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Quit Touching Me!

By General Principle

(mg, cons, ped, rom, teen, first, inc)

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“Quit touching me!” my sister yelled at me.


I was just thirteen, and she was almost twelve. It was 1975, and we were on a family vacation. Our parents loaded up the car, and hooked the pop-up camper. We set off across the country for two excruciatingly boring weeks. We lived in the northeast and my dad was taking us to Yellowstone National Park; an interminable drive of over two thousand miles. I don’t know what my parents were thinking, to be honest. My sister and I used to be the best of friends, until puberty hit me hard. All of a sudden, we spent as much time fighting with each other, as playing together. I still liked her but for some reason I just did not know how to show it. I think she was the same way.


It was only the first day, and we were less than an hour from home. It promised to be a long trip. My sister and I sat in the back seat of the huge car, sticking to the vinyl seats. It was a two-door car with doors that would sever an arm (let alone a finger), if in the way when they were shut. Nobody was wearing seatbelts. My dad had his arm resting on the door with the window rolled down working on his truck driver sun tan. My mom had a handkerchief on her head, to keep her hair from flying about.


Lori was and I had a crossword puzzle book, ad-libs, a few comics, and a little magnetic checkers board to keep us entertained. She sat behind Dad. I was stealthily sneaking my hand over to her side of the seat and was poking her hip. I was bored, and pursuing my favorite past time: tormenting my sister. Lori was just as bad though. As often as I did my best to torment her she did the same to me.


“Cut it out you two! You better get along or so help me I will pull over and tan both your hides!” Our dad yelled back at us.


I have to hand it to my parents. They took our squabbling pretty well, often punishing us both. When we were little is was with a swat on butt. More recently we got extra chores to do. With no ability to do chores he was reverting back to corporal punishment.


The warning only kept me in check for about fifteen miles and my hand started it’s way back over to Lori. I knew she would not complain to my Dad now. We would both get in trouble. She was held hostage!


When I poked her that time she tried to grab my finger intent on doing me harm I am sure. I managed to get away though. Sitting there seemingly looking at the comic, I knew she was watching me, and waiting for me to try it again. I did not disappoint. When I tried to poke her on the bare thigh the next time, she tried to hit my hand. She got me, but I got her too. The game picked up, and I tried to vary when I would poke her next. She never stopped me just tried to smack me after I did it.


It was hard to say how much it was a game and how much it was a contest or fight. When the intensity picked up, and we started to more or less hit each other, Mom looked back over the seat. She gave us a warning glare, and we stopped.


We did a couple ad-libs together, trying to insult the other as much as we could. Eventually we started dozing. I was asleep leaning against the side of the car. I woke up with Lori’s feet poking me. She had taken the rest of the seat, and was lying on her side with her feet against my thigh.


Instead of hitting her I decided to tickle her. Slowly, I ran my fingertips over her ankles. She did not stir. I trailed my fingers up her legs, to her thighs. Feeling the soft smoothness of her legs kicked my hormone driven body into high gear. She was not ‘my sister’ anymore. Lori was a girl, and I was feeling her legs. I had never even kissed a girl and I was feeling the warm smooth legs of my sister.


My fingertips were joined by the rest of my hand. Quickly I glanced over to check on my parents. Mom looked like she was asleep and Dad was driving. When we were quiet they left us alone and sometimes seemed to forget we were even there. Slowly I ran my hands over her thighs, and down her calves. My cock was painfully hard. I noticed that her shorts had ridden up a little in back, and I could barely make out the edge of her panties. They were white (of course), but looked like the sexiest things I had ever seen.


I was watching my hand mostly, only sparing an occasional look to her face, what I could see of it. I moved up her legs to the back of her thighs. I was soon feeling the extra soft skin next to her butt. I even grew bold enough to move my fingertip under the elastic of her panties a little bit, and touched the actual skin of her little butt. Doing that though, caused her to sort of squirm, and I quickly I jerked my hands off of her and tried to look innocent.


Lori did not wake though.


‘Must have tickled her,’ I thought.


I went back to fondling her legs, up to her shorts, but did not go any further. I even moved my hands to feel her butt, and the cleft between. It felt very sexual and intimate.


She was no longer just my bratty kid sister, but a girl, and a cute one at that. She was now a girl I wanted to have sex with. At that age I wanted to have sex with every girl that was even marginally pretty. Lori was pretty. There was no doubt of that. She had slightly curly blond hair and blue eyes. She was a couple inches shorter than I was, but her hips had begun to flair, and her tits made little peaks in her t-shirts. Her long legs were still naturally smooth and her underarms bare. With freckles across her cute little nose, kissable lips, and long lashes I realized she was not just cute but, beautiful.


I am not sure how long I stole touches from Lori as she lay there. My hand roamed all over her legs, and over her round bum. It was very exciting and forbidden. My Dad, exiting off the freeway, ended my explorations of Lori. I sat back dazed by the whole experience.


We got out of the car, and stretched our legs. Mom got sandwiches out, and set everything up on a picnic table. I was very quiet during the whole meal. I was lost in thought and did not notice that Lori was, too. My Mom commented on it as we finished.


“It is nice to sit down with out you two fighting all the time.”

My Dad added, “They had better learn to get along better. They are sharing a tent for the next couple weeks.”


I had completely forgot about that. Lori and I had a two-man tent we were to share, while Mom and Dad slept in the camper. The camper could have fit four, but they made us sleep outside. My guess is that they wanted privacy. It used to gross me out, seeing them always kissing. Dad would grab Mom’s ass or tits, when they didn’t think we could see them. Recently though I would try to watch them. Mom still had a great body after two kids. I would get hard-ons from catching peeks of her.


When Dad reminded us I got self-conscious, yet excited at the same time. I glanced at Lori. She was looking away from me, but I could tell she was embarrassed, too. Lori looked my way with an unreadable expression on her face and I quickly looked away. I was trying to hide the feelings I had and did not even understand.


We packed up, and were soon back on the road. Lori and I rode in silence for a while both looking out the window. Bored, I picked up the crossword puzzle book and worked on one. Lori scooted over, trying to see. I just ignored her not sure how to act around her anymore.


She scooted even closer and was sitting right next to me. Our bare legs were touching. It was innocent, yet not so innocent anymore in my mind. Instantly, I was hard. I had trouble concentrating on the puzzle. I was not a whole lot of help. At first I was distracted and then I was scheming. The longer we took to work the puzzle, the longer I could feel her next to me. I was just glad she did not seem to notice the bulge in my shorts. When she tried to move the book over so she could see it more easily, we started to push and shove each other with our shoulders and legs. Mom looked back over the seat and gave us another of her patented looks and we stopped, but stayed close.


