Some of My Favorite Stories

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A Visit to the Park by Jason and Bridgette; MF/b7b8g9, ped, inc, voy, 1st; having sex in the park, a woman and her boyfriend pick up brothers and a sister; they go back to the house and get naked; she gives one boy a fuck, while her boyfriend feeds the other two cock; he then teaches the boy to fuck his sister; hosted by Kristen
Angie's Breakfast - by Betty Boob; MFg, infant, breastfeeding, oral, fam; couple are having morning sex when baby decides to suckle the cock; she gets a throat fuck, then suckles her mom's clit while she gets fucked; then baby gets another throat fuck (I don't write it! I just report it!)

Baby Cum Dump - by thisguy; MFg(baby), prost, intr, ped; prostitute masturbates man into her baby's tiny vagina
Becky's First Fuck - by Cindy; Mg Fg FF; Cindy takes 2yo Becky to the mall where they meet Rick and Mary; Rick is persuaded to fuck Becky there, then again at McDonalds
Being a Whore for My Baby Boy - by Lena Hornee; FB; retarded teen with monster cock can't stop masturbating; his mother, encouraged by her web lover, gives him relief

Chubby Little Rebecca - by Milliford Jones; FMg oral anal scat;
Creamy Pies for My Sisters - by Tray; Mg11 Mg7 Mg4; middle sister asks what a cream pie is, so he demos with her big sister; then the other two girls want to try it

DaDee's Girls - by Lasiter; Mgg; neighbor girl visits and learns about cum and what her holes are for
Diary of A Third Grade Treat, Day 1 - by Leggs Benny; MFg8; Mg neighbor couple fuck the little one, then the piano teacher taps it; girl's perspective; vulgar
Diary of A Third Grade Treat, Day 2 - by Leggs Benny; MFFg8; neighbor couple hypnotize the mother, then persuade her to hold her daughter and fuck him with her; girl's perspective; vulgar
Do My Daughter First by Sterling; Mg MFg;
Down the Street - by Clyde Freeman; Mg; neighbor girl fucks man, then introduces him to her father's "club"; his daughter begs for his sperm, and he pops her cherry

Falling For Her Daughter I - by Chris Keisen; MFg5; motel room fuck with girl in the bed
Falling For Her Daughter II - by Chris Keisen; Mg5; girl catches him masturbating, joins in and relieves him between her thighs
Feeding Baby - by R Xeen; Mg12 MFg cumeating cumswapping; couple train their girl for nasty sex; mom orchestrates a pregnancy at twelve, that is, she herself deposited the sperm in sundry ways; mother and daughter acclimate baby to the taste of cum with spermy nipples; then dad fucks the girl, and mom follows spitting breastmilk in her vaginal; capping it with a bottle nipple, mom has her girl kneel over the baby while daddy gives the infant a cumbath
Foster Kids - Part 4 - My Wife Gets Involved - by FosterDaddy; MFb4g4; woman eats girl while fucked by boy; woman impales girl's cherry on man's cock and jacks him off with her
Foster Kids - Part 6 - Rubbing in the Medicine - by FosterDaddy; MFg9g9; couple massage girl's pussies with anti-rash cream, then deflower them with vibrators; appearance of a cock-shaped one leads to discussion of the husbands organ and the pleasure it brings; the couple demonstrate fucking, and the woman seduces the girl into swallowing her husband's load

Grandpa the Magician, Part 2 by Janus; Mg6; living with his daughter, the older man babysits by day and uses sleight of hand to find quarters in his granddaughter's pajamas; he extends his probing to her cracks front and back and opens her anus; other parts are available at Janus' page
Gymnastic Cunt - by DaddyWalker; MFg ws nc rape anal tort snuff; woman gymnastics teacher is turned on by the idea of molesting a girl with her husband; they drug abduct a student who she holds down while her husband opens her with a huge cock; she grooms the girl to enjoy lesbian love, then assists her husband to penetrate her anally (I skipped the end.)

