Mucking the Stalls

Posted by Jillicious on Feb 22, 2012

There ain't nothin much to do in the rural territory of north east Idaho. Not too many folks live around these parts. There are cows of course, lots of cows. I do believe there are more cows than people round here. The people we do see spend a lot of time hootin and hollerin about makin the Idaho territory a state. That's just a part of life round here. It seems my daddy's lot in life is to grow them cattle so those city folks can have a side of beef.

Seems thats all people do around here is work. Work, work, work. I tell you there ain't but a small rest from workin. I do believe there is always cattle to be rustled, chicken eggs to collect, fences to be mended, horses to be groomed, and of course we have to feed 'em all. With all that feedin comes a whole pile of thier shit to be shoveled.

In The Swing of Things

Posted by Jillicious on Jan 12, 2012

My ex-girlfriend, Alison, was a sick little bitch. There are reasons why we are no longer dating, but that has nothing to do with this story. Without her I would still be sexually demure. Despite our later differences, she pushed me into trying new things, being comfortable in my own skin, and loving women instead of the feel of getting my cock stroked.

I had been dating Alison for about six months before she started bringing incest roleplay fantasies into the bedroom. Now, many of you may find that disgusting and believe me, I understand. The first time she called me daddy was shocking; honestly, my dick had a hard time staying up. Nonetheless she continued calling me daddy any chance she got. She seemed to fuck a lot harder when she imagined I was her daddy. Her cunt juice flowed like a river around my cock during her incest roleplay.

To Catch A Cheater

Posted by Jillicious on Jan 11, 2012

I never expected what I saw. Instead of visiting my sister and seeing her interacting with her children she was no where to be seen. Her two kids were sitting in the living room watching television. Their toys were strewn about, as if their mother, my sister had ignored them for some time. "Where is your mom," I asked openly to both of them?

"She is in her room," said her oldest son.

"Have you two had lunch," I asked?

"No, mom said she would feed us after she was done."

"Done with what?"

"Uncle Joe came over today."

Raped Series

Posted by Jillicious on Mon 14, 2011

    A story of story of betrayal. A story of hatred. A story of guilt. A story of RAPE.

    Listed from newest to oldest, each installment can be read as a stand alone story. If you choose to read them in order then start at the bottom and work your way up.

    Sweet Sherrie

    Posted by Jillicious on Jun 16, 2011

    The first time I ever saw Sherrie I was blown away. I tried to look up but I just couldn't stop gawking at her. Those things had to be the largest natural breasts I had ever seen. I had never seen a woman with so much jiggle up top. I didn't even know they made bras that big. I now know that a woman can buy an F cup.

    I didn't start dating Sherrie because of her naturally large mammaries. Of course they have been a really enjoyable bonus to being with her but they are not why we are together. She is a wonderful woman, loving, kind, generous, intelligent, and surprisingly active. It was her personality and her smile that really attracted me. Her looks are average. I know thats a somewhat mean thing to say about a woman, especially considering I called her my girlfriend. Her nose was a tad larger, her cheeks are round just like her face, and she was certainly rotund.

    Vegas Vacation

    Posted by Jillicious on Jun 9, 2011

    A gentle breeze blew across my forehead; a nice respite from the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. My brother, Matt, and I had talked for years about coming to Vegas one day. A dream vacation for each of us. For years we had been putting it off due to one reason or another. I wasn't prepared for this impulsive trip. As far as I knew we were going to a movie. Instead, Matt started driving, away from the movie theater and towards Vegas.

    We arrived just in time to see the sun set. The darkening sky contained a beautiful shade of pink which stretched across the horizon. In spite of our haste we were unable to see the Bellagio fountains spray jets of air across this perfect sunset. Instead we simply watched them in the dark of night with their artificial lights.

    Amputee Amanda

    Posted by Jillicious on May 6, 2011

    It starts as a sad story. My sister, Amanda, was in a terrible accident. She was riding in her friends car without her seatbelt on. Her best friend at the time was driving and texting. This horrible combination changed my seventeen year old sisters life forever. Suffice it to say she came out of the accident missing three limbs. It was an unfortunate traumatic hip disarticulation for both of her legs and a shoulder disarticulation for her left arm. A nearby off duty physician was able to stabilze her contidion. With his assistance her life was spared; with obvious disabilities.

    Amanda had become quite adept with her right arm. She had no choice because it was the only arm she had. She could get herself dressed without too many issues. She learned to scoot around the house using her arm as a leg and her body as another. It is quite the sight to see her wobble back and forth as she moved forward. Our parents even bought a new one level house with no stairs to help aid in her recovery. They had the softest carpet installed and the kitchen was equipped with a little lift that would move Amanda upwards to reach the countertops and sink.

    Edwina Pussy Arm

    Posted by Jillicious on March 17, 2011

    Kyle was expecting an evening of spectacular adventures. Not long ago his friend of many months and moon phases, Jed, had informed him of a most peculiar woman. He had also set Kyle up on a blind date with her. Jed made no mention of what made this woman of wonder so idiosyncratic and distinctive. The only thing he told Kyle was that his mind was about to be blown. He also told Kyle that Edwina does not disappoint. Edwina, he thought, Such a lumbering name.

    Edwina's morning started as it always had. She would stretch out as long as possible with her arms above her head and her toes reaching further away. Oh, she moaned to herself, is it that time already? She pulled her down filled comforter back up over her head, quickly entering a daydream state. She imagined her blind date would proceed as they always do. An enjoyable evening up until they ask why she has a black sock on her arm. A sock to cover up a most vexing appendage.

    The Gentleman's Club

    Posted by Jillicious on February 21, 2011

    My first attempt at poetry -- abysmal as it is.
    I don't expect any accolades for this one. But maybe a few laughs?