Eventually we reached our first stop for the night. It was a campground. While not big, it had several other campers there. I helped Dad open up the camper, and level it. Lori insisted on helping me set up our tent. Where I would have fought her on it just a day ago, I let her help now. We still bickered and argued on how to do it, though. The tent was new, and this would be the first night it had ever been used. We set our sleeping bags inside, and zipped it back up to keep the bugs out.


That night we had hamburgers on the little charcoal grill my Dad liked so much. Later we roasted marshmallows over the coals from dinner. Lori and I had spent a while exploring and looking for wood. But the very well picked over woods around the campsite yielded little, so the grill had to do this time.


That night when our parents told us to go to bed we crawled into the tent. Now I normally slept in my underwear, and Lori was usually in a nightshirt. It was still hot, and I doubted I could stay inside the sleeping bag all night. We kind of looked at each other not knowing what to do. I took my shoes and socks off then my shirt. Lori took her shoes and socks off then got in her sleeping bag.


We lay there listening to the crickets and tree frogs for a while. I got hot. I took my shorts off, and opened my sleeping bag. I normally slept in my boxers at home. I could hear Lori rustling next to me, and occasional laughter from my Mom. Lori opened her bag up and lay there. I turned on my side towards her barely able to make out her profile in the darkness.


I was not sleepy. Once again, not knowing how to show my affection for my sister, I started to annoy her. Poking her on her arm she moved it irritably shrugging off my touch. Encouraged I did it again.


“Stop touching me!” she said in a forceful whisper.


“Touch.” I whispered back and did it again.


“Stop it!”


Doing it again prompted her to turn on her side away from me, trying to get away. I just simply scooted over and softly poked her in the back. After a couple times she tried to roll over and trap my hand, but I was too fast for her. Back on her side I could tell she was waiting for me to do it again.

When she failed to trap me that time, she rolled all the way over on her side facing me. We were now only inches apart, both of us on the edge of our sleeping bags.


“Get away from me!”


“No. You.”








“No. You move. I am comfortable.”


“Fine. I’m not moving either!”


“Fine with me.” I said and blew in her face.


“God! Your breath stinks!” she said trying to insult me.


I just did it again. That prompted her to do it too. Her breath did not stink. I could not smell anything on it.


“Your breath is the one that stinks!” I said.


“Good!” she said and blew in my face again.


I blew in her stronger leaning a little closer. She just did the same and in no time we were an inch apart blowing and spitting on each other. The first time she spit on me I was surprised. It was just a spray though.


“Say it don’t spray it,” I told her.


She just did it again getting me wetter. Not to be outdone I did the same to her. We were then blowing and spraying saliva on each other, and occasionally brushing lips. I tried to brush her lips with mine as often as I could, though. Her softness and wetness was incredibly exciting. Neither one of us could give ground though, without being thought the loser. We had inched closer together and our legs were touching then our groins. The soft warmth of her thighs about had me ready to cum in my shorts. I was as hard as a rock and acutely aware I was touching her even though I kept up the contest, to see who would give first.


I was feeling incredibly horny, as only an adolescent can feel. I stuck my tongue out, and licked her puckered lips as she blew on me. That caused her to pull her head back.


“Gross! You licked me!”


“Don’t mess the best or you die like” I started to crow my victory at her, but she leaned forward and licked me.


The words died from my mouth and she let a little crow of victory herself.


“Now who’s the best?” she said grinning.


I just leaned forward and licked her again. When she licked me back, though, it was on my lips and inside my mouth a little.


She paused and did not pull back afterwards. Our lips were barely touching. I stuck my tongue out and touched her lips. They parted, and her tongue came out to greet mine.


We were both amazed and our little contest lost its charade. It became what our fighting was all along. Foreplay. I kissed my sister and she kissed me back. When I put my arm around her she put hers around me. She kissed me back, being surer at it than I was.


I was a quick study, though. We were suddenly locked in a deep, sloppy kiss. Sliding my hand down her back, I found that her earlier rustling had been her taking off her shorts. I felt soft cotton panties covering a round soft ass. Lori pulled me on top of her and we were making out.


I was all hands it seemed. First I had a hand along her smooth thigh. She was so exciting and sexy now. My little sister was gone and this sexy girl was taking her place. Lori kept kissing me as I ran my hands over her legs and up her body.


Shifting some my cock came into contact with her pantied little pussy. She just pressed back at me as she felt my hardness. I started to dry hump her, and we rocked together. My quest to feel her little tits was abandoned at the incredible feeling in my groin as we ground together.


When Lori put her hands on my ass and wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer I came. She stopped kissing me and moaned herself holding me tightly. Our crotches were soaked with my cum and Lori’s juices.


Pulling back a little I looked down at her. She had a very satisfied look on her face and a small smile. I smiled back and we were soon both grinning like idiots at each other. I blew at her like our spitting game and we both laughed. She shifted her legs down a little rubbing her thighs against mine. We both sighed. I was still hard and started to rub myself against her, slowly.


Lori responded by actually feeling my ass. She was not just grabbing it to pull me against her, but was fondling it. I loved the feeling, and bent down and kissed her. Our tongues were dueling again as she explored me. When I moved a hand down and cupped a tiny tit in my hand feeling its hard little point, she sighed letting me know that she enjoyed my touch.


I wanted to feel skin, and to see them. I ran my hand down to the hem of her shirt. Lori did not stop kissing me. When I slid my hand underneath her shirt feeling the warm skin of her belly; she slid her hands under my boxers, and over my bare ass. I took that as a sign it was okay to cop a feel so I force my hand up and onto the softness of her developing breasts.


The hard nipple was fascinating. Neither one of us were concentrating on kissing anymore. I felt her areola’s different texture and swirled my fingers around it tracing its shape. Lori just explored my ass. Her fingers dipped down some between my cheeks as her thighs caressed mine. Soon as I ran a finger lightly over her hard little nipple Lori pulled me to her tightly and moaned. Her hips paused in their lazy grind against me.


She let up. We were getting sticky by then. She pushed my jockeys down over my ass. I lifted my hips off of her to help. When she got them down my legs some, her feet came up to shove them the rest of the way off. Her hands took a moment to run from my thighs up over my ass and all the way up my back to my shoulders. I loved being naked with her. The way she touched me made me feel so alive.


Lori looked at me with a nervous smile and I kissed her again. When I moved a hand down to her panties and tried to take them off without much success, her own hands met mine. I lifted my hips off of her as she pushed her panties off. She also took her shirt off as I held myself above her. I looked down barely able to make out a nipple before lowering myself back down to her waiting form.


When our skin touched both of us caught our breath. She was so warm and soft and smooth. My cock rubbed down her groove, feeling its heat. When her legs once again wrapped around me, we were touching as close as we could without penetration. Her face mirrored the wonder I felt.


