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Tales of Boys and Girls - of Lust, Lolitas, Youthful Passion, Lechers, Sodomy and Pedophilia


These are FICTIONAL adult stories with explicit depictions of a sexual nature meant for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, adults with a literary taste for the forbidden. If you are under eighteen years old or younger, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, READ NO FURTHER. GO AWAY. But if stories of debauchery on camping trips or while visiting Uncle Dick are of interest to you, you are welcome to read the following stories. Please check the story codes carefully. If after reading the story code and you find the material offensive, well, tough shit, you've been forewarned!

Most men, and some women, have fantasies of sexual relations with young females, be they much younger women, teens, or even little girls. For the vast majority of men, they remain fantasies. While the actual acts can be criminal by today's standards, the fictional act is just that, fictional, and no actual harm comes to anyone or any animal.

Also most men, heterosexuals included, have had one or more homosexual experiences during their lifetime whether they will admit it or not. I suspect that most of these initial experiences occur at an early age, as boys are very malleable creatures and eager to try new things. If it's a naughty and forbidden activity that must be done in secret, so much the better and that much more exciting. Depending on their overall mental health and self confidence, the effects of these homosexual experiences vary greatly from individual to individual. For some men, the youthful homosexual experiment becomes a lifetime sexual preference. For other men, it fuels fantasies or perhaps becomes an occasional physical diversion adding a little spice to life from time to time, sort of a dash of Tabasco during a lifetime of feasting on pussy. For the vast majority of men I suspect it was just an experiment that fades into a memory and they move on. Depending on the circumstances, the experience usually leaves no scars, but for some, the internalized stigma and guilt sometimes fosters a homophobia that can be downright unhealthy. To those unfortunate souls, get over it and stop being such a wimp, there are worst things in life other than being cornholed.

The stories presented here are only meant as salacious entertainment for mature adults who understand the differences between fact and fiction and should not be construed as condoning or promoting sex between adults and minors. Indeed, such acts should not occur in real life. Little girls, in particular, are treasures to be protected in real life, and those who abuse them deserve to be removed from society where they can become the cock-receptacles for some really scary dudes. Just as a story on the latest murder is not intended to promote murder, it is not our intent to promote a lifestyle nor to encourage criminal activity.

Even if purported to be "true", these stories are fictional stories; perverted perhaps, but fictional nonetheless. They never happened. No real little girl actually had her little cunt stretched by some big old vein-crossed throbbing cock (with or without foreskin), no little boy's rectum was stretched into a yawning chasm and no cute fluffy bunnies were actually used experimentally. If you can't distinguish between fact and fiction, please seek psychiatric help or at least stop watching CNN and MSNBC or reading the New York Times.

It should be noted that safe sex practices are not used in these stories unless the writer wishes, and why waste a fictional flood of cum filling a fictional condom when an eager and tight fictional wet pulsating hole is available? This in no way should be construed as promoting unsafe sex practices. In real life, there are serious consequences to stupidity, whether in regards to sex, fucking children or voting habits.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, all work contained in this site copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 with all rights expressly reserved by the author unless explicitly granted.

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MY COUSIN - Chapter 5 - Expanding Horizons by JimGee (Fggb, nudity, oral, 1st, inc, nepi)

05/29/15 - Sarah's little friend is included in their games where the realtionship between brother and sister expands...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 5 by Masterdebator (MF, oral, role playing)

05/29/15 - Lisa and Dan make love while role playing. Afterwards, when Lisa finds her torn panties in Jake's room, she realizes that things really had crossed the line...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 4 by Masterdebator (drugs, Fb, Fm, exhib, Mb, oral, fist, inc)

05/21/15 - In a drugged stupor, Lisa becomes a play toy for both of Dan's boys...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 3 by Masterdebator (drugs, MF, exhib, voy, Fb, fondle)

05/14/15 - Confused about her feelings, Lisa begins acting upon what she'd thought were just dreams...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 2 by Masterdebator (drugs, voy, exhib, mast, Fb, Mb, inc)

05/07/15 - Drugged again the next morning, Lisa, Dan's bar room pickup, exhibits herself to the boys and does things she'd normally never do...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 1 by Masterdebator (MF, voy, drugs, MbF, Fb, 1st)

05/01/15 - Picked up by a cute guy in a bar, a woman has a morning surprise, a young admirer...

MIKE'S NEW DAD by Uncle Reamum (bb, oral, Mb, MMb, oral, anal)

04/23/15 - When his step-dad caught ten-year-old Mike sucking his friend's dick, the boy thought he was going to be in lots of trouble...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 4 - When the Cats Are Away by JimGee (bg, Fb, Fbg, fond, nudity, voy, oral, nepi)

04/17/15 - Jim's parents leave on their trip leaving his sexually adventuresome cousin, Barbara, in charge...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 3 - Teaching Sarah by JimGee (Fbbgg, inc, oral, anal, mast, nepi)

04/10/15 - Jim's little sister is introduced to sex play...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 2 - Learning to Play by JimGee (Fb, Fg, bg, nepi, oral, inc, 1st)

03/26/15 - Disowned by her parents, a pregnant Barbara comes to live with Jim and his family...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 1 - Good Feelings by JimGee - (fb, fondle, oral, inc)

03/20/15 - 5 yo Jim's family goes to visit his aunt and uncle, where his 13 yo cousin introduces him to sexual pleasure...

The stories of Lasiter


Now posting

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 1 by Lasiter (Mg, exhib, fond, pedo)

06/27/14 - In this new series, a young girl learns to enjoy men enjoying her. In Chapter 1, almost nine Julie meets the man who will begin teaching her the ways of men...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 2 - Rainy Day Schedule by Lasiter (Mg, exhib, oral, pedo)

07/03/14 - Ben advances his seduction of nine year old Julie...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 3 - Learning To Do It by Lasiter (Mg, exhib, oral, toys, 1st)

07/11/14 - Step by step, Ben prepares Julie to take him...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 4 - Share Bear by Lasiter (MMg, mg, MMgg, gg, exhib, voy, pedo, oral, toys, anal)

07/17/14 - Julie learns that Ben also likes to watch...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 5 - Sharing is Caring by Lasiter (MMgg, exhib, oral, inc, MMg, anal)

07/25/14 - Ben invites Jenny and her dad over...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 6 - A New Year, A New Trick (MMg, oral, prost, ws)

07/31/14 - On New Year's Eve, Julie is hired for a private party...

JULIE'S WORLD - Chapter 7 - I Get a New Daddy (M+g, Mg, exhib, oral, anal, preg)

08/08/14 - The story concludes. Ben introduces Julie to the man who would change her life forever...


A FAMILY MATTER by Lasiter (bff, oral, 1st, mg, oral, Mg, Mmg, inc, cons)

04/25/14 - Upon discovering their kids having sex, some parents react differently than the norm...

FINDING SHELTER by Lasiter (Mg, bath, mast, oral)

03/28/14 - Late at night, a small waif shows up once again at her neighbor's door, dirty, hungry and alone...

BLINDMAN's BLUFF by Anonymous (mmg, inc, mdom, ltBond, 1st, cons)

12/05/13 - On a swealtering summer day, fifteen year old Jimmy is invited to play a game with his buddy and his buddy's eleven year old sister...

