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I have posted three new chapters, 9, 10, and 11, to The Wounded Warrior and the Colleen and it is perhaps three or four chapters away from being complete. I have also posted two new chapters, 58 and 59, to A World of My Choosing, which is just one or two chapters away from being finished.

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The Wounded Warrior

and The Colleen

A Story of Young Love by Gil Gamesh

A wounded warrior struggles through hell with the dream of finding a colleen to love. He finds her but will she yield to him?. Will they find happiness with each other? Of course they will.

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A World of My Choosing

An Out-of-This-World Story by Gil Gamesh

The story of a young man who is transported to an uninhabited world in another universe. As others join him, he makes difficult choices and the most difficult of all is: What will the world of his choosing be like? The story is primarily about heterosexual romantic love but includes some homosexuality and is anti-religious on occasion.

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The Measure of Man

An Epic Adventure of the Stuart Family by Gil Gamesh

A long story of love and sex in the lives of the Stuart family. It spans four decades and tells of their love for each other and for individuals outside the family. It is primarily about heterosexual romantic love but includes some homosexuality and is mildly anti-religious.

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Love is Blind

A Story of Young Love by Gil Gamesh

A romantic short story in nine chapters in which a young couple try to find what their hearts desire, true love. Both are scarred by life but loved by their families. Will they find happiness with each other? Of course they will, and sex too.

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All My Children

A Hot Pepper Sauce Story by Gil Gamesh

A short story. Don't read it if you dislike incest, underage sex, first time sex, fucking, blow-jobs, pussy-licking, lots of sex, and all such divertisments. Oh, and hot pepper sauce. It's a fun story with an unusual way of having an orgasm.

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A Horror Story by Gil Gamesh

DO NOT READ THIS STORY if you are repelled by the rape of a man by man and beasts. It is the story of a young man who is punished for his rape of a young woman. An audience of women observes the proceedings. It is brutal, sickening, and disgusting but it contains a message. Read it if you dare but don't say you weren't warned.

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A Flash Story by Gil Gamesh

I delibeately try to write each story in a completely different way. This one is a flash story, just a short thought-provoking little niblet..

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