people misinterpret the above to be like the Karen story - where Ms. Hooker has the kids having non consensual sex on Friday. But the excused kids in the above are getting sex education 'old style' - the film / slide projector and charts and tables, no 'hands on' like the main group. Kids in the main group can choose to opt out and go to the 'old style' group at any time - while teachers can get you to participate in pretty weird stuff, they can't make you have sex.
  6. Participants must comply with "Reasonable Requests."
    • I was to consider myself on display for any student who wanted to examine me, and cooperate in letting them look me over. [KAREN]
    • "I'm afraid you have to do it," he told me. "You have to cooperate in any way anyone wants so they can look you over." [KAREN]
    • "Do I have to let him take pictures of me?" I asked him, my ears burning.

      "You're going to be walking around in the nude all day, anyway, aren't you, Miss Wagner?" he asked me. I nodted. "Everyone will see you doing it. I don't see how it could possibly hurt you to have pictures taken. Will it?" [KAREN]

    • "...And you must cooperate with any reasonable requests your teachers or fellow students may make of you during the week." [CARL]
    • Perigrinf modified this as well, introducing this semi-popular flip side of reasonable requests:
    • "In view of your condition," her gesture took in my throbbing hardon, "the rules allow for you to ask for relief at the beginning of each class period. You'll be permitted to masturbate, or even seek assistance in relieving your sexual tension. But it can only be done in full view of the class, and only in the first five minutes of the class period." [CARL]
    • Ms. Mitchell picked up from there. "Consider yourself on display at all times while on campus. Other students may examine you as they please as long as they stick to those reasonable requests we mentioned." Yeah right, everybody knew from last year just how unreasonable the Program defined reasonable. "We know you will find the experience to be very arousing, which is perfectly normal. For the boys, the constant erections can become quite painful, so you may ask for relief during the first few minutes of class. The pamphlet details all of the rules of this."

      I raised my hand.

      "Yes... Miss Cabrera? What is it?" Harrison said

      "What about me, Can I ask for relief?" A couple of the girls giggled and one gave out a loud "Yeah, what about us?"

      "No. The Program feels the heightened sexual tension you will feel will help you to open up more. In short, it will bring you to the point of having to seek release." Ms. Magante said.

      "But you just said I couldn't." I said.

      "You can't use class time like the boys, but we fully expect you will find ways." Ms. Magante said. [ALANDRA]

    • Reasonable seemed to stop just short of fucking. 'Penetration with a sexual organ' as the pamphlet called it. That and oral sex. They could demand just about anything else, though a girl who was a virgin could keep free of 'other forms' of penetration[ALANDRA]
    • "Hey, it's a request, and I gotta right to make you do it. You're in The Program." He said.

      "Bullshit." I said, "It's called a Reasonable Request - as in what I feel ok doing. And I don't want that shit in me."[ALANDRA]

  7. The number of participants is arbitrarily set by school officials.
    • I found out there were 3 girls from each grade who were required to spend the week naked. [KAREN]
    • He grinned again. "It might be me next week. Are you getting by all right?" [KAREN]
    • This rule was promptly modified by Peregrinf.

      As she explained at the beginning of her tale, there was to be one girl and one boy from each class, frosh, junior and senior, chosen each week to take part in the program. [CARL]

    • I joined the group, looking around me. The faces were a mix of eagerness and abject horror. I counted twenty people including myself. Eleven girls. We were split by class.[ALANDRA]
  8. Faculty might be called upon or volunteer to participate in some fashion.
    • "You might be interested in knowing that, during the course of the year, some of the teachers might be, uh, shall we say 'invited', to teach without clothing occasionally," she told the class. [KAREN]
  9. The Program is supported by Government.
    • "Yeah, they repealed the indecent exposure laws for girls and women," Mike agreed conversationally. [KAREN]
    • "And you don't have to confine it just to school," she adted. "They've changed the laws about indecent exposure, exempting boys under the age of twenty one from them." [CARL]
    • We sat through another three hours of what they kept calling 'The New Deal on Society'. I could almost hear the politician at the end of that line. Something about the end of STDs, changing morals, social openness, self awareness, getting in touch with humanity, and a bunch of other crap that sounded like something my Pa would come up with around a big reefer. [ALANDRA]
  10. Harrassing a participant may result in becoming one. (In fact, The Program was occasionally used as punishment which is contrary to its ideals. This rule should be approached with caution.)
    • "One of my teachers told two girls who were whispering to one another to come up to the front of the room and take off their shirts and pants. They both refused, and the teacher sent me to get the principal. He came right away, and he made the girls both strip to their underwear right in class! Boy were they embarrassed. It was fun!" [KAREN]
    • Miss Gallison brandished that brochure that spelled out my fate for the week. "Come, come, Mr. Freschetti. The program permits me to summon other students to participate in the program on an ad hoc basis. I want to remind you, it is either that, or you risk suspension from next Saturday's game for insubordination." [CARL]
  11. Outreach is encouraged.
    • "I heard that Karen has been seen naked on the streets, in public."