A GOOD NEIGHBOR by Lasiter (mmg, oral, anal, MMg, exhib, inc)

10/11/13 - A surprise awaits a single dad when he finds lewd things on his son's computer...

PUTNAM'S PLEASURE by Lasiter (Fb, inc, mast, oral, toys, rim, voy, MF, MFb, food)

08/02/13 - A mother is suprised to learn that her secret games with her 9 yo boy aren't so secret after all...

PRIVATE LESSONS by Lasiter (exhib, fondle, mast, inc, Mg, MMg, oral, anal)

05/24/13 The young girl's private swimming lessons were very private...

SPRINKLER GIRL by Lasiter - (voy, exhib, Mg, MMg, oral, 1st, cons, preg)

04/24/13 - It was only when his fence fell down that Mike got to know his next door neighbors.

THE BETTING POOL by Lasiter - (Mg, fond, oral, inc, mg, 1st, cons, exhib, MMMMMg)

01/11/13 - At a very young age, Sierra was introduced to sex. Dad and her uncle tried to keep it a secret, but when the cat's out of the bag...

THE NEIGHBOR-LADY'S KIDS by Lasiter - (mg, mmbg, Mgb, bg, voy, oral, rim, prost, ped)

05/27/11 - A change in his schedule leads Joe Jones to witness sex acts between kids. His curiosity piqued and his ardor raised, he siezes upon an opportunity that he just might regret...

DaDee's Girls by Lasiter - (bg, Mgg, inc, oral, 1st, anal, mast, exhib, ped)

03/08/11 - Joanie and her best friend Carla are in the same Sex Ed class. So how come Carla knows so much more about boy thingies than she does?

CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE by Lasiter - (M+g, prost, interr, oral, anal, inc, blackmail)

01/20/11 - Out at his fishing camp, my buddy has a birthday surprise for me and the fellows... poontang... young poontang...

DOING DEBBIE by Lasiter - (m+g, Mg, oral, cons, inc, ped)

07/22/10 - Debbie is a precocious pre-teen who is very popular with all the older neighborhood boys, very popular...

THE NEW LIVING ARRANGEMENTS by Lasiter - (Mgg, MMF, ped, oral, anal, voy)

01/12/10 - When his son's home burns down, John G. offers his son and his family to move in with him until things settle down. But with a bombshell stripper for a daughter-in-law and two precocious step-granddaughters, it will be some time before John G. settles down...

BATH TIME FOR JENNY by Lasiter - (MMg, pedo, oral, anal, ws)

11/13/09 - Little Jenny loves her bath time and loves the bath time games. So does dad and his friends...

RIDING THE PAVEMENT PRINCESS by Lasiter - (Mg, MMg, M+g, exhib, cons, inc, anal, oral, bond, drugs)

10/21/09 - Mike's ex has landed in jail and he takes custody of his promiscuous 12 yo daughter.... problem is, he has an irrepressible roomie who has a taste for young snatch. But is that really a problem?

A FAIR EXCHANGE by Lasiter - (Mg, exhib, mast, pedo, oral, 1st, inc, MMg)

09/25/09 - A divorced father is seduced by his young daughter's best friend...

POONTANG PICKIN' by Lasiter - (mmmg, 1st, interr, lang, oral, preg)

05/11/10 - A young white country boy loses his virginity with a young willing black girl...

PEG BOY By Lasiter - (Mm, MMm, M+m, mf, nc, reluc, cons, oral, anal, interr, bond)

08/05/09 - A troubled teenaged boy who is raped and abused by his step-father, runs away to New Orleans where he is used for prostitution by his "benefactor"...

THE BARN by Lasiter - (mf, mg, mmf, bond, voy, exhib, interr, oral, inc, 1st, reluc, lang)

07/01/09 - A boy and is younger sister are caught trespassing.

SUMMER HEAT by Lasiter - (m+fg, ped, 1st, interr, oral, lang)

01/14/09 - A young white boy discovers the carnal pleasures of poontang with the help of his black companions...


BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 1 by Lasiter - (Mg, exhib, mast, seduc, ped)

09/27/12 - Little Debbie knows a lot more about somethings than her older brother Jack. Not to worry, Jack is a quick learner. In Chapter 1, Sis plays games at a sleepover with her best friend and her friend's dad.

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 2 by Lasiter - (Mg, mast, 1st, oral, anal, exhib, Mgg, inc, cons)

10/05/12 - Jack's little sis learns how to do it.

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 3 by Lasiter - (mg, inc, mast, oral, 1st, voy)

10/12/12 - Jack's little sister wants to play games and introduces her older brother to a thing or two.

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 4 by Lasiter - (mg, inc, oral, anal, cons)

10/28/12 - Doing chores in the morning for Mom had never been more fun...

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 5 by Lasiter - (mmg, oral, 1st)

11/02/12 - Jack decides to kick up sex with Debbie a notch...

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 6 by Lasiter - (mg, mmg, inc, Mg, gg, mgg, voy, exhib, oral, cons)

11/09/12 - Jack and Dutch get caught dipping their wicks with an unexpectedly profitable result for Jack and Lacy moves back to the neighborhood with her mother…

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 7 by Lasiter - (mmgg, mm, oral)

11/19/12 - Jack and Dutch learn that there is a price to pay for free pussy, a price that Jack is reluctant to pay. But to play you must pay...

BALLING LIL' SIS - Chapter 8 by Lasiter - (mg, Mgg, inc, cons, oral)

12/07/12 - Jack and Debbie are busted by Dad doing the mattress mambo and Jack's life as he knew it, comes to an end... for a while.


DADDY'S TOY Chapter 1 - Huggy Kissy Time With Daddy by Lasiter - (fond, nudity, inc, ped)

11/12/11 - When Randy's wife takes on a new job, Randy finds that he must spend more and more time with his young daughter, and finds it hard to keep boundries with his precocious six year old.

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 2 - Mall Fashion Model by Lasiter - (voy, exhib, Mg, oral, anal, inc)

11/14/11 - Backstage at the Fall Fashion Show, Randy discovers that he gets a kick out of displaying his young daughter.

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 3 - The Last Fashion Show by Lasiter - (voy, exhib, Mg, inc)

11/17/11 - After his wife's untimely death, Randy agrees to do one more fashion show where he invites Clint and Hanna over to skinny dip.

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 4 - The Joys of Sharing by Lasiter - (voy, exhib, oral, inc, Mg, 1st, MMg, anal, MMgg, Mgg)

11/21/11 - Randy's plans had been limited when he invited Clint and Hanna over for a skinny dip, but things just went much farther than he ever planned...

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 5 - Needing New Kicks by Lasiter - Mg, Mgg, M+g, oral, inc, exhib, voy, prost)

11/28/11 - Randy becomes increasingly irritated at Clint's failure to deliver Hanna for home schooling on time or at all. But once Clint reveals what he's been up to with his niece, Randy's urge to display Mitzi takes them to a photographer...

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 6 - The Club by Lasiter - (exhib, mast, Mg, rim, oral, prost, buk)

12/05/11 - In the Stag Bar, Mitzi and Hanna are introduced to The Club as newbies...

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 7 - The Auction by Lasiter - (Mg, MMg, exhib, voy, oral, anal, prost, extrm, beast, bond)

12/09/11 - Enthused by Mitzi's introduction to The Club in the Stag Bar, Randy commits himself to auction off Mitzi for sex...

