Katie the Little Helper

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Published: 28-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

A few weeks ago I started dating a 22 year old girl named Michelle. Her was native American and her father was part white and part Brazilian. Michelle is very exotic looking. Her features look nearly white, but with a permanent killer tan that pure white girls would pay a ton for.

I quickly discovered that Michelle had a bit of a freaky side to her. She invited me over one evening. She said she wanted to watch a movie with me. I bought some beer and some Chinese food and took it over for a nice cozy evening. I got there around nine. She had just put her 5 year old daughter, Kati, to bed.

Kati's father was a Japanese / white mixed guy that Michelle dated for awhile when she was a teenager. Michelle got pregnant unexpectedly and Kati's dad was a piece of shit and ran away. He barely pays child support. Kati has the cutest little mouth and huge eyes. Such a cute little girl. She really makes your heart melt.

Anyway, we nestled into the couch and started munching on our Chinese food and Michelle got the movie ready and started it up. Right away on the screen pops a huge dripping wet cock followed quickly by a hot blonde girl's face. She promptly takes the huge cock into her throat and begins working the guy to a huge nut buster.

" What the fuck, Michelle?"

" What?" she said innocently, " I thought you would like it. You told me you watched porn a lot when you were single."

" Oh I like it. It's just that I never did a lot of porn watching when there was actually a girl WITH me at the time."

" Well...I think this'll be a lot of fun." She smiled and rubbed my throbbing cock through jeans, growing tighter by the second.

" How about whatever they are doing on the screen, we'll do together at the same time?"

" Ok sounds good, babe." I said, unzipping my pants and fishing out my 8 inch cock. " Better get to work. They started that blowjob with you."

She smiled gently and placed her hot wet lips on the tip of my cock and ever so slowly, I mean SLOWLY, as she flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock hole, eased her whole mouth over the head of my cock and it began sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth until I could feel the back of her throat just on the tip. She sucked on it hard and pulled her mouth off my cock save for the bulbous head, circled her tongue around the head for several seconds before forcing her throat onto my cock. I could feel the head go begin to go down her throat and could see her throat bulging around my cock. God did that feel fucking good. I could have busted my load right into her fucking stomach right then. She was very good at sucking cock.

Well, this continued for several minutes until the guy on the screen shot his huge load all over the pretty blonde girl on the screen. I was looking at it, anticipating exploding all over Michelle's beautiful face and hair. Come to find out, she had other plans. Right when she thought I was about to cum, she pulled her mouth off and pinched my cock right at the bottom.

" Ahhhh fuck!! That hurt like a motherfucker!"

" Don't worry...I'll make it feel better." She said, licking the pre-cum off her ruby red lips.

We switched position after position as the porn stars on the screen did. I painfully watched each scene end with a beautiful cumshots on faces, huge naked wet cum slippery breasts that were titty fucked as I titty fucked Michelle's. I fucked her tight hairless pussy as they did on the screen. This was actually the first time that I fucked Michelle bareback. Using a condom was simply never discussed during this fuckfest. I think she was just too fucking horny to even think or care about it. God did that tight hot hairless pussy feel good on my naked cock. I could feel every little fleshy bit of her pussy clenching my hard 8 inch cock when she came, nearly pushing me over the edge. I'm sure I leaked a sperm or two into her wet, pulsating cunt before pulling out.

This went on for a good hour of fucking and sucking before the final scene started. There were two girls making out, so we just sat and waited to see what happened next. Sure enough, after a few minutes of pussy eating, a guy walks into the room with his huge cock in his hand. I get up and walk out into the hall way and walk back in, holding my cock in my hand like the guy in the movie. I walk over to Michelle and stick it right in her mouth just like in the movie. She works my cock with her tongue while tickling my balls and prostate with her fingers.

When the porn stars finally get to the fucking, typically the girl would suck on the other's nipple or the girl would eat out the other girl while she was getting fucked. We just fucked. Couldn't do those parts obviously.

The final position was with the hottest of the two girls on her hands and knees getting royally fucked doggy style while the other girl was down on her back looking up, licking the guy's cock and balls as he fucked the girl. He would periodically take his cock out of the girl's pussy and dip into the other girl's mouth. You could see the guy's face straining on the movie and could just tell her was about to cum. I picked up pace with my own impending hour long build up of cum which was about to erupt all over Michelle's wet pussy. I fucked her hard and god it felt good. I thought for a second of taking a chance and just exploding inside her hot fucking cunt. God would that be a good fucking cum. I fucked long and hard until just to the instant of cumming, I started pulling out my cock.

