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ALEX    He was her daughter's prom date but Mom had him afterwards  ©2015



Terzetto    She delivered much more than what she was asked for   ©2015



The Wedding

   She was marrying one man but in love with another.  What else could she do?   ©2014



Sterling  He was the boss, so each employee’s wife was ripe fruit   ©2014


Suite Surprise

  The invitation from her husband was for her to check into a posh hotel, but not with him   ©2014


The Masseuse      She couldn't refuse this client a happy ending   ©2014


Burning_Leaves   A young girl struggles with her budding sexuality  ©2014




She's Got a Map of the World   He was the tutor, but she was the one that did the teaching  ©2013



Swimming into Deeper Waters    Stevesaint's "Swimming Lessons" ten years later  ©2013


Cherubs            His experience was out of this world    ©2013


  Butterfly    Prequel to "Olfaction"    ©2013


  Olfaction    Her natural scent was her power    ©2012


slut_hutI am no Seuss, you may deduce - a tale of a male to seduce a recluse ©2012


ice_logo The Ice Queen needed to thaw ©2012


Runner        Running was her only refuge    ©2012

Alana                NOT FICTION = She's not your average young lady   ©2012


MEMORY    A short story about not leaving things unsaid or undone    ©2012


T-party     Her 'toy' party was a success, and not without surprises ©2012


Stripped        The price was right, but at what cost?    ©2011


Ballgame  He rounded third, would he score? ©2011


EVAN                   A short story about being taken. ©2011


Walk Unafraid      She had to work through betrayal and loss in her own way. ©2011


"The Reader"                            He reads her stories. He has his fantasies. Do you? ©2011


S C H O O L E D        Some lessons are harder to learn than others ©2011


Cursed                       A short story about an orgasmic affliction. ©2011


V_Club.jpg             A new part-time job comes with GREAT benefits ©2011


kisses_logo.JPG             An American girl's French lessons on a Spanish beach. ©2011



SNOW WHITE                     A 'short' story of little people having BIG fun! ©2011


Between a MILF and a Hard Place  A pick-up at the beach gets complicated. ©2011


HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME    Bisexual discoveries during a week on Cape Cod. ©2010


Beryl's Diary     A teen's diary turns into red hot reading. ©2010


The B.W.'s                   What are friends for? ©2010



A LITTLE EXTRA CA$H              Desperate times call for desperate actions. ©2009


Afterglow      Sometimes singles’ bar hook-ups can be special. ©2008


Having Faith      Prom night + horny teens + hot tub = Ooooooh! ©2008


Foreplay            With sex it’s often the journey, not the arrival that counts. ©2008











Summer Camp Memories       Ah, the discoveries of my youth!   ©2008


The Lonely Pussies Club  Sex in an unexpected setting   ©2008


Gigolo  No strings, no baggage, just great sex   ©2008


Rekindled     Pussies not so lonely   ©2008


Frustration Nation                I needed it . . . badly   ©2009


A Night To Remember                Shannon goes wild   ©2010


The "Club" Gets Back Together         My friends and I at Hedo II   ©2011