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Chapter 2

Lisa Monday

One of the first people Tyler and I ran across once we left the vice principal's office was my best friend Stacy! Along with what seemed to be half the student body of Clinton Middle School!

"I don't believe it! You're actually naked, Lisa!" Stacy gaped at me. She was also getting a good look at Tyler.

"Tyler, this is my best friend, Stacy. Stacy, Tyler." I introduced them. While this was going on, people were whispering and talking and out and out pointing at us. I was getting very embarrassed all over again.

"Let's start heading out to the home room for head count. I Don't want to be late, first bell has rung already." I was already moving as I said this.

"Hey, Lisa! Wait up a sec and I'll walk with you." This was from Roger Keller, a class mate of mine. I sighed. I watched his eyes, and they were not focused anywhere near my face! I nodded and Tylor mentioned that he would be heading out to his home room and that was the other way.

"Um, Tyler? Can I um, well, feel you? Before you go, I mean?" Stacy asked shyly. I rolled my eyes. Even my best friend was into this!

"Sure, Stacy, its what I'm here fo, r I guess," Tyler said in a low voice, and sure enough, Stacy reached out and grabbed his cock! He wasn't the only person being groped! When Stacy started in onTyler, Roger, who was behind me, reached around, and I now had a hand on breast. I bit my lip. Stacy was slowly stroking Tyler, who was now getting another erection. Roger was pulling on my left nipple, and while it was embarrassing, it was also kind of nice.

"OK, guys, first bell has rung and we really need to get to class. I'm sure there will be more chances for you guys to feel us up later today," Tyler said with a smile. I was very grateful for the interruption. We disengaged and went our seperate ways, and I made it to class with only seconds to spare.

"All right class, settle down and answer here when I call your name for roll. I see Lisa Hamilton is here in all her glory, so I will not be calling her name this morning. All right, Brian Abernathy?"

I tuned out the roll call and wondered how Tyler was doing. I blushed, wondering why I was worried about him and thinking about him. I looked around me, and sure enough, I was the center of attention! I blushed even more furiously! Damn this blushing. I felt as if I would burn up, so I slumped down in my seat.

"Sit up straight, Lisa. Program rules forbid you to hide yourself, remember?" Ms. Gleason said. I nodded to her and straightened myself, folding my hands on my desk in front of me. It was going to be a long day. Shortly after roll call was complete the bell rang, and we were all off to our first class. Mine was health class. I just knew it was not going to be a normal class.

Mr. Bremen's Health class was not the most interesting class, but today was totally different, and it was because I was there. I had only just sat down when the bell rang and Mr. Bremen called us to order. We all sat quietly while Mr. Bremen looked at us, and his eyes settled on me. Uh oh.

"This class was supposed to be on the circulatory system, but since we have a nude person, I have changed the lesson to... , The Human Body. Would our nude student please step up to my desk? Also, class, so you get a good look, lets move the desks off to the side and have a little informal gathering at the front of the class, shall we?" Chairs screeched as students left them and pushed the desks over to the side of the classroom.

I've never seen the students perform this task so quickly. I was standing, wondering what to do with my hands, when Mr. Bremen cleared his throat. Everyone went silent and we all looked at him, waiting for his class to begin.

"Puberty. Each and everyone of you is currently entering and going through this amazing growing process. Ms. Hamilton here is on her way to the end process of puberty, which is to become an adult. From the onset of puberty your body will change and grow, and you will finish this process at between ages 18 and 20. Now, lets examine her body and take note of the changes and attributes that seem to be changing, or being enhanced, shall we?"

"Please stand relaxed with your hands at your sides, Ms. Hamilton. First we will note the most obvious growth. The breasts and vaginal area. I can see the boys are already looking closely, you are to be commended on your studious attitude young men!" There was a round of nervous laughter at this.

"We notice that her breasts have grown and filled out a bit and are already getting ready for the primary function they were designed to perform. No, not gratification for boys or men to feel or play with, " More laughter. "Milk. Female breasts are designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to provide food for her young. Sexual feelings that a girl or woman have in conjunction with being felt up, or having her nipples played with or sucked on, are totally secondary. Breasts are not a sexual organ. Each person, male or female, has one and only one sex organ, and the female breast is not that organ.

"Now, her nipples are changing from when she was a child. Notice how erect and long they are. This is for several reasons. You will notice that her nipple and areola area are a nice brown in color. I want you to practice that word please- areola. Pronounce it like this, Air E O LA. Areola. Good." He nodded, pleased with the sounds of areola being pronounced, with some enthusiasm from the boys, I might add.

"Now, moving to her pubic region we notice several things. First her hips are flaring out slightly, this will become more pronounced as she matures. This will help her when she has children. Notice that she has a nice light brown color to her pubic hair. She does not have a lot of pubic hair as of yet, so her vaginal lips are fully exposed to our view. As you can see, they are slightly discolored and swollen. The color can be caused by two things. One is her growth, the other is arousal. As I can see a faint glistening and am experienced in female arousal let me assure you, she is arroused." Again laughter. Could I get even more embarrassed?