Our hips started to grind together again. It felt so much better, skin-to-skin. Lori started out running her hands up and down my back and butt before she pulled me tightly to her, and broke our kiss. I was in heaven except on the down stroke where my cock would hit the ground. Pulling back to avoid it I lined us up without knowing what I was doing.


The next pull from Lori forced me inside breaking her hymen. She froze, and sort of squeaked. I felt her cherry give way underneath me, and stopped too sensing something was wrong.


I looked into my sister’s face, and saw her eyes gleam with unshed tears. Not knowing what to do, I kissed her sweetly. Getting kissed back, I deepened the kiss. We soon had our tongues in each other’s mouth.


Letting my hips fall some, I moved just a little deeper inside her. She broke the kiss, and hugged me tightly. I was forced all the way inside her. I could feel our pubic bones rub together as we held each other. The heat and smooth tight wetness of her was amazing. I was about ready to cum again, just from lying there inside her.


We stopped kissing and just looked at each other in the dark. It seemed hours we lay there together not moving, but just connected. The connection was not just of our sexes though.


With an experimental roll, Lori’s hips started to move. I pulled back a little and thrust back in causing us both to gasp at the sensation. Her eyes got big and round in wonder and I am sure my expression reflected the same new discovery of sex. She moved her hips again, and I pulled back and pushed back in. Hugging me tightly to her, with her hard little nipples drilling into my chest, Lori started to make love to me. It only took a couple more thrusts and I came shooting deeply inside of her.


When my eyes opened I saw a loving look on her face in the darkness below me.


“I felt it when you squirted.” She whispered with an awe struck voice.


She pulled me down for a kiss and when her hips started their roll again I eagerly did my part, as I was still stiff. The squishy smacking noises of sex seemed incredibly loud, and quickly became erotic. None of the guys that had claimed to not be virgins had ever mention the sounds or the smells. The tent smelled like sex. I could smell Lori, taste her, and touch her.


I lost myself in our joining. My senses were overloaded. I was only able to focus on one thing, it seemed. My senses would shift from the tight hot grip on my cock, to the feel of our bodies. Her thighs rubbing and gripping me. Our bellies were rubbing together, and her arms were around me. My lips were on her lips and neck. Our movements became practiced and smooth. At the end Lori was no longer pulling me to her, she just lay there, arms and legs loosely around me with her jaw slack as I thrust myself in and out of her. I could feel her newly opened little sex spasm around me occasionally. Lori would let out a little moan when that happened and hold me tightly slowing my movements down. When she urged me to move faster and harder again I would. It just seemed natural I would follow her lead.


When I reached my release again it felt like my soul was pouring into her. I held myself deep inside of her and felt the knob at the end of her passage. My cum hit that barrier and bubbled up and out around us adding to the already frothy mess that covered us. Exhausted and totally relaxed I collapsed on her and fell asleep.


The next morning we were spooned together, naked still. I was hard and my cock was between her thighs. We heard our Mom call out for us to wake up. I woke with a start, feeling her soft warmth against me. It all came back. We separated quickly and looked at each other uncertainly.


Even though we spent the night in passion I could not get a good look at her. I looked at her developing breasts and down to her sex. It was hairless and magnetic. She had the dried residue of our encounter the night before dried on her. She had bled some when her hymen broke. I was covered with the same stuff as she was.


Not sure what to do or say I just looked at her. She watched me back looking often at my hard cock. I just smiled at her, and poked her on the arm getting a smile in return. When she blew and spit at me I leaned forward and kissed her. She pulled me to her in a hug, and our kiss turned passionate.


“Get up you two!” We heard our Mom call out again.

We pulled back almost like we had been scalded and I called out, “We’re up!”

“Get up already! Your father wants to get moving early. You can sleep in tomorrow!”

“Coming,” we both called out.


Dressing rapidly we noticed the stain on her sleeping bag. It was blood and our fluids.


“What are we gonna do?” Lori asked.


“I don’t know.” I said looking around for something to try and clean it with.


“She is gonna figure it out if she see this!” Lori said panicking.


“Just roll it up and we can get something to clean it tonight.”




I helped her roll it up and we clambered out of the tent.


Walking behind her to the camper I noticed how sexy her ass was, and grabbed it. With a start she whirled around facing me. The look on her face was embarrassed, but pleased. I made a motion to grab her around the waist.


With a smile she shouted, “Mom! He’s touching me!”


End Chapter 1


Chapter 2


I followed her into the camper, trying to catch her. She was giggling though and screaming, though, so our parents just told us to knock it off. We had cereal for breakfast. Mom and Dad were busy so did not notice the love sick looks we gave each other. There was no chance to sit around. Dad ordered us out to pack up.


When we got back into the tent to get our stuff I grabbed Lori and pinned her underneath me. We started kissing and feeling each other up. The sound of the door to the camper opening, broke us up.


Packing up, we did not argue once. We horsed around and played, though. Back on the road, we spent the morning playing checkers. We would give each other love struck looks. I would run my hand up her thigh, to rub her pussy on my move. On her move she would do the same, and try to get her hand around my cock through my shorts.


We were drunk on each other, and unable to resist. Bored with checkers, we set our box of stuff between us and held hands behind it, out of sight, until we stopped for lunch.


In the booth, we sat side by side together, across from our parents. We sat closer than normal, but not shoulder to shoulder. Our legs were able to touch, though. I did my very best to ignore her. She did the same, but it was hard. With our parents right there I was self-conscious. It was probably a good thing we sat side by side, or they would have known something was up.


Back on the road we both grew tired. Lori lay on the seat, with her feet in my lap. I wanted a nap, too. My mom was reading a book, and not paying any attention to us, as usual. I lay down behind Lori, spooning her. Lori looked back at me nervously. I leaned up, and kissed her quickly, and then lay back down.


Watching my parents I put and arm around her and hugged her to me. Lori came eagerly. When I moved my hand up to cup a little tit, she did not stop me. I explored the newly developing breast fully. It was not a whole lot more than a puffy nipple and a bit of extra tissue underneath. The nipple grew stiff under my fingers though.


Lori started to gently rub her ass against my groin. Instead of grinding back against her, I let my hand wander. I felt the rest of her chest. It felt more or less like mine did. She was a little softer than I was. When I rubbed the bare skin of her arm, she relaxed into me.


I glanced from the back of the front seat and my parents to Lori’s face. Her eyes were closed. She had a smile on her face. It made me smile to see her like that, but the fear of getting caught forced me to pay attention to what Mom and Dad were doing.


When I moved my hand down to her hips and ass, Lori rolled forward a little, encouraging me. I rubbed her soft round little butt, and she rolled over to her belly. Her face was towards me, and she had a funny look on her face. I smiled at her feeling very close and loving to her. Lori gave me a lazy smile back and just snuggled in, letting me do whatever I wanted with her.


I ran my hand up over her back, and rubbed her for a while. She looked like she was asleep when I glanced down at her face. When I moved my hand down to the hem of her shirt, and back up under I knew she was awake. Goose flesh arose on her, and she arched her back a little.


