Book V: Over Her Mommyís Knee

by Juanoneone



Disclaimer: This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive.
If you havenít read my stories before, be forewarned that you will find nothing heartwarming within.


"For the last time, Samantha, the shrimp is *not* an insect" insisted Mrs. Wayne, taking plates from the dishwasher and stacking them in the cupboard. Her thirteen year old daughter was adamant. "Mummy, I canít help what shrimps are like. Shrimps are insects. I read it in a book". Mrs. Wayne put the last plate away, turned and regarded her daughter skeptically. The girl stood defiantly, chin stuck out. Samantha had deep brown eyes and short, straight black hair that hung down just to the nape of her neck. She was dressed in a pink top with short white sleeves, and a pair of blue jeans. "Alright then, Samantha, do you want to *bet* me that shrimp are insects"

"Iíll bet. What do you want to bet" the girl replied, undeterred.

"If you are so sure, Iíll bet you a *spanking* that the shrimp is not an insect"

"What do you mean, youíll bet me a spanking?"

"I mean, we will look it up in the encyclopedia. If the shrimp is not an insect, and it isnít, then I put you across my knee and give you a good *spanking*. You want to take that bet, or just let the matter drop?"

"What kind of a bet is that?" the girl demanded. "What do I get if I *win*?"

"If you win, you *donít* get a spanking. Not so sure that a shrimp is an insect now?"

"Iím sure, but there is no point in me taking the bet. I already donít get a spanking if I just donít bet at all. What about, if you win, I get a spanking, but if you win, you have to give *Sally* a spanking instead!". Samanthaís eleven year old sister looked up from her Japanese cartoon in the sitting room, her blue eyes wide with surprise. She looked more like her mother than Samantha did, her brown hair down past her shoulders. She wore a simple green dress with the words "One Great Kid" emblazoned on the front in pink. "I donít *want* a spanking!" she pointed out.

"Donít worry, Sally" her mother assured her. "You arenít going to *get* a spanking. Samantha is the one who is going to get the spanking, and its going to be a good one too". Samantha nodded her consent but added "but whatever spanking you would give me if I lose, you have to give a spanking that good to Sally if I win."

"You are just digging yourself a deeper hole all the time, Samantha. The bet is one good, hard spanking. No nonsense, no mercy, just a very hot little bottom. If you win, Sally gets it, but if you lose, itís *your* behind that is going to get the tanning".

"Done" agreed Samantha.

"Done" seconded her mother.

"No *way*!" interjected Sally, scrambling to her feet. "Leave me out of it!".

Her mother replied "Hush Sally, it doesnít concern you. But since you are up, go and get the S volume of the encyclopedia".

"Iím not *playing* this game!" insisted Sally, stomping into the kitchen. Samantha eagerly ran and got the S volume of the encyclopedia, while Sally made her impassioned case in the kitchen. Samantha returned with the volume open, crying "See! See! See!". Mrs. Wayne took the encyclopedia, throwing Samantha a skeptical look as she did so. As she followed the entry with her finger, Samantha beamed and Sally held her breath. "Well Iíll be darned" exclaimed Mrs. Wayne, shaking her head in astonishment, "the shrimp *is* an insect! I canít believe it".

"Sally gets a spank-ing! Sally gets a spank-ing!" sang Samantha, bouncing up and down in joy.

"That isnít *fair*!" cried Sally in horror, "*I* didnít make a bet! Mommy, that isnít *fair*!". Her mother shrugged. "Thatís the way it is, Sally. A gambling debt is a promise, and we always have to keep our promises. You might as well bend over and get it over with".

"But! But why do *I* get a spanking? I didnít *do* anything! I wasnít even a part of the game! That isnít *fair*!". Sally knew all too well what it was like to get a spanking over her motherís knee, and had no particular desire to revisit the experience now. Tears started to form in her eyes. "Over you go, Sally" sighed Mrs. Wayne, taking her daughter by the left wrist. "The sooner we start, the sooner we finish". She hauled the crying girl over to a kitchen chair, sat down, and laid her over her lap for corporal punishment. She held her in place with her left arm and raised up her right arm, palm open. "Mommy!" interrupted Samantha indignantly, "you arenít being *fair*! If I were the one over your knee right now, wouldnít you have taken down my jeans? Honestly?". Mrs. Wayne paused thoughtfully, then finally nodded with vigor. "Sheís right Sally. I was definitely going to pull down her jeans. That skirt will have to come up"

"No mommy! No! Please!" begged the child face down across her knees, squirming fruitlessly to stand. Mrs. Wayne took hold of the hem of Sallyís green dress and folded it up neatly over her daughterís back, leaving the weeping girl in her white panties, as her sister looked on triumphantly. With that, Mrs. Wayne began to spank away, slow and hard. Sally yowled with each painful slap to her helpless bottom, crying out in pain and indignation. "This could have been *you* over my knee like this Samantha" Mrs. Wayne reminded the older girl.

