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Welcome to my erotic stories! The stories contain underage characters in sexual situations, and are 100% fiction...they are not based off of any kind of truth whatsoever. If you are under the age of 18, please leave at once. Please do not send me any pictures or videos, nor links to either of them.

Reel free to contact me about my stories. If you are a female, I'd very much appreciate if you did. I'm very interested in having a woman's perspective on the subject. Thank you.

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Newest Stories

Basement, The

Tags: m/g, voy, cousin, 1st, oral, incest
Feb 23 2015

I grew up spoiled and being the only child, I got all the toys that a boy could want. In fact, I had so many that I had to keep and play with them in the basement. It was the perfect place too, especially when puberty hit. There was no one around which gave me ample time to study my young body.

Delivering the Mail

Tags: M/g, voy, rp, beast, ped
Dec 17 2014

I used to think I had morals, till last week which blew that notion up. I was doing my usual rounds, delivering mail, when I heard a girl yelling for help. It was very faint and coming from the back of the house. I went around towards the backyard and came to a gate. As I opened it up and stepped into the yard, I saw...

Woman Next-Door, The

Tags: m/F, 1st, tease, ped
21 July 2014

Almost every 14-year-old boy dreams of having ‘the girl next-door’ scenario. However, my dreams involve ‘the woman next-door.

I was walking back from taking out the trash last Tuesday night and happened to notice my neighbor's window shades were slightly open and a light shining through. I was going to keep walking, but I saw a shadow moving around. I snuck up to the window and peeked in. I was extremely surprised when I saw Ms. Esposito posing in sexy lingerie. It was black and partial see-through, her olive skin tone meshed well with it. I adjusted my view and saw that she was taking pictures using her webcam. At first, I thought maybe she was doing a show, but I didn't see a chat room.

Short Stories

Tags: incest, ped, beast
25 Jun 2014

My written collection of short stories.

Mistaken Identity - Chapter 1

Tags: M/f, dad, daughter, voy, incest
20 Jun 2014

You would not believe the kind of day I had. It started off normal, I woke up, ate breakfast, and read the newspaper. When I finished, I took a shower and when I was done that, I went into the bedroom. As I entered, I saw my wife bending over at her dresser wearing these cute boy shorts, where the bottom of her ass cheeks were popping out of them. God, she has gorgeous legs too, nice length and not too thin.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Tags: m/gg, bro, sis, 1st, incest
10 Jun 2014

It truly never entered my mind that it would go that far, but it did. First off, I'm 14 years old, 5'6", 135 lbs, have short brown hair, and hazel eyes. I live with my mother and little sister, Beth. During the summertime, I babysit her when our mother works 7am-3pm.

Last week, I was swimming in the pool and had to go take a piss. I got out and went into the house. I was just about to shake it, when my sister's friend, Melanie, walked in on me.

Lake, The

Tags: M/g, unc, neice, f/g, 1st, incest
4 Jun 2014

I stepped around my uncle and when the vision of the lake came fully into view, I saw a girl a little older than me with a man that was about my uncle’s age. They both stood completely naked in the shallow water just a few yards in front of us. I was utterly shocked and couldn't help but stare. The young girl had long blonde hair, that was in a ponytail, blue eyes, and stood 5 feet tall. Her body was very nicely shaped, a bit sporty like, her breast were bigger than mine, about B-cup, tight tummy and ass with muscular legs like you would see on a runner. The man she was with also had an athletic body. He was 6 feet tall, short brown hair with hazel eyes.

I Need

Tags: F/m, son, mother, size, incest
17 May 2014

I know it was wrong on so many levels, but I needed it. A couple days ago, I was heading to the store and realized I forgot something, so I turned around and went back home. I went into the house and to my room. I stood in the doorway with my eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

My 14-year-old son stood completely naked in front of my full-length mirror while stroking his huge 8 inch long and 2 inch thick cock. I couldn't turn away, my eyes were glued to it. I watched in awe as he didn't see me right away. He had one hand holding his balls with the base of his cock while the other hand stroked it.

Title 18, Part I, Chapter 110,

Section 2256 of the US Code defines what constitutes child pornography in the US. Para 8, including subpara A: 'child pornography' means any visual depiction...where visual depiction involves the use of a minor..."

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