The feel of the warm soft skin of her back was wonderful. I spent a while just touching her. As my hands moved down over the round hill of her small ass she wiggled against me. I explored the feel of her cute little ass, testing its firmness and shape.


As I toyed with the waistband of her shorts, she sucked her belly in, making it easier to get my hand down into her pants. My fingers slipped beneath her shorts and panties. As I cupped a soft warm cheek of her ass in my hand, she let out her breath. It was very tight then. Shuffling a bit, she moved and the tightness left. Lori had reached under herself and unsnapped her shorts.


I was amazed. The whole experience was almost too much to believe. My sister was encouraging my feeling her up, under the noses of our parents. When my hands slipped between the soft globes of her ass and found her tight little star, she sort of moaned a little.


I froze watching my parents. They were unaware of us. The noise from the open windows masked everything. My finger moved lower, and felt the slick smoothness of her sex. Lori spread her legs a little and arched her back when she felt me. That made it much easier to explore her.


When I felt her hand on the side closest to me reach around to find the waist of my shorts, I held still. I held my stomach in, and her hand slipped inside. Her fingers found my pubic hair, and toyed with it a little. Going further down, I felt her fingers then her hand wrap around my hard cock. She just explored it gently, as best she could.


Finally able to concentrate, I slipped a finger inside of Lori. Her hand gripped me tighter. I bent down and kissed her on the lips quickly. She kissed me back, and smiled. My eyes went back up to my parents, and we spent many miles with out hands on each other’s sex, just touching and holding. We were too afraid to do anything more.


We did fall asleep when our hands were outside of each other’s clothing. Lori was spooned back to me with my arm loosely around her, having given up its place on her breast.


I woke to Lori holding my hand, and idly playing with my fingers. Sleepily, I hugged her to myself. Then realized that we had slept like this. Alarmed, I looked up at our parents. Mom was asleep. Lori turned to face me, and kissed me passionately. I could not do anything but return the kiss. We broke apart and sat up, stretching. Our arms and legs had marks from the seams of the vinyl seats. I traced the one on Lori’s thigh and she giggled.


Dad glanced back at us and said, “Good. You’re awake. I’m gonna pull over and stretch my legs at the rest stop, coming up.”

“Okay,” we said.

Mom woke as we stopped. Dad got out, and we got out on his side. He put his hands above his head, and stretched tall. Lori did the same, and I stopped, getting distracted by her nipples being emphasized by her maneuver. Dad’s back was to us, so Lori stuck her tongue out at me. I moved to grab her, and she took off laughing. As I took off gave chase, Dad yelled, “Don’t go too far!”


The rest stop was the site of some battle and was also a ‘scenic overlook’. We were the only ones there. Around the bend, Lori stopped running and let me catch her. She turned around and wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me. I held her, and kissed back. When my hands found their way down to her butt, she moved hers down to mine, also.


When I moved my hands back up and down inside her pants she did the same to me. I pulled her tightly to me close my hard cock against her mound. She ground back against me.


“God you make me crazy,” I said.

“You too, I want to do it right here!”


I looked around desperate for a place to take my sister and fuck her. Seeing a big rock I pulled my hands from her pants, and took her hand. She saw the rock as I pulled her that way. Suddenly she was dragging me, taking the lead.


Safely on the other side, she kissed me passionately. She pushed my shorts and jockeys down. I fumbled with the button on her shorts for a second, before they slid down around her ankles. Lori pulled back, and grabbed my cock in her hand.


“Wow. It looks so big,” she said.


I lifted her shirt up to see her little tits as she checked me out.


“They’re not very big,” Lori said looking down at herself.


“They’re great!” I said, in love with my very first pair of tits.




“Yeah. You’re totally hot! You’re ass is perfect too.”


“So is yours. And this is beautiful,” she said squeezing my cock.


“So is yours. Your, um, your, pussy. It is very pretty.”


“Even without any hair?”


“Oh yeah. The pictures with hair hide everything. I like yours way better.”


“Thanks,” she said blushing.


I moved my hands down from her puffy nipples to her hips, then over to her hairless little sex. It was slick, and was the softest thing I had ever felt. When my finger rubbed the little bump at the top, Lori moaned.


“Right there. That feels so good.”


“What about your hole?”


“That feels good too. Want to do it real fast?”




Lori let go of me and we looked at the hard rocky ground.


“How?” She asked.


“Here,” I said and turned her around and pushed her to lean against the rock. She caught on right away. She spread her legs, and arched her back. The view from behind was awesome.


I could see her entire pussy. It was red and shiny with moisture in the center. I was stunned at how fleshy she was. I always thought it was almost just a hole, but there were lips peeking out from between her thighs. I touched her, feeling how soft they were. Lori quivered in pleasure as I explored her. The inner reddish lips were even softer, and more slippery. My finger found her hole, and slipped inside easily. It was tight but, she was very wet.


“Yesss. That feels so good,” Lori moaned when my finger slid inside her.


Pulling my finger out, I moved my bouncing cock to her. With a firm grip I positioned it, and slowly shoved it inside of her. When my public hair was against her ass I stopped. I could feel something rub against the head of my cock. I ground around trying, to figure out what it was. Lori moaned and wiggled against me.


Her wiggling shut out everything except the feel of her pussy. I gripped her hips, and started to thrust into her. Her hot wet heat held me tightly. Lori quickly whined a little, and tensed up on me. I could feel her pussy grip me tightly a handful of times, then stop.


I just kept on pounding into my sister after pausing to feel her spasm on me. As I got more forceful, Lori pushed back at me harder. Overcome with the sensations in my cock, I jerked inside her and spewed. Lori kept fucking back at me as I came. Done spurting, I picked up the pace again. She spasmed on me again, then went still. I stopped too, bent over and holding her.


Now calmed down, I pulled out of her. My cock was slimy, and her pussy was dripping my cum. It looked swollen and wet. I was reaching to touch it, when we heard my dad call.


Lori stood up and turned around, looking scared. I was nervous too, but Dad was a ways off.


“Coming!” I shouted still looking at Lori.


“Let’s go!” he shouted.


I pulled Lori into a hug, and kissed her. She eagerly returned it. Pulling apart, we looked at the mess we made of her pussy. My cum was running down her legs, and she was very wet. I reached under her. I wiped her pussy with my hand, and then with my other hand. She gathered my cum off her thighs, as I wiped my hands on the rock. I took my boxers, and wiped her legs, before putting them on. She pulled her panties up, and sort of rubbed her pussy. The material molded itself to her perfectly, and we grinned at each other.


We finished dressing and ran towards the car.


“Where did you two go off to?” our mom asked.


“Nowhere. We just looked around. Can I go to the bathroom real quick?” I asked.


