Candy Doll Babies - The Secret Video Levels, Part 2

[ MMMW/ggg, oral, anal fingers, vibrators, videos ]

by Corn53

Published: 20-Sep-2011

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Again - this is fiction. Any resemblance to any real websites or models is purely accidental.

Valensiya's First Private Party Weekend

Ms. Alina arrived at one in the afternoon, after calling to move up the time. Valensiya ran over and hugged her when she entered their small apartment. Liliana said, "She's been so excited about this weekend. I know she's looking forward to the parties, games, and swimming in the ocean."

The two women talked while Valensiya fidgeted with her clothes and the small traveling case. As they talked, Ms. Alina handed an envelope to Liliana without mentioning it. Liliana didn't say anything about the envelope either, and casually slipped it into her purse. She said, "I had a talk with Valensiya about being my 'good girl.' She was upset after our last video session because Joseph told me that she had to let men see her panties and they even saw her bare feminine area without panties for a few minutes. I had to explain that she was still my 'good girl' and she should never let men or boys see her panties or her bare feminine area, EXCEPT for show business, like modeling and art photography and the party this weekend - and then it's OK for her to do anything she is told while she is modeling and dancing for the cameras or playing games at your parties. It's OK for her to let people see it and touch it." She hugged her little girl tight against her, with Valensiya's bac k against her own tummy. "It is OK, because I said so, and because nobody around here will ever see the pictures. And for this trip, it's OK if the men and women see it and touch it because they are part of her modeling experience."

Valensiya was paying attention. She said to Ms. Alina, "It's OK sometimes, but only if Mommy says it is. I can't let strangers or boys see it. But like the men this weekend - well, it's OK for them to see it and touch it." She smiled, showing off her newly acquired wisdom.

Liliana continued, "So I told her it is OK this weekend because these men are helping her with her career, but she shouldn't let strangers see it, or the boys at school."

Valensiya said, "And of course, it's OK for girls to see it, or women, because they have one, too. You know, the crack part, like between my legs." Valensiya enjoyed explaining her new understanding to Ms. Alina, and was also letting her know that the rules for being her Mommy's "good girl" were suspended for her modeling/acting sessions, and for the parties.

Ms. Alina smiled. "Very good, Valensiya. I'm glad you'll let them see it and touch it this weekend because it is just show business, as your Mommy explained. You're getting so grown up! So smart! And besides the men, the other little Candy Doll Baby girls will want to see yours and they will touch it, and then you can see theirs and touch theirs, too. Do you want to see theirs?"

Valensiya smiled. "Yes! That will be fun. And like I used to let you see it because you helped me change clothes, and because you're a girl, so that was OK. It was OK when you touched me there."

Ms. Alina felt herself blush, and she hoped Valensiya would stop talking about that. She said, "Yes, it sounds like you know what to do. And so this weekend it's OK for the men at the party to see it and touch it. You'll have fun."

"Yes, they can feel me there because they are friends of Mr. Joseph, who is the boss, and he is in charge of my modeling and acting. And I'm learning to follow directions, like an actress." She smiled again after her brief syllogism, fully adopting her Mother's rationalization.

"It's not just for the money." Liliana reiterated. "This is for her modeling career."

Ms. Alina smiled and nodded. She knew it was mostly for the money, and she had seen all of the level two and beyond mothers say this so many times, and every time, she respected Joseph even more for getting the Mother's to go along with his "show business" or "modeling career" approach. Ms. Alina knew it also provided her with a nice job - both fun and lucrative. She liked little girls as much or more than the men did, and as the wardrobe, hair, and make-up person, she always got to see the little treasure caves first. And she often helped position the little girls in front of the hidden cameras for the benefit of Joseph and his co-conspirators. Then she said to Liliana, while looking at Valensiya, "Did she have a bath?"

"Yes, I made sure she washed real good all over."

"Especially between my legs." Valensiya said with a giggle. "Mommy told me to get it extra clean there, but I was careful not to get soap up in it."

"Good girl, Valensiya." Ms. Alina said, "We'll be playing games tonight - all seven girls, that's six other girls and you, or maybe just five today and the other girl will join us tomorrow. She might have a private show tonight. I've been very busy with costumes. There are fun dresses you'll like - so dainty and sexy. High heels, lacy, thigh-high hose, garter belts, sexy, see-through, thong panties, lots of pretty things for you to wear to show the people at the party, and specialty outfits for some of the games. You're going to have so much fun!"

"Goodie! Oh, I almost forgot Jake!" Valencia hopped up and down as she skipped back to her bedroom to get her stuffed doggie, Jake.

While Valensiya was gone, Ms. Alina said, "Joseph says that I can tell you everything, like I do with most of the mothers."

"Yes, tell me everything."

"Valensiya is scheduled for waxing in five months. Then she'll be able to do videos and parties for us for at least three more years. We even have a fourteen year old who is still doing videos. That model is petite, and being totally bald there helps her pass for younger. And of course she is cute like all of our models. Valensiya is very cute and petite, too, so that's another reason we'll go ahead and get her waxed."

"Thank you. Oh, that's great. Three more years. I almost thought we were done two weeks ago! What happens after that?" Liliana asked.

"It depends on the girl's aptitude for certain things; certain positions; certain flavors - and then we pass the girl on to a different... umm, 'agency.' That's what we call them, 'Specialty Agencies.' But after the wax treatments she will be in demand for years and years regardless of her preferences."

"What kinds of preferences? What do you mean?"

"Most of our little girls enjoy some of everything, but some seem to especially like spanking, and some don't. Same with anal play, or the taste of a man's cum, or dancing and undressing in front of men, or being tied up, or making love to other little girls, or other things..." She stopped talking as Valensiya bounced happily back into the room.

Valensiya came back out with her stuffed doggie, and asked what kinds of games they would be playing.

Ms. Alina said, "You'll see. They will be fun, and you'll get prizes."

"Like what?" She hopped up and down with little girl excitement. Valensiya loved winning prizes.

"There will be lots of fun prizes, so you don't really need to bring your own stuffed animal. I bet you could win one. You girls will get points for different things."

"Things like what? Come on. You can tell me, or give me a hint." She hopped up and down, getting so excited about playing games.

"Well, you'll get points for tasting 'yukky-yukky,' and points for tasting a 'yummy-yummy.'" Ms. Alina said with a wicked grin.

"What's that?" Valensiya asked.

"Would you like some hints?" Ms. Alina winked at Valensiya's Mother.

"Yes! Please, pretty please." Valensiya begged.

"'Yukky-yukky' and 'yummy-yummy,' both have to do with getting tastes in your mouth. You have your own 'yummy-yummy,' that the other little girls will want to taste if you take off your panties and open your 'yummy-yummy' for them. They get points for tasting your 'yummy-yummy,' but they have to taste you for at least two minutes. And you'll get points when you taste another little girl's 'yummy-yummy' during the games, but you have to keep your mouth on it for at least two minutes. And it's OK to do it longer, but to get the points, there is a minimum of two minutes. One of the men would be timing it. So I'm glad you washed your 'yummy-yummy' so good when you took your bath this morning. I'm sure all the other little girls washed theirs, too. Fresh, clean 'yummy-yummys' for the parties. That's one of our rules. And if we go swimming right away, we'll wash it again after being in the ocean."

"Oh, I get it. That will be fun. Sonya did that to me."

"Don't talk about it in front of your Mother, but yes, I watched her taste you and it looked like you both enjoyed it. I saw you both do that, but we can't talk of that outside of the studio or outside of the parties, even with your Mother."

"Oh, sorry. I forgot."

