*** The Stories of Willy Tamarack ***

by Frederick T.

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

An explanation is due here. "The Stories of Willy Tamarack" are just the continuing soap-like activities that make up the hopefully never-ending saga of Willy Tamarack. They take up right where the "Travels" ended.

Now, "The Tales" are just small little stories...Kind of like vignettes, that flesh out some of the things going on in Willy's life while the main theme or plot continues in "The Stories." The "Tales" mentioned here will refer you to the appropriate section on the left. Clear as mud ?! Hope not !

So up next is the very first of "Willy Tamarack - One More Time Again, for a While - The Stories." Wow ! That was a mouthful ! I must have been really out there ! Ha ! Ha ! It was titled "Settling Down." (M+F+ interr)(Mf+MF+ oral dildo)(MF Mf oral)(MF+ M+mF oral anal) Four parts, all about ten pages. A complete story line that continues with every "Story." "Settling Down" has been reviewed by Bitbard. He called it "well written porn." Couldn't agree more...You can read his entire review here. You can get "Settling Down" zipped up here.

So what about "Settling Down ?" It's pretty much like the title describes. Willy and Carol are living in Henderson...In the condo. Willy settles a score, buys a cabin up near Mt. Charleston, gets his farm going and a lot of other shit. Carol gets a job with Frank Malibu from "Four Seasons" and arranges for Willy to hook up with J.J. and Gee Gee from the "The Travels of Willy Tamarack." Lots of sex but very little story line. Oh ! Yea...Willy discovers the pink pills and better yet, figures out what to do with them ?? But over all "Settling Down" is just a set up for what's to follow.

As I'm parceling out the parts to "If Candy is Dandy...", I'm also posting another of "The Stories." Number two is "The House Warming(s)" (M+F+f+ Mf orgy oral)(M+F+oral) (M+F+f anal)(M+F+m+f orgy) - just more warm up for the story line. Find it zipped up here. Erin O'Connell comes to Las Vegas to visit and it's just about non-stop orgies until everyone is limp. Erin reveals some interesting facts about her life and sets the stage for the next story, "Revenge." A couple of orgy scenes dominate "The House Warming(s)." Quite a lot of sex but the beginnings of a plot are forming as Erin flashes back to the guy she's fucking at home. Really, it's just about non-stop sex.

Good flying scene at the opening. I started that with all "The Stories." A little prologue that sometimes relates to the story. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it relates to a future event or story. They're all pretty unique and honestly have something to do with what's going on. At the same time I posted "The House Warming(s)," I also posted "The Poll" and "Long, Long Ago..." "The Poll" has nothing to do with Willy Tamarack and is found within the "miscellaneous" stories & tales section at the left. "Long, Long Ago..." is the first of the "Tales of Willy Tamarack" found within the same named section on the left.

Next up is "Revenge." (Mf+ MF anal)(MF+ anal oral)(MFf oral anal)(Mf MF oral anal) Download a zipped copy here. It's one of "The Stories." A real good rat fuck ! So I won't go into a lot of detail. Willy gets a little pay back at Rich Clark's expense. It opens with Carol getting her labia pierced and Willy receiving some very nasty pictures of Erin wearing a lot of cum. The action's almost non- stop from there. Willy impersonating a two star general, Gary Cahill and Frank Malibu impersonating political hacks and their wives acting like floozies. It's a riot and I think one of the best mixes of action and sex I've done. Maybe, it's the payback thing ?? Anyway, one of the best in my book.

The next four are all posted at the same time. One "Story" and three "Tales." The "Tales" are, in no particular order: "Death Valley," "Balboa" and "High School...Long Ago." They can be found on the left within "The Tales of Willy Tamarack."

"Wedding Bells" (MBMF+ M+f+ Interr anal oral)(M+F+ interr oral anal)(M+F+f+ orgy interr)(MF preg oral) is next up to bat. Find a zip copy here. It's one of "The Stories" and is set in Las Vegas. Willy finally ties the knot again...A little unconventional though as he weds two instead of one. No secret here, Carol Whitouski and Erin O'Connell become Willy's blushing brides. Mostly sexual hi-jinks through out...A pre-wedding bash, the wedding and finally a reception to end all receptions. Lots of group sex and a lot of people attend who haven't been around in a while.

Other than the sexual hi-jinks, only one significant event occurs in "Wedding Bells." A few days or weeks after the wedding ?? Willy runs into a small hispanic child, who looks exactly like him, in one of the casinos ?? I'll leave you with that and press on with the rest of "The Stories." Hang in there...Almost to the end.