“You didn’t go already?” Dad asked.



“Hurry up,” he said.


We ran over to the bathrooms. I followed Lori into the women’s.


“This is the girls,” she said.


“So?” I said and went to a stall and peed.


Lori shrugged her shoulders and peed in the next stall. I watched her finish. She just blushed at me. I walked over to the sink, and wet some paper towels. I pulled my shorts down and wiped myself off. Lori did the same, and wiped her legs good.


“You are leaking out of me still,” she said sounding a little annoyed.


“You don’t like it?”


“Oh I like it. I just don’t want Mom to find out.”


“No kidding!”


End Chapter


Begin chapter three


Back in the car we passed the time talking and playing games together. Mom would look back at us occasionally, and I wondered if she was suspicious, but she never said or did anything. We did not stop for lunch, but instead drove another hour to the next campground. Lori and I pitched our tent. It took just as long because we kept goofing around and teasing each other. It was basically flirting really, but we just could not help ourselves. Our parents just watched us some and smiled, being busy themselves. They just seemed relieved we were getting along. I just hoped they never learned how well we got along now.


We changed into our swim suits. I about got in the tent when Lori did to change, but caught myself. She came out wearing her lavender one piece and I took a good look at her before going in to change myself. She just stood there for my inspection enjoying the attention. Thankfully nobody saw that exchange.


With a warning from our mom to behave we walked over to the in-ground pool. We brushed hands as we walked and smiled at each other. I knew she wanted to hold my hand and as soon as we were out of sight I took her hand in mine. It felt good.


There was not anybody else there. I dipped a toe checking the water when Lori pushed me in. The water was nice, but I could not let her get away with that without some kind of revenge. Lori laughed at me from above. I could not help but smile at her even though I tried to scowl. When I started to splash her she squealed and ran away.




She just ran and jumped in next tucking herself into a ball. The wave from her entry next to me put her ahead again. When she came up I immediately dunked her. That started a wrestling match. It was competitive for a while before turning sexy.


We were soon at the edge in shoulder deep water. With her back to the side I had my finger buried in her pussy and she had her hands wrapped around my cock. With some fumbling Lori held her suit to the side and I started to fuck her.


It was our first sex face to face in the day light. Looking down through the water we could kind of see my cock and her hairless lips. We both watched me slide out and back in fully until my blonde pubic hair was against her hairless mound. Back and forth we watched for a while. I looked up and met her eyes, and we watched the expressions on each other’s faces. I caressed everywhere I could reach on her.


I finally looked around and we were obscured being down so low. Neither of us bothered to check when we started. There were flowers and bushes around the pool patio. She kissed me eagerly when I leaned in. My hands worked their way underneath her suit to her bare butt and we slowly made love.


It was tender and sweet like our first time. When Lori tensed up and her pussy grabbed me I stopped.


“It that how you get the good feeling?” I asked.


“Yeah. It’s like fireworks going off inside me,” she said dreamily.


“I know. It feels like I am gonna exploded. Then when I squirt it is like I am inside you.”


“You are inside me. I feel you.”




Blushing she said, “Yeah but I feel it here,” and touched her chest.


“Me too.”


I started to thrust inside of her again. Lori just pulled me too her and whimpered. I felt her go over a couple more times before I came inside her again. I stay mostly hard after and Lori did not let go of me.


“I want it inside.”


“Me too,” I said.


We just floated there for a long time. I never shrunk much, and my cum would float up around us. Lori giggled and would catch it in her hands. When she cautiously tasted some I got fully hard again.


Lori looked at me and shrugged, “Just slimy and salty.”


My answer was to start to fuck her again. With a smile she pulled the gusset of her suit to the side again, keeping it from rubbing. With her hands down my trunks on my ass I thrust in and out forcefully. I kept an eye out for anybody coming our way. When I would glance down at my sister she had her eyes closed trusting me to keep us safe.


It was a long one. As soon as my cock started to grab her insides I came. Being over sensitized we both pulled apart.


“We lost the slipperiness,” Lori said.


“I know.”


“Oh well. We can do it later some more.”


“Yeah. We have all night!”




Lori washed her suit and pussy out and we swam for a while before getting out. Our parents were clueless that we spent the last hour fucking. Lori and I would share secret smiles when they were not looking.


A few hours later mom and dad went to the store for groceries. We begged off and as soon as they were gone we were in the camper. A few minutes later we were naked and I was inside Lori again.


I sat up wanting to see her closer again. With her legs over mine she let me look as much as I wanted. I pulled my cock out watching her hole close and stuck it back in. It gripped me tightly and her little inner lips were stretched too.


“This is so cool.”


“I know.”


“I’m really happy we do this together,” I told her. I loved my sister, always had. What I felt now seemed so much larger.


“Me too. You can do this whenever you want,” she said smiling at me.




“Yeah. I love you,” she said shyly.


“Oh I love you too!” I said and pulled her up. We kissed and hugged. Holding each other tightly we made love. I had the presence of mind to grab a wet towel and put it under us to catch our juices as we fucked. The fact that sex was messy was obvious to me now.


Dressed we walked down to the pool and got the towel wet. We used it to clean her sleeping bag. It looked like it helped, but with it so wet it was hard to tell.


When our parents got back we were behaving ourselves. I had my pocket knife out and was trying in vain to make something out of a piece of wood. Lori was sitting across from me talking. I flicked a shaving off hard enough it landed on Lori. She looked at me, and I grinned.


“Jerk,” she said, but I could tell she did not mean it.


I did it again. Lori picked up a pebble and threw it at me. When exchanged missiles a few more times before our mom said exasperated, “You two just can’t leave each other alone can you?”


“He started it,” my sister informed my mother and threw another pebble at me.


I blushed and threw one back at her.


“Try not to kill each other. Okay? Your father has had a long day driving and it would be nice if you could get along.”


“We get along fine Mom,” Lori said throwing another pebble at me.


“Whatever. Just no screaming or fighting.”


“Oh she won’t scream. I promise,” I said cracking my knuckles and giving Lori my best evil stare.


When our mom looked at me about to say something Lori gave me the finger still grinning at me. My face must have shown my shock because my mom frowned and looked over at Lori who was sitting innocently. Not being able to leave it alone I thrust my index finger in and out of my other had in a loose fist. The look on Lori face was priceless. I busted out laughing.


Our mom looked back and forth between us and threw up her hands. “I give up! You two are impossible! How two people who fight and argue all the time constantly seek each other out is beyond me!”


When she went back into the camper we both started laughing. We continued to throw pebbles at each other. I would aim for her crotch and she caught on and did the same.


They came out a little later wearing swim suits of their own.

“You going swimming?” Lori asked.


“We thought it might be nice after a couple days in the car,” Mom observed.