"Yes, mommy, but it isnít me over your knee. Sally is the one over your knee" smirked Samantha happily. "Ow! Ow! OW!" added Sally in rhythm to the firm, loud smacks that impacted across her stinging seat. Tears dripped slowly from her blue eyes and down her cheeks. "It isOWnít fa-AA-aaaAA-aair!" she complained.

Mrs. Wayne demanded "I suppose you think you are pretty clever, Samantha, getting your sister spanked like this?". Samantha shrugged.

"Well, mommy, my bottom is doing just fine. I think I did pretty good with that bet".

"Oh yeah, well are you *still* willing to put your behind on the line?"

"Maybe. Do you have another bet?"

"Sure. Iíll bet you.that Beijing is the capital of China. If Iím right, you get a spanking - a long, hard one like Sally is going to get".

"No bet!" replied Samantha, shaking her head. "I *know* that Beijing is the capital of China. Iím not going to get spanked for no reason. But Iíll bet you.Iíll bet you that dolphins are mammals!". Mrs. Wayne snorted. "Thatís ridiculous - itís a fish. Fine, if you want to be spanked so badly, you can have that bet. What do you want if you win?".

"Donít do it!" wailed Sally desperately through her sobs. "Dolphins *are* mammals!"

"If I win.". Samantha screwed up her eyes thoughtfully. "O.K.. Hereís the bet. If I lose, I get a spanking over your knee. But if I *win*, Sallyís panties come down and you give her *her* spanking right on her *bare bottom*".

"No! No!" bawled Sally in horror as she was spanked hard over her motherís knee.

"O.K.. But if you lose, you have to get *your* spanking on *your* bare bottom"

"Done!" affirmed Samantha.

"Done!" agreed Mrs. Wayne "you just talked yourself into a good bare-bottom spanking my girl! I just hope that it teaches you a lesson". Sally just kicked her bare legs helplessly behind her in protest, but no-one was paying her much attention.

"I just cannot believe it!" exclaimed Mrs. Wayne in astonishment as she pulled Sallyís white panties down to her knees. The spanked girl roared her protest, but to no avail. Her naked backside was already a rosy red from punishment, even though the vast majority of the spanking was still to be administered. Mrs. Wayneís slaps proceeded to rain afresh onto naked flesh devoid of all protection, and, unwittingly inspired by her sheer frustration with Samantha, Mrs. Wayne was now spanking even harder than before. Sally bawled like a baby and squirmed with pain as the loud smacks landed again and again across the bare red skin of her hot behind. "It is a *mammal*" mused Mrs. Wayne as she spanked away at the suffering child, "but it lives in the *sea*. It simply doesnít make any sense!". Sally grasped the legs of the chair with white-knuckled fingers, her whole body shaking from the force of the slaps to her buttocks.

"Iíve been reading *books*!" Samantha told her proudly, "you can really learn some amazing things".

"You are too clever for your own good, little girl! If you had been wrong, I would have taken down your pants and panties and tanned that arrogant tail of yours until you couldnít sit down".

"Well, then, you have to tan *Sallyís* tail until *she* canít sit down. The deal is that she gets what *I* would have gotten".

"Oh, Sally will get a spanking to remember, donít you worry about that!" promised Mrs. Wayne adamantly. I am going to show you *just* what *you* are going to get one of these days when you slip up and make a mistake. Sally is going to beg and *beg* for mercy!". Sally begged piteously for mercy, as if on cue, but received only hard spanking on her bare bottom in reply.

Mrs. Wayneís oldest daughter, seventeen year old Patricia, wandered curiously into the kitchen, attracted by the noise. She laughed at the sight of Sally panties-down over her motherís knee, howling and squirming in pain as her red bottom was slapped hard over and over. "I give up" she announced. "What did Sally do to deserve a rump-roasting like *that*?". Patricia looked much like an older version of Samantha, dressed in a black top and dark green skirt, her brown hair bound behind her head in a plait. "Mommy lost a bet" Samantha explained. "She said that the shrimp is not an insect".

"Well, a shrimp *isnít* an insect, itís a crustacean" replied Patricia with certainty.

"Oh yeah. Do you want to bet?" asked Samantha with a grin.

"DONíT BET! DONíT BET!" bawled Sally as her fiery backside was spanked.

"Iíll bet you a dollar, brat" suggested Patricia.

"I know a better bet. How about, if I lose, you spank me on my *bare bottom*, looong and *hard*!".

Patricia blinked. "Are you forgetting that I am *perfectly* capable of spanking your bratty bottom?" she asked. "No, I *havenít* forgotten" replied Samantha, trying to keep the bitterness out of her voice, "and this one would be a *real* roaster and I donít get to wear any pants at all!"

"And if you win?" demanded Patricia, suspiciously. "Not that you will win, because there is no way that a shrimp is an insect".

"If I *win*, then you give *my* spanking to *Sally*, exactly the same spanking you would have given me if I had lost".

"NO! NO! NOOOO!" bawled Sally from over her motherís knee "SHRIMPS ARE INSECTS!"