"All right, class, you may now take a few minutes to make yourselves familar with her body. Be gentle in your manipulations and take your cues from her reactions. This can be a good experience for all concerned. Ladies, I can understand if you do not wish to handle her, but you should at least go and observe and carefully look at her. There is rarely an opportunity for a female to examine another females vaginal region this closely and from a willing, live model."

I was not to sure about the willing part, but as he stepped back and off to the side, the boys surged forward eagerly! I had hands on me in a second! Both my breasts, and my pussy, were being touched and played with. My nipples pulled, sometimes to a painful level. My ass was felt, and stomach. I don't think a place on me was not touched in the remaining time in class.

I also noticed something else.

I was getting very aroused. One of the boys was gently massaging my clitoris, and it was having an effect on me! I gave an involuntary twitch. Another set of fingers joined his, but these were lower down, running up and down my slit, and playing with the hole, but not entering it. I felt my ass cheeks spread open as someone looked inside them. Someone had forced my legs further apart, and now I had the guy who was playing with my clit on his knees, looking straight at my pussy as he manipulated me. I twitched again. I was becoming very moist too, I noticed!

My breathing was becoming heavier, and faster. I placed my hands on the boys shoulders who was kneeling before me, all thoughts of embarrassment gone as it was replaced with pure lust! I was getting close. I could feel an orgasm start to build inside me and...

The bell rang, signaling the end of the class. With the ringing of the bell, everyone stopped and stepped back, leaving me feeling something I was not to familiar with, but knew what it was. Sexual Frustration! I was hornier than I had ever been in my life!

"Wow, I can see you clit perfectly. It wasn't visible before," a girl I was not familiar with said. I gritted my teeth and said nothing, just went to the seat I was assigned and moved it back to where it was supposed to be, then I went out and made my way to my next class, English.


Wow, what a beginning to a day in school! Masturbating and being masturbated to orgasm by a very foxy 7th grader. She was a very beautiful girl. Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, incredible breasts, with nipples that were so suckable. Her pussy hair was a light brown, and not to thick, not like my mass of pubic hair. Her pussy lips were clearly visible and it was very exciting to play with her. She looked so pretty when she had her orgasm. Damn, thinking about it was making me get another erection, and people noticed erections when you were naked.

As the day wore on I was groped and fondled by a lot of girls. Most let me get a few feels in, too. One girl was kind of a tease, as she had grabbed me after lunch and jacked me off until I was about ready to cum, then she left me hanging, so to speak. As she walked off, she looked over her shoulder at me, and flipped up the back of her skirt showing me her panties which read, "Party Girl"

She was the only one that day that acted like that. Most girls were just interested in touching me to see what I felt like, but two girls did get me off. Still, even with relief, I was a walking erection for most of the day! Towards the end of the day I did sort of get used to being naked, and wondered how Lisa was handling it. I was headed for the front of the school building as that's where we were supposed to pick up our clothes. That's when I heard them.

"Ok, assume the position! You know, like the police are searching you," I heard a guy's voice say.

"Come on, its almost time to leave. The bell will ring soon. You said you were here to watch our clothing till we got them. Come on, I've been touched a lot all day today." I heard a pleading tone in Lisa's voice.

"Its still school time. Come on, your supposed to let us touch you." I frowned. he was right, but I didnt like someone being forced.

"OK, you wanted me like what?" she asked exasperatedly.

"You know, turn, face the wall, spread your legs a little over shoulder width apart, place your hands on the wall. Put your hands higher. OK, that's good. Now, step away from the wall a bit. Yes, just like that."

I stepped around the corner and there was Lisa. She was leaning forward a little, with her hands on the wall, legs spread far apart, and a guy was running his hands over her breasts from behind. He slide his hands down and then he knelt down, and I could see him peer right into her pussy from behind. He moved a hand between her legs and started rubbing her. He knew what he was doing, because in a very short time her hips were twitching and she was making little sipping sounds through her mouth.

"Turn around a sec, but keep leaning against the wall."

I watched her as she complied with his request. They were both too involved to notice me. He placed his middle finger against her pussy lips, and he slowly sank it into her. She gasped. Slowly he pulled it out, then pushed it back into her. Her eyes closed and her hips starting making a fucking motiion against his finger. She slowly slide down the wall, until she was sitting on the floor, with her legs spread wide. Her head was turning from side to side, and her stomach heaving.

Still this guy kept finger fucking her, and she was liking it! Finally, it happened. With a little scream she came!

Breathing heavily, she looked up at him and said, "WOW! It's never felt like that before. No one has ever put his finger in me till now."

With that she stood, and I continued walking towards them. Just then the final bell rang, and the other students were released, which meant we could get our clothing on and go home. Lisa kicked off her shoes, got her jeans out of her box and put them on. She looked at me, and then at my hard cock. She giggled.

"This is where we came in, isn't it?"

"Not really," I replied, " I was ok till I came around the corner and watched him finger fuck you. That's why I got hard." I watched as she blushed.

I reached into my box, got my boxers and slipped into them, followed by my jeans. I quickly put my shirt on, put my shoes back on, and tied them. Students were passing us, and one girl, Lisa's friend Stacy, showed up and asked if she were ready to go home.

"See you tomorrow Tyler!" With a wave, Lisa and her friend left the building with me following a short distance behind. I decided to follow her home and see where she lived.

Chapter 3