Lori and I shrugged. She slid her shorts off that she had on over her suit. I pulled my shirt off and we followed. Mom was wearing a modest bikini. Dad had trunks on like me. While not fat he had a bit of a beer belly. Mom was softening up some too.


I might have been ogling my mother secretively before, but I did not anymore. I did wonder what my skinny sister would look like with full tits though. She caught me looking at her as we walked and gave me a questioning look.


I blushed and she grinned knowingly. Luckily I could not tell her what I was really thinking about. I did not want to make her feel bad, having noticed Lori did not think she was very pretty.


I did not understand that though. Sure she did not have any tits, but that was cause of her age. She had a very pretty face and beautiful eyes. Her skin was soft and smooth. The freckles across her nose were very cute. I also just loved her ass. There was not anything about Lori that I did not like.


Leaning close I whispered in Lori’s ear, “You are much prettier than mom is.”


Lori just blushed at me and smiled. Everybody thought our mom was pretty.


In the water we tried to get our parents to play. Our dad threw Lori up into the air a few times. I was too big. They just wanted to float around though mostly. We just spent our time jumping into the water measuring our splashes. It was not a very objective thing and we got into more than one argument. The arguments lacked the intense rivalry though. They were more for entertainment and stimulation now with just a little rivalry.


When I picked Lori up trying to throw her in, Mom yelled at us. They were poolside relaxing in lounges.


“Stop it!” she said.

“I’m trying but she won’t let go,” I said standing near the edge.


“Stop trying to throw your sister in!”


“Yeah stop trying to throw me in!”


“You’re too big to throw.”


“Stop trying to drop me then.”


“You are going to crack her head open!” Mom yelled. That was her standard warning and fear tactic. She had some irrational fear of us hitting our.


“No I won’t. Her head will crack the pool!”


“If you drop her you are grounded!” Mom threatened.


Lori stuck her tongue out at me. I stood there trying to decide how to come out ahead. Being out flanked by Mom though was more acceptable than by Lori.


Dad was just watching it all as usual. He only got involved when it was serious or Mom dragged him in. Not able to concede defeat I jumped in with Lori. I did not let go of her in the water. Holding her head I kissed her underwater. She returned it quickly before we surfaced separate.


Mom was pointedly ignoring us now. We moved over the edge near them. They started talking about everyday things and plans. I was not paying much attention though. Lori had her hand down my trunks. I started out soft but quickly grew stiff. She was not masturbating me, just checking everything out.


I had a hand on the side of the pool and one on Lori. With her tight suit I had to be satisfied with just stroking her body through it. We were both looking ahead and not at each other. I thought of how easy it would be to pull her suit aside again and slip inside. The sound of kids talking brought our hands back to decent positions.


That night we both undressed and lay a towel underneath us. We spent a long time just making out and talking. I got even more familiar with her body. It was soft all over even though she was skinny. Like any teenaged boy I gave most of my attention to her pussy. Without intending to I ended up tasting it too. I was kissing down her chest after sucking on her nipples. Lori was sighing and encouraging me. As I got closer to her pussy I could smell it. I always heard they were fishy, but she did not smell fishy.


When I kissed the hairless mound I tasted her. It was tangy and altogether indescribable. It was not unpleasant though. The smell was sublimely attractive. When I kissed her bump she bucked her hips up at me. I did it again and flicked it with my tongue. Lori grabbed my head and held it to her pussy moaning. I took the hint and learned the art of pussy eating. She was very demonstrative of what she liked. Lori had her hands in my hair and guided me where she wanted. I was only too happy to comply.


Lori started moaning louder so I stopped.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded in a loud whisper.


“You’re making too much noise.”




I just kissed her bellybutton. Then I sucked on her puffy nipples before kissing her lips. She reached down and guided my cock into her and pulled me in with her legs. Lori held me tightly to her.


I started to grind my hips into her. Lori loosened her grip a little so she could grind back at me. We eventually shifted from grinding to thrusting. Whenever Lori got too loud I covered her mouth with mine. I had had sex so many times in the last day that it seemed like I would never come.


We had to stop a couple times so Lori could rest. She said her pussy got too sensitive for her. I was not allowed to pull my cock out of her though. She just held me and we kissed. I finally found my release and collapsed on her. We were both panting out of breath.


“You’re heavy,” she said.

I tried to roll off of her but she followed me and ended up on top of me with my cock still inside her. Lori sat up, and put her hands on my chest.


“I want to try it like this next time.”


“Yeah.” I said and ran my hands up her thighs and ass to her little tits.

She lay back down on me and I caressed her back and butt as we fell asleep.


Lori was playing with my cock when I woke up. She smiled at me when she saw me awake. Without saying a word she got on her knees and straddled me. My cock was in front of her along her belly. We looked at not quite believing that all of it fit inside her. It was still early, but light enough to see everything. She looked really good.


Raising up she grabbed my cock and held it still as she sat on it. With her bare lips nestled in my pubic hair and my cock lightly rubbing her cervix she just sat there. I ran my hands over her. It just was so new and exciting I had to touch her everywhere.


Leaning down a little Lori put her hands on my chest, and gave her hips a little roll. She smiled at me and did it again. I know I was smiling at her. With her hair falling down around her head she looked angelic.


We learned how to fuck in that position as quickly as the others. Lori would hold still and press down hard on me when she came a couple times. I pulled her down to me after her second. Chest to chest we kissed a little before she unfolded her legs and lay fully atop me.


I cupped her round bottom in my hands, and picked up the pace again. She sat back up as we both raced to finish. With a moan form us both we came together for the first time. Pressed as tightly together as possible I throbbed in her. She answered with squeezes of her own.


Sated she lay back down on me. When I felt my cum start to drain out of her I rolled us over and sat up. Her bare little pussy was leaking. I grabbed the towel and held it to her gently. Lori just raised her legs and opened herself to me.


“This is so weird. But good. I love it but I never thought I would be doing this,” I confessed.


“Yeah. But it just feels so good.”


“I know.” I said and pulled the towel away. I looked at her exposed center closely trying to soak in the details.


“You know. You really are pretty down here,” I said cupping her sex.


“I love it when you touch me.”


“What do you call it?” I asked.


“I used to call it my cunny. But I call it a pussy now.”


“You have an awesome pussy. Even your ass is pretty.” I said and rubbed her little pink star.


“Oh. That feels good.”


I rubbed her some more. She was slick from my cum. When I rubbed with a little pressure my finger tip slipped inside. We both looked at each other surprised. I pulled my finger out and shoved it back in a little deeper. When I pushed a little more though it could feel it grab and Lori tensed.




“It’s okay. It feels nice like that.”


I pulled my finger out, and put the towel down there. I lay down next to Lori on my side with my head propped up so I could see her.


I trailed my fingers up and down her torso. Lori watched my face and I would look up from her body to meet her eyes and get a smile.