DADDY'S TOY Chapter 8 - The Rich Man's Toy by Lasiter - (Mff, Mg, MMMg, oral, anal, inc, prost, voy, drug, interr, extrm)

12/16/11 - Daddy's Toy concludes. It's all been great fun, but almost too late, Randy realizes that maybe The Club isn't such a good idea after all...

The stories of E.A. Grant

PICTURE PERFECT by E.A. Grant - (MF, reluc, anal, bond, Mg, exhib, mast, prost)

02/20/12 - Sonia accidentally discovers something about her boss that might help her keep her job, his proclivity for young girls, pretty little girls like her daughter, Lolly...

THE MIDNIGHT PRINCESS by E.A. Grant - (Fb, inc, fondle, oral)

08/05/11 - By the soft glow of the street light streaming into their shared bedroom, a young boy enjoys the attention of his lonesome mother...

DO IT FOR DADDY, BEVERLY by E.A. Grant - (Mg, inc, oral, mast, anal)

04/19/11 - If both hands are in casts, how does a guy do the basics... like take a leak? Fortunately for Tad, he has a daughter eager to help Dad...

A RUSTY RED VAN by E.A. Grant - (Mg, prost, oral, interr, inc)

03/31/11 - Roy had found it easier, more fun, and more profitable to simply whore out his young daughter rather than working at a dead end menial job. All was well until… But life goes on.

SISTERS by E.A. Grant - (gg, Mgg, inc, pedo, voy, oral, anal)

11/05/10 - While his wife took their son to an out of town playoff game, Jeff had to babysit his two preteen daughters. Little did he know when he came early from work that afternoon that his relationship with the two girls would so be irreversibly changed.

DADDY'S SHOWGIRL by E.A. Grant - (MMMg, exhib, pedo, oral, anal, inc, cons)

09/28/10 - Dave likes to showoff his eight year old daughter and Sherry likes to show off for her daddy. Dave also enjoys seeing her with other men.

TEACHER'S PET - Part 1 Raping Mary Lynn by E.A. Grant - (FFg, Fdom, oral, anal, toys, cons)

09/01/10 - Two teachers on the Island of Jersy take pleasure in their little girls...

THE CUTTY CABIN by E.A. Grant - (MMg, ped, exhib, voy, mast, oral, inc, cons)

06/02/10 - Joe loves to show off his eight year old daughter, Michel, and she loves to please her daddy...

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID - Part 2 by E.A. Grant - (MFf, exhib, inc, 1st, oral, anal, toys)

04/12/10 - Driven by her own limitless desires, Martha wants to see her ten year old daughter fucked, fucked by a man.

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID - Part 1 by E.A. Grant - (Ff, inc, oral, anal, toys)

04/06/10 - Ten year old Jan's mother is slut who likes it the nastier the better. When Jan reveals that she's been watching her mother, Mom gets an idea, a nasty idea...

LITTLE SISTER'S INITIATION by E.A. Grant - (bg, exhib, mdom, b+g, inc, oral)

04/02/10 - Nine year old Liz will do absolutely everything her older brother Eddie tells her to, including showing her displaying herself to his friends...

AN ACCOMMODATION - Part 3 by E.A. Grant - (M+g, ped, exhib, oral, anal, prost)

02/08/10 - Jimmy discovers that Rachel is interested in making a little money...

AN ACCOMMODATION - Part 2 by E.A. Grant - (Mg, ped, 1st, cons, oral)

01/04/10 - Rachel is prime and Jimmy gives her what she wants...

AN ACCOMMODATION - Part 1 by E.A. Grant - (Mg, voy, ped, mast, oral)

12/09/09 - Rachel's father is on the run and stashes the 11 yo red head with his friend Jimmy. When the father's luck runs out, Jimmy is in luck.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Part 1 by E.A. Grant - (Fg, ped, exhib, voy, cons, oral, anal, ws)

10/09/09 - 11 yo Kathy is seduced by the woman next door who has designs upon the pre-teen girl as a sex slave...

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Part 2 by E.A. Grant - (Fg, bg, Mg, blackmail, Fdom, ped, exhib, voy, reluc, oral, anal)

10/09/09 - Pam tricks 11 yo Kathy into molesting 8 yo Tommy and then uses the evidence against her to give the pre-teen girl to her big cocked husband as a home coming present.

TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD? by E.A. Grant - (Mgg, exhib, cons, inc, oral, anal, ws)

09/17/09 - An older brother indulges his little sister and her friend and fulfils their desire to see his big pecker... Hey! What are big brothers for anyway?

CAROL and PENNY by E.A. Grant - (bgg, Mbgg, MMgg, inc, oral, anal, cons)

05/28/09 - After discovering his nine-year-old daughter, his daughter's best friend and his son engaged in sexual play, Art succumbs to his favorite fantasy and joins the kids' private sex club, shaping it to meet his own darkest desires...

SMILING BLUE EYES by E.A. Grant - (Mg, Fg, MF, MMg, cons, ped, inc, exhib, voy, interr, oral, anal, ws)

04/23/09 - Uncle Paul is in for a cock-stiffening surprise when he babysits India, his precocious 8-year-old niece, for the weekend...

YES, DADDY by E.A. Grant - (Mg, ped, inc, father daughter)

11/08/08 - After finding his young daughter to be very receptive, a father trains her to be a fuck-toy slut...

THE MANAGER by E.A. Grant - (Mg, MMg, pedo, inc, oral)

11/08/08 - Hard times call for desperate measures. How fortunate it is to have something valuable to barter with...

MILK FOR KITTEN by E.A. Grant - (mg, inc, ped, oral, cons)

11/08/08 - An older brother finds that babysitting his younger sister isn't such a chore...

A NOTE FROM E.A. GRANT: Please! I need your help. I'm preparing a new factual account based on my adult readers' incest experiences, in the form of a story. Obviously no names or identifying information would be included. Contact me by E-Mail and we can discuss it... Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours, E.A.Grant


The stories of JimBob

JimBob is back - again!!! He has had a rough time of it the past few months, but is now improving. We continue to wish him well and we're happy that he is once again a regular contributor to this web site. - Lasiter


THE SLEEPOVER by JimBob (Mgg, inc, fondle, oral, 1st, mast, cons)

08/11/14 - Annie gets to go to Emily's house for a sleepover and they spend an exciting and educational afternoon and evening at the hands... and tongue... and other parts, of Emily's Uncle Bob...

PENNY, GIRL MODEL by JimBob - (Mg, fond, slo sed, ped, 1st, cons)

03/14/12 - When I was nine years old and got my first camera, my twelve year old cousin gave me some advice. "You want to take pictures of girls," he said, "you first gotta talk them into taking their pants off." From all my dealings with girls over the years, I've found that to be pretty good advice.

ANNE and ALICA by JimBob - (Mgg, cons)

02/27/12 - Two little girls do a couple of tricks with a man on Halloween. It is hard to determine who gets the biggest treat, the girls or the man.

THE ENCOUNTER by JimBob - (Mg, cons, Mg, reluc)

02/13/12 - This is a story of my love for my dear little Alice, one of the many little girls I have loved and lost.

MY DAUGHTER JENNY by JimBob - (Mg, inc, ped, cons)

12/09/10 - My Daughter is a tale of perhaps a too loving encounter between a man and his eleven year old daughter, told in his own words. I changed very little of his words, but I did add a few of mine own to make a "confession" into a story that I hope you enjoy.