"Oh, that is *so* a deal!" gloated Patricia. "Once I get you over my knee with your panties down, Samantha, I am going to keep you there for just *forever*! Iím going to give you a tanning you will never forget".

"Done - but Sally gets just the same if I win!"

"Done! Prepare for a merciless *punishment*!"

"NO! NO!" roared Sally in horrified disbelief "WE LOOKED IT UP! TELL HER, MOMMY!". But Mrs. Wayne hasnít been listening. She was concentrating on the little red bottom before her, slapping away with great vigor, fixating on the fact that this was just how she would treat Samantha when she finally had her over her knee.

Patricia read over the entry for shrimp again and again, unable to believe her eyes. She looked across to Samantha, who smirked back at her. Then she looked over to Sally, flailing and bawling across her motherís knee as her naked red rump was spanked and spanked. "Samantha, did you just make this *exact* same bet with mom?" she asked quietly. Samantha grinned and nodded, and Patricia slapped her own forehead, unable to believe what a dupe she had been. She shook her head grimly at Samantha. "Alright" she said "you win this time brat. Tomorrow, Iím going to take down Sallyís panties, put her over my knee, and give her a spanking that will make her think her bottom has been set on fire. But I want you to listen very carefully to the way she bellows across me knee and *pleads* with me for mercy and I want you to see just how *red* her bottom is going to get from paddling. Because sooner of later, you are going to bet wrong, and that is *just* how *you* are going to bellow and plead over my knee, and that is *just* what your little bare bottom is going to look like when I get my hands on it. You had better come and watch when Sally gets her punishment, because its going to be a glimpse into *your* future!".

"Sure Iíll watch!" grinned Samantha "I wouldnít miss Sallyís spanking for the *world*!". Mrs. Wayne suddenly realized what had just happened. "Oh Patricia, *you* didnít just lose a spanking bet with Samantha did you?". Patricia shrugged glumly.

"I spank Sallyís bare bottom soundly tomorrow" she confessed.

"Darn it!" snapped Mrs. Wayne, spanking her poor daughter all the harder in her anger, bringing even more passionate yelps from the crying girl panties-down over her knee. "I *invented* the spanking bet. The whole point was to teach Samantha a good lesson".

"Iíve *learned* a good lesson, mommy!" Samantha assured her happily.

"Ooo - you are going to *get* yours Samantha!" her mother promised. "You are going to get it every bit as soundly as Sally! You will make one bet too many". Sally threw her head form side to side in her torment, her brown hair splaying across the floor, her motherís palm stamping with mechanical precision onto her suffering behind.

"Well." considered Samantha "I did hear a rumor that the koala bear is not really a bear at all.". Mrs. Wayne laughed with triumph. "Oh yes it *is*! *There* is the mistake that is going to get you paddled! The word íbearí is right there in the name. The koala bear *is* a bear and everyone knows it!"

"NO MORE BETS!" shouted Sally in terror, tears streaming from her blue eyes, her bare legs kicking behind her, bound at the knees by her white panties.

"Hereís a bet, then. You know how on Wednesday night, we get Carla the babysitter?". Carla was a twenty year old college student who had been sitting for the girls for years. She was the daughter of a neighbor. Samantha and Sally had long argued that they were too old to need a sitter, but their mother was of a different opinion. "Carla always does exactly what you tell her to. If I lose the bet, you tell her that I have been completely impossible all day long. Tell her that she is to bare my bottom and give it the biggest, cruelest spanking that she can - just as long, just as hard, just as heartless as she possibly can. Tell her that Sally will be *right* there to report on it all and to make sure that my rear isnít spared a single slap".

Patricia added gleefully "and that if you give her *any* trouble at all at any point, even if you hesitate to do what you are told for a single second, you go *right* back over her knee with no panties on, no-matter how hot and sore and spanked you are!"

"*Right*!" agreed Samantha "but if I *win* the bet, then you say that Sally is the bad one and you tell Carla to give Sally the works instead, and *Iím* the one there to make sure she isnít spared a single spank".


"Done!" affirmed her mother "you are *really* going to get it this time, Samantha!".

"Done!" said Samantha, got the K volume of the encyclopedia, and showed her mother that the koala is not a bear. "DAMN!" cried the woman in rage, a rage that expressed itself in furiously hard and fast slapping of her daughterís bare red bottom. Sally bellowed with pain and with terror at what was to come.

Eleven year old Sally bucked and howled as the spanks rained down, hard, fast and relentlessly onto the fiery red skin of her bare bottom. Tears poured from her blue eyes, down her cheeks and past her wide-open mouth. Behind her, her legs kicked and flailed wildly as the headmistressí palm slapped again and again with merciless force across her punished buttocks. Sallyís skirt and panties were nowhere to be seen. Down in the auditorium, the assembled girls sat in astonished silence, riveted to the sight of such a merciless spanking, a sight both entertaining and frightening. None of them had ever imagined that it was even possible for a student to be punished in such a way, let alone so very publicly. "I simply cannot believe it" muttered the headmistress to herself, as she slapped away at Sallyís bottom with all of her strength. "How can a *shrimp* be an *insect*?".