Ms. Alina continued, "And there is dancing, so you'll get to dance with the men while you're all dressed up, and they will treat all you girls like little ladies. You'll all try to keep your dresses down and your panties on for at least an hour while you talk with the men and women at the parties, before the games start. All of the dresses are very short so people can see your fancy garter belts and hose, and maybe a little bit of your panties if you don't stand up perfectly straight. If some of the men don't want to slow dance with you while you talk, they might want you to sit on their lap. And there are a couple different kinds of 'catch' games, which you might enjoy. For most of the games you can watch other girls play first so you see how to do it. You already know how to do some of the things for the games and videos. And you don't have to play any of the games if you don't want to."

"I want to. It's fun to get points for things. We do that at school, and I get free pencils or rulers or things like that. Once I got a calculator, but I'm not allowed to use it during our math tests."

"One more question." Said Ms. Alina as she looked at Valensiya. "Did you have a bowel movement this morning?"

"What's that?" Valensiya asked.

"It's when you poop." Liliana answered before Ms. Alina could say anything. "Did you poop this morning, Valensiya?"

Valensiya blushed and looked at the floor. "No." She said. "I didn't have to."

"It's OK." Said Ms. Alina. "Usually most of the girls get an enema before we get them dressed for the party. We want to have them cleaned out for some of the games. We like our little girls to be clean inside and out." She smiled, still looking at the blushing girl. Then she asked, "Do you know what an enema is, Valensiya?"

"No. What is a emama?" Her curiosity was piqued.

"It's 'enema' with an 'e' in the middle, and it's like we flush out your bottom with warm soapy water, so you'll be all clean if we play any finger games in back - like with the other little girls or if the adults put a finger in your bottom. The other little girls don't mind, and then they know they are sparkly clean, even back there. They love to play the finger games to get points."

"Oh." Valensiya said softly - blushing brighter.

Liliana said, "That's fine. An enema is probably a good idea because she's been so excited; and with traveling and all... yes, it's a good idea."

"It doesn't hurt a bit, Valensiya." Ms. Alina said. "All the girls get them for the parties or sometimes for specialty videos. You can ask the other little girls about enemas before I give you yours." Ms. Alina stood up straight, after bending down closer to Valensiya's face, "I will be giving Valensiya her enema later this afternoon, and one of the men will help me get her all lubricated before I insert the nozzle. The nozzle doesn't seem so big, compared to a man's finger. Anyway..." She looked back down at Valensiya, "I'm sure you'll have fun. Now I need to tell your Mother a few more things in private before we go."

Valensiya went out the door after Ms. Alina patted her on the head. Then Ms. Alina continued talking to Valensiya's Mother. "Liliana, about the money - remember that her little charms are the freshest and most valuable right now. Best flavor - very much in demand. So try to save half of any modeling money. It's all off the record, of course. You need to keep it that way. No large bank accounts. Pay cash for things. And remember to save half of each envelope. If she continues to cooperate, this could last four or five years. After this weekend, we'll know how often we can use her. Maybe once a month, or if she has a good time and cooperates this weekend, maybe every two weeks - either a small party or a new video with other girls. And perhaps an occasional 'special party' with one or two men or women in a private home... and still very safe. Basically she would be playing the same kinds of games, and those wealthy, older men or women, who pay dearly to have the private sessions, love to taste a fresh, young, 'yummy-yummy!'" Ms. Alina laughed.

Liliana said, "I understand. And thanks for your honesty. I'm glad to know that other Mothers and daughters do this - the naked videos and the private parties. And, umm, you're sure the girls stay virgins?"

"Yes, they all stay virgins at least until they become teenagers. That's one of our strict rules. Then they are ready anyway, so we might as well provide a safe, and very lucrative, environment for them. And when the time comes, it would be with boys about their age - boys with a small penis, and who live far away. Mr. Joseph always has a few dozen boys who love to help us with the little girls. The girls never learn their names or see the boy's faces. Usually when a model turns thirteen, there are five boys scheduled, so she gets a good sample - especially since young boys cum so quickly. It's a party atmosphere, with lots of onlookers and cameras. And extremely profitable for you, to help you continue to provide for your family. But, especially with the adults watching, and the cameras, the boys stay well-behaved and just follow directions. They know they have to behave or they won't be asked back to help other girls. The girls are already somewhat 'opened' since they have been getting fingered - front and rear - by adults and the other girls - for a few years. And we don't let the boys meet each other. They are kept in other rooms until it's their turn to come out into the spotlight with the little star. The boys help them get used to it slowly - a tiny one, then a little bit bigger... meanwhile, the girls get wetter and wetter... so it doesn't hurt them at all. That is the girl's first experience with a penis in her vagina, although she would have played with lots of them, and maybe even had a boy's small penis - not any bigger than a grown man's finger - in her anus. But that only happens if the girl especially enjoys that type of stimulation. It's a preference thing. Anyway, the girls are used to playing with cocks after a year or two of sucking on men, or playing other non-vaginal games with them. The special birthday party lasts a few hours, and some of the boys are able to cum again before the end of the party, but it's up to the little birthday girl to decide if she wants the additional cum in her vagina or her mouth, or wherever. And either way is fine with the boys, and the audience, and the cameramen. But Valensiya won't be a teenager for another two and a half years. And, yes, the other mothers all know about our videos. They need the money, too, and the little girls always have such a good time. The mothers know that these are things little girls will do anyway. The little girls absolutely love the modeling and the parties and playing with the other girls and the adults - in a safe, protected environment. They even talk about those wonderful thirteenth birthday parties. The mothers are happy for those parties, too, because of a big bonus, and then an increase in the number of appointments for private parties after the girl turns thirteen. The other girls are invited to watch, so in a year or so, I'll see if Valensiya would like to observe at some of those parties. Would that be OK with you?"

"Yes, it wouldn't hurt to watch. And the other mothers really know what's going on?"

"Oh, yes. Although they pretend they don't. All the Mothers, you included, must act like you think it's just art modeling and some acting. They pretend they don't know about the girls fingering each other or sucking on those special things the men are always so willing to share. The little girls love doing that, too. It's like a game to them, and they get a prize each time they help a man squirt, just like your daughter did with Joseph a couple weeks ago. She got quite a mouthful, and managed to keep most of it in her mouth until the director said cut. Then she spit most of it out so it didn't get all over her. It was easier for us to clean her off before we sent her back downstairs to go home with you. So all our level two and level three and higher video girls have been playing sex games for a couple years with other girls and adults, before a boy puts his penis in her... which, as all the mothers know, will happen anyway. Most of the little girls don't like the taste of a man's cum. Maybe that's why they prefer tasting each other's 'yummy'yummies' so much!" Ms. Alina laughed.

"Again, thanks for your honesty And those other mothers are right - girls do all these things anyway. I'm glad you keep the girls safe and clean."

"We keep them very clean, and for the weekend trips we even wash each girl's hair once or twice a day, sometimes more often, to get out seawater and any cum that gets in their hair. It seems like the new girls get a lot of it in their hair until they learn where to point it! I'll let her watch a couple of the other girls this weekend, so she can see how they try to aim it directly into their mouths when the man is ready. Of course, that doesn't always work. We'll show some of the video highlights of each girl, and those 'cum-in-the-hair' shots are always in their compilations, and a favorite of the other girls. You should hear them all giggle as globs of cum spurt into one of the girl's hair. Some of the girls even like playing with two cocks at a time, kind of to show off, and it's fun for them, too. But we like to wash the cum out so it doesn't build up. And the girls like the prizes. It's another reason why we have so many different dresses for each girl. Some men squirt their cum all over the little girl's pretty dress. But the girls don't have to get cleaned up after tasting yummy-yummies! That's another reason they like tasting each other. But a few of the girls grow to love the taste of boys or men."

Both women laughed. Liliana opened the door again, and said, "Have a good time, Honey. I know you're safe. Be careful in the ocean. Don't go out too far. Brush your teeth, and..."