WHATEVER LOLA WANTS by JimBob - (Mg, kidnap, mast, reluc, ped)

07/29/10 - A badly spoiled little rich girl is captured by a gang and held for ransom. Those of you who are older, will recognize the tie with the old song at once. For you young pups, the next line is: Lola gets.


LISA MARIE AND DADDY Part 1 by JimBob (Mg, fond, oral, inc)

10/02/13 - After her mother deserts them, a girl discovers her father has more than the usual paternal affection for her...

LISA MARIE AND DADDY Part 2 by JimBob (Mgg, fond, oral, inc, 1st, interr)

10/02/13 - By a stroke of good luck, Daddy finds that he has two curious little girls on his hands...


ALICIA 7 - My Daddy Loves Me! by JimBob - (MMg, fond, gg, toys, Mg, cons, inc)

12/13/13 - ALICIA concludes... Our little Alicia continues her reckless journey into becoming a young lady. At age eleven she has had and lost an adult lover. She has tried out a couple of teen aged boys, and found them lacking. She now has settled on an older man to satisfy her needs. But Alicia still has her eyes set on the one man she truly loves and admires over all others, her Daddy.

ALICIA 6 - I Need My Satisfaction by JimBob - (Mg, mmgf, Mf, cons, 1st)

05/10/13 - Alicia has found and lost her man at age ten. She has gone through the grieving process, and is on the prowl for someone to take care of her special needs. Any volunteers?

ALICIA 5 - I Lose My Man! by JimBob - (Mg, cons, int, oral, 1st, anal)

01/18/13 - Alicia is now ten and her daddy’s employee, Mr. Kaplan, satisfies her curiosity of what sex is really like. But just as she’s really having fun, it’s back to square one… almost.

ALICIA 4 - I Meet a New Man! by JimBob - (Mg, fond, porn)

01/09/13 -- Our girl is back at Daddy's place in England, where he introduces her to one of his friends who will looking after her when Daddy's away on business.

ALICIA 3 - I Love My Daddy by JimBob - (Mg, bg, gg, cons, fond)

12/17/12 - Our girl has returned to Grandpa's English estate after spending most of the summer in the South of France where Sarge has been taking care of her every wish and need. Alicia is about to become a schoolgirl In London, and is excited about staying with her Daddy.

ALICIA 2 - I Have My Own Man by JimBob - (Mg, mast, fondle, mg)

12/07/12 - Our little four-year-old Alicia continues her stay at the French Estate with Sarge teaching her new tricks. Alicia is taking full advantage of her man's knowledge and experience, and showing off a little of her own.

ALICIA 1 - My Name Is Alicia by JimBob - (Mg, fondle, nudity)

11/30/12 - Little Alicia relates her first experiences with men.


Jaycee Model Part 4 by JimBob - (Mg, prost, exhib, oral, fondle, pedo, cons)

04/27/12 - With Leona complicit in his actions, Alex sets out to have Jaycee star in a video that is sure to generate lots of cash.

Jaycee Model Part 3 by JimBob - (Mg, prost, exhib, oral, fondle, pedo, cons)

04/27/12 -- Knowing that Jaycee was comfortable posing nude and playing sex games, Leona decides that she can make loads of easy money with her willing pre-teen daughter. But things don't go as quite as she expected, but that was okay with Mom too.

Jaycee Model Part 2 by JimBob - (Mg, exhib, oral, fondle, pedo, 1st, cons)

04/16/12 - Jaycee has come in for another photo shoot, and it seems little Jaycee is no longer at all shy about posing in the nude and even indulging in other nude activities with Alex.

Jaycee Model Part 1 by JimBob - (Mg, exhib, oral, fondle, pedo, semi-cons)

04/13/12 - A story of a young model and an old photographer and a morning photo shoot where they get to know each other.


THE GREEN DOOR Part 8 by JimBob - (Mg, Mggg, 1st, fondle, oral, ped, prost, cons)

07/20/12 - What better person to initiate our little sisters into sex play than old Harry? Satisfaction is guaranteed! Kinda slow at first, but the action soon heats up.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 7 by JimBob - (Fgm, ggg, exhib, fondle, oral, ped, prost, inc, cons)

06/21/12 - Holly is given an idea by a chance meeting with Harry before seeing a woman client who uses her to give her horny teenage son a lesson in loving. Using what she just learned from the woman, Holly gives little Patty and Mindy a demonstration in pussy fun.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 6 by JimBob - (Mg, g, cons, fond, oral, mast, inc, ped, exhib)

03/15/11 - Holly gives a solo show at the Green Door Club, and realizes who she is really in love with. That evening there is a repeat performance with the real lover.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 5 by JimBob - (Mg, inc, fond, oral, ped, cons, exhib)

03/01/11 - Holly meets Harry and finds out that in a man, looks are not that important, it is performance that counts. Harry's performance impresses Holly as much as her looks and body impress him. Daddy gets flashed by Holly.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 4 by JimBob - (Mg, inc, fond, oral, ped, cons, 1st)

02/10/11 - Holly is back at work, and Bob asks her to help break in a new girl with an important customer. However, as much as the new girl needs the money, she is fearful of being hurt.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 3 by JimBob - (Mg, inc, fond, oral, ped, cons, 1st)

01/24/11 - Holly is out of commission, so Tricia gets to tell the girls of her first time with fat Uncle Max...

THE GREEN DOOR Part 2 by JimBob - (Mg, fond, oral, ped, cons, 1st, prost)

01/14/11 -- Holly has her first customer, and he leaves very well satisfied with her service. Holly is satisfied too.

THE GREEN DOOR Part 1 by JimBob - (Mg, mg, cons, prost, exhib, oral, interr, ped)

01/05/11 -- A story of a poor girl who asks for a job in an odd little place behind a green door.


KATHY'S SLEEPOVER by JimBob - (mmbggg, Mgg, inc, fond, oral, pedo, cons)

04/08/11 - Kathy plots to get Bob to date her Mom. When the big night arrives, she convinces her mom to let her have a sleepover with Lilly and to hire Laura's Uncle Billy to babysit them.

KATHY THE MATCHMAKER by JimBob - (Mgg, Coms, Inc, Fond, Oral, Exhib, Ped)

03/04/11 - Kathy has decided it would be good for her and Lilly if Lilly's dad married her mom. She sets her plan into action in this part.

KATHY and BOB and LAURA at the MATINEE by JimBob - (Mggg, fond, mast, inc, oral, ped)

12/17/10 - Three girls and one man. My, My. Kathy stories have been told before by Kathy. In this one, we hear from a third person viewpoint.

KATHY and LILY, BOB TOO by JimBob - (Mgg, tease, oral, ped, inc)

06/01/10 - Kathy's sexual education continues. Kathy and Lilly flirt with a relationship. Is it sisterly or gay? Kathy is becoming more focused, and this extra circular Sex Ed is paying off. Things are falling into place.