      "Really?" I kind of wished I'd seen that, but I didn't say that to Beth. "Well, it's allowed, according to the new laws, and the program brochure they gave me encourages it." [CARL]

    • You'll remember, if you've read my story of the week Carl spent naked that Larry - that's the ten year old boy next door - and I had met during that week. I'd been naked in my room one afternoon and caught him on me. So I'd taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and done a "show and tell" for him in our back yard. I'd promised, too, to let him see me naked other times - sort of my way of doing some community outreach for The Program. [BETH]
  12. The Program exists in a world free of sexually transmitted disease, and effective contraception is readily available.

Those are the main "rules", making it a Twelve Step Program.

The closer a story sticks to those rules the closer it is to what readers are likely to consider 'canon'. Note however that there is no actual 'canon' that stories are required to stick to, there is more of a 'loose range' and a sort of 'we know it when we see it'.

Karen did not specify where her high school was. Similar vagueness is recommended if only because that lets readers place it into their desired fantasy mindset. Tenyari posted a description of Central High School at the end of Chapter 1 of ALANDRA. That description was based on quotes and character names from the core stories and Alandra, which claims--and had permission--to be set a year later within the same high school.

Every writer brings a unique point of view to the series. Such diversity is encouraged. The Naked in School Universe should NOT be considered a rigid template. If all the stories are exactly the same, it will only get stale.

Just as in science, a negative experiment is as useful as a successful one, so too can writers address the failures of the program, hopefully with an attempt to correct the problems identified.

To see how diffferent takes on the Program can interpret this analysis and more, see The NiS Program Philosophy.

Original Campus

---With map by Tenyari

The following is based on Tenyari's vision of the campus in the core stories.

Principal: Mr. Harrison
Assistant Principal: Ms. Mitchell -wears suits in 1st year
Program Director: Ms. Yasmine Magante

Swimming: Mr. Roquette
Gymnastics: Ms. Janine Moore
English: Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Zank
Government: Mr. Hansen - a bit young and vulgar
Calculus: Ms. Gallison -lesbian
Creative Writing: Mr. Turner
Civics: Mrs. Jacobs
French: Mademoiselle Duclos
Physics: Mr. Cranover
Band: Mr. Peters
Biology: Miss Hooker (No longer on campus after year one).
Biology: Ms Lippmann (second year, nudist)
Metal Shop: Mr. Carson

School length 180 days. 3 year school.
Mostly white, so definitely NOT in California.
Small city of intentionally vague locale:
     Nature of students is Naive, almost rural.
     Active Mall with room for a rare books store.
     School has a dress code
     Fighting is zero tolerance suspension.
     Lying not tolerated in school honor code.
     metal detectors at the doors

Holds 2000-3000 students
Main building has A, B, and C sections numbered by

   +-------%%-------+%------------+    N
   |        A       |             |   W+E
   |   +------------+             |    S
   |   |            %  theater    |
   |   |            |             |
 P |   |            +---------+---+
   | B |   quad     %  cafe   | P
   |   |            |         |
   |   |            +---------+---+
   |   |            |   |         |
   |   +------------+   |  admin  %
   |         C          |         |
             b         []
   |            |                 |
 P |            |     Gym         |
   |            |                 |
   |            %                 |
   |  field 1   +--------+        +
   |            |        |        |
   |            | field 3| pool   |
   |            |        |        |
   |            +--------+--------+
   |            |                 |
   |            |   field 2       |
   |            |                 |
   |            |                 |
   |            |                 |

A, B, C = classrooms on 3 floors on both
          sides of central hallway
P = Parking
[] = overpass into 2nd floor of gym from
     stairwell at level 2.5 of rooms.
% = door to outside.
cafe = cafeteria, windows open to quad and hall C
       trucks enter from back.
admin = administration, councilors, etc.
quad = central, open air, hangout zone with bushes,
       benches, and lunch tables.
field 1 = football, with stands.
field 2 = baseball.
field 3 = other small needs.
pool = indoor pool branched off of gym.
gym = gym lockers and showers (unisex now), basketball
      gymnastics, and other rooms.

theater = auditorium, doubles as a community theater
          for the city.
b = bungalow for storing clothes of program students.

North entrance faces city street, south the alley
between classes and field 1.

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