Valensiya laughed, "I know, Mommy. I'll have a good time and nobody in this country will see my new videos, so it's OK to do anything they tell me. It will be fun. I want to play with the other girls, and go in the ocean!" She went out towards the street and turned to wait for Ms. Alina beside her car.

This gave Ms. Alina time to turn back to Liliana. "Another envelope Sunday evening. It will be late when we get back, since its three hours to the beach, but it will be another nice envelope for you, perhaps nicer than the one I just gave you. And we'll know if she is suitable for additional, small, private parties. Lots of people are anxious to play with your daughter. They all want to pull her panties down!" Ms. Alina laughed and nodded.

"Good. I guess a few little parties wouldn't hurt anything. And I'm glad she'll be safe and still a virgin. I hope she has fun. And you're sure the other mothers know what's going on?"

"I see you're worried about it. We never let the little girls know each other's last names. I'll stress that with Valensiya on the drive to the beach. And the other mothers all know about it, and they are glad we keep the girls safe and clean. No germs, no diseases, no talkative boys, no dirty old men..." Ms. Alina laughed, "Well, no dirty old men without lots of money, and a clean health record! And all the moms appreciate that we screen the people who attend our private parties. And these are things little girls do anyway - so we keep them safe and make it profitable. By the time they are mid teenagers they won't be with our program anymore, and they will be going to college..." She looked in Liliana's face, "Oh, did I mention that we also save some of the money from the websites and parties for each of our higher level girls? The money goes toward college scholarships for our girls. The mothers appreciate that, too. And if the girl is interested in earning extra money while away in college, we have friends who can arrange clean and discrete appointments. A couple hours each week and they can pay for their books, housing, transportation, and clothes. Now you can see why all the other mothers are so glad to participate."

"Yes. That's great. A much brighter future for Valensiya. Thank you."

"Now stop worrying. You are doing the smart thing for both of you. I know Valensiya enjoys being one of our models."

Liliana stepped outside onto the top step of the apartment building and waved good-bye. She was smiling.


The Drive To The Shore

Ms. Alina had a pillow and blanket in the back seat, along with snacks. She couldn't resist a "little peek." About twenty minutes later, before they got very far on the road, she pulled off at an overlook area. With no other cars around, she had Valensiya show her how pretty and clean her little 'yummy-yummy' was. After pulling down Valensiya's shorts and panties, Ms. Alina pulled the girl's lips apart with her fingers for a close inspection of the young girl's clitty.

Valensiya said, "See? It's all clean!"

"Yes, you did a good job! It's so clean and fresh! Oh, and here's your little button." She tickled the girl's clitty with her finger. "This will get lots of attention this weekend."

Valensiya giggled and moved her hips. "That tickles, Ms. Alina."

"It doesn't hurt, does it, Honey?" Ms. Alina smiled at the girl as she kept flicking a fingernail back and forth across her clitty.

"No. Ohhhh, it um, just like tickles. Ohhh. Like all tingly."

Ms. Alina limited herself to a one minute 'inspection,' before saying, "Yes, your pretty, little 'yummy-yummy' is all clean! Very good. Now you get in the back seat and try to rest and don't talk and we'll be there in a few hours." Ms. Alina loved looking at and touching Valensiya's little treasure, which showed signs of wetness hours in advance of the big party. "The other girls and adults will all want to taste it."

She had Valensiya stay in the back seat and get comfortable. Ms. Alina said they couldn't talk on the trip because she was listening to music. She didn't explain that Joseph had warned her not to molest the girl too much before the party because he wanted her fresh and clean for himself. "Tell me if you have to tinkle and I'll find a place. I know most of the nice hotels along the way." And she did. She had been assisting Joseph for several years, and loved every session, and every little girl. Ms. Alina appreciated her ideal job, which was especially suited for a woman with her tendencies; her sexual preferences. She inspected two or three little, bald pussies every week - getting them ready for a video or party, and then helping with the make-up and costumes.

She wanted a taste of this beautiful, firm, little 'yummy-yummy,' but she restrained herself, knowing it would be a wonderful weekend for her young charge - with many new pleasures ahead - including some for herself. She looked forward to playing with and cleaning five or six different pre-teen 'yummy-yummies.' She felt a tingle surge between her own legs.

"I know you have lots of questions, Valensiya, but I'm not supposed to tell you things. I just mentioned the 'yummy-yummy' game, because I knew you would like it. I saw how you enjoyed tasting Sonya's 'yummy-yummy.' You liked it, didn't you? Looking at it, playing with it with your fingers, and then tasting in and licking it."

"Yes, it was really fun. I liked how it felt. I never did that before."

"Of course. All little girls like doing that. And it feels good when somebody does that to yours, too, doesn't it?"

"Yes, gee. That felt so wonderful. And like I exploded inside my tummy, because it felt so good."

"Well, you'll have other experiences this weekend that will feel good, too. I bet you'll have lots of 'pleasure explosions' in your tummy. But you need to rest now. Take a nap while I drive. In a couple hours you'll get to meet... and taste, some other pretty, little girls!" She helped Valensiya pull up her panties and shorts. Then Ms. Alina stepped back out of the car and closed the door - forcing herself to wait before savoring the firm, supple, little pussy, with just a few angel hairs around the top of it. She got back in the front seat. She knew she would be able to enjoy Valensiya later on, when the party with the men was over, and when she was putting the girl to bed. She would get to taste all of the little 'yummy-yummies' this weekend. The girls liked her "good-night" kisses as she made sure they were ready for bed; inspecting their nighties. When each girl was lying on her back, Ms. Alina could lick her between the legs while rubbing herself between her own legs - c umming quickly and quietly herself - while licking each delectable firm, little pussy.

Ms. Alina got quiet, pretending she didn't want to talk to the girl, although she did. She loved hearing the little girls' explanations of things.

Valensiya fell asleep in the small air conditioned car during the painfully-long, three hour drive (so long for a kid - especially one who was eager to get there).

As she sat in the driver's seat, she was aware that her own panties were wet with anticipation. Seven bald, pre-teen cunnies. Later today! Yummy-yummy was right!


Meeting The Other Girls

"Wake up, Sleepyhead. We're here at our little castle for the weekend, and less than a kilometer from the beach. We'll get your swimming suit on you, and a couple of the men will take you to the beach to meet some of the other girls."

Valensiya was smiling as she sat up and jumped out of the car. "I didn't bring my swimming suit. Mommy said you would have one for me here. And I have to tinkle, like really bad!"

"Come with me." She left the things in the car and took Valensiya in the house and into the first room - a bedroom-bathroom combination on the ground floor.

The man, about thirty, whom Valensiya figured was one of the party sponsors, was waiting in the doorway, with his swim trunks on, and a bag of beach toys by his feet. "Welcome, Valensiya, I've been waiting for you! It's so good to meet you. My name is Hans."

Ms. Alina said, "No time to talk now, Hans. Valensiya needs to tinkle."

"Flip the switch on the camera and remind her to keep her knees open and lean back. It's OK if some of it gets on the floor. Just put a towel down on the floor. I was ready for her. She gets a little prize if she can pee out past the front of the toilet seat."

Ms. Alina flipped the switch on the camera, turned on the lights, even though it was light in the room. Valensiya already had her shorts and panties off. "Lean back and keep your knees wide apart, Valensiya. It's OK if your pee hits the floor."

As Valensiya released the tension in her bladder, sending a pale yellow stream past the front edge of the toilet, Hans walked in the room. He said, "Keep going, Valensiya. It's fine if your pee shoots past the toilet. That's it. Keep leaning back and keep your knees wide open. We'll wipe you off and help you put on your new swimming suit when you're finished."

As her stream subsided, Valensiya said, "This is kind of embarrassing. Like I don't have pants on and there is a man in here."