    Lost In Space

    Posted by Jillicious on February 1, 2011

    "Danger, Will Robinson! Dan-guu-weeaaar," the robot's voice had died out execrably.

    If Penny Robinson had to listen to Robby the Robot's continuing malfunctioning programming any longer she would scream. Will had done his best to keep the damn pile of junk running after all these years. Long years lost in space with no clear destination. After the disappointment of misleading alien life in the Alpha-Centari system, they decided to head back to Earth. Along the way their computers had somehow miscalculated the course. And now they were truly lost in space. The only real explanation was the extreme magnetic interference from the junk planet they had once encountered.

    The Birthday Gift

    Posted by Jillicious on February 1, 2011

    Kyle was shocked at the sight. It was an unusually hard day at school and now instead of relaxing he would have to figure out how to deal with this situation. He was a clueless teenager that didn't even know what to say.

    Before him stood a most gorgeous sight. She took his breath away, with her hair down and her body clad in a revealing baby doll. It was see through around her midriff. Through it Kyle could see the tiny thong. Her nipples were completely covered but the baby doll showed some impressive cleavage.

    One Last Slumber Party

    Posted by Jillicious on September 30, 2010

    It started simply enough. I had convinced my parents to let me have one last slumber party before my friends and I headed off to college. The guests were just a few close friends, Crystal, Jen, Emily, Katie, and then there was me, I'm Karrie. It started off great with talk of silly things we did during high school and the occasional embarrassing moment. It wasn't long before our slumber party had digressed to a silly game, a mix of truth or dare and spin the bottle. The game was simple; a democratic vote on a dare followed by a spin of the bottle to see who had to carry it out. We affectionately called it bottle dare.

    Our game started innocently. The dare was originally intended for us to share deep held secrets about ourselves. It wasn't long before it started becoming physical. Some of the dares given involved two spins, to decide the girls involved. My friend Crystal ended up kissing Jen, passionately. Then I had to suck on Emily's boob. Katie licked Jen's pussy, Crystal had to masturbate to orgasm in view of all of us, Jen had to get a spanking from all of us, Emily licked up Crystal's orgasm juice after she was done, and Jen and Katie scissored each other. Yes, our game had gone from sharing embarrassing moments to creating more.

    The Preacher's Wife

    Posted by Jillicious on April 6, 2010

    I am still amazed at how much jealousy and vanity exists among all these church going women. Of course I would have never learned this had I not married Dan. Being the shepherd of a religious flock my preacher husband usually ended up resolving many of these quarrels. And by being his wife I sometimes got dragged into the middle of them. I had to be the example that all these envious women looked to. I didn't do it for personal social status. I did it for Dan because I really love him.

    I wasn't always pretending to be the perfect woman. Before I met Dan I was a slut - A real whore's whore. I would fuck nearly any cock presented to me. My cravings for cock were so powerful that I often cheated on my high school boyfriend. A boyfriend who my parents absolutely hated. My dad would grit his teeth and smile every time I brought him home with me. Nearly every time my dad would remind me of my upbringing in his religiously conservative home.

    It Was Unintentional

    Posted by Jillicious on February 12, 2010

    This is an ongoing story split into chapters.

    His cock pulsed with passion as his love juice filled my womb. He was in so deep I could feel his sperm crashing up against the end of my love tunnel. His firm grip on my ass lightened as his cock began to relax. I could feel his cock slide out, leaving my pussy feeling suddenly empty. It had been a while since we fucked doggy style. I missed the gentle kisses he usually gave me after sex. Instead he reached around and gave my breasts a nice little squeeze.

    Abbie's Dream

    Posted by Jillicious on October 29, 2009

    The hotel room was dark. Abbie lay nude on the stiff sheets of the hard bed. She felt like a little girl again. She was giddy and so in love like a young teenager with her first crush. She was so exited for what was about to happen, knowing that her life would never be the same again.

    The bathroom light turned off as the door opened. The flash of light was temporarily blinding. Abbie watched the male figure walk to the bed. He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her legs. She willingly moved her body as requested by this soon to be lover. No words were exchanged, just simple physical gestures of motion. This man has began kissing up Abbie's legs and to her inner thigh. His face felt extremely smooth and freshly shaved. He caressed her abdomen with his hand, coming dangerously close to her pussy but never making contact. The man kissed her thighs, completely passing by her sweet pussy.

    My Brother's Plan

    Posted by Jillicious on October 28, 2009

    It all started when he went off to college. Thats when I noticed it anyways. My brother's behavior changed so dramatically. He used to be rather shy. It started with a weekend visit. He had learned about, acquired, and utilized an operating system for his computer that I had never heard of. Linux. It was the first time I had ever heard that word.

    Consequently I had been given the old family computer. It had soaked up enough viruses and malware to be nearly useless. For my brother this was a great testing ground. He came into my room and installed this new operating system. The whole time he was talking and laughing with me. It was the first time I have ever sat and giggled with my brother like he was one of my best friends.


    Posted by Jillicious on March 10, 2008

    This is an ongoing story split into chapters.

    This story starts of as one of great curiosity. Mostly because the idea of having sex with a sibling is so taboo in society. But being young and full of intrigue I found myself in the middle of a sexual relationship whirlwind. I had been born to a loving mother and father. I was also the youngest of two. My brother was two years older than I. The question of more siblings has never really come up. My parents decided not to have anymore. I figured that it wasn't my place to pry.

    My brother and I had pretty normal childhoods. We spent a lot of time together as kids playing cops and robbers and with his trucks and cars. Occasionally my brother even sat down and we would play with my Barbie dolls and play house with me. As a result we had a close friendship that grew early on in life. We had to stick together, there was only two of us after all.