Just then, I suddenly felt the tickling of my balls by something small. God did that just send me over the fucking edge. I started blowing my load and aimed my cock at the tickling and looked down.

" Holy fuck!!" It was little 5 year old Kati and her face was getting fucking drenched in my cum. It was covering her cute little nose and mouth and her little tongue was licking it up as best she could.

" Oh shit it's Kati!!" I started to get up and get something to clean up the mess with.

Michelle was watching between her legs and she was shaking. " No wait...don't move just for a few seconds!!!"

I didn't move. Kati lifted her head up and kissed the underside of cock with her cute little cum covered lips.

" Oh fuck!! Oh fuck OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! My little 5 year old girl covered in cum and her little lips on your huge cock!! OH FUCK I'M MOTHERFUCKING CUMMING FUCKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed loud as hell as she started cumming. Michelle squirted when she came, spraying her little daughter's face and hair with her cum. Our cum mixed together on her little pixy face and shined like she was covered in lube.

Kati lifted more and tried her best to get as much of the head of my cock into her little mouth as she could. I knew it was wrong, but I was far beyond trying to do anything to stop her. And it felt so fucking good.

Kati started to speak, causing a bubble of cum to form at her lips and nose. " I wanted it to be like they did in the movie." She had been watching, hiding in the corner. " All the other parts you only needed two people, but you needed three for this one."

" Katie" , I said, " Were you watching us the whole time?"

" Most of it...it made me feel really good between my legs. See?"

I looked at her night gown and it the croch and legs were soaked from this 5 year old's pussy juices.

" Take off your clothes, hun." Her mother said. " They're all wet. Go ahead and get naked."

She disrobed in front of us. Her shiny wet naked hairless baby pussy actually appeared to be throbbing. She stood there with her legs apart so her pussy could get air and her legs wouldn't stick together.

" Go ahead John." Said Michelle.

" Go ahead and what?"

" Touch her. You already blew your load all over her face. Now you're afraid to touch her pussy? Look at her. She needs to be touched."

I slowly reached a finger over to her. She simply watched in eager anticipation. I rubbed one finger up and down her pussy and clit. It was so baby fine and smooth. I've never felt anything so soft. Kati sat down, her legs spread wide while I continued feeling up her little pussy. I didn't think it would be such a turn on to me, but it really fucking was. This was the cutest little 5 year old girl I had ever seen with her perfect little face and cute little ass and perfect skin and perfect tan. Here I was feeling up her incredible little pussy. I actually started to think about what it would be like to shove my 8 inch cock into her little 5 year old juicing cunt. It made my cock start to grow. Kati threw her head back, moaning.

" Oh mommy...John's going to make me cum. I wish he could put his finger inside of me." I dipped in inside and felt the tightness of her baby pussy. I could feel the hymen pushing against my finger.

" Go ahead John....do it." Michelle said, licking her lips, rubbing her own pussy faster and faster.

" Oh god mommy, he's going to break it isn't he!! I know what he's doing mommy. It's going to hurt I know...but then he'll be able to go in more won't he?"

" Oh yes honey..he'll be able to go in so much more. So FUCKING MUCH MORE!!! AHHHHHH FUCK Finger fuck my little fucking girl, John!!!!!" Michelle came again, juicing all over her hands.

I pushed hard, breaking her hymen. Kati screamed, but not as much as I thought she would. I pushed my whole finger deep into her. " Put another one." Kati said.

I dipped a second finger into her, stretching her little baby pussy out. " Oh god Mommy....oh god MOMMY. John's going to make me cum!!! My cock was fucking throbbing HARD as I was finger fucking this 5 year old little girl. Just then, Michelle reached over with her soaking wet hand and began sliding her fist up and down my cock. It didn't take but 5 seconds before I was shooting my load all over the little 5 year old's hairless pussy crack.

" Oh god use her finger and push some of your hot potent sperm deep into my 5 year old daughter's womb, John!!! Oh fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! You're making me CUM AGAIN!!!!!! AHHHHRRRGGAA!!!!"

I pulled my finger out and put the tip of my cock right at Kati's baby pussy, continuing to jerk it and shoot more sperm right inside her. I then grabbed the little girl's hips and ass and held my cock to her pussy entrance. I shoved with all my strength, tearing into her little pussy while my cock continued to spew.

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Very sexy, a real turn-on, but way too short!


Thank you for the story.


Most enjoyable when you leave us wanting more! Many thanks for writing this piece of work - looking forward to the next installment.


it does need to be longer - maybe look at creating a series with this


Fucking hot.


Fucking hot!!! Made me cum.

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