Ms. Alina laughed, "It's OK, Valensiya. Hans is one of your sponsors. So it's fine for him to see you and touch you.

"Oh, so it's even OK for him to see my feminine area." She raised her eyebrows to make sure she understood Ms. Alina correctly.

"Yes, he can look at it and touch it, or kiss it, or play with it. And he'll help me get you ready for the beach. He'll take you to the beach and he is also your personal life guard and body guard today. And I know he wants to get a close look at your 'feminine area' anyway, so he can look at it now, while he washes you off, before you go swimming."

She led the now naked, little girl into the large bedroom, that had an extra bed set up off to the side. Hans put a big, beach towel on the main bed and patted his right hand on it. "Hop up and lie back, Valensiya, and I'll wash you off." He laughed, "And you really did have to pee, didn't you?"

She walked into the room with both hands in front of her pussy. "Yes, like I couldn't hold it another minute! I would have peed in my pants!"

Hans looked at her hands crossed in front of her pussy and laughed. He said, "It's OK for me to see it, remember?"

"Oh. I forgot." She put her hands down and climbed up onto the bed. She laid on her back with her bottom on the beach towel. Her legs were spread wide open as Ms. Alina had motioned. Valensiya said, "I'm sorry so much of it missed the toilet. I never peed with my legs that far apart and leaning back before, and I couldn't hold it until we got to the ocean. Mommy says it's OK to pee in the ocean."

"And it is!" Hans laughed. "You're so cute. Let me wash off your cute, firm 'yummy-yummy! It's so pretty, Valensiya. There. All wiped off. Do you know what your 'yummy-yummy' is?"

"Yes. I know." She said and blushed a little bit - sending an even bigger thrill through Hans with her cute, little girl shyness. "It's there." She pointed down to her open pussy.

He pulled her lips with both of his thumbs. "Oh, yes, there it is. Your little, secret, fun button. Right in the center of your 'yummy-yummy.'" He flicked it with his finger. "Does this tickle?"

"Yes, it makes it tingly. But I mean it's kind of embarrassing with just a man looking at it and no cameras, like for modeling."

Hans asked, "Does it give you tingles to open your 'yummy-yummy' for the cameras?"


"And even though it's embarrassing, do you like to open it to show the cameras?"


"Let me kiss it. OK?"

"Yes, OK. Mommy says it's OK for men to look at it and touch it this weekend, like if they are friends of Joseph."

"And we can kiss it, too, right?" Hans laughed.

"You're funny, Mr. Hans." She said. "It's OK to do that because we will do it for the games, like with the other girls."

Hans kissed it. "Yummy-yummy! It's all clean again. Later on, you'll get a point because I want to kiss it for more than two minutes." He paused to watch her smile. "And if you're really good for me in the ocean, then later I'll show you my cock. That is, if you want to see it."

"Gee, yes. Would you really show it to me? Thank you, Mr. Hans. I've only seen a couple and they are so funny, like how they bounce."

Ms. Alina laughed. "Time to get your suit on. I think you'll like this swimming suit. You know, Valensiya, Mr. Hans came early so he could go swimming with you girls. Are you a good swimmer, Valensiya? I can see by your tan lines that you must go to the pool a lot."

"Yes, I like swimming." She was smiling as she looked at the tiny, thong, swimming suit which had a big, string bow on each side. "But what if somebody accidentally pulls the string? Would my bottoms come off?"

Hans laughed again, enjoying the little girl's enthusiasm and innocent questions. "Yes, it could come off, but I'll help you put it back on. And it would be OK if you did lose it, because lots of people are nude at the beach, especially kids. I love coming to this beach."

"Me, too." Said Ms. Alina. "And you can tell the kids who usually have swimming suits on because of their tan lines. Some little girls look so cute with their little 'fried-egg' titties, and pale buns. Beautiful."

They helped her with the bikini. "We're going now, Alina. Too bad you can't join us at the beach."

"I'll be busy getting the outfits ready. Only stay two hours because we have to get the girls all cleaned up before dinner. Can you help me give Valensiya her enema?"

"Sure. I'd be happy to, Alina."

"Good. Well you two get going. See you in a couple hours. Keep your eye on her, Hans."

"Eyes and hands! She'll be safe!" He laughed as they headed out the door. Valensiya was hopping-skipping - her usual, joyous, mode of perambulation.

Ms. Alina noticed that Valensiya was looking at the extra bed. She said, "There are five girls and a dozen or more adults at each of our parties, so we try to get three or four people in each of the bedrooms, and then some of the adults have to stay at a nearby motel. Don't worry, you won't ever be alone this weekend. You'll always have someone to talk to."


Playing In The Ocean With Hans, Boris, Ben, Wilhelm, Jason, Sharlotta, Maya, And Liliya

He parked in the large parking area near the south end of the beach, away from the concession stands and public rest rooms. Valensiya wore a T-shirt over her swimming suit. She was wearing her old gym shoes, but no socks. Hans was also wearing a T-shirt. He was a foot taller than Valensiya and twice as wide - fit and strong, with light brown hair sticking out from under his ball cap. With his left hand he held Valensiya's right hand, and carried the large beach bag in his right hand. He knew the coolers and blankets would already be laid out in their area.

"Only three other girls are here so far, Valensiya. But we'll play in the water and have a good time. Here's our group. He introduced her Ben, an older man even taller than Hans who was putting lotion on Sharlotta's pale bare breasts and tanned tummy. Her breasts were very pale compared to her tan legs, arms, and tummy, so that Valensiya could understand why some people called them 'fried eggs.'

Sharlotta was a good ten centimeters taller than Valensiya, and heavier, too. The two girls smiled and hugged and kissed each other on the cheek three times as is the custom in that part of Europe. While Valensiya hugged and kissed Ben, Sharlotta hugged and kissed Hans.

As always, Sharlotta was smiling. "Take off your top, Valensiya. All the girls do that here. It's fun. And like people watch us when we go to the concession stand!" She laughed. "Take off your top and we'll go join the other girls and the men in the water. It's fun to swim here! And let Ben put on lots of sunscreen because it's pretty sunny today. You don't want your boobies to get burnt! I have some noodles we can play with."

That area of the beach was not real crowded, and most of the people close by were naked, although some of the men had suits on. All of the women were at least topless, as far as Valensiya could see in either direction. The kids and old people were all naked, and uniformly tan.

Hans waved at the men with the little girls out in the water; bobbing in the two foot, rolling waves. The men were in water almost to their shoulders, so the girls kept climbing up on them. Hans took off his T-shirt and helped Ben put sunscreen on Sharlotta's breasts while Valensiya took off her top. Then the two men greased her up from head to toe - applying copious amounts of white, SPF 50 sunscreen, especially on her pale breasts and pale bottom.

Hans was still holding Valensiya's hand as they kicked off their shoes and headed to the water. Ben stayed back with the coolers. He sat on a blue, canvas, folding chair under one of their three umbrellas.

Valensiya met Liliya, an eleven year old with long, brown hair, and Maya, a twelve year old with shoulder length dark hair and bangs. Both girls were very nice and kissed Valensiya on her cheeks, while still bouncing in the waves. All four girls were topless with very pale breasts compared to their tanned chests and arms. Wilhelm was about sixty and stocky, with grey hair that was thinning in the back, giving him an 'old monk' look. Jason was tall, going on forty, with thinning hair and several tattoos on his muscular arms. Hans was the tallest. Boris was the shortest and the stoutest. Like Hans, he was always laughing. The four men each picked up one of the girls and put her on his shoulders as they all bounced around in the waves.

The four very cute, topless little girls attracted some attention, and a few of the men and boys in the general vicinity bounced closer to them. The eight, bouncy, small - and very pale - breasts made it obvious that these girls were new to the 'clothing-optional' section of the beach.