“You really are beautiful,” I told her again causing a small blush.


We did not say much else after that. I just caressed Lori and she smiled at me enjoying the closeness. The sound of the camper door opening broke us apart and we hurriedly got dressed.


“Breakfast in a few minutes,” Mom called out.

With a parting kiss we got out and walked to the bathrooms. Mom and Dad left to go take showers when we got back. Lori and I ate breakfast sitting across from one another staring at each other. We grabbed clean clothes and passed our parents on the way to the showers. The men’s was empty and I cleaned myself quickly. There was not even the slightest temptation to jerk off. A few minutes later Lori came out with her hair still wet.


“I washed my panties. They were all covered with our stuff.”


“I cleaned the towel. It sure is messy isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” she said grinning.


Back on the road we were much less daring. We could not go for long with touching each other. When my mom took a nap Lori lay on her belly reading with her legs in my lap and I spent a good hour stroking her legs and fondling her ass. That was it though. Dad seldom looked back at us, even in the mirror.


We arrived at the spot we would spend the next week. It was place to park the car and set up the camper. There were showers nearby and toilets. Dad made us set up out tent before we were allowed to go explore. We did not argue once when we set it up. With a warning to stay together and not go far, we ran off.


As soon as we were out of sight we were in a passionate embrace.

Lori pulled back and said, “Let’s find someplace.”




We ended up in a depression on the side of a grassy hill. It was thrilling to be outside in the late sun fucking. Afterwards Lori squatted down, and I watched my cum drip out of her. She just grinned at me as I starred at her.


“This way my panties don’t get all sticky,” she informed me with a naughty grin.


“Good idea,” I said distractedly.


“You are such a goof,” she said laughing at me, “All you want to do is look at my pussy.”


“I can’t help it. You’re just so beautiful,” I said meaning every word.


Lori blushed and said, “I love you.”


“I love you too.”


Standing up she wiped her hand over her pussy. I reached over and did the same. With my other hand I cupped her pussy and slid a finger inside. Moving it around a little I pulled it out and held up the slimy digit.


“Oh well. That is good enough,” she said and put her clothes back on.


I hugged and kissed her again and we headed back holding hands.


Dad was sitting near his grill with a beer when we got back. The car was gone though.


“Your mom went to the store.”


“What are we having for dinner?” Lori asked.


“I think she said she was getting bratwurst.


“Do you think you two will be able to share the tent for a week without killing each other?”


“Yeah,” I mumbled looking away so he would not see me blush.


“You mom just never had any brothers or sisters so she doesn’t understand. I fought with your uncles all the time but they were still my best friends.”


“You used to fight with them?” Lori asked.


“All the time. Your grandmother would break us up with a broom when we got too carried away. It was nothing like you two.”


“Is that why you never yell at us when we are goofing around?” Lori asked.


“Yeah. I can tell the difference between a real fight and fighting with your brother. Do try not to antagonize your mom more than absolutely necessary. When she is unhappy it makes me unhappy.”


“Yes sir,” we said in unison.


We were both quiet after that. Our dad never talked to us like that really. He was a good dad and did dad stuff, but he did not treat us adult like often.


Lori and I stuck close to camp. We had a fire going later. It got cool at night, and we had an excuse to snuggle up closer sitting near the fire. Our parents did not seem to think much of our willingness to be so close now. Mom gave us a curious look, but said nothing. I think she was just glad we were not arguing. We just had to make sure we were sitting next to each other or we had a habit of staring at each other like the love stuck kids we were.


It was even colder away from the fire. In our tent we snuggled up together. Lori wanted to zip our sleeping bags together. I could not see any reason why not. We got chilled as our nude bodies were exposed to the cool air.


Back inside the larger sleeping bag I immediately reached for Lori. Her arms reached for me at the same time. Pressed tightly together we kissed. I had my hands on her ass with my fingers dipping into its cleft exploring.


The more intimately I touched Lori the hotter she got. When I rubbed her little asshole the kissing got frantic almost. Wanting to be inside her again I rolled us over.


Lori’s hands immediately went to my cock when my hips lifted. With a swab up and down her wet groove she held me at her portal. I pushed into her slowly. Her pussy still gave up ground slowly holding me tightly.


Both of us slept late the next morning. We kept each other up most of the night. At breakfast we were both a little withdrawn. I was feeling overwhelmed. Having so much sex so quickly when I was an unkissed virgin a few days ago was too much.


Lori and I went and took a shower. I felt awkward around her all of the sudden. It was not clear what she was thinking either. As soon as we got back our parent’s dragged us off to see some sights. We remained quiet through the morning. After lunch I was feeling a little better, but Lori seemed to be in a mood then.


That afternoon we got in a fight. It was not one of our playful ones like we had recently. I was being mean and so was she. Our dad yelled at us to quit.


I sulked and stewed over by myself for a while ignoring everybody. Nobody seemed to care though. Angry I stood up and walked over and headed out of our campsite.


“Where are you going?” my mom called out.


“No where,” I said.


“You can’t go alone. Take your sister and no fighting!”


“I don’t want her to go,” I said.


“Too bad. Either she goes or you stay.”


“Mom!” I complained.


She was not budging.


I looked at Lori and gave her a dirty look blaming her. She returned it and followed me just to make me angrier I was sure. Ignoring her I set off. After a while my pace quickened. When I was almost jogging after a while Lori called out, “Slow down!”


With a satisfied smile I kept the pace up. I could tell she was falling further behind.


“Just what she deserves,” I thought, “Hope she gets lost.”


It was a while later when I did not hear her anymore. Stopping I waited. I waited longer, and not hearing her behind me I started to worry. Backtracking, I started to get scared. I was lost too.


Frantic I ran looking desperately for something I recognized, and most of all for Lori. Totally lost I stopped and looked around. Lori was gone and I was lost.

“What have I done?” I asked myself.

“Lori, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I thought as I moved off at a more controlled pace.


I was thoroughly lost and feeling miserable. Part of it was feeling sorry for myself, but I was worried sick about Lori. We were warned about bears. I do not know how long I walked looking for her when I heard her voice. She was calling out.


“Help!” I could barely hear.


I ran towards the sound and lost it. Stopping I listened again. Nothing. Moving slower so I could hear I kept going towards where I thought I had heard her.


All of a sudden I was right there behind her. She was sitting on the ground and crying. I felt rotten. It was the worst feeling of guilt and shame I had ever felt and I could not imagine feeling any more ashamed.


“Lori,” I said with tears in my eyes.


She raised her head and looked back at me. Seeing me she started bawling uncontrollably. I moved to her and sat down pulled her into my lap and hugging her.


“I so sorry. I didn’t mean it,” I said crying myself.


She just continued to cry and held me tightly.


“I’m sorry,” I said again.


“Why?” she asked still crying.


“I don’t know. I woke up this morning and I felt weird and then we got in that fight.”