KATHY and UNCLE BILLY Part 2 by JimBob - (mmgg, tease, mast, oral, 1st, ped, inc)

05/14/10 - Continuing the story of Kathy's first sleepover at Laura's. We meet Tim. Kathy and Laura get to see an XXX rated movie. Finally, this Sex Ed stuff makes some sense. Tim and Uncle Billy use the old maxim: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

KATHY and UNCLE BILLY Part 1 by JimBob - (mg, tease, mast, oral)

05/07/10 - Kathy meets Laura's Uncle Billy at the sleepover, and they hit it off right away.

KATHY GETS A RIDE by JimBob - (Mg, oral, ped, con)

04/29/10 - After school, Kathy is tracked down by Bob and Lilly. She is offered and accepts a ride to the river where she learns some new "twicks"...

KATHY AT THE MATINEE by JimBob - (Mgg, mast, tease, inc)

04/27/10 - Nine (almost) yo Kathy is snubbed by her friend at the Saturday matinee. A nice man offers her to sit by him and his very young daughter where she is faced with a question and a delemma... When does good touching become bad touching? And if it's bad touching, why does it feel so good?


Matinee Idylls - CANDY IS DANDY by JimBob - (Mggg, fondling, mast, interr)

11/18/10 - Ladonna, Maddy and Leticia are back, and ready for more hot action at the matinee. What will bring a reluctant little sister around?

Matinee Idylls - FELISHA AND JACKIE by JimBob - (Mg, Mgg, fondle, mast, oral, interr, cons)

09/22/10 - Jim recovers from a bad start at the Saturday Matinee thanks to two young sisters.

Matinee Idylls - LADONNA AND HER SISTERS by JimBob - (Mgg, fondle, oral, interr, cons)

09/03/10 - A lecher scores with a willing young black girl and her little sister at the Saturday movie matinee...


South of France - MARIETTE AT EIGHT by JimBob - (Mg, MMggg, pedo, fond, oral, cons)

11/04/10 - Four years have passed and Jim has returned to Saint Cyr searching for and finding his little Honey Pot. Best of all, her Papa and Maman have given her permission to accompany Jim to visit a friend who has his own little playmates.

South of France - LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON by JimBob - (Mg, cons, fondle, mast, oral)

10/18/10 - A story of three days of bliss spent with a small French girl. An old lecher's dreams come true.

South of France - THE HONEY POT by JimBob - (Mg, fondle, mast, oral)

10/06/10 - A chance encounter on a beach in France between an old man and a young girl.


COME BACK LATER, JANET by JimBob - (Mg, fond, oral, pedo, cons)

10/21/10 - Another of the "Come" series, featuring young Janet and her old nemesis, Jim.

COME FIX THE POOL by JimBob - (Mg, 1st, cons, oral, ped)

07/20/10 - Janet helps Jim fill a crack.

TAMMY GETS IT by JimBob - (Mg, 1st, cons, ped)

07/12/10 - Tammy and Jim are at it again, but there is an accident. Will everything come out all right in the end? Okay, it's a bad pun, but you have to read the story to find out why.

COME PLAY BY THE POOL by JimBob - (Mg, ped, tease, fondle, finger fuck)

06/17/10 - Jim and Janet have a rather unusual relationship, which is explored more in this story. We meet some more of the girls at the pool, who will appear solo in future stories.

COME OUT AND PLAY by JimBob - (Mg, ped, tease, mast, oral, semi cons)

06/11/10 - Janet, Tammy's big sister, volunteers as test subject for Jim's latest "invention"...

LITTLE WHITE SWIMSUIT Ch 4 by JimBob - (Mg, 1st, cons, oral, ped)

05/26/10 - Sharon’s Turn

LITTLE WHITE SWIMSUIT Ch 3 by JimBob - (Mg, ped, mast. oral)

05/26/10 - - Bring on the girls!

LITTLE WHITE SWIMSUIT Ch 2 by JimBob - (Mg tease, fondle, oral)

05/26/10 - We Meet Ellen, a playful and adventurous girl...

LITTLE WHITE SWIMSUIT Ch 1 by JimBob - (Mggg+ fondle, voy)

05/26/10 - There was a day at our pool much as I describe here, complete with the three tweens, one priest to be, and one little white swimsuit, exactly as described herein. The would-be priest and I both got boners, exactly as described. As for the rest of the tale? Ah, if only...

THE GAMES MISSY PLAYS - Part 4 - Missy Tells Some Secrets by JimBob - (Mg, bg, inc, mast, cons)

04/15/10 - During a chance meeting, Jim learns a few secrets from Missy, gaining some insight into how to please the little girl.

THE GAMES MISSY PLAYS - Part 3 - Missy Comes Around by JimBob - (Mg, tease, mast, cons)

04/15/10 - With a definite agenda in mind, Missy comes to see Jim. Who says little girls aren't sexy?

THE GAMES MISSY PLAYS - Part 2 - The Game Goes On by JimBob - (Mg, oral, fondle, cons)

04/15/10 - Missy and Jim enjoy a meal, then Missy, Jim and the game all heat up in the California sun.

THE GAMES MISSY PLAYS - Part 1 - The Game Begins by JimBob - (Mg, tease, cons, no sex)

04/15/10 - We meet Missy, A happy and willing little girl. She loves the games Jim plays.

TAMMY IS FIRST by JimBob - (Mgg, tease, oral, ped, inc)

06/07/10 - Soon after moving his family into his new home, Jim meets Tammy, and the little girl has no problem letting Jim knows that she’s hot to trot.


THE TWINS - Chapter 4 by JimBob - (mmgg, 1st, inc, oral, ped)

07/09/10 - The twins and Brad continue their incestuous relationship, and Tommy joins in. The young twins education and exploration is coming along nicely. Last chapter of this story.

THE TWINS - Chapter 3 by JimBob - (mg, mast, oral, ped)

07/06/10 - Jenny takes a turn with Brad and catches up with Joyce. Now the girls are equal, what else can happen?

THE TWINS - Chapter 2 by JimBob - (mg, mast, oral, ped)

07/02/10 - When the twins visit the farm, Brad's life becomes much more interesting. With the girls new growth and growing interest in boys, watch out! The twins are very competitive, and poor Brad is caught in the middle.

THE TWINS - Chapter 1 by JimBob - (mf, 1st, mg, mast, oral, ped)

06/28/10 - A devilish pair of precocious preteen twin girls prepare to vie for attention from a horny teenage boy on a Nebraska farm. But before they get there, Brad gets laid for his first time.

The stories of Uncle Reamum

MIKE'S NEW DAD by Uncle Reamum (bb, oral, Mb, MMb, oral, anal)

04/23/15 - NEW - When his step-dad caught ten-year-old Mike sucking his friend's dick, the boy thought he was going to be in lots of trouble...

PJ's BJs by Uncle Reamum (Mm, Mmmmm, mm, MMm, exhib, oral, anal, cons)

08/29/14 - NEW - A chance encounter with an old acquaintance stirs long suppressed desires...

ME AND MY DAD'S FRIEND by Uncle Reamum (Mb, bbbg, mb, oral, anal, exhib, cons)

06/20/14 - A young pre-teen boy becomes the willing butt-boy of a friend of his dad's...

THE LAWNBOY by Uncle Reamum (Mb, exhib, 1st oral, MMb, 1st anal)

02/14/13 - When eleven year old Jimmy is offered a lucrative grass cutting job, he didn't know that it included skinny dipping afterward with his new employer, nor did he suspect where and what that would lead to...