The men stood close together and walked in a small circle, each facing the center, so the girls could hold hands. As the men tried to go faster, there was some falling with lots of giggles and splashing. Even more giggles erupted as the men teamed up to throw the girls up in the air.

Then, as two of the men threw Sharlotta up in the air, one side of her bikini bottoms came undone. The bow on the other side held, but the left side opened. When she hit the water in the waves, she was laughing and climbed up on Wilhelm's back. Liliya was laughing. She said, "I see Sharlotta's 'yummy-yummy!'"

By then her bottoms were hanging on one ankle, so she climbed down and grabbed her bottoms. While the men fastened her bottoms back on with another big, loose bow, they had to hold the suit in place with their hands. Valensiya was watching closely as the men felt and squeezed Sharlotta's bottom and pussy in the course of putting her swimming suit back on.

Liliya was standing in chest-deep water right behind Valensiya. She put her arm around Valensiya from behind and whispered in her ear. "I think the men like helping her with her swimming suit!"

"Yes, for sure. And I think Sharlotta likes it, too!" Both girls laughed.

"The men like playing with us, don't they?" Liliya asked.

"Yes. It's fun." Valensiya agreed.

Liliya was still whispering. They bounced and giggled about two meters away from the group laughing and struggling with Sharlotta's swimming suit. Liliya said, "All the men have stiffies. It's so funny. You can feel them when they hold you and wrestle with you. I like to feel them. Sharlotta told me it means the men are excited to be playing with you. I wonder if she untied the bow herself."

"Gee, that's funny. How can you tell? I mean, about the stiffies."

"When they hold you against them and you're standing in the water, you can feel it through their suit - kind of like a big, stiff banana in their swimming trunks that is sticking up against you. Oh, see how Wilhelm is pulling her back against him. I bet his stiffy is pressing on Sharlotta's bottom. Did you get to look at any cocks yet? I bet the men like looking at your 'yummy-yummy,' don't they?"

"Hans kissed it. He told me he wants to play with it later. He said I have a real cute 'yummy-yummy!'"

"Oh, fun. I hope he wants to kiss mine later, too. What else did Hans do? And we can talk to each other. All of us girls do the level three videos, so we're allowed to talk to each other."

"I had to pee real bad, so he had me sit on the toilet with my knees apart, and he made a video of me peeing, even though half of my pee went on the floor because I was leaning back with my legs open so wide. It was pretty gross."

""That's not so bad, Valensiya. The men like things like that. All of us girls have done it. I've probably made a dozen peeing videos. It's for one of the special websites. Do you like spanking?"

"I got a spanking from Sonya, and then I got these really big, like giant, tingles all over my tummy and in my ... um... pussy."

"I think spanking helps me get the orgasms. Even though it stings a little bit, I like it because I know I'm going to get the 'big tingles,' as I call it. And sometimes, when somebody is tasting my 'yummy-yummy,' I get big tingles, too. Hey, do you want to taste mine? I'll wash it real good when we're done swimming. Then I'll taste yours. That way we will both get points. I like tasting other girls, do you?"

"Yes. I only did it with Sonya, and that was really fun."

"I bet since this is your first party and you just started in level three, that all the grown-ups will want to taste yours."

"Boy, that would be lots of points!" Valensiya giggled.

"We all get plenty of points! I love playing games." Liliya said, "We'll have to go pretty soon. They get us all cleaned up and dressed up with make-up, and they wash our hair, of course, and brush it out and put ribbons in it for the party. We'll be kind of dressed up, but Friday is a casual night. Tomorrow night we get real dressed up and it's like a bigger party. We'll get sexy stuff to wear under our dresses and we even get to wear high heels tonight, and tomorrow night, too. It's really fun."

The others were getting out of the water. They dried off and we headed back. In the car with Hans, Boris, and Liliya, Valensiya said, "That was fun, Hans. Can we come back tomorrow? Please?"

Hans said, "It will be fun tonight, too, Valensiya. But sure, we're planning to bring you girls back here tomorrow. We'll leave shortly after lunch. The beach is always more crowded on Saturday, so I bet you'll have lots of people looking at you - especially your cute, pale breasts, as we walk down the beach and back. I'll be right beside you girls, so nobody will bother you. Usually Wilhelm and Jason get to our spot early and lay out our chairs, umbrellas, blankets, towels, coolers and that reserves that area for us, so we have a little bit of privacy, but there are still lots of other people around."

"That's OK, there are usually lots of people at the beach when I get to go."

Liliya said, "Tomorrow we'll be topless again, so our pale breasts will kind of stand out, so lots of boys will probably come around. That's why Hans and Jason stick with us all the time. The boys won't mess with them. But it's fun teasing the boys who are watching - like pretending we don't know they are watching and having one of the men put sunscreen on our breasts and rubbing it in. They put it all over us, but I think the boys and the men in the area like to watch them while they massage our breasts. It's funny, but pretend you don't notice them watching."

Hans laughed, "Well said, Liliya."

Liliya laughed, too, and then everybody started laughing.

Liliya took Valensia's hand and said, "I wish the boys could see us tasting each other's 'yummy-yummy!' Boy, that would give them stiffies! Boys are so funny."

Wilhelm said, "It even gives old men stiffies!" He laughed, then added, "Really, I can't wait to watch you two do that. You two are going to do that to each other later, aren't you?"

"Well, I sure want to taste Valensiya's!" Liliya said. She looked at the ten year old sitting beside her, "Do you want to taste mine, Valensiya?"

"Yes, if you want me to."

"Yes, I want you to! I can't wait. I'll open my legs as far as I can for you. Will you open your legs real wide for me, too?"

"Yes, OK." Valensiya blushed. "I'll even pull it wider open with my fingers for you. Mr. Joseph likes me to do that."

Both Wilhelm and Hans adjusted their swimming trunks.

Liliya said, "We'll wash our little yummies real good in a little bit when they give us our baths and wash our hair. That's fun. The men keep coming in to help give us our baths. It's two girls in each tub, and some of the men come in to help wash us, so our 'yummy-yummies' get really clean. Then it won't taste like salt water later on when we start the games about an hour or so after dinner. The men like to watch us do that, but you just have to ignore the cameras and the men. They like to watch. Then they will get a turn later on, and that's for prizes, too, because every time somebody tastes our 'yummy-yummy' for two minutes or more we get points. And it's fun, too."

"It really makes me tingle when somebody does that to me, I mean like licks me there." Valensiya said.

Although she was speaking quietly both of the men heard her. Hans said, "I've been wanting to taste Valensiya's 'yummy-yummy' since I saw her very first, level one video almost a year ago. I've been hoping she would move up to level two and level three so she could come to the parties and I could taste her." He looked at Liliya, "And I love yours, too, Liliya. So firm and yummy!"

Liliya giggled, and then so did Valensiya.


Valenciya's First Enema

Hans and Ms. Alina led Valenciya into her upstairs bedroom which she would be sharing with one or two other girls that night in the canopy-covered, double bed, with another small bed over against the window for one of the adults. They took her swim suit off and led her to the big bathroom.

Ms. Laura was at the sink, filling a reddish, rubber bag with soapy water. There was a long white hose attached with a little black nozzle. Ms. Alina explained that the water would flush out the girl's bottom so it would be all clean inside. "Ms. Laura is going to insert the black nozzle in Liliya's bottom. Then she'll release the warm, soapy water to fill her up, and then the men will leave and she will sit on the toilet and poop. That's all there is to it. It's really only the getting lubricated that feels so good to our other girls."

