Janus' Favorite Stories

This is just a short list of some of my favorite stories. Aside from the great pleasure I've had from reading these stories, these authors have all influenced my writing in one way or another.

Please note: I did not write these stories! They are just a collection of links to stories on ASSTR

Lessons in Child Modeling This is the first story in years that I actually enjoy. A jaw-droppingly erotic story that I found on Velocity's website. I wish there were more good works like this on asstr. My compliments to the reclusive author.
Grandpa the Magician This is the story that inspired me to write my first story, if only because the author never continued it and it drove me crazy. It involves a young girl and the games she played with her grandpa.
Tina - Younger Older Admittedly, this is probably not the most realistically written story but I read it at an impressionable age. Eleven year old Tina has her first sexual encounter with an older man who teaches her everything.
Arms Again, one of the earlier stories I ever read. The story details the capture and abuse of a man and his wife and two daughters. I always thought the opening sequence was imaginative.
Stokholm This is an excellent plot and character driven story involving a man and an abducted girl who eventually accepts her predicament.
Invention 1
Invention 2
Invention 3
Invention 4
Mind control stories can be quite exciting if done properly. In these stories, a young teenager discovers an invention that allows him to make females, such as his sister, lose their inhibitions.
Carrie's Seduction This is a very well-written story detailing the seduction of a young girl by her teenage babysitter. The plot progresses at just the right rate.
Cabin Fever This story has always been an old favorite of mine. It's another story about a family held captive at their cabin in the woods. The sixteen year old daughter is forced to put on a show for the captors.
The Minister and the Little Girl I thought this story was imaginatively written. It's about a minister who hypnotizes young girls.
Little Susie This story also isn't terribly realistic but it's written descriptions are superb. Twelve year old Susie enjoys a drinking and smoking party with four of her older sister's male friends.
Doctor's Orders A rather sadistic SM story about a female doctor who abuses a mother and daughter. The story has a happy and sad ending so you can decide which one you like best.

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