CAMOUT AT THE KLINGMAN RANCH by Uncle Reamum (bb, nudity, MMbb, oral)

07/12/13 - Having gained permission to campout at a secluded swimmimg hole, two boys are busted doing what boys do when they're alone...

UNCLE BILLY'S SWIMMIN' HOLE by Uncle Reamum - (bb, exhib, 1st oral, Mbb, voy, fondle, oral, rim, 1st anal)

02/05/13 - Ten year old Davy is introduced to joys of skinny dipping and the opportunities for messing around that it offers...

DANNY-THE COACH'S BOY by Danny and Uncle Reamum - (bbb, Mb, oral, 1st anal)

09/22/12 - Eight year old Danny is no innocent when it comes to sucking dick, so when he spends the night with his pee-wee football coach he is ready to learn something new.

Training Tommy by Uncle Reamum - (bb, oral, exhib, anal, rim, Mb, inc, MMb, voy, prost)

06/01/12 - When ten year old Tommy moved with his mother to a new apartment complex, he quicky found a buddy to hang with, a buddy who along with his father, taught Tommy a few things...

DADDY'S BOY by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, bb, MMbb, voy, exhib, inc, oral, anal, prost)

10/07/11 - After serving time in prison, Detter Smith is reunited with his son, Teddy. Over the course of several months and visitations, Detter teaches Teddy everything a new butt boy should know.

EAST SIDE STORY by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, exhib, 1st, fondle, oral, anal, rim, MMb, prost)

04/15/11 - Nine year old Mikey is recruited by an older man for man/boy sex.

LATCH KEY BUDDIES by Uncle Reamum - (bb, Mbb, ped, nudity, voy, oral, anal)

10/01/10 - Eight year old Bobby introduces his randy tutor to his new friend, Wally.

LATCH KEY BOY by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, MMb, ped, nudity, 1st, oral, anal, bond)

08/13/10 - Eight year old Bobby had no friends until the day he was discovered by a randy retired school teacher, who taught him more than he was learning in school...

COUNTRY LESSONS By Uncle Remum - (bb, Mb, MMb, ped, 1st, inter, oral, anal, nc, lang)

01/26/09 - Bobby Ray just has to get his shoes back from his mean-as-a-junk-yard-dog great uncle, but in doing so, he learns just how mean the old bastard really is...


JOHNNY'S BIG WEEKEND WITH DAD by Uncle Reamum - (bbb, MM, Mb, MMb, ped, cons, inc, oral, anal, rim)

01/13/11 -- The boss has invited Johnny and his dad over for a swimming party...

SLEEPOVER AT MICKEY'S by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, mb, M+b, exhib, fondle, oral, anal)

12/10/10 - Little Johnny Butt Fuck is invited to a birthday party and a sleepover...

JOHNNY THE WOOD NYMPH by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, ped, nudity, mast, anal, oral)

05/04/10 - It is late summer and a bored Little Johnny Butt Fuck finds himself happily playing the role of a wood nymph for an aged saytr.

JOHNNY GOES CLUBBING by Uncle Reamum - (bb, Mb, ped, nudity, anal, oral)

02/08/10 - On a hot summer day, Nick and Little Johnny Butt Fuck, seek out a place to keep cool and invite themselves as "Guests" of the Grecian Social Club.

JOHNNY GOES CAMPING by Uncle Reamum - (Mb, MMbb, MMb, ped, exhib, drugs, anal, oral, ws)

02/05/10 - Nick's dad invites Little Johnny Butt Fuck to go camping at a nudist camp, but Jetter actually has other plans for his butt-boy.

THE GAME By Uncle Remum - (m+fg, ped, 1st, interr, oral, lang)

11/08/08 - Little Johnny Butt Fuck gets caught blowing his buddy Nick. Johnny thinks he's in deep trouble, but Nick's dad has other ideas...

The stories of Pops

A WEEKEND WITH MY NIECES Part 2 by Pops 4476 (Mf, ff, Mff, spank, Mdom, bond, 1st, inc)

12/20/13 - Having successfully adjusted Jenna's attitude, Rick turns his attention to her stubborn cousin, Kaelyn...

A WEEKEND WITH MY NIECES Part 1 by Pops 4476 (Mf, spank, 1st, inc)

12/13/13 - Rick takes his two teen nieces with him on business. Upon discovering just how undisciplined they are, he takes actions to correct it, actions sanctioned by the girls' mothers...

WEEKEND WITH THE TWINS Part 1 by Pops 4476 (MC, Mgg, oral, 1st)

10/31/13 - Rob has the ability to probe other peoples' minds and make them do as he wishes. At a kid's birthday party, he targets a family with twin 12 yo girls for special action...

WEEKEND WITH THE TWINS Part 2 by Pops 4476 (MC, MMgg, Mgg, oral, anal)

12/03/13 - After taking the virginity of both twins, Rob has Tammy tip the pizza guy and then gets down and dirty with them...


MY TRUCKING PARTNER - Chapter 1 by Pops 4476 (Mg, 1st, oral, cons)

08/23/13 - School is out for the summer, so what's a working single mom to do with her kid? Maddie's answer is to ask Rob, her neighbor, to take her eleven year old daughter with him on his next trip with the surprising admonition to, "Be gentle with her."

MY TRUCKING PARTNER - Chapter 2 by Pops 4476 (Mg, MFg, oral, cons, inc?)

08/30/13 - After weeks on the road balling 11 year old Jamie, and even after Jamie's surprising admission that her grandfather was also her father, Rob is still not sure if everything will be cool when he returns Jamie to her mother.

MY TRUCKING PARTNER - Chapter 3 by Pops 4476 (Mg, oral, anal, Mgg)

10/04/13 - Rob takes Jamie on the road with him again, this time confident that Maddie would allow him to sexually do whatever he wanted with her 11 yo daughter...

MY TRUCKING PARTNER Part 4 by Pops 4476 (Mg, oral, voy, exhib, inc)

01/17/14 - Rob and Jamie spend the afternoon with Liz and her dad... - Rob and Jamie spend the afternoon with Liz and her dad...


EMILY'S AUDITION Part 1 by Pops 4476 (Mg, 1st, oral, cons

09/20/13 - Young Emily is determined to get the part when auditioning for a new teen TV series...

EMILY'S AUDITION Part 2 by Pops 4476 (MMMmg, anal, oral, cons, exhib)

10/25/13 - Emily returns for a second audition, this time for the lead role in a more adult TV series...


CHRISTE by Pops 4476 (Mg, Mgg, 1st, oral, fondle)

05/17/13 - Bouncing on her old neighbor's trampoline, a young girl meets her new neighbor who teaches her and her best friend to bounce on his mattress...

ON THE TRAIN by Pops 4476 (MF, Mg, 1st, oral)

04/12/13 - A chance meeting on a train leads to memorable experience with both the mom and the daughter...

TASHA ON THE TRAIN by Pops 4476 - (Mg, 1st, oral, fondle)

03/14/11 - Young Tasha, on a trip with a groping family friend, takes refuge for the night in a sleeper car with a man she just met...


ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 1 of 5 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/02/11 - Angie's mom, thinking her rebellious daughter was just a slut, pimps her out in exchange for a paid vaction...

ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 2 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/04/11 - Angie's slut training begins in earnest at a truck stop...

ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 3 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/08/11 - Angie is taken to sex club featuring young girls...

ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 4 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/14/11 - Dressing Angie and Carla provocatively, Rob takes the girls to Disney World where they meet like-minded Jerry and his slut daughter Kelli...

ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 3 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/08/11 - Angie is taken to sex club featuring young girls...

ANGIE MEETS HER DADDY - Chapter 5 by Pops 4476 - (Mf, M+f, ff, Mff, 1st, reluc, exhib, spank, oral, anal, group, bond, prost)

02/28/11 - Rob takes the girls on a short cruise to complete their "holiday" and makes permanent arrangements for Angie...

The stories of Ada Nabakova

ANNA CAN DO IT! by Ada Nabakova - (Mg, inc, blackmail, MMMFg, oral, anal, beast, cons, bi)

07/13/10 - A blackmailed father is coerced into offering up his young daughter to a sex gang...

AN UNFORGETTABLE JUNGLE WEEKEND by Ada Nabakova - (MMggb, ped, oral, anal, beast, bi)

06/09/10 - The children of a remote school located in the steaming jungles of southeast Asia, provide a weekend of entertainment during an offical visit...

Girl Talk


Introduction by Girl Talk - (Fg)

06/29/12 - “Lips” was an underground magazine that dedicated itself entirely to the sexual desires of women that enjoyed sex with children...

A MOTHER'S DESIRE by Girl Talk - (Fg, 1st, oral, rim, ws)

06/29/12 - Reprinted from Lips... story of a mother who acting on her fantasy to have sex with her young daughter, recruits the girl's teacher to teacher her the ways of women with girls ...

A MOTHER'S DESIRE Part 2 by Girl Talk - (Fg, oral, ws, exhib, voy, inc, Fdom)

03/27/13 - Reprinted from Lips Magazine... After a weekend of training, Julie returns little Kerry to her anxious and eager mother...

The stories of T. Nelson

BLACK SCHOOLGIRL SLUT by T. Nelson (Mf, interr, ped, oral, con)

09/14/13 - Young Sara has other ideas when her teacher reprimands her for showing too much cleavage...

TAKING DIRTY PICTURES by T. Nelson (voy, exhib, MMfg, oral, inc, interr)

08/13/13 - Pursuing a new hobby can have unexpected benefits...

THE REDNECK WEDDING ORGY by T. Nelson - (Mg+, Mf, mf, Fb+, inc, cons, interr, oral, mast, preg)

04/25/13 - A man discovers that he has relatives for whom incest and underage sex are a way of life.


THE GIRL WITH NO PANTIES Part 1 by T. Nelson - (Mg, Fsolo, exhib, voy, oral. toy)

03/29/13 - A chance encounter with a permissive mother and her daughter presents Ted with an unexpected opportunity.

THE GIRL WITH NO PANTIES Part 2 by T. Nelson - (Fm, gg, Mm, exhib, inc, oral, cons)

09/20/13 - Ted takes his 12 yo daughter to Marilyn's where he is yet again surprised by the shameless permissiveness...

THE GIRL WITH NO PANTIES Part 3 by T. Nelson - (MFm, Mg, inc, oral, 1st, toys)

10/18/13 - Emily catches Ted engaged in an immoral three-way tableau with Joey and Marilyn...

THE GIRL WITH NO PANTIES Part 4 by T. Nelson - (Fg, Mg, Mb, Fb, inc, oral, voy, fist)

11/20/13 - Ted is willingly submerged deeper into licentous depravity at Marilyn's...

THE GIRL WITH NO PANTIES Part 5 by T. Nelson - (mg, Mg, inc, voy, Fg, Fm, toys, interrr, oral)

01/10/14 - Ted is astonished when he meets Marilyn's randy black half brother...

The stories of JimGee


MY COUSIN - Chapter 1 - Good Feelings by JimGee (fb, fondle, oral, inc)

03/20/15 - NEW - 5 yo Jim's family goes to visit his aunt and uncle, where his 13 yo cousin introduces him to sexual pleasure...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 2 - Learning to Play by JimGee (Fb, Fg, bg, nepi, oral, inc, 1st)

03/26/15 - NEW - Disowned by her parents, a pregnant Barbara comes to live with Jim and his family...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 3 - Teaching Sarah by JimGee (Fbbgg, inc, oral, anal, mast, nepi)

04/10/15 - NEW - Jim's little sister is introduced to sex play...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 4 - When the Cats Are Away by JimGee (bg, Fb, Fbg, fond, nudity, voy, oral, nepi)

04/17/15 - NEW - Jim's parents leave on their trip leaving his sexually adventuresome cousin, Barbara, in charge...

MY COUSIN - Chapter 5 - Expanding Horizons by JimGee (Fggb, nudity, oral, 1st, inc, nepi)

05/29/15 - NEW - Sarah's little friend is included in their games where the realtionship between brother and sister expands...


THE HIKE Part 1 by JimGee (Mg, fondle, oral, 1st, cons)

04/11/14 - While hiking along the Appalachain Trail, Jim rescues a lost orphaned girl who has escaped from a rather bad man. Days from civilation and having no other choice, Jim takes her along, sharing his limited food, tent and sleeping bag with her...

THE HIKE Part 2 by JimGee (Mg, 1st, oral, cons, nudity, exhib)

04/17/14 - Jim and Sam grow closer together and develop a full sexual relationship, a relationship based on love...


ONE GREAT SUMMER Ch1 by JimGee (mf, oral, voy)

02/28/14 - Working as a summer camp counselor, Jim meets Terry who introduces him to forbidden pleasures...

ONE GREAT SUMMER Ch2 by JimGee (mfgg, fondle, oral, 1st)

03/07/14 - Late at night, Terry brings two of her preteen charges to Jim's cabin for educational purposes...

ONE GREAT SUMMER Ch3 by JimGee (mg, fg, mfg, fondle, oral, 1st)

03/14/14 - Terry brings Karen back to Jim's cabin for blowjob instructions. Later that night, she brings him another little present...

ONE GREAT SUMMER Ch4 by JimGee (mg, mfggggg, group, oral, cons)

03/27/14 - As a reward for putting on a good show for the camp patrons, Jim organizes a campout for all the girls. For her tent, Terry picks out her favorites and invents some creative games...


FAMILY - Chapter 1 - Beginnings by JimGee (mff, 1st, oral, inc)

06/21/13 - This is the story of Jim's long time love affair with his wife Susan and how their “family love” evolved...

FAMILY - Chapter 2 - Experimenting With the Twins by JimGee (mfgb, fondle, oral, inc)

06/24/13 - Jim and Julie secure a summer job babysitting twin babies who learn to enjoy the games their sitters play...

FAMILY - Chapter 3 - College Blues by JimGee (MF)

07/05/13 - Jim and Susan attend the same college, but there are doubts about their relationship...

FAMILY - Chapter 4 - Our Growing Family by JimGee (Mg, MFg, fondle, oral, nudity)

07/12/13 - Jim and Susan move into their dream house with their growing family and raise their children as they see fit...

FAMILY - Chapter 5 - The Neighbors by JimGee (Mg, nudity, fondle, exhib, voy)

07/17/13 - Out by the pool Jim has a surprise visitor, and an even greater surprise when the little girl’s mother discovers them…

FAMILY - Chapter 6 - Cherry Picking by JimGee (Mg, 1st, inc, exhib, voy, MMFFbggggg)

07/22/13 - The big day arrives for the not-so-private deflowering of Jim’s oldest daughter...