Liliya was on a big towel on her elbows and knees, with her knees apart and her back arched to stick her ass up higher. She said, "It doesn't hurt a bit, Valensiya. I just watched Ms. Laura give Sharlotta her enema. She likes getting lubricated, too. It makes your clitty stiffen up and start tingling when the man's finger goes in your bottom. You'll see. Doesn't hurt at all."

Wilhelm was kneeling behind her. Ms. Alina said, "Watch how Wilhelm gets her all slippery in back."

Valensia watched as Wilhelm's big finger pushed all the way in Liliya's anus. Liliya said, "Unnnn, ohhh, yes. Maybe ten times, please? Get me extra slippery, Wilhelm." She looked up at Valensiya. "This feels ....unnnnn, so good, Valensiya, and unnnnnn, ohhh, I like it. And then the enema is easy and unnnnnn, and then we'll be all clean for the unnnnnnn, games later. I just watched Sharlotta get hers. She likes them, too, well, the finger part, that is. Unnnnnn, ohhh, can you tickle the front, too? Please, Wilhelm?"

Wilhelm said, "No, Liliya. You'll get that later. Let us finish your enema. You girls aren't supposed to cum yet." After he pushed his big finger into Liliya's bottom ten times, he stood up and left the room.

Ms. Alina and Valensiya watched as Ms. Laura hung the red, rubber bag by the attached hook onto the shower curtain rode. She bent down and inserted the black nozzle all the way into Liliya's anus. Ms. Alina said, "See how easy it slides in, Valensiya? That's why we like to get you girls very lubricated."

Ms. Laura released the clip on the hose and the bag drained into Liliya's bowels. It took almost a minute. Ms. Laura pulled out the nozzle. "Try not to leak. I'll have you on the toilet in just a minute. Try to hold it all inside." She helped Liliya stand up, and led her to the toilet.

Liliya sat on the toilet. "I'm trying to keep it in."

"Good girl. You can let loose in just a minute." Ms. Laura said. She looked at Valensiya. "It's good to hold all the water inside for a minute, to let it get everything loosened up. You can see why we don't like men in here while the girls have a bowel movement."

Valensiya nodded, still watching Liliya.

"Go ahead." Said Ms. Laura.

SPLASH - whoosh... Liliya let her bowels empty into the toilet.

Ms. Laura wiped her off with copious amounts of toilet paper and led her to the bathtub. The warm water was coated with thick bubbles from the bubble bath liquid.

Then it was Valensiya's turn to get an enema. Ms. Alina opened the bathroom door to let in Hans and another man with two cameras - one on a short tripod.

Ms. Alina said, "Get on your hands and knees, Valensiya, and look into this camera over here on this little tripod. That's it. Now put your elbows on the floor so Hans can get you lubricated. Keep looking into this camera over here. You're doing so good."

"Oh, that's too big. His finger is too big. It will hurt." She said, leaning forward to move away from his finger.

"Hold still, Valensiya. It will feel good in a minute, once he gets you slippery."

But Valensiya was unable to hold still while Hans was rubbing globs of lubricant on her anus. She was looking into the camera aimed at her face when his finger began pushing in again. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes lost focus as his finger finally began to push in. "It's too.... Unnnnnn, ohh, gee."

His finger was all the way in.

Valensiya's expressions constantly changed as Hans pulled his finger out and slowly pushed it all the way back in. On the third insertion, Valensiya made a moaning sound each time his big finger pushed all the way in.

A moment later, Hans pulled his finger out for the tenth time. Ms. Alina said, "That was ten times. She he stop now, Valensiya, or push it in a few more times to make sure you're extra slippery?"

"A few more times."

As Hans pushed his finger in again, with more lubricant, Valensiya moaned again. Ms. Alina smiled up at Ms. Laura, who winked back at her. Little Valensiya was enjoying it! Both women had speculated months earlier whether Valensiya would enjoy anal stimulation. They were both correct, because they had both predicted she would love it, like most of the other girls.

After Ms. Alina and Ms. Laura shooed the men out of the bathroom, Ms. Alina inserted the nozzle into Valensiya's anus and pinched the clip to let the water fill her up. They had left the little camera on the floor aimed at Valensiya's face to capture her expression as the warm water filled her up.

"Oh, it's too much! It's going to leak out." She cried.

But she did manage to hold it all inside for almost a minute before she, too, let if whoosh into the toilet. The women wiped off her bottom, and then wiped her legs with warm, soapy washcloths since some of the water did escape before she got to the toilet. After she was cleaned up and in the bathtub, the women let the men come back in to "help."


Taking A Bath With Liliya

A large bathtub made a great 'stage' for the little stars. Valensiya soon found out that Liliya was telling the truth about the men coming into the bathroom to help wash the little girls. During her twenty minute bubble bath, five different men came in and washed each girl with a soapy washcloth, making sure to get her 'yummy-yummy' especially clean! If there wasn't a man kneeling next to the big tub, there was one with a camera, and that was besides the camera on the tripod catching all the action. Liliya said, "See that camera?" She pointed to the bigger one on the tripod up near the faucets. "They make sure they don't get faces of the men in the videos, or if they do, then they erase that part. We're just supposed to act silly and play around in the tub. And they like us to kiss each other and even wash each other's chests. Do you want to kiss me?"

Valensiya looked at the camera and up at the smiling men. She said, "Yes, I want to kiss you. I like washing your chest, too." She giggled and took one of the washcloths and ran it back and forth across Liliya's chest, trying to make the small breasts jiggle. Her own were too small to jiggle, but she liked to move Liliya's with her fingers or the washcloth. Liliya showed her how to try to pinch and pull on her nipples, but Valensiya's wet fingers were too slippery - but she did make them jiggle.

Liliya washed off Valensiya's titties and then rinsed them with warm water, while both girls were standing up. Then Liliya bent down to suck briefly on each of the younger girl's titties. So then Valensiya sucked on each of Liliya's small breasts. The men applauded which sent the girls into another fit of giggles.

The adults stepped back and watched the two girls take turns playing with each other's breasts. They would play, squeeze, and try to jiggle each other's titties, and they laughed when they tried to pinch and pull on each other's slippery nipples.

Liliya said, "Open your legs and sit up against my back. Now reach under my arms and play with my titties. Maybe it will be easier for you to make them jiggle." Valensiya enjoyed playing with Liliya's firm, lemon-sized breasts, and she did make them bounce for the cameras.

They stood and switched places and sat back down, so that Valensiya was sitting between Liliya's spread legs. Liliya reached under Valensiya's arms to play with her smaller breasts. Both girls were talking and laughing as they played with each other. Then Liliya slid her right hand down Valensiya's tight tummy, under the water that still had a thin layer of bubbles all over the surface. She put her hand between Valensiya's and whispered in her ear to open her legs. She began feeling Valensiya's firm pussy with the almost non existent inner labia - just a little clitty button hiding in the narrow sheath.

"Oh!" Valensiya started to close her legs which were spread apart under the water with just her toes sticking through the suds.

"Keep your feet apart for me, Little Candy Baby. I want to feel your 'yummy-yummy.'" A few seconds later, after Valensiya got quiet and began squirming around, Liliya said, "Stand up so I can see it."

Valensiya stood with her back to the wall, where Liliya had placed her so the cameras could see Valensiya's wet chest with two, pale breasts, her tummy, legs, and of course, her pale 'yummy-yummy.' Liliya looked closely, Then said, "yours is so pretty, Valensiya. I can't wait to taste it. I know it's all clean now. I want to taste these, too." She reached her right hand up and fondled Valensiya's firm, pale breasts one at a time. "I want to suck on these, too!" Both girls giggled. Then she added, "but mostly, I want to taste you here." She kept looking at Valensiya's pussy from about centimeters away. "You have such pretty, puffy lips, Valensiya. So firm." She flicked her finger back and forth across them - watching the tight, full lips snap back into place. "I can't even see your clitty, because your lips are so plump. It's one of the prettiest I've ever seen!"