Katie the Little Helper - by Clyde Freeman; MFg5; woman asks him to mimic a porno film then bust her baby's cherry

Life Takes a Turn for The Better - by IAmYourNewGod; MFg, ped, preg;

Mandy's Special Relationship - anonymous; Mg MFg; mom works swing shift; man showers with stepdaughter, spoons in bed and 'mistakenly' deflowers her; mom discovers artifacts and arranges for a repeat performance with her helping; then they take a road trip so she can set her daughter up for a car fuck
Marcie the Explorer - by Lance Vargas; Mg9; man babysits niece and discovers her father taught her to use her hands and mouth to "milk" him
Mother's Slut Proclivity by George TyreByter; Fm ; woman gets made up to seduce her teen boys not too subtly and jacks them off on her face; this story is so well-written (I mean hot!) that I only got half-way through before...
My Niece Lorie by Phil E. Hebe; MFMg Mg; while looking for an apartment, a guy stays with his brother; the brother openly fondles his g12; later, she gets a nude spanking and the family has an orgy; when an apartment is found, dad sends the niece to spend the night and give his brother a fuck

Naughty Teacher - Part 1 by FosterDaddy; Mg6; male teacher pervs for little girls; his chance comes when one of his students is brain-damaged and orphaned; whenever she loses consciousness, he cannot resist the opportunity to experience more of her body; he has her pussy opened by the end of the term
Nazi Lolita - by Fairyboi; Mg B+g fath/dau; couple are interviewed by a general who fondles and strips their daughter; the father thereafter fondles her too; at school, she learns to suck cock and becomes popular with the boys; her father breaks her cherry, and the boys like her better

One Image, Just One Image MF, Fg12, Mg12, moth/dau, fath/dau, inc, 1st, ped, cons; couple's sex life is in trouble; man is a policeman working on child sex crimes, and his work comes to mind in bed making him wilt out of shame because he likes the thought; woman discusses the problem with a counselor friend who brings her a binder of child porn to see what her husband has to deal with; at first abhorred, she latches onto the idea of her husband fucking their daughter; she masturbates to the image and, in time, makes it happen. This story is long, well-written and graphic.
Our Baby Girl Made Us Do it, Part 2 - by TheLittleThingsInLife; MFg2; having initiated their toddler to cum eating (Part 1) a couple proceeds to pop her cherry at the instigation of her mother

Pervy Pediatrician 2 - by Daren Peters; Mg11, MFg3; visited by a girl he recently fucked, the doctor performs a pregnancy test, then satisfies her craving for cock; in a second vignette, he and his assistant working on a Sunday consent to look after a three-year-old; the female assistant is a perv who eats cum off of the toddler, then helps the doctor fuck her bald cunt

Rapistís Little Helper - by Sparrow MFg, coersion, pedo, oral;
Rebecca's Puppy Love - by Rose Eastmann; MFg dog;

Sharing Her Creamy Quim by Corkscrew; Mf creampie snowball; man comes home to find his wife splooged by her uncle; she stimulates him with lots of nasty ideas while he eats her; very graphic!
Something Neat - by thisguy; MFg, ped, reluc, cum; girl is called by her older sister to see something neat; she's sucking off her boyfriend; when the little one kneels, big sis directs his cock at her and gives her a facial
Sprinkler Girl - by Lasiter; Mg, MMg, voy, exhib, oral, 1st, cons, preg; neighbor with a waif offers her cherry then takes sloppy seconds

Taking Chances - by Frank McCoy; MFg;
The Clan - by BadBoyBart; multiple Mg breeding; in a future world, a man and his family happen on a family clan; they give their daughter to pleasure the patriarch while he services the matriarch; before parting, all of the girls get fucked to help the gene pool
The Drive-In Movie - by Sluggo; MFg; F17 brings her g10 cousin on her date to the drive-in; the girl is well used by her father and satisfies the boyfriend until he decides to have his way with his virgin date
The Girl With No Panties - by Lasiter; MgF; girl(12) and mother flash a man at a restaurant; he drives them home, then fucks the little one encouraged by the mother who masturbates with a large toy
The Power of Voodoo, Part 1 - by Foster Daddy; Mg; man makes a deal with a voodoo priestess and acquires a 9yo love slave
Trick Photography - by Sado Mommy; FFMM/g, voy, nc, rape, photo, anal;

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