The stories of BenBad

KALEY by BenBad (Mg, 1st, inc, cons)

09/12/14 - NEW - A sad little girl takes comfort in the love of her uncle...

THE GANG by BenBad (g exhib, m+g, reluc, oral)

04/30/14 - All Gabrielle Bright wanted was to be in the gang, but first she had to prove she was worthy. In the end, she was to prove her worth...

THE CONTACT LENS by BenBad (Mg, NC fantasy, kidnap, bond, spank, anal)

02/21/14 - Watching the little girls in the park, Oscar had dark fantasies... very dark fantasies...

ETUDES by BenBad (Mg, nudity, oral, cons)

11/15/13 - A piano instructor teaches technique in more than just piano, freeing a taunted young girl to excel and pursue her dreams...

THE EPIPHANY by BenBad (exhib, mast, gDom)

10/15/13 - A flasher's experiences with a young girl help him understand his perversity and, in the end, reveal to him the path he must follow...

MIRANDA'S RITES by BenBad (Mg, humil, interr, fond, blackmail, M+g, recluc, oral)

08/30/13 - Caught shoplifting, 9 year old Miranda is escorted to the mall basement to be searched for the purloined goods...


SOLIOQUY by BenBad (Mg, mast, oral)

09/26/13 - A man and a young girl share a first encounter...

SOLIOQUY - TWO by BenBad (Mg, mast, oral)

01/24/14 - His little friend returns for another encounter...

SOLIOQUY - THREE by BenBad (Mg, oral, cons)

03/21/14 - A first for his little friend...

SOLIOQUY - FOUR by BenBad (Mg, oral, mast, toys, anal)

05/23/14 - NEW - He had promised his little friend and she held him to that promise...

The stories of Masterdebator


DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 1 by Masterdebator (MF, voy, drug, MbF, Fb, 1st)

05/01/15 - NEW - Picked up by a cute guy in a bar, a woman has a morning surprise, a young admirer...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 2 by Masterdebator (drugs, voy, exhib, mast, Fb, Mb, inc)

05/07/15 - NEW - Drugged again the next morning, Lisa, Dan's bar room pickup, exhibits herself to the boys and does things she'd normally never do...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 3 by Masterdebator (drugs, MF, exhib, voy, Fb, fondle)

05/14/15 - NEW - Confused about her feelings, Lisa begins acting upon what she'd thought were just dreams...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 4 by Masterdebator (drugs, Fb, Fm, exhib, Mb, oral, fist, inc)

05/21/15 - NEW - In a drugged stupor, Lisa becomes a play toy for both of Dan's boys...

DAN AND HIS BOYS - Part 5 by Masterdebator (MF, oral, role playing)

05/29/15 - NEW - Lisa and Dan make love while role playing. Afterwards, when Lisa finds her torn panties in Jake's room, she realizes that things really had crossed the line...


MY MOM IS CURIOUS - Part 1 by Masterdebator (Fb, voy, mast, inc, oral)

06/05/14 - A mother gives her boy his first lessons in sex...

MY MOM IS CURIOUS - Part 2 by Masterdebator (Fb, voy, mast, inc, oral)

06/13/14 - After a period of soul searching, Mom relents and shares a favorite video with her son...

MY MOM IS CURIOUS - Part 3 by Masterdebator (Fb, voy, mast, inc, oral, mast)

06/20/14 - To Mark's disappointment, his mom has to work late and leaves him under the charge of her best friend...

MY MOM IS CURIOUS - Part 4 by Masterdebator (Fb, voy, exhib, foot, oral)

07/03/14 - Horny after her encounter with brash little Mark, Marjorie decides to tease the boy some more...

MY MOM IS CURIOUS - Part 5 by Masterdebator (Fb, 1st, inc, exhib, oral)

08/16/14 - After a playful night spent with Marjorie, young Mark is reunited with his mother...

The stories of Wally Samplowski

THE SEEDING OF THE AMISH GIRL by Wally Samplowski (Mf, 1st, size, impreg, voy, NC)

11/04/14 - NEW - A widower seeking sexual release is directed to an Amish elder...

The stories of Greg Moran

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #1 by Greg Moran - (Mm, MMm, M+m, mf, nc, reluc, cons, oral, anal, interr, bond)

01/25/10 - Greg Moran was your average Middle American boy. Young, innocent and cute. He had a normal boy's healthy appetite for learning about sex. As he grew, his sexual education became varied and interesting - from being repeatedly raped when he was 7 years old; to discovering how to suck his brother's and other boy's hard cocks; to learning how to fuck girls by the time he was a teenager. He was a boy who desperately wanted pussy... and found himself repeatedly used as a pussy for other men...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #2 by Greg Moran - (mm+, exhib, mast, oral, anal, inc, reluc)

01/29/10 - Greg just wanted to be included in the backyard campout with his brother Mark and Mark's friends, but somehow things just got out of control...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #3 by Greg Moran - (MFm, exhib, mast, oral, anal, reluc)

02/02/10 - Sneaking around in the woods naked, Greg stumbles arcoss two of his neighbors, Peter and Ellen, about to get it on. Clumsily he gets caught and Peter forces him to be the reluctant third wheel of a sex act.

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #4 by Greg Moran - (Mmmm, exhib, reluc, spank, oral, anal, inc)

02/15/10 - Greg confronts Jimmy about telling Peter about the backyard campout. Having goaded Jimmy into confronting Peter, Greg's comeuppance backfires...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #5 by Greg Moran - (Mmm, MMm, exhib, MDom, reluc, nc, bond, oral, anal, inc)

02/19/10 - During a holiday with the folks, brother Jeff shows his masochistic side when he catches Greg and Mark fooling around...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #6 by Greg Moran - (Mm, exhib, MDom, reluc, nc, interr, oral, anal)

03/01/10 - Greg gets caught beating off by the school janitor and is targeted by the soccer coach for special treatment...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #7 by Greg Moran - (mf, 1st , Mm, exhib, voy)

03/05/10 - Struggling with his own sexuality, 16 yo Greg just wants to be a "normal" teenager and get some pussy. But his akwardness gets in the way until a chance encounter with a girl shows him the way. Emboldened, he gets his girlfriend naked and finally gets his dick into a pussy. But life's events get in the way and as before, things just happen...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #8 by Greg Moran - (mf, oral, anal, occult)

03/05/10 - Greg's new girlfriend may be a little odd, but she wants to fuck on Halloween...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #9 by Greg Moran - (mf, oral, drugs, exhib, mF, anal, reluc)

03/29/10 - Greg has two unexpected sexual encounters with a beautiful girl who he is friends with but the relationship does not develop past an advanced plutonic relationship, so Greg turns to an older woman who is not particularly sexually adventurous, but who eventually and reluctantly allows Greg to fuck her...

SEXUAL PERVERSIONS #10 by Greg Moran - (mmff, mmf, voy, drugs, exhib, reluc, oral)

04/16/10 - Turned down by Dawn after the Senior Prom, Greg joins Todd and Andie in a motel room reserved for the evenings activities. Stoned, he watches Todd and Andie having sex, but does not have the courage to join in. However a few weeks later, during a wild ride, Greg, Todd and Andie, have a very good time together...

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