Valensiya was aware that it was quiet in the big bathroom, and that everyone and both cameras were watching them. She said, "Thank you. Yours is pretty, too. Can I see it up close?"

Liliya stood and pointed out - unnessarily - that her lips were thinner than Valensiya's, and that you could see her clitty sheath even when she had her legs together. As Valensiya played with it - pulling her lips this way and that; letting them snap back, Valensiya said, "Yours is pretty, too, Liliya, and I want to taste your 'yummy-yummy,' especially since its so clean now."

Ms. Alina opened the drain in the bathtub. Then Liliya had Valensiya get on her hands and knees in the tub. She sat on the other side of Valensiya with her back against the wall farthest away from the camera. She knew the cameras would want to see her face as she reached under Valensiya's tummy and began fondling the younger girl's small breasts. Liliya said, "They look bigger when they are hanging down. Does this feel good?"


Ms. Alina turned on the shower hose with the nozzle, and rinsed off each girl as she turned around - to be rinsed off, and to show the camera their sparkly clean bodies. It was time to go wash their hair.

Both girls giggled and it was time to rinse off, and go to the laundry room to get their hair washed.


Valensiya Gets Her Hair Washed And Makes Another Video Clip

There were towels across the tops of the washer and dryer, next to the utility sink which had a hose-faucet attachment. The naked girl laid on a wide, padded board which was across the washer and dryer and stuck out over the sink to hold her head over the sink. One of the women Valensiya hadn't met yet carefully washed and rinsed Liliya's hair. After a quick brush out, the girls stood with a towel around her shoulders while the other two women used hair driers and brushes to slowly brush out the long pretty hair. Of course men stopped in constantly, despite being playfully shoed out by the women and the girls. She heard Sharlotta laugh and say, "This is for girls only! We're all naked!"

Valensiya liked looking at Liliya's pussy which was just a foot away from her eyes while she laid on the padded board. While she was looking at Liliya's pussy, three men came into the laundry room. Valensiya said, "I think men are attracted to naked girls." And everyone laughed, including the men.

Ms. Alina said, "They love seeing the fresh, bald 'yummy-yummies!'

Everyone laughed again, and the men had to agree. Hans said, "I want to taste all of the 'yummy-yummies' in the room!" This made all the girls giggle.

Ms. Alina said, "But don't forget, Hans, that in order for the girl to get points you have to keep tasting each one for at least two minutes! You have to keep your mouth right on it!"

Hans asked, "How many of you girls want to get points tonight for letting me taste your 'yummy-yummy?'"

All of the giggling girls held up their hands, even the Liliya who was lying across the washer and drier.

Ms. Alina laughed. "Oh, Hans. Better go on out of here. We just got the girls dried off after their baths, and you're going to have them all getting wet and tingly again!"

Valensiya was surprised to hear Hans retort, "OK, I'm going now, but I think the 'yummy-yummies' taste even better when they are wet and tingly! Who wants me to taste their wet and tingly, little, 'yummy-yummy' later tonight?"

All the other little girls laughed, giggled, and held up their hands, so Valensiya held her hand up, too. She looked at the other five, naked girls and wondered if their pussies were tingling, too. Hers was. Then it was her turn to get her hair washed. Hans easily lifted her onto the washer and drier. He bent down and whispered in her ear, as he placed his right hand on her pubic mound, "I really do want to taste yours, Valensiya. I want to put my mouth on you and lick you right here." He squeezed her pussy. "OK?"

"Ohh, yes." She said quietly.

Ms. Alina, who was more-or-less in charge of the hair washing room, said, "Go on out now, Hans. You really are getting all of the girls excited. Each of the girls already know you're going to taste her 'yummy-yummy!' Go on now."

One of the other men who Valencia didn't know laughed, and said, "We all want to taste them. That's why we washed them so good."

The girls giggled again.

As Hans and the other man went out, Frank came in with a camera on a tripod. They stopped the brushing for a minute to put the two kitchen chairs near the wall where the laundry-folding table had been, with the chairs facing the wall, they had the two girls who had been getting their hair dried and brushed sit on the chairs backwards facing away from the wall so they could face the camera. Ms. Laura, the tall woman who was brushing the girls' hair stood against the wall and continued brushing and drying. With the girls sitting backwards - straddling the chairs - and facing into the room, this opened each girl's pussy so that her clitty bump stuck out. It got quiet in the room. You could hear the brush strok through the girl's hair. Ms. Alina was getting ready to wash Valensiya's hair. She stopped and scooted the girl back onto the top of the washer so she could watch. Ms. Alina said, "Watch this a minute, Valensiya, because you'll have a turn with a buzzer in a few minutes."

As she watched in the quiet room, Sharlotta and Piona continued to smile and even giggle as they squirmed around while sitting backwards on the chairs. Liliya was still standing next to the drier to watch. Valensia noticed that she was rubbing her pussy with her right hand. The man with the camera took it off the tripod and moved around - shooting the two naked girls from different angles.

Ms. Alina whispered to Valensiya, "They make their Candy Doll Baby videos real 'artsy,' so it seems lots classier. Now Frank will zoom in on the clitty of each girl." Valensiya watched closely as Frank moved the camera - shooting through the back of the kitchen, bent-wood chair - so he could get close-ups of each girl's spread-open pussy, with her little clitty bump sticking out.

Frank said, "Very good, girls. Now, when I'm in front of you, reach down with one hand and pretend your pussy itches and keep scratching and rubbing it for a little bit." He was moving as he talked. First Sharlotta and then Piona scratched her pussy - rubbing it to make the lips move and jiggle, and to pull up to make the clitty stick out more. The girls kept giggling and talking to each other as if nobody else was in the room while they scratched their pussies and wiggled around while their hair was being brushed out.

"Now your titties." Frank said, and each girl casually massaged and scratched her titties one at a time, making them jiggle around. Without looking directly at the camera, they pinched and pulled on their nipples. They were generally acting silly, and moving their hips, whenever it looked like Frank was aiming down between their legs. As Valensiya watched, she wondered why neither Sharlotta nor Piona had pubic hair because they were both obviously twelve or thirteen and they had titties that bounced - even bigger than Liliya's, which were big enough to play with.

"Why don't they have hair down there, Ms. Alina? Do they shave them?"

"You'll see, Honey." She got Valensiya ready to wash the seawater out of her hair. She bent down and whispered in her ear, "All our girls get waxed. It keeps their 'yummy-yummies' looking clean, fresh, and ready to eat. Do you want to taste their 'yummy-yummies? All the other girls do."

"Yes." Velensia said, "I want to. It was fun when I tasted Sonya. Where is she, anyway? I thought she was coming to the party."

"She is coming, Valensiya, but she had a private appointment tonight. She'll be here tomorrow in time to go swimming."

"Gee. What's a private appointment? And what do you mean by wax?"

Ms. Alina turned on the water and started washing Valensiya's long hair as it hung down in the big sink. She said, "You're scheduled to get waxed in about six months. It gets all your pubic hair off so you stay bald and beautiful down there. And a private appointment is like a private party. Kind of like this, but not so many people. The girls love all of our different kinds of parties - the big ones like this, and the small parties, like where Sonya is tonight, with just one man. Keep your eyes closed now. I don't want to get shampoo in your eyes. Tonight all of you girls will start out with your hair up. So pretty and fancy."

"What games do you play at the private parties?"

"You'll play some of the same games that you'll learn here this weekend, and you'll do fun things with the people at the party, but a private party is with a smaller group; sometimes only one person is playing with you for the evening. Usually dancing and dressing up, playing different games like the games you'll be playing tonight. And I know he's going to taste Sonya's 'yummy-yummy' a few times, and they will play finger games. She'll get dressed up and they will go out for dinner, and then they go back to his big house and play more games."