Next up is "Makin' Movies." (Fm+ interr oral anal)(Mf oral anal)(F+M+ MFm+f+ gang bang interr)(MmF+ oral) Download the zip here. Set entirely in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities, this "Story" revolves around making dirty movies. Carol entertains a high school basketball team. Erin parties with a group of junior high school boys with one of Willy's friends, Terry. Connie visits without Willy's knowledge !? Meets up with Carol and the two of them pull a train and Willy starts sliding down the steep slope of carnal pleasures. Mostly sex but as the story unfolds, you begin to get the distinct impression that something is going on...You just can't quite get a handle on it.

"You a Wise Guy ?" (rape, violence)(Mf+ MF oral anal)(voy)(MF+ sm anal oral) follows and again is set in Las Vegas. Find a zip copy here. Willy ends up working with some "connected" guys, takin' pictures of their girls. Willy finds himself in a hotel room filming some politician while he bones some young thing. Well...You get the picture. Now this is pure fantasy but living in Las Vegas, you sometimes feel there is some guiding force behind everyday events. Organized crime played a significant role in the history of Las Vegas and a year doesn't go by when one of the TV stations doesn't present a view of the alleged "mob's" influence...Strip bars, slot machines, escort services. How much of this is fantasy versus fact is a mystery to me but makes for some interesting topics. Anyway, Willy and his friends find themselves headed in that direction. A lot of Willy's nemeses unite and Willy looks to be in for a rough time. He's on the lamb from DEA surveillance and has a new competitor in Elija, a mysterious individual with ties to the KGB. Rich Clark makes an appearance towards the end and you get the feeling that the shit is going to his the fan.

Well it does ! "The Shit Hits the Fan" (MMF torture snuff)(MF+ oral anal incest)(MF+ mock rape interr oral anal)(M+F+ interr mock-rape) takes up right there. You can find a zip copy here. I sincerely hope I don't offend too many with the snuff scene in the opening but I really felt it fit...Made the "Story" complete...Makes the follow on so much more real, believable. Willy soon finds himself on another forced march like back in the "Travels." Just a smattering of sex sandwiched between large slices of story line. After a week or so, Willy ends up in Southern California. Another area, which may find some readers queasy ? Willy beds both of his nieces and his sister-in-law before heading off to Japan.

And finally, after an almost three year hiatus, the long a waited "Yamashita's Gold" (M+f+ oral) (MF oral) (mF oral) (no sex) continues the saga of Willy Tamarack. I hardly remember where Willy was myself...Let me see now...Japan...The Philippines. Yea ! He'd just flown down to the P.I. with some long ago japanese friend who just happened to be a pilot for the Japanese Self-Defense Force Air Forces. Willy imagined the drug cops from several countries were in hot pursuit...Imagined is the operative word here. So he settles in some way out archipelago in the P.I. with Dale Haggerty ("If Candy is Dandy....."). They surf...They get high...They fuck...Surf...Get high...Fuck...Well, I'm sure you get the picture by now. It's that fool of an old man who finds the treasure but then you all figured that out already, didn't you !? You can find "Yamashita's Gold" zipped up here.

The follow on, "Welcome to America !" (MF anal oral war violence) (M+F+mf+ first oral orgy) (M+f+F+ oral mild bd dp) (no sex) is set entirely in the Southwest United States. Willy and Dale Haggerty, Willy's side-kick from "Yamashita's Gold," E&E (escape and evade) their way into the united states, team up with Erin Tamarack, one of Willy's wives, and plot revenge against those who burned his cabin and farm to the ground in "The Shit Hits the Fan." From the beaches of Orange County, California through Lake Meade and Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, Willy, Erin and Dale finally board a light twin prop at Bryce Canyon enroute to Mazatlan, Mexico with the authorities in hot pursuit. Lots of scores are settled in "Welcome to America !" Willy T. fans will be stoked !! A real action/adventure thriller ! Find it zipped up here.

"Chaos" is next and opens just where "Welcome to America !" leaves off. Willy, Erin, Luci and Pablo, along with Dale Haggerty and Hank Helva are crusing south to Mexico in a presurized Navajo. Not a lot of sex but a great little story about how the Tamarack family sets up a group of marijuana farms in the wilds of Sinaloa, Mexico. Twisted through out the story is a terrorist plot to assasinate the president of the United States. The ending attempts to portray present day politics along with the terrorist theme that now runs through every day life in the United States. Sorry no zip copy available.

The final "Story of Willy Tamarack" takes place for the most part in Clark County, Nevada. Recent news stories contain articles about the recent indictment of one sitting County Commissioner plus a couple of ex-Commissioners...Frederick T. appears to have been on to something !? Just joking !!! In "Tax Weed ! Free Hemp !" we find Willy getting ready to launch his "Legalize Pot" campaign. A little black mail, a little infidelity, lots of weed and fucking and sucking...Mix it all with today's "War on Terror" and you get a pretty good yarn. Again, sorry no zip copy available.

These additions conclude "The Stories of Willy Tamarack" ! Enjoy ! He did !