“I didn’t mean anything I said,” she told me.


“Me either. I was just confused and I guess I was scared.”


“Do you still love me?”


“Yes. I love you,” I said and kissed her lips sweetly.

“Oh I love you too! I thought you hated me than I was lost and you were never coming back for me. I’m sorry,” she said crying.


“Oh I’m sorry too. It was all my fault. I promise I won’t ever do it again.”


“You won’t ever leave me again?”


“Never ever. I love you.”


“You’re not mad at me any more?”


“I never was. I was scared.”




“I don’t know. I just was.”


“Did I do something wrong?”


“No. It was me. I was stupid and I messed up. Can you forgive me?”


“Yes,” she said and kissed me.


It was a deep kiss and turned passionate. When I pulled her shirt up she broke the kiss and let me take it off. I took mine off too. We kissed again. I slid my hands down the elastic of her waist on her shorts and panties. I only got to caress her soft ass for a minute before she broke the kiss and stood up.


Looking down at me she pushed her shorts and panties off. I slid mine off as well sitting there. Being face to pussy I pulled her closer. With her hands in my hair I kissed her pussy. She was wet, and the smell was there.


I sucked and licked her pussy and little clit. She was moaning loudly but there was nobody to hear. With a cry she came and collapsed. I held her in my lap hugging her tightly.


Recovered she kissed me tasting her pussy on my lips. We pulled back and looked at each other. Her shy smile told me she knew what that taste was. I pulled her back to me, and kissed her some more. My cock was under her and poking up by her asshole.


I grabbed my cock and urged her backwards. She moved breaking our kiss and looked down. Lori got back far enough for me to rub my cock up and down her pussy. We both shared a smile enjoying the play. When I held my cock at her opening she moved forward. I slipped in her heat slowly.


My hands were free to hold her ass and help her. We pulled ourselves closer together. Face to face we looked into each other’s eyes.


“I was so scared I might lose you. I never really wanted to hurt you. I was just so confused. It was like everything seemed so complicated all of a sudden. I just didn’t know what to do,” I confessed to her.


“I know I felt the same. When you acted so weird I got worried that I did something wrong and you didn’t love me anymore.”


“But you didn’t act like an idiot.”


“Yeah I did. I picked that fight with you and followed you when you wanted to be alone.”


“I will never do that again. Next time I get confused I’ll tell you.”


“Me too.”


I pulled her to me tightly thrusting in the rest of the way. Letting go, Lori moved back off me. I pulled her back again. We set up a rhythm together. My hands found their way to every part of her soft smooth body as we made love. Lori was touching me everywhere she could too.


How her hairless little pussy gripped me so tightly I thought was miraculous. Lori leaned back and we watched my cock, shiny with her juices, get swallowed by her bare little lips. She would move back closer to me and rub her bump on me. I helped hold her tightly to me so she could just rock her hips front to back on my cock.


At her peak she moved her sex as close to mine as she could and held still. Her pussy was active on my cock though. The feeling as it squeezed me sent me over the edge too.


“I can feel you squirting,” Lori said in an awe filled voice.


“I know. I can feel you squeezing me,” I said in a voice as wonder filled as hers.


We sat together like that afterwards. Our cum was oozing out of Lori and running down my cock and balls. When I softened and slipped out we kissed one last time and got up. My legs were sore from sitting like that so long. Lori’s were too.


She used her hand to wipe my cum off her pussy as best she could. I did the same to myself. Dressed we set out. We held hands not bothered by our juices that were drying on them.


“Do you know how to get back?” she asked.


“No. But I’m not worried. I found you and we will eventually find camp.”


“Mom and Dad are going to be mad.”


“I’ll tell them it was my fault.”


“You don’t have to.”


“Well it is.”


It was getting late by the time we found a campsite. The family there pointed up down the road to the ranger station. I really was not worried about being in trouble. I was just thankful I found Lori. There was no way I could have lived with myself if something had happened to her, and I told her that. She just hugged and kissed me in response. I hardly believed she forgave me let alone still loved me.


The ranger was glad to see us. Our parents had reported us lost. We got scared, and he could tell.


“Don’t worry. It happens all the time. Your parent’s aren’t mad. They are just worried,” he said trying to reassure us.


When he dropped us off at our campsite I was nervous to say the least. Lori held my hand in support. My mom rushed up to us and hugged us tightly. Dad even grabbed us in a hug. They thanked the ranger. He told them he did nothing, and that we found our way back on our own.


When he was gone they got over being relieved. They were both mad at us.


“It was my fault,” I said.


“Your fault? How?” Dad asked.


“I was mad at Lori for following me and I didn’t stop to let her catch up and lost her,” I said feeling ashamed.


“How could you?” my mom asked outraged.


“I don’t know. I’m sorry.”


“He found me mom. I was lost and he found me,” Lori said taking my hand in hers again.


“It’s his fault you got lost!” she said.


“I know and I’m sorry.”


“You are grounded for the rest of the summer!” she said.


“I know.” I said.


“Mom! That’s not fair!” Lori said.


“Not fair! Not fair! Both of you go inside! We will deal with you later!” she said livid.


We got up and went to the camper still holding hands. Lori sat right next to me and I put my arm around her. She lay her head on my shoulder as we sat there waiting. We could hear them almost as well as when we were outside. The windows were still open.


“Honey. They were holding hands,” my dad said.


Lori and I looked at each other worried.


“What do you mean?” she asked.


“Right here. Lori stuck up for Jack and they held hands.”


“They held hands?” mom said surprised.




“So. He still needs to be punished,” mom said.


“I agree. But it looks like this might have done what you wanted. They are friends again.”


“Do you think? I just so wanted them to have a good relationship and not fight all the time.”


“I’ve tried to tell you. They aren’t really fighting most of the time, just playing and teasing.”


“But I wanted them to be kind to each other. I always wanted a brother or sister but never had one. And then they just argue and bicker all the time. And Jack! What was he thinking trying to lose Lori! Of all the things he has done that has to be the worst!”


“Without a doubt the worst. He will spend the summer grounded. But it must have scared him. He didn’t argue once. I think he learned something out there and so did she. She has never stuck up for him before.”


“You think?”


“Yes. Just don’t blow it. Treat them like you always have and try to leave them alone. Don’t point it out. They might go back to the way they were out of embarrassment. Both are at that awkward age. They have been rivals for so long I don’t think either can give in.”


“Oh I hope so! Your idea of this trip and the tent was wonderful! How did I ever marry such a smart man?”


“Cause you are a hell of a sexy woman that’s how.”


They were silent after that. We looked at each other, and moved to the other side of the camper. I did not want to get caught eve’s dropping.


“I can’t believe they planned this,” I said.


“Me either.”


I just looked at her for a minute thinking. I did learn something, just more than they had anticipated.