Then Liliya and Maya sat in the chairs - straddling them - facing Frank and his camera. Before Valensiya closed her eyes for the shampoo, she looked over at them. The way they were sitting pulled their pussies open and made their clitties stick out. Both girls had titties about the sizes of a small orange that was cut in half, and yet each was totally bald. Valensiya did think that was pretty.

She listened while Ms. Alina shampooed her hair. She heard Piona and Sharlotta leave with two men and a woman to start getting dressed. One of the men told Sharlotta he couldn't wait to taste her 'yummy-yummy,' but a ladies voice said, "Not until after dinner. That's for desert!" They all laughed.

She heard Sharlotta say, "I like being desert!"

After Ms. Alina rinsed out her hair and helped her sit up, she watched Maya and Liliya being filmed while getting their hair dried and brushed out. One of the hairdressers said, "Would you girls like a little buzzing? It makes your clitty bigger for the videos."

Both girls said, "I do!" at the same time, which made the lady laugh. "I only have one buzzer with me. Who wants to use it first? And I'll use my timer so you each only get sixty seconds!"

"Frank, be sure to get a little before and after of each girl's clitty." She handed the vibrator to Maya who twisted the base to turn it up to maximum, and then put it between her pussy and the chair - kind of humping it and moving her hips to press her clitty hard against the buzzer. "ZZZZZZZZZZ," the noise was amplified because it was pressed against the wooden seat.

Valensiya watched closely. Maya obviously enjoyed it.

"Time's up!" The lady laughed. Give it to Liliya.

"Darn." Maya said, as she handed the vibrator to Liliya. "I don't think it swelled up all the way yet."

"It's big enough." The lady said with a chuckle

Valensiya watched Liliya take the vibrator from Maya and put the tip in her mouth. She sucked on the end of it. "Oh, you taste good, Maya. I can't wait to have more of your 'yummy-yummy' flavor later!"

Maya smiled. "You can have more later."

Frank said, "Keep moving your hips, Maya. This clip will look good when I edit and compile them."

Valensiya watched Liliya press the vibrator between the chair seat and her clitty. She was really squirming around as the loud buzzing continued. When the lady took back the vibrator, she kept moving her hips. "Oh, that felt really good. I can't wait until people start tasting my 'yummy-yummy!'" she said. Frank laughed along with the ladies who were still brushing out and drying the long hair.

Frank said, "Both you girls - your clitties looked bigger after a little buzzing. They stiffen up and stick right out there - reaching for more attention. Of course, sitting backwards on a chair helps it stick out a little bit anyway. Rub them for the camera and then your titties. That's it. Good. Keep moving your hips so I can get close-ups of your stiff, little clitties. Great."

After Maya left to get dressed, Frank said, "OK, now you two cuties. Into the chairs. Let me get some video first before you use the vibrators. Let me see those clitties You get another turn this way, Liliya. Scoot as close to the back of the chair as you can - and by that I mean as close to me. That's it, girls, really spread those legs. OK, Valensiya, look up at me and smile. That's a girl. Good. Are you going to rub your little clitty for the camera when I say so?"

Valensiya was blushing, but she said, "Yes."

"Good girl. I saw the clips of you from two weeks ago when you did your videos with Sonya. Great! You are so cute. What are your favorite things to do? Keep squirming around while we talk. You can even rock a little while the ladies brush out your hair."

"Favorite things? I like riding my bike and playing in the ocean."

Frank laughed. "You're so cute, Valensiya. You, too, Liliya, and I'll get to your hot, little pussy in just a minute. But, Valensiya, I meant sexual things. What do you like best? What feels especially good to you?"

"Gee. I don't know."

Frank said, "Tell her a couple of your list of favorite things, Liliya."

"I like it when people taste my 'yummy-yummy, and..."

"Me, too." Said Valensiya. "I like that, too."

"And I like licking another girl."

"So do I." Said Valensiya, catching on to what they were talking about.

"And I like playing with a man's thing and getting it to squirt, and I like tribbing, and I like playing catch, you know, the kind with a finger in back." She looked at Valensiya in the chair beside hers. "Tribbing is rubbing your pussies together - like pressing and rubbing them. Do you like bouncing on the arm of a chair or rubbing your pussy around on your bicycle seat?"

"Yes, that makes it feel tingly. I do that at home - bouncing on the arm of our couch, but if Mommy asks me what I'm doing, I just say 'I'm pretending I'm riding a horse,' or something like that, and then she just smiles." Said Valensiya, and then she blushed.

"Do you like getting a slippery finger in your bottom?" Liliya asked. "I do. It feels so good when they push it up me."

"Gee, I don't know. It sounds kind of gross. And I guess it did feel good before my enema."

"It feels really good. All the other girls like it. We usually get to do it with each other first, before the grown-ups get to do it. I mean, unless like today when we all got enemas and the men helped get us slippery back there. But when we play the games with them, like a man puts his finger in our bottom, then he touches our clittys with a buzzer thing, like we'll play with in a minute. They tap our clittys with the buzzer when their finger is all the way in our bottom. It feels great! Especially the big fingers, like a man's."


"Will you try it at least? You can watch people do it to me, if you want. They get you all slippery first, and then they stick their finger in, and they always go slow at first. It feels so good. Want to watch me?"

"OK, I'll watch you do it. I don't know if I want to, especially in front of people and cameras."

"That's one of the good things about our parties, Valensiya. We never have to do anything we don't want to do. But I think having people and cameras watch me makes things feel even better."

"Well, I'll watch you."

"And my fingers are lots smaller than a man's, so maybe I could do it to you just to see if it feels good. The men like to watch us do that, too, just like they love watching us taste each other's 'yummy-yummy.' You will let me taste your 'yummy-yummy,' won't you?"

"Yes, sure, you can do that. I like that."

"And promise me you'll taste mine, too."

"Yes, I want to do that. You have a pretty one, Liliya. I was looking at your 'yummy-yummy' since we took a bath together."

The photographer was getting footage of Liliya as they talked and moved on the chairs. Then they played with the vibrator. Liliya went first and loved every one of her additional sixty seconds. Valensiya had trouble pressing it against herself because it tickled so much, so they started over several times - with lots of giggles - until she was able to hold it for twenty seconds at a time. She got real quiet, even though she kept moving her hips.

When she started to hand the vibrator back to Ms. Alina, with Ms. Laura still brushing out her hair, Liliya grabbed the vibrator and put the tip of it in her mouth. After she licked it off, she said, "I wanted to get a little taste of your 'yummy-yummy.' It's really good. I can't wait until I get a turn to taste you tonight. I think you're starting to like the buzzer. Did it feel good, Valensiya?"

"It really tickled, like giving me tingles in my tummy and legs even. Gee."

End of Part Two

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Not bad although little slower than your usual stories. Looking forward to the games...


idea for girls to play: have one girl insert her panties inside her anus and the other girl pull them out with her teeth. a similar take on the same idea, have cherries put inside girl's pussy or anus and then have her push them out into the other girl's mouth.


Not to jump the gun with this as I've only just goot around to reading the story so far. I had intended to wait for the final installment before I read it in it's entirety. But because of my impatient desire to see the emergence of Laura, I felt I had to get in on the current proceeding. Now that I've read the story leading up to the entry of Laura(One should be so lucky lol), I was somewhat puzzled with the mention of Ms.Laura in 'Valensiya's First Enema'. That, becaause of the not yet mentioned main character of my thoughts to enter the scene, slightly through my train of thought. Just a small mention that's all, as it didn't stop the 'flow' of happy little girls having so much slippery fun. Just hope that Ms.Laura isn't on the scene again when administering any more bathroom chores when the MAIN Laura